any of you ladies ever lay a jobbie in a urinal?

While doing a search for laws about requiring handicapped-accessible unisex bathrooms, I found this site by accident. However, once I read a few entries, I was very intrigued. I have always liked scatological humor, but all of the previous toilet sites I have encountered were <I>extremely</I> disgusting. Pictures of brown showers make me gag. This site, though, seems perfect.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I rarely poop more than once a day, and often only every 2 or 3 days. I am an avid baby-wipe user, as they feel much better, are much easier to use, and clean much better than any toilet paper. I pee outdoors, but I have never pooped outdoors. It just seems that outdoor cleanup would be to difficult. I have never watched anyone go to the bathroom, and no one has ever watched me. However, I think that it is something I might like to try.

In a later post, I'll tell you guys a lot more; but first, I have a question. In many posts, people have said that they enjoy being watched. Some people like being watched by their partners, some by total strangers. Many people have even said that they get aroused when they watch someone, or when someone watches them. What confuses me is that everyone seems to not like being watched by perverts. I wonder, though, who are these perverts, and how do they differ from the people you do like? Many people would consider us (I include myself) perverts because we are people "whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior." So, what is different about these unwelcome perverts?

My boyfriend was reall smart cause he came up with something.
He drilled a hole from the inside of his car to the place where it cover the cars wheels
then he attached a tube and furnnel th that hole.
so from now on, i can just take off my pants and panties hold the funnel up to my pussy and pee. then my pee will be released all over the wheels.

Calif Dude, whats bathtub pooping?

New Poster
Does anyone know how to make yourself have large HARD poop and how can you make Balls of Poop come out you butthole.

I love to hear stories about females pooping in public with other women. Please put more stories.

Although I have long been interested in the subjects discussed in this forum, I have never witnessed an event like that which happened a few days ago. I was at the swimming pool and having collected my clothes from the locker I proceeded to a cubicle to get changed. The cubicles are built up on legs to allow for drainage, leaving a gap of 4"-8". In the corner of the adjacent cubicle I noticed a pair of knickers (pale blue with white spots) on the floor. After a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the cubicle door and when nobody was looking, I pulled them out for a closer look.

To my surprise they had been badly messed in, leaving a stain about 4" x 3". They were still not properly dry, indicating that the accident had happened not too long before. It appeared that the wearer had made an attempt at cleaning up but had not made a very good job of it. From the remains of paper stuck to the poo stain I guess she had put a wad of toilet paper in the back of her knickers to stop the sticky feel of the poop on her bottom. I began to wonder what sort of a person she was. From the size of the knickers (14) she was obviously 'of a certain size', the cut and style indicated someone at least in her thirties but the pattern made me think that she was not that old. The way the accident had been dealt with would point to either somebody young or somebody who had not had many poop accidents. However I could see that in a slightly different position in the knickers there were some stubborn stains which appeared to be from previous messing. I can only speak perso! nally but in instances where I do it in my pants and I'm unable to change straightaway, I always wipe them out thoroughly and remove as much as possible leaving the stain almost dry. These knickers had not been wiped properly and without the wad of toilet paper would have been very sticky and uncomfortable.

I have four questions for anyone wishing to respond: 1) From the above descriptions, what sort of a person do you think she was? 2) Do you think they were left in the locker intentionally, out of disgust or by mistake? 3) How do you deal with messing accidents when you are unable to change your underwear straight away? 4) Has anyone ever left underwear in a cubicle, either by mistake or intentionally, or put them on the floor so they could be seen from an adjacent occupied cubicle?

Upstate Dave
Good morning all. Welcome back Camalita. It is good to see you are back to posting here on the forum again. I always enjoy your posts. Its going to be another hot day here in upstate New York. If its hot were you guys are stay cool.

Going back to a past summer is this short story. I was down at Butches house on a Saturday. The morning started out nice but quickly clouded over and started to rain. We went inside dried off and deceided to play a game. Butch,John,and myself set the game up in the dinning room and started to play.

Butches sister Barbie was watching us. We played for a couple of hours and John decided to quit and go over to one of his friends house. Butch got a phone call from his girlfriend and went out to the kitchen to talk. So I sat for a bit and talked to Barbie. She told me what she had been up to and I filled her in what I had been doing. She gave me a smile and said Ive been doing something new. I would like to show you.

So I follwed her upstairs to her bedroom. She opened up her storage cabinet and pulled out a large plastic cup. Here hold this she said. I took the cup from her. She pulled up her skirt above her waist and pulled her panties right down and off. She spread her legs apart and told me put the cup between her legs and watch. As soon as I put the cup in posistion she started to pee. Her stream was quite strong and it had a pretty good hiss to go along with it.

I told her she better stop because the cup was getting near the top. She slowed and stoped. Told me to empty it in the potted plant in the corner. So I did. She told me she was not done so put the cup back in position. I did. She started peeing again but not as hard as the first time. She slowed and stopped. Thats it she said. She let here skirt down and she took the cup from me and poured it out on a different plant. I told her boy thats the most I had ever seen her piss. Barbie said she had been holding that one for me since I had gotten there earlier in the morning. She also added that I almost missed it for she had to go that badly but thanks for the phone call I got to see it.

To Billy and Kevin L: I liked your story about you pooping from above...that must be cool to "Have it hang down" from your cousins point of view

College Guy
The last time I visited this site is when I posted about 3 months ago. Now that Summer break is here, I have an experience that I would like to share.

Approximately two days ago I was driving w/ my girlfriend in Boston. Well, as you know, because of the "big dig" Boston's traffic is literally at a stand still. Especially during rush hour. Well, since I'm not from Boston, I took a wrong turn. I was meaning to turn into Sullivan Square, however, I ended up on the Tobin bridge and was stuck in traffic for approx. one hour. Now, my girlfriend who usually gets nervous when she is in traffic started to squirm. She told me that she needed to use the bathroom because she had a "nervous feeling" in her stomach. Well, I literally did not know what to do. Remember, we are stuck in traffic, and there is no bathroom in sight until the next exit. When you are in Boston, everyting is detoured because of the Big dig. I asked her if she could hold on, and she said she could. About 15 minutes later, I heard the loudest rumble of my life. I asked her if she was hungray, she said no. I think I am about to have diarrhea. I told! her just to wait a little longer if she could. She told me she would try, but, she did not know how much longer. I told her, it was no problem, but, I am trying my best to get off the Tobin bridge. Well, still no luck, about 5 minutes later she was desperate, and I felt so bad for her. I told her if she really had to go, it would be okay. She seemed confused at first, but I reached over in the back seat and pulled a bucket from the floor. I told her if she needs to go, then use this bucket, but, hide in the front seat down below the dash board. She was extremely embarrassed about the situation, and I could tell. I explained to her that it was okay, and there was no reason to be embarrassed. I would not look. So, I rolled up the windows, and she started doing her thing. As soon as she squatted, she had terrible diarrahea in the bucket. I was looking to my left, and no one even noticed. Since I had the windows rolled up, the smell was simply awful. I asked if she ! was feeling better, and she told me she wasn't. She explained that she was not done yet. I told her that it was okay, and not to worry about it. Well, after I said that, she let a torrent of diarrahea go into the bucket. I couldn't believe that such a beautiful girl could crap so much like that. I think she had some food poisoning.

Well, once she finished, she asked if I had any kleenex available. I told her I had a pack in the glove box. I opened it for her, and gave her the kleenex so she could "clean herself." Well, once that was done, the traffic finally started to move. Once I got out of Boston, I pulled over, took the bucket of her diarrahea and simply threw it in into a dumpster (mind you, it was in a trash bag, triple bagged).

On the way home, I stopped 3 times for her diarrhea attacks. One stop was not the greatest. The main rest area was closed, and she had no choice but to use one of those port-o-potties. I felt bad for her. I asked her if she was going to be okay, she said she would. Once we arrived home, I dropped her off to her house and explained to her parents why we were late. I basically told them about the traffic. (Remember, we are both college students). They said that it was no problem, and that was that. The next day I went over to her home and she was fine. During the night, she told me that she was throwing up. It had to be the food she ate at a restraunt. She had some fried clams, while I had some haddock. The clams may not have been cooked properly. I was right all along, it wasn't being nervous stuck in traffic, but, having a case of minor food poisoning.

Ring Stretcher
jeez, was my bowel movement difficult this morning! I sat with my toes pointed straining and grunting for several minutes but it didn't want to come out, so I leaned back with my toes pointed down and grunted really hard until I hear a loud crackling sound. It splashed water on my ass when it landed. My production was about 10 inches long, very firm like adobe and almost 4 inches thick. Whew! What a toughie that was to get out. Afterward I pissed like a racehorse for almost 1 minute straight. The sensation of relief I felt was almost overwhelming and left me moaning.
Yesterday at work I was grunting pretty loud to get a single billiard ball turd out of me. My hole rebelled at being opened and this turd was struggling to stay inside, lol. One of my co-workers asked if I was ok and I told her this turd rubbing at my back door was driving me nuts so I had to get it out. When I would sit in my chair I could feel it shifting around inside me and opening my hole just a little. I was really gripping a wad of tp in my hands, eyes shut, face contorted with effort when it finally dropped out. It was like a rock in texture and hurt a little.
Funy how some of the smaller jobbies can take more effort and grunting to push out than the larger ones.

Paul S
Does anyone else find that even though you poo during the day,
you still poo your pants at night? Its a real problem and I find myself having to wear nappies to hold it in, but I do have to say that the pleasure of pooing is best felt in the comfort of your own bed.

Nothing new to report on stories or any thing. I just have a question...It's about changing my name...1 person replied to that last time i forget who it was. I want to ask them and every one else if changing my name to BryianPL would be a good name...I guess you might be questioning what PL stands for, well a few friends that i have, told me about this name, PL Stands for Poop Lover. What do you think?

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