Hey guys! Sorry about not writting sooner, but my exams were really hell and I have been forced to wear diapers, as my butt has a mind of its own. I have had to change my adult diapers on a number of occasions before going to the next class, but I wear dresses to hide them.
Anyway, yesterday (Wednesday) was my last exam and so I said a quick prayer for protection and hurried off to university. On the way, I picked up Alexa, a High School friend, and raced off through the traffic. I could see that Alexa was nervous about her exams too and chatted to her about how I was feeling. Alexa is a full figured woman in her late twenties with a medium size, but firm ass.
I had one morning exam and ended up having a big crap in my pants before I could get out. It was one of those gassy gooey poops that started expanding in my bowels about a half hour before the end of the exam and I tried to control it. However, about ten minutes later I was in too much pain and knew that I had to let go in my diaper, but Alexa was watching me. I couldn't crap my pants in front of her, so I raised my hand and asked the invigilator if I could go. He said he would go and find out, before walking up to the front of the Hall.
I had to wait, holding on, as he spent over a minute talking the the head invigilator and by the time he started walking back to me, I couldn't control it anymore. By the time he got near to me, there was already a thick log of shit wedge between my cheeks and another forcing its way out. He said that I would have to wait until the end of the exam, as there was less than twenty minutes left. I pleaded that I couldn't hold it in anymore, blushing as a crackling farting noise came from my ass. I actually saw him look at the back of my ass, as the second log slid out into my diaper, pushing my butt open. Suddenly, more crap started coming out of my butt faster, as a big cramp squashed down on me. I grunted involuntarily, as sticky semi-solid poop exploded out of my rectum filling my diaper completely. All the time the guy just stood there with a raging hard-on and then apologised for not being able to help me, before walking away.
Alexa thought this was hilarious in that I had crapped myself in front of a teacher like a young girl. I was upset by this, but didn't say anything and just gave her a dark look. After the exam, I snuck over to the toilets and cleaned myself up, dumping the heavy diaper out into the toilet and chucked it out the window.
We then went out for lunch, even though I was still peeved at her and that was when I remembered about the new Taco-Bell that was in the middle of Town. I quickly drove us there and made sure that she ordered something with the trademark refried-bean mixture that everyone complains about. I then purposely had something safe to eat myself, before we headed back to the campus.
The afternoon exam started at 1pm and went on until 5pm. However, about an hour into the exam, Alexa passed me a note saying that she thought that there had been something wrong with her food, because she was feeling sick. She was also starting to squirm, because she had drunk a medium coke with her food and now was beginning to feel the need to pee.
By 2:30pm, she was holding her stomach and wiggling her knees rapidly under her desk. Suddenly, about fifteen minutes later, I heard her stomach gruggle loudly, as all the color drained from her face and I literally saw her abdomen quiver like jelly. Instantly, she sat up straight and clenched her buttocks together, as she hurriedly scribbled another note to me, which said that she needed to poop really bad and that the half time break was still a quarter of an hour away.
I just shrugged and went back to my test paper, knowing full well why she was in this situation. I was feeling the similar effects, as my lunch hit home, even though it was as safe as Taco-Bell could make.
On top of it all, the mass of shit in her gut was making her have to pee very bad and I secretly smiled when she stuck her hand up. After a couple of minutes, one of the new invigilators came over and listened to her impassioned plea before explaining that she would have to wait her turn, as there was a dozen girls also waiting to go to the toilet. She tried to get him to make an exception, even begging him, but he refused to give in. With all the excitement of getting my revenge, I felt my conscience plaguing me, as I didn't like watching her suffer.
As 3pm arrived, Alexa watched in agony as first one girl was escorted out of the hall by an invigilator and then another a few minutes later. She was at the end of her tether, as she wriggled and squirmed in her seat squeezing her bum together and pressing her hands into her groin.
After the seventh girl had left, Alexa looked over at me in sheer anguish, grimacing, as a wet fart bubbled off her seat. Almost immediately, a wet spot blossomed in her lap, as her buttocks quaked visibly and I saw her close her eyes tighty, as she crossed her legs over each other. I almost let go myself, when I heard another wet fart bubble off her seat and I heard a guy nearby chuckle, as a small wet spot appeared on the back of her white desinger tracksuit. She was peeing her pants uncontrolably, even though she was desperately trying to prevent anymore from coming out.
By this point, she had completely forgotten about her exam and was huddled over her desk top, as sweat beaded on her forehead. I could see that she was shaking like a leaf and I could hear her whimpers and groans, as the pee stain climbed slowly up the back of her tracksuit pants. Just then her butt cheeks wobbled like Jello, as a squelching noise came from her, as she lifted her wet butt off of her chair, revealing a saucer sized crap stain. All the time, pee continued to drip down on to her chair, as the pee stain ran down the back of her legs.
Without any warning, I saw a bulge form in the seat of her pants, as the crap stain expanded between her cheeks and across the underside of her butt. Instantaneously, her butt hit the seat, as she lost all control and began peeing and crapping full force. She kept flooding and filling her pants in spurts for nearly a whole minute until they were completely drenched with pee and full of crap. But on her face was the most relieved look I have ever seen her have.
The invigilator came around when it was her turn, but stop when he saw what she looked like. I then quickly asked him if I could go in her place, as by bowels were threatening to explode as well. He nodded and I hopped up and hurriedly followed him, being careful to aviod the pool of shit streaked pee on the floor around her chair.
By the time I reached the main hallway, I was shitting my own diaperless pants and never actually made it myself, having to return to the laughter of the other students in the Hall with a big crap stain in my pants.
Alexa was a real mess and we had to wait until everyone was gone before we made our escape at the end of the exam. We covered the seats of my car with newspaper and drove home in shame - two dirty girls. But at least I wasn't alone...

Red: I do fart sometimes when I have a bowel movement. Especially when I have a lot of gas, I will have very loud farts. It mostly happens in the beginning, once I sit down.

RJogger: I don't have any specific food allergy that I'm aware of. I'm not lactose intolerant, nor do I have IBS. I think it's just a combination of some foods, such as junk food like McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, or a lot of the mall food court places, as well as some red meats and fancy herbs and spices.

During my last two years in high school and all of my college years, I had fairly frequent massive bowel movements, ranging from one every two weeks to a few times a week. I consider a massive bowel movement as one in which I would need to flush the toilet while seated at least once. I was very active then, with studying, school activities, and so forth. Once I graduated from college, went to graduate school, and got married, I had them less frequently, maybe once a month or even once every two months. But in the last two years, especially with my current job, in which I do a lot of on-site client visits within the area and sometimes out-of-town, I have had more frequent massive pooping sessions. Lately it's been a cycle of three months of regular poops, then a week or so of frequent massive bowel movements. Often they are soft poops, but rarely do I have runny diarrhea.

So far this week I've been fairly regular. Gary and I will be out of town for the next few days.

Bill M
Hi everybody!


I think you are right about Christine. Next time she follows you to the bathroom, try making a lot of noises, like really grunting out a load. See if she says anything. Maybe you could just exclaim " Wow that felt great!" and see if she follows up.

Keep us posted!

Last weekend my wife and I, and another couple, spent the weekend at their summer home in the mountains. It had not been occupied since last fall. When the water was turned on we discovered the toilet had frozen and broke over the winter. That was Friday night. Saturday morning we made a trip to town (44 miles one way) and bought a replacement. I guess we had it installed by about 10 o clock. When we brought the replacement our wives had lunch ready and we ate first, then installed the new crapper. Evereything went okay except in disconnecting the cold water pipe, the whole iron pipe that was sticking out of the floor by the threads, behind the toilet, turned. So prior to turning the water back on I crawled under the house to tighten it at the joint. I had just started under there when my wife studk her head in the crawl space and whispered, "I have to go to the toilet real bad. Is it ready?" I told her it would work but she would have to flush it with a bucket. Whe n I got to the proper place under the floor I realized that I had a good back view of everything thru the oversize pipe hole, especially after I had taken the flange off on the other side. My wife was sitting there crouched forward and soon a stream of pee could be heard, and I could see her poop start profusely spilling out. It was pretty loose with a few chunks mixed in. People have described the sight of someone else's pooping on here, but I have never seen anything like that before. Then the door came open and the other lady comes in with a bucket. My wife wipes, gets up and this other lady says, "No sense wasting water." And she unzips her jeans, turns her butt toward the toilet and sits down. I did not mind watching my wife by happen stance, but had misgivings about things at this point. It was too late now though. Our friend had a really nice butt. The women made small talk. My wife said she had been holding her poop all morning. The other lady said she had thought about going out in the woods if the urge hit, but didnt need a BM until just now. Gosh, what a conversation. Then she said she felt like it was going to take some time to get the job done. She squatted way forward and sat some more. I could see her nice creamy cheaks and butt hole very plainly. Soon a nice firm turd started slowly out as her ring swelled and enlarged. Three or four perfectly round logs, about 8 inches long and an inch thick, fell into the bowl. Each of them broke off cleanly when partway out, and then the rest emerged and her butthole closed, then reopened for the next batch. I swear, they were as round as if made by a sausage machine. A hand appeared with toilet paper and after wiping a she comment there was almost nothing on it, and how nice it was to have a clean butt. She got up and dumped the plastic pail full of water into the bowl, half at a time, and they left the room. I went ahead and tightened the joint, crawled out from under the house, went into the bathroom and hooked up the supply line. It was a nice breezy warm day and the window was open so the smell was almost gone but one of the ladies left a b-i-g skid mark that wasn't there before. What a sight. I told my wife about this experience last night, without all the details and playing it down and sounding contrite and saying (truthfully) that "Mrs. X" made her move so fast I could do nothing except keep quiet. My wife laughed and thought the whole thing was very funny. I'm gonna wait and ask her in a few more days if I can watch her on the pot, and admit it was kind of exciting. To say the least.

Hi Everyone

I’ve just been on holiday with my new man, well we’ve been together about 6 months… we’re both still shy about bathroom activities so staying in an hotel together and using the en-suite bathroom is a bit embarrassing for both of us. I usually waited till later in the day to poo, sometimes I went in a restaurant or pub, sometimes I went back up to the room after breakfast.

Mark sometimes just went while I was in the bedroom, and I let him have his privacy and said I’d wait for him outside. But one morning he had bad ???? cramps and said he didn’t feel well. He rushed off to the bathroom and I heard him trumping and lots of runny poo spluttering into the toilet. I put the TV on so it wasn’t embarrassing for him. But really I’d have liked to be in there with him and maybe massaging his ???? or wiping his face with a cool cloth (who hates those cold sweats you get with diarrhoea?)

When he’d finished he came out and I gave him some tablets to stop his runs. He went twice more after that, then started to feel a bit better. When I went to the bathroom later, there was some paper in the toilet and a thin brown stool with little seeds in it.

kevin from calgary
TO DAN C from vancouver. i have been to a few flames games the bathrooms are amazingly clean. I have seen several girls/guys come out of them with wet pants/dresses, and on rare occasions a soiling of pants.

a girl at work today bent down to get a file from a cabinet as she got up she let a loud fart go, we both laughed but did she go bright red and man did it smell phew!!!. I had to poop at the mall tonight, someone in the next stall must have had diarrea because man the noise and smell wafting up under the stall, i quickly finished wiped and got out.

To Ben: I loved your story about when you held the door for the girl who peed and pooped in the Porta Potty. Please share more stories soon.

To calif dude: I'm 13. Sorry, right now I don't have any stories about buddy dumping/doorless stalls/bathtub pooping. Please tell any stories you have.

Katie K:

Many women I have dated have left skidmarks. My wife has the same problem as you do. She often leaves skidmarks in her panties/thongs, although I know she wipes well. One time when I saw her skidmarks in front of her, she replied "sometimes shit happens!" She said that when you sit down and don't cross your leg, poo poo will come out of your butt when you don't even feel it. One time while at work, drinking coffee some cramp hit and farted a big dookey. Watch out for thongs, they can get messy because it rides up your buttock and ca ca squirt out when you walk!!

Hi Steve,

Well, what a delicious experience that must have been when that lady walked in on you! Okay, it was probably an excuse on her part because she simply wanted to watch a hunky guy having a wee! But all the same, the event was entirely innocuous and a pleasure for you both. I found myself thinking how much I would like to have been her, and, like Louise, to have stepped up beside you, lifted my skirt and used the next urinal! As a matter of fact, I'm feeling more confident than ever that I am able to do so, to actually pass water at will without privacy -- and that's a mamoth turn-around for me that makes sweet adventures practical.

And that couples-wee in the alley was delightful too -- I notice Louise chose to squat and match your friend's girl's puddle in form, rather than wetting the wall with you. They're both fun!

I am sooo looking forward to your adventures in Spain -- and indeed to hearing of Louise's Mom's wonderful performances. I envy you all!

DIANE -- hi! Yes, long time no hear... I'm very well, thanks for asking! On products that smell like intake, I had corned beef this evening and I went for a wee a few minutes ago -- sure enough, it smelled rich and savory! I cracked out a few farts as I peed too...

BILL M -- what a wonderful experience, to meet a lady so uninhibited. I hope you and she have many a *regular* exercise session together on the trail in future -- and please do write about them!

MALITA -- welcome back oh lovely senorita beloved of so many here! (Swaddling you with gentle hugs, kisses and massages!)

WOW -- your buddy dump with Tesa was absolute poo-etry (giggle!) Your description of her morning dump was so natural and casual I felt I was there -- I could even feel your ???? rumbling! What can I say -- it was beautiful, and I wish I was there to give your poor bod the most wonderful massage it's ever had. Gee, Tesa produces monsters! You gals are "plumbed" bigger than me! Though I still bang out my 11" sausages just about every day now, which is a lot more than I used to do. I also pee and poo simultaneously almost every day now as well, usually first thing in the morning.

Here's a minor report. I was out shopping in town yesterday and needed a poo. I used a mall restroom where they have the purple lights for anti-drug use, and those lights turn the shit on the paper a strange yellow color to the eye... Anyway, the seat looked like it had a few splashes on it so I didn't sit down, but pulled my pants down, backed over the bowl, held my cheeks apart and produced a long series of "cascade" chain-poops that fell with quite loud splashes. But before I was quite finished I lost control and nipped one off with my sphincter, so my anus got dirty. I didn't think I could be sure of cleaning up properly in the standing position, so I carefully wiped the seat and sat down to finish off, squirting out a litle pee as well for good measure.

My best to all, especially Steve & Louise, Kim & Scott, Jeff A, Diane, Penny -- oh, heck, everybody!



I just left a buddies house...he was laughing his ass off at this site. But, I thought I'd share a story of my own. It still amazes me! I'm in college and I was partying it up with a bunch of buddies when we finished the year up. We were all drinking quite a little. I don't remember even having to go to the bathroom. I stayed the night at the house as I'd had way too much too drink. I woke up at about 3:30 and thought at first I was sweating really badly. My boxerbriefs were stuck to my ass something fierce. I reached down to pull them out of my ass crack....and got a real strange feeling. I had actually shit my pants while sleeping! Here I was at someone elses house...3:30 in the way to clean shower or nothing. I put my jeans back on so that I didn't mess up the sheets. I went back to sleep and when I woke in the morning I snuk out of the house. I went straight home and cleaned up. Thank god my own roommates were still sleeping! I washed my! underwear but they were still so stained I threw them away. Believe me that I don't get so drunk anymore.

Boy,has it been hot here in the more ways than one-i'll tell you!
Some great posts i have to respond to--
TO JANE-sorry about the redundency!I just really enjoy your stories!
TO BILLY & KEVIN L-Cool story about dumpung from the tree-I was about 11 and a friend did that once and it was cool to see-I'll have to see if my lady poo buddy is into climbing trees!LOL
TO CARMELITA-Glad to see you back in form!Loved the "poo medley"with you and TESA-WOW that was some serious dumping!Must print that one to read for one of my own morning poops,but i hardly ever go in my toilet-i'm pooing out in the wild almost daily!Esp with thatlady friend who is soo into buddy pooing i can't believe it!More stuff honey!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-interesting story with the nurse and your aunt-it really is kinda cool to see one in a totally uninhibited moment-i enjoyed the story!
TO RJOGGER-Enjoy your vacation,neighbor!Sounded like you had a nice morning woods dump-wow 20 inches-I rarely do them that long!!that must have felt great coming out!If i take a bulk fiber(like metameucil)I'll do poops that long,and it's great-i'll tell you! enjoy some time off!
TO DIANE(NY)-Yes maaam it is hot-yes tell us some stories when you get back and if you want a poo buddy come on over to the Bethpage Preserve-i know it's a HUGE place,but you never know if we may run into each other(I kinda doubt it-it's sort of finding a needle in a heystack over there,but hey you never know!) and maybe have a buddy poop-boy would that be funny or what and wew could talk about all the stories on this forum!Enjoy your getaway!
Well,today has been quiet-i didn't bother going out to the woods ,bacause i remembered that my lady friend poops every 3 days os so-so i'll have to wait and see when we can get together-and I cant wait either!That was soo much fun-For the longest time wheni read some of these posts about seeing strange woman dumping out in the wild and some of the buddy pooing going on,i'll tell you,I thought most of the stories were made up or something til I met this lady and i'm finding out that ther are a lot of folks out ther that would love to poo along with me-both male and female and i would enjoy buddy pooing with both out in the woods(I also totally agree with P P G"s point with pooing with males-check his latest posts,he really nailed it as far as I comcerned on that subjuct!-I agree with you PPG on that wholehartily!!
TO BILL M-Yessir,it really is great to see alady pooing in the woods isn't it?enjoyed your story-yes now i can truelly relate!
It's going to be an interesting summer!I'm going out to the beach today-i'll keep you all posted on any good stuff!!BYE

JEFF A - Hi guy! Are you well? I had a nice shit this morning and
Steve watched me do it while I hovered my bum over the toilet. I
had my wee wee first, and that took me about a minute to do. Well I
then pushed the shit out of me. There were lots of little lumps that
popped out and went plop-plop-plop-plop because they splashed down
and hit the bottom of the toilet. Then I had my main lump. I took a
bit of time with it and pushed it out slowly so Steve could see it
there for a while. Do you know how I mean? It fell out with a splash
in the water. It was not a soft shit, it was a dry one, so I did
not have a messy hole after. I dripped a bit more wee and then Steve
wiped me front and then back.

PV - Hi girl! Steve asked me if I would tell you that he thinks he will
be able to write on Tuesday.
I went swimming with my mum last night. We went in the men's toilets
and did backshots into the urinal. It was a shame Steve missed it.



Hi, everyone!

Kim: In answer to your recent question, No! I haven't tried the
cheesecake idea yet... I COULD try it on my wife, but I wouldn't
have very high expectations... she just tends to go too much, and
almost NEVER does big logs (oh, well...). I had intended to try it on her friend Zelda, who is sometimes kind enough to show me her artwork...
She's done some pretty big ones before, and I thought this might help. I
think YOU ought to try it, too... (Maybe this could be the trick to reaching a record-breaking thirty incher?!)

Hi, Plunging Plop Guy,

Not surprised by your preference for hard,glossy toilet paper, it's the
best. Discovered it about 5 years ago and changed from soft paper, not nearly as much fun! Boyfriend objected but I insisted.

"Izal medicated strong toilet tissue" Do you prefer rolls or the boxes of interleaved sheets? I like both, keeping a supply in my car and shoulderbag. "Boots Blue Label" is the same as "Izal" with less attractive packaging.

Do you know of any other brands (UK and worldwide)of hard, translucent paper? I want to build a collection. Thanks.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Sun Devil
Hello everyone!!
Just wanted to drop in and say hello and a special to hello to Carmelita. It is wonderful to have you back, we have all missed you very much and we are all glad you are making such nice progress. I also want to thank you for your latest pooping episode with your friend Tessa. Your stories just give me a natural high, just knowing that you are sitting your cute little latina butt on the toliet and squeezing out those logs, its a feeling that gives me a natural rush. My compliments to your friend Tessa and her grunting noises while pushing out a 20" inch log and then you come and cover it with your special latina touch, what an incredible sight that must have been.
I look forward to exchanging messages with you again and look forward to hearing about more of your wonderful log productions and special noises you make when you are on the toliet pushing out those wonderful poops.
Take care all!!


Im a 20 year old male who last weekend i went out and got blind drunk ,and ended up peeing my bad is that?

Well, hello there, sweet Carmalita -
I am so glad to see you back here and hope you are much better. I missed your sexy poop stories but your Tesa tale put that right! I sent a post yesterday about seeing yet ANOTHER Latina pooping but I don't think it made it. Let me know if it didn't and I will send it again. Can you believe it? Another Latina? Is this fate or something? I did a wonderful poop for you this morning, precious lady. I had a v????? burrito last night and by the time I had my mornning coffee this morning, I needed to poop badly. I sat down on the toilet and farted a gassy, smelly fart. Then a big poop started coming out without any effort. It was smelly and I continued farting as I passed it. After the big turd came out, my behind was relaxed and I passed 3 or 4 medium turds which came out quickly and made splashing noises. I kept making gassy farts while this was happening. Once I was done I looked to see one fat 10 incher which had broken up and was floating plus 3 or 4 5 inchers, some of whic! h were floating as well. After I flushed, several round bits stayed and wouldn't flush. That poop was for you my dear, sexy Carmalita. And here are another dozen roses for you darling. How I wish to see you poop some day! Take care!

Donnie M
I havent posted for awhile so here something from a long time ago that I remembered.

I was in Junior high school and had made friends with a new kid that moved into town that new fall schoolyear. We had lived onthe same street and liked a lot of the same things he liked. We would walk home together from school amost every day. I knew that "Freddie" would hold his pee all afternoon at school for whatever reason I didnt know but would rush home to use the toilet and Id walk with him sort of in a hurry. He often would be pinchin his peter on the way, and usually would be doing a shoe or foot dance at his seat in school. LIke real sort of an nervous rocking of his foot and jittering of his leg and thigh. This one day he invited me into his house as no one was home-his folks did work and came home about 6 pm. We got to his house and I noticed a wet spot on the front of his dress pants as he started to lose control of his pee. We went upstairs and he went into the bathroom and invited me in too. Well, he drops his wetted pants and had on boxer shorts and ! they had a large wet stain in the front running down one leg. He kicked them off and sat on the toilet and proceeded to pee strongly and then farted a few times. He leaned over on his thighs and you hear a cracking as he was dropping a few large logs. Hitting the water, he sort of laughed. I felt kind of uneasy standing there watching him poop, but he was my best friend and I guess it didnt matter. After a bit he wiped and inspected his job and said, "lookee here" and I took a peek a several large logs in the toilet. He stood up and flushed and standing there he had an excited display of his peter and asked me a few questions about some personal things. Well with that leading to some other actions, I went on home kinda mistified and wanting to know more of my friend.

A few days later we had ridden out bikes to school and took a little trip down to the river. Here was a large sand tipple that loaded sand into trucks and a crain that unloaded this sand from barges and a huge sandpile over looking the river on the bank. We scampered down the sandpile being careful not to stomp ourselves right into the river and stood there a minute. Fred said, "I gotta shit". So I said, "go right ahead, its ok with me." With that Freddie dropped his pants and shorts and squatted down on the sandpile. In about a minute his butt opened up and out came a long yellow torpedo shaped firm turd that broke off at about 10". He shifted his butt a little and another long yellow turd came out and dropped into the sand. Then his erect dik shot a stream of pee out into the sand. Im watchin this all in amasement. He goes, hey, do you have to shit too? Well, I didnt, that is,up to now. The suggestion sort of made me realize that I hadnt crapped yet aft! er school and I said, "ya sort of". He says, "well, comeon, do it!" I dropped my jeans and BVD's and squatted and farted and peed and then a large turd dropped into the sand beside his pile. I farted again and dropped a second turd followed by a pffft and a little finisher turd. We stood there naked at jaybirds with our pants down and full erections. That problem had to be taken care of before we zipped up and went home. I had never seen another boy or girl poop before my eyes before and do some other things that was part of our teen years.

Afterwards we remained good friends for another 3 years but never went and did this buddy dumping again Im sorry to say. I think his father who was really strict and overbearing kept a tight rein on him all those years. He did have an "airhead" sister that probably blabbed on him a lot and whatever he did especially with his friends and next door neighbor boy. But thats another story. That one day was the only time I ever saw him wet his pants and was there to see the evidence. He continued to hold his pee thru highschool all the time and I know lots of times he barely made it home before wetting.I found out He had a thing about those urinals in school being dirty and having to pee next to another guy. I wonder if any of you all there have had a similar experience? LIke it would be great to hear if you would write........Donnie M

kim and scott
TO RJOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my posts. you are a beautiful man who always says beautiful things. by the way my mustang is in fantastic shape,hot,sexy and well tuned!a real hard body. kinda like me!haha. be well rich.
TO ROGER-hello. scott and I like your posts. and its fun to buddy dump with someone you love isnt it?
TO CARMALITA-hello there. scott and I love your posts. its good that your back! patsy says you won a latina beauty contest a few years ago. thats nice. I won a body beautiful bikini contest a couple of years ago under heavy competition. I was lucky to win but I know you must of won easily being the beauty that you are! be well dear.
TO BUZZY-hello. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too. and its nice to see that you have a poo buddy.
TO BILL M-hello. loved your post. more stuff please!
TO DIANE-thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too!
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. thanks for enjoying my latest story. by the way did your wife ever have that huge log due to eating cheesecake that rogers lady angela had? inquiring minds want to know. by the way my boyfriend scott doesnt need to eat this cake because I supply him with more than enough cheesecake as it is!hahaha. bye now
TO RENEE-hello dear. hows the baby coming? and yes that would be a great idea if scott and I came over your place to join you and carmalita in a buddy dump. scott is flattered that carmalita wants to see him dump. scott like other men on this site is quite charmed by the lovely carmalita! be well now.
TO CURIOUS-hello. thanks for liking my I think that you are right I must have a distended abdomen and/or a high metabolism or super-colon to keep banging my huge logs out. whatever the reason I love it! and you said if only we could meet? how flattering that you would like to meet me. you men on this site are so gentlemanly to ladies like,louise,pv,carmalita,me and some others.. by the way I do not think that you can tell if a girl has big or little ,long or short logs just by looking at her. take me for instance I am only five foot four and I shit ENORMOUS! Imagine a sexy,little long haired blond who has horse sized bowel movements like clockwork! cant beat it huh?well curious thanks for loving my posts. I appreciate it. you take care sweet guy bye now.

Hi Jane,I liked your story.I have a question and that is,when you are
doing a Bowel movement do you usually fart much,not much or not at all?
Keep up the good stories.


Buzzy: For the umpteenth time that you've asked, I'm 5 feet and 7 inches and currently weigh 128 pounds. I have not noticed any pattern that would cause me to poop abnormally large volumes of poop for a short time then go into a period of normalcy. I'll probably have to keep a diary of what I ate during the day. I've also been doing a more regular workout routine in the last few months, which includes a treadmill, exercise bike and the new Ab-Doer machine, which is a great machine. Maybe stress at work may also have something to do with it. I will give it some thought and will report it if I come up with something interesting.

I'm beginning to suspect that our new young worker Christine might be interested in seeing others poop. Today I had to go to the ladies room three times, twice just to pee and once to poop. Once Christine accompanied me to the ladies room, and another time she tried to discreetly follow me into the bathroom. That was the time I pooped, but I pooped only five medium-sized firm pieces. My system has subsided since Friday, so I appear to be in a quiet period, for now.

Hello to everyone, including Buzzy, Renee, Carmalita (get well soon!), Kim & Scott, RJogger, Rizzo, Musician, Ring Stretcher, Jeff A., Lizzie, Althea, and everyone else.

Dan C from Vancouver
Hey, I have a question for you sports fans. How are the bathrooms in the stadiums or arenas? The bathrooms in GM Place are usually underground and you need stairs to go there. There is usually a ton of people in the lineup, (Especially during intermissions, halftimes, etc) They are very modern facilities, and are checked regularly by a janitor. There also is a radio describing game action or analysis in the bathroom. Anyone ever take a wiss and hear: "Canucks in complete control here, leading the Calgary Flames 4-0 after two periods here at General Motors Place in Downtown Vancouver. Naslund has two goals, Brashear has one, and Schaeffer has one. Vernon got pulled after Brashear's goal midway through the period...blahblahblah..." Just a question....

P.S: kevin from calgary, have you ever been to a flames game? How are the bathrooms in the Saddledome? New? Old? (I heard from a friend in Toronto about the bathroom contrast between Maple leaf Gardens (built 1920's) And the new Air Canada Centre. (built 1999))

Hey guys. I've got a story for you that I've heard from numerous people. Anyway, while at a camp in Virginia, two girl were having a staring contest. Normally one of the girls won easily, but the other girl was intent on winning. That's beside the point, the girl who normally won, we'll call S, found it completely hilarious how the other was staring at her. S busted out laughing and laughed so hard that she peed her pants. She was sitting in one of the hotel chairs and shouted,"Hey guys I'm peeing." I'm sure it was very embarassing for her, and when she came out of the bathroom she was like,"Guys, i'm all wet."

This may not be the best given account, but I think you get the picture.

Any teen girls out there with accident stories, please post.


Billy and Kevin L
This week our cousins are visiting us at the cabin. There are about 25 people in all. We were playing in the woods and climbing trees. I was starting to really have to poop. kev said I have to go to the bathroom. Then he wipped out his weinie and peed from about 20 feet up. I said, I can do one better. I looked down to see that no one was underneath me. I pulled my pants to my knees and started to poop. My cousin susan said, i never saw it hang down like that. She said saw a butt hole open up. She said it was hanging out of my butt about a foot. I dropped 3 or 4 logs. I got some leaves and wiped myself. She said, let me try. She pooped from the tree too. It was funny watching the pee come out.

Well I was with the girl who peed on some rocks in my other post today. Her name is Ashley, she's 2 or 3 years younger than me I really like her but I would never tell her that. Well we were riding our bikes threw the park and it was pretty early when she said she was about to pee her pants. Well we found the only port-a-pottie and she went in. She then came back out and asked {with those I eyes that say she really has to go bad or she going to pee her pants} me to hold the door shut because the lock was broke. Well I said I would hold the door for her. Well we went in and I held the door while she pulled her pants down to ankles. Then she started to pee at 100 mph. When she finished she had a look of relief on her face when she said oh no. I asked what was rong she said she had to poop really bad. I told her to right ahead. She thanked me and then came the crackling of her poop coming out. THen it all shot out all at once. Shhe thanked me again and I told her no problem. She ! then wiped and held the door while peed. Then we got back on our bikes and rode away.

To Calif Dude: Yeah I'm about your age. I'll be13 in July.

More later

I went on a boat trip with some of my friends. About an hour into the trip my 13 year old daughter whispered to me that she needed to pee badly. She obviously didn't go at the dock. I made some excuse to my friends about fixing my daughter's swim suit and took her into the small 1 room cabin below deck. I grabbed a platic drink cup (1 pint) and she quickly squatted pulling her suit aside. My daughter let loose like a hydrant stopping as the cup filled to the rim. She said she wasn't done, so I grabbed a second cup which she also filled 1/2 way. I was totally astonished that she could hold that much - she must have really had to go. She smiled and thanked me to help her avoid the embarassment of going on the deck. A true mother-daughter experience. I will never joke with her about having a small bladder again.

Buzzy, that was a wonderful story!! I sure hope you meet that lady again and will tell us about it. Thanks - I really enjoyed hearing about it.

Hi, hope you are doing better Carmelita. Hope to see more posts soon.
Shanice, your last post was great. But how many days was it between your dump in the woods and the previous dump? hope to hear more from you

To Katie:
Thanks for your responses to my questions - I enjoyed reading them! You must make quite a noise when you pee if you manage to void that much in such a short time! Do any of your friends at university comment on this? (That is when you actually use the bathroom there!) You girls are just too pee-shy at times. You must spend half of your day with your legs crossed. I sense you enjoy it though!

Scatological guy
Have lurked for awhile, but this is my first post, so here's what happened to me this morning. I'd skipped my bm yesterday and had a really big meal last night, so was expecting something to come out soon, so after my usual big breakfast I was takig my supplements when I began feeling a mass coming down into my rectum; I said to myself.."WOW, this is going to be REALLY big!" So I wanted to wait as long as I could to get as much out as possible, and had to squeeze my ass cheeks together to keep it in. After a couple of minutes I knew I couldn't hold it much longer and started to raise my legs up and down and my lower body began to shake from my trying to suck my anus in; finally it started to come out by itself and I had to run like crazy to the bathroom while trying to keep it in, plunked myself down on the potty and gave a huge grunt and sigh, and it S L O W L Y made its way out of my backside; it seemed to keep coming, and coming...not knobby or hard, but smooth and fairl! y soft...until I gave a final groan and with a great relief ejected the massive movement. I looked back and it had to be 16 inches with a curl onto itself, and expanded once it hit the water so it looked at least a couple of inches across. My relief was positively orgasmic! It wouldn't flush away even after 3 tries, so I finally did the plunger trick. Hope you all had good ones today too......Bye.

Hola mi amigos!

Thank you everone so much for your kind words and thoughts. I'm ok, just very sore and bruised up. I'm not only a brown girl, but a purple one too! I also recieved a mild concussion which made me sick and woosy for a few days, but I'm doing ok now.
I mostly wanted to say a lot of thank yous today to some really beautiful people.
Big thanks to Austin, Gruntly Bogwell (You are the sweetest guy), Ring Stretcher, Sara T., Traveling Guy (gracias, mi amigo), Steve adn Louise, PV, Plunging Plop Guy, Jane, Diane from New York, Muggs, Peter in AZ, Buzzy, Sun Devil, Kim and Scott, My Special Simon (I love you sweetie), Althea, and especially my thanks to you RJOGGER and your wife Kathy. Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine. I love you Rich. You're not an old man, just seasoned like fine wine. That is how I'll think of you forever.
I sure hope I didn't miss anybody, if I did, I'm so sorry because I love you all so much!

There's so much to catch up on here. It's nice to have a lot of reading to do. Jake's been helping out too. There were flowers on my bed from him. I could tell he was sleeping in my bed because my pillow smells like his cologne. Very manly! I laid in bed sniffing it for the longest time. I was also very surprised that he talked Patsy into letting him watch her poop!

This is a story about a few days ago. Renee's bedroom is the master bedroom in the house and has the biggest bathroom. It used to be mine since it's basically my apt., but I gave it to her when she became a mama. I have a king size bed that I wanted her to be comfy in. Our computer is on the desk right next to the door. I was asleep in her bed when I awoke to a bad ???? ache due to my pain pills. I rolled over onto my back, my eyes still squinty from sleep, then fluffed a pillow under my head to get a better view. The room was gray, and I could hear the shower running. Gas was boiling inside of me like a volcano and I needed to shit badly! Right about then I heard the water turn off, and saw Tesa step out of the shower and dry herself off. That girl has a gorgeous bod with the most mesmerizing black eyes I've ever seen! She patted her hair dry with the towel, then brushed her teeth. I kept watching her morning ritual until she set the towel down, and parked her sweet bu! tt on the toilet. I listened and heard a nice, long stream of pee. After the last few drips trickled into the water, Tesa leaned forward with her elbows on her knees, spread her legs a little, and hung her head straight down. Her black hair cascaded in dampened tresses down along the sides of her face, and her bouncy boobs hung down nicely too. I heard her grunting softly to herself. "umh......uhhhh......mmmmhh....." Oh, Tesa's morning shits! How I missed seeing, hearing and smelling those! She grunted and pushed quite a few more times, and I watched her toes curl up, and her feet tap occassional rythmns on the tile floor. Her brown arms were crossed and she was squeezing her upper arms as another grunt came out "rrrhhhhh..." Then it started! "Spprkkkkllll....ssppppplffffff...pllllppppll..ccrrkkkklllll" The crackling went on for about 30 seconds. Her beautiful Latina face contorted, eyes scrunched, teeth clenched as she struggled to push out her turd. It sounded like a bi! ggie too. After a few more seconds, it crashed hard into the water, then I heard a series of plops fall into the bowl right after. I waited for about 30 more seconds as her delicious poop smell came wafting out of the bathroom, and over to me. Tesa grunted one more time, and I heard another big one crackling and spitting. "Kkkkrrrkkklllll-spprrrkkklllll." She strained again with clenched teeth. "I can hear you pooping," I said, then slid out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. Her turd fell with a nice "K-Pluuump!" and she went "Aaaahhhhhhhh....." She then sat upright, flipped her hair back, and pulled it behind her ears. Looking up at me, she just winked. I looked into the bowl between her legs, and she'd filled it with dark brown poop. Then came a smile as she remained upright, breasts round and firm, and her hands squeezing her thighs. She soft grunted again, and a nice succession of turds fell out "Plop-plooop-plop-plop-plop-plop-ssspppppppllppp-plup....." She giggled a! nd said "Ohhhhhhhh, that felt gooooood!" I watched as she wiped her ass six times, inspecting the toilet paper with every pass. After, she flushed I could see the bowl was full of skid marks and poop stains. I was still sleepy but my ???? ache was getting worse. Tesa really stunk up the bathroom good too. I was naked because that's how I sleep, and I immediately sat down on the toilet to relieve myself. Tesa's butt warmed the seat for me, and I could smell her wicked aroma. I strained a real painful grunt and right away came this "Spppeewwwllucccckkkkk" of soft, mushy shit. "Oaannnhhhhh, that hurts....I've got horrible gas," I moaned. Another wave came, "Spppllckkkkkssssppllll-pluck-plop-fffluuppppp..." The smell was really bad. Tesa got down on her knees and massaged my wrists as I leaned forward, straining and moaning. I felt bad and said "I know it stinks really bad in here. You can leave if you want." Tesa said no, that she wasn't going to leave me. My wrists were still ! hurting and she offered to clean me. After a nice wiping, I got another butt massage on the bed with lotion. One of Tesa's turds was about 2 1/2" thick and 20" long. She was very proud of it.

Oh well, time to go. Thank you all again for your nice thoughts and wishes.

Can sum1 please hellp me in telling me y i never eva get the need 2 shit when iam not at home.but as soon as i step in the house i will need 2 go its not fair coz i luv 2shit in public toilets. thanx i will hav sum good posts 2post soon also.

To dan c from vancouver Hi great hearing from another canadian eh he he he loved your story your very lucky to have found a girl interested in our errrrrr hobby so to speak.

Not so lucky on the pooping front this time, i messed my pants at the mall today, really needed to go bad so i rushed to the washrooms and my luck of course a major line up, allmost at once i let a fart go and it all just exploded out of me.

i have no idear why i felt fine up to that point, but boy did i stink poo all down my legs and one helluva mess in my pants, and try driving home in poopy pants its not a good feeling.

Re my posting about girl at work rushing to the toilet clutching her bum, i heard through the grape vine she messed her self and left work early, just my luck again i miss it.

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