Lizzy (college gal)
Hi again everyone! I know itís been a long time since I last posted but I do still read the forum nearly everyday so I know whatís goin on. Well, now that schoolís out and Iím back at home I have time to post a story.
Since school is out and I have nothing better to do I enrolled in a couple of summer courses down at the local community college to get them out of the way and possibly graduate sooner so Iím taking a business and a computer science course over the summer. Soon after I registered for the courses online and printed out my schedule I noticed a small problem. The courses start very earlier in the morning (7 in the morning to be exact) and on Fridays I have both 3-hour classes back-to-back meaning Iím there from 7 to 1. As Iíve said in previous posts Iím a ďmorning girlĒ and I do not enjoy using public restrooms, hence my problem. I usually enjoy a large bowel movement right before my shower then thatís it for the day (besides going in to pee of course). Well, classes started two weeks ago and I was definitely right about it becoming a problem. I have to get up so early that I have no urge to poop whatsoever at the time so Iíll tell you about the first Friday I spent in! class.
I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to class like I had the other days that week extremely tired. I then proceeded to drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom to shower and use the toilet. I completely took off my panties and shorts and sat down but I could only pee. After I showered, dressed, and had some cereal I drove off to school. I felt totally fine while sitting through business class but I could not say the same thing about computer class, which I have to practically run to right from business class to get to on time. About a half hour into the 3-hour class I could feel the large bowel movement that I would have had much earlier begging me to let it out right then and there. And since even more time than usual had passed between dumps I could feel it was far bigger than normal. I could soon hear rather loud gurgling noises emanating from the pit of my ???? as I could feel the huge load taking up all of the space down there, I was needless to say, a ! little bit embarrassed and even more uncomfortable by my gassiness. I needed to go and badly. An hour and a half later I had finished the lab assignment and I was free to go home early. By that time my stomach was still not finished talking to me out loud and I was squirming around in my seat viciously. I handed in my print out and made a beeline for my car as I began to feel my poop trying to push its way out of my body.
I managed to make it home only ripping a few loud farts in the car (I only live about 10 minutes from school). So I walked in the door and calmly took off my shoes and put my bags down before heading upstairs to the bathroom. As I neared the door to the bathroom I began undoing my pants, as I just couldnít wait any longer. I went inside not even having the time to close the door all the way, but I was the only one home so it didnít really matter, so it was open a crack. I then turned on the light but not the fan, because I wanted to hear every inch of crap crackle its way out of me, pulled my jeans and panties all the way down and took my seat on the throne. As I sat down I scooted forward so my bottom would be lifted off the seat a little and Iíd be able to hear better. No sooner had I finished moving my bowels began moving. As I could feel the tip of my dump emerge I couldnít help but let a little moan escape my lips, it felt soo good to let go. As inch after in! ch of the wide log loudly crackled its way out of my open rectum I moaned more and more with pleasure. Without the fan on it smelled really bad. As the turd broke off it made a silent splash into the water below. After a little pushing the tip fell into the water followed by one more small slither of poop. I sat a little longer pushing and clenching to make sure I was all done and I was. So after I peed for little while I proceeded to wipe. As I stood up to wipe I did what I always have to do and took a look at my newborns. There was one huge, thick piece floating in the lightly yellowed water that looked about 9 inches long, tapered at one end and broken at the other and rather smooth looking with two smaller pieces floating nearby. What surprised me was that they were all brown with a light green tint. After about 5 wipes I flushed my impressive load and green streaked toilet paper, got dressed and left the smelly bathroom. As I walked back downstairs I patted my b! elly and said out loud to myself ďthat felt sooo goodĒ. I then went to the kitchen because my stomach felt extremely empty and I was starving. Maybe something good did come out of all of this! Hope you all enjoyed reading my story. Bye for now ^_^!

Gary USA
There are only two times in my life that I wet my pants. One was on the way home from school. It was probably the third or fourth grade. I felt the mounting pressure to pee while in class, but because the teacher made a big deal out of anyone who asked to be excused to use the toilet, I decided to wait until I got home. It was cold out and i had one of those coverall type winter suits to keep me warm. About half way home I became desperate and started looking for some plavce where I could take off the jump-suit and pee but there just wasn't any place. Houses all around and no bushes or anything like that to hide behind. Finally the pressure became too great and my bladder let loose and I just stood there in the middle of the sidewalk peeing myself. I coulden't move until the stream had stopped. In the mean time other kids were passing me and making comments. The whole front of the jump-suit was wet and a puddle had formed on the ground. I cried and ran all the rest of the way ! home.

The other time was when I was servicing a washer in the back of a store service area and coulden't hold it any more. Their washroom was eiter occupied of locked. I figured I could hold it until I was through then I could go into the back of the van and pee into a cup or something but that was not the case. The pressure rapidly mounted and my bladder coulden't hold it any longer. I just stood there and pee'd myself. Fortunately there wasn't anyone around at the time. To cover my embarrasment I turned on the washer and let some of the water splash the front of me. I told them that I forgot that the drain hose was in my pants pocket (something I did when there was no place to hang it when working in a back room or service area)and accidently turned on the machine while it was in the drain cycle. I let the water go onto the floor and swept up. Needless to say I made a beeline to the truck and home to change. I only lived a mile away. I think that that was one of the most emba! rrasing times in my adult life. I think I was thirty something at the time.

On TP and skidmarks. I usually wipe with toilet paper then I use a baby wipe to finish the job. I like the kind with aloe and are slightly scented. Not only does it get you nice and clean but smelling fresh too. They also are great to clean your fingers off if you accidently poke through the toilet paper while wiping yourself. Does a pretty good of keeping the smell off too. I buy a travel pack for the glove compartment of the car just in case.

Hellowe everybody!

Carmalita says hi and thanks to everyone for their concern. She sends her love and really, really appreciates everyone's wonderful wishes! That poor girl is really beat up! The whole left side of her face is all bruised and swollen, and she has a cut below her left eye from flying over the handlebars of her bike. She's also got some skinned up body parts which hurt her quite a bit. She fell onto the pavement . She'll probably write in a day or two, maybe even tomorrow. She's just groggy still and has been sleeping a lot.

Buzzy: You don't have to worry! Carmalita will wear a helmet from now on, trust me!

I've printed out two days worth of the forum for her to catch up on. As soon as she's feeling better she needs to tell about the poop that she and Tesa did this morning! It was awesome! Tesa laid a monster turd in our toilet, it was as big around as my arm! They both eat the same breakfast of tortillas and beans and cheese. Whenever Tesa is around, Mexican food is cooked quite a bit. With all that protein it's no wonder those two can squeeze out such big ones. It only plugs me up! Patsy made Malita one of her favorite dishes: Chicken pie. Tesa says that whenever she poops after eating chicken, it smells like chicken! Does anybody else experience anything like that? Tesa is so cute! her english is awkward still and her Mexican accent is very thick. She's hard to understand at times.

RJOGGER: Thank yor for all the nice things you say to me. We all love you in this household. Malita has read your note and it touched her heart. It was very thoughtful and kind. But don't you guys worry, she's a fighter. She's doing ok really. I think you're a beautiful man, a compliment that I don't hand out often. Jake is also a beautiful man. I feel you've both earned that respect.

Rizzo: Hi guy, long time no talk! Whassup wit' you? I hope you're enjoying yourself on your boat.

Traveling Guy: Hey, Malita loved your bedpan adventure. She accidentally peed out of hers, and embarrassed herself in the hospital. I guess her arc shot out hard, above the rim, and onto her bed. Her hospital stay was nightmarish for her. They kept waking her up during the night, and then the pee incident, and having to wear that stupid gown that shows off a person's butt, she was not a happy girl in there! Your story cheered her up a great deal.

Steve: Thanks for your concerns toward our little latina buddy. Apparently some other people saw it happen. Luckily for Malita, there were two garage sales going on at the street where she was hit. Lots of people saw it that we did'nt even know about. We keep hearing newer and newer updates.
But, I've printed out everybody's posts, and she's reading them. Things are fine with me and Patsy too, thanks for asking! Oh yeah! Awesome achievement on your Aikido test!!! I used to do Tae-Bo to stay in shape before the baby.

Kim and Scott: Wow, what a hot idea! How can I be so lucky as to have you come over and poop with me? Carmalita loves the idea. She says for you to bring Scott along. She wants to watch him take a dump! With your permission, of course!

Today I did a really nice poop. I filled the whole toilet with stinky turds while Patsy soaked in a tub. I kept farting and plopping and every now and then she'd rise up and say "Whoa baby, you really gotta go, dont'cha?" I must have dropped about five pounds in poop today! It was really great pooping with her watching me. Especially now that she's getting into it more. Tesa's in the bathroom right now as I type this. I heard her blow her nose a second ago. The door is right next to our desk but it's closed. I can hear her farting now. She shouldn't have to poop after this morning's performance, but I think she's going to anyway! Patsy's in bed reading, and I just heard the pitter-patter of little latina feet in the kitchen opening the refrigerator. That means our little Malita is on the move looking for food! I also just heard a very healthy plop coming from the bathroom. Oh, I love that Tesa! I should go and see if she needs any help with her pooping!

Bye y'all!

I had a bad night last night. I had wind so spent the night farting in bed till this morning early when I had a little accident in the bed. My hubby helped clean up. Don't feel good will post later.

TO LUCIANE: Why Not? ....maybe its the same reason as my girl friend. BTW, Hi Luciane.

Mr. Noname
Hi All!

I see that one of two of my earlier postings has not made it. Perhaps the contents didn't meet with our moderator's approval....Oh well. Hopefully this one will.
Well, my girlfriend and I did it today! We finally had our first buddy dump together! Now I don't have to worry about whether our toilet flushes or no!! I got to see her production up close and personal, as well as try to share my own.
She hinted to me that we might try it this weekend, and this afternoon she felt nature was calling so we went to the toilet together. I couldn't believe we were actually going to do it. I didn't really feel I had to go myself, but I went to accompany her anyway. She said her monthly problem is on the way and that she felt a little bit bunged up. Though she said she had to poop, she couldn't actually do it once she sat down. I thought it was because of my presence and she might ask me to leave. But she said it was because of her period, so I stayed on and encouraged her. I thought rubbing her ???? would help, as I've read so many times on this forum, but she couldn't get anything started. I also rubbed her backside, just above her bum and after about 10 minutes that seemed to do the trick. She had her legs spread enough that I could see inside the toilet. She groaned and grunted as I continued to rub above her bum, and then a brown log began to appear and move slowly ! down out of her back passage into the toilet's abyss. I just wish I could have seen it emerge from her hole! Anyway, it wasn't a large log, maybe only 1 " in diameter, even though she said she hadn't gone in a few days. After about eight inches it fell softly below. She said there was more but managed to produce only one or two small lumps after a few more minutes. I encouraged her to get up and sqaut on the toilet seat, like in the Japanese or French style which she did. I had a better view, but by then she seemed to have finished and said there'd be more tomorrow morning after her coffee. I decided in all fairness to give it a try myself. I didn't feel I had to go but sat on the seat. I think it made herfeel a lot better about dumping in front of me. I managed, after a few minutes, to push out just two or three very small pieces--nothing compared to her jobbie, which she said was rather small for her production. Anyway, it was just a nice feeling to share that moment togethe! r.
It was an intimate experience, and was one that I believe we will share again very soon. I can't wait to see one of her bigger, easier productions, nor to show her one of my own less-than-spectacular dumps.

Take care and happy dumping, however you do it!!

WOW!! I like that new picture, that girl pooped in a container in her room, looks big!!

To George: I loved your story about work, that must be a cool job to have as i like hearing/watching guys go to the bathroom. I thought it was very cool that you have to watch the dudes piss and that you had to watch that one dude dump, and then piss while on the toilet. Have any other stories related to your job??

Because of some restrictions on hiking in the UK due to foot and mouth disease, I have done some hiking in France recently. The GR2 path follows the valley of the river Seine from Le Harve on the coast to near Paris. At the village of la Bouille, 10 km West of Rouen, it crosses the river by ferry. In the village centre there is a modern unisex public toilet with two urinals and one unisex 'ŗ la Turque' (squat) stall.

I saw a woman in her mid 40s hurrying towards the toilette. She went into the stall and closed the door. I knelt down on the floor outside and although there was only a small gap under the door (about 20 mm), I could see a reflection in a pool of water on the floor. The view wasn't very good because it wasn't very well lit but I could see her squatting with her legs apart and gushing a powerful stream of pee forwards and downwards.

Unisex public toilets like this are increasingly hard to find in France and those with large (100 mm) gaps under the doors are even rarer nowadays. Central and Southern France seem more promising than Northern France, especially places 'off the beaten track' where not many foreign tourists go. Le Camping is popular in France with about 11,000 camp sites and if you visit a few, you should find something interesting, possibly in the same league as described in my 'France 2000' series of posts on pages 407 - 430.

Recently, several people have wondered how women manage to aim their pee into the cuvette (bowl) of a French 'ŗ la Turque' toilette. For most, it seems to be no problem but for some, it tends to shoot too far forwards so they lean forwards on tip-toe to aim it down a bit. Others put their feet on the floor rather than on the foot plates and face the 'wrong' way (towards the back wall) so that thay can pee straight into the flush hole.

Hi, everyone!

Rocky Mountain Lisa: Hello again! Welcome back! I enjoyed the
end of your post (at least!), since you seem to be back to yourself
again. Nothing like filling up the bowl with a good, solid poop! You
keep 'em coming, girl!

Kim: As usual, really enjoyed YOUR latest post, too! I like the 3D
effect... I'm sure Scott got the best vantage point possible, as I
would have, too, had I been there (I can dream can't I?- Ha!). Also,
I like the tease effect of letting it s-l-o-w-l-y come out on its own,
until Mother Nature takes over with "an explosion," as you put it....
BOOM! Nice work again, Kim!

No time to read the posts as i've been away for a few days. I've been at the beach. I Was gone for 3 days...I left on thursday and i hadn't had a BM when i left, the last time i went it had to be tuesday or wednesday, then on my 2nd day there. I woke up early and before i ate breakfast i felt an urge to poop developing, i was still in the room so i get in the car and get to breakfast and the first thing i had to do was poop, i had to use these public city restrooms, that are sorta dirty, i know i dropped 2 or 3 light brown logs probably about 6"....I couldn't tell the actull lenth....As i didn't pay that close attention. I must have wiped atleast 20 times or more. Then i sat down before breakfast came out in the restaurant and i had to poop again, this time it was much softer. Then after breakfast i must have pooped atleast 2 more times. I think the night before i ate food that was a bit too rich in sauce for me. Thats it for now, i'll check back later tonight or tomorrow to r! ead the posts.

To David S. I liked your story, about those kids with the massive diahreah...That must be a cool job to have, so do you see things like that often(bathroom related)??

To Jay: I liked your story about your friend shitting in the urinal in 4th grade

To George K.: I liked your story about being with your gf and having to pee so bad and you got shy, cause other guys were around. That happens sometimes, it happens to me if alot, if there are alot of guys. Were you drinking alot of liqiuid since you had to pee so bad or something?? Then that was cool you ended up peeing and pooping outside and with your gf. cool!

Im seeing we have another poster by the name of (brian,bryan, bryian) and they are pretty much the same so im thinking of changing my name to something else, what do you all think???

Ben, where have you been? I noticed you haven't been posting in a while. I hope you post more stories soon, cause your stories are really cool!

You know, I think I should eat Mexican more often!
After a good meal at a Mexican fast food place yesterday, this afternoon I had an exceedingly satisfying BM.
Each stool wasn't very long. Perhaps 3 or 4 inches a piece. But you know, they were the kind that are slighly painful as you pass 'em, but give you that great tingling sensation up and down your back just as the last one comes out.

The ones that leave you saying, "Whooaa!! That was GOOD!"

Hi guys!
I was in Patagonia and the mountains near Santiago these last 3 weeks, so I hadn't had time to post (in fact, I had no opportunity to do so), but I want to say thanks to all the people who posted comments about my last story about my buddy dump with Mafalda in the beach.

TRAVELING GUY: Thank you; yours was the only comment I was able to see before leaving to the south, and though I checked one or two more, I couldn't find them in the Old Posts list.
Your history about being asked for directions while shitting in the dune reminds me about another that happened to me some 13 years ago, in a beach as well, and that I posted here last year. I have no doubt about them talking about the pooping guy who helped them (it sounds like magic realism, haha!)

SCOTT: I had been through the same 'problem' as you, many times and in different situations, but it had never posed a threat nor a problem. Sometimes, I am approached when taking a shit in the nude beach, or while in the bushes next to 'normal' beaches, or while pooping in public restrooms; the people is both men, women and sometimes gays. These latter are easily recognisable, and it had been enough to tell them that I am not into what they like, so they soon leave me alone (with the exception of one or two times, when they insisted on staying around). In 1997, I was walking along the shoreline in the south of Chile, near a beach area where thousands of people go in summer to sunbathe, swim and having big picnics but after a couple of kilometers the things get wilder and there are no facilities at all. I was walking dressed only with running shorts, when I felt the urge to take a big shit, so I went between the bushes, took my short off, and started to crap. Almost immedia! tely, a middle aged man showed up and started to try to chat with me: "It is a hot day, it isn't?", "You're taking shit, don't you" (this was more than obvious, as a big turd was half out of my ass...), "You're relieving after the barbeque, don't you?" (It was New Year's day, high summer in Chile, and a date when everyone has a huge meal on New Year's Eve and the next day as well). I didn't felt bothered at the beginning, but he was too insistent at trying to talk with me, and I didn't really wanted to talk to anyone that time, no matter if while shitting or anything else, but I said nothing about that. After staying by my side until I was almost done, he perceived the fact of being not welcomed and left slowly. I knew that he was a voyeurist and maybe a gay, but I was not concerned by this fact, although I was there crapping in the nude (I had thrown my short to the side, to squat more comfortably) with no other person around. I do not mind at being stared sometimes, because! it is common for me to being looked at with more attention (I do not look as the majority of Chileans, as I am of recent European ascent, so that makes me very visible here), but what I dont' like at all is the invasion of my private space, whatever it could be (my room, my place to camp, my place for taking a shit, etc.). maybe if you think about the incident that happened to you in this way, you might find the real reason for you to feel so pissed, and find as well a way to deal with this kind of encounters.
Safety could be a concern as well, but I think that if a guy is trying to look at your private parts, and has a hard-on while talks to you while you are defecating, he would not try to mug you, just to get a "hot souvenir" from you. I know that this is not very nice to be aware of, but it seems to happen more than often, and it's better than being robbed, don't you?
I am not a big, mighty muscular guy, but a slim, strong and younger-than-my-age-looking guy, so I'm not in a position to scare anybody, but I handle these kind of situations letting to know that is me who is in control, not the newcomer.

Enjoy your summer, and have nice outdoor shits; we are several degrees below zero here, and outdoor crapping is definitely painful. Anyway, tomorrow I will post about a shit I had at -23ļ (that is, 23ļC below zero) in the mountain last week, accompanied by two mountaineer girls who I met in the summit of a mountain we had climbed before, and who asked me to hike we three together.


John H.
Hi, I stumbled onto this site justt today. I work at a local ice rink, and the girl's hockey team had just finished their practice and a beer-league team was in. Well, one guy went into the bathroom (it is one of those ones which both genders can use) and then ran out, saying: "AWW MAN!!" I went inside and the smell was horrible. Turns out that one girl left a HUGE turd floating around in the toilet, kind of like Jabba the Hut. I figure that many females get huge bms after a long time without one, and this was it. I had to get a plunger to remove this huge beast. Well, that's all for now hope to get more stories soon.

Hi all!!!
How are you? I'm fine!!
Today (Sunday) i was in the montains near Trieste in a Montain bike competition. After the race (that i had lose!!! i had arrived the last one!!! but during the race i had wrong the bike) other people had a lunch in a good restaurant. There was my girlfriend also. After the lunch she said me:"Where is the loo". We gone to the loo and she entered. After 1 minute she came out and said "i cannot poo because there is a squat toilet, and i poo only in seat toilet" she old until we gone at home.
I think that for her this is a big problem, because she only poo in a normal toilet, but if there isn't (like during a camp or during walk in montain), she doesn't want squat to take a dump (but she squat to pee). I repeat, i think it's the abitude.

What do you think about this?

Ciao ciao da Diego

Hey i've must say-I really like the new "colage" to the right of the masthead phota of the pretty young girl sitting spread legged on the bowl-some very nice shots of women doing their thing!!Great Idea,moderators!Kudos to you on this one!More stuff like this!!In fact,the one shot of the girl in the middle with her arms folded and squatting reminds me of seeing that woman "donna " the other day-that's Exactly how I watched her unload from that exact view and she also had her arms folded as she pushed out her stuff-Can't wait til we can get together to do it again hoping it will be soon!
Tried to get to poo at the gym yesterday,but by the time i was ready to go,i really had to poo bad,so i decided to bike out real quick to the woods and as soon as i got in there,i quickly ran to a spot and got undressed and man i really had to go bad!As soon as i got undressed,i just kinda leaned over a bit and spread my but cheeks and a bunch of mush flew out my destended rectum and spattered on the ground as i moaned in relief-i was almost standing as i dumped-just spread my cheeks and out it came.It's cool to poo standing once in awhile-Then i looked at a big pile of mush-i could tell it was going to be loose by all the cramps i was getting-then i stood up and looked around and it was very quiet for a weekend here in the woods-then i look down at my pile and it was getting covered with flies already,so i decided to move to another spot-I really hate those flies-it seems when i do a loose pile they come out right away to cover it --YEcccchhhh-so i took my ike and carri! ed my clothes to another spot about 30 feet away-then i just sat on this log and enjoyed the beautiful,quiet morning listening to the birds and after about 5 mins ,i felt like i had to go again and squatted over the log and looked between my legs and pushed out 2 long,thin turds that came out slowly with 2 farts in between as i watched them come out my butt-Sometimes i really enjoy watching the turds as they come out my anus-it's fun--they was a lot more formed than the 1st part of my BM-this felt good pushing out-then i hopped down off the log and started to wipe and just as i'm finishing up wiping,i had to poop again,so i just went over to the log and squatted on top of the 2 long turd pile and let out 2 farts and some more mush and chunks ending with a wet fart,Now i felt done and proceeded to wipe again and got dressed and biked back home-that was a fun dump-did 3 piles of poop-it would have been a good dump to do with that lady-well,we'll see if I can see her again-hopef! ully this week-the weather is supposed to be nice-wish me luck!Hey MUSICIAN,lets hear some of you stories!What do you play?BYE

Sunday, June 25, 2001

I graduated as a Registered Nurse about two years ago. My first job was in a hospital mainly taking care of old folk. The work was real hard. Therefore, when I heard about a nearby outpatient lab needing a male nurse, I jumped at the chance. The pay and hours were great. I've always enjoyed seeing young guys pissing and shitting. One of my duties was to collect urine specimens for employee drug testing for various businesses in the town and I really liked that. I was instructed to watch as the guys pissed to make sure that they did not substitute urine from elsewhere to avoid positive tests and I was real glad to oblige! I live in a Midwest College town and most of the guys were College guys working part-time or younger guys who lived in the town (a female nurse checked the gals). When a guy came in, I explained that I needed to watch him piss to be sure that the urine was his. I gave each a transparent plastic container. Some guys were real cool about it. They wo! uld whip out their dicks and I would see the golden stream passing from their dick openings into the container. Other dudes were real pee shy and they were even more fun! They would stand with their dicks pointing into the container, but nothing would happen and their embarrassment would just grow. Some begged me to let them turn around to get started, but I was real stern about enforcing the rules! I would send them back to the waiting room and tell them to drink lots of water. Eventually, most would piss for me. One guy was a real problem. Nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I told him to strain like he was taking a dump, but instead of pissing, he just farted! He told me that he needed to dump and asked if he could take the container into the bathroom and try to piss into it while sitting on the toilet. I told him I would still have to watch and he looked desperate. The bathroom opens off the room in which I work. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and sat on t! he crapper holding his dick into the container while I stood in the bathroom entrance. He started straining and I heard 2-3 farts, then some loud plops and eventually he relaxed and started pissing into the container. He looked greatly relieved and grinned at me. I took the container from him and stood there while he shook off his dick and wiped his butt. He was a real cute guy with brown hair and blue eyes. I have lots of other stories from this job if anyone is interested. Talk about getting paid to have fun!

Peter in AZ
Hi all!!!
Everybody- I'll be away for a week or two. I'll try my best to get a good poop in one of thoose weeks.
BUZZY- Hi! Maybe I was. I can't remember that one to well.

V.B.S.- That was good to know thanks!!!

Rocky Mountain Lisa- Hope you get better.

Renne- How is Carmilatlia?

David S.- Great story!

Austin- Hope you are alright.

Musician- That must have been embarrassing!

PPG- Yeah I wouldn't like bleached toilets.
Pleasant BMs!!!

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