I had a diarreah accident two days ago which I wish to share with you. I was travelling home from a business meeting in a different town when out of the nothing I felt a sudden urge to poop. First I tried to hold it but already half an hour into the car ride I felt a very sharp urge in my bowels. I was driving faster and faster, hoping that I could make it to a toilet at my office after the two hours drive. But already after a short time the urge to poop get stronger. My bowels gurgled, and I felt a constant pressure to poop which got more and more imminent. After some more time I knew I had to poop very soon in order to avoid an accident in my panties. I was looking for some rest area where I could relieve myself. My 8 years old son was travelling with me and he asked me twice if I was okay due to my very pale face and obvious stomach pains as he noticed that I held my stomach while it was gurgling very loudly. Then a few minutes later I was in complete pain with my bowels so! I was very glad to approach a parking lot. I parked the car and was about to rush to the toilet when my son asked what was going on. I told him that I had to rush to the bathroom, while he asked me to accompany me as he had to pee.
I told him to wait outside until I finished but had to hurry so much to the toilet that I couldn't prevent him from following me. I ran into a stall, quickly locked the door, lifted my miniskirt and let a torrent of wet diarreah go into the toilet which lasted about three minutes. While I felt terrible and released one urge after the other, my son was knocking on the stall door and asking what was going on with me, and asked it I was finally finished. I was very rude to him and shouted at him to leave the ladies room as I had horrible diarreah and wanted to have some privacy. But he dindn't leave. He went into the adjacend stall and peed. Meanwhile I released one diarreah wave after the other. My son asked: "Mom, what's going on, are you sick?" I answered him that I was terribly sick with diarreah, and once again asked him to leave the ladies room as I didn't want him to hear the whole sounds of my performance. But he was crying that he was afraid of me and wanted to stay ! with mee. He must have felt hat I was terribly sick. I still had the waves when he knocked desperately on the stall door. Finally I let him come into the stall where I sat with the skirt up, panties down, leaving torrents of diarreah into the bowl. It was the first time my son saw me sitting on the toilet, with naked butt, and pooping. He could even see the torrents of diarreah glissing into the bowl. It was like a shame. When we arrived home I told my son that I had to run to the ladies' room at once but asked him to leave me alone to have some privacy while pooping. Nevertheless after sitting on the toilet for half a miunte and letting out torrents of wet diarreah my son entered my unlocked toilet stall and again saw me in my distress. I shouted at him to leave me alone. He left but always stayed close to him. It seemed that it was important to be next to me, an interesitg mother-son feeling.

Further to my story, I wish to ask if you had some similar experiances of having to pee or poop rather badly while your son/daughter is near you, even in an adjacent stall and is able to hold the poop rather well.

Once when I pooped in my underwear, I rinsed the shit out in the toilet because I didn't want to throw away the underpants. I hung them over the shower rod to dry and then washed them with the next load of laundry.

Jeff A
Hi all,
Once, a long while back, I'd suggested having a poop convention for all of us here at this site. We should still do that. Call it "PoopCon 2001". We could all wear name tags and have a three day event. I think we should all eat Mexican food as a "theme" entree. Oh, how cool it would be to meet you all! Maybe we could all talk Kim into a live performance. With me and Steve along, we'd have built in security as well! PV could do standing pee demos, along with the charming Louise, and there could be a special WSPC booth. Let's see, maybe Peter in AZ could do a male performance, I would volunteer for one myself. I'd even do it alongside of you Peter! Wouldn't it be crazy to have fun stuff too, like have Carmalita in an enclosure with no ventilation. Have a sign outside that reads "How long can you take it?" To see how many of us can endure her exotic aromas! (I know I would stay forever with that hot, latina honey!) Rizzo could make and sell poo oriented jewelry, like little g! old toilets and urinal earrings. And, as publisher of Shit illustrated, John VT would be on hand for a prospective photo shoot. Kim, Ring Stretcher, and Carmalita could autograph toilet paper rolls. And maybe some of our beautiful new posters would give us all a show too like Shanice, and Mindy, and Muggs could bring his harem of lovely diarrhetic gals along! Listen to me, wishful thinking again. Please let me know what you think of the idea!

LOUISE: I am well thank you, much better after your story! I've been awfully busy these days. Oh, that lucky Steve! I'll never get tired of saying that. I'll bet you are just gorgeous. Beautiful personalities always make for beautiful women. The two can't help but go together. I loved the little plop-plops that got you started. To me, you and Jane are two very sexy pooping ladies. I am also a smell lover. Are you a smelly pooper, or mild scented? Jane admits to a very strong smell almost all of the time, which is great! Thank you so much for being so generous with me, sharing those intimate details. It makes me feel special. Can I ask you some questions: 1.When you poop, how do you sit? ex: are you leaning forward? Elbows on your knees? Legs together, or apart? 2: How is the smell: light, medium, or heavy? 3. How long does it take you? Louise, you are the best!

JANE: Of course I loved your latest stories. I thought it was awfully cute the way that little girl was stealing peeks of you through the door. Kids are so curious. I love hearing from you and can't wait for your next adventure.

SIMON: I've been reading the exchanges between you and Carmalita, and can't tell you how jealous I am! But, personally, I'd LOVE to hear all about those latina women you've been seeing. Latina women absolutely drive me wild!

STEVE: I'm so happy about everything that's happened for you! I'm still SO EXCITED over your promotion to 3rd dan! I'm sorry I'm so slow in responding, but I'm very busy with recent projects. I'm sure I've missed a lot on this forum. One of the officers at the prison that I work out of is a Wing Chun master. His second love is Aikido. What is it about those two arts? First you, then him? He was fascinating to talk to as I'm sure you are too! He was highly impressed that I even knew what Wing Chun was, let alone knowing a bit about it. I still remember a lot of the blocking techniques and strikes, and we played around with that at break time. Back in the 80's, I learned some of it privately with an instructor who based his Northern Shao-lin form of White Crane off of Wing Chun. Take care, my spirit bro!

PATSY: Hey girl, glad you finally made it!! Welcome to the greatest family in the world! And you are welcome too. You're story was awesome. It sounds like you can push out some pretty big logs yourself. If you don't mind my asking, I'm curious as to how you met Renee. Could you also describe yourself? You have a lot of fans here I think, being the subject of so many of Carmalita's stories. Renee's too! I've always liked you very much from what I've heard about you.

RENEE: Hi mom, how are you? You've been posting more lately which is good. I've missed you. How's the baby doing? Are you getting gassy at all? Very good story about you catching Jake on the toilet. I was wondering if perhaps it excited you at all. I do understand your preferences, but still, I wonder. I hope you don't mind me asking you that. Jake sounds like a cool guy. I'd like to hear more about him.

CARMALITA: Oh my!!! I am so sorry that you got hit by a car! I got hit and run on a motorcycle once and they left me in the street to bleed to death! People just drove by and stared, it was unbelievable. My first reaction to hearing about your trauma was that I just wanted to cry. You're too sweet a girl to suffer. I do love your latest stories, and as usual they just blow me away. I'm still panting over that latina restroom story with the doorless stalls. Oh, how I wish I was a member of your "family". I do know the finger techniques you describe for constipation, and I'm quite good at it. Do I have a chance with you? You take care Malita, and wear a helmet! You are a sweet, gorgeous, sexy, brown, latina bella mujer!!! I begin drooling whenever I see your name appear.

TESA: Wellllll now....You are certainly a nice addition to what I now call "El Carmalita Familia". Tesa, that's a beautiful name. Is that the Spanish version of Tessa, or Theresa? I'd like to hear MUCH more about you. What do you look like? How did you and Carmalita meet anyway?

KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, I think I love you! Very cool stories lately. So you won a bikini contest huh? That dosen't surprise me at all. I'll bet that you were the most gorgeous of all of them. I can just see you with your blond hair, lovely face, and those big---I'd better stop there! What a beautiful girl you are. I'm always amazed at your bodily output! I actually believe that women have much bigger poops than men, why that is, I can only guess. Not all women, but some. I think I'd go crazy if I thought there was ever a chance to see you. I hope you and John VT can get the magazine going soon! Kim, you are so wonderful, and have contributed so many great stories here. I am a true, devoted Kim fan.

This is interesting. I heard a group of high school age girls discussing something at a mall food court yesterday. When I could finally decipher what it was, they were comparing their pooping experiences. One of the girls, who kept giggling like a maniac, was being accused of taking really nasty smelling dumps. There was an "Ewwwww, I'm eating!" type of comment, but they stayed on the subject for a good five minutes. One girl said "I did one that was shaped like a squash" and another girl said "That is just sick. Can we talk about something else?" Then, yet another girl giggled and said "No, let's talk about our turds. We're bonding!" and they all laughed. Quite unfortuanately, they quickly moved on to the subject of movies, and the dream was shattered...

Oh well.

Couple days ago I told of watching my wife and friend have a poop at a summer cabin in the Mts. It was more accident than anything but still pretty nice. This evening (Friday) my wife, who still has most of her girl figure at 31, came home from work early, and brought come Col Sandrs which we ate and then we dressed for the hot tub, which in her case isn't much 'dressing' but we have neighbors so some discretion is needed. We had been in the tub about 10-15 mins when she announced she needed a bathroom break- and would I like anything when she came back. I decided to make my move and told her, "No thanks, but I hope you don't have a session like I had to watch from under the house last week." She replied, "No, --my monthly is coming up and I have been constipated for the last two days. I almost broke my butt yesterday having a shit, and today couldn't even have my lunchtime shit at all, it's so bad." Wow, what an admission, for her at least. "You mean you are going to l! eave me here for an hour or two? -- We just got in here," I said and smiled at her. She replied that I was welcome to come with her if I thought I could stand it. I told her I was going to get a bottle of water out of the fridge "and might bring it in and share." I stayed in the tub a couple minutes after she went around the corner, then I got out and dried, got the water, and went straight for the bathroom. She had left the door open a crack, and I went in. She was seated comfortably reading a magazine. I sat on a chair by the mirror and offered her a drink, which she took. She said, "This won't be quick, I can tell." and began a conversation, asking me some generalities about how work was today and we compared those kind of notes, for a few minutes. All this time I noticed she simply had been sitting as if we were in the living room watching TV or something. She usually does not talk about her personal habits so I was surprised when she suddenly said, "Geeeze, I've ! been trying sooo hard to have a good poop all day and can't seem to get it out. After lunch I felt like I really had to go bad, but the phone kept ringing, and by the time I got to the bathroom I just sat there and couldn't go -I went back two times but my butt is all bound up." I replied that she should just stay calm and relaxed, after all, she had all night to do this. We must have talked another five minutes and she suddenly said, "Just a minute, something's happening, I have to work on this," and her face went into a grimace and she looked at the floor and started straining. N-ngh, n-ngh, mm-ph. This must have gone on for a full minute or more. "You are not going to believe this, but I think it is stuck!" - she said. She squeezed her body forward and taking the clue, I took a look and sure enough, the tip of a huge BM was sticking about an inch out of her hole. Her ring was all red and distended. I told her to stop forcing and relax, and watched in awe as the hu! ge thing actually retreated inside her. In spite of this being somewhat exciting for me, I do not want her in misery or pain, so I told her we needed to do something about this. I had her get up and go lay down on her ????, and went to kichen, prepared about 2 ozs of warm olive oil and gave it to her gently in an enema- rubbed her back, and had her lay there on her ???? with her buns pointed at the ceiling for another five or ten minutes while we talked. Then she got up and carefully went in and sat on the toilet. I told her it was important not to strain. Soon a look of delight came on her face as she squeezed forward again and I could see this big piece of shit slowly squeeze itself out and fall, as she said, "Oooh, god. M-m-m-m-m that feels good, I thought I was never going to be able to dump this load." The huge movement was followed by some gooy, oily stuff, and then several nice firm logs. And a really healthy shit smell. "Wow. That felt sooooo good," she said,! "you are really a sweetie to do that for me. I'll make it up to you later." Then she wiped-- it took several passes because of the oily stuff that came after, & she looked into the bowl and said, "J---- C-----, did THAT THING come out of me?" So I looked. The damn thing was tapered, but the middle was as big as a coke can, and about half again the length. Took three flushes to get all of it. The other firm ones were small by comparison, about the size of a frankfurter. Then we went back to the hot tub for a little while, and then-- decided to turn in early, and I got my reward. It's after midnight now and she is sleeping, but I am back up, finishing the Col Sanders and sending this off to the forum. So there it is, all the latest news from our house that is fit to print. A nice first-time poop experience for us (we have caught each other having a BM at inopportune times before but never actually shared anything like this),-and I hope you all enjoyed learning about! it too.

Bryian: I have not seen the other Bryan lately so I think that you should keep your name. I remember that you had to change it once before when there were several Andy's posting at the same time. I have always like your posts and wish we could buddy dump together in adjoining stalls and talk about our interests and some of the great stories posted here. I miss Carlos, Brent C., Gary, and some of the others. Always glad to see posts from Drew, Jacob G and the other guys who are interested in guys dumping habits. I still suffer from Constipation and have a lot of hard dumps with lots of straining and grunting. I mainly use glycerine suppositories and enemas to get relief. I have not had any new experiences regarding buddy dumps but always hopeful that the occasions will arise.

I enjoy having a BM in public men's restrooms with doorless stalls. I have great trouble finding these. Can anyone share their experiences in finding these bathrooms. Here is one for the list: the men's bathrooms in the Galeria mall in Houston, TX have nice open stalls that I have enjoyed on several occasions.

Andrew has finally finished his exams, so we are both free to use his computer now. I'm visiting the site because Andrew told me he posted about his birthday on holiday when us three girls all went to the toilet for him. He says he only told the one about me, but it isn't here, so I wonder what he said ?!

Anyway, he says he can't think of any other way to post about it, and seeing as Uncle Rizzo in particular wanted to know about our adventures, I probably just have time to tell it from my perspective. ( Andrew and I are both off to Cumbria to see my new little brother for the weekend ).

Right, well Andrew was revising back in our apartment on his birthday, mainly because us girls had told him we would all visit and take him to the toilet with us ! So I was the first to go back, under strict instructions from Aunty and Uncle not to bother Andrew while he was busy ! Some chance !! When we got in the bathroom together, I had decided that we should have a sit on knees wee like we have had before, where I sit on his knee facing him. So I took off my bikini bottoms ( I was wearing a little skirt over them ) and sat with my legs hanging down either side of his. It just so happened that he needed to wee at the same time, so we were both able to wee together while having a nice cuddle at the same time ! I finished my wee quite a while before he was finished. In fact it was so long before, I had dripped dry and didn't need to wipe !

There, so thats the short version of the story that hopefully the moderator won't object to ! We'll see.

Some quick messages.

UNCLE RIZZO: Hope you are having a nice holiday in England. Look forward to hearing about what happened. Hopefully when Andrew tells the next toilet story about Kirsty, it will make it past the Moderator. If it doesn't, he's stuck, because I wasn't there to be able to tell the story for him ! Love from Kendal xxx

AUNTY PV: You seem to be very happy at the moment. I'm so glad ! You keep looking after Carmalita through cyber space. It certainly is wonderful that she is getting better and has written again now. Speak to you soon. Love from Kendal xxx

LOUISE: That was such a funny story about drinking and weeing at the same time ! I'm definitely going to have a go myself to see what happens when I do it ! I'll tell you all about it when I've done it. Love from Kendal xxx

KATIE K: I'm with you, I like to read much more about wee stories than poo stories. So do tell plenty of them. Love Kendal x

UPSTATE DAVE: I've been enjoying your stories about your memories. Its really funny because most of the stories have been about girls my age (11), and they have reminded me about what Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ) and I get up to. One in particular, about when you watched Janet under that sign sitting on a wicker chair with a hole in it having a wee and a poo. I remember Andrew and I finding an old chair with a hole in the seat in one of the woods near our village. However, I never for one moment thought about sitting on it and weeing through the hole ! It was absolutely covered in bird poo for a start !! And when Barbie did a wee in that cup for you while you held it for her reminded me of when I did a wee in an old measuring jug with Andrew holding it. It was so I could tell Louise/Steve how much wee I do. Problem for poor Andrew was that I suddenly had a surprise poo in it as well, which meant he had to go through some complicated maths to work out that I can pee a pint ( ! nearly anyway, about 550ml, British pint that is before we have that argument on this site again !! ). Hope you've got plenty more childhood stories to tell. They might even give Andrew and I a few more ideas to try out for ourselves ! Take care, Love Kendal x

I am feeling a bit sad today, but its not the obvious thing about losing my parents, its the fact that so many of my best friends on this site like LINDA GS and KATE and ELLIE, LITTLE LOU and COURTNEY have all gone away. I hope you guys are all well and that one day you might come back again. We used to have so much fun here swapping stories and ideas. Andrew and I would never have tried sit on knees wees without Kate, and that got Ellie and Little Lou trying it as well I remember. And I expect that ELENA has had her twin babies by now. To everyone in the COUSIN household. I hope you are all well, and especially my best friend LINDA.

Now I'm going to be back and will be able to post quite regularly, hopefully I can make some more friends !

Take care everyone. Bye, bye, love from Kendal xxxx

A few weeks ago we had some trailers/walkers come and do a hoke on the farm. we have a few hikes but these people had booked the two day overnight hike. We sleep over in a cave and iether hubby or myself go with them to show them the ropes. Cooking peeing pooing etc. Hubby when he does it just cooks and points the ladies to the ablution area and the men to theirs. I am a little more detailed in that i ask straight out who knows how to shit outside. You will be surprised at those that say they do and don't and those that think it is a joke and ask for a demo men and ladies only to find that they do learn something. I show then without stripping. You do not want to spend the day with a dirty bum or peed panties because you did not squat properly.
This crowd arived in the morning of the walk and I asked them if they knew the drill. $ ladies plus 4 men said yes they did. Off we go into the mountains and it is not long before the first wee break is called and they all go in opposite directions to pee. one lady I get the feeling thinks she is very superior and goes after all the others. I thought maybe its that time and she wants a little privacy. Cut a long story short we reach the overnight cave start the fire and have a few drinks as i cook a camp supper. Typical South African food Braai (barbecue). We eventually all take a pee brush teeth and turn in. At this spot is a ladies area and a mens area that we change so that the biodegrading prosess has a chance to work. Next morning I am up before dark as I need to be ready to prepare coffe/breakfast etc. I grab My pack of tissues and slip out quietly to the ladies area. As i leave i hear one of the ladies quietly farting in her sleeping bag and i think it won't be long! before she wakes up. I get to the loo area and wip off my tracksuit pants and squat down behind a rock. A long gushing pee followed by a small wind and a push gets my old plug easing out followed by the normal icecream textured poo. A few little bits to follow plus a good fart and the last drops of pee and I am about to wipe when I hear someone coming down the path. I thought I may as well just stay and chat. Also to chech if they really know how to shit in the bush. The snooty one arrives striding very quickly with her roll of paper in one hand. She does not even see me as she turns her back puts the roll ona small rock and with a groan pulls her track suit pants and thong down to half thigh. She then gets onto her knees and pushes her buttocks out so the are above her ankles and then bends forward so she is like a Z. I thought to myself this is a new style but could be a disaster as her butt hole is not pointing down but is parralel to the groung. She coughs and a stream o! f liquid flies out of her arse to land about 2 1/2 feet away. The initial pressure kept it continuous till it hit the ground and then it just heaped up under her. She pushed and heaved a few times as this liquid ran out of her arsehole. It was a yellow colour which told me she had an upset. A lot of wind and spluttering and groaning with each wave and she eventually finished. The smell was awful and I thought serves you right you snotty b???? you also shit like the rest of us. She then stayed in this crouch and has a good pee. This is when I notice that because of the position she has poo all down her vulva and I wait to see what she is going to do. She now unrolls a wad of loo paper, enough for 6 wipes and proceeds to wipe. Four wipes and inspections later she thinks she is clean and now starts on the front from the front. I thought your mother never taught you right as she wipes and suddenly realises she has now wiped shit into her pussy. I thought I better help now b???? as! she may be but no woman wants a pussy infection from crap. I tell her to wait and I will get some water as she is quite a mess. She nearly falls into her own shit with fright but is too embarressed to say any thing. I get a bucket of water and soap and watch as she washes and dries herself. I then show her how to squat and shit in the bush which she then proceeds to do and empty another pile of wet poo onto the ground. She now has the picture and I leave to make breakfast. Once again a snooty bitch brought down a peg or to by her own functions. By the look on her face i think that this was the first time she had ever smelt a good shit on the ground. She probably has an airconditioner in HER loo at home extracting the smell. As she got back to us I saw that her knees were wet. The knees on the ground had ended up wet with pee.

Hola mi amigos!
Hey, I want to send special love and kisses to the following men because I haven't talked to them in ages: Rizzo, Jeff A, and Eric B. Where are you guys at?! I miss you so much!
AUSTIN: I loved that story about you getting caught by that guy and his wife. I'll bet she stared! Oh, how I wish that was me seeing you like that! I'll bet you're really hot! Mmmmmmm I love thinking about you! Do you go potty outside a lot? I love it myself.
MY SPECIAL SIMON: Oh, how you sweet talk me, and I can never get enough of it! I'm diggin' all them roses baby! I'm clipping the stems to keep them fresh, wishing you were lying next to me right now. What I love most about you is that you share your poops with me. I feel like I'm there with you. And you have yet another hot latina story? Are you hanging out in the Mexican part of town? Cool! Keep hangin' us Razas and you'll get plenty more I'm sure.That was a sexy story about the chunky girl in the doorless stall. I can see it too. I also loved the poop you dedicated to me the other day. I read it over and over again. I was actually thinking of you this morning when I woke up. Here is the most tender and lasting kiss I can send. Simon, mi hermosa caballero. (Simon, my handsome gentleman.)
SUN DEVIL: Hi Jamie! It's me, your hard grunting, stinky, poopy latina girlfriend! Thanks always for your lovely notes, you are a very special sweetie. I love seeing your name in here. Tesa sends you a kiss too. Her big log was nicely formed. She hadn't been able to poop for two days, so when it finally did come out, it came out huge. It's very early in the a.m. here in the Pacific NW. The weather is going to be beautiful, and me and Tesa are going for a nice morning hike today. We've both been holding our poop for the great outdoors. I'll be thinking of you when I drop my shorts, and stretch my panties down and squat. Love you sweetie. Please know that your little Mexican girlfriend is crazy about you! Until next time.
MUGGSs: Hot story about the two girls by the car dropping a load. Did your gf think it was as hot as you did? I'm getting a little toasty here just remembering it! It's really great to see something like that isn't it? I saw a girl outside of a dance place do that next to a parked car once. The place was so packed the ladies room was full. Good luck with all of your ladies! I imagine they're fighting over a hot dude like you by now. I get this feeling that you're really a catch! Tell me more!
BUZZY: I should've read your Donna story under a cold shower!!! It was way cool! I'm so glad you're catching some good luck with her. She sounds like a babe. However, I don't think you should have turned away from her. It's okay to let her see you excited. At least I think so. After all, it is exciting! I think she'd be flattered to see all of you in your excitement. I know I would. It makes me very happy that you've been able to meet somebody in the woods like that. Take care my special buddy, you mean a lot to me.
PETER IN AZ: Ooooh, I liked that camping story. It's great to get a good description of a guy squeezing one out. Too bad you had to get hit in the ????, hon. I liked the nude thing, two guys pooping together like that. What a delicious vision. Tesa liked it too! Your turd was really awesome Peter! I'll bet you looked good pushing it out! Can I give you a little kiss on the cheek?
RJOGGER: Hi hon! How are you doing? I'm glad you like all of us in our household. I'm pretty crazy about my roomies too. I've missed talking to you Rich, you're such a cool dude. Tell me some of those hot stories about you and Kathy and your double header bathroom, okay? Take care and kiss her for me. Also, be sure and tell me about your own poops, I'm very interested! Smmooooochhhh!!!
KIM AND SCOTT: Hey, I saw your post to Renee! Yeah, I'm down for it baby! Bring your sweet, sexy self, and that awesome man with you. You are one cool honey, Kimmie. I love your stories. I get cheered up whenever I see your name in here! My little buddy Tesa wants to move up here permanent, so you'd have two latinas to contend with! As far as my winning the latina beauty contest goes, I only entered because my mother wanted me to do it. I'm really not into those kind of things for myself. But I can see how you won though! I'll bet you are a hot bod, especially in a bikini!
DIANE FROM NEW YORK: How are you today hon? Hey, make love to that air conditioner baby! I've been in your neck of the woods, or NYC I should say, and I know how hot it gets! I was there in July and the humidity was intense. I'm glad you liked Renee's comment, you'd love being around her all the time. She's a Texas cowgirl moved up here to the Pacific Northwest. She's not only gorgeous, but she's tough too! She used to ride bareback broncs on her uncle's ranch. She even rode with three cracked ribs and a broken wrist from a bronc that threw her into a fence one time. .
PV: I'm glad you liked my poo-etry. That's cute, I love that! I would love to be with you for some of your 11" monsters! You're such a honey, I think about you a lot. You and Louise are such beautiful women, and I want you to know how special you both are to me.

Talk about a tower of turds and a busy communal dump! I had to take a serious shit last night. I was wearing tan khakis, a black, V-neck sweater (with matching bra), and my white, platform Skechers. I hadn't pooped since Wednesday, so I really needed to unload bad. I dropped my pants and stretched my white panties down to my thighs, then sat my little brown fanny down on the seat to go to work. Just as I was beginning to settle, Renee and Patsy came in to talk with me. Then Tesa wandered in and sat next to me on the edge of the tub. I had a regular audience. They all giggled when I farted a slow, zipper fart, then sighed after. Oooooh, it felt good to get that gas out. It didn't take long for something to happen. A long, thick log came sliding out, crackling and splfffing. It was really thick and crept out slowly. I felt a lot more gas in me as a vile smell came rising up from between my dark thighs. Man, did I ever take a healthy dump. My turd was huge and kept inching sl! owly. I had to grunt push it. "unh...unh...unh..." Finally it splashed into the toilet.
"That sounded healthy," Renee said," but it smells bad!" I nodded, then wrapped my arms around my ????, leaned forward with my chin almost touching my knees, and let out more gas. "Sppplllllllltttttttttt." Everyone laughed again. Then, of all people, Jake comes around the corner and sees me on the pot! I strained and said "Does anybody else in our neighborhood wanna come in here to watch me take a dump?!" Patsy felt embarrassed and left. (I think it was really my smell that drove her out.) I moaned out loud, then grimaced, and groaned as Renee snickered and said "What's wrong, hon, ya' doing another big one?" I strained really hard, my ???? felt like it was on fire, and before I knew it "Spprrrkkkklllllll-K=plooop-plop-plop" out came three really long banana turds. The smell was awful. Renee's face was pinched up and she was frowning and fanning. "Oh, Malita, that's just plain nasty!" Nodding in agreement, I spread my legs wide so that I could look down at the mess. The! re was a huge turd, maybe 16" long, and as fat as a cucumber, surrounded by a mound of chunky poop, still steamin'. I had to pull my long, black hair out of my face as I peeked down, then looked up at Renee and grunted hard again-- "Rrrrnnnnn--pprrrkklllllll-K-Pluuummmp!--OANNHHHHHHHhhhhhh...." more hard shit. She looked at my face and said "What did you eat for crying out loud?" I just groaned "Beans an' stuff." Another Mexican masterpiece cleaning out my system! I looked up at Jake who was very excited. He looked right into my eyes and I scrunched my nose a little, pursed my thick lips and went "Rnnnn" followed by a nice Plop! So, I was sitting there, nesting over a nice pile of fresh poop when Renee got down on one knee in front of me. She reached up with her hand and brushed the hair away from my face gently and stared. "What's up?" I asked, and she said "I'm just looking at your eye. It's healing nice." She caressed my face ever so tenderly and it felt good. Then, she l! aughed and said "Malita, it stinks really bad in here! I need fresh air!" Then, I felt a nice gush of warm pee come out. Tesa giggled and also fanned the air and said "El stinko." I nodded, then looked at Jake who moved over to Renee's spot near the sink. He was bulging too. I sat over the bowl of stinking poop with Tesa and Jake looking at me. Feeling empty, I stood up to see my efforts while flushing. My shit was pretty soft, and flushed okay, but the big turd kept swirling and swirling and didn't want to go down. It took two flushes to get it all, and it left lots of soft, powdery flakes behind. After that I sat back down and wiped my poopy butt real good,then flushed all the paper down. I had a very attentive audience as I pulled my panties up, and as usual, christened the bathroom with air freshener. My stink-o-meter was really working yesterday!


Texas Eric

i went to the bathroom just a few minutes ago...number 2...don't get grossed out, it is sort of impotant to the story i'm gonna relate...jesus, be a grown-up about this, we all poop...anyway, i'm sitting in the far left hand stall when someone (a rather heavyset, short man, from the glimpse i caught through the gap between stall door and stall wall) sits down in the center stall, right next to, this is a well-known bathroom etiqutte faux pas, but, i'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and regard him as a bathroom maverick, throwing conventional social practice to the wolves and boldly re-imagining our bathroom, this guy's all right with me, is what i'm saying...he seats himself next to me with the audible dropping of drawers and he's off...and loudly...noises emanate from his stall the likes of which would set a third grade classroom a titter with prepubescent laughter...noises which would tint with blush the face of any "civilized" perso! n...but this lavatory loose cannon, this restroom renegade, his noises were triumphant odes to the joys of excrement...but strangely, i felt even less comfortable making a noisy doody than usual...i was unable to decide whether this was a form of performance anxiety or a self-important desire to seem more "cultured" by having a quieter, gentler bowel the end, i waited for his departure then finished by business silently...

Texas Eric

Hello, I've been a lurker on this board for a while and I've finally gotten brave enough to post here. I have some questions for anybody who feels like answering them. I'm hoping they won't be in conflict with the FAQ rules, due to their nature, but this seems to be the only arena I can comfortably ask these things.
Ok, I am a college student in my early twenties. Since the age of 16 or 17 I have had a fixation with watching women go to the bathroom. It's a feeling I've never acted on, and until very recently, have never told anyone about. When I say fixation, I mean a fixation in the sexual sense. Seeing a women on the toilet arouses me more than anything else. Before this post gets cancelled due to this sexual content, let me get my point across: I want to know, from you all out there, who seem to be able to sympathize with my feelings, how and why I could feel this way? Is it some sort of psychological reason? Was I exposed to something as a child that might have put it into my head?
Let me elaborate on this fixation a little...I don't get turned on by seeing the actual "by-product" as it were; e.g. seeing the poop or pee doesn't do it for me...It's simply seeing the woman on the toilet that arouses me. Sometimes I feel like it may be a power thing...The woman is basically helpless. Also, in our society, the idea of women having bowel movements is sort of taboo, and it's arousing to know I am witnessing such a private, intimate moment.
My second question is: How should I broach this topic with my girlfriend, or should I at all? I recently told her, in one of those intimate, secret conversations, about my fixation. She didn't seem really bothered by it, at least I didn't think so, but it's not like she dropped her pants and had a seat on the toilet while I watched right then and there. Watching her go would be the most wonderful experience, I think, and also being free to talk about it and not have to mince around pretending not to do our business around each other would be a boon. Is there any way to address this problem with one's significant other without being thought of as a pervert?
Finally, and this one is not related to me really, why is it in our society that makes using the bathroom, especially "number 2," is so taboo? Is it really perverse to want to watch another person's bodily functions? The ones we all do, every day, as have every other human being that has ever lived? What are we so afraid of? I mean we have an anonymous bulletin board here just so we can TALK about this stuff...Why is it that our society has a problem with this? I think watching a person use the bathroom can be a beautiful, sexual thing. I certainly don't think it's as bad as most X-rated sexual fantasies. I guess the point is, why are we wired to think like we do? I think it's even worse for women than it is for men. In America at least, it's like women are expected to never have to fart or poop or anything. It's just a bodily function though, no different than menstration or snot from the nose or sweaty armpits. THOSE things are shunned by society. Hell, th! ere are TV commercials for feminine hygiene products that aren't nearly as bashful about their supposed purpose as your garden variety toilet paper commercials. They don't even call it toilet paper! It's bathroom tissue. Has anybody on earth ever called it bathroom tissue? The commercials imply you can do everything with TP except for what it's real use is. Ah sorry for the rant...
Guess that's it...I'd appreciate any feedback any of you wise souls can or will offer. Glad to be out of the closet at last, so to speak. So long.


Glad to hear Carmalita is back! Her posts, and the posts of her friends are a big part of the enjoyment on this board! I hope you heal quickly and completely. You need to get well, so that you can start pumping out some of those monster dumps again!
It still boggles my mind that such a little person can blast out such massive, thick turds! I loved the latest story about pumping out that monster log straight at Scott! Did it make a big thud when it hit the newspaper? Did it stay in one piece?
Ring Stretcher,
The same goes for you! I have no idea how a small woman can make her anus stretch from zero to four inches, but I'd love to see for myself!
I saw a picture today of a four inch by sixteen inch log that someone left in a public toilet- I just can't believe that any person, let alone a small female, could pass logs anywhere near such a huge diameter! The feeling must be nearly indescribable. I never believed that such monster turds were even possible to pass, until I started reading this board.

To Jordan: I'm glad you like my stories. I really like your stories too. Its werd how were alike as far as family goes.

No new stories today.

More later

Long time reader; first time poster.

Great post Gruntly Bogwell about seeing your aunt arranging herself on the throne back when ladies wore petticoats. That must have been a difficult time in history for the ladies to relieve themselves when fully dressed. The flip up in the back motion must have been talent which took a lot of practice to perfect! I'm sure a lot of accidents occurred when the flip wasn't done right.

A question for the ladies- in your experiences pooping around other women have you detected a great difference in the odor that each woman produces? I know that from years of being in many mens rooms men are universally smelly. I can relate experiences from my personal life involving two women- my mother and my wife. I remember growing up that my mother had the talent for stinking the whole house up during her morning movement. She still does, as evidenced during her visits. My wife, on the other hand, frequently announces on her way to the can that she's going to create a horrendous stink and that I should steer clear. But, I always make it a point to go in our bathroom after she makes this threat and although there is often the visual evidence that she has taken a good healthy crap, there is almost no odor. I know that both my mother and my wife eat the same type of foods. What do you think causes the difference?

Hey, yall:

Special-thanks, to Kim(&Scott), and all the rest of oyou who have given Angela & I kudos! Too-bad, that not all of the men in the world, are as lucky as I, or Scott, or the other guys on this board, whose women share this very special/private act w/ them! It's a crying-shame, it really is. This should be something that would be guaranteed by the Bill of Rights:The right to see your significant-other move their bowels, in front of you. Of course it was not, nor will it be (or will it?), because this is not something that you can force people to do (@ least, the communism in the US gov't has not gotten to that point, yet). Last-night, was an extremely-pleasurable one. You see, Angela and I had some Chinese food, three nights ago, and last night was when it chose to "make its exit". It smelled really-bad (which is great, in our opinions!)and the bowl was full of "brown-squigglies", as Jane called them, not too long-ago. This time, Angela was in my lap. ! We were both in "Chocolate soft-serve dispense mode", as Jane and others of you have called it. What would I do, without this aspect of my life? (Sharing my bm's w/ my woman, and she sharing her's w/ me?)I don't know how I lived, before that fateful-day (fateful-day being good, in this case), when she came to my house, and I first met her, when she had come to change the motherboard on my PC for me? Good-luck to all of you guys (and women), who are looking for a "poop-partner". Including-you, Pico!

Yall take-care,



I finally saw "Traffic". It's really a great movie, but I can't say
the bathroom scenes get more than two stars. The girl sits on
the toilet, but she has her clothes on. Big woop. I get about
the same for "Tumbleweeds". It's a cute show, but one star
for bathroom scenes. Wah.


Sorry to let you folks down, but I've been busy with my new
job and haven't had any time for Kink. Well, the good news
is that my kidney stone issue is healing very well, and I
should be back to normal in a week or so. Okay, happy


Embarrassed Chap!
Jay - embarrssing for you to have peed your jeans at your age, but these things unfortunately happen when drunk. When I was 20 I went on a mate's stag night pub crawl by coach and towards the end of the evening I got desperate on the coach and although I knew I had to piss without delay I was so drunk that I could hardly get out of the seat. The result was that I wet myself in the coach seat - completely went in my pants and good trousers and I could feel it running all through my socks and into my smart shoes. The coach driver went mad, half the lads couldn't stop laughing at me, some felt sorry for me and some were angry and called me babyish, etc. No-one's ever forgotten and I'll always be reminded of it, I was the talk of the wedding the next weekend and my mum said she was ashamed of me. My best man (best mate!) even brought it up in his speech when I got married a couple of years later.

What were the details of your accident - or can't you remember?

Plunging Plop Guy

Again, lots to respond to, If I don't get it all out today (!), I'll continue when I get the chance.

JIM, I know it's frustrating when you want to decide when and where to have a shit and nature thinks otherwise!
Often I've had breakfast and got an urgent need to go so I've sat on a chair and wriggled a bit while the urge passes off and then when I start walking round again I feel the turds "knocking at the door".
Sometimes I've been able to hold on, sometimes I've had to go.
Another thing I've had happen a lot is I've not felt any need to go when I've been coming home, then as soon as I get in the door, I've had to get to the toilet really fast!

The last two days I've been in complete control of my toilet urges.
Almost like I used to be; no strong urge, just a pleasantfeeling in my arse that I could do with getting on the toilet that can wait till I'm ready. Yesterday, I had a really easy satisfying and quite good sized shit, with an easy to clean arse after and no sensation of itchy unclean anus.
Today's too was one I could have delayed for hours but as soon as I started to push, it all came out slowly, with no great effort and I got clean after.
I've slightly reduced the fibre intake at breakfast, perhaps that's helping, but Idid that before and became constipated.

RING STRETCHER, I agree with you, the smaller turds can be more difficult to do than the large ones. Probably because there's less for the gut to bite on and so it has a lot more work to do.

ADRIAN mentioned the Skegneess toilets being closed down due to the standards not being what the public expect.
Apart from cleanliness etc. perhaps the lack of baby changing facilities is what they mean as I can't think of anything else people might need. A seaside town might need to cater for lots of children and visitors in general so perhaps it wasn't big enough.
I just hope the toilets are adequate for good loud arse- splashing plops but I fear they may be the rather bland small water trap-type toilets that are quite common in new public conveniences.

BRYIAN PL, No problem with your new name!
I think you may have been over-sensitive as I too may be in those circumstances of waiting to listen in a toilet when you wonder if those guysyou know knew you were still there.
Why not open and close the main door to let them think you'd gone, then stand still until someone comes in?
I don't suppose they were bothered anyway, but understand you feeling awkward.
You could have been waiting to use one of the toilets, I wish I'd been waiting!

SAUL, Re. the emotive and subjectively used word "pervert".
I think I and most people here would use it in the sense of having an ulterior motive in wanting to observe others on the toilet.
By that, I mean that the person we might consider a pervert is stalking or intending to make a sexual advance or annoy us during our use ofthe toilet or after.
I take your point that the interest many of us share isn't to everyone's taste, and that any voyeurism might be considered invasive, threatening and a breach of the peace, but to enjoy others' bodily functions and wish to emulate and feel the thrill of doing our own thing; shitting on the toilet for anyone else to see or hear is the greatest intimacy without actual physical contact.
See my last post in which I said virtually the same thing.
Glad you're interested in this subject, and while you don't share it,are trying to find out how we tick!
I've always thought- I enjoy the sensations of using a toilet so much-that I want to know other guys feel about it the same way, hence the interest in how others do it.

BUZZY, I knew you'd agree with what I said in my last post- we really seem to understand that comradeship thing!
It's a real pity we have to be fairly inhibited when enjoying our own or someone else's toilet session to avoid the "wrong kind of attention" from others.
You certainly strike lucky with your outdoor companions when shitting on a log and the sociability it brings about.
With nothing to hide, we can feel totally at ease in the right company!

LINDA, Hooray! I've got a kindred spirit as regards TP!
I use Izal, in roll form, 'though I've used the loose sheets as well.
I like the sound of the paper being torn off the roll, and I suppose like to see how much there is left rather than the box suddenly being empty! I keep the toilet roll so I can pick it up and use it rather than on a toilet roll holder, as my toilet isn't close to a side wall and so it saves reaching round to the wall at the back.
I've tried a free standing roll holder, but it's not as convenient as getting the roll in your hand!
I've seen the Blue Cross one you mentioned, but I don't know of any other strong TP makes. There used to be a similar TP called "Bronco" but that ceased production some years ago.
I assume you prefer it for the same reasons I do;doesn't disintegrate, it's medicated and you can count the sheets someone's using,(if you're interested!)

DREW< Good to hear from you again, and interested that by the time you read this you'll be in Britain and using our deeper toilets!
Unfortunately, the chances of us meeting or being next door to each other are remote as we can't arrange to meet through this forum.
Even though you have used the same toilet I have used once; the one where the tramp was waiting to go in when you came out. (No, It wasn't me!)I prefer the ones 200 yards away; great plopping potential!!
Let's know all the toilets you visited and what you thought of them and whether any seemed particularly good for loud plopping in.
I've visited toilets in lots of towns in Britain but not found the ideal one yet for companionable loud bum-splashing seesions with minimal distractions from hand'dryers, urinals flushing at the wrong moment, etc. etc.
Hope you're still getting company now and again when you use those university toiletswhereyou live, and that you have some great sessions here and the best plops you've had!
If I don't find myself in a toilet next door to you, have a great time anyway, and hope the other reasons for your visit are successful.
I'd be really interested in your detailed opinions of the differences between British toilets and the ones at home, as you having experienced both more than once should be quite an authority on the subject!

Hope everyone's feeling as well as I am, and having great times on the toilet! Good KERPLOONKS to you all! P P G

Sunday, July 01, 2001

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