Ah,yes-some new posts to read and respond to-
TO RJOGGER-That is a great story at the motel_i'm the same way with nasty people,i just get really angry and wonder why they have to be that way,but you know something,Rjogger-you were too nice-if thatwere me i would have did it on the rug or in the tub-i laughed out loud when i read it!Good stuff!!
TO MR NO NAME-Cool story with you and your girlfriend pooing on the newspaper-I used to do that a lot with my old nurse poo buddy-the only thing i disliked was having to clean it up-that was a real chore for me-but it sure is fun to see apretty lady squatted real low over the paper litting out her load-good story!
TO TRYING TO UNDERSTAND-I'm no expert,but i'll give you what i know on from my own experience-When i was about 10-11(the age of self discovery for me,anyway)I used to put my finger up my butt and feel the same thing you did,but didn't have to go,so i decided to read up on it and here's what i got-Your deceding colon (on your left side if you are looking down at yourself)Brings waste down into a storage section( the rectum) where it is stored up and you don't feel anything til the rectum starts to become full and triggers a colon spasm(peristalsis-sp?) and thats when you get slight cramps and the urge to deficate-it least that's what i read back then-the thing you feel when you inset your finger in your rectum is the sphincter muscle and then the open space you feel is the rectun itself not the colon-the colon is about 6-8 inches above that-I hope i helped you out on that,i'm no doctor,but I was so curious when i was doing that at 11-12 i read as much as i could on the subj! ect(thats when i knew i had a special interest in pooing-i used to watch myself poo back then too until i found some girlfriend in high school who would let me see her poop and I was off and running with my poo thing!Again,i'm NO expert but Hoped i helped you-
It's a bit cooler here in the N.E. today-So far it's been a quiet morning and i don't have any news to report-as a matter of fact i don't feel like i have to go today(so far)I've bee up for a few hours and by now i would have to go-now watch, that lady friend is probably out in the woods waiting for me to show up,that would be just my luck!BTW-nice poser sitting on the bowl on the masthead-i can tell if they are pooin' or posin'-this one is posing!BYE


WOW! That was an absolutely fantabulous evening and morning of she-peeing! What a stunning round of fun for you and for your four gorgeous lady friends. I am constantly staggered by the way fate has smiled on you, you are one of the luckiest guys around. I would so like to be one of the "hosing squad" -- or indeed the recipient of such a delicious treat! Have a vast hug from me, dear -- and thank you so much for remembering how it was for me when Emma couldn't get started!

Yes indeed, I'm feeling more cofident every day. There are times now when I'm going out that I'll deliberately not have awee before I go, so that I can use a public bathroom, and depending on the circumstances I may be in a doorles stall or even get the chance to use a urinal -- even with an audience. It's a skill that now seems to be hard-wiring into place, and all those difficult times are fading away.

I was going to post last night but accidentally closed my browser before the message was sent! I'll recreate it here as best I'm able:

CARMALITA -- That was a magnificent session with your appreciative audience, darling -- and you had me as hot as usual! I could really feel the turds moving as you described them -- and I'd be so happy to share one of my daily 11-inchers with you. Oh, if only I could visit the North-West!

KENDAL -- welcome home to the board, dear, and thank you so much for your kind words. It meas so much to me that you're well, and that you thik of us often, and of me. You're important to me, and I can only send hugs from afar, but they're awesome ones!

JEFF A -- Great idea! We could have a great time at a pee/poo convention. For the English among us, it could be called BogCon '01... Yes, I would be very happyto demonstarte the standing pee, shoulder to shoulder with Louise, her Mom and any other ladies who would like to stand up and be counted! And what a weight of material for "Shits Illustrated." They'd have to do a special convention issue, with fold-outs and such! GRIN!

And here's something interesting. There's bee much discussion of just how wide a girl's anus can stretch, to emit huge poops such as are commonly expelled by dear Kimmie, Diane, Maranello and others. Many of us have much narrower anuses (anii?) and it would be a traumatic experience, maybe even impossible, to try to pass a turd as large as these ladies regularly do. Well, completely by accident, I learned of a piece of medical equiment known as "rectal dilators." Their purpose is to stretch the anus to accommodate larger masses, and to do so fairly gently. They are stubby, smooth, solid shapes which are lubricated and popped up into the anal canal, and left there for a while so the tissue becomes used to being stretched a little. They are shaped so as not to slip out until you're ready to remove them, and come in quarter-inch increments from 1 to 2 inches. Okay, that's nothing compared to the 4" masses our super-pooper ladies can emit, but it's not a bad starting place!

All my best,


To Pat: They usally just show the guys on Jackass, Jackass is about a bunch of guys who like to do stunts. They do talk about pooping a little bit. There are no girls on the show at all(i don't think)

To Brad: I loved your story about letting that surfer dude go ahead of you. That must have been good thinking so you could watch him. I like stories about surfer dudes needing to be relived.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Jackass is about a bunch of guys who like to do crazy stunts and they recomend you don't try them at home..i would also say it's a bit of a comedy too. It's showed toilet natured stuff really frequently.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone again!

BRAD, A terrific story of the young surfer guy plopping loudly in the toilet in full view!
I seem to have a false impression that toilets in the USA are all shallower and make less noise than the British ones so I'm glad to realise there are some really good ones there! That must mean a lot of guys are getting their arses splashed there as much as here so I'd love to hear more from guys who really love those sensations as much as I do!

Good to hear from you again, JACOB G IN FLORIDA.
Glad you get the opportunity of hearing some new guys at work grunting loudly on the toilet, and hopefully plopping loudly too!
As well as the brilliant idea of a poopconvention, what a great idea it would be to have clubs throughout the world with lots of toilets for us all to shit together, meet up and have all the right sorts of food to give our guts lots to work on!
No doubt someone somewhere will be trying to bring this about.

Regarding the subject of what, to others, may be perceived as a strange interest that we share;
I once met a guy in a public toilet and as he was "hanging around" I told him what I was into.
He was really surprised and said he'd never heard of anyone being interested in hearing other guys on the toilet.
The reason he'd never heard of it before was that I must have been the first person to discuss it with him, which doesn't necessarily mean he'd never met anyone else with this interest before.
Rather than us all "Coming out" about our toilet interests which would be counterproductive and worrying if mentioned to people who couldn't handle it (handle in the mental sense!)-I would think it very positive to increase awareness of it to others anonymously and discretely where possible.
This forum is, of course, excellent for that and given a lot of people assurance that they are not alone and that we don't have to do anything "dirty" to appreciate ours and other people's toilet activities.
It's an amusing euphemism that gay people are encouraged to "Come out of the closet", whereas those of us who enjoy toilets would like to be able to proclaim that "we go into the closet"!
Positive publicity of a wide range of otherwise taboo and (to some)
"strange" behaviour and enjoyment must be television with its ability to introduce topics to people who'd otherwise avoid them if they didn't see the whole subject objectively treated.
I have personally thought a good method of showing others what I like doing and what we all have to do is when I've been in a public toilet cubicle with all sorts of graffiti written and drawn all over the walls and doors; is to draw a picture of a guy sitting side view on a toilet to show the turds dropping in the water!
This hardly ever attracts any response or further details being added but it does make the point that some of us are interested in the specific purpose of toilets and with no direct sexual element being implied.
A friend I've mentioned here recently once asked me whether I thought it "perverted" if he should want to kiss another guy's buttocks.
I was shocked not at the suggestion, far from it, but that he should need to know whether he needed permission for such thoughts.
"Each to his own", "It takes all sorts", "whatever turns you on", All commonly used expressions that should help to dispel the myth that we should all conform to a norm.
I've never met anyone normal, everyone's different and so for me the word perversion means a desire or act that is contrary to my own.

All best wishes to everyone as we continue to do our own thing! P P G

Grocery Store Man
Well I did the usual at work today, went into the ladies room and fixed the toilet so it wouldn't flush, and then sat back down at the table during break. And its about time but I had an awesome experience.

Tueesday, July 03, 2001

Katie K
Most of you already know im 16. Anyway just the other day i was lying in bed with a pair of panties and a bra on. I just woke up and felt the urge to fart so i pushed but it wasnt a fart. I hot stream of diahreah shot out of my ass and filled my white panties. I was nervous and snuk to the bathroom to wash them out. I kept the panties but i was wondering if there is any girls my age or someone that was once my age who accidentaly shit there pants. Can you ladies please tell me your stories. The warm shit felt kinda good against my skin

Thanks everyone


TO LURCH: I have a female cousin who is 16. She is pretty open about using the bathroom. When she was younger, she would rarely close the door. She is very open about farting, though! We were riding back from a park, when all of a sudden - BRAAPP! She just laughed. Recently, we were in her room, and she wanted to leave and go driving. I agreed. She said good, I just farted (a sbd, I guess), so we need to leave anyway!
I once went through 1 of her photo albums (with her consent) and came to a picture of her topless, covering her breasts with her hands. The next picture was of one of her freinds on the toilet, with her pants down to just below her knees and her hands over her crotch. My cousin's only comment on the pictures: "She started it!"

Trying to Understand
I have a question for anyone who is an expert on the digestive system:

When does a person start to feel the urge to poop? Does it happen when waste initially starts to enter the rectum? Or does a certain volume of waste have to enter the rectum before you feel the urge to go? Or does the urge start before it reaches the rectum while it is still in the large intestine?

Also, if I stick my middle finger into my anus and push it in as far as I can, I can feel a point where there is a curvature. Is that the point where ther rectum begins? Sometimes when I insert my finger as far as it will go, I will feel a little bit of poop way at the end, even though I don't feel an urge to go. I'm just wondering if at that point my finger is going past the rectum into the colon.

SARA- I read your story about the ppop on your hand/fingers. that happens to me once in a while. I don't know if it works for everyone, but Herbal Essences Shampoo usually take the smell away for me. Glad to be of help.


I haven't been feeling good this week. I've had really bad diarrhea and I find my self barely making it to the bathroom before I have an accident.

I have been reading thru the old the old posts and I found I forgot to write about my kindergarden accident. I was about maybe 5 or 6 when I maybe for. Well I was really shy and I hated to ask to use the restroom for fear of all the kids laughing at me. Also the bathroom was shared with the room next to ours. So that meant a person from the other classroom could walk in on you. Well the day that it happened I really had to go. But I was scared to ask. So I held until I couldn't hold it anymore and lost control. When it was done I had filled my pants with a really big load for being that small. Well to make it worst we had to sit on the floor for story time and that just made it worst. All the kids asked what that smell was and I said it wasn't me. Well half a hour later it was time to go home. I walked to my grandma's house which was a couple blocks away. When I got to her house she helped me get cleaned up and didn't yell at me or anything.

More Later

Mr. Noname
Hello all!

Well, my girlfriend and I have just had our fourth buddy dumping session. It was a major session, and I can say that she has really become turned on to the idea of pooping together! And I thought I would just have to dream on about sharing the toilet with her, check the toilet after she went to see what she produced, etc....No more of that! She says she really enjoys sharing such an exciting moment with me.

Our last buddy dumping session was a few days ago. She's been bunged up a bit. A first we thought it migh be her period, but she finished that, but still couldn't poop. She tried (with me "coaching" her) a few times during the past few days, I tried massaging her ???? and lower back, but we got nothing but dry squeaky farts. Yesterday she pushed out one pellet. We realized the problem was that we haven't been eating regularly this week. We've been going out every night this week, so that is probably why she was a bit backed up. I asked if it was because she was afraid to dump in front of me and she said 'no'. Now I know she really likes it! Finally she decided to eat a big dinner last night. So she did, but didn't think she could try to poop till this morning. I saved my load from yesterday so that we could have a major session. After our morning coffee, things seemed to be ready to move. I suggested that she squat because it is easier and better. She tried, and agreed th! at she felt more comfortable than just sitting. But since our toilet is separate from the bathroom and the toilet room isn't very big, it makes squatting on the toilet difficult and uncomfortable. I thought I'd try taking old newspaper for her to squat on, but though she wouldn't like the idea. I mentioned it and she DID like the idea! So this morning, she squatted over the paper and with some ???? rubs and encouragement, I watched as her little ring pushed out and stretched wider and wider. She kept sucking it back in--I guess the effort needed to push it was too much. She pushed again and kept pushing. Finally she pushed out quite a hard, dry lumpy log, maybe 1 and 3/4 inches wide and four inches long. Then the rest of the load fell out easily with much less effort. It was softer, a bit smaller and multi-colored, and didn't give off a very strong smell. She said it wasn't as large as she'd expected because she sometimes has really big ones. Can't wait to see those!

Then it was my turn. Leaving her mess on the paper, I took my turn and squatted. My load took considerably less effort to push out. My dumps are pretty boring, at least in my opinion. They're pretty soft and squiggly and not very big in diameter. She was pretty fascinated, nevertheless, to see it come out of me! Mine also smelled a lot worse than hers. Then we dumped the load in the toilet and sprayed the room with air freshner and opened the window. Aah, relief! She felt much better after the session, and said it was really fun. And I enjoyed watching her. Now I have a much better idea of female defecation. It certainly is different--certainly different from my dumps! We're already looking forward to our next session which should be tomorrow or the next day.

Hope that this post wasn't too long and dull. Until next time, happy (buddy) dumps to all!

Mr. Noname

Thom -

Happy to see you back and posting. I have always enjoyed your posts and those of Carlos, Brent C., Gary, Drew, and Jacob G. I am definitely one of tose guys who is interested in guys' dumping habits. I also like to read posts about constipation.


what do you and your friends do when you boo boo on a leather skirt? How do you clean it up?

Billy & Kevin L.
Last Friday while our cousins were still at the cabin, we were getting ready for bed. OUr little brothers Josh and Jermey just finished bathing. Josh said he had to poop, so kev dried him off and then josh sat ont he toilet. Kev had to poop to, so he said I'm next. Billy went in and took a shower. And Jeremy brushed his teeth. Susan knocked on the door (she is 5). She said she needed to go to the bathroom. We said come in. Kev said, why don't you use another bathroom? THere are about 5 in the cabin. She said her dad just went into theirs with a newspaper and someone was in the one by the kitchen. Kev said, you can wait here, but I am going next. She said ok. Josh was done, so Kev sat down. Josh needs help whiping, so Kev helped him. Susan said, I thought you just had to pee. HE said, if I only had to pee, I would wait until I get in the shower. Just then Billy said, yeah, like this. Billy peed against the wall. Kev pushed out 3 logs, then he wiped. He got up and said your turn! to Susan. Susan sat down. We forgot to put the fan on. She said, you had better put the fan on. She started to poop and fart. The place really smelled. No wonder her dad wanted to go in first. She was smelly, but fast. She wiped, got up, washed her hands and said thanks. Billy was done taking his showers and Kev was done brushing his teeth. So billy brushed his teeth and helped Jeremy and Josh get ready for bed.

The next day, we went swimming. There is a lake up the road. Kev said he had to go to the bathroom. Then he peed in his shorts. Susan did the same thing. About a half hour later, Susan was standing kind of funny. Kev asked waht's a matter? She said nothing. Then we heard a bunch of bubbles. We giggled. Then about 5 logs came up and floated away. We told her that the lake is no place to poop because you can get others sick. She said ok. I guess she learned her lesson, because the next day we were swimming again. She said she had to go to the bathroom and ran into the woods. kev had to go, and he and josh went with her. You could see all of them grunting out turds from the lake.


Try to guess in which category I fall ...

The second, Of course !

Hi Jane,just wanted to say thanks for your response.
Keep those stories coming!!!!!

Eric in Chicago
Yesterday I finally tried what Purple Pooper wrote about a few months ago and ate four large fresh beets (they're great if you wrap them up in tinfoil and roast them in the over at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes or so). Within two hours, my piss had a light pinkish-orange tint. From what I've read, not everybody squirts the color from beets, so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. The color is still coming out in my piss, and I just made a big load of maroon crap.

What is the longest anyone has ever gone without pooping? I had a girlfriend once who went on a "starvation" diet for 10 days where all she had was water and vitamins for 10 days. She said she didn't poop at all during the 10 days. That's a special case, of course, since she wasn't taking anything in. I'm talking about the longest anyone has gone without pooping when you've been eating normally. The longest I've ever gone was about 4 1/2 days, and that was because I was traveling and it was hard to get to a bathroom. After 4 and 1/2 days I was really backed up and it was starting to get physically painful. What's the longest anyone else has gone?

Also, what's the normal frequency for most people? I usually go once a day in the morning when I wake up, but every now and then I'll miss a day for one reason or another and I will go two days without pooping. What is everyone else's frequency?

Question for Bryian:

I have never watched Jackass. Do they ever show females pooping or talking about pooping, or is it just men?

Does anyone here watch the "Real World"? Someone told me once that there was an episode of "Real World" where a female cast member was shown sitting on the toilet taking a dump? Is that true? I've watched the show for years and have never seen anything that involved the girls on the show pooping. If anyone can remember any scenes from this show that involved females pooping, please post. Thanks!

Katie K
Hey sara try washing your hands with toothpaste it works for me

Sara. If your hand slips when you're wiping and you accidentally get your hands dirty, there isn't really an easy way to get them clean and get rid of the smell. I find the best way is to get your handa as clean as possible with toilet paper and give them a good initial wash with soap and hot water. If you're at home this should be followed by washing them in hot water with some antisptic disinfectant in it. This may not immediately get rid of the smell but it should help. Ultimately, the only remedy is patience. When you've washed your hands a few times any lingering smell should disappear.

your name Lizette. Under no circumstances should you force yourself to hold your water and become desperate or, for that matter, try to get anyone else to. It's not good for you or them. When your bladder feels full it needs to be emptied and the same goes for everyone else - and I include myself in that!

Plunging Plop Guy. To further answer your questions about the now filled in underground toilets at Skegness. Basically they were old and not really up to modern standards. Access wasn't ideal either. So far as I remember they weren't too bad as public toilets go, but I personally only used them if I really had to. They weren't exceptional from a 'sound effects' point of view so far as I can remember. Hope thar answers your questions.

TO SARA: I am a for sure 2nd. I always wait, but love the thought of a woman waiting. And Im an attractive male.

hi lurch
I am sorry to say that you are wrong I am a 22 yr old male and all my female friends talk to me abt their gassy problems and mishaps infact some of them let em rip too.It once happend to one of my female friends after lunch we would sit together and chat she usually woould solve crossword puzzles and that day suddenly I could smell some thing in the air and could se the discomfort in her face and later in the evening i overheard her telling this to another one of my female coluege

Peter in AZ
John A-
Thank you for such a comment I thought that poop convention idea was great.

Jacob G in Florida
Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted. I'm here almost daily, but have not had anything significant to post. My experiences have been somewhat dull. However, at work, they recently hired a new attorney, who is about 30 years old, and a network guy who appears to be in his mid to late 20's. Both of these guys grunt loudly when they are taking a dump. I've enjoyed listening to them on several occasions. I'll try to write about them soon.

JEFF A: I remember your idea about the poop convention for all us on this site. It's really an intriguing idea. I remember thinking how fascinating it would be to meet everyone in person. We could attend mini seminars on the various topics we discuss, and have demonstrations. I would hitchhike, highjack, go into debt - whatever it took - to get there. I would love to meet everyone and get autographs. When I read the posts, I'm always trying to visualize what people look like. If only, if only . . .

THOM: Hello. I'm glad you remember me and like my posts. I would love to meet with you at Jeff's poop convention to exchange stories and discuss guys' dumping habits. That would be fun. I've never buddy dumped, but I would do so with you in heartbeat. You should post more about your constipation problem. I miss your posts, along with those of Carlos, Brent C, and the others.

Hello to Plunging Plop Guy, Bryian, and all others. Keep up the great posts, everyone.

Hi everyone! Recently, I went surfing at a beach near my home in California. When I got out of the water, I needed to crap and headed for the bathroom. It's a small building. When you go in there is a trough urinal with a sink and mirror on the opposite wall. Further in there is a single doorless stall. It is adapted for use by the handicapped with an extra-high seat. There is a bench on the wall opposite the stall for guys who are changing. There was a young guy watching his kid take a dump. I sat down on the bench and waited my turn. After a while, another surfer dude comes in. He was a blonde guy about 21-years-old. His wet suit was pulled down to his waist. He sees the kid and Dad in the stall and says Oh shit! I could see that this dude needed to crap real bad. He was sort of moving around and seemed to be clenching his butt. After a while, I said he could go ahead of me if he needed to go urgently. He seemed real grateful and told me that he was worried! he might shit in his wet suit. Eventually, we saw the Dad wiping the kid's butt all the while talking to the kid in baby talk. The surfer dude was groaning audibly. Eventually, the Dad and kid left and the surfer dude ran into the stall and pulled his wet suit down to his ankles. He looked great sitting naked on that high crapper. He had a great build and his pubic hair was much darker than his other hair. He kind of leaned forward and looked down so I could watch him real good. I heard a real loud fart and then his turds just exploded out and hit the water with real loud plops. Just when I thought he was done, second and third waves of shit followed. Eventually, he looked real relieved and grinning thanked me for letting him go ahead of me. He told me: "Hey dude, I'll be out in a minute." Unfortunately, his butt was real shitty and needed a lot of wiping so the minute was prolonged, but it was real cool watching him go at it and also to know that I had helped out ! a desperate guy.

I have just been lurking lately & haven't posted. I saw Lizette's msg discussing about her cholestral. I have bad choelestral myself. I am not on medication but I started to excercise vigorously. I was slow at first since my body was used to being a couch potato. I also changed my diet to cut quite a bit of fat as well. Try it. I am on vacation right now and unfortunately, I have no good dumping stories except I am potty training my son since I have him for a week. He understands the terms like "boom, boom", poopy and others. Eventually, he will make the connection and get out of wearing diapers. I look forward to that.

Need to run..... Try to keep long distance charges down.


I'm really glad to hear you're feeling better. I was worried
about you. You're such a special part of this site that losing
you for a while had me down. As for pooping goes, I do it
anywhere and everywhere. I'm a little shy around guys,
though. Scruples? Me? Yes, believe it or not. I wish you
could have been there with me and that couple too, having
you there would have been priceless. Okay, Have fun Hot
stuff !


I was in the shy catagory all growing up until I entered the
work force at about 19 or twenty. I guess seeing all of the
men I admired at work, including my boss's feet under the
stalls made me lighten up a bit. At about twenty one, I met a
girl that I almost married. We went to the bathroom together
all the time. Her family had been very relaxed about it
growing up. After that, I lost most of my shyness. As an
adult, I found that pooping in public really annoys my worst
lethal enemy. He knows what my weaknesses are, and I
found one of his. So as a non-violent way to scramble his
brain, I never pass up an opportunity to poop in public. I
know word gets around to him. Ha! Ha! Ha!... and the more
people that follow my lead, the better !

Grrrrr....What's your sign, Baby!


This one's pretty fun. I was at the coffee shop downtown
with the Unisex bathroom. It has two stalls, one with toilet,
one with urinal. I just had to pee, so I was in line for the
urinal. Three women were in line with me, it was pretty
obvious they were gay. One of the girls went into the stall,
and her desperate friend was behind me. She was about to
lose it, so I said she could go ahead of me if she liked. She
said she hadn't tried a stand up pee since she was a girl. I
talked her into trying it and she went into the urinal and let it
go. We all giggled as she came out relieved. Ah..if they only
liked men!!!!


Myra (Mrs Anonymous)
My husband is the person who sent the entries about spying on my friend and I weekend before last, and about my bad constipation the following weekend. He showed me this web sight today. I am a little surprised but why question it, = his interest in this subject makes him a lot more attentive, that is for sure. And we have always gotten along well and never fought about anything, at least not much, and I am not going to spoil it over this. But I will not be telling my friend that he watched her BM the weekend before last, as she would be mortified. besides, I don't think that was very nice and have warned him not to do it again. He says I don't talk about my personal habits much. That is right, but it is only right because I had no idea the subject would interest him at all. I am not a shrinking violet when it comes to bathroom manners. I am the middle of an older sister and younger brother and we only had one bathroom while growing up. In the morning when getting read! y for school it was not unusual for any of us to be in the bathroom taking a shower or having a poop with others present. You start out doing that when very little and it is no biggie when your get older. This included the usual teasing about odors and quantity, and hogging the pot when someone else needed to go. Since being married, husband and I have crossed paths in the bathroom a few times but as far as pooping or peeing went, we were more like 2 ships in the night. Not any more I guess, at least as far as he is concerned, and that's ok with me. Now about the session at the cabin. By the time he got the new toilet installed, I had been holding my poop for over two hours. The thought of doing a job in the woods occurred to me but I wasnt going to do it unless I had to. I didnt want to discuss shitting on their outside property with our friends unless it became necessary. Finally, relief was in sight, and when I asked the other lady where a bucket was (its their house)! , ahd explained it was needed for flushing and I would have something needing flushing real, real soon, she told me just to go sit and take care of things and she would find a bucket and fill it from a rain barrel and bring it to me. Which she did.. I did not expect her to have to poop right behind me.. Now about tonight. I normally poop at work after lunch but yesterday got my timer all out of whack. I did not want a repeat of yesterday's constipation, so this morning I dosed up on lots of raisin bran and took some wheat crackers to work and snacked on them all day, plus had a big lunch with greasy fries and ketchyp, and lots of coffee in the afternoon. Then more fried take-out chicken for dinner. Sure enough about two hours ago I got that feeling, and told Mr Anonymous if he wanted to come in and watch, it was show time. I sat on the toilet and just relaxed my butt hole for a couple minutes while we talked and I described how I felt to him, and had results very soon. ! Nice and firm this time, with no straining. After two or three healthy feeling and smelling ones slid out my pooper, I could feel more bulk coming down inside my rectum. I waited a while then crouched forward. Partly to give Mr A. a good look, partly to help clean things out. Several more nice softish turds came sliding out, and I pinched each of them off with my spincter; that felt relaxing. I could tell they had been way up inside me- because they felt warmer than the earlier ones which must have had a chance to cool a bit while in my rectum. I didn't wipe because after "inspection" we jumped into the shower where he lathered me down good all over, helped me rinse, and gave me a nice rubdown with a big washcloth. I'm allready married to the guy and its a small price to pay for his renewed attention. I suppose he will make some more posts here eventually, whatever. Later - Myra .

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