A story;
yesterday, i drank a lot of water cause it was very hot. At that time, my brother, Matt (18) was taking a bath. So when he came out of the bathroom, it was steamy. I didnt see the toilet lid was down, so i sat on it and released my pee all over it. My other brother, John (17) passed by and laughed at me. it took me 10 menutes to clean it up. Now, John kept on making jokes about me and he started drawing drawing of me peeing on the toilet seat.

ring stretcher- thanks!

Cya all next time.

ps- i hope to take revenge on john. Maybe i should pee on him

Does anyone here have stories of when they pooped or peed on the floor, either intentionally or accidentally?

Because this has been discussed before, I thought I'd relate what happened to me yesterday. I was taking a shower and my ass had been ichy and I was spreading my cheeks and washing each side and scratching the hair to releive the iching at the same time. I had done both sides twice and the iching was going away and I was washing and scratching one last time as my hole suddenly opened up and PLOP! PLOP! SPLAT! SPLAT! two poop pies slid out and landed in the tub. It happened so suddenly that I wasn't aware what was happening. I could feel some more letting go and I figured I might as well finish. When I looked down the shit was already starting to break up and go down the drain. I slid the rest under the spray with my foot and it too broke up and went down the drain. I should have known from past experience that my ichy ass meant something was ready to exit, but since I wasn't dressed and the shower isn't a deposit zone I forgot where I was and what I was doing. I then filled th! e tub to the top and empied it to wash all my deposits down the drain. If I'm dressed I know not to scratch my ass becuse that will happen and find a bathroom quickly, but since I was already in the bathroom and had no shorts to get dirty I guess my mind forgot.

Donnie C.
Ace: Serena was sick? Wow...I wonder if she had a bit too much curry?

That reminds me of Chrissie Evert at the 1982 U.S. Open. She'd gotten some sort of food poisoning and wanted to postpone her match, but officials wouldn't allow it. She had to play or forfeit. Despite her diarrhea, Chris proceeded to beat the hell out of her opponent.

I always imagined Martina Navratilova as having a delicate stomach. She looks the messy type, and has even alluded to having upset stomachs in interviews.

I have an irritating tendency of having to go at the most inconvenient times. I'll be waiting to use the bathroom in my home while somebody is taking absolutley forever in there and suddenly I have the urge to have a bm. I normally can hold it easily but its just these times that I have the irristible urge to poop. This has only happened to me a few times. I always try to hold it as much as possible but it takes too long so I go into my room and releive myself in a shoebox. I once pooped and peed in an empty CoolWhip container. I have to admit it really turns me on to do this, however. As soon as I could get into the bathroom I empty the container in the toilet and then throw it away.

hey everyone, this is my first time posting and I'm still new here but I would be mortified if anyone new I was visiting websites like this. I'm not into all that hardcore toilet stuff you find at other websites so this was a nice site to find. The story goes like this, my wife who is 32 is completely embarrassed about farting and pooping around me. It is kind of weird that I have been with this girl for 13 years and I've heard her fart like maybe 5-6 times. Even now we have been married for 6 years and she still runs the water in the bathroom when she is pooping and sprays enough air freshener that completely fills our house. I admit, i am not htat open about toilet habits with her and I don't know how to start to be open about it now after all this time. It would be kind of hard to tell her now after all this time that "hey, you know girls farting and pooping kind of turn me on a bit". Any advice.........thanks

This morning in camp, I wasnt feeling very good. I had cramps and I felt really bloated. So I went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down had the worst diarrhea I can ever remember having. I had diarrhea for like ten minutes straight, and I was farting the whole time. When i finally finished, the bathroom stunk so bad. As I was wiping, another woman came in. I heard her say, "Oh man it smells like hell in here!" I heard her go into the next stall and gag a few times. I think she threw up. Then I had more diarrhea. When I was finally all done, I looked at my creation. The toilet bowl was a mess of brown, really mushy diarrhea. it was so gross.

just lately we have been having a few problems with our daughter jenny
she likes to poop her knickers she,s 15 we can,t get her to wear nappies or plastic pants
weve taken to letting her wear really short skirts not really difficult with girls of her age
she spends a lot of time on the floor lying on her ???? watching tv with her skirts being so short we can see her knickers and when she starts to poop we then get her to go to the bathroom and clean up it gets a little embarrasing when we have company as they
allways ask why we let her wear skirts that short will she grow out of it?

Billy & Kevin L.
The picture is nasty. Someone who just peed into a kitchen sink. Yuck.

Althea, my brothers and I always fold the paper. We almost never get any on our hands. You should try it. Now only is Josh would get all of it off of his butt hole so we did not have to help him anymore. . . .

Yesterday, Susan and her family went home. The night before, Susan said her ???? hurt and that she did not poop since Sunday. My mom gave her some of easy pooping medicine (mineral oil). There was a parade down the street in the morning. We all ate breakfast and then we went to the parade. While we were at the parade, she said to me that that medicine was working. I told her the church bathrooms are open or you can go in the woods. She said, how about the woods? I said ok. I told mom that we are going to run to the woods to use the bathroom. She said ok. Josh heard me and said he needed to go. WHen we got to the woods, she dropped her pants and then pushed out a ton of poop. It was a single log, about 1 1/2 feet long and an inch wide. Then 3 more 5 inch logs came out. it took about 10 seconds for everything. I gave her some paper. I also had to poop. I dropped three logs about 6 inches. Nothing like hers. We had corn for dinner last night. My poop was full of corn, but th! e first part of her poop was (I guess from Saturday night) and the last part. So she was really holding it in.

After the parade, we went home and had a little picnic before they left. After lunch, we were out back and she said she had to go again. I had some paper in my pockets, and she said some with me. This time she dropped some more poop, about 1/3 around. About 10 turds, a foot each. She said thanks for showing me how to poop outside. I said, sure no problem. We do it all the time.

After they left, we went out and played soccer. A bunch of our friends were around. The soccer field is on the other side of the woods. After a while, Bobby said he was going to go home for a poop. I said, just go in the woods. He said, I can't. I don;t ahve any paper. I said I have some. I said, if you want, I will go with you. Jeremy, my other little brother said he need a poop, and wanted to come. We went to the spot where susan and I dropped our load this morning. He said, who did that? I said my little cousin. She did not go for about 4 days. He said, figures. He dropped his load and so did Jeremy.

Hi peeps I have to tell you about this I was in my 4 period class last week after lunch and I had a soda and a milk which made me have to go to the bathroom, when I went and asked my teacher Mrs.Rhojis if I could go to the bathroom she said "No your assignment is not finished and you just came back from lunch", I knew I could hold it for a while but I couldnt hold it for the rest of the 55 minutes that were left in class
so I went and sat down at my desk I sat there for 10 minutes then I was aching in my bladder so bad,I slid my hand under my jean skirt to hold myself but then my partner was talking to me and I didnt want him to know I had to pee really bad, so I put my hand on the desk, and crossed my legs as hard as I could.It worked for only 5 minutes then I leaned forward in my desk I really had to pee so bad and if I peed my panties in front of the class I would be humiliated. I then realized that I was also wearing a new pair of pink panties with a duck on the front and if I peed in them I would have to through them away cause if I looked at them I would be reminded that I had wet myself, so I quickly got up and asked Mrs.Rhojis again and again she said "no" so I sat back down I couldnt ignore my bladder I had never wet myself at school before and I was very popular and if I pee my pants like a baby I would look like a loser just then I felt a little spurt of pee run into the crotch ! of my panties and knew I was going to pee my skirt I crossed my legs tight and another spurt came out then a big spurt came out and I peed for about two seconds and felt the back of my skirt get wet then I felt all my pee running out of my bladder and up the back of my skirt and my crotch was so wet with pee and then heard a stream go off my chair onto the carpet and no one heard it, but (I knew I had wet my panties and everyone would find out eventually then I saw Mrs.Rhojis coming to collect our papers and then when she got to my desk she stepped on the floor and it made a sguash sound and she looked down to see a wet spot on the floor coming from under my chair and then she said "Sara did you wet yourself?" she knew I did though and I said "yes" in a low voice and heard some kids laugh then she said "How old are you?" I said "16" then she said "What age kids pee thier pants?" so I said "3 yr olds" and she said "so I guess your three then, go to the bathroom and clean up the! n go home and dont forget your diapers tommorrow" then all the kids started laughing and I started to cry and ran out of the room and everyone saw my wet skirt and knew I wet myself when I got home I took off my skirt and panties and put them in the bottom of the garbage can under all the other garbage and when my mom got home she smelt it and got it out of the garbage and went into my room held them up and said "Sara what is this?" but thats another storie ill post back later



I have not followed the postings here for the past week. I thought that new postings were made weekly and when I finally arrived I had pages and pages to read. Great stories all.

Here are two recent toilet experiences I thought you might enjoy.

A few days ago, I was puttering around the house cleaning and picking up from the night before. My stomach was making gurgling sounds, and I knew I had to poop. But I was not ready to poop, so as always, I held off going until I was ready. (Sometimes this works, other times it just ends with me wearing messed pants).

I was walking around the house clinching my butt cheeks together so tightly I could barely walk. It was not too long that I could feel the cheeks opening to release the prize behind the door. I was finished doing my chores and slowly made my way upstairs to the toilet. This was going to be one of the times when I ended up wearing messed pants. I could feel the turd push its way into my panties. I was letting out very loud, uncontrollable grunts, as I tried in vain to hold back. When I got to the top of the stairs I sat for a minute on the bench in the hallway to get some relief before heading to the bathroom. I started to rock back and forth, until the urge faded. When I stood up it was all over, poop was coming out, there was no stopping it. Slowly I made my way to the bathroom so as not to drop a turd on the carpet. I don't recall when I started to push, but I was. As if a reflex, I was pushing to poop, even though my pants were still on. When I was done a gr! apefruit sized bulge was in the back of my panties, and hot squirts of pee were dribbling down my legs.

Finishered, I stepped out of my messy panties, and admired the mass before dumping the contents into the toilet. Surprisingly, my panties did not have that much damage to them, I wiped them clean with some toilet paper, and pulled them back on. I wore them the entire day without anyone noticing that I had an accident.

Toilet experience number 2:

My hubby had to head off to work early today so I was my chore to get up with the animals. The alarm clock buzzed me awake and I jumped out of bed. I must have stood up far too quickly, because all of a sudden I got really really dizzy and light headed and fell backwards landing on my back in the bed. I must of blacked out, for the next thing I remember was waking up in a urine soaked bed. Everything was wet, the sheets, blankets, pillows, everything. I am a bedwetter, and usually have protection on the bed, but not today. I stood at the foot of the bed completely shocked at the damage. Obviously I did not get up in the night to pee, and this was about 9 hours worth of urine in my bed.

I placed a fan on my dresser in the direction of the bed in an effort to dry the mishap.

Later, when my hubby came home for lunch I told him what had happened this morning, and he could not stop laughing. He said he really would of paid to see someone piss themselves during a blackout.

Has anyone here ever blackout and woke up wet or poopy??

Donnie M.

I had read where a number of peeps have a problem taking a shit, being clogged up for 3 or 4 days or more. Well, I had just come thru the same experience. Funny thing them their bowels, like a couple a weeks ago we had gone out to dinner and somthing, or some spice or whatever didnt agree with me. So then the next day I got this big dose of cramping and loose shits. I sat crapping like for an hour. My ???? was really kinda sore and you knew whatever it was had to be "bad" in some way. I was glad to get rid of it though. However the next day, I have no urge to crap. Then the next day, I have no desire although I feel sort of "filled up" and know its there but wont start to come down. I tried Milk of Magnesia in a stronger dose each night, but nope. I finally called our Doctors office and spoke to the nurse who relayed to me the doctor said let it go for a couple days and call if you still cant go.Well a couple days later, yep, did a decent jobbie. But again ,Ig! ot shut down for several days. Now I had added more to the problem as I had to take an anti-inflammatory medicine for several days. That made it worse along with some pain killers. So finally I
went and jammed 3 suppositories up my butt and sat down at the computer to read some good posings here. In about 20 minutes the log jam broke loose and I guess Im back to normal. I find those things very helpful when you get clogged up. It seemed that because of the bad food I got and medicine I had to take for something else I ended up with IBS. I found only time and patience was the cure with a little help from those little bullets..hehe. I thought Id write this account as I know there got to be others out there that got the same problem. Whew, thats over for now!

Also I wanted to write about a pee experience I had one time a few years ago. I had applied for a new job at an appliance store as a manager. I held this position for a long time with another company that was slowly going bankrupt due to the investors grabbing profits before investing into new goods and so on. Well I arrived at the warehouse/store for an intererview like at one oclock. I had about a 30 min drive from home and had lunch first. I went to the building and went straight to the 3 rd floor where the president and owners had their offices as I was like five minutes late already. Got there and the two co-owners were still out to lunch but due back like "now". MMM I hadda pee pretty good and Im sitting in the hall in a chair waiting and waiting and that coffee I had was starting to get annoying. I hadda pee and pee pretty bad. No one was on the floor working (out to lunch). No sign of any bathrooms anywhere up or down th hall. I guessed the toilets were al! l within the offices where the staff worked. The only one I thought of might be on the warehouse entrance on the first floor but that was quite a ways from here. Then I dont want to miss the interview. I got up and started to pace around and holding my penis in my pocket as the urges were getting stronger and stronger. I turned a corner that went to a dead end in the hall, and the only thing there was an old filing cabinet with what I found after snooping was some old files from 10 years ago. Whoa, heres a strong urge, Almost squirted in my shorts. I looked around, and then opened a file drawer and whipped out my willie and drained all that hot coffee into the file drawer. Geez I felt guilty as hell but other than that,I didnt want to leave a puddle on the floor outside the bosses office.
Then the owners showed up a few min later and Im feeling a lot better of course. I was hired for the job and started in store location a few weeks later.
To make a real real long story short, I worked there and found the outfit to be corrupt, mean, non considerate to customers and just a bunch of greedy selfish people that ran the company from the owners down. So after a time, I quit and went elsewhere. Just in time too, they went bankrupt and closed the all the stores one night without warning and the employees never did get paid for the months work as of this day. If I were to say more, a lot of you out there would know of the company I speak of. After wards I thought, well at least I got to piss on some of their business.
PS There are a lot of good stories connected with my time there as I had written once about the deninal of use of toilet to the customers and so on. More probably later, if anyone wants to hear...
Donnie M.......

I have a question for you. Why did you let you doo doo go and "nngggghhhh ahhhhh ohhh". What kind of cream for your ass?

How do you know Serena Williams had to take a bathroom break during a crucial time in her quarterfinals match with Jennifer Capriati? How do You know she said "I have diarrhes. I can't hold it in any longer. I have to go now"? It could be a big lumpy log coming out of her butt. It looks like she made it in time to wipe her log out of her tampon. She was back on the tennis court in about fourty-two minutes.

This has got to be one of my weirdest and worst accident ever!
It all started this 4 of July when I was eating bbq and other food.
The bbq sauce was hot so I drank a lot of fruit punch(5-8 glasses at least). I then went out with my friends. Later around 10:30pm my stomach started growling. I thought it was nothing at first and I just went to bed. Around 15 minutes later all of a sudden my gut exploded and all of this redddish-brown diarrhea filled my underwear. My white briefs were stained red and dripping the liquid poop out. I was scared at first because I thought it was blood but then I noticed it smelled like punch so I new it was the drink. I hurried to clean up myself while being quiet so my mom wouldn't wake up. I managed to get the red stain off my underwear so it wasn't noticeable. Has something like this happened to anyone else? If not oh well. I hope you enjoyed this. Hope to share more. I'm 15 by the way if anyone doesn't know.

sir poops alot
Pat, there is an episode of the real world, first season, where we hear Julie saying that she is on the toilet. What happened is one of the cast members walked in on her. Later the African American cast member says that Julie was taking a dump, and the guy who walked in on her confirms that she was indeed "doing the wipe." You never get to see her sitting on the toilet though.

I just thought I'd share a recent experience with you.
I was driving home with my best friend from a night at the movies when I noticed that Paul was realy fidgeting in the passenger seat. This went on for a few miles until I asked him what the hell was the matter. He said he was real desperate for a shit and didn't think he could hold on much longer. I just told him I would be as quick as I could but I could tell he was getting close he was almost crying with the effort to hold on. In the end I said why don't you just do it in your pants.We've known each other all our lives and somthing like this wont matter. He still did not want to so I agreed to shit in my pants as well to make him feel better about it.
This I did and surprised myself how much I needed to go, When I was finished Paul looked at me greatfully and I saw his face relax and heard the sound of him filling his pants with what sounded like semi solid poop and lots of gas. It went on for one hell of a long time.
We finished the journy in silence but all I could think of was him sitting in his own shit next to me sitting in my shit.
I dropped him off at home then went home my self and got cleaned up. I can tell you I was pretty excited and had some wild dreams later that night. I'm hoping this will happen again some time.

Plunging Plop Guy

DR. POLHUMUS, You appear to be an authority on the workings and the structure of the human gut so I hope it's all right for me to ask you something which you well be able to answer for me and which is taking a long time for me to get sorted out.
I refer to my ongoing problem of not producing dry, firm large turds, but instead, small to medium, sticky ones although I have a VERY healthy diet with lots of fibre and lots of water.
Occasionally I go the toilet and it's almost the way I used to go with average size stools and easy to clean up after, but no matter how frequently or seldom I go the toilet, and whatever food intake; it's usually the type of stools I described and which can give me problems as the small ones can take a lot of work to get done, and it takes loads of toilet paper to wipe up, often leaving me with a sensitive anus from itching when it's been almost impossible to get thoroughly clean.
If you could help me solve this, you'd make me very happy, and all the people here who are probably getting fed up of this constant concern of mine!

Apologies for asking you for medical advice, but I've seen so many other professionals and I'm still experimenting with diet.
I've been quite good lately, but when I spend a long time on the toilet doing what feels like a never-ending BM with stools getting smaller in size as I continue, I often risk temporary piles from the effort.
A proctologist told me that stools should be massive, firm, soft and clean!
I'd really appreciate your comments! Many thanks, P P G

I had the most embarrassing accident EVER yesterday. I have read some embarrassing stories on this forum but mine was so humiliating I don't even want to think about it. Yesterday in camp, we were going on a pre-4th of July trip. We were on the bus (the stinky cheese bus, as I like to call it). I started feeling the urge to urinate. At first, I ignored it, because I didn't have to go that badly. But after awhile, we still had like an hour to go until we got off the bus, and it was getting to be an emergency. I was squirming around in my seat, trying to hold it in. A (male) counselor saw me squirming and asked what was wrong. I told him I had to urinate and it was an emergency. I told him I could not wait to go until we got off the bus, or I was going to have an accident in my pants. He said he would bring me a baggie and I was thinking, "No. I am not going to urinate in a baggie in front of the WHOLE BUS. But I had to go so badly, I was nearly crying, so when he came back with! the baggie, I reluctantly pulled down my pants and briefs. The counselor held the baggie over my penis and I urinated into it until it was full, and I wasn't nearly finished yet. He tied up the baggie and threw it into a wastebasket in the front of the bus, then came back with another. He held that one over my penis, and I urinated some more. I filled that one, and urinated into a third untl it was a quarter full. I was shocked that I could hold so much urine. Two and a quarter baggies full! So was the counselor. He was like, "My god, Peter, you must have had to go really badly!!!" A little while later, I felt the urge to poop. I was like, oh no, urinating was one thing, I am NOT going to poop in a baggie. The result was that I pooped in my pants and everyone could see the stain. It was sooooooooo embarrassing!

It is a drizzly, lousy July 4th. Some hellos before I post today's experience.
Althea - Yes, my wife and I did use the toilet to prank the nasty innkeepers. Leaving 2 loads anywhere else would have been inappropriate. Sending used toilet paper back to management sounds awesome. It must have been pretty horrible in the unused state to begin with. Then again, I have never heard anything positive about the Long Island Railroad. I occasionally use Metro-North, which ain't much better. Hey, I like your interesting poop stories, and I have read a bunch of them. Keep them coming.
Renee - So the cowgirl is going to have her own little girl? Congratulations, sweet lady, I am so happy for you. Daughters are a real trip, I have one, and even though she is 28 with 2 little boys of her own, she is still "daddy's little girl"! I am like you,nasty people really piss me off, and that's why those innkeepers got pranked. So you want to give me a giant kiss for that? I will happily accept that and return the favor. You are quite a prankster yourself, reporting Carmalita's latest poop as it happened. Those live reports are great, and I can just imagine how wonderful all 3 of you ladies must look while you are dropping your bombs. Take care dear girl, until next time.
Upstate Dave - So you are in the Albany area? I have passed thru there many times, as my family and I visit the Adirondacks about 4 times each year. Oh yeah, your "Family Reunion" Part II was funny. Imagine using an old chair as a toilet, that is really good. Of course, you also got to see both of the girls pee and one poop. Excellent!
Buzzy - Yeah, Kathy and I could have used the floor, or whatever. But the toilet was good enough. At a younger age, I probably would have done something worse. At age 13, on Halloween, a friend and I pranked his nasty neighbors. We bought a huge pumpkin on Oct. 31st, cleaned it out,then we both took a shit in it, and loaded it with shaving cream and pumpkin goo. It started raining in the evening, so under cover of dark and costumes, we put it on their porch. Then, I lighted 2 Ashcans (M-100s), dropped them in the pumpkin and we ran like hell! The thing blew up with a muffled roar, and splattered shit, shaving cream and pumpkin slime all over the front of their house. Of course, we were doubled over with laughter! We never got in trouble, because my buddie's friend was the local police chief. Hey, at about 10 or 11, I also did the finger up the ass thing. Take care, neighbor.
Carmalita - Hello dear seniorita, I hope all is well with you. I just read Renee's live report about you on the pottie. It was awesome. I can just imagine your beautiful little body sitting there pushing out stinkers. I only wish that I could have been there. Take good care, sweetie, your NE Crazy loves you. Big hug and kiss!
Hello also to Rizzo, Jeff A., Julie (Pay toilets in Europe, gotta pay to pee? That's awful!) Patsy, Roger and the lovely Kim and her boyfriend Scott.

Early this morning, regardless of the weather, Kathy and I planned to join Noreen and Larry for a run. My wife seldom runs, so this was going to be special. After stretching, I went into the master bath to take a dump. I lowered my shorts and sat on the bowl while Kathy watched; she did not have to go. I have been dropping some really good sized ones lately, and this was no exception. I had no sooner sat, when a log started out, with little effort. When it landed, I raised up a little to admire it, as did my wife. It looked pretty long and thick. I sat, peed, passed 1 more smaller log, then Kathy cleaned my hairy crack with wet wipes. When I stood up and looked, I saw what looked like a 2 footer, about 2" around. Two flushes later, it was gone and so were we. We walked up the hill, ran a short way and joined Noreen and Larry on the trails. We enjoyed a casual 4 miles, then we turned to run up the last trail towards home. That's when Kathy said she had to go. Noreen chimed! in that she did too, so all 4 of us made our way into a secluded area. Larry said he had already gone, so the girls stood a few feet in front of the guys and started to lower their shorts and squat. It was quite a contrast between the girls. Kathy is 5"2" and olive skinned, Noreen is 5'6"and fair skinned. So when they squatted, Larry and I got a great view of Kathy's jet black pubes and dark anus; and Noreen's red pubes and pink anus. "Why don't you go first, Kathy", Noreen said, and she obliged. My old lady lowered herself a little, pushed her hole outward with a grunt, let it contract, then squeezed a thick, foot long medium brown log out. As soon as it landed, Kathy pushed out 2 six inchers, and then started to pee. I guess that was Noreen's que, since she then lowered herself, pushed her ring outward, and started to pass a light brown turd. As it emerged, Noreen started peeing, and the pee ran down towards her anus and dripped off of her log. Noreen's log feel off at abo! ut 15", then she finished peeing. Her stream is one of the strongest I have ever seen. Needless to say, Larry and I were quite aroused by all of this, and we were having trouble hiding it. Noreen dropped another small bomb, turned to my wife and said "Kathy, would it be OK if Rich wiped my ass and Larry wiped yours?". She winked and turned around and smiled at us. My wife turned her head, smiled and said "That's fine with me, if the guys don't mind". It was then that the girls noticed our aroused state and they giggled softly. Larry and I looked at each other and we both said it was fine with us. So we proceeded to wipe the other spouses ass. I had wanted to wipe Noreen ever since I saw her dump in the woods 20 years ago. Now I got to clean her creamy ass with wet wipes, while she covered her vagina. Larry gleefully wiped Kathy's ass, while both the girls smiled like school kids. When we were finished wiping them, they stood, pulled up their shorts and each of them planted kis! ses on Larry's and my forehead. With that done, we finished our run, said our goodbyes and went home.

Well, I am off to view some fireworks from the top of the hill that I live on. Until next time, so long everyone!

To aboy: I will be thirteen on the 14.

I feel a little better. But not a 100 percent.

More Later

ALTHEA - Yes, I understand that farting is not ladylike in public, according to society.

I am just wondering further... is it difficult sometimes when girls get bad cases of gas? Does that happen often? To what extremes will women go to avoid embaressment of that kind? Is it a major concern? Doesn't it get stressful or uncomfortable? And do they ever fail in extreme circumstances or by accident?

Any personal accounts of women trying to control gas, or failing to control gas? It sounds like it could be a tough thing sometimes.

At Home Depot today, I had to stop in to use the restroom. An employee entered right behind and went to the sink and grabbed a bunch of paper towels and started to wet them in the sink. He was probably in his late 20's, tall, average build, with sandy blonde hair, handsome face. He went into the stall and I decided to take the one next to him. I heard the sounds of his back support and apron coming off and being hung on the door. Then I heard him fumbling with his belt and saw his pants pulled down to his ankles. Then came the underwear. As soon as he sat down, I saw that he went up on his toes. It looked like he was straining a bit, then he relaxed and put his heels to the floor. Then he went on his toes again and I heard the unmistakable crackling of turds being moved out. His belt buckle was wiggling while he was on his toes. He seemed to be finished, and I think I he was wiping with the wet paper towels, since I didn't hear the roll. He leaned forward to wipe a few times,! the stood and turned with his back towards my stall wall to finish wiping. He was standing right next my stall wall and my toilet was right next to his. I leaned forward and saw that he had hairy legs. I looked into the inside of his underwear and saw that he was wearing very clean, white briefs, size 32 Hanes. His mom would have been proud. He finished wiping and left the stall.

BRAD- I liked your story about the surfer guy. I've had similar experiences, and like to see them with their wetsuit around their ankles while crapping. I once took a crap in the same stall that a surfer was changing in. He was in the handicapped stall, no door, and I just said, "hey, mind if I use the can?" he said sure and I wiped the seat, put down paper, and crapped away. Even farted a few times.

I remember going hiking with my friend Spencer, and he had to take a dump. He had some napkins or something like that in his pocket, and found a tree with a very low branch. He proceeded to pull his pants and underwear down about mid-thigh, and sat on the branch. I had told him I was going to be off a ways, so I wouldn't see him. In reality, I snuck back to take a peek. He looked kinda funny, dangling on the branch, but it was pretty cool to see the turds fall from his ass and hit the ground. Almost surreal, since I hadn't seen it before. He crapped alot, and it came out like thick ropes that stretched a few feet before they hit the ground. He wiped his butt and pulled his pants up. I came back to where he was and commented on the large pile he left.

Hi all, it's been quite some time since I've posted since I've been so busy finishing up the school year and immediately started working full time.

I'm still trying to catch up the several months I'm behind reading. I think my interst is more of the "Am I normal?" type curiosity.

I've forgotten how much of a laxative this forum can be. I was reading earlier and had a sudden out of nowhere "I've got to shit now" urge. So I went to the bathroom and tried doing the standing thing like Louise had written about recently, but it was very uncomfortable. I guess I'm just a sit-down type gal. I've never tried to poop outside and don't think I'd be comfortable doing so. I don't even try to pee outside really unless I have absolutely no choice (when going camping at a camp, I would wait until the kids went to bed and sneak to the outhouse, so on that entire trip, from the late morning one day until early morning the next, I only peed once, not too comfortable, but I couldn't bear doing it in the woods especially with all those kids around and especially since it was that time of the month...very not fun).

So, anyway, I had three turds today, one about 6 inches long that came out fast even in the awkward standing position. Then, I had to sit down and two smaller ones (probably 3 inches each) came out quickly. The second one was very sticky, though solidly formed. All were about 1.5 inches thick and a nice brown color. It took me 10 wipes to clean up from that last one.

I really like the buddy-dumping stories and although I'm quite shy when it comes to that, I think maybe one day I'd like to try it, but only if I get to see the other person first.

Next time, if you all want, I'll post about an emergency shit (as in upset stomach type emergency) at a friend's graduation party. Let me know if you want to hear about it.


I saw A.I. today. I'd have to give the bathroom scene four
stars, even though I was sorry to see the mom get all upset
from being walked in on. She definately didn't handle it the
way one of us would have. Se la Vie! As for the rest of the
film, sniff sniff, I have not felt like crying at the end of a
movie in years. I have faced all kinds of danger from man
and machine, worked with families that have suffered a
recent death and still managed to stay somewhat strong
through it all. But at the end of that one, though, I didn't
just want to cry, I wanted to explode into tears. I had to
hold my breath to keep from roaring out sobs that would
shatter glass. I mean it. I thought it was gonna be another
corny flick about a cute kid, but it was way more realistic
than that. That was one of the best movies I've seen in a
long time. Now that I'm not out in public, I have a feeling
my pillow will not stay dry tonight. Thank god my heart has
not completely turned to stone!


Some societies have promoted filth and dirtiness in ways
that are exactly opposite to what most of us have been
taught growing up. These societies pitched human
excrement into the streets, left dead animals and refuse on
the sides of buildings and creeks, and even buddy dumped
together in public bathtubs. The Chinese "Bho" and even the
British went through a period of dirtiness about three
hundred years ago (You can read about this period in a
book called "Dirt". I'll get you the author's name after I
unpack from my move). I don't know enough about the
History of Latin America to know whether or not the
modern in habitants of Peru came from a society like this.
Have these entire societies gone mad? Do these social
customs have no value whatsoever? The answer is "No" to
both. People who are constantly exposed to germs develope
strong resistance to disease. Like a well used muscle, the
human body's immune system (The little germ police force
inside us all) gets very strong and wise to infection. It's a
well known fact in the Medical Community that homeless
people donate the best blood, since much of their diet
comes from garbage dumpsters. The price is high, however,
as many members of those societies perish, unable to cope
with their culture's bacterial environment. Those who
survive, however, have very strong defense against disease.
This may be the reason why the first Europeans to land in
america did not get any fatal diseases from the Native
Americans that their immune system could not handle. The
reverse was not true, however, as the Native Americans
suffered a tragic loss of millions to European illnesses, way
more casualties than ever died on the field of battle.
Knowing what I now know about people, it would be my
guess that the people we see in porno films smearing
themselves with excrement are probably descendants of
these dirty societies, not just a bunch of random crazy
people. Okay, that concludes today's lesson. I hope that
helps us understand ourselves better. Happy Fourth!!

- Your Phd. of Poo,

P.S. If that gets the wheels turning in your head, don't try to
think and drive! Be careful when your mind is heavily at


Mr. Noname
Hi all!

BUZZY-Thanks for reading and enjoying my post! I'll admit that the clean up afterwards is no picnic, but it's worth it for the fun beforehand! And I like your posts, too.

No new buddy dump stories to post, but on the subject of male vs. female dumps, I decided to put in my two cents' worth. I'm no expert, but here goes.

Although I'm not a female and I personally almost never pass any dumps bigger than an inch, I have to agree with Nicola (I know it was several posts back) when she says females' poops are generally fatter than mens'. This is a question which has interested me over the years, and I can say that I have found lots of evidence to support Nicola's arguments.

An ex-girlfriend I was with a few years ago was quite slender and ate rather little, but she would pass some enormous turds! One Sunday she visited me and did her dump in my toilet. She flushed, but it was one of those toilets with a pan rather than just a hole. The turd was so big that the water just pushed it into the hole but it didn't actually flush it away. When I went to use the toilet myself, I saw what she'd left behind: it was a single knobbily carrot-shaped poop, about 9 or possibly 10 inches long, and it must have been a good 2.5 inches thick. I had never seen such a big turd in all my life!! Once (or maybe twice) in my life I have passed turds that were close to two inches thick and several inches long. However, no matter what I eat, how much I exercise, or how often or not I go to the toilet, I can never seem to produce such whoppers. Almost all of hers were like that! Another time I found a big 'goose egg" turd, or 'billiard ball' turd and wondered how on ear! th it could have fit through her anus. I only wished I could have buddy dumped with her! She would never have allowed it.
A secretary in my office a few years ago used to take her morning dumps in the toilet at work. She flushed, but almost always seemed to leave a floater behind. Those were always at least two inches wide. And when I was in Japan I saw some pictures showing women pooping. I don't like scatology, but just seeing those pictures of women dumping was enough to get me thinking: are womens' poops really bigger than mens'? There were some real big whoppers being passed! I couldn't believe it!
And my current girlfriend--we've been buddy dumping now for close to two weeks--she hasn't passed any whoppers yet, but even her small productions are as much as twice the size of my daily dumps! She tells me that occassionally she gets some real big ones. And before we started buddy dumping I found eveidence of this when I would check the toilet after she went to work. I saw a few two-inchers in there! And, judging by what I've read on this site over the past two and a half years, I have to say that there are quite a large number of women (Nicola, Carmalita, Kim, Ring Stretcher, Anne the Bus Driver, just to name a few) who do big, fat dumps. I'm convinced!!

Anyway, sorry if I bored anyone with my random thoughts, but I just couldn't resist stating my evidence on the subject. In the meantime, my girlfriend hasn't dumped in two days. I guess she's saving another one up for me in hopes it'll be a whopper. She said she'd try a buddy dump with me this afternoon. I'll keep you posted, if there's anything to post about.

Happy ploppin' whoppers to all!

Hi all i know i haven't been around much but..I've had a number of I barely got a new old one crashed.. BIG TIME!!! Second..been busy and.. sigh.. wlel okay I got some bad news and some good news.. bad news first.. Linda hasn't been on in any way shape of form due to the fact that she's been hospitalized. Well that and she read what happened to Kendal's dad was became very depressed. Linda and her mother.. were in a car accident.. her mother was banged up badly and was in a wheel chair for a good while.. but poor Linda.. sigh.. she was where the car got hit. She was in a coma for a long while.. luckily.. she fine..that's the good news.... she should be up and around and out of the hospital soon. poor gal.. what a way to spend summer.... but she feel bad.... she has a scar on her face from the accident.. and he feels very's taken me days to get her to gimme that smile I love so much..when she did.. you never notice the scar at all.. she's still a! pretty little girl. her arm is in a cast.(I swear linda and casts go hand in hand)but.. let me tell you Kendal.. her face lit up when i told her you were back and were happy again. trust me we have tons of stuff to post. but I'm swamped for now. elena is due any day now..and we've had a number of false alarms... one even while she was in the bathroom.(But I'll embarrass Elena later) Anyway anyone seen Scary Movie 2..there's a FUNNY toilet scene invovling James Woods..i saw it comign a mile away.LOL Later all

I'd like to make it clear that I don't particularly agree or disagree with Nicola or Dr. Polhumus regarding the shape of the human rectum or who does the fattest turds overall out of males and females. I'm no doctor and haven't had many opportunities to observe women's dumps either unfortunately - but I do recall seeing a couple of diagrams awhile back where the lower internal organs of both sexes were shown side by side, and noticed that the female rectum did indeed appear to be significantly wider. Perhaps this diagram was inaccurate, and I certainly don't question the rectum's elasticity and ability to expand in width to accommodate a growing fecal mass whatever the sex of the person. But if a female's is on average wider than a man's when empty, wouldn't it also be wider when stretched to its maximum capicity?

I dont want to argue with a Doctor of Medicine, but my own experiences over nearly 50 years would back up Nicola's contention that, ceteris paribus, girls and women DO seem to pass fatter and more solid stools than boys and men.

I have seen quite a lot of jobbies in my time in the toilets at school, stuck in other toilet pans and of course have been lucky to see quite a few friends of both genders doing their motions. While in my layman's experience I have seen some really big turds of equal length passed by males and females alike those done by the females have often been a bit fatter. As an example my friends George and Moira. Both are large people, quite ????, and eat the same type and amount of food and drink the same type of booze. Although both pass equally long solid formed jobbies, I saw them both perform this weekend when I visited them, Moira's turds are usually a bit fatter that George's though both pass long panbusters, his about 2 inches thick for most of its length, her's 2.5 inches.

I can see where Nicola is coming from about drink as well. Im sure that some women imbibe as much alcohol in their beverages but its the other contents of the booze, (called congenerics I believe), which have the laxative effect (and also cause the worse hangovers). Small volume drinks which are bland will not have the side effects of say pints of beer , especially the heavier beers such as Bitter and Stout such as Guiness, and white wine doesnt usually loosen the bowels as red wine certainly does if more than a glass or two is drank.

Now on the life style and occupation matter. I have to agree with Nicola that a lot of women still work in occupations where going to the toilet when the need arises is not so easy compared to many men. I have a cousin who is a school teacher and she is often a bit constipated and being very frank about such matters, (I have seen her doing her motions big firm lumpy jobbies), and she says this is due to having to hold it in if the need comes own while teaching a class. Often this passes off and she doesnt then feel the urge to defecate when the class ends so may not have a motion for a few hours until she comes home or even until the following morning when she passes a large firm jobbie. I imagine this factor of losing the urge to go happens to other women in similar circumstances and a larger solid stool is subsequently passed when they do defecate. On the period constipation factor lots of women have posted about this here over the years. I know my wife Theresa experien! ces this effect at the "wrong time of the month" as does Moira, my long time friend George's wife. George also says that his Aunt Helen who brought him up as a kid also had this as did his two girl cousins after they reached puberty.

So I feel there is some truth in this observation even if medical science cannot find any scientific or objective reason for it. I doubt, given the prudishness of most societies about defecation if any large scale research has been carried out into everyday defecation, and the medical profession usually only see patients when they are passing unusual stools more often when very loose or diarrhea, though sometimes when very constipated .

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