Hey everyone. Im really sorry i havent posted in a long time. Ive been going through some relationship issues. Michelle began trying to get back in touch with me and Amy found out. So now im between 2 girls getting into it over me. Pretty cool/sad at the same time. I got kind of a double story for you. Amy and I decided to go out last night to a movie. The theater was not crowded but i still parked in the back (nervous habit). And i dont know if anyone else does this but i opened my door and rushed to open amy's for her. Its goofy, i know. But right when i turned towards the building i saw these 2 girls (one was black, one latina = perfect) next to their black pontiac. I didnt think so at first but i was instantly fixed when i saw them both unbuckle their pants and squat down facing away from the movie theater. Amy noticed also and we both leaned down and peeked from the front right side of my truck. We were pretty well hidden because we couldnt have been more than 25 feet awa! y. we watched as they both peed a bit and then we heard this faint grunting. they both began pooping at the same time. The black girl was passing a FAT log and we heard mixed fart noises as it slithered out of her. The latina girl began with a average sized log and then seemed to burst with this load of soft poop that was very loud. They both began looking around after that moment. the black girl was still pooping. we saw this BIG pile of all sorts of crap. When they were done, they took out some tissue out of their purses and wiped themselves. while they did so amy began blowing in my ear and i began to shake while i was crouching down and almost fell forward into complete view. scary. the girls then pulled up their pants and got in the car and sped off. amy and i walked over to the piles and got a closer look. the black girl left 2 broken, possibly 24 inch logs and some smaller fatter turds. the latina girl left a small log and a big pile of loose crap. The smell was very st! rong. We then looked at each other and proceeded into the movie. After the movie, i took amy back to her house to discover her parents were gone. i wasnt planning anything if anyone is wondering. She and i walked in and i noticed she was holding her stomach saying...."oh man...this is gonna be huge." I replied, "really?" and she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. Needless to say, i was already aroused by this time. She left the door open and pulled her pants and white cotton underwear down and began to pee loudly. She noticed me looking at her and leaned forward. she asked me softly, "wanna watch?" I mumbled, " yes". and i looker at her fully exposed hole. her hole started dilating and i saw an unreasonably large turd press out of her butt. it crackled and gas came out also. it was so long it didnt even break off before it hit the water. when this monster finally broke off amy farted very loudly and a small load of soft poop came out with gas. she then wiped and s! tood up. we both admired the huge pile she left in the bowl. it took 3 flushes to get it all down. she then walked me to her front door and we kissed goodnight. i drove home with the BIGGEST smile on my face. Really awesome? Id say so.

Patst and Renee - I wanted to tell you how glad i am that carmalita is ok. I think you both should begin posting more stories. i liked Renee's last story a lot. let Carmalita know Muggs sends her love and a hug and a kiss.

Diane in NY - City of shaolin. I love your stories soooo much. you last one was really great. keep the stories coming.

-Peace to the Bowels

This is my first posting. I am 14, Asian and 5'7" and around 110 LBs. I also have lactose intolerance. Back in January I went to a Canucks Hockey game with my hockey-freak boyfriend and his friends. (we live in Vancouver, Canada) I felt I was doing something considerate, because he is so nice about my lactose intolerance. I basically sat queitly and watched the testosterone-driven brutes beat each other up on the ice. (Several players were real cuties, though) My boyfriend and his buddies yelled out taunts every several minutes. (irrelevant but, anyway) Well, anyway, we were kicking Calgary's (sorry, kevin from Calgary) ass 5-0 in the third period when a cramp struck. Figuring it was the popcorn butter or wherabouts, I excused myself and left for the closest bathroom. Unfortunately, if you know what a sold-out crowd is, I had to "excuse me" all the way through to the stairs and then out to the "hall". When I finally found the bathroom I was pretty desperate. Boy, I ! did'nt know even simple butter was this bad. I let out massive diarrhea for 3 minutes straight and when I stood up to wipe, another cramp hit me and I sat back down as the pain gurgled it's way through my abdomen. To make a long story short, this happened six times. Thankfully no one else was in the bathroom and I left went back to my seat, my ???? feeling alot better, and sat down rubbing my ???? as my mom had taught me to do after digestive upsets. (At this moment my boyfriend groaned as the puck slipped past Bob Essensa and made the score 5-1) That's the story for now.

P.S: Does anyone have childhood stories of diarrhea? I remember watching a Japanese cartoon in which the protagonist, a nine-year old girl named Chibi Maruko San, has a huge breakfast and consequently a huge ????ache at school. She also has diarrhea but there are no graphics or sounds, only a closed bathroom door. Anyone ever seen that episode?

Hi, Im Lily! Im an 18 year old student at Westward Community College. Today was kind of like another, while I felt the urge to move my bowels at around 11. I casually walked to the womens washroom, found a stall, lifted my skirt and lowered my panties to my ankles. Soft poop began purtuding out my anus at a rapid speed. The second wave came along and I wiped my bum, flushed and left. I will continue to post soon. Happy Pooping!

Christy, regarding your Roller Coaster experience....good aim! Sorry I know it's really NOT funny, but the mental image of those people with poop on them just cracks me up.

Yea I know I'm sick

Has anyone messed their pants lately? Please post a story

I remember in 4th grade while i was using the urinal minding my buisness letting it flow along during lunch, some kids came in and one was hoding his ass. They all dared hime to shit in the urinal. He was undoing his pants and holding his ass. I didn't think it would happen. So he got undone, got positoined and let it rip. He let out a fart and 4 logs and some more farts right in the urinal. I thought it was pretty cool as one kid came in holding his balls and pissed all over this kids wonderful pile. The kid said he had to shit a little more so he sat back down and diarehha exploded all over the urinal and was followed by several logs and while he was still shitting the principal walked in. We all took off. He let the kid finish in the urinal and punished him. He gave him 3 detitions and made him clean it up and scrub the urinals every day so us boys made sure we pissed all over the urinals real good and didn't flush it so he would have to clean them.

Scott: I read your two interesting posts. I'm real glad that guys at this site have helped you to be more philosophical about being watched by another guy when you take a shit. Sue also seems real broad-minded about this type of thing. Yeah, I've always enjoyed watching other young dudes taking a shit. I guess I would also have watched you, but would have been a bit more discreet than the guy you encountered. Also, I enjoy talking to guys while they are dumping, but I would never do it with a guy who is reluctant. That guy was real intrusive! If you don't want to make conversation with other dudes while crapping in a doorless stall, the best thing is to lean forward and look down (as you did) so you don't look at other dudes and give them an opening. I've found that dudes take different attitudes towards being watched and talked to in your kind of situation. Once, when I hung around outside a doorless stall in which a guy was crapping, he looked up and said: "Hey, can! you move away a bit. It's kind of difficult to take a crap with someone standing in front of me." I simply moved away. When I walked in on another dude crapping in a doorless stall, I apologized profusely. He grinned and said: "Hey dude, that's no problem at all." I took this as an invitation to stand in front of his stall and watch the action. When he farted, he looked kind of sheepish and said: "I've been kind of gassy after last night's meal." I suggested that he might try taking "Beano" and he asked me whether it worked. He slowly released his logs. He pointed towards his butt and said that it was taking him some time to get done and apologized for keeping me waiting. He did not seem at all uncomfortable to have me watching him. When he got done, he did not flush properly and I got to see his logs. So you can see that different guys will react differently in your kind of situation and mostly, if you want privacy, you can have it even in a doorless stall. !

Hey-moderators,what's going on with this forum lately-i haven't gotten any new posts for most of the week and when i do read then,it seems that most of the other folks are responding to posts i Just read!-Is there something wrong or my end or yours?BTW at least you have been giving us some nice pics on the masthead
Well,i tried to post a few times but nave been knocked off for some reason-so i'll try again!
Met a poo buddy the other day(tues6/19) quite by accident-lately the weather here in the N.E. had bee super and I've been pooing out in the wild just about every day,but nothing ti report till tues a.m.I was just bikokng down a path when i ran into that woman"donna" I ran into a few weeks ago-she was jogging and she saw me and said" hey I remember you!Ive been arounf here looking for you but haven't seem you" I said"Well i've been looking for you too"Then she said"You just get here"I said" Yup," and she said"well,i was just looking for a spot to relieve myself,want to come along-I said I was looking for a spot myself" and she looked at me with interest and smiled-I was sooo thrilled as we walked into the deep part of the woods and found and spot-by now i had to poop pretty good and she went over to a clearing and started to take off her shorts and she said"I trust you are not some sort of seriel killer or something" and we both laughed and she said" I hope i'm not going! to do this alone-do you have to go too?"I said" Oh yes" and started to take off my shorts,but i turned away from her cause i didn't want her to see that i was a bit excited about this-then i saidShall we do this together? and she said"OK" and smiled and started to squat down with her butt towards me-she was an older woman(about 50i guess)but she had a great butt-Almost right away she started to pee like crazy-I was losin' my mind as i squatted down about 5 feet away from her and I had to dump pretty bad so as she is peeing I let out a long pre-poo fart and she looked over at me squatting and said"Ohh you have to poo huh?"and i said' Oh yeah and the turd started coming out my butt and it was one of my usual long smooth ones-I tried not to push as it slowly exited my domed anus and i saw her looking at my"poo tail"With interest and said"Wow that's a long one" as I farted again and the turd fell on the ground-then i shifted around to see her better but still kept my excited sta! te,a secret from her-Then she said " well now i have to do-do too and with that i saw her anus start to dome out with a hissing fart and then a knobby turd started to come out as I looked at the face and she looked like she went into a intense state of concentration as she started to grunt and groan to push this baby out-I got to be about 6 inches or so and fell on the ground and then she grunted again and all of a sudden,allthis really soft stuff came out like a soft ice cream machine and made a big pile with a couple of farts in between-I thought i was going to lose it watching this as my own rectum started ti fill up and as she is pushing the tail end of this stuff out i farted again and let out a lot of soft stuff myself and as i'm doing that she is looking at my butt with this intense look on her face as she is pushing out her stuff-wow was this great-we wer both transfixed on each others butt enjoying the view!Then i stood up cause my legs were a bit tired ,but she was s! tiil squatted down and pushing out some soft stuff and squgglies-i looked at her pile and it was a big one!I'd say she was about 5'5"or so but she poooed like she was 6'5"!Then she asked me to wipe her butt and i said Ok and wiped my butt and put on my shorts and went over to wipe her and she said"Hey i wanted to wipe you too" I said " sorry' i didn't think you would want to do that"then as i'm wiping her,she said" oh this is nice-the next time i want to wipe you ok?"I said"ok"and then I could see she was in an excited state too and let's put it this way-we then had some fun stuff-no sex,just fun stuff-thats all i have to say about that! Then as we are walking back she says to me" hey why dont't we meet on every nice morning to do this" I couldn't believe my ears and I said" sure that would be fun cause i have to go every day"she said"well i do-do every 2-3 days,but i'd like to be with you when you go,if that's OK" I said "Ok,but it's more fun when we both gotta go,don't you t! hink?"she said"I'd be happy to see you DO-DO- and we both laughed-then she said "well got to get back to go to work-maybe i'll see you some time this week i hope" I said" I really like that" and we parted ways and all the way home i'm hardly believing what just happened-Hey now i have a woman poo buddy!!I can't believe ti! RJOGGER-hey buddy i scored with a woman buddy!I can't wait till we meet again!I'll let you all know!! BYE

Sun Devil
What a horrific time for Carmelita. It is a blessing that she is not hurt seriously and that there are no broken bones. My thoughts and prayers go out to her for a quick and speedy recovery. I look forward to her wonderful pooping episodes very very soon!
We love you Carmelita!!


Greetings All.

Dear Carmalita,
It was your misfortune to encounter a lowlife without enough decency to face the consequences of his actions. I can imagine how the driver probably had plenty more to hide than the fact he had hit a lovely girl - it is quite a common occurence here in England as well.
I hope your skin injuries are not too bad. As Louise says, make the most of those orderlies fussing around you, and fill those bedpans good!

To Renee,
If Carmalita is in no such position to read this and if you can do us a favour, please wish her well from Louise and myself. Also I hope things are otherwise well with yourself.

To Kim,
Hi there, sweetheart. I look forward to hearing about you dumping in the woods - in the near future, I hope. Anyway, thanks for the congrats, I apparently exceeded the test requirements.
Say hello to Scott for me. Cheers!

To Jeff A,
Haha yes, I can see why people might think the white and black attire was unusual. Our instructor, himself a 4th Dan (for about 3 years), told us this week that despite our own worries there was never any doubt that the pair of us would make the grade, that it was a mere formality, and (with a wicked grin) that having four then six uke attack us was more to prove a point to lower grade students than anything else. Despite what he said, I found it very demanding, and thanks for the support, I do appreciate it!
I'm not sure how many hours I've trained at each level. I had a year at first (200 hours perhaps?) about 2.5 years at second (at least 350 hours), and it varies between dojos anyway. What really
matters is at this level, you begin to break out of tutored technique.
Very much back on-topic, I have indeed been reading Louise's expressive descriptions of recent dumps that she has been writing for you. I can safely say that you couldn't fail to enjoy watching her in action, whether it be urinating or dumping. She has actually recorded a 90 minute cassette tape of some quite noisy toilet visits, with a good variety of pissing and shitting action including rapid fire pebble bombing into the toilet, and also several splashes suggesting she had produced something of torpedo proportions. Believe me, not all her turds are small ones - occasionally she will slowly squeeze out one in excess of 12 inches in length, and 3 inches thickness is not unknown. Although she does have to put effort into shitting a turd that size, watching it from below as it peeks through her slightly open anus, and to see her anus be stretched open by the turd passing through it is breathtaking. She always says she isn't very good at this kind of writing, but I'm sure! you will agree with me that she's better than she thinks.
I don't play that tape when I'm driving. It might be too distracting!

To PV,
Have a hug from me, and thanks for the congrats. I think we have both surprised ourselves at making this level, being Wing Chun men primarily.
Having read your posting in which you described how you wore a towel as a 'pretend' skirt in an experiment, you didn't say how long the 'skirt' was. I'm interested because I don't think Louise or her mother would have much chance of keeping any skirt dry that was longer than a mini, and even then they would have to be bending forward at the waist to alter the angle of the stream. Perhaps for me to ask such a question is just a guy thing and I can't help that, but I wonder how you would have fared with the experiment had your wee not been a small one with presumably not a very strong stream. Perhaps we need to consider what kind of angle you squirt at normally when the stream is strong.
Interesting how you have acquired a habit of weeing and pooing simultaneously. It isn't something I do personally. Typically I will have a dump, and then if my bladder has anything in it then I will urinate afterwards. In Louise's case, as she has said in a recent post, she urinates, and before she has properly finished doing that she can begin a dump. Strange.
I was wondering who it was who gave Louise the idea of drinking water while weeing in the bath. Why was I surprised? Haha. It was indeed a highly amusing episode, and yes, she had this stop-start urine flow that seemed in sync with her swallowing actions. She looked down at me where I was sitting, and collapsed into some uncontrollable giggling with water dribbling down her chin from the glass. Definitely one to remember.
Louise has delegated(!) the task of writing up the account of the events of the last weekend to me. To whet your appetite, we went out for a very quiet celebratory drink with my training partner and his girlfriend, which included quite an interesting alley pee. Perhaps more interesting is the Saturday night, which was an evening in at home hosting an invasion of Louise's closest friends. Her mother too! There was alochol involved, and of course plenty of weeing!
Such an event demands a proper telling, so I will devote some time to writing it up next week.
Take care until then.

Bye for now,


do you fold, or,do you scrunch your toilet paper to wipe?do probe or merely pad?

if enuff people cumplaned toilet paper wudnt be like sand paper in public toilets

vandalising(other than graffiti) a public toilet should be a capital offence
whoever invented thin non absorbent toilet paper should be made to use it ,a worse punishment than death

all right heres the option .Shit your pants or force your way through a bunch of fellow males lining up to piss at a big public function urinals and stalls blocked whith guys pissing finally a stall is available,no doors no seats no paper will u shit in full view?

With the shit that comes out of my ass, no amount of warm water or any other kind of what removes the stain and I have even tried using washing detergent, with no success... Either my shit is chemically bonding to my panties and pants or they don't make washing powder like they used to.
Shit, my nerves are so wrecked lately, as I am writing my biggest exam tomorrow and I am having to take anti-diarheal drugs just to get my studying in.
I'll write again soon. Hopefully with no further accidents...

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

COPROLOGIST, That public convenience sounds worth a visit if only for the Victorian splendour! What were the toilets themselves like as regards plopping potential, and would you hear others in neighbouring cubicles?
I know some of the Victorian public toilets were designed as though the cubicles were intended to withstand a siege and gaps under partitions were often non-existent, so solidly built they were.
Perhaps I'll visit the city of H sometime and check it out as I often like to visit all the public toilets in a strange city and see and hear what's happening.
Seaside towns too I've been surprised at how many toilets there are and remember staying in Rhyl and Morecambe amongst others and finding at least 12 in both towns.
As regards your disgust at finding "hard" toilet paper, I must be one of very few here who actually prefer it!
Apart from it being great to listen to when someone's wiping their arse with it; I like the way it tears across rather than down which I find really frustrating when I'm using soft TP.
Also I hate it when my fingers go through the soft stuff!
I too sometimes have a sensitive anus but I was once advised by a doctor not to WIPE my behind, but to DAB it and have continued ever since. Therefore I don't feel any harshness from the stronger paper.
Anyway, someone must be buying strong TP as well as myself as I can get it from supermarkets and it's often been available in chemists presumably for the health aspect as the one I buy is germicidal. (The name begins with an I.)
My friend whom I've mentioned here before also likes it for the same reasons and thinks of it as very masculine paper!
Perhaps it should be marketed as "Paper for men who are hard as this paper"!!

Yesterday, I was on my way to the public toilet, not desparate but certainly wanting to go and have a shit, when, reaching the door I found it closed! This at 10AM! No sign as to when it would open or apologies etc, just a public toilet for the convenience of the public- closed.
Fortunately, nearby I found an art gallery with a toilet, so went in and used that. I sat down and had a very satisfying loudish plopping session and thought they felt bigger and firmer than usual. Then I smelt the tell-tale smell of bleach and when I stood up to look at what I'd done, saw the water was milky white and realised I'd done my load into a bleached toilet and so had no way of examining my fall-out!
I wish peoplewouldn't leave bleach in a toilet when it's in use, I think everyone should be able to see what they've done, not just for interest, but to monitor one's health or to see how much has actually been dropped.
Anyone, I felt good and it was satisfying, but on this occasion I'm glad I didn't get my arse splashed if it had been bleach that had got splashed up!
Moral: Always check for the smell of bleach in the pan first if you want to see what you've done as there's obviously a chemical reaction when you've had a piss first before dropping turds.

Best wishes to you, CARMELITA and hope you're soon feeling better after the accident.

Haven't heard from you lately, DAZZ. Hope you're in great health again and enjoying every bum-splashing plop!
Someone else I've not heard from in a long time is DREW.
Are you still there? Your reports of all those times you've been able to coincide a good shit with another guy next door to you are great. To have a session on a toilet that's shared with another guy as he drops his own and not only hearing each other but to comment and joke about it is, to me the ultimate male bonding.
I enjoyed reading here the other day from a guy who said he regards going to the toilet with his girl friend as being more profound than the activities they share in the bedroom.
I would think male-bonding in the bathroom to be more close and deep than any male sporting or other social ritual.
I also think it includes a definite competive element as well as most of us who like to share our sounds with other men want to make the loudest plops, farts and grunts.
I considered such ideas to be exclusively masculine and implicit to being sexually interested in other men only, then I discovered from this forum it wasn't as simple as that!
The number of times I've read that heterosexual men get a lot out of the comradeship and the pleasure of shitting with other men, and the number of women who like to be around other women when they go and are proud of their performances, apart from all the male/female toilet sessions!
To quote the colleague of a friend who used to enjoy a good shit as soon as they both got to work:
"I enjoy shitting more than sex!"

I probably won't be able to post for a few days, so will join you all in a week's time. Look after your bottoms! P P G

Friday, June 22, 2001

Carmalita: Sorry to hear about your accident and other misfortunes. Don't worry, things will work out eventually. Get well soon.

Renee: Please pass on my best wishes for Carmalita.

Jeff A: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I was very surprised with Gary since he rarely expresses any interest, much less gets excited, about me being on the toilet, though he posted once here about me sitting on the toilet. It was just a moment that presented itself.

Yesterday at work I was building up an urge to poop in the afternoon. I was in meetings that afternoon, and by four the urge was very strong. Luckily I was done with meetings, so I dashed to the ladies room. A woman and two small children were also coming in, and they all went to the handicap stall. I took a middle stall, pulled up my black knee-length skirt, pulled down my sheer black pantyhose and white high-cut panties, and sat. I pushed out a long firm thick piece of poop. As soon as it popped out like a cork, I let go a massive wave of soft globs of poop, lasting about ten seconds. I paused for a bit, then unleashed successive pieces of soft poop for another ten seconds. A strong poop smell was emerging, so I flushed the toilet while seated.

Right after that, I heard the toilet in the handicap stall flush, and they came out to wash their hands. I pooped out another wave of soft poop. Suddenly I saw two little feet under the stall door, and I saw an eyeball at the crack of the door. One of the girls was peeking through my stall and catching a glimpse of me sitting on the toilet. As she was looking, I unleashed another massive wave of soft poop, lasting 15 seconds. She turned away after that, and I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out one more wave of poop, then I was done. I wiped several times and got up. I saw a huge pile of brown poop at the bottom of the bowl. I flushed it away and saw I left behind some poop stains. There was also a strong lingering poop smell as I left the ladies room.

Hello, my name is Christy, I am a 25 year old brunette from Concord, NC. A while back (Summer 1999), some friends and I took a trip to Carowinds, a local Theme Park. At the age of 23, I had never ridden in a roller coaster. Very nervous situations tend to make me diarretic. The first roller coaster we approached had numerous loops and twisted over the walkway which leads to other rides upside down. Walking up to the ride, I started getting very bad stomach cramps. My friend Melissa asked if I were okay, I said yes because I didnt want them to think I was scared. Another 45-50 min. pass and the cramps only get worse. My friends all said to get in the very back seat because it was more fun, I did. After the first drop-off I thought I stained my panties. When the ride reached the walkway loop, I unconsciencely pooped (BIG TIME!) upside down during the loop over the walkway. Now, If you think that was bad wait until you hear this. The poop escaped from the car, got all over! my shirt and face and fell to the sidewalk bellow where a crowd waited for the line to progress. When the ride had stopped, I was sitting in the car crying. I got out and ran as fast as I could to the nearest restroom. Along the way, I had seen that the poop had fallen on some people waiting in line. Needless to say, that was the most embarrassing day of my life.

please email me and tell me you comments on the story

Every morning, before I leave for work, I take a good healthy shit (and pee a full bladder out, then get dressed in my slacks and blouse for a comfortable day at the office. Then I usually grab a light breakfast and pick up my "van pool" riders Sarah and her husband who work in the same building. This morning I was awakened by the phone rather than the alarm clock. The power had gone out during the night and the stupid clock was sitting there flashing 12:00 like an idiot. The caller was Sarah wanting to know where I was. I jumped into my clothes, out the door and into my van. We headed out the causeway toward the bridge tunnel and found a parking lot waiting for us. I turned on the radio and there had been a car fire in the tunnel with an anticipated backup of 1 - 2 hours and nobody was going anywhere. I couldn't turn around since we were on the causeway so all I could do was sit there. After about ten minutes Sarah started to mention the fact that she needed to pee. I hadn't even though about my morning ritual until she mentioned it and now I realized that I had forgotten something. Ten more minutes and Sarah was really getting jittery. She opened the door and got out and started dancing around. She was squeezing her legs together and holding her crotch. This girl was in trouble. She got back into the van and said, "I don't care who's watching me Mel, but I'm not going to piss my pants and ruin your seat." She pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles, opened the door and set on the step and released a torrent of bright yellow piss onto the pavement. It was like a waterfall. That was all I needed to remind me what I had forgotten. By now I had already started to leak and I could feel a solid urge to open my other hole. After about fifteen minutes I felt my intestines would explode if I held my anus shut any more. I had been telling Sarah and her husband about my predicament and Sarah kept egging me on to do like she did. But I simply could' nt sit there and shit in front of everybody. I mean there were hundreds of cars behind and in front of me and nobody going anywhere. I wondered how many of these other poor people were needing to go? I grabbed the door handle, ready to follow Sarah's lead, but then the car ahead of me started to move. We moved a few feet then stopped again. Again I was ready to do a "Sarah" but I talked myself out of it. "I'm just too shy to do like you and do it out there in front of all those people" I said. Sarah's husband kept telling me to do it in my pants. He even offered to clean me up if Sarah would let him. I was mad that he was enjoying watching me and Sarah in such distress and he's back ther getting a nut. I told him I didn't think there would be any other choice before much longer so he better hold his nose. Five more minutes and after one more impassioned plea from Sarah to go outside, my shyness overcame my good sense and I finally decided to relieve myself right where I was si tting. I felt the warm pee flowing down my ass cheeks and warming my tightly clamped anus as it soaked the back side of my pants. When the water slowed I relaxed my butt muscles, raised my ass up from the seat a couple of inches and pushed the head of a turn out into my slacks. The rest came out with no persuasion whatever. It was warm and soft and filled my ass crack and crotch and I could tell there was a nice size wad back there. When I lowered my ass back down to the seat it squished and went all over my cheeks. Sarah opened her window and laughed and said, "You should have done what I did, now all three of us are going to have to take the day off" "I don't care, at least I'm not hurting now" I told her. After about an hour of sitting there with wet pants, a wet seat, and a load of shit that was starting to give me a "diaper rash" we got moving again and took the next exit and went back to Sarah's house to get cleaned up. Whether her husband actually helped or not is not a ppropriate for this forum, so I won't mention it.

Sara T.
The time I peed in the closet-- I was bored and looking for a new place to go, a place with a carpet preferably since I'd never gone on a carpet. I wasn't about to pee on my carpet out in the open since I didn't want to leave stains (it's a light carpet). I remembered I had carpet in my closet, so I took off my panties, went inside, shut the door and just stood there and let it go. It felt SO good. There's nothing more exciting to me than feeling your pee leave you and splatter onto fabric.

Carmalita, feel better, baby!

To Kory

I never have poop if my boyfriend is around.

When i am alone, I take a big dump, sometimes in my panties...

Yes I have used the French and Japanese versions of what I affectionately call the "squattez-vous". Many years ago I took a bike trip in France, staying at Youth Hostels. When we got to Bordeaux I finally (for the first time, probably due to a bad oyster) a terrible case of the runs. Frantic for a place to go in the middle of the city I walked into a museum attached to what I think was a university building. It didn't seem to be open but I was frantic. Found to my great relief a WC, dropped trou as quick as a wink and squatted.Immediately let a massive fart followed by an explosion of major proportions. I've always felt that the squattez-vous was the healthiest way to take a shit -- a natural posture well known to those of us who enjoy al fresco pooping. The Japanese version for females has a neat raised front so that women who pee straight ahead don't soil the place. I guess the French assume their women folk pee straight down. Any thoughts on that?

Hellowe everybody!

To all concerned: Carmalita's home safe in her bed, and a little groggy from pain medication. I guess when she fell, she fell on her wrists, and they're hurting her pretty badly. Nothing was broken luckily. Poor thing! It's great having her back home though.

Logger: Thank you, but apparently, the man that hit her didn't know he'd hit anyone. He was looking in another direction when he turned and didn't see her fall. Some people down the road saw the accident, and flagged him down. His insurance will pay for her med bills which is a HUGE relief!

Kim and Scott: Kim, I hope you don't mind, but I sure would like to see you doing one of your big logs! You and I have a lot of similarites it sounds like. We're both built about the same, except for now, I've got a ????. We're also both blond.

RJOGGER: Yes, the constipation is an annoyance, as with the morning sickness, stiff back and all the other fun stuff. Today though, the constipation was/nt with me, but Jake was. He talked with me while I pooped a big fat one! It was fairly dry, long, and big around like a sausage, and not very smelly at all. The turd was a relief to get out of me. I loved having Jake in there with me. We just talked about everything from the baby to the job market, and so on. Hey, I loved your story with Noreen. I'd like to hear more about your wife too. Oh yeah, Patsy has decided to post here. She's waiting for the computer as soon as I get my butt out of this chair. Hell, the sun's barely up here this a.m., and we're writing on the internet. Goofy huh?

Louise: Hi girl! Malita's fine, and yes, the orderlies were broken hearted when she left them without a phone number to call. It's hilarhious, but there was this young, Mexican kid that was mopping the floors that would just cruise by her room and stare in all wide eyed. His poor heart was in his throat!
PV: I'll give her your love, and accept your hugs wishing I could give one back.

Well, Jake finally did it. He pulled off the miracle of all miracles. He finally coerced Patsy into letting him stay in the bathroom with her while she pooped. He's such a sneaky guy! First of all, those two love each other like crazy. They're always getting into deep conversations. So, sneaky Jake starts a conversation, and Patsy says "Hold that thought for awhile, nature's a callin' me." So, Jake gets up, and follows her down the hallway to the bathroom still talking. Patsy gets to the door and says "Give me about ten minutes here, Jake." It was so funny, he was looking so downcast, that she finally said, "Oh hell, come on in if you want, but it's no treat!" So he did, and I followed too. Patsy, as I've mentioned before, is very shy and ladylike. She was wearing sweats and just barely pulled them down enough to clear her butt and sat. At first she was very nervous, but after a few seconds we heard a big turd crackling out. She was the cutest thing ever, sitting there so ! prissy, with a monster poop coming out. She grunted, then excused herself as it plopped. I just laughed and said "Baby, you don't have to excuse yourself! We're the ones intruding!" Jake offered to wipe her, but she said "No, we'll just keep this on the buddy system." I love that about Patsy. Anyway, she dumped out another two huge logs.

Thanks to everybody's wishes for Carmalita. I have printed out todays forum for her to read. She's asleep in our bed with her wrists all taped up. She's still dopey yet, and really isn't aware that Jake is here. Tesa heard about the accident and is on her way back down here from Spokane. Carmalita's going to be so thrilled when her little latina pooping partner arrives! I'm a little thrilled myself just thinking about those two!

Bye y'all!

For the past two days I've had runny, gushy diarrhea in a brown, pee-like stream with only small pieces of poo particles. It's been really quick but pretty tiring and irritating (perhaps I need to wipe better, given that the TP at work is rough). Anyway, my butt itches, but I feel alot better. Maybe I should lay off the Chinese food for the next couple of days.

Hi I am Matt, i am 12 and live in the UK. I get big skidmarks in my pants a lot and somotimes i do poo and wet my pants.

Billy and Kevin L.
Someone asked about movies where people are peeing. In the movie doc hollywood, they go on a drive through the woods. Leu, the girl ambulance driver sees some tracks left by hunters. So that the deer won't come back, they pee all over the place (the scent scares off deer). There was also a great quote: "You can't poop here without everyone knowing what color it is." (Mine is usually brown.)

Hi,all-haven't seem some new posts for a few days-i guess sometimes that happens on here where for a few days,you get the same posts-a drag-Anyway,some responces-
TO CARMELITA-Hey,soory to hear about your biking mishap-ALWAYS wear a helmet!!You couls have been killed!i bike all the time and wear one-please,wear one-the world will be a better place with you in it!Keep us posted on your progress!
TO SCOTT-I had something like that happen to me 2 times,and it sure was weird-I am like you-a happy go lucky guy who enjoys pooing along with anyone,until it starts to get weird-then i take off in a hurry-i'm a straight guy and i sotarted laughing first.
He says hello!

Lotsa Hugs,


To Katie:

How long do you normally hold your pee for? Do you go all day at college or work without peeing? Also what is the most you have peed? Personally I much prefer pee stories to poop stories, so tell us more please!

Michelle - you should wear some kind of protection (diapers).

I am a bedwetter, and I am wearing a Goodnites. They are the best diaper available in the USA. The biggest size are big enough for adults. When I woke up in the morning, I could not even tell that I am wet.

Anyhow - last year I got a real bad case of diarrhea, and I was forced to wear diapers even during the day. Once I was standing just in front of the bathroom door. I bent down to pick my son's toy when the urge hit me. Even though I was just three steps away from the toilet, I did not make it. It rushed out of my butt, and filled the diaper.

I was forced to see my physician (I was really embarrased, cause I filled my diaper in her office), but in few days I was OK.

Ring Stretcher
RENEE: so sorry to hear about Carmalita! Poor gal! Biking on roads, even in small towns, is dangerous anymore with 16-year-old drivers, drunks and plain idiots not watching the road. Give her my love.

BRYIAN: Keep up the good stories.

KIM and SCOTT: Can I dump in the woods with you and Carmalita someday? LOL! I'm sure lots of guys on here would like that site.
Speaking of which I had a terrific dump this weekend but I'll tell the long story another time. It was a massive, ring stretching outdoor dump.

Last night I ate asparagus and it made my urine reek! Then, this morning I got up and was gassy. Last night I passed several rabbit pellets that reeked, and normally, my rabbit pellets hardly ever smell, so when I got the urge to go just awhile ago I knew it was going to stink up the bathroom. I pooped and it wasn't very hard, but it smelled like a chemical!!!!! Wonder why? The whole upstairs stunk afterward but I felt much better.

George K.
The other day I was with my gf at the mall and had to piss real bad. For you guys who have shy bladders this is for you. Well I told my gf I was going to take a piss. She said ok I'll be right here. Well I went into the restroom and went to the farthest urinal that was empty. I walked up to it and unzipped aimed and I was getting ready to go when a guy walks in and stands at the urinal right next to me. I don't have a problem unless your right next to me unless your my gf. Now if your 2 or more urinals away thats ok. Well he walks up to me and unzips and pulls out and goes. I couldn't help but looking and I know he looked at me a few times. He had one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. He must really had to go cuz I just kept waiting for him to leave and he was there for 3 minutes or better. So I just zipped up and left. Now I really had to piss bad. When we got in the car and started to leave it got worse. My gf drove which was good cuz I was about to have a nervous breakdown. I just kept grabbing my balls and was holding on tight cuz I didn't want to piss my pants We finally got home and I didn't think I would make in the house to the toilet so I just went beside the house and undid myself and barely got it out before I stated to go. I let out a big fart cuz I usually fart before I go unless in public. I just pissed all over the side of the house and my gf was like "Whoa I never seen so much piss in my life!" She timed me and said I was there for 5 minutes. And she had to shit and she just decided to go there with me. It wasn't much. Just 2 little logs and about 3 little ploopers. She farted about 7 times though. And I had to shit now so I just joined her there and mine was bigger. I grunted a little and let out a huge ass fart and 3 7 inchers. I pushed real hard and let out 10 little bitty 2 inchers and pushed once more and let out 6 farts and had to piss so I held my dick in front me and pissed and let like 20 farst! while I pissed and pushed once more and big snake like one about 20 inches came out and I pushed once more and let a little snakey one and a little fart and wiped with a leave and went in the house with my gf.

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