Kim and Scott - Hi Kim, I see you that you came up with another creative way to put on a "log show" for Scott (your post on Sunday 06-24). You must be in fantastic shape to be able to push out those monster torpedoes from all of those positions. Of course, the way you describe yourself indicates that you are not only very beautiful, but very strong. I enjoyed your recent story very much, as I do all of your posts. When there is a long gap between your posts, I get withdrawals, as I need "fix" from you often. By the way how is the 'Stang? I recently ran a couple of 'Stangs on the southbound Taconic State parkway, with my 2001 'Vette. Going across the Croton Reservoir Bridge at 145 mph was a trip. Take good care.
Patsy - It's nice to see you posting. Welcome. Hey, a good poop is nothing to be embarrassed about. It should be a fun experience, and your morning session sounded like it was. Take care.
Buzzy - My friend, you are really connecting! So you should be a dump model, huh? Cool! Those stories of you and Donna are just great. Here's hoping that you connect often. Keep those great stories coming.
Jane - Wow, those were some massive loads you passed the other day. Being the curious type, I was wondering if you have any food allergies. I know that if I eat the wrong foods, I get very gassy and loose.
Renee - It sounds as if someone is always pooping at your house. And the way all of you girls write about it is just great. I liked your latest episode, you filling the head with Patsy in the bath. You are a very dear sweet girl for calling me a beautiful man. And you don't have to thank me for saying nice things to you girls. I am very fond of all 3 of you and I mean that from my heart. When you kids write, I read and enjoy. When adversity hits you, I'm down. I'm glad Malita is getting around. Please plant one on her cheek for me; and hear is a hug and kiss for you, sweet pregnant lady. The NE Crazy loves all of you girls!

Nothing much to write about. I had a nice dump in the woods, towards the end of my run this morning. I found a semi-concealed spot and proceeded to have my usual boring AM dump, with the usual 20" by 2" log and companions. As I was leaving, a cute lady runner with blonde hair appeared about 15' in front of me, and I could see her squat but I could not see too much else. I could also hear her grunt, so I know she was crapping. I just waited until she finished, then I went and looked. She had pooped a bunch of smelly squiggles, so I didn't stick around. Anyway, I'll speak to you folks when Kathy and I get back from vacation, early next month. Bye.

Plunging plop guy. In answer to your question, I heard a news report that the underground toilets in Skegness, known to and used by generations of holidaymakers had been closed and filled in. Apparently they weren't of the standard that most people have come to expect nowadays and new toilets have been provided elsewhere in the town to replace them. There are already other existing public toilets in 'Skeggy' so holidaymakers needn't worry too much about being taken short!

To PV,
Hi there! I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. As I promised, this is one of the write-ups of two interesting little episodes from almost two weeks ago now...
The first one was the Friday night, the evening immediately following my recent test. My training partner and I were out for a quiet celebratory drink with our respective girlfriends, and we spent a very pleasant 3 hours in the same public house. It was not particularly busy, and we were thankful for that, as all we really wanted was a nice peaceful time without too much noise and hustle and bustle as we would get in the busy part of town.
Anyway, my training partner's girl wanted to go to the toilet first, and as she was unfamiliar with this place, I happened to be in the best position to give her directions to the ladies room, so I told her where it was. I pointed out that the door to the men's room was on the left of the ladies, and I said not to go into the mens'. This was actually quite amusing for all four of us, and I suppose it will not come over in how I am writing this - I think you would have just had to be present to have seen people's faces to appreciate it properly ;)
After a couple of minutes, she returned, and my friend asked his girl which room she used, to which she smacked his arm in mock offence. As I say, it was an amusing moment of banter I think you would have needed to witness to enjoy fully, but I think it is worth mentioning anyhow.
As I remember, it was quite late, when on one of my own visits to the gents, I stood in front of a urinal, pointed my penis at it, and started to urinate. Just at this moment, a lady in her mid forties came into the room! I was alerted to her presence by the characteristic noise heeled shoes make on that type of tiled floor. I turned my head around to face her, as her eyes swept the room as if looking for something - or someone. She offered a pleasant "hello" and then asked me if I had seen a man (presumably hers from how she was talking) dressed in a grey suit in there. As I answered, she walked up to the urinals and stood fairly close to me, and I was still urinating while I shook my head and told her that I had not seen any man looking how she had described him. She said that the last she saw of him was when he had gone into the gents', and she had seen no sign of him since in the previous 15 minutes. All the time she was explaining this, she openly looked at my penis a! nd watched me urinating until I finished, at which point she winked at me and said something which I suppose you would have to say was complimentary but I cannot really repeat on this forum. Still, taking one more look around as if she thought the guy might suddenly come out of hiding from one of the two toilet cubicles, she left the room looking rather irritated. This was something I told Louise about later when we were at home, and it caused her to break into a fit of giggling.
On the way home from the public house, there was the inevitable need to water the ground, and finding one of our favourite alleys, we decided to make use of it. Now this was actually the first time that Louise and I had been in this situation with this couple, and we decided that we would go for couple segregation rather than on the sexes. This meant that my training partner and his girl used the alley first while Louise and I waited around the corner. My friend's girl was in a short dress, and was pretty much pulling down her knickers as she hobbled around the corner, Louise watching me with a big knowing grin on her face. I was trying not to become too excited, as she was my closest friend's girl after all. From around the corner we could hear the occasional giggle, so they were enjoying sharing the expeerience.
A short time later, and it was the turn of Louise and myself, and emerging from around the corner were my friend and his girlfriend, who was just now pulling her knickers back up. When Louise and I went into the alley, we saw a streaky stain down the wall, followed by the distinctive spread out appearance of a large puddle of urine produced by a female who had her back to the wall at the time. It was possible to tell which way she had been facing by the splash pattern on the ground, and that she had been squatting.
We added another streak down the wall and another spread-out girl pee-puddle as we watched each other in action.

I hope you enjoyed that, PV. Hopefully later I will be able to write up the other story from the Saturday night, as I will be unavailable for a few days - possibly up to the middle of next week.
Anyway, I will speak to you again soon.



Traveling Guy
LAURA - You and Maxie both get the Brown Badge of Courage for taking a dump in the men's room of the bus station. That was pretty bold! And prety wild, too, that the guy in the next stall turned out to be a friend. Did he know or suspect that it was you two when you came in?

PATSY - Why have you been hiding from us? Welcome! Such a bevy of beauties living in that place. Beautiful women who take stinky dumps - I can see how Jake could get excited about that. He sounds like one cool dude to have for a roomie.

COPROLOGIST - You've posted for such a long time here and I've learned a lot from you. (This is a man, EVERYONE, who is truly informed on the topic of human elimination, and modest about it, too.) My prayers for your wife's speediest recovery, good health, and a quick return to the pleasures of pooping.

Buzzy's going to be a hot week here in the N.E and I've been ouy in the woods just about daily-it's been great-esp yesterday a.m. meeting my poo buddy out in the woods-i'm stiil thinkin' about that-it was amazing how she just took off all her clothes and peed right in front of me and put me at easr to poop with her!Can't wait till we can dump together and with this hot weather we are going to get,I poop even more with the hot weather-i think it gets my system really going-i poop 2 times a day in hot weather and it's soft,so odds are it's going to be a busy week
today,i'm going to try to bike to the beach early and do my business out there-there are some cool toilets out at the beach with some good activity if you get out early enough-Biked out early this a.m to see if i would run into my lady friend-i didn't have to poo,but maybe i would run into her and she would,but after 1/2 hour of looking for her,she didn't show and I came home and fijured,let me go out to the beach-so tha's where i'm headed today-should be fun the water is at a perfect temp. to swim in! Great posts all BYE

Katie K:

Many women I have dated have left skidmarks. My wife has the same problem as you do. She often leaves skidmarks in her panties although I know she wipes good. One time when I saw her skidmarks in front of her, she replied "sometimes shit happens!" Watch out for thongs, they can get messy!!

Plunging Plop Guy


COPROLOGIST, My best wishes for your wife after her haemorrhoid operation. I certainly know what you mean when you describe something as wonderful as normal healthy, enjoyable BMs being transformed into acts of pain and discomfort, as I was in that situation a few months ago and very, very depressed.
Not being able to talk to others about how much it was affecting me was bad enough, but having the support and comfort of all my friends on this forum was a great help, and I got through it and am reasonably if not quite well again now.
Anyway, I hope and assume it's just a matter of a short while before your wife's recovered and going normally and happily, and that it will have been worthwhile, with easier BMs than before.

GRAHAM and others who've used toilets with bleach in the pan-
One place I used to work had toilets for the public as well as the staff, and a strong blue solution was poured into the toilets at the end of the day as a germicidal agent, and was also used to clean the toilet floors.
This stuff was similar to whatever is added to chemical toilets and which dissolves the excreta.
Anyone who's ever sat on a chemical toilet has probably been shitting into this solution and so perhaps breathed in chemical gases, got splashback from it, and been unable to monitor their turds.
A certain amount of germicidal caution is a good thing, but to have to shit into a virtual chemical soup is going too far.

This morning I was rather worried as I had a really long shit in a public toilet, so much that I had to flush twice during my performance to allow enough water to plop into; when at the end, and as I was wiping my arse; I noticed two of my turds were quite red.
There was no blood on the TP, but these red turds bothered me, until much later in the day I remembered I'd eaten beetroot yesterday!
Hence the red turds. What a relief to know all is well after all!

Further to Scott's message about being watched on a toilet and feeling awkward about the guy's persistent attitude in asking him for details of his turds coming out- has this happened to any other guys in doorless stalls?
There must be a lot of guys who make a point of watching and making conversation with guys on the toilet, but few have mentioned here being asked specific questions even in a friendly easygoing conversation.
I love knowing someone's listening and interested in my ploppping, but have occasionally made contact with the other guy by making some comments, or caught him looking, but then they spoil it by trying to tell me how they want me to do it!
One guy told me to squatt over asome TP, them pass it under the partition. I told him I didn't want to do that and that I sit on the toilet to do my shit, but he seemed to regard me as being subject to his entertainment.
Another guy stuck his head under the partition and asked me to stand up so he could watch the turds drop into the pan. I didn't mind doing that and I remember dropping some big ones with loud plops that almost splashed his face as they plopped in the toilet.
He made a thumbs-up sign and smiled his approval, then he was out of there, no chat or anything after!
Once I made contact with a guy who , to put it politely, wanted to be my toilet. I'm not into that and didn't want to do anything like that, and explained I thought it potentially very unhealthy.
He was extremely persistent and quite annoyed I wouldn't agree to his wishes but that was his problem.
If people want to watch, listen, chat to me while I'm having a shit and we can talk easily with no agenda for me to perform according to their wishes, and they like the way I do it, then that's absolutely great and I wish it would happen every day, but all voyeurs, myself included, should always give maximum respect to someone who's generous enough to share his private moments with others.

Happy and healthy enjoyment of everyone's toilet! P P G

Hey...I just found this place, and have been enjoying reading all the posts. I am wondering how old they are, if it really is an active board and thought I would submit and see for myself.

I have had lots of wetting accidents. I am hold me pee inside until it is bursting out of me. I have had a few pooping accidents, but not as many of them as the pee ones.

Are there any other people on this board that regularly hold off til all hell breaks loose?

hi guys! I posted about a week ago and thanks to all those who responded to me!! I haven't been able to come here since then because I've been busy but I think I wil have lots of time over the next few weeks.

To PHILLIP: you asked me a few questions which I would like to answer. how long is the longest I have held on? well its strange, but sometimes I can feel the need in the morning and keep holding all day until the night when I go to bed. But other times I will feel a slight urge at one time and then within about an hour I am bursting and have to find a toilet straight away!

The longest I have gone without peeing is about 136 hours, from before bed one night until before bed the next night. But I was very uncomfortable by the time I finally peed!!!

I usually seem to only be able to pee for a very short time, even when I am at my fullest it only goes for 90-120 seconds but my pee always comes out extremely fast. Once I had been holding for quite a few hours, and I knew I couldnt hold it anymore so I peed in a container and measured it. It turned out to be 1750mL. I couldnt believe it I didnt think I would be able to hold that much liquid in my body!

And yes, I go to university (college) and often I go all day without peeing/pooping. I like using the toilets there and I usually dont have time.

I have to go now but soon I will post some of my accident stories when I did on that was 40 inches long. I have lots to share!!


kevin from calgary
This is not really funny-- but it is if you know what i mean.

some years ago when i lived in england, we visited one of thoes country market places you know where they auction cattle etc. anyway while walking around looking at the cows etc i was petting a lamb (i was eight)when i turned around just in time to see a woman slip and land on her bum right in a cow pat.

The woman sat there for a minit and said to her husband ive sat right in a cow plop, he was laughing (along with everyone else)and helped her up, as they walked by me i heard her say i smell like ive done a plop in my knickers.

i did a nice poo today in the toilet a big firm one about nine inches long a bit smelly, wiped twice and flushed. yesterday at work i saw a young girl from the office holding her bum and rushing to the ladies room i wondered if she made it in time, i never saw her come out.

Hi, everyone!

Lizzy: Very enjoyable post! You're going to have to re-train
your body to do this on Fridays, I'm afraid... keep posting with
the results, O.K.? It's always a great relief when you FINALLY get
to go after not being able to for awhile... I think you'll like the following story, in response to another poster's query.

Ring Stretcher: You asked about the longest I ever went without crapping. Good question! I'm not absolutely certain, but I think three
days might be right... you reminded me of the following story, though.

It was a few summers ago, right about this time of year. I was working a
summer job as a restaurant waiter, and was scheduled to do a lunch shift. I had already been holding a poop in for a couple of days, and I
could feel a HUGE one coming on! I had originally planned to do it after
I did the set-up work for the lunch shift, somewhere around 10:30, before the restaurant opened at 11:00 A.M. But since the urge was not yet overwhelming, I decided to wait. As luck would have it, it was a very busy lunch, and I never found the time to do it... besides, as my shift neared its end, I decided I really wanted to ENJOY it somehow... I
just had to figure out HOW... the restaurant was NOT near my home. It was about a 35-40 minute drive over the NH-VT border over country roads.
Hmmm... When my shift finally ended, I came back into the outside world into an unusually hot, sunny northern New England day, at about 4:00 P.M. I was driving (STILL drive in the summer!) an unusual, somewhat odd-looking, 3 cylinder GEO METRO convertible (don't worry if you've never seen one ; they don't make them any more!). I rolled the top down,
and decided to get a cold drink for the ride home. I was VERY tempted to use the coffee shop's rest room, but forced myself to hold it further, even though the pressure was becoming DEMANDING... my next plan
was to go about halfway home, pull off in one of the many dirt roadside pull-off areas available, walk a few steps into the woods, and use the
(then empty) extra-large iced coffee container as a mini toilet (almost
like Buzzy!). But as I sped past them one by one, I kept trying to make it "just a little longer," until finally I decided to dare to try to make it all the way home... as I recall, the last few miles, when I was in a more residential area with no more pull-offs, were absolutely BRUTAL! Except for diarrhea cases (a different kind of urgency, I think), I don't ever remember having to go this badly. When I finally arrived at my house, my wife was not home (it's only the two of us living there), so I decided to do something different. I took the iced
coffee container I had been saving, put it in the middle of the kitchen
floor, threw off my clothes, squatted over the container, and let LOOSE!
HUGE, SOLID turds flowed out of my grateful anal canal, filling up the huge container. I forced the plastic top on, and put the continer in the
freezer, to surprise my wife later!

Nice picture, i like whats in the bowl!!

I got a story, i was at work today and i wanted to run upstairs to get something to drink, i saw this young guy i work with going up stairs...i thought i would stop by the bathroom to pee first, incase i didn't have a chance later, if i really had to go. I open the door and to my amazement both stalls were ocupied(2 stalls only). This is the first time i've ever could tell a guy was shitting at work. So 2 of the youngest guys i work with were taking a shit on break!!. I go to the urinal and i have a hard time starting cause i was excided about the guys pooping at work, so i eventully got started and i was taking my time, I heard a few faint plops and in between they were talking, they must be really good friends. Any way i didn't want them to know i was still lurking in the bathroom, i went over to this changing room, that isn't used any more and sorta hid/ and listen...I eventully snuck out. I was dying to see them on the crapper, i thought about "accidently opening the s! tall door, as it just closes and there is a lock...but i thought i could get in trouble with work. I did have a feeling maybe that they suspect "i" was in the rest room during their shit. But come to think of it how could they tell it was me if i didn't see them, i just hurd them. Well thats about it for now. Bye

Diane-New York (Very Warm)
Hello Everybody! It is very hot in the Northeastern United States today. My Central Air broke down and I’m literally going to melt. After I type this I’m hopping in the M5 and going for a long drive to Connecticut to visit my brother. Maybe I might have a story to tell along the way or when I get there. Stay tuned.

Muggs- Awesome story about seeing those 2 women taking a shit near the Movie Theater. And I also loved how you described the shit being produced by each woman individually. And I loved your follow-up story with you watching your girlfriend taking a dump. Keep up the good stories and I appreciate you like my stories too.

Buzzy- So you live here to. And you know how things go on the LIE. Things really suck on Sunday afternoons where there is a lot of backup. But you think the LIE is bad check out the GCP. Who knows? Maybe we might run into each other pooping. That would be great fun. And I enjoyed your story with you dumping with your friend Donna in the woods. Nothing like taking a dump in the woods. Its very natural. Talk to you later.

Kim and Scott- Cool story about you blasting a huge log at your boyfriend. Wow. You sure do know how to have a lot of fun pooping. And you also went to a car show prior to having that log. What a great story. Take Care.

Renee and Patsy- I’m so happy to hear that Carmalita is back home and out of the hospital. I wish her a speedy recovery. Patsy- I’m happy you overcame your shyness. I enjoyed your story pooping while Renee was brushing her teeth. And I liked Renee’s quote: She said "Throw a saddle on it Pat, and ride it to hell and back!" I thought that was a ver interesting and inspiring quote. Very Interesting. You all take care of yourselves.

PV- Hey! Long time no speak. How are you doing? I have the same problem. I drink waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many Mocha Latte’s and every time I pee, It just reeks of a good Latte. I also have this problem with Honey Smacks, and bacon, beer, whiskey, wine, and Vodka. Take care of yourself.

Moderator- Compliments on the new picture with all the girls pooping. I like it.

RJOGGER- You are right. I’m lucky to take a trip to France and seeing the 69th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But going there is a family tradition. From as long as I can remember my mom and myself have been going there all the time. I went alone this year. I liked your story about your Latina friend and watching her poop right in front of you. That sounds mighty awesome! What you said to Buzzy and his friend Donna also could apply to Maranello who the late Melissa’s sister. Maranello is 6’6 and weighs 368lbs. (she gained 8 lbs.? Wonder where it came from?) and her shit is comparable to something that would come out of a horse. (If a horse can shit big). She is amazing just like her sister. How do they do it? Who Knows? Take care of yourself fellow enthusiast.

Stay cool everybody,
DIANE Who Feels like she’s gonna melt.

Plunging Plop Guy, yes I'm still around, but have been very busy recently. Had a good shit about an hour ago in the university library-one 12in log, one 6in log and then some soft shit to end with. Unfortunately, nobody was in the next stall at the time. I'm coming over to your side of the Atlantic next week for a month, so I'm looking forward to dropping many loads in those good old British toilets. Who knows, I might be sitting in the stall next to you one day!

Greg K.
To Katie K:

I seldom ever have poop spots in my underwear at the
end of the day but often I have asshole smell where
my anus rubs against my underwear...not that I smell
it purposely. The ass is the ass and it smells like
one, whether or not it's attractive!

Bill M
I frequently ride my bike in the evenings, on an old railroad line that has been converted to a bike trail. It isn?t used to heavily during the week, os most evenings I am alone on the trail for a good portion of my evening ride.

A few days ago, As I was riding, I came by a young lady of about 25, she was dressed in blue spandex running shorts, and a sports bra. Obviously, she had been jogging on the trail.. She was off the main trail, in the edge of the woods. She was squatting down just in the edge of the woods with her shorts pulled down around her knees. A long light brown turd was plainly visible hanging from her butt.

I figured since the bike doesn?t make much noise, I must have surprised her. She looked up as I went by, and somewhat embarrassed, I said ?HI?, and kept riding. Later I was stopped at a small bridge, taking a break and a drink of water. She came jogging up and stopped t say hello. I said: ?I?m sorry about surprising you earlier? She laughed and said:? It?s ok, we all have to go, don?t we?? Then she jogged off, and I resumed my ride.

I few days went by and I thought that was the end of it. Then yesterday, I saw her jogging on the trail. As I passed her, We both said ?HI? and I continued on, wondering of she would be stopping at her previous ?rest stop?. I knew that being on a bike I would go by there well before her, so as I got there, I slowed down and stopped. In the same spot there were several small piles of poop, like she visited that spot every day.

Not wanting to have her see me there, I continued on , finally getting to the end where I turn around. Heading back up the trail, I wondered if I would run into her again. When I saw her come into view, she slowed her pace, and said ?time for a break?. I stopped as if to chat with her. Still panting from her run, she asked if she could have some of my water, which I gave to her., Then she said? ?Wow? I knew I should have made a pit stop earlier?. I was about to ask what she meant, when she headed off the trail. I didn?t know what to do, so I just stood where I was. She turned around, and said ?don?t be bashful, I don?t mind? I walked over to her, as she was facing me pulling down her shorts. I caught a glimpse of thick dark brown pubic hair as she squatted. A loud hiss, then splashing sounds told me she was peeing. I could not see her stream, but I saw the puddle run from between her feet. She smiled, and chatted as she peed ,then I saw her face tense slightly.! She grunted a couple of times, and I heard a familiar crackling sound. She asked ?is it a good one?? I took that as my cue and moved to get a better look. A thick dark brown turd was emerging from her ass, which was domed out and open wide. It was a short stubby one that broke off and fell to the ground, followed by a couple of smaller smoother and lighter color carrots. She shifted position slightly, grabbing a few leaves to wipe with. I continued to watch as she stood and wriggled back into her tight spandex shorts, giving me a full view of her dark bush.

Struggling for words, I guess I looked flustered. She quickly surprised me again by saying ?lets meet here again. Maybe I will get to watch you next time.?

I am looking forward to a buddy dump with her.

Golden Drink

On Sunday, I went with my girlfriend to one of her best friend's Graduation Party. There was a lot of people there and also a pool and Hot Tub.

Before I went into the hot tub, I used the bathroom and made a big poop and clogged the toilet. I managed to plunge it down, but on the second flush it didn't look like the drain was clear, so I quickly turned the knob at the bottom of the toilet to turn off the water. I cleared the toilet and turned it back on, but the knob to do it was leaking water. So I figured the toilet was off limits until fixed. I opened the door (now changed into my swimsuit and relieved).

Two people were waiting in line though. A girl named Jen who is friends with my girlfriend and other firends. She obviously had to PEE BAD!! The other person was my girlfriend's little brother, who ignored my warnings and went into the bathroom instead. I explained what happened with the toilet to Jen, then went into the next room to hop in the hot tub.

While I was taking off my shirt, I realized that Jen was already in the Hot Tub! She must have not gone to the bathroom! :) So I inched up to the Hot Tub and watched her intently. At this time I could not actually go into the Hot Tub as whoever owns it overfilled the thing and too many people were in it. But I still watched Jen! She had her hands between her legs, resting on the seat in the Hot Tub. I figured she must be peeing, because she did not get to use the toilet and she's in the Hot Tub. I never really saw anything, but I'm sure she was peeing for awhile, because after it looked like she was done, she took her hands away from her crotch and sat on the edge of the Hot Tub (some poeple were requested out of the Hot Tub because the water was overflowing and ended up all over the floor.)

It was a pretty cool expierence. I peed in the Hot Tub once I finally was able to go in too. It was a LOT easier than peeing in a cold pool. With the warm water, it was really easy to pee and I didn't need to push to get it going.

Golden Drink

George: Tell more stories from your experiences collecting urine samples both from those who peed easily and about those who could'nt. Did you keep any notes about how many were circumcised and how many were not?

Gruntly Bogwell
As most of you know I'm a consummate "peeper" and so I'm going to relate a story from my youth, during a time in which I was honing my spying techniques. I had noticed that the bathroom door jamb (the slat of wood running the length of the door acting as a buffer when the door shuts) had opened up slightly. At least I could see light coming through the slit as I walked by one day. Putting two and two together, it wasn't long before I had used my boy scout knife to pry open the slit a bit more which gave me a view of the toilet straight on. One weekend we were having a family picnic in the back yard and I had gone into my bedroom at the end of the hall to get a ball to play with…I was about 13 years old. I was rummaging in my closet when I heard footsteps on the rug in the hall and the bathroom door shut and lock. So, I tiptoed out in the hall to the bathroom door and peeped through the slit in the door jamb. There was my unmarried aunt who was an army nurse and was in h! er late thirties, brown hair parted in the middle and put up in a bun, about 5'7'' probably 140 lbs preparing to sit on the toilet. She was wearing a white summer dress with a green and light green floral design, some petticoats under it and white summer open-toed shoes. She had reached up under the dress and was pulling down her panties, but I couldn't see anything because of the material and petticoats…she got her panties down to where she wanted them and flipping up the back of everything sat deftly down on the commode. Then she began arranging her clothing, straightening out the dress, fluffing up the petticoats and smoothing her dress so that she was the perfect picture of a lady seated on the toilet with her dress all around down over her knees, her knees together, with the white open-toed shoes together. She folded her hands in her lap and began to pee, a little at first then a stronger stream…my heart began to beat like a trip hammer. The came a BRAAAT as a loud f! art echoed into the bowl…her pee stream trickled off to a few drips. And there she sat for a minute…then I noticed she started to lean forward, hands still in her lap, she was concentrating on the floor and obviously (in retrospect her nether hole)..she leaned farther forward so that her face was pointed at the floor, I could see the part down the middle of her brown hair and the bun at the back of her head…and she gave an UMMMMmmmmmMMMUNGH grunt. Then sat back adjusted her dress some more and feet together she again leaned forward straining as she did unnnnnnnehhhh and sat regally back. The next push was more forceful UNNNGGGHH, she held the lean that time took another breath and bore down uummmmmnnnggGGGHHHHGGH and sat back breathing hard, her face was red from the effort and her nostrils flared. She shifted up on her right cheek, then her left and leaned forward again groaning as she came, she really bent over, the heels of her shoes coming off the ground as she came ou! t with a series of UNGH….UNGH…UNGH's until a PLUNK of what sounded like a very dry turd came from below her bottom as the fecal lump hit the toilet water. She sat back panting and said "Phew" as she reached for the tissue on the vanity next to the toilet and began moping her brow and upper lip. These were the days before air conditioning and the summer day was warm and she had become sweaty with her effort, the window above the toilet was open and the sounds of the family picnic going on in the back yard filtered in. She straightened her dress some more and leaned forward grunting again and the crickling, crackling sound of a large turd emanated from the toilet and my aunt went UMMMMMMuuunnngggGGGHHH, she leaned back and rolled forward again, more sounds of a slowly escaping poo were heard by me as I peeped through the door jamb slit. She then sat bolt upright, knees and feet still together and began making these small humping motioned, as I now realize the turd was stu! ck and she was trying to get it to break off…a few of these motions and a FLOOMP…fizz followed. More tissue was used to wipe the sweat off her face. She sat there with her nostrils flared a bit and with out moving began to drop turd after turd with a look of concentration and relief on her face as she started straight ahead with that blank look that comes over the face of a pooing person. PLOOP, PLOP, PLOP and plip, ploup, plup..a gassy fart then a load of mush came out gassy and farty...she wrinkled up her nose and her session ended with a splutter and an "Ahhh" from my aunt. She reached for the toilet paper lifted up her summer dress and petticoats, exposing herself all the way to her belly, to start the wiping process. She was wearing light tan stockings with darker tops hooked to white garters which ran up her thighs disappeared amidst all the pulled up dress and petticoats. She spread her legs wide stretching her white nylon panties across her knees and rolled ov! er her white open-toed shoes outward shoes to get at her underside, of which I had a full few including her dark brown patch of pubic hair. She reached under and dabbed at her pee hole, pulled the paper back folded it over and reach way under to get at the mess on her other hole. The tp came back with a greenish-brown smear. She looked at it and put it into the toilet…reached for more tp and again spread her legs wide again to reach "down under" (no offense to our Australian readers) to clean up some more…she spent some time moving her arm back and forth and looking down at her crotch…again her hand emerged with smeared tp, not as bad as the first one. Another three sessions were executed before she was satisfied with the cleanliness of her nether hole. She flushed, stood up and began the process of getting her panties back in position…I couldn't see much because of all the petticoats. As she turned to wash her hands I darted back into my bedroom and hid in the closet ne! arly overcome with 13 year-old emotion at what I had witnessed. I heard the toilet flush a second time and my aunt's footsteps going down the hall. I waited a bit, then crept into the bathroom because the lemonade I had been drinking at the picnic started to kick in. The smell was ripe to say the least. I looked into the toilet and saw a one inch wide green-brown floater and some major greenish-brown streaking on the bottom of the bowl. I was so tight I had to pee sitting down and the seat was "still warm" from my aunt had sat…I peed and flushed again to "cover her tracks" and went outside to play…smiling.

Good morning to all-- and a good morning it was for me today!!Went out to the woods this a.m.early and after walking for 10 mins or so i run into my lady friend"Donna"and the 1st thing she says to me is"hi there i've been here for 20 mins waiting for you and when i 1st got here i had to do-do pretty bad,but now the feeling went away"then i said" well,i'm sure it will come back,lets go find a spot"Now i had to poo too,but it didn't feel like anything intense and we found a nice secluded spot and she said"I think you better go 1st cause i still don't feel anything" and I got undressed and then she did too-i'll tell you this woman i'd say is about 50-53 or so,but her body is like a 30 year old with a slim build with a butt like 2 honeydews-almost perfect and when she even bends over slightly,you can see her anus-it's wild-then i sqatted down and said"well i gotta go" and she right away transfixed her eyes on my butt and i let out a small fart and pushed out a lot of soft stuff th! at came out pretty fast ending with a wet fartIt wasn't one of my better dumps,but with this hot weather i've been going 2X a day and it's been really soft like this dump waas i pushed out my anus to try and do mor,.She said"Boy you certainly are regular,i wish i was as regular as you"then i felt done and she wiped me throughly and i put on my tanktop and she had her top on and we just talked for a bit(after some "fun") and all of a sudden she says"Hey I think i got to do-do now the felling is coming back andit's geting strong" I said" OK it's show time" and we both laughed and she squatted down as i went around to her wonderful butt as she semmed to go into this intense state of comcentration as i was her anus start to relax as a small hissing fart came out and then i saw her anus dome out incredibly i'd say about an inch or more-as she was squatting,her anus was so clearly open ,you could almost see inside!It was amazing!I said to myself" this looks like it's going to be goo! d!then i saw her poo start to come out and it was hard and koobby as she grunted to get it out-i was going nutz-this was great-she was into it too and by now both of us were totally relaxed around each other as she turned around to look at me and she said"I hope you are enjoying this" and I said" are you kidding,this is super!"then this knobby turd fell on the ground-it was about 5-6 in long and about 2 inches thick and i said" Boy you should eat more fiber-you are too binded up-are you done?" and she didn't say anything at first and then she said"Oh i got to go more"as she grunted and her anus pushed way out and this soft turd started to come out slow at 1st and then sped up and started to curl on the ground as it was stiil coming out her domed anus-this was a long one!i'd say it was about 12-14 inches long and smooth and then it fell on the groung like a big sausage wrapped around itself and just as i'm looking at her creation she lets out a wet fart and starts to do a lot o! f soft ice cream stuff as she was moaning in relief and said"Ohh does this feel great'as this stuff poured out her incredibly domed anus-i thought i was going to lose it a few times.i'll tell you that much!then she squatted there and said " I still fell like i got to go more" but i think she was done as her anus started to back to normal and i asked her if she wanted me to wipe her and she said" be my guest"" and I did eagerly and we had some more fun and then we both got dressed and then we looked arounf and I said"You know we were both so into our thing her,i wonder if anyone saw us?"And she just laughed as she got dressed-now at this point i don't think i would want anyone else to see us cause to me it was just her and I buddy dumping in the woods-just before we left,we looked at our piles and laughed-mine was a small pile of mush-not one of my better dumps,but she had quite a pile of 1 knobby turd with a long sausage wrapped aroung itself and a bg pile of ice cream poop ! and as i was looing at her pile she says"wow,i hadn't gone in about 3-4 days-that felt so good to finally go" again i told her she should eat more fiber and drink juices-I should give this woman some metameucil!i couldn't imagine what she would do then!i told her a few things she should eat and she semmed receptive as we parted ways and she said"see you again soon?" and I said " absoultely!" and i biked back and her i am telling you the story-yes i feel real lucky to finally meet a pretty lady poo buddy and boy do we have fun too!She semms to really be into doing this-great stuff!Oh man!!BYE

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