Upstate Dave
Hello everyone. I am goimg to have a busy weekend this weekend due to graduations. Both Saturday and Sunday will be party days. With that todays post is about a family party when I was 12yrs old.

We had a family reunion at my grandmothers house. Most of the family showed up for it. There were plenty of grownups and a lot of kids. There was plenty of food and drink to take care of us all. The grownups were out in the yard and us kids were in the house upstairs outside,even playing out in the barn.

I was playing with the group upstairs in the house. Many of the rooms upstairs were no longer used so they wre mostly empty. There were closets, the attic, an old kitchen, and den. We were exploring the rooms because alot of my cousins this was thier first time at my grandmothers.

I started up the stairs toward the attic and I could hear some giggling from Beckie and Tereasa. They heard me comming and asked who it was. I said it was me and they said all right come on up. I found them over on the right side of the attic by some old trunks.

I asked what they were giggling about and they both said they were both saying they had to pee and were daring each other to go. I said why go here? Both girls replied some body is in the bathroom downstairs and we cant wait. Well dont pee on the floor I will find something for you to go in. I scouted around the attic and as luck would have it I found an old bedpan from when my grandmother ran a nursing home.

I came back with the bedpan and put it down on the floor. Here use this. Beckie said see who goes the longest since your wearing a watch. I said ok and Tereasa said ok. Beckie said Im first and pulled here shorts and panties right down to her ankles and squatted over the bedpan. She started to pee immeadiatly. Her stream gushed right out and was splashing hard on the bottom of the pan. I kept time on my watch. She slowed then stoped. 34 seconds is your time Beckie I called out. She said Tereasa beat that! Tereasa said Ill try.

Tereasa lifted up her skirt pulled her panties down to her knees and stood over the bed pan slightly hunched. No sooner than she did this her pee started streaming out. She was going at a good strong rate too. She slowed down but kept on going. She started pushing down to get every little last bit of piss out that she could. Then she stoped and asked me the time. 37 seconds Tereasa and your the winner.

We all looked in the bedpan and those two really had filled it quite full. All three of us laughed. I picked it up and went over to the window and Beckie opened up the window and I poured it out. Beckie then said I want a rematch later and we all started to laugh again.

ChristinePeeing, where are the strangest places you have ever peed or pooped?

Hi everybody.
Jane- YOu poor thing. It sounds like you really had a close call. i hope that you feel better after such a poop. I know how you must have felt. It is annoying to have kids looking at you through the cracks of the stall, but don't worry kids do that all the time. It has happened to me many times whrn pooping in a public restroom. I am sure they mean no harm by it, but are just curious due to their lack of age and experience. There was one time when I was having a lond poop in a stall when a young boy and a young girl came into the stall next to me. I don't understand how a boy and a girl were in the men's room together without a parent, but they were. Well they realized that I was on the toilet and started to laugh, whisper, and snicker. Then, they were peeking at me from under the stall partition. That was an uneasy feeling, but I tried to ignore it and they finally ran out laughing. Maybe it would help if more parents were open and expalined bathroom habits to their children more.
One more thing, I am hoping someone can give me advice on this. I have begun to go golfing for about a year or so now. It seems that everytime I go golfing, by time I am done with the course, I really have to poop bad. It is often loose or diarrhea. This even happens to me at the driving range. I mentioned it to a friend of mine who golfs with us and has always been a good friend (so I felt comfortable discussing it with him). He said that it is propably a normal reaction, because I am moving and using so many bady parts. He said that I am getting all sorts of things moving when I swing the clubs, including the bowels. I guess that kind of makes sense, but it still seems a little unusual. Does anyone have any ideas about what causes this? Do you think my friend is right? Anyone else have a similar problem? I always think of urgent poops being caused by bad food, nervousness, or illness, but not from a day of relaxation on the golf course. Also, hte toilets usu! ally don't seem overly crowded at the course which is good for me, but it makes me think I am alone in my suffering. I hope I didn't get too far off the topic. Tell me if you would like me to post some poop stories in detail when I get a chance. Thanking you in advance.

Mr. Noname
Me again.
To SL: Yes, I've used a Japanese-style squat toilet before. What do you want to know about them? I can say that they aren't too comfortable, but at least the squatting is supposed to be better for you. Also, because you squat, your body doesn't come into contact with any part of the toilet at all. You just have to be careful that anything you have in your back pockest doesn't fall out into the toilet!

To kim: I love your posts! But do you have a distended abdomen? I can imagine you must with those wonderful BM's of yours! If only we could meet!!!

Also to anyone here, Is there a surefire way to tell if a woman lays long,huge logs just by looking at her? As a janitor, I am always trying to guess, whenever women walk towards the bathroom! Thanks

Traveling Guy
BUZZY - Hot story! I think I like that part about the "look of concentration" on the woman's face as much as the pooping itself, maybe more. Of all the faces we humans can make, the one we can make while dumping one is unique. Keep us updated on your encounters with this fine lady, OK?

Once I was walking along a remote area of beach and needed to take a dump, so I found some shrubs at the top of a dune and ducked in behind them, out of view from everyone, I thought, but still with a view of the sea. As I was unloading, I noticed a couple in their 20's walking along the beach, letting the waves lap their feet. I thought they'd pass on by me, but they spotted me somehow and started walking toward me. They came around the bushes until I'm sure they could see me head to toe, bum and all. One said, very casually, "Hi! Can you tell us where we can get something to eat or drink along here?" I answered and they went on their way, just as though I'd been sunning on a beach blanket instead of pooping in a full squat. I wondered, though, if my dump and I were the topic of their conversation afterwards.

PENNY - Hear, hear, my dear! Communal, unisex defecation and urination can work just fine without pervs lurking about or other problems. I've seen and done it enough in Peru to know. I like your gutter idea for large, outdoor events. Conservationists might object to the continuous running water, however, so how about an occasional strong flush instead?

CARMALITA - Welcome home and speedy recovery, mi amor! Hope all's better soon. Please, please tell us all about how you filled the bedpans (or did you, on hospital food?) Enjoy Tesa's visit and pass along the good reports to us here.

RE: "Does anyone have any stories of childhood accidents or places you've gone as a kid that you shouldn't have?", from page 629. I have lots. I'll post them one or two at a time when I get the chance.

Not my earliest, but probably my strongest, memory happened when I was in second grade. The dismissal bell had rung and I was getting ready to go home. I knew I had to pee, but I didn't feel like stopping in the restroom before I left. Home was only three blocks away; of course I could hold it that long. I had only gone less than a block when I realized that I was really desperate and there was a very real possibility that I might not make it. Then I thought, wait, at the end of the next block is a city park. It didn't have a bathroom, but there were bushes I could hide behind and pee. The problem was that it was still almost a block away and I was already pressing my hand into my crotch so hard that it almost hurt. I crossed the street and passed the first house. Only four more houses, then bushes and blessed relief! As I passed the second house, I felt a little bit dribble out, just enough to dampen my panties but not enough that my jeans felt wet. Past the third house a! nd now a short, sharp spurt came out. NOW my jeans were wet, but only a spot smaller than my hand. I'd have to change my pants and explain to my mom when I got home, but nobody else could see it yet. Then, as I passed the fourth house and got within 50 feet or less of my target bushes, my bladder gave three spasms and let loose! I stood in the middle of the sidewalk, absolutely helplessly wetting my pants. I couldn't even walk until my bladder was completely empty. When I finished I looked down to survey the damage and found that I had soaked my pink Barbie jeans clear down to the ankles, my socks were wet, and my tennis shoes were so wet that they squished when I walked. Now of course everyone could see what had happened and the news was announced to the neighborhood at the top of one of my classmates lungs - "Terri peed in her pants!" Of course, the news of a child's accident is transmitted at the speed of light, so everybody who didn't see it had heard about it by the next ! morning. It took a long time to live that one down.

Three words: "Detroit Rock City" Dude!


Well, folks I'm back from Pee Hell. It's sort of a fitting
punishment for me for whatever I did wrong. At any rate,
thursday night I had to go to the hospital due to a kidney
stone. The nurse who had kidney stones before said it is
equal in pain to having children! Oh Joy! I think I'll name
mine "Crystal". I'll spare you folks the gore stories, but on a
positive note, I'm peeing about 500ml every hour and a half
now, so I'm doing much better. I'm not all the way out of the
woods yet, but at least I'm out of the hospital. I'll keep you


kevinfrom calgary
TO MARY Hi thats ok i forgive you most hocky teams can beat calgary anyway. Loved your diarrea story hope your feeling better now.

Speaking of diarrea (well sort of)i was stuck in traffic yesterday when my stomach suddenly cramped real bad, i let a loud and very smelly fart go, and felt a bit better i decided to let one more go, WOWWWWWWWWWW big mistake, as i farted diarrea shot out of my bum filling my jeans and undies, the car filled up with a horrid smell my bum felt hot wet and very poopy.

By the time i got home the poo had gone all cold and just felt terrible as i got out of my car, it started to drop out down my legs, i went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up.

just sit and blast away

bury your bum in the pan and shit piss and fart,no paper who cares i'll wipe on my undies

Storlac: The answer to your question is not difficult. Who would want to shit his pants if a crapper is available especially in the middle of a sporting event? I would take a crap in that doorless stall even though there is no seat, but I would first get some paper towel to wipe my butt. I don't give a shit if other guys see me on the crapper, but I would worry about shitting my pants.

David S.
Hi, this is my first post. Well, I work as a lifeguard at a local pool. This afternoon I was weeing in the urinal when I saw these two kids about 9-10 years old running in and holding their stomachs. Oddly, one was a boy and one was a girl, and both were obviously in pain. It turned out that the female washroom (lockers are seperate, by the way) was being out of order and both these kids were truly desperate. Thankfully for both there are two stalls. They each occupied one and then I heard a symphony of farts and splashes as I had never heard. I mean, these two youngsters let out some massive, and I mean, MASSIVE diarrhea. When the boy finished one round of diarrhea, his companion's stomach started rumbling (you can HEAR it: "griugriugriu FET FETT!" ) again, and then his stomach started churning, and letting out a tired moan he sat back down and let out more of the runs. This continued unabated for almost ten minutes, and obviously the smell was horrible. I went and ! got the medical supervisor to see if the two kids were ok. The girl replied that they were fine, just an upset ????. The boy said to his companion, " You should'nt have ordered that milkshake we shared. There were flies all over that place!." Ah, so THAT was the reason for that massive load. The medical supervisor told the kids to go home as to not infect the pool. And the kids left, weakened, still complaining of stomach pains. I later checked the toilets, which were clogged, and I mean, CLOGGED with massive loads of soft, brown, mushy diarrhea. I COULD NOT believe that a nine of ten year old kid could have such massive amounts of feces in one sitting. The entire toilet was covered in brown, you could'nt see the water. Well, this is my story, bye for now.

rocky mountain lisa
Buzzy--wow you found a poop partner. i'm so happy for you. guess patience pays off.
I got food poisoning Tuesday & had the shits really bad for almost 3 days. It hit me at about 4am as I literally ran to the toilet & barely made it. Anyway it sucked & I was glad when it cleared up. I didn't shit at all Thursday or Friday. Today however I am back in full form. I felt the familiar nagging when i got home from work. I took my shorts off & sat for a nice long pee & the turd began to emerge without any pushing. First one was fairly long & with a loud fart it fell out. i didn't have time to look & see how long as more was already coming. turds of various lengths plopped into the water below for over 5 minutes with lots of farting between them. i finially felt done & wiped. looking i see i've filled the bowl up past water level with poop. boy it felt great to have a nice sold crap again.

Sorry to hear about Carmalita. get well soon & get back here with your stories. we miss you.

George K--great story. keep them coming.
John (VT)--hiya.


Not yet
Sadly know I had seen that series or episode, but I do know of a few others that go a bit further. In a Japanese cartoon called Dragon Half.. they try to get this girl to lose in a fight by secretly giving her laxative.. but instead she give sit to this guy she likes and in the middle of the fight it kicks in and he's unable to fight. After he loses he runs the the bathroom. Later you see him sitting on the toilet.. cursing at the girl. But like US cinema.. all I ever saw in japanimation were males and no females.. first I heard of such a thing. thanks for the info.

V.B.S.(Virtual Butt Scientist)
Hey, everyone:

Check out this article. It's very-pertinent to this forum, or, @ least IMO.
LYON, France (AP) -- New research indicates that eating lots of red meat may create about as much of a certain cancer-promoting chemical in the colon as smoking does.

The findings, presented Saturday in Lyon at the European Conference on Nutrition and Cancer, were part of a study that also appears to revive the theory that fiber wards off colon cancer, the second most deadly cancer worldwide.

The idea that a high-fiber diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains prevents colon cancer suffered a setback last year after two studies failed to find an effect.

But the latest research, which experts say is the most reliable to date on the link between eating habits and cancer, found that those who ate a high-fiber diet had 40 percent less chance of developing colon cancer than those who ate the least roughage.

The study, which involved 406,323 people from nine European countries, had the widest range in fiber intake of any study to date.

At the start of the study, in 1993, questionnaires separated the people into five categories, according to how much fiber they ate. The top and bottom 1 percent were excluded to eliminate extremes. There were about 80,000 people in each of the remaining categories.

There were 176 colon cancer diagnoses in the group who ate the least fiber and 124 cases in the group that ate the most -- a difference of 40 percent.

The finding redeems fiber as a potential anti-cancer agent, said Nicholas Day, a cancer expert at Cambridge University in England. Day was not involved in the fiber investigation.

Day has criticized previous studies on nutrition and cancer. He says they were too small, were limited to one country at a time, included narrow ranges in eating patterns and did not measure precisely enough to detect the effect of small differences in nutrition.

Dr. Anthony Miller, a professor at the German Cancer Research Center who was not involved in the study, agreed.

"I think this study shows things are beginning to come together," Miller said. "The (American) studies, the way they measured everything was not very good."

Scientists believe that bacteria in the colon ferment fiber and in the process create a by-product called butyrate. Experts believe that cells in the lining of the colon turn cancerous when normal cell death is hampered. Test-tube studies have shown that butyrate is a potent inducer of cell death.

Those who don't eat a lot of fiber tend to load up on protein, which also provides food for bacteria in the colon, said Dr. Sheila Bingham, deputy director of the Human Nutrition Unit at Cambridge University, who led both studies.

Lab tests have shown that the combination of red meat and colon bacteria produces chemicals called N-Nitroso compounds, some of which are cancerous, Bingham said.

One of them, known as NNK, is found in tobacco smoke.

In the meat experiment, volunteers moved into a laboratory for at least three months and their diets were manipulated. Cells from the lining of the colon that were shed during defecation were examined to see the effect of the dietary changes.

Everyone was put on the same regime. Calories, fat and weight were kept the same throughout, but the amounts and types of protein changed.

The more red meat eaten, the higher the concentration of N-Nitroso in the feces.

"In fact, at the high level of red meat consumption, the level of N-Nitroso compounds which were present in the fecal material was equivalent to the concentration that is found in tobacco smoke," Bingham said.

The most red meat the scientists gave the volunteers was 420 grams (15 ounces) per day.

Replacing the red meat with the same amount of chicken or fish resulted in a drop in the N-Nitroso compounds back to normal. They stayed at that level when the protein came from dairy or soy products.

"The only difference between red and white meat is the amount of heam they contain," Bingham said. Red meat is rich in heam, a part of the blood that contains the iron that gives the meat its red color.

When the volunteers were fed a diet low in red meat but with supplements of heam iron, the levels of N-Nitroso in the feces rose again.

Experts say the results are consistent with other evidence presented at the meeting Friday, which indicated that preserved meats increase the risk of colon cancer, but that fresh red meat may not.

Preserved meat, which includes bacon, cured ham, salami, corned beef and pastrami, has much more heam than fresh meat such as steak or lamb chops.

There is no proof that N-Nitroso compounds in the colon are toxic, but the circumstantial evidence is strong that it might be, experts said.

"Some of these compounds are very carcinogenic ... in other species, and humans have the same enzymes which are required to metabolize them, so really it's a logical thing," Day said.



kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. recently one weekend my boyfriend scott and I went to a local auto show. scott was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt,white shorts, and white sneakers. while I was wearing a pink spandex top,white exercise short shorts and pink mule high heels on my feet. my blond hair had bangs just over my baby blue eyes. I had a pink clip shaped like roses clipping the top of my hair as my hair flowed long in back. this auto show was actually smaller then the huge one we go to on the labor day weekend but it was good and well set up. By the way in last years big auto show we saw the actor paul le mat who played the good looking tough guy in george "star wars" lucas film american graffitti. well anyway in this auto show they had a good assortment of 1940s ,50s,60, and 70s cars there. you could vote for your favorite one. scott voted for a black 1948 caddilac and I voted for a 1956 chevy bel-air. you sign this little slip of paper and ! hand it to a car judge to cast your vote. scott and I did not stay long enough to see which car won but we had fun anyway. we even ordered sausage and cheesesteak sandwiches along with fries and drinks to take home with us. after we went back to my house and finished our meals there I felt a huge motion coming on so scott and I walked to the bathroom together. we had the whole house to ourselves since my parents where out doing something.just before we got to the bathroom I thought of a idea. scott and I then got old newspaper and put them on the bathroom floor near the bowl. after we put the paper down I started to take off all my clothes. I took off my pink spandex top,yanked down and slipped off my white shorts and white thong panties. and took off my shoes. I wore no bra. and it was kinda hard for me to find a bra that will cover all I got anyway. thats why I exercise with my man scott to keep everything well toned haha!I then flashed a smile at scott as I sat nude on the ! bowl. I then raised both legs up in the air.bending them to my chin as my upturned ass quivered excitedly and I started to push out a log. I wanted to shoot out a log right at scott and have it fall on the newspapered bathroom floor. I then pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and my ring expanded wider and wider."wow kimmie! your huge logs and knockout bod really turn me on! look at the size of that monster your squeezing out of your ass"scott said excitedly. I laughed at scotts flattery as I pushed harder and my log grew bigger still! I then squeezed real hard as I saw my gigantic log stretch out towards scott . this log must of been coming out at scott like a 3-d movie! my log was huge,solid,thick,long and ramrod straight. I giggled in excitement how great my log was coming out as my whole body shuddered automatically as my log grew bigger without me even pushing.. I then decided to let nature take its course and let my log come out by its own free will,since it ! seemed it had a mind all its own anyway. as I waited for the final explosion to happen I teased scott by wiggling my log in front of him like a tasty carot stick. then it happenned I experienced an earth shattering shudder that went all the way from my long blond hair down to my toes as I exploded a mammoth bowel movement out of my ass onto the newspapered bathroom floor. "wow kimmie look at the size of that log!" scott exclaimed happily as we both admired my log. scott then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 20 1/2 inches long. 3.7 inches thick.not a bad blast huh folks? scott then chopped up my logs ,picked up the old newspaper with my logs on top and dumped it into the bowl. I then wiped my ass,threw the used paper in the bowl and flushed. scott and I then washed our hands and left the bathroom to watch some tv. that was a great day for me seeing a car show then banging out a huge log. bye all. love,kim and scott.
PLUS-by the way when I described myself the other day everything is true except that I am five foot four not five feet tall.
TO CHRISTY-hi dear. scott and i live in new jersey but weve been to carowinds amusement park too. you write well but lets hear happier stories too ok?
TO RENEE- hello. thanks for wanting to see me dump. I would love to come over your place after the baby is born and buddy dump with about that? two sexy well-built blondes crashing out huge logs together. tell carmalita about it. she might like the idea and I hope she feels better soon. please pass that on from me and scott ok?
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello girl. sure you can dump in the woods with me and carmalita but I think we would get too much of an interested male audience dontcha think haha.
to DIANE AND MARENELLO-hello. thanks for liking my last post diane. and thanks for posting the way scott and I pump iron too maybe we will come over sometime and have some fun with you in doing that haha! bye now be well all!

I really like the new picture, with that impish looking lady squatting over the urinal.
I had a really incredible experience yesterday, the 22nd. First some replies.

Renee - HI again. There is nothing goofy about posting in the early AM. I do it frequently. I see that you are enjoying all the perks of pregnancy. As long as you are healthy, then things are OK. That Jake is one lucky guy. He gets to see you poop and then he "coerces" Patsy into letting him watch her. You have one incredible crew there. I'm glad to see that Malita is home. I am going to send her a note, if she can't get to the computer, would you please read it to her? Thanks, Renee, you're a dear, I'm glad to see that you are posting more lately. I enjoy your stories.
Carmalita - Hi sweet seniorita, I do hope that you are getting well. Frankly, Kathy and I are very worried about you. That you are home is comforting. I really miss reading your wonderful stories, and chatting with someone that I consider a very lovely lady. Here is wishing you the speediest recovery. Get well soon, Malita, Kathy sends her love and best wishes, as do I. Also, here is a super get well hug and kiss from the crazy old runner in the NE.
Muggs - You lucky young man, you! First, you get to see some strange ladies drop some large bombs outdoors; and then you get to see AMY do hers. Yes, I would agree that it was really awesome.
Buzzy - Alright, Neighbor, so now you and Donna (5'5", craps like 6'5"?) have outdoor buddy pooed twice and plan to do it regularly? GREAT!, that's all I can say. It's almost like my sporadic experiences with Noreen, my sometimes running lady. As far as wiping each other goes, that is an experience unto itself. By the way, your description of the episode was excellent. You are another enthusiastic person, who sounds very excited about his experiences. Best of luck, keep the great stories coming.
Jane - I had 2 little boys "peep" at me once, while I was pooping at work. Their dad had brought them into the men's room and I guess curiosity got the best of them.
Penny - Good commentary. "Nuff said!
Maranello - Welcome. It's nice to hear from you. I hope you will post more frequently.
Diane NY - It's nice to see you back. France and Le Mans, Huh? You are one lucky young lady. Nice story about you pooping over a squatter. I have never used one, but I do squat to poop in the woods often. Take care.
Shanice - Nice to see you back. That was one incredible dump you did in the woods. And that was one lucky guy who got to watch and wipe you.
Roger - Alright, another great story with you and Angela. You two have a real nice thing going.
Rizzo and Jeff A - Hi guys, hope everything is well and hope to hear from you soon.
Gruntley Bogwell - My reply to your last post, your "coed" wood's adventure, got lost. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it as much as your other great stories. Glad to see you back!

Friday's at 7PM, my younger son, his wife and one of his wife's girlfriends and I bowl in a mixed league. Son and "little" daughter-in-law were getting there 8 month old son ready to go to her mother's and they mentioned that Carmen needed a ride. I said I would pick her up. So at 5:45 I packed my gear in the van and drove the 20 minutes north to pick her up. When I arrived, Carmen greeted me with her awesome smile and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Let me describe her. She recently turned 30, she is 100% Latina, 5"6", 120 lbs, slender build with everything in the right places, long jet black hair to her ass and one of the most beautiful faces and complexions. Yes, she is married with 3 little kids. So I helped her get her gear in the van and we left. We were heading south on the parkway, when we hit a major delay. I exited, went down a hill and over the tracks, and started up a hill through a woody area. At the top, Carmen asked me to stop the van. I asked her if she was OK! , and she said that she had to shit real bad. We were only 10 minutes from my house, but she couldn't wait. SO I pulled over, by a little dirt area that had trees and bushes. As soon as I stopped, Carmen got out and asked to keep an eye. She went up a little ways and stopped. I got some wet wipes from the van for her and got the sight of my life. She stood with her back to me, her hair pulled in front, unbuckling her pants. She lowered them and her panties, giving me a great view of her dark ass. Then she squatted and I got a view of her dark privates. I should have been looking the other way but I was frozen. I heard her pass some low gas as she squatted, then her dark anus domed out, as a thick knobby log emerged. I could here her grunting as she pushed, then the log got smoother and came out easily. She had to raise up a little for the crap to land, then she squatted again to pee. I turned around, as a car was coming, but it continued on. I turned around to see more, small! er poop being expelled, then I turned as another car went by. "Rich, do you have anything to wipe with", she called. "Be right there!", I called back. I turned around and started walking towards here, trying not to look. "Oh will you stop? It's nothing you haven't seen before", she teased with a smile. So I looked, and handed her the wipes. She started wiping, all the while smiling at me. When she finished, she asked me to check. "GO ahead, it's alright". So I looked at her privates as she raised her butt. What a view! "Clean as a whistle". So she stood and raised her panties and slacks. That's when I realized that I was shaking from the rush, as well as being aroused. "You OK", she asked. "I think so. I'm just a little excited." With that she replied "If you didn't look or get excited I'd worry about you. Besides, I trust you like my dad. If I have to poop outdoors, you are one person I trust". WOW!, I was floored. Here I stand guard, she doesn't mind being watched and she h! as me inspect her. Then of course I looked at her doings. It was curled over, but it had to be over 20" long and 2.5" thick. "You crap like that every day" I asked. "Usually not that much. I just forgot to go today. I go when I first get to work, but I got busy and didn't feel the urge". Incredible. We get back in the van and I am still aroused and shaking. Carmen flashes her terrific smile and we drive to the bowling center. Oh yeah, the old man bowled real well that night. The excitement earlier kept me flying.

Bye all.

matt please post a story

Plunging Plop Guy: I agree with you about bleach in the toilets. As well as not being ablee to see what you have done, I do not like the smell of the gases given when you "go" into bleached water. I am sure that they are nnot good for you (especially in a poorly ventilated room)

Luc: You mention that the Japanese squat toilets for females have a raised front. I have never actually seen a Japanese squatting toilet (only seen pictures on the 'web) but in France I know that the squatting toilets are the same design for both males and females. In fact it used to be common for these to be unisex, but I believe that unisex public toilets (apart from the single person Sanisettes) in France are not as common as they used to be. I assumed that the Japanese are the same with both sexes using the same design toilets.

Hi,all-weel finally got some new posta along with a great pic of a girl with a great butt sitting in a urinal-very pretty girl-good stuff on the mastheads lately!Some responses
TO KEVIN-that was some dump out in the woods you did there pal-I very rarely poo that much! once in a while i'll do a good load,but not quite as much as you!I also can do some long peeing session esp when i eat a lot of watermalon after I get up in the a.m-I alsolove to pee a lot while i do a nice soft dump at the same time!Coolstory
TO PETER IN ARIZONA-Amusing story with you and your friend Jack pooing nude out in the woods-Maybe you couldn't go cause you had a bit of "stage fright" in front of your friend?Sounded like it was fun
TO DIANEin NY-Hey neighbor-I take the LIE all the time-don't want to get stuck on there and have to poop!Hey if you ever poop in the woods and want an appreciative poo-buddy maybe we'll run into each other and do a goo buddy-poo-pooing outdoors is just the best!I'm stiil reelin' over my meeting with that woman and buddy dumping with her a few days ago-wow was that great!Can't wait for the weather to be sunny again so i can meet her again for some more fun!Love to poo along with you ,Diane
TO PENNY-wild story with all the runners dumping together-that must have been somthing to see!hey who needs to run into pervs anyway-they just get everyone self-concious and are just a drag!I would have pooed along with all those folks!
Going to try and go to the gym today for a good poop-i hope i can hold it til I can get there cause i can already feel the dump building up in my gut so i'm going to go now and se if I can go have some fun at the gym-feels like it's going to be a loose one with all these cramps i'm getting-hope i can make it!-great posts all-BYW-CARMELITA- hope you are doing OK now-lets' hear from you,honey!Really gotta go BYE

Hi Steve,

Great to see the forum moving again -- it's been static for a few days.

Yes indeed -- my "pretend" skirt in the experiment was mini length, and you're quite right that if I had been emitting with force it would have been a much less certain thing. I tend to have at least some forward angle naturally, maybe that contributes to my ease in adapting to the standing technique, and I'd not feel confident in letting loose in a longer skirt unless it was a very gentle, no-urgency situation, and the skirt was losse enough to move my feet out to at least shoulder width, without drawing too much attention! And yes, hip and knee angle has a lot to do with it.

The #1 and #2 simultaneous thing has been an oft-repeated situation, every day lately. I plonk down for my morning opening and they both happen, pee first, then out slides about two feet of poo in just a few lengths, and the pee is still flowing when it's all away!

Hahahahahaha!!!! I knew Louise would give it a whirl! Please provide her with a vast hug and kiss, and tell her they came express delivery from me! Yes, it's a crazy kind of fun when you get very different systems working together, and while eating whilst defaecating is probably not something anyone would ever want to do, drinking while having a wee is a different matter! I had a go in the shower today -- drinking straight from the spray while letting my urine flow. That was fun!

Looking forward to your account of the weekend's activities -- here's hugs for you and darling Louise together!

Your friend,


PS: LOVE the masthead of the exotic looking lady squirting backwards into a urinal! Now, if we could have another of a fab lady standing to arc forwards...!

Saturday, June 23, 2001

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