Hi to the other hiker from Chile. I was hiker_uk from Page 249 onwards but if I try to use that name nowadays, the _uk suffix gets removed so that's how two of us ended up with the same name. From now on, I'll be UK Hiker.

When I was 16, I stayed at Ffestiniog Youth Hostel in North Wales, which closed many years ago. I was amused to find that an anagram of Ffestiniog is 'gonestiffi'. I hadn't heard the Aussie term 'stiffy' until I saw it on this forum but I certainly had a 'stiffi' when I was there.

There was a small upstairs room that had been divided into two individual toilets, one for men and one for women. There was a partition wall from floor to ceiling but there was a shared window. I saw a girl of about 24 go into the ladies so I crept into the gents and sat quietly and listened. It was just like being in the same room. I heard a swishing sound as she took her jeans and panties down, then a trickle of wee, then silence followed by a grunt and a satisfying plop.

Later that evening, after it was dark, I noticed that by standing on the toilet bowl in the gents with the light off, a reflection in the shared window gave me a good view into the ladies. This was my first toilet view but not my last! A woman of about 40 came in, pulled her jeans and panties down rapidly in one operation and sat down to wee. Then she got up just as quickly so I didn't really see much. Then a middle-aged woman came in, bared her ample flabby bum, flopped down on the seat and a soft poop immediately slid out. I could even smell it. Ugh! Not a very interesting experience for a 16 year old.

This sort of opportunity is very rare in the UK and I did not find another for many years, until recently while staying at another youth hostel. There were two individual unisex toilets side by side upstairs. They had a floor to ceiling partition wall and individual high windows hinged at the top. After dark, I found that by standing on the bowl in one toilet with the light off it was possible to get a view into the other via a reflection in the glass. It was a back view from high up so I thought it wouldn't be very interesting but I was wrong.

There was a large party of ramblers from Yorkshire staying at the Y.H. Late in the evening, a lot of women came in to use the toilet before going to bed. Some did a hover wee while others sat down but very few pooped. One or two came into the toilet to undress and change into their night clothes. Presumably they felt it was more private than undressing in the womens' dormitory! Then a woman in her 40s came in wearing a white night dress. She crouched over the toilet, bent right forward, lifted her nightie then I saw a poop emerging from her back side. It seemed soft and effortless as it eased out in one piece about 9 inches long before plopping down.

On a different topic, I have just seen an item on the BBC TV News about portable street urinals that will be placed at certain 'wet spots' in Central London where late night revellers often relieve themselves. It's a sort of plastic 'porta-pisspotty' with four individual urinals facing inwards in a square formation but no roof. It will be interesting to see whether any girls use them (Are you planning to visit London P.V.?). They look like a modern version of the old 'Clochmerle' type street 'pissoirs' that were sometimes seen in France but nothing like this has ever been seen in England before. Shock! Horror! Whatever next? Talking of France, guess where I am going this summer, hoping for some interesting toilette views.

Roger B

Hi all, first time I write anything here although I enjoy reading about the honesty and things that people do like myself. Well, I was really constipated for a few days and took a dose of Milk of Magnesna and forgot all about it. Then I was in line to get a big Mac and felt I had to fart. I went to push it out and crapped in my shorts. I had to leave the line and wait for the restroom to get in and finish my job and try t clean up. Then I went home without my burger. One other time I waS in the movie show seeing Star Wars and Ihad drank a large 32 oz coke and had to pee real bad. I dint want to miss the movie so I held it a long time until all of a sudden it came on me real hard before I could think I had to grab myself but started to pee in my pants. I drenched the seat and my pants and the floor but did see the whole movie. I had t go home on a bus that made it worse I tried to hide my wet pants. Then another time I was wating for a toilet at the ball park. It w! as really crowded with lots of guys there. I hadda go real bad and started to go i my pants there too before I could get a stall.
Anyone elese ever have this trouble? I had wet my pants several times the last year. I would like to know and from anyone who can tell me as Im now 14YO. thanks


I can just picture the four of you plotting and planning, then giggling your way through some major bladder-work! Hosing away with gusto, just how it should be!

Yes, getting that mushy stuff on the outside is a nuisance. There was a time years ago when I used to do it all the time -- smehow I always got messy, and my poo was of a consistency I used to describe as "hot-melt glue." It took ages to clean up! Now I usually do larger, firmer ones, and they have been known to plop free without making a mess at all, but I can usually tell when I'm going to lose control and nip off a softy with my sphincters! I go sorta "oh - darn!" Then settle in for some cleaning up...

The strange bathroom wasn't too bad, as it happens, very clean, and the door was normal height. i've been in the stall next to it once, and the door is strangely short -- standing up you can look straight over it to the mirrors!

Oh, I well know how it is when you sweat a lot... A couple of years ago I was into measuring my capacity, and when hot weather came around I found I just couldn't produce the volume any more... too much was exiting through the pores!

On smell, a few days ago I produced a couple of fairly splattery dumps, the sort that douse the back of the bowl -- and they smelled very rich and savory! They smelled of the previous night's dinner, and barely of poop at all! Wierd...

Cheers hon,


To Kendal,
Hello there again.
At the BogCon '01, it seems as if Louise would win at least two major events then. You say that you would be no competition for her in a 'plopping' contest, but I'm sure the plops you do perform are delightful.
Haha, so you have tried PV's water cycle trick. I hope you and Andrew found it as entertaining as we did, and Louise has made a second attempt at it, but as in the first occasion she found that her urine flow was intermittent when she swallowed the water. The two areas of control must be closely linked in the brain. Not something I have given thought to before, but it is a most amusing thing to try.
I'm also glad you both enjoyed my write-up from that Saturday night/Sunday morning pee party. It made me feel very lucky indeed, and if it reminded Andrew of fun times on your holiday then so much the better!
Take care now.

To Julie,
Hello again, sweetheart. I hope that overal, you enjoyed your trip into Europe. Sounds like you have been sampling some of the dubious delights of French toilets. Just think, if I had been around to be your toilet guard, I would have done it for free! Somehow I can't imagine the French lady who did watch and charge you meeting your requirements to the same extent.
Until next time then.

To PV,
Hello there, my Antipodean friend.
Am I lucky? You betcha, it is something I remind myself of every day that passes! Simply having Louise in my life is enough for me in itself, but just occasionally something special, really special happens, and I am very thankful for it. The Saturday night/Sunday morning pee party was such an occasion, and even now I marvel at the way that even a relatively toilet-shy young lady like Emma could suddenly take on a new attitude of lavatorial exhibitionism while I was around. Put it this way, I would be confident of being able to recognise any of the four of them by their private parts alone. I say again that Louise's mother needs no conditioning at all when it comes to having a wee on that beach, and I think she will take to it very well. Oh you are spot on - it would have been a delight to have had the additional thrill of your membership of the 'hosing squad'. I suspect that your preference would have been to face the bath on that Sunday morning, rather than to perform a '! backshot' of the kind that Louise has done very often recently. Either way would have been nice!
Oh, I'm very pleased that your confidence levels are now soaring. That is very good news indeed. I could not help but think of you when Emma sat on the toilet, clearly willing her urine to squirt out. Yes, I'm sure you are right, it will now be a matter of reinforcing your abilities by experiencing as many public toilet wees as possible, and with luck it will become second nature to you. I wish you all the very best with that, and though Louise and I have not suffered from AP ourselves, we can imagine how it must have blighted your life for so long. I may not be around as much nowadays on this forum, but I do find time occasionally, and you know you have the support of Louise as well if you need someone to talk to.
BTW, I would avoid the question of the plural of 'anus' by using the expression 'anal openings', as I am not sure what the correct version would be either! Hahaha!



kim and scott
hello all!
TO KENDAL-welcome back dear. scott and I missed you!
TO RENEE-congratulations on your baby being a girl and naming it after carmalita! thats great! and I think I have the same problem with men that carmalita has: with men tripping over their own staring and all! but I like it! scott understands it comes along with the territory of having a lovely girlfriend! bye now.
TO CARMALITA-hello. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too and we cant wait to come over your house for that buddy dump! ohhh what fun! be well.
TO LOGGER-hello there. thanks for liking my posts. and I may be short but i shit big! and when I blasted my log onto the newspapered bathroom floor it landed with a loud crunch and did not break. my logs are not only very enormous but their as solid as a rock too! lucky me! and the pleasure is unbelievable great by the way when i slam a whopping log out thats 4 inches thick! it gives me a great buzz all over my body when i shoot out a log like this which is very often!bye now.
TO JEFF A-hello there sweetie! I missed you. thanks for all your nice compliments on my looks and body. you are like RJOGGER,. your a beautiful man who always says nice things. I appreciate it. plus I do like your idea of poopcon 2001. I think I can come out in a bikini,flashing a smile. then I would strip off my clothes and strike a sexy pose as I bang out an outrageously,enormous brown log for all to see! of course their would be huge football sized tv screens all over the place for the poop audience to see my log come out in every possible angle. and for an encore I would hop onto a bathroom counter and stick my pink ass out and crash out another monster log to the delight of the audience. and you jeff, steve,my man scott, and other men can protect us ladies from harm when we do our live performances. plus their would be a peeing contest also. that louise or pv would win. a male contest on which male can have the largest log. and carmalita like you said can sit in her ! bathroom and everyone can take turns who can last her exotic poop smell the would be the winner i think jeff. the next day would show some couples buddy dumping like scott and I and angela and roger.this is a good idea jeff. scott and I are putting on our name tags and we are all ready to go!!! bye now.
TO SUNDEVIL-hello there! In answer to your question about what foods really make me poo: I usually have my biggest,longest and fattest logs due to eating total cereal. a cereal loaded in fiber. whenever i have a bowl or two of this stuff I usually go all over the bowl. the bowl can barely hold my huge shit in!haha. having a nice big chicken dinner also provides the same result for me. so if you invite me over to your house jamie and you wanna see me shit huge just feed me total cereal or a nice chicken dinner and watch me sit on your bowl and in no time you will see an enormous,horse sized bowel movement swimming in your bowl(SERIOUSLY). good question you asked sweetie bye now.(bye the way I shit huge even if you dont feed me these foods. thats just the way my system is!!!)

I acknowledge Dr Polhumus' reply to my posting. Now Im only a Manager / Trainer at a Sports Centre and a player of various team sports so I dont have his detailed medical knowledge. I have however seen quite a lot of stools passed by both genders since my school days and have found that for people of equal build, eating a similar diet etc the females pass fatter turds than the males. I wouldnt argue that men drink more alcohol than women, but its the type of drink I was comparing. I dont know about the USA but in the UK many men rather than women drink Bitter a dark beer with many yeasts, malt, hops etc and this does tend to have a laxative effect, perhaps the contents irritate the colon and cause increased peristalsis or maybe it has an osmotic effect and blocks the absorbtion of water from the feces. In any event I know that it often causes loose stools in those who drink a lot of it whereas white wine, spirits with mixers etc dont have such a drastic effect. Many women stil! l drink these or the lighter lager type beers and dont tend to suffer looseness at least that has been my experience. My husband used to drink bitter and often had the runs the following morning and he isnt a heavy drinker. Now he drinks lager or white wine instead of bitter and his motions are as solid as mine but a bit thinner although we are of a similar build and eat the same tyoe and amount of food. Now I have seen illustrations of the male and female rectums in various anatomy books and they do seem to be a different shape, the woman's being wider, the man's thinner but longer. Is this artistic licence Dr Polhumus or bad artwork or is this indeed the case? I accept that the rectum is elastic of course and can thus expand to accomodate large quantities of stool but is this moulded by the shape of the rectum and thus any difference between the genders would have an influence on the shape of the turd passed? As I have said Im no expert but have seen a lot of solid turds ! passed by both genders over many years and this is the evidence of my eyes.

Like many who post here I have no difficulty with close friends of either gender watching me defecate, and have done so since I was a kid. My husband accompanies me at home and vice versa and we often buddy dump, (the combined tonnage taking a lot of flushing to go away). Likewise with other female team members when playing field hockey or netball etc. When I was at home I often let my young brother watch me doing a jobbie and of course other girls who were my friends at school. To me it is an enjoyable physical activity and I dont mind sharing with friends.

I didnt realise that Serina Williams had almost been taken short in her panties. I knew she had asked to go to the toilet but thought it was just for a wee wee. Of course she could have soiled her panties but have cleaned her butt and put on a clean pair while in the changing rooms. Im not surprised that this can happen, just look at how people often get sudden attacks of diarrhea at exams or a crucial interview etc. One of these days some tennis player will lose it in their panties or shorts and millions will see this on TV as it would be very difficult to hide a large brown mess if wearing a short white skirt and white panties. During a very relaxed fun game of tennis a few years ago I did a solid jobbie in my white briefs while going for a difficult shot. I should have gone to the toilet but tried to hold it in but while straining to meet the ball out it came. Although solid and formed it did make a very visible brown stain in my white Sloggi Briefs and I had to go to ! the Toilet in the Ladies Changing Rooms to get rid of it, clean myself and change into a spare pair of white panties. I was more annoyed with myself than upset although my husband and the other couple, it was mixed doubles, were very sympathetic. So it could happen to any of us.

For those interested I did a long fat smooth easy jobbie today when I got out of bed at 8.00am BST. It was one of those big curved poos that slid out with very little effort and entered the pan with a "FLOOMP!" It was toffee brown, a bit smelly and is floating in the water of the pan even now. Size? about 14 inches long and 2.5 fat. I could see the seeds from the burger baps I ate at Monday lunchtime embedded in it. I was wearing only a pair of black Sloggi briefs as its very hot in the UK today so Im walking about topless and letting them swing. (A non work day today).

Finally, be careful sticking a finger up your back passage. It shouldnt cause a lot of problems if done gently but ensure your fingernails arent long as this could scratch the lining of the rectum, not a wise thing to do as Im sure Dr Polhumus would advise. Also dont do so if you have a cut or wound on your finger. Obviously if you do this ensure that you wash your hands completely after such an activity, and use a nail brush.

RENEE - Hi girl! Yeah, I can pee 7 feet in front of me if I get it
right, and even if I do not get it quite so, I can do over 5 feet or
even 6. LOL Steve too says firemen could hold me over a burning
building and put out the fire! Wow it's a girl!!! xxx

KENDAL - Hi girl! Hehehe so you had the same trouble weeing and
drinking as me. LOL It is really hard to do. I tried it again last
night when I was in the bath with Steve and I did more stopping and
starting and we laughed again, it was funny.
I saw it on the television when Serena Williams left the court, and
they said it was for an upset stomach. Well it was maybe a good thing
that she did go to the toilet because it is a real big mess on the
grass when you have a runny poo. I had a runny poo in the park last
year and I could not hold it in.
You know I would have liked it if I had been a ball girl at Wimbledon.
I did like the skirts as well but what if I had wanted a wee? I bet I
would not have got away with doing it between games by the net squatting
with my knickers pulled to the side. All those cameras! LOL
Love Louise.

JULIE - Hi girl! I will like reading more about your trip. I bet you
wish you had Steve there to look after you in those toilets. Well I
think it is annoying you had to pay to have a wee as well!
Read Steve's story about when he had me, my mum and two of my friends
have a little toilet party with him. I think Emma frightened him to
death because usually she is quiet and when he was in the bath, Steve
saw her pussy weeing when she was bent over from about 2 feet away
from him. LOL Love Louise xx

PV - Hi! Oh yeah what a great title for BogCon '01. We could give
little demos in how to use urinals eh? I would like that standing
next to you in front of a steel wall type and the wall mounted
bucket type thingies too.
Hehe you know that was the thing that was missing on that Saturday
night when we gave Steve his special treat. I know he would have liked
you being there and weeing in his bath as well! "Hosing squad" Hahahaha!
My friend Emma never weed in front of a guy like that before. The
closest she got was when she hid behind me in the alley when Steve and
Jackie were there too! Yeah she said she could not start but she
had a real nice giggle with me later and said it was exciting to do.

Ooo now I have a little report from work today. Instead of going in
the stall for a wee this morning I took off my knickers in front of
the sinks and because I was all alone in the ladies I stood over the
corner sink and had a nice strong wee into it. I just did it with
no aim and I just used my hands to hold my short dress up. My dress
was a skimpy white one with no back and there was not too much to
the front either really. It has been hot here the last few days and
all the ladies in my office are dressed a lot like that. My legs were
bare as well. I did wash the sink with lots of water after finishing
my wee.

Lotsa hugs,


Thursday, July 05, 2001

Sara: I use a bunch of toilet paper in my hand palm. Therefore, I get no doo-doo on my hands. Then, I wash my hands with hot water and soap, or rubbing alcohol.

Ross: I went for a week in scout camp. Then, I broke down and ate the food. Starvation diets are dangerous.

RJ Logger: Employees at the Long Island Railroad, disgusted with the management sent used toilet paper to management. At least you and your wife used the toilet.

Lurch: I will fart in the privacy of my own home or on the street away from others. I have let off some SBD's at work. I thought I would not be discovered. I was. In high school, my boyfriends and I would fart. But, I was one of the boys. It is not lady-like for a woman to fart in public. When I sit on the toilet, all is fair game. See my earlier posts.

Shanice: As runner-up to the above. I like your stories of you having bowel movements in front of your boyfriends. It is better to do them in the toilet. I used to have my best in front of my teenage boyfriends. In high school, a boy routinely had me over to his house. One afternoon I had to check my bowels. So, I let him follow me. He had to urinate first. It was like a water faucet for 30 seconds. I remember him opening his pants and exposing the whitest Hanes briefs I ever saw. They had to be brand new or his mom used a lot of bleach and hot water. I then lifted my dress and slip, pulled down my pink and blue Maidenform panties. When I sat, the avalanche was on. Plop, plop,plop, plop. 4 pieces of doo-doo crackled from my stomach. I farted and started to urinate. Then two more pieces of doo-doo evacuated. I was not finished. A wave of soft thick doo-doo evacuated lasting 10 seconds. The bathroom smelled good. I was in no hurry to get up. More gas evacuated followed by a ! another 10 second wave of soft doo-doo. When the episode was over, I reached for toilet paper and proceeded to wipe my vagina, then my rectum. I used three wads of paper. I stood up let down my dress and slip, pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet.

when me and my mom where wachting tv and i had to poop real bad i decided to hold it we were waching some cheap news then i said "this show f???in sucks lets change it" "what did you say young lady" "ssory mom i dident mean" "thats it" she said she got up and came back with a wooden paddle "nooo please" i begged her but she put me on her lap and and pulled up my skirt and was wailing away "mom noo i think iam going to poop my panties" sure you are she laghed then i started crieing she was hitting so hard my black ass was probobly red then it came that feeling "mom its coming please stop it " she wouldent then i started crying harder and let go i was filling my panties painties with huge brownlogs of fresh poop "nngggghhhh ahhhhh ohhh it wont stop coming out mom" then my mom had stoped and was frozen in her place"ngggh nooo i wailed " it probaly lasted for another minute or soo then my mom helped me too the bathroom she said" iam soory honey i thounhgt you where joking then s! he helped me out of my soild panties all the crap was in my bush too after 30 minutes cleaning my mom then put cream on my red ass witch i couldent sit down on for a week

For any of you tennis fans out there, Serena Williams had to take a bathroom break during a crucial time in her quarterfinals match with Jennifer Capriati. You can read her lips as she was informing the chair umpire, "I have diarrhea. I can't hold it in. I have to go now!" It looks like she made it in time. She was back on the tennis court in about two minutes.

Just thought I'd let you all know that.

Katie K

Anyway just the other day i was lying in bed with a pair of panties and a bra on. I just woke up and felt the urge to fart so i pushed but it was not a fart. A hot stream of diahreah shot out of my ass and filled my white panties. I cleaned them out in the bathroom. After breakfast, I did some yoga and pilates and did a doo doo. The dookey was a hard, dry lumpy log, maybe 1 and 3/4 inches wide and 24 inches long. Then the rest of the load fell out easily with much effort. It was softer, a bit smaller and multi-colored of yellow, green, black, red and brown. It did not give off a very strong smell.The warm shit felt kinda good against my skin

Thanks everyone


TO BEN: The same things been happening to me this week. Just today I crapped myself 2 times. Well hope you feel well. By the way how old are you?

Howdy ya'll!
Hey everybody, Here's some news: The baby's going to be a girl! I knew it! I'm going to name her Malita Jean. Her aunt Carmalita is very proud. Jake has held off on painting the rocking horse he made for her, but now he's after some pink paint and is going to finish it. He's so cute. It's like now that he knows she's a girl, he's all excited about being a dad. I think it was the curioustiy that got to him.

Louise: Baby, a seven foot pee stream? Have mercy, honey, I'll call you whenever I have a fire that needs to be put out! No wonder I like you so much! Go girl!

Kim and Scott: We're both doing just fine, thank you so much for asking! She's almost all I can think of lately. Yeah, you two come on down! We'll have us a poopin' good time! Carmalita will give Scott a show, no doubt about that, and yes, Carmalita is VERY lovely! It's really funny to watch men when they're around her in public. They almost trip over their own feet staring!

RJOGGER: You're so cool! I'm glad to see you back. I want to give you a GIANT kiss for what you did at the hotel! Dont' mean people just piss you off?! I think I love you for that! You stay cool Rich, and happy 4th to you! I loved Kathy's poop!

Jeff A: Hey bud! Long time, no talkie! I don't mind you asking me at all about personal stuff. Being lesbian, I don't get excited over seeing men at all. However, it did excite me to see Jake on the toilet, probably because I love him and it was intimate. It's hard to explain. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for your concerns for Malita and her accident too. She scared the hell out of all of us! She's a very special woman in this house. Once, a few years back, I had bad pneumonia, and she stayed with me night and day for four days straight. She even lost her job for missing too much time, but she never left. She cooked, and paid my bills, and made sure I had my meals and everythng. I've never had a friend like that ever, and don't want to lose her to some drunken jerkoff on the road! Anyway, thanks for listening to me.

This is fun because Carmalita has wandered into the bathroom, and is in there right now, so I think it's time for a live report. Carmalita has just pulled her pants down. It's cool too, because she's wearing her hi cut panties that I like so much. (She has a great little butt!) Now, she just set her curvy little brown ass down on the toilet seat and is looking at me and smiling...oh, now she's opening her magazine. ("Latina Style" if anybody's interested.) Now she's crackling good and loud...ooooh, messy, it sounds like wax paper being scrunched up....there we go, PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP! some good squeezin's. Go girl, go! Carmalita is now instructing me to shut up and quit staring, which I, of course, will ignore.

moments later...

Uh-oh,.....I hear a big one coming....she's grunting, and giggling, trying not to pay attention. What's this, Carmalita is blushing?! Come on, show it to me....Now she's leaning forward for me, showing me her brown tail that's getting longer and longer. It is a big one too. There it goes K-Plop! Peww!!!!! it stinks! Well, this is certainly a first! Carmalita's gettng embarrassed! She's bare assed and embarrassed. Oh, she has to really push this one, it's huge! She might plug the toilet with this it comes...big and it's getting softer...curling a little bit....getting wider and wider....there it goes! Yuck, her stink-o-meter's about an 8 right now....

That's right Malita, wipe that little ass of yours. Get it all nice and clean! Don't look at the paper girl, you know there's poop on it!
Well friends and neighbors, Carmalita just took a nice, healthy dump. Very stinky. She dropped some major turds. Oww! She just smacked me on the head with her magazine. Here comes Tesa! She just shut the door behind her, and is whining about the stink. I tried to open the door to catch a peek and she pushed it shut again, mumbling something in Spanish. Tesa still uses lots of Spanish around the house. Oooh, I can hear her poop squirting out, it sounds very painful. I'm so bad, huh? Patsy says I'm very warped whenever I do this. I like reporting though. I should work for the TV news.
Well, me and little Malita are tired and want to have a nap.
Bye now.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. I am enjoying the cooler weather here in upstate N.Y. RJOGGER you went right buy my old home town were a lot of my stories took place when you came down the Northway. I live about seven miles east of the Northway near Albany now. Kendell & Lawn Dog Kid I am glad that you guys have been enjoying my posts and I have been enjoying yours and everyone elses. Here is part 2 of the family reunion.

Beckie, Tereasa, and myself decided to play outside. We were in the side yard playing frisbee. We got thirsty and took a break and got soda to drink. The two girls said they would meet me back outside. My grandmother had a small travel trailer for camping set up in a row of pine trees that seperated the side yard and my grandfathers garden and cornfield. I told them I would be in the trailer.

I was sitting at the table in the trailer Beckie and Tereasa came in and sat down we talked and drank our sodas. I looked out the back window and said hey its still there. The girls asked what was still there? I said the old chair we used to use to climb the trees when we were smaller. We stoped using it for that because one of my older brothers friends had broken the cane bottom out when he stood on it.

I also remembered after that my sister Judy told me she used to use it as a toilet and sat and peed there many times because my grandmothers house had the one bathroom. I told Beckie and Tereasa this. They both giggled and looked at each other. Lets go take a closer look. So we all got out of the trailer and worked our way through the pines and over to were the chair stood.

The cane in the seat was gone so there was only the wooden frame and back left. The girls asked if it would stillbe ok to sit on the frame so I sat down on it and the frame held. Beckie told me to get up for it was time for a rematch if tereasa was willing. She said ok. We were well under cover so Tereasa went first. She pulled down her shorts and panties and sat her butt on the front frame of the seat so that her vagina was clear of the frame.She started to piss hard with anoisy hissing. Her stream arced out and almost was hitting her panties and shorts so she lifted her legs and feet of the ground. She stoped after 38 seconds.

Beckie beat that! Beckie said she could. Beckie pulled her shorts and panties down but sat down with her butt cover the inside edge of the seat frame and put her hands on the side frames of the seat for support. She started to pee slowly at first and then her flow picked up.
She slowed down and she pushed and and her peebriefly picked up and then died. At the same time when she did that push to get the last of her pee out she let out a fart that went brrraapp. I told her that she peed for 43 seconds so they were tied.

She said great but Im not done yet. I have to shit. Tereasa get the toilet paper out of your pocket Im going to need it. Tereasa gave it to her. Backie started to push down Very slowly a turd poked out. It was a brown in color and quite knobby. Beckie pushed again and it moved afew more inches. It was getting fatter as it was comming out. She relaxed for a couple of minutes to catch her breath.

At this point there was a turd hanging out of her butt about seven or eight inches long and a couple of inches in diameter.Well here I go again she said. She pushed again. With that push it started moving slowly but steadilly. Crackle, crackle, it went as more of it came out.
The widest partr had passed through her hole because now it was gettig narrower in size. With the last of it comming out she started to pee again weakly. Her pee ran down the turd and dripped to the ground. She stopped peeing and her shit fell to the ground with a thud. She stood up looked down and remarked that one sure is a big one. Tereasa and I both agreed with her. She smiled at me and said that was an extra and hoped that We both had fun watching her because she had fun doing it. The answer to that was a big yes.

Scatological Guy
ROSS: About your question regards longest time between poops, when I was a teenager I seemed to not be as "regular"..maybe my diet wasn't very I likely had spaces of 2-3 days, but the one time I remember when I went the longest was on a trip to Mexico about 15 years ago, when I didn't go for six days, and got so bound up that my girlfriend had to help me by getting in behind the turd and pulling it out. It REALLY hurt, let me tell you! I couldn't have done it by myself. As far as frequency, your schedule of once a day is about normal for most people; I normally feel the urge after my morning bowl of cereal, though when I've not eaten a lot the night before it could be delayed. I feel it coming down before I actually have the urge to go, and when I can I wait until it feels VERY urgent because I get the best results when my bowels are really full. My only wish is that bowel movements were of the same frequency as peeing...I wish it happened more often! Since i! t's an extremely pleasurable experience for me...certainly more than having sex. Anyway, hope you get some other feedback and I'll wait to see...Bye

LOUISE: I did it, and this is what happened. When I got home from school I had to wait to do it. I was really disappointed that Andrew didn't meet me, but then I discovered he was watching Jennifer Capriati on the tele, beating Sereena at Wimbledon. He told me as I walked in "Quick Kendal, this is fascinating. Sereena seems to be a bit poorly. She's just thrown away one of the games and rushed to the umpire, and you could clearly hear her say that she needed the bathroom really badly. I heard her say, 'I can't hold this... Oh my God !!' and she was clutching her ???? !" I asked Andrew what happened, and he said she was escorted from the court, but she wasn't waiting, she ran all the way to the ladies changing rooms with the camara following her every movement. Then the TV cut to the game involving her sister Venus, who was on match point, and she won. When they came back, Sereena and Jennifer had already begun playing again. Must have been only a wee then, or a very quick p! oo ! After Jennifer won, I then made Andrew wait for me by watching the last two sets to be played of the Tim Henman match v Todd Martin. Ha ! Serves him right ! When we finally got to the bathroom, I was certainly well ready for a wee, and my usual tea-time poo didn't seem to be in any hurry. Andrew brought me up a very large glass of water, and while he waited patiently for me, I got myself ready, sitting on the toilet with my panties down at my heels so I could open my legs and let him see my wee come out. I would have sat over the bath for him to see, but I was very wary about the possibility of having a surprise poo in the bath as well !! So the toilet it was ! I held my summer school dress up with one hand and held the drink in my other, and waited while I got weeing a good stream. I have to say it felt very funny to be drinking and weeing at the same time, and rather like Steve, Andrew began to laugh when with each big gulp that I took, my wee slowed down quite a bit! , before picking up again ! It never actually stopped at all, but somehow, I couldn't seem to concentrate on keeping a good wee going while swallowing water at the same time ! Why is that I wonder ? Anyway, that was what happened. Hope you liked the story ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

STEVE: Honestly, you and Jeff A ! You both wrote some very funny stories. As for entering me against Louise for a plopping competition, I don't think so ! I know Andrew told you all about my very big poo that afternoon with lots of loud plopping, but that event was very much an exception to the rule. Oh yes, I forgot to tell Louise that my wee stopped only a few seconds after I had my last gulp of water, which made both Andrew and I laugh alot, because it did make it look as though the water had gone straight through me and stopped when no more was going in !! Now, back to your competition. After I finished the drink and my wee, I closed my legs and told Andrew I would now be having my poo. I didn't want him to watch that coming out of me, and was thankful that I hadn't had a surprise poo like I do sometimes ! Anyway, I only made two poos, and both of them splished into the water in a very delicate manner, much more like my poos usually do ! So I'm sorry, but I won! 't be very good competition for Louise's ploppers !! But I was so happy that you thought about me ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

Going back to Wimbledon, I have been very disappointed this year to see that the ball girls now wear the same uniform as the boys. I had always had this dream about being a ball-girl at Wimbledon, wearing those nice little skirts. I remember another of my friends who has gone away from the site, Nicole, who used to write with her friend Suzy. Nicole never liked to use the school bathrooms and would wee through her panties under her school skirt directly onto the school grass. I once dreamt that I was one of the two ball-girls who squat/kneel down at the net side, and that I was really needing a wee, so I squirted a bit into my panties and let it dribble on the hallowed grass, and no one knew anything about it ! Now that the ball girls have to wear shorts like the boys, that has shattered my dreams !!

STEVE: I forgot something else for you. I liked your story about what the girls did, taking you to the toilet with them, each in turn. I know Andrew liked it, because it reminded him of our holiday when I and then Kirsty and then Emily took Andrew to the toilet with us on his birthday. However, we none of us had a wee in his bath though !! I don't think Andrew would thank me if I did ! But it is another good idea for me ( just kidding, Andrew ! ).

LINDA GS: I don't know if you will ever see this, but I hope that you and Cousin and Elena are doing fine and that your new sort of brothers/sisters ( what ever the twins turned out to be ) are doing fine as well. I really love my new baby brother Thomas, and I bet Cousin and Elena have been getting you to change the nappies like Steve has had me doing for Thomas ! I promised some nappy stories for Uncle Rizzo, so I'm saving those for when he gets home. I really miss you my friend. Lots of love from Kendal xxxx. Oh and I'm sure Andrew would want to add XOXO !

CARMALITA: I'm so happy to see how much better you are. I'm sorry, I must be about the only person on this site who doesn't know, but everyone calls you a Latino, and I don't know what that means. Would you be kind enough to tell me what it means ? For some time I've been inclined to think that it was a nick name for someone who has very smelly poos, like a latrine ! But I'm sure thats not right or you would be called a latrino. Anyway, I'm sorry for my ignorance, and I hope you don't think me rude, but even if I am a very good writer for my age, I am still only 11, and still have plenty to learn, including the meaning of that name everyone calls you ! Love from Kendal x

Dr. Polhumus

I don't mean to be rude or discredit your knowledge of
womens' bodies (as you are one), but there are a number of
fallacies that your post contains. Being a an internist, which
means I certainly don't claim to be an expert in every area,
as some seem to claim, but I do know the human body.

The bowel movements of woman versus men vary, given somewhat
equal physical size and diet, quite little. There is no such thing
as one sex having consistently "fatter" and "lumpier" movements,
rather a function of how much one eats, how much is utilized (as
in spent calories due to the type of lifestyles, etc.) and how often
the toilet is used.

A woman's hips are broader, but the rectum is very consistently shaped
in both sexes due to elasticity. If it weren't elastic and able to
rebound, it would crack or burst easily (in other words, you'd suffer
severe septic poisoning which could kill). Why would a woman have a
larger bowel movement than a man, anyway? Would she utilize less potential energy from food than a man? Of course not!

Work situations are totally irrelevant. At least half the teachers and
professor are male, housewifes getting their kids off the school would
have plenty of time for the toilet after it's accomplished. many men
have jobs in which they have little time for any deviation from the
day's schedules! This doesn't hold water at all. Nor does chronic
constipation occur in women over men. I've treated a number of people
in my career for severe bowel problems like constipation. The result:
no statistical difference (women's Periods are just one
being cooped up in an office for a prolonged amount of time without any
physical activity, too, leads to constipation). And who says men drink
more than women? Find me some statistics to prove this.Why would men
have a greater affinity for alcohol than women? All alcohol tends to
moisten and loosen the bowels. It's a liquid just like water (albeit a
harmful one in the long run!).

What it comes down to is that you can make an unlimited amount of assertions if you are predisposed to a certain opinion. Most of the time
there's no proof at all. We are all basically guilty of this.

The differences in men and women's bodies are small; they function nearly the same except for the genitilia. There really isn't THAT great a difference in the way both sexes act. There have been many tests done
on this...and most of the difference is sociological, the way we were
respectively raised. There's alot of money in "proving" otherwise;
"Mars and Venus" books have made their author a fortune by seat-of-the-
pants philosophizing. It's not against the law! (I cannot scroll this
back for pardon the grammatical lapses)

Hi Everyone

I'm back! I've spent the last couple of weeks in Europe on business with the odd bit of 'pleasure' thrown in and I've got so many stories to share with you, where to start...?

The main difference I found in Europe is that a lot of the public facilities are not as clean as ours. When I arrived in France I was heading to Paris to meet a colleague and stopped on the motorway for a wee. I was quite desperate at the time so not in a position to be fussy, but the ladies was absolutely filthy, and what was even worse there were no doors on the stalls. In any other situation I would have gone elsewhere but I was so hot and desperate I had no choice. I went into the nearest stall and started to lift up my short summer dress. Just as I was pulling my knickers down another lady came into the toilets and started muttering at me in French. Unfortunately my command of the language was not sufficient to understand so with my knickers at my knees and my dress hiked I just smiled sweetly and began to wee.

This woman continued to watch me whilst I finished my wee, wiped and lowered my dress. When I was walking out she stood there with hand outstretched and I finally twigged she wanted payment, as I recalled from previous foreign trips you have to pay to pee...

More later. Hope everyone is ok, haven't had much of a chance to look through previous posts yet. Hi to Steve, Louise, PV and everyone else.

Love Julie. xxx

Traveling Guy
BRYIAN - I didn't see the episode of "Jackass" you mentioned. I was going to see the film "A.I." anyway, but now I'l pay close attention to the mom-on-the-pot scene after reading the posts here about that.

A few years ago I saw a comedy show on German TV. The scene was about a new parking meter maid (Lovely Rita, maybe?) who found it very hard to write tickets. When she finally got the courage to ticket someone, her co-workers gathered around her and cheered. Then it cut to a scene in the office where the same co-workers were all gathered outside the toilet room door, waiting. You could hear some soft grunts from inside, and then a flush. Then the new meter maid opened the door and was surprised by the cheers of her co-workers. That was good for a laugh.

SARA - I used to be firmly in the second category, from childhood on. "Don't see me!" I'd tell my mom and grandma as I hid behind a chair to fill my diaper. As I grew, I could pee in front of others in a public restroom, but if I had to poop, it had to wait until I got home and even then I tried to go into the bathroom when no one else noticed. When I went away to college, I scouted out the least used restrooms for my poops. Then, little by little, things changed. Maybe it was my experiences with close quarters in the military. Maybe it was the gf who was really open about peeing and dumping. Anyway, I became a category one person. I head for the john whenever I feel the urge, no matter where I am. I'm glad I changed. I think it's healthier and it helps you stay more regular. But, believe me, I have a lot of sympathy for the people in category two.

KENDAL - Hi girl! Well I liked your letter and welcome back!
Yeah, the drinking and weeing is a very funny thing to try doing. I
kept stopping and starting and stopping and starting when I swallowed
some more water. LOL maybe you will not have my trouble but I bet you
will have a lot of fun anyway!

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi there guy! Why don't you try the drinking and weeing
at the same time trick too? See if you can do it. Go on!

CARMALITA - Hi girl! I love talking to you too, and Steve is right,
you do sound very cheerful after getting knocked off your bike.

JEFF A - Hi there guy! Well with Steve and now you saying such lovely
things about me I am really uplifted! I have two lovely guys to talk
to. You will like to know that I can now do all of the first form of
Wing Chun, and the instructor at Steve's club says I am doing all right,
but I felt really nervy when I started showing him, and he says Steve
is teaching me correctly but like he says I need a lot of practice yet.
My shits are normally very mild scented. I hope you are not very
disappointed now, I do know you like to know about the smells and all
that. I do like telling you about how I shit and I think it is good
to make you happy with the stories. Well you are a special guy you know.
You asked me some nice questions and I will answer them
1) When I shit I usually hover my bum above the toilet. I just like
doing it like that and if Steve can watch, he can look up, can't he?
I bet you would like to see that as well!
2) I bend over and yeah I have my elbows on my knees. I have my feet
about a foot and a half apart.
The smell is light if it is not a runny shit, when it gets a bit
3) I do not time my shits like I do my pees but I bet I do not often
take more than 2 minutes, because my turds like to pop straight out
without me needing to wait. You know, when I go for a shit I know I
need to go straight away, I do not sit there for ages just because it
is a certain time in the day.
I had one long 6 inch lump this morning that kind of hung from my
bumhole for a few seconds and then it splashed down in the water.
Steve wiped my bum for me then, and then he carried me back to the
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi!!! You know my mum is looking forward to going to Spain with us.
She has not been to a nudist beach before but I bet she will like it.
Steve wrote about the Saturday night last night, and he would not let
me on the computer, so I had to wait until today.
You know I got together with my mum, Jackie and Emma and we cooked up
a little surprise for him. I mean it was not his birthday or anything
like that, but I knew he had worked very hard so I thought how I
could give him a really nice special treat. He could see our pussies
when we did noisy backshot wees in his bathwater and he had a good
time. We had a great giggle too!

That soft mush you got on your bum when you squeezed your hole shut
is the worst isn't it? I do not like it when that happens to me and I
like it better if Steve can get me clean himself. It will have been bad
for you being in that strange toilet when shopping too.

It was funny on Saturday at netball when we had a wee in the bushes
before our game. Some of the other team came with us as well, and
had a nice wee when they were squatting. In the showers later I do
not think anybody had a wee then as well. It was like we were just
sweating too much in our game to fill our bladders up.



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