Someonewhoasked this:
I peed in a car before

Katie K
Does anybody else have the problem where they wipe really good when there done pooping but at the end of the day theres a poop spot on there panties. If so tell me about it

Hello Everyone,

My first year of college has come to a close so I can post more regularly again.
I have an interesting story from a bus station the other day:

My roomate Maxie and I were going to spend the weekend with some Friends of ours in Dallas. We arrived at the bus terminal a couple of hours early which left plenty of time for a bathroom our surprise the woman's room had no toilet paper!!!! There were 2 stalls and no paper.......I decided to be brave and run into the men's room to see if they had any and sure enough they did.....Maxie and I ran in and we heard the sound of a newspaper being turned and realized there was a man in the second stall....we could hardly keep from laughing as we pulled off paper and kept making comments on how they really need to keep the place cleaner and well stocked. Suddenly a voice from the next stall said "yes I couldn't agree more but you ladies are more than welcome to use the vacant stall here if you want." We thanked him and decided it would be easier so we did and the 3 of us had a bonding experience...we pooped, peed and farted togteher!!!! After we were all done and wa! shing our hands it turns out the mystery man in the next stall was a classmate of ours, Mark and he was also heading to Dallas!!! What a small world!!!!

Peace Laura

Mary C
Hi, it's me again! (I'm using my full name to avoid confusion) Sorry, I haven't had time to post these past few days, I was really busy doing church volunteer work! Well, anyway, besides having LI I have a sensitive stomach. I mean, everyone I know is accustomed to me dashing to the bathroom. Today, I had cramps again in the morning, and made it to the bathroom just in time. My bowels always seem to be screwed up. If it's not constipation, it's diarrhea, and vice versa....Ok bye for now. P.S: I introduced my boyfriend to this site as well! He'll post something! Watch for it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

George: Your story about your job as a male nurse was real cool! I'd sure like to hear other stories about your experiences on your job. Yeah, it must be great having a job where you can watch other dudes pissing and even crapping. It must give you a sense of control! Normally, if I go into a public bathroom and watch other dudes taking a leak, (even out of the corner of my eye from an adjacent urinal), I have to be real careful because some dudes feel threatened and once a guy said he would beat me up! Also, even if a guy is dumping in a doorless stall, it is difficult to find an excuse to hang around outside the stall. That is why your story was real cool. If you need an assistant just call on me and keep those great stories flowing!

Where are you my dear, sweet Carmalita? I see you are getting better which makes me happy. I will be even happier when I see you here again with your sexy pooping stories. I witnessed another lady poop over the weekend and you're not going to believe this - she was a Latina...again!!! This must be fate or something. Well, I didn't see her actually pooping - this is what happened. I was with some friends in a park on Sunday and I needed to pee. I was told that there was a pavilion 10 minutes away which had bathrooms. I walked there and there were large groups of Hispanic people having picnics nearby. I went to the bathrooms ad saw that the men's and women's were next to each other and the doors to each were open. There was a line for the men's so I waited. I glanced into the women's and was surprised that there were no partitions to the outside - I could see the stalls! What's more, one stall had no door. Immediately, a Latina (slightly heavy set, in her 20s but quiet pretty) w! alked into the doorless stall. She pulled down her shorts and sat down! I could see this clearly! Despite a lot of women talking, I clearly heard her fart! I couldn't hear anything else. Even though the men's room was now free I pretended I was still on line. The woman sat on the toilet for a good 5 minutes so she must have been pooping! She got some toilet paper andwiped from tbe front - I thought I saw some poop when she looked at it. Then she flushed and got up. That is when I went into the mens roonm. When I came out I glanced into the ladies room but there was nobody in the doorless stall. Once again, Carmalita, how I wished that the Latina pooping in the stall was you! Here are more get well wishes and another doezen roses for you, sweetness!

hello all!
TO RJOGGER-Hello. scott and I love your posts. keep em coming.
TO ROGER-hello. scott and I love your posts also. they are sexy!and its fun to buddy dump with a person you love isnt it?we like your posts and we hope that you like ours too! bye now.
TO PATSY-hello.loved your post. and its good to see that carmalita is getting better.I am not surprised that she won a beauty contest either! thats great.As a matter of fact I was lucky enough to win a body beautiful thong bikini contest a few years ago against heavy competition. I was lucky to win but i know carmalita must of won her beauty contest easily! bye now.
TO BUZZY-Hello buzzy. thanks for liking my post. scott and i love your latest one with your poo buddy. by the way what does she look like! is she hot!she must be because she is with you. later gator!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello. nice to hear from you again.cant wait to hear more about your massive dumps. by the way how big is your largest log? mine so far is 28 inches long. 3.5 inches thick.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there sweetie! thanks for enjoying my latest post. you say the nicest things.Im flattered that you would like to watch me squeeze out a huge one on the pot!feel free to fantasize all you want too! I love it! by the way did your wife ever have that huge log due to eating cheesecake like rogers lady angela had?inquiring minds want to know. by the way this cheesecake eating idea seems interesting. but my boyfriend scott doesnt need to eat this cake because his girlfriend kim provides him with more than enough cheesecake as it is!!!!hahaha!be well john.
TO RENEE-hello! that would be great if my boyfriend scott and i came over your place to join you and carmalita in a free for all buddy dump!IMAGINE two gorgeous blondes, a hot latina, and a sexy black man blasting out huge log after huge log into your overworked toilet bowl!and we can mix and match too!I can sit on your lap while blasting out a big one(or vice versa) and carmalita can sit on musclebound scotts lap as he blasts out a huge one as carmalita does likewise while sitting on his lap! scott and I are eager for this!haha!wow huh? and with scott being the only male (unless you invite jake) he would be highly aroused no doubt! I would just kill to smell the powerful but great odor in the bathroom from these activities!haha wouldnt you guys! be well renee and carmalita.
TO CURIOUS-hello there. thanks for loving my posts! you sound like a sweet guy!plus I think that you are right! I must have a distended abdomen and or a high metabolism or super-colon to keep banging out the enormous logs that I do. whatever the reason. I love it! and you said if only we could meet? how flattering!So what did you have in mind big boy? and i know theres more about me you love than just the logs I bang out!haha! how about this scenerio: I come over your place wearing a hot red mini-dress and spiky high heels and get nude in your bathroom and blast out a gigantic log while you camcord the whole event for prosperity!haha.and dont worry curious I will make sure I bang out a hell of a whopper for this session! hey I aint shy! plus to answer your question about if you could tell if a lady can shit big or small, long or short just by looking at her. In my opinion you cant tell just by looking at her. take me for instance I am only five foot four but I bang out ma! ssive logs all the time!Imagine that a sexy,petite long haired blond who consistently squeezes out horse sized logs! cant beat it huh?plus thanks again for loving my posts. your sweet and I appreciate it very much. be well all!...

George K
Bryian- I did have 2 sodas that morning. And thanx for the comment

I had a great piss today at home. I had been out mowing the yard and my yard is kinda big it takes about an hout non-stop. When I began mowing I had too pee but not to bad. I figured aah can wait. When I finfshed I went in the house to get cleaned up and while I was waiting for the water to warm up in the shower I took a massive piss. I lifted the seat on the toilet and went. It came out real fast and it was loud hitting the water. I think some splashed back up in my face. My gf said she could hear it. But man it felt good.

George K

Well, I finally decided to write something here. For those who don't know me, I'm Renee's partner. I'm a 25 y/o black woman and I'm lesbian. I'll try to say something interesting. First of all, I never ever thought pooping was exciting before. I thought it was really gross and disgusting. I get really embarassed when it stinks and makes those gross sounds when it comes out. If I'm in public I have to flush the toilet to hide the sounds. When I met Renee, she'd do it front of me, and I kind of liked it. Then, when she had days where she had to do a big one, (like last night) it would take her a long time, and I was really getting interested more and more. And Carmalita is such a wild little thing that before I knew it, she got me curious as to why they were having so much fun together doing this. One of the things I hate about pooping is that it stinks and gets me embarrassed. I love watching Renee Alice go potty. She is so sexy cute. She's kinda like a tomboy with blonde hai r and freckles. And she's real pretty too. Carmalita is also one hot tamale! She won a Latina beauty contest a year or so ago. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! We call each other "Hot chocolates." She's a milk chocoalate brown, I'm a dark chocolate brown. Tesa's cute too, and they're both really exciting to have around the house. Personally, I feel that we have a great family with all of us. I have my own apartment a few blocks away, but I stay over there quite a bit. Usually on weekends, Renee comes over to my place. Tesa wants to move up here, and as soon as Carmalita is on her feet again, we're all thinking aobut moving into a bigger place together. Malita is such a little hottie, she say "We should all start the first woman's pooping colony." Personally, I'd be happy if Jake wanted to come with us. He's one man around the house that I like. Even though he is a man, he seems like one of us.
Carmalita's doing really well by the way. She's moving pretty good, and zipping around the place like a little skeeter bug. It's good to have her feeling good and happy again. She's healing up clean, I don't think there'll be any scarring. I've been cooking her lots of steak for the iron, and her bruising is healing faster than normal.

Thank you to all the people who've encouraged me and Renee to write. I guess maybe I should tell about my poop this morning. it's still embarsing. All I had on were undies and a long t shirt. It was such a big one and it felt so good to get out. Renee came in to brush her teeth while I was on the pot. I could feel the big one coming out of me. It kept on strecthing and streching until it finally went K ????! into the water. It stunk too. I got up to see it, and it was big! Renee looked down into the bowl and started laughing wiht toothpaste in her mouth. She said "Throw a saddle on it Pat, and ride it to hell and back!" It was a real nasty turd. Renee is also getting pretty gassy lately. She farts a lot. As I'm writing this, I can still smell my turd lingering in the air.

Now, about Jake. I know he was getting a thrill out of watching me, and I don't think there was any harm in it. He's such a sweet lil brother that I couldn't say no. He does so much for Renee, and I love him as much as she does. There's absolutely NO WAY I would ever let a man watch me take a dump, but as far as Jake goes, yes, he can watch me anytime. However, he was getting excited. I don't know why either, I was stinkin bad! We were having a great conversation about men and women's roles in society when I knew I had to go. I hated to interrupt the talk so I let him come in with me. Of course it had to be one of my sloppy, stinky ones. It made lots of crap noise coming out. But there was a nice, hefty turd in there when I finished. He wanted to wipe me, but I had to draw the line on that one.

Oh well. That's about it for me. I didn't mean to say so much.

Dan C from Vancouver
Hi, my girlfriend Mary C introduced me to this site. I am using this moniker to avoid confusion, and the inspiration came from kevin from calgary. So, "Dan from Vancouver!" Cool, eh? (yeah, kevin, we're canadians, right? ) Well, I have a ton of stories to tell, mostly from childhood. But first, this is the story of how Mary and I met.

I was at the church camp in the summer of '96. I was 11 at the time, and during the "outdoor programs" I had to pee. So I went away from the group and weeed into the bushes. Well, along came this cute-looking petite girl several years younger than me with a urgent look on her face and clutching her stomach. She looked like she was going to throw up, so I quickly gave way. Boy, I was wrong. She proceeded to squat down, unzip her shorts, and let loose with stinking farts and really smelly poos. It came out of her like a cement mixer. I mean, she pooed wet loose poops for a minute straight! I had never seen a girl do that in front of me at that point, and I was disgusted yet strangely charmed by this event. After it was supposedly done she stood up with a sigh of relief, but then she muttered "oh no not again!" with a horrified expression on her face and proceeded to sit back down and release more diarrhea. I was thinking, geez, girl, what did you eat lately? Then I remembered that I had to go back to the group, and thought that I was stupid to have seen a girl poop. Later, that night, I had to pee again, so this time i wen to the washroom. I was doing "it" in the urinal when suddenly that same girl came bursting in, almost knocking me down. She had that same expression on her face and rushed into the toilet stall. I was like, "what the hell?" and she said "sorry, i've got an emergency." I replied," are'nt you using the girl's bathroom?" And she replied that it was out of order. While this was happening her bowels exploded once again with wet crap coming out of her. The smell was horrible, and she kept apologizing to me. And before I left, I turned around and gave one final suggestion: "Why don't you take pepto-bismol?" in my self-confident tone of homey kid's wisdom. Also Remember, I was in grade six and it was a fairly touchy subject to talk about anti-diarrheal medications. She started giggling, and then for some really wei rd reason I thought the laugh was very sweet and started feeling more sympathetic to her. " I mean, why do you suffer like this when you can stop it really fast with pepto-bismol?" (I had experienced the relief of anti-diarrheal medications on my family's Mexican trip when I was seven....More on that next time.) She did'nt respond, but just continued giggling and then i started laughing even tough the place was a stink. We laughed for who knows how long and we agreed to keep this event our little secret. (Until today) We became friends, and I learned of her condition. I try to be as patient as i can with her condition, and even now she retains her cuteness and sweetness. Alright, bye for now. Next time I'll give you guys the mexican vacation story, and more to follow!

Ben and Jorden
I think you are both around my age. I am 16 will be in the 11th grade in September. I have posted here a few times I really enjoy both of your postings. I also enjoy pooping and being around other guys who enjoy pooping. Are you guys in buddy dumps-doorless stals-bathtub pooping? Share more stories mayby more guys and gales our age with get into posting. All the best---Calif Dude.

Hello guys. I took a break from house cleaning to read the forum. I am on vacation these 2 weeks. Get well Carmelita. I will put you on the hit parade when I pray.

Jane: You must have been nervous from rushing to work for that meeting. I was a high school junior. One day at school my stomach was running almost every 90 minutes. I knew I had to go as I rode the subway to class. First of the morning, I had to be excused. I raced thru the corridor to the girls room. I pulled the stall door closed, lifted my jumper, slip and let down my pink panties. Soon as I sat, I released four long soft pieces of doo-doo. Then, a thick wave of doo-doo followed for 30 seconds. I wiped myself after 10 minutes and went to class. I had a break to work in the AV squad. During that time, I told a boy in the squad to watch the fort while I go to the bathroom. Thankfully, it was across the hall. I went in took a seat and evacuated thick heavy doo-doo for 30 seconds. This was repeated 3 more times. As soon as I returned, I had to go again. I told the boy(a distant cousin)what was wrong. Later, in the afternoon, the boy and I had to set up a projector and scr! een for an English class. The teacher noticed me being uncomfortable and leaving the classroom often. The boy told her I was not well. She was my favorite teacher. I told her I had to go. She gave me the keys to the teachers toilet. I took a stall and released the loudest fart and then a violent tidal wave of brown liquid doo-doo. I just sat and let it out. The boy ran the projector. The teacher kept track of me. When I finally finished, I came out and thanked. It was a Friday and she encouraged me to go home and take some medicine.

My wife has just come out of hospital having had surgery to remove three hemerrhoids and an anal polyp. The surgery went very well, but the return to normal bowel functioning is very painful for her. She is normally very reticent in talking about such matters, but she has been in such terrible pain and discomfort that she has been much more forthcoming than usual. Her farts sound quite different from usual and she has discomfort even in peeing. Most of these effects are consequences of childbirth (we have four children and after each confinement she needed an epieziotomy). As for bowel movement, it has beeen absolute agony. I gather this is quite normal after such surgery and that in the long term it is much better than if she had not had the surgery. But to have such an enjoyable experience as shitting made awful by pain is not a very pleasant thing. Let's hope that her rear-end heals rapidly.

RENEE -- Hi gal! I'm glad Malita is home and on her feed again -- and I'm so sorry she got hurt and had such a rough time. I was considering getting a pushbike but after Malita's incident I'm not too sure It's the best idea...

You mention that Tesa produces poo that smells of her food, and you ask if anyone else has experienced something similar. Yes! maybe not in terms of poo, nor indeed regarding chicken, but...

Whenever I eat tuna, my pee smells like tuna within two hours! Same with corned beef, or steak & onions, anything with a pungency to it. And my farts smell very savory after I've been eating a rich meat meal, or meat with pastry, something like that... There was a time many years ago when I habitually produced a monster fart in bed every morning, and I knew I was healthy if it smelled rich and savory!

Hugs for you & Patsy & Malita & Tesa -- and a ????-tickle for the little one!


Traveling Guy
JOHN H. - There was a thread going here a couple of years ago about whether women generally have larger colons than men and, for that reason, bigger turds. I think there was also some discussion about whether women athletes produce thicker jobies than non-jocks. Anyway, your ice hockey rink story reminds me of a young woman, about 21, who once lived next door to me in an apartment complex. Her hobby was ice hockey. The bathroom walls were the thinnest ones in the place, although you could usually hear nothing more than running water. One day, though, while I was shaving, I heard my neighbor let out a huge "Aaahhhhwww," followed almost immediately by the masked but unmistakable sound of a big turd plopping into the water. It sounded like she had dropped a brick into her john. Shortly after that, I could hear the low rumble of the dispenser as she pulled off several strips of TP, followed by a flush. My neighbor was also a college gal, like you, LIZZY, and I'll bet that ! dump gave her that same fine tingle of pleasure and feeling of relief that you got.

DIEGO - What a fantastic situation you described in Trieste. If I were you, I would seize the opportunity to talk with your girlfriend, very gently, about why it's not good to hold her poop. I would also remind her that if she can pee in a squat toilet, she can also poop if she gets used to it. What an opening for talking! Have fun!

MALITA - Since you liked my sympathy bed pan dump so much, I took another this morning, just for you. I lined the pan with TP to make clean up easier. Hope that's not cheating. RENEE, thanks for passing my post on.

HIKER - Magic realism indeed, that couple watching me dump on the beach. A little too magic, I think. Yes, tell us about the cold mountain dumping. -23C may be warmer than -23F, but it's still really cold for having your bum hanging our in the wind.

Upstate Dave
Hello all. The weekend is over. The partys were fun. All my family had a good time at them. No more grad events for 3 years. Roger Im glad you had your buddy dump. I hope it continues. Just a reminder to the ladies holding your pee for long periods of time can cause urinary tract infections. From the baked beans Ive been taking good shits for the last two days. Good fiber content.

My story for this time deals with an early encounter with city girls. My friend Tony had moved to the city. I got permision to visit him on weekends. I would get down to his house by bus or ride my bike. This time I took the bus. Imet up with him and made a new friend by the name of Jackie. Us three guys went downtown to hang out. Jackie was a girl magnet with his blonde hair and blue eyes.

He met a girl who lived across the river and asked if she had any friends, she said come along to find out. We got to her house after walking for twenty minutes. Her name was Beth and she had two sisters one and two years younger. Tony started talking to Mary who was the one year younger sister and I met Toni who was the two year younger sister. She was 12 I was 13.

We made small talk school, were I lived etc. Come to find out I new some of her cousins because they went to school with me. The house was real hot so we both went outside and took a walk to the store to cool off and and a cold drink. We came back from the store and stayed outside. We sat for a bit and she went inside but came back out. I asked what the others were doing and Toni said they were fooling around.

She asked if I would like to see the old car kept in the garage. Sure why not. So we went in the garage and checked out the old Buick. She was squirming a bit and had topiss. I cant use the bathroom because my brother is in there taking a bath. Do you mind if I piss?, she asked. No go right ahead, I said. There was a drain in the floor so she went over to that and pulled down her jeans and panties.

She sorted squated over the drain and started to go. Hissing quite loudly her stream arched towards the drain and poured through its opening. She slowed some taking a breath pushed again and her flow picked up again. She did this 3 or 4 times then stoped. Now thats relief Toni said. Watching her and hearing her go now I had to piss. My turn if you dont mind I said. Toni went go ahead but let me help. I have seen my sisters do this and I want to try. Again go ahead I said.

Toni unziped my fly pulled out my penis and held it. It took a few minutes for me to start. My stream came shooting out and she over shot the drain. Toni was laughing and my piss stream was going everywhere. This made her laugh more. She got under controll and got my stream aimed on the drain. She finished the job nicely. We went back outside and talked for some time. We both used the garage twice more after that. I kept in touch with her untill after school ended but after that she and her family moved so we lost contact.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

I didn't expect to get a chance to read the latest posts yet, but I just have and there's some great ones!
Glad no-one's been shocked at my support for strong bog paper and objected to my enjoyment of hearing others using it!
Does anyone else out there like it or is it just me?!

SCOTT, Great to know you feel easier about other guys being interested in watching you on the toilet, but I too have been in a similar situation where another guy doesn't seem to understand the finer points of social interaction but keeps on asking me about my shit or trying to persuade me to go on some TP for him.
Once an old guy kept sticking his head over the partition and asking me if my shit was hard. I like that sort of interest and attention, but not when someone keeps bothering me. In the end I made out to hit him as he looked over for about the 10th time, and he ran out, but it does seem unfortunate that some people just can't communicate except in a very clumsy way.
Most of us can feel embarrassed if scrutinised too closely, but it all depends on how we can relate to the other person, and not feel intimidated in whatever we might be doing.
I know if I had seen you on a toilet and heard your plops dropping, I'd love to have asked you for some detail, and be keen to share with the idea that I really enjoy shitting myself, and therefore I'm interested in other guys doing one.
I'd soon be able to tell if you didn't want to talk, and leave you to it, but would hope to sit on the toilet after you'd finished and have a good one myself!
All the best and enjoy any admiration, but make it clear when you want your own space.

ADRIAN, I missed the reference to the toilets at Skegness, can you give me some details as to what you heard about them?

MARK, Hi, there, and how much I agree with you regarding your comments about shitting with no doors, and the social niceties in such situations. Also JUSTIN, on the same subject.
The excitement I can feel even without seeing anything, but knowing someone's just gone into the next cubicle and I hear the soundsof jeans and pants coming down and I'm waiting for those brilliant sounds! To see is great, To hear is great, but to get the chance to see AND hear is terrific!
How I wish I had the chance more often to actually see the turds in the pan when the guy's gone and see what produced the plops I've been hearing, but either they've been flushed away or covered by TP, but sometimes I've seen them still in the pan and thought "so that's what's been splashing out of his arse!"

DONNY, Those toilet seats of 7 1/2" width hole are almost the same as the ones I described so no wonder they're so comfortable!
On occasion, I've sat on toilet seats with a gap at the front, but they're rare in Britain. I'm not keen on them as my thighs are pushed together and I can feel the edge of the plastic, so for me optimum comfort is a completely gap-less seat.
I've not encountered the bum-hugging variety, but the ones I often use in the public toilet are IDEAL!
May you have many happy hours on it! (That's what a young guy in a second hand shop said to me when I bought an old wooden toilet seat once!)

PETER IN AZ, I hope you get to see some films soon, I was told there are videos advertised on the net with guys on toilets, and not in a pornographic setting but I've so far been unable to find it!
Many of the films recommended seem to be American but whether mainstream or "Art House" type of film is not always possible to tell.

Has any other guy who loves the idea of buddy dumping with another guy been in the same situation I was once?
I met this guy in a public toilet and we exchanged names and addresses and corresponded, then when we both realised our interests were identical, arranged for him to visit me at my place every week.
Unfortunately, I wasn't the slightest bit interested in seeing him on the toilet although he was inetested in seeing me. My reasons were that I just couldn't identify with him, his physique and other things about him put me off, but he always tried "to do one for me " before he went home!
Watching him on the toilet from as far away as I could be should have indicated to him I wasn't really interested, and when he pulled down his boxer shorts with Mickey Mouse on them to sit on the toilet I felt like saying how I felt but didn't want to be cruel.
In our long discussions about toilets either had used, and how much we both enjoyed getting our arses splashed I tried to get him to accept there were others into this but he was very reluctant to try to meet others, and even said he'd feel sick if he sat on a toilet straight after another guy.
Eventually he got the message and we parted amicably but if he'd stayed in touch and realised how many of us love using and sharing toilets he'd be absolutely amazed!
Another example of how difficult it can be sometimes, not just in letting someone know we're interested, but sometimes when we're not!

It's been great to interact with people here again in this most fascinating and wonderful of bodily functions,
Good Toilet activities to all! "Just do it!" P P G

kevin from calgary
This is not really funny-- but it is if you know what i mean.

some years ago when i lived in england, we visited one of thoes country market places you know where they auction cattle etc. anyway while walking around looking at the cows etc i was petting a lamb (i was eight)when i turned around just in time to see a woman slip and land on her bum right in a cow pat.

The woman sat there for a minit and said to her husband ive sat right in a cow plop, he was laughing (along with everyone else)and helped her up, as they walked by me i heard her say i smell like ive done a plop in my knickers.

i did a nice poo today in the toilet a big firm one about nine inches long a bit smelly, wiped twice and flushed. yesterday at work i saw a young girl from the office holding her bum and rushing to the ladies room i wondered if she made it in time, i never saw her come out.

KATIE - Hi! You do about 750ml in 10 seconds? Wow! My boyfriend
measured my pissing and I do 1.2 litres in about 85 seconds. Well I
do most of that in about 40 seconds if I remember what Steve said and
I have a flow rate of about 38 ml a second. I do piss very hard when
I am going and I bet my boyfriend would like seeing you pee and
measure you like he did me!

CARMALITA - Hi girl! I hope you are getting better. It was real mean of
that guy to just drive off like that. I am happy that you are home
now. I hope you do not have any lasting marks on your skin.

RENEE - Hi! How are you? I hope Carmalita gets back on soon.

LUC - Hi! I think the Japanese squatter is better because not all of
us wee at the same angle. I do not wee straight down, my boyfriend
says when I squat I wee at 45 degrees.

DIEGO - Hi guy! Well I think you said that girls are told and taught
not to wee outside and to do it in the toilet, yeah? Yeah well I think
there is this thing that says nice girls do not do it outside. I like
weeing outside but I hope I am still nice.

PV - Hi!!! I wrote and told you I tried weeing while drinking water on
about Wednesday last week, but just the end of my letter got put on
the end of one of Buzzy's letters and you will not have seen it.
Well I tried the water cycle thing last Tuesday night when I had a bath
with Steve. I was bursting for a wee, which was good because that would
help me a lot. I had my glass of water in my and I stood up while
he sat there. I just started weeing and then I started drinking the
water, and when I swallowed I kept stopping weeing, so I kept gulping
and spurting wee then stopping. I giggled and it was very funny
because it was like the water was going straight through me but of
course it was not! I had my wee sprinkling a bit and I had some
run down my legs and it was so funny. Steve made me laugh because he
started laughing first.
Yesterday the weather was very hot and sunny and I went for a little
drink in the afternoon with Steve, my mum, my sister and my friend
Jackie too. My mum had a short dress on and my sister, Jackie and I just
had bikini type tops and short skirts on. When we were in the pub and
one of us girls went for a wee we whispered in Steve's ear how he would
like to come and hold our hand while we did it. Well when we were going
back to our house, we all wanted a wee and we went in the park to do it.
Well I think my younger sister was a bit nervy but she hiked her little
skirt up and took her g string off just like everybody else did. Steve
saw her pussy from the front for the first time and she blushed a bit
but Steve told her she was beautiful and I think she liked that.
Well we all squatted in the sun and Steve watched us all when we all
weed for ages. LOL Steve liked what he saw and we giggled at him when
his eyes went from one weeing pussy to the next one. Jackie pissed
for ages and you know I think she really likes to be watched now.

Steve is real busy today but do not worry I will get him to tell those
stories. He is really good at telling them. He does say hello and he
has just been helping me with my editing.

Lotsa Hugs,


Interesting pic in the masthead-that looks like some load she left in the bedpan or plate or whatever it is!the cocistancy of the poo looks like the poo i did out in the wild this a.m.,but first some responces--
TO JANE-Oh lady can you poop!!I really enjoy your stories!BTW are you a big woman or small-you sound like you poop like a 6 foot lady at least!What do you eat?You and I should do a buddy dump outdoors in a nice spot in the woods when we both really gotta poop! love your stories!
TO KIM & SCOTT-Hey KIM,really enjoyed your "horizontal" type poo sitting on the bowl-I like to see you do one of those out on a log in the woods-Now that would be fun to see!!-Cool idea! more stuff!
TO HIKER & SCOTT-So far,i haven't run into anyone life that when i'm pooing and someone comes across my path-maybe they were excited by watcting me,but as long as they don't get srtange or weird,i don't care-but so far so good!
Anyawy,last nite i ate some v????? burgers and some salad for dinner and got up this a.m.with that "full'feeling and since it was another great morning,i took off to the woods hoping i would run into thatlady poo buddy from the other day-well,i got to the woods and started looking for a spot to unload and I run into her!She says "hey,good morning,nice to see you"I said"hey,didn't think i would see you here today"She says'i jst finished jogging,how about you?"i said i just got here awhile ago" then she gave me a smile and a look and said"do you have to go potty?" and smiled again and i said'well to tell you the truth,yes i do and i was llokling for a spot to go"then i figured to get bold and said"Want to join me?"She said with a smile" absoultly,but i only have to pee today-i only go Do-do every 2-3 days and today is not one of those days-sorry"I said"that's OK you can go with me anytime"Now for some reason i feel a certain chemistry with this woman,li don't know why,but ! i feel fairly comfortable to dump in front of this woman i hardly know-So i find a spot and she says" can i pee along with you?"I said" that would be encouraging for me by all means yes"so we both got undressed,i left my tanktop on and she got totally undressed-it was so informal and relaxed between us-it was like we knew each other for years-the chemistry was incredibe,you could feel it in the air!Then she came over and squatted right next to me and right away started to pee a strong yellow stream and i said"Must be your 1st pee of the day,huh?'She just kinda grunted "yes it is" with this look of concentration on her face-she really looked so sexy squatting there peeing with this look on her face-then I saw her grunt and then let out a long dry fart and then she said"Well i guess I won't be able to poo for you today-sorry" as i see her anus pushing out as she tried to poop then she said"well,how about you?" then i just squtted right next to her and turned my doming anus towar! d her and started to let out a long ssmooth turd that came out slowly as she watched it with great interest and said"You know you do the perfect dump-you should be a dump modal" and we both laughed as this turd started curling on the ground and i could see she was really enjoying the view with really turned me on too and i strted to really give her a show by lifting my butt up as i let out a small hissing fart and another turd started to emerge from my asshole-I look back at her and she is still squatted down and still letting out some pee and she says" boy i wish i could Do-do with you' as you could see she was trying to push out her anus to poo,but nothing was happening,but i was just enjoying doing this good dump in front of her-then i felt done for the moment and stood up and we both looked at my 2 sausage turds about 8-10 long each and she was really into it,i'll tell you-i'll just tell you this-her and i had some fun!!then i said"i have to go again and she said" Oh great! ,i want to watch"as i squatted down to poo again she got right behind me and got transfixed on my anus and said" go ahead i want to get a good view" and i pushed and farted a small fart and then the innermost part of my bowels opened up and all this pudding came out as i looked back and saw this look on her face of sheer enjoyment and concentration-we were both really enjoying this-all i can say is WOW this was great-then she said " are you done?" as i was pushing out my anus finishing up.then i said ' well i'm done " and we both looked at the big pile i did and she said" boy you go like this daily?"I said"Oh no,I only go like this once or twice a week dedending on what i eat" then she said " may I wipe you?"I said "sure.i would enjoy that" and she tenderly,but throughly wiped me clean-this was a real commection with another person who realy enjoyed this experience as much as i!!then we both got ready to leave and she said" the next time i'll do-do along with you,but it's just! a matter of if i have to go when we meet" I said" hey eat more fiber and you'll get some good results" and we both laughed and she said" maybe i should cause i tend to get constipated every now and then"then i said "well maybe i'll see you somtime this week and this is the time i usually comw here and i really enjoyd it" and she said"Me too-i feel a connection with you and i for some reason,dont you?"she was right about that!!and then we said so long as she walked away she looked back and gave me a nice smile and a wave and i rushed back to tell you allabout this!i'm still shaking about it!WOW can't wait till we can poo together!!Keep you all abreast in the situation!!BYE

Ring Stretcher
KIDNEY STONE VICTIM: I can't remember your posting name but I feel for you. I had a stone once myself. I kept shitting from the pain, then eventually pissed it out into this little cup with a strainer. It hurt so bad! Until I pissed it out I kept maoaning like I was in childbirth.

CARMALITA: Hope you get to feeling better soon. Your accident makes me want to go out and buy a helmet!

BRYIAN: I like your name so maybe change it to Bryian I.

BUZZY: That was a cool story about having multiple dumps in the woods. Glad you like standing up to dump--it can be fun. I also like to watch big turds come out of me.

JANE: I had to keep crapping the other day. That was a cool story about you having to keep running into the bathroom.

JOHN(VT) What's the longest you've gone without crapping?

The longest I have held my piss is about 18 hours. Then when I tried to go it was slow to start. I have never pissed my pants, but yesterday I got stomach cramps from drinking too much root beer. I let out a tiny diarrhea fart and it slightly stained my panties. I was so engrossed in this website I was on I didn't want to get up and leave. Finally I had no choice and as I crashed down on the toilet seat a 100 mph blast of orange froth shot out of me. It burned like fire but my stomach felt much better.
Later that night I drank a glass of coke and it gave me stomach cramps and another massive attack.

Monday, June 25, 2001

hi guys! I posted about a week ago and thanks to all those who responded to me!! I haven't been able to come here since then because I've been busy but I think I wil have lots of time over the next few weeks.

To PHILLIP: you asked me a few questions which I would like to answer. how long is the longest I have held on? well its strange, but sometimes I can feel the need in the morning and keep holding all day until the night when I go to bed. But other times I will feel a slight urge at one time and then within about an hour I am bursting and have to find a toilet straight away!

The longest I have gone without peeing is about 24 hours, from before bed one night until before bed the next night. But I was very uncomfortable by the time I finally peed!!!

I usually seem to only be able to pee for a very short time, even when I am at my fullest it only goes for 10-15 seconds but my pee always comes out extremely fast. Once I had been holding for quite a few hours, and I knew I couldnt hold it anymore so I peed in a container and measured it. It turned out to be 750mL. I couldnt believe it I didnt think I would be able to hold that much liquid in my body!

And yes, I go to university (college) and often I go all day without peeing. I dont like using the toilets there and I usually dont have time.

I have to go now but soon I will post some of my accident stories. I have lots to share!!


Friday I overslept and rushed out of the house to get to work on time for a meeting. I didn't do my morning pooping session and only had a toast and milk for breakfast. I barely made it in time for the meeting, and afterwards I felt an urge to poop, so I went to the ladies room. In there washing her hands was a young woman named Christine, who was working in our office over the summer and just started this week. I said hi to her and went into a stall. I pulled down my khaki pants and white panties and sat. I pushed out about 8 pieces of long soft poop, each making a little splash. I was done, and after wiping and flushing, I went out of the stall, only to find Christine still at the sink. She was doing her hair. She said she had just finished her first year in college and wanted to get some computer experience.

Later, as I was returning to the office after lunch, I decided to stop by the ladies room because I had another urge to poop. As I entered, there was someone in the first stall rolling out a piece of toilet paper in the midst of wiping. I sat down and began to push out more long soft pieces of poop. The other person flushed the toilet and was washing her hands. I was done quickly, wiped, flushed, and came out of the stall. The other person turned out to be Christine. We smiled and I said, "We must be on the same cycle," and she said, "I guess so." We left together and went back to the office.

A little while later I had yet another urge to poop. It was only a slight urge but I was not waiting around today. As I went into the ladies room and was walking into a stall, I saw Christine come in. As I sat down, she went into an adjacent stall and started peeing. She said, "I'm drinking a lot of water today." Meanwhile, I was pushing out more long soft pieces of poop, this time about a dozen. Again I was done quickly, and as I started to wipe, I heard a flush from Christine's stall as she went to wash her hands. After I wiped and flushed the toilet, I came out, and she was still washing her hands. We left the ladies room together.

About an hour later I was showing Christine something in the computer in my office when another urge to poop hit me. This time it was a little stronger and more urgent. I told Christine, "Excuse me, but I need to go. I will be back in a little while." I started to go when my phone rang. Instead of letting it ring, I picked up the phone. It was my husband Gary. He had a quick question, and I answered it and told him I had to go bad. He understood and quickly got off the phone. I dashed off to the ladies room. As I opened the door, I let go a huge loud fart. I went into a stall, quickly sat down, and pushed out a series of thick and very soft poop, which numbered about a dozen pieces, or more appropriately, globs. A strong poop smell was emerging. Someone came into the ladies room and exclaimed, "Oh my God!" It was Christine. She came to my stall and said, "I was going to ask you a quick question, but it can wait." At that point I moaned and let go a massive ! 15-second wave of soft gooey poop. We both gasped, and Christine asked if I was all right. I said I will be OK, and I flushed the toilet while seated. Christine left the bathroom after that.

I continued to push out soft poop like a broken soft serve ice cream dispenser. There were some solid chunks mixed in with more gooey globs. I flushed the toilet twice more while seated. I pushed out about a half dozen pieces or globs of poop, then I felt a cramp and unleashed a nasty massive wave of poop that lasted about 20 seconds. After pausing a moment to catch my breath, I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out a few more pieces of poop, then I was finally done. My butt was as gooey as the poop I pushed out, so I must have wiped a dozen times. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw that I left a skidmark and a few poop stains in the toilet, as well as a strong poop smell. As I came out of the stall, Christine was coming in and said, "Whew. Are you all right?" I said yes, and she asked me a quick question as I was washing my hands. As I was leaving, she said it was her turn, and she went into the stall I was in.

She will be working with me next week. It may be an interesting summer.

Hey, yall:

Last-night, Angela and I had a buddy-dumping session. I was on the toilet, and she was in my lap. We were both crapping, simultaneously, and it smelled-wonderful, while it was occurring, and for hours-afterward, in that we do not believe in using the "fart-fan". When we were done, she wiped me, and I wiped her, of course. She used paper wet w/ her spit on me, and then used dry paper on me. I, likewise, did the same for her. Afterwards, we had to break up the "bulk" of the mess, w/ that plastic mini-blind rod. It was great. So was the "fun" that we had-afterwards. :) To Muggs, thatlucky-young man, :I have read two stories, regarding you getting to watch Amy crap in front of you. In both-cases, you seem to say that she wiped. Which sounds, to me, like she wiped-herself. What I want to know, is: Why didn't you offer to wipe-her? Did you, and she turned you down, or have you not? The latter seems to be the case. What's-wrong? Don't you want to wipe her? Or, are y! ou embarassed about her seeing the erection that you would have, @ the time. Like you seemed to have mentioned in your first posting about her. If she really-likes you, I am sure that her goal, is to get you-aroused, by allowing you to watch her most-intimate activity. Face it, bro: people like you and I, and the handful of other-guys on this board who get to watch their ladies do this, are luckier than winners of the Lotto! You shouldn't take it for-granted! I challenge you to wipe her, or @ least make the offer, the next time the opportunity presents-itself. And, from the descriptions, you have given-us, that should be right around the corner. I don't know if I would feel "fulfilled", if my lady didn't let me wipe-her!

Take care, yall,


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