Well, well well. I LOVE toilets, somehow things pertaining to toilets have always been fascinating and interesting to me. It all started when I was searching Napster for toilet jokes. Why? Beats me! But then I found out I have a toilet obsession. Hey, it's not an entirely bad thing, why not cultivate it? I am in love with this site already.
I have many pee and poop stories to tell. Since someone requested a story about peeing or pooping on the floor, here are one of each:
When I was younger, I used to pee on the floor in my room. Why? Too lazy to get to the toilet. My sister ended up doing that as well. Our room ended up reegreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! king of urine.
One time when I was about 4 years old, I missed the toilet and accidentally took a shit on the little bathroom rug. I knew something had to be done about it, but I was only 4. I didn't know how to clean up shit on the rug. So, I blamed it on the cat and yelled, "MOMMY!!! THE CAT POOPED ON THE RUG!!" So, my mom came in and said, "No, Michelle, YOU pooped on the rug." And I kept denying it. She said, "Are you SURE it wasnt you?" I kept telling her it wasn't me. Then, she just shut up and cleaned up the shit.

where do you ladies fart? I know that you have to, do you hold it in and just let a big one rip when you are alone, or are they always silent? My girl says hers usually are silent and dont stink, and she usually only farts in the morning or at night...she also rarely poops in the day, and usually goes once a week. Is this how all are?

I have seen several stories in here from kids whose teachers deny them permission to use the toilet and they subsequently end up peeing or pooping in their pants in class. If a teacher ever did that to my kid, I would sue his or her arrogant ass. Go see a lawyer, kids! Handle this the American Way!

I have a story about when i was on vacation last week. we were in florida, and ate seafood the night before and i got a pasta. it had mushrooms and a creamy sauce. I took the leftovers back. later i ate the rest of the generous portion. That day i had not pooped at all so i prolly had to go anyway, but went to bed somewhat after. we were leaving that morning and i woke up with horrible cramps at 4:55. I went and sat down, nothing happened. so i went back to bed, my grandma got up to take a bath at 5 so i tried to sleep off the cramps. They were too bad, so i knew that there were restrooms by the pool so down i went. I had to clench my butt, but i made it down. Then the gate was locked for the night, i was in desparation though, so i jumped it. when i got to the restrooms, to my horror, they were locked! I was not going to make it and i have never done what i did before. There was a trash can in the middle, and i said what the heck, i am not going to lose my control. I pulled d! own my mesh shorts and let go a hot, wet pile of mushy poop. it felt sooo good, and i never have poop that soft. I then pulled up my shorts and made way, stopping at the shower (intended to clean sand off feet) to clean my butt somewhat, I had also completely removed my boxers to avoid a stain being as they were white. I then saw the newspaper man, as he was the only one around, and headed back up to my room where i sat on the balcony and watched a beautiful sunrise. (without poop cramps)heheheh peace


Im a boy but I thought I'd share something had happened to me when I was 11 years old.
We had just moved into our house from out of town and I was attending the new school and this one boy made friends with me. We walked home from school almost everyday. I didnt like using the boys rooms at school cause some other guys were always making fun of you and it wasnt all clean anyway. We got to my friends house and he invited me in to show me his train set up. We went upstairs to his room and started to play with it. I felt a need for the bathroom but I wasnt worried. Then my friends mother called him downstairs for dinner. I didnt want any dinner but I had to pee rather badly. My mom would be home from work about 6 and we were going to eat dinner then. Well my friend went downstairs to eat and Im still playing with his train. I got this real big urge to pee and I was holding myself all of a sudden. I didnt know where the bathroom was and didnt want to ask as I was a little shy. In a minute it made no difference as I waited to long. Suddenly my pee broke loose! and come out in my pants all over myself and made a big puddle where I was sitting on the floor. I was in a panic and didnt know what to do. I was soaking wet, my pants in front were soaked and my butt was really soaked as the puddle I made was running a bit. I got up and ran downstairs and made for the front door to go home. I said to Freddie, I'll see you later I have to run home and eat dinner. I ran all the way home (I lived 5 houses up the street) and went to my room. I took off my went Jeans and underwear and got washed up an stashed the wet clothes in the closet.
The next day in school nothing was said by my friend to me about me peeing my pants at his house. We went on like nothing ever happened. I guess it can happen to anyone, it was a bad surprise it happened so fast. But I can tell you it was no fun and I was so embarrassed to see my friend and his mother after that. BTY Im now 13. Any other guys or girls have this happen to them?

To Sara: I hate it when teachers make kids hold it or have an accident. I would tell the principle.

To Christine Peeing: I know its meanbut if you really want to get back at him put his hand in warm water while sleeping. I heard it makes them whet the bed.

To aboy: I've had dark red diarrehea before. I burned when I let it out. Cool to see another person around my age hear.

To Peter: Sorry about your accident.

Well I'm feeling better but I had one last diarrehea attack. I was outside mowing the lawn when I felt I needed to go. My parents were gone and so was my brother. Well I finished mowing when I got hit with a bad cramp. So I sprinted to the bathroom just in time. Watery diarrehea shot out of my butt for about two minutes. When I was done a felt ten times better. Hopefully its out of my system.

Hi again heres the rest of the when my mom had found my wet panties and skirt in the garbage she asked me what had happened and I told her that I had had an accident at school and she told me she would not have a girl my age wet her pants and she said "ill be right back" and she left, I waited 5 minutes and she came back with a belt and put me over her knee and pulled down my jeans exsposing my white cotton panties and spanked me like a little girl, I couldnt believe my mom was spanking me it was embarassing, she continued for a couple of minutes and stopped and just walked out of the room I sat on my bed for 10 minutes trying not to cry and decided to go to sleep I got changed into my PJ's and laid down. That night I dreamt I was walking down a hallway and opened a door to a bathroom and sat down on the toilet and peed, then I woke up and felt wet at my crotch so I slid my hand down my covers and felt my panties which were wet and I stood up as fast as I ! could and looked at my PJ's which were soaked with pee and I looked at the bed and saw that my blanket was wet I bent down and smelled my blanket and it had a definate stench of pee I stood there with my mouth open I couldnt believe what I had done I was sixteen and had just wet my bed then I had a horrifieing thought if my mom saw this I would be in big trouble after peeing my pants at school, just as I thought that my mom walked in the door and saw me standing there with a wet pantch on the crotch of my pajama pants and looked at the bed and knew I wet my bed. she said "young lady did you pee in your bed" the tone in her voice was horrifieing so I just nodded and said "Im sorry mom it was an accident please dont spank me im sooo sorry" almost in tears she looked at me for 5 seconds and said im not going to spank you, after wetting your pants and also your bed I think you may have a problem" I stood there in my wet pants thinking "A PROBLEM?" I didnt know what she quite meant! as she walked out of the room I got out of my PJ pants and slid off my white cotton panties that were yellow with pee and took a shower I got dressed and went to school at school in the course of one week everyone knew I wet myself and even my friend Laura laughed at me when I saw her in 4th period Mrs.Rhojis (that b**ch) gave me this grin when I walked into the class and said "are we going to have another problem today?" I just walked past her and sat down when she passed out papers mine had my name at the top crossed out and it said Diapergirl in red pen as she grinned at me it also said "you didnt finish the last two problems were you to busy peeing yourself?" I felt like telling the princible about this but then everyone else in the school would know I peed my pants so I let it go and through away my paper on the way out once I got home fromm school things got real worse I dropped my backpack on the couch and went into my room where my mom was sitting there on my bed with! a pack of Pull ups diapers in her arms I stopped and froze I looked at the diapers thinking was it to scare me or for real she said to me "I will not wash sheets that are wet, wet pants, panties, or anything else so either you will wear these diapers or you will move out to your dads house" "which will it be?" this surprised me so much I just stood there with my mouth open not realizing I had to go to the bathroom and a little spurt came out into my jeans which formed a little wet spot that my mom saw then she glared and her faced turned red with anger as I ran into my bathroom for and hour I had just made things two times worse when I came out she was gone and I went on the computer and am typing right now I need help with my decision I dont want to wear diapers and I also dont want to go out to my drunk ass dads house.




El Duderino
HI! im just a lurker, i know, but i have a quick question...

KATIE K: where do you live? i know a katy k who is 16, and if you were the katy i know, that would be really really cool.

also, id like to say how much i appreciate everybodys posts...just because us lurkers dont give thank yous doesnt mean we dont love your posts!

Well, here's something else I thought y'all might enjoy:
This happened when I was 15 years old.
One time, Mark(my boyfriend at the time) and I planned a date to go to Bowl America. On the day we went, I wasn't feeling too good. I decided to go anyway, because I wanted to be with him. I had to use the bathroom, but they were cleaning the toilets, so I decided to wait. Mark and I played some games, and suddenly, I had a diarreah explosion. It got all over me and also on Mark! Everyone in Bowl America STARED and STARED and STARED at me! Mark didn't get mad, though. He was very sympathetic. Then, one lady who worked at Bowl America said to me,"Oh, GOSH, are you ALRIGHT?" And another said,"Want me to clean you up?"
CLEAN ME UP? What the hell was she thinkin' about?


FOR Sara and others needing a bathroom in school!!

I think in this day and age the refusal of an authority figure such as a teacher, for example, to use the restroom in an emergency is totally unacceptable. No one, not anyone, has the right to deny the use of the facilities of a toilet when the human person has an emergeny to elminate pee or poo when it comes upon them. I get really upset when I read an accounting of a student of any age,that is refused the right to leave a room when nature calls. I realize that disruption of the classroom like leaving during a lesson, test, lecture, or other works can be annoying to teacher and students alike at times. But You cant predict what Mother Nature is going to do sometimes and you dont have much control over the biological functions that a human being has at times. If there was a case of a student asking to leave the room all the time in the classroom, well, they should go. But there should be some effort to find why that student has to go all the time in class at ce! rtain times. It might be medical, due to come condition, a virus, bad food, kidney problems, nerves or something. A good teacher or supervisor would attempt to help the person rather than make the problem worse. I have been in a classroom when one student made it his or her business to have to go and pee all the time during a certain class. It may be first or last period but you could count on it everyday like clockwork. In that case they need some help and understanding to review the habits and what they can do to elminate that habit. I had seen only a couple cases of where a teacher refused to let a kid go to the toilet and then the kid wets his pants. In all cases it was due to the fact the class or period for the morning or day was amost over in a very few minutes. The kid waited to long to ask and just lost it in the last few minutes.

Notice I said the right to use a toilet. Not privledge. MY ADVICE to those who have to go due to a real emergency should go. They can ask, saying its an emergency please. If they are denied the right to go and eliminate, then they should LEAVE the room and go. I SAID WALK RIGHT OUT OF THE ROOM! The supervisor or teacher might be all upset and angry, but in the case of threats and reprisal where one might have to "stay in" or detention for their actions I woudnt worry. One who takes this story home to the parents will have their family to back them up. I cant imagine a teacher for instance wanting to have to explain to the Principal his or her actions. They must be held accountable. The principal in a school setting is the supervisior or "employer" accoutable to the school board who is accountable to the people in the community. A teacher or principal is not going to want to have a story get out on why they disaplined a student for leaving a room in an emergency to pee or ! poop. That woudnt look good on the evening news or newspaper. The only reason that a teacher would not let a kid go to the toilet is they want to be the authority figure and let you know it, let you know they are in control and the boss. The authority over a persons bladder and bowels. It sounds stupid and it is. A teacher or authority figure might have a fetish like seeing a person figit and squirm having to go bad. This excites them and satisfies a need they have for something they are missing in life. Then some might just be in a bad mood and mean, having a bad day or time in THEIR life. Many classrooms now have a toilet right there visible in the classroom for all to see with the door open to use. Theres no kissin ass to ask for the need to go and pee if you need to. Youjust get up quietly and go and come back and no one even pays attention.
So to wrap up this long sermon, Im saying to you all that have to go and got to pee or use a restroom in a school or place, you go. What the hell are they going to do to you? Put you in Jail or something? If anything the nut that denies the use of a toilet when you need it is the one that is probably going to jail for abuse. You just get up and leave the room and go. Ive been in a class where an abusive teacher would deny the kid to leave a room. At age 16, all the other kids around would whisper, hey, just get up and leave! In one case a teacher overheard the rumbling and then approved the girl in this case to go after saying no. After all, they are your protector, your mentor, your parents "child sitter" until you are 18. They are supposed to help you and not try to humiliate your. Any questions, please ask Id try to answer.---Been there, seen that, done that--------Donnie M

To Ben: Well thats better than nothing. Also how were you this 4 of July. Did you have any accidens then. I did(see my post).

Messyboy, That must have required a lot of concentration to lify yourself up and drive at the same time as a hot, sticky load filled your pants. What were you and paul wearing underneath?

Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

I've had this whole week off, so I've got a little more time to spend posting, so here goes.
To whoever you are--I've got some advice for telling your wife that girls farting and pooping kind of turn you on a bit. Just start by making a few casual comments or jokes about it. Maybe just mention that you wonder what it would be like to see her poop. Wait for a time when she's relaxed and in a good mood. Tell her, then see what her reaction is. If she responds positively, delve into a bit more. If she seems disgusted or says nothing, try again later. Take your time. You two are partners and shouldn't have to feel disgusted or ashamed about bodily functions around each other.

Lurch--Just recently, as my girlfriend and I have started buddy dumping together, she has also become quite open about farting. I never heard her fart out loud till about two weeks ago. Now she just pushes 'em out when she gets them. I like farting too, but mine are louder. Hers are smellier. She seems to be able to control herself when she gets gas because she doesn't fart that much, even around me. So either she controls herself well, or she doesn't get gas, and I don't know anyone who doesn't get gas.

Ephermal--I think you should try buddy dumping, if you want to. I was also a bit apprehensive at first and was scared to ask my girlfriend to try it, but now we think it's really a gas (no pun intended). She really got turned on to the idea of sharing toilet time together. Initilally, I realized that if I wanted to see her do it, I'd have to do it myself. Now we try to time it so we have to poop at the same time. It makes it easier (and more enjoyable) that way. Anyway, if you have a special person to do it with, it can be a really intimate experience.

Well, the other day she came home from work and was eager to do a buddy dump. I didn't have to go because I'd already gone in the morning after she left. She's been going to work earlier this week, so it's before my usuaI dumping time. I thought about saving it in for her, but the urge got to strong. Anyway when she got home she was ready to do her part of the show. I spread out the old newspaper again. She undressed and squatted over it and after a few minutes (hers can be difficult to pass, even the small ones), a one inch thick by six inches long turd began to emerge from her ring. Just a small, but firm production. It didn't smell much, at least at first! This is what I refer to as a "creeper poop". It doesn't smell the minute it's laid, but after a couple of minutes, whoa, it sneaks up on you! And then it's tough to make the smell go away. We had to open all the windows in the house AND use air freshener!!
Later after dinner, she had to go again. That's rare! We'd just polished off the ice cream we had for dessert and that seemed to loosen her up a bit. She said she felt she hadn't got rid of it all the first time. So we went to the toilet. She undressed again and squatted over the bowl with her back to me. I had a good view of her ring. She pushed again, but then I accidentally farted--a big loud one. She started laughing so much that her poop just slid out on its own. So we had a good effect on each other. She did another 1" by 6" production plus a few small "tidbits".

The weekend is coming up, so hopefully we can get back into buddy dumping together, as we enjoy so much.

Take care and happy farting and dumping to all!


Hello people! I'm new here, 31 years old and found this forum more or less by accident. So since I'm new I have a lot of stories. I might tell a few of them now.

Like most of you other people seem to be, I'm also turned on by some of these things, but I have to say that things like smell, farts and diarrhea are a definite turn-off. But the sounds most women/girls make when they sit on the toilet and a very big and firm one is coming are THE turn-on!

I discovered this the first time when visiting my parents' friends abroad. They had a little daughter, 5 years old. All the other people except me were out in the garden and the girl had to use the toilet, and thinking she was alone in the house she ran in through the door and straight to the toilet, without closing the door. She was in a real hurry and it seemed it was already coming out. I was in another room about 5 metres away, so I heard everything... first I thought she talked to herself or to someone else in the house, but then I heard a telltale splash followed by several others. So it felt so good she almost shouted, and she went on gasping and shouting "aaaahh" several times until she was done. And she also forgot to flush, so I accidentally saw what she had left when I later went to pee myself. It really was surprisingly big for a girl her age.

At that time I was 11 years old, and since then I have noted that I really like hearing women take a big dump. I have heard my aunt (who I think is also to some extent turned on by other people hearing her, because sometimes she leaves the door slightly open even when I'm around, and she gasps a lot when it comes), a couple of girlfriends, and several other women.

One of these women obviously wanted to go when she came home from the party we were both visiting, and probably she would not have wanted to take a dump when so many people were waiting outside the toilet. But after she had been there for some time I heard a long "uurrrrrr" like it was really feeling good and she couldn't wait any longer.

And I have also let out some accidental sounds myself, which I also find turns me on. Once I stayed at the house of a married couple, and there were 3 people around except me. We were all going to sleep, so I wanted to let them go to bed first so I could use the toilet without being interrupted. All right, I had a hard time holding it in since it was several days since last time, so I went to the bathroom as quickly as I could, as soon as the other people had all brushed their teeth etc. and went to their rooms. I didn't want the others to hear what I was doing, so I put some toilet paper on the water so no splashes would be heard. Then I let it slide out slowly, and it was very long. I have noted that these long ones usually feel extremely good. I closed my eyes and had my mouth open (I instinctively did that because it felt so good), and then I accidentally let out a loud "uurrrr". After that there was a loud splash, which obviously happened because the turd was so long ! that the tip of it had already pressed the paper down before the end splashed onto the water. So the paper didn't have the desired effect. This is in Europe, so there was a considerable distance to the water. The house was totally quiet and I'm sure the rest of the people hadn't fallen asleep yet, so they definitely heard my "urrrr" and splash. I was a bit ashamed but it also turned me on.

I have read several of the really old postings on this site, and I especially enjoyed some written by Jessica and other women.

My girlfriend has also begun to like these things to some extent... I have heard her several times and she has told me it turns her on when I listen. I have also let her hear me. Earlier she went once a day, but nowadays she usually waits for a couple of days before each dump because it feels better.

Women, I would like you to tell more about what you think about and how it feels when you take a big dump, if it turns you on when someone overhears, and how often you deliberately wait so it will feel better when you go.

Poo-Poo Pot:

First time poster. I have ovserved for several months, I now feel thatit is only fair that I share some of my own experiences. I felt special bond to folks on this site when many of you, as I did, noticed and were intrigued by Serena Williams'near accident on worldwide TV. Here goes my first post:
When I was around ten years old, I was laying in bed watvching TV with my parents when my father, a prominent physician in our community, pooped his pants. He had been complaining all day of an upset stomach, and had taken several self-precribed medications for it. It was around 11 p.m. and my mom and I were awake just chatting, when my father bolted up in bed and instead of getting out of bed on his side as he usually did, he cut accross the bed and briskly walked to the bathroom. At first my mother and I did not think much of it until a few seconds later when we noticed a foul pungent smell fill the room. My mother commented that my father must have farted! At about the same time we noticed what looked like a small wet spot on the comforter of their bed, right around the foot of the bed where he had crossed. When
the smell would not leave the well-airconditioned room, she asked me to
sniff the spot. When I was within eight inches of the spot, I was able to confirm our most horrifying suspicion. My father, great patriarch, had pooped his pants and soiled the bedsheets as well! My mother got up and dutifully began to change all of the bed clothes. We both had silently agreed not to mention it, so as not to embarass him. However, after about 5-10 minutes, he came out of the bathroom walking sort of funny holding his soiled pajama pants ( actually surgical scrubs) in his hands and voluntarily explained to us that as he had darted across the bed, he thought he had to fart but instead he had "passed a loose
stool." We all handled it very maturely, and my mother casually mentioned to him that she was changing the sheets because he had gotten some poop on the comforter. When she was done, she took his soiled pants to the laundry and he went to bed and it has never been mentioned in our house since that day. We have never even told my brothers what happened.

I woke up this morning and my bladder was very full. I'd been out drinknig last night and consumed quite a few pints. I decided to measure my pee and pulled out a 1 litre jug from the cupboard. Well, I filled this up to the brim and I still hadn't finished. I emptied this away and peed about another 200ml. What a relief that was......and this was the most I've ever measured, 1200ml!

This is my first post but I have a little problem. I have a 13 year old daughter. She is VERY naive and gulible(sp?). Anyway one of her school mates told her that there is a monster in the toilet and that if she sits down it will grab her and pull her down. As a result she is terrified of going to the bathroom. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. I will tell you about the first time it happened:

We were sitting down watching TV and I noticed she was holding her self and fidigiting alot. I asked her if she had to go and she sorta looked at the door like she was scared out of her mind. Then she said "Yes, but I cant go in there or the monster will get me." I tried for 20 minutes to convince her that there was no monster but she wouldnt believe me.She ended up wetting the couch and her pants. That was only the start of ruined clothes. She shit her pants a few nights ago whiole getting ready for bed. She was about to pull down her panties whenIwalked in and asked if she had gone to the bathroom(out of habit since she never does anymore) she said no and bent done and filled her panties,then wet them. As sorta punishment we made her sleep in them but we still have to clean them.
Do you people have any suggestions? I need help. Please reply or email me. TIA

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