I'm baaaaack.It's been awhile since I posted because nothing exciting has happened in awhile,but it finally happened.For those who don't know about me I'm 16,black,light skinned,thin body, and good looking.I finally had another experience,with one of boys from my first story.He wanted to go on a hiking trip and wanted to take me with him.I've never been hiking before but he has many times he says.So guess I could try it once at least with him.That day I ate an about 4 hotdogs,some snacks,and drank like 2 cans of soda.So were walking through the trees now just hanging out talking and laughing when a big urge hit me.I said "man i gotta take a dump,but we're too far out now" and he said "you can go right here in good ol nature" I smiled.He'd seen me go before so I'd let him do it this time."alright you can even watch" I said.He got really excited at that.I was starting to let out farts now so i knew i had to go now. I turned my back to him pulled down my shorts and panties and sorta half-squatted.He just stared.I could feel my butthole starting to open and I started letting out loud stinky farts(BRRRRRRR BRRRRR)I looked back while i was farting and he waved his hand over his nose. My farts always stunk so i knew it smelled bad.I started to pee a stream as my butthole spreaded wider and a huge turd started slowly edging out with ALOT of crackling.I moaned and groaned as I pushed it out.I looked back and smiled a little and then began pushing and groaning again and the turd started moving again.It was so long!I now was bending over in his direction.I looked between my legs and this turd was thick too and a little knobbly and almost touched the ground.I pushed one more time and it fell to the ground with a light thud on the twigs."that was a big one shanice"he said."I'm just getting started"is all i could say back before a chain of stinky farts hit and another huge turd eased out,but not slwoly like the last one.It just slid out easily and fell with a t hud and another long hard turd eased out easily right after it.I just kept pushing out long hard turds for a little bit one after the other.I had to stay bent over for them to move out without touching the ground.Finally it paused for a little bit.I let out chains and chains of loud farts.He laughed at this.My butthole opened again as a now thin feeling stringy poop starting slipping out.It almost dropped but got stuck on the end.I shook my butt up and down about 15 times before it finally dropped.Immediately afterthat I felt a load of turds just explode out.A thud for every second.They were medium sized turds.My hole opened wider and little poop pellets started plopping to the ground one after the other for about 5 minutes continuosly.The rush stopped.I was squatting again letting out the smelliest farts(brrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrrr)My butthole opened again and squeezed out 1 poop pellet and then a long turd started easing out again except it was a snaky turd that curled on the g! round.I farted some more and another snaky turd slithered out and curled on the ground and it was quickly followed by these small-medium sized turds.I stood up from my squat a bent over again with my hands on my knees and pushed hard groaning loud a long as I pushed a really FAT turd!My hole was stretched VERY wide as it slowly pushed out.All of a sudden a new speed for it came and it just plopped out quickly with a loud "THUD!"I was still bent over hands on my knees as I grunted and pushed out more of those long hard turds.I pushed about 5 of them out of me.I sat there awhile letting out about 30 farts(Brrrrr Brrrrr br br brrrrrrrrrr br)My butthole spread one more time as this deformed feeling turd started crackling out slowly twisting and turning.But it was also a long monster.When it fell it was immediately followed by a long thin snaky turd again.A few small poop pellets plopped out and was followed by one stringy turd.I shook my butt up and down numerous time more than la st time till it fell.I let out what seemed like 1,000 farts."man that was worse than last time?!How do you bear that?!"my boyfriend asked.I laughed."belive me I done much more worse.You want to see if I'm dirty or not?"Of course he said yes.He came over grasped my buttcheeks and tried to spread them to see but i playfully clenched them together.He laughed and forced them open.He was looking at my ass and into my asshole for the longest time,but i did'nt care.It was really great for me.He finally said I may need one little leaf or something.I've never used a leaf before but he did it for me and wiped around in there.I let out a few more farts and pulled up my panties and shorts."man that was a load shanice"he said.We looked at the was undescribable and full of so many types of turds and flies were starting buzz over it now.It really stunk.One of the flies,i forgot to mention,even landed on my ass and started walking around while i took my dump.I was disgusted as they ca rried many diseases.We left and continued walking after he took a little piss.That was my story.It might not be long till the next one.


As is the case with many of you, I share a deep interest in bodily functions especially peeing. I also find that I really cannot share this with anyone else except with you in this forum, where I know that it will be somewhat accepted.
I find that I'm mysteriously turned on by watching a woman pee. I have never understood why but ever since i was a little kid I always wanted to see women pee. As a young boy i was fascinated that girls had to sit when the peed. In my teenage years when I masterbuated it was only about instances where I had observed a young female who really had to go. I never masterbuated about sex as would be expected of a normal teenager. This baffles me as well and I'm wondering if anyone else in this forum has experienced something like this? As I got older and had girlfirnds I conviced them to pee in front of me. Usually saying that it highlights closeness, that we are able to share every moment, never ever admitting that I was extremely turned on by this. Even after having a lot of sex this still deeply interests me. I must admit that after observing a few girls pee really closely my interest has faded because the mystery element has gone away. I wish at times I didn't hav! e this interest, because at times all I'm thinking of is when she gonna need to pee? Concealing this is a pain and admitting it would surely cause more. I guess i have to find a mate who shares this interest, but then again she maybe like me and not want to admit it! Well thats it for my confession. Hope you guys enjoyed it...

Psychiatric Ward patient
Hey People
Can someone please list all the movies you have seen that have chix farting,craping,pissing?????
TO SARA:Hey i think your a cute pooper ;)
TO CARMELITA:Hey your stories are extremely great i enjoy them very much.

To Bill: About familys/gangs etc. living in abanding had asked where they went to the bathroom....Well infact last night on MTV there was a show on with these gangs who lived on the street and in these abandoned buildings...They showed where they went to the bathroom...either in a corner or in this toilet that didn't flush. In that show i saw poop in the toilet for a second.

Thats an intresting picture there...i think its a repeat...A few minutes ago i was having an urge and it went away, hope it stays away because i have to go to work soon

hi love to shit in public
Hi people i was in a public mall and there was 5 stalls with out doors i had to go shit . And i had a pair of shorts and on and no underwear i had got to the toilet and a women asked me if she go ahead me i said no mam u can not she asked me why i told her that
i had been waiting to go and now it is my turn while i standing there she watching me i took my shorts off and turn my ass toward her and raised me ass up and i was talking to her and told her to watch and said to hurry up i told her to hold her butt she said no i told i had not finished yet i had just bent over started pushing a huge ass turd out and still coming and she is still watching me . I said women u can watch i will be here a little longer and this is first is the turd and lot more to come . well she left another one walked in and said what is she doing . i started another one long one out i opened my butt and i started pushing the lady is mam what are u doing and i said smell and see. i started peeing on top of the turd still coming out . that is 2 turd about 12 inches long . and i farted and farted again. pushed out to medium length turds out one right after the other. and i stand up to wipe my ass and the first lady is in the next stall take a shit to . i love! to shit and let people watch enjoy your favorites BM everyday possible,

RENEE: I'm so sorry to hear about Carmalita!!!!!! I hope she gets better soon.
KATIE: I'd love to hear your pee stories

To the Guys and Girls You Can Read It Too,
What do you do when your at the urinal and you have to pee
next to your boss or a higher up. I'll never forget a few years
ago I was at the stall and my boss stood next to me and he had an enormous penis which he had to stand a few feet from the urinal.
I couldn't help but not see it. Mucho embarassing. Plus I immediately got pee shy and pretended to go when I could not get a drop out my now quickly shrinking wiener.

Greg K.
To Roger:

Watching your girlfriend taking a big poop after
consuming all that cheesecake sounds super! My
girlfriend will shit in front of me, but when I
ask her to please lean forward so I can see her
anus clearly, her bottom freezes up and she can't
poop. I agree with you that a pretty girl farting
and pooping while being observed is a fascinating
spectacle. Perhaps we forget that pretty women
shit and smell like anyone else. I know what you mean
about being disappointed at the absence of a strong BM
odor. A pooping woman should stink to the heavens...
and wood will follow in its wake!

There was a British play a couple of years ago called "The Censor", which was written and directed by Anthony Neilson. The play has a scene where a female character is required to defecate on stage. In the scene, the character apparently opens up a newspaper, squats...and then shits. Reviews I have read said that the scene was very realistic and shocking. Does anyone know how this scene was performed? Have any of our British friends here seen it? The actress would have to have extraordinary bowel control to shit at exactly the right time every night. I'm thinking it had to be faked, but how did they get it to look so realistic? Anyone know?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Sorry to hear about Carmalitas accident. I hope to see her back on here real soon. Looks like here in upstate N.Y we are going to have a couple of dog days of summer. So with that I will finish my summer visit story.

The next morning I said goodbye to my grandmother and rode back down to Mikes house. He had already had gone out to his older sisters house. I said hello to everyone else and said I was going over to the school and Janet said she would be over in a few minutes.

I was over at the school for a short while and sure enough Janet came over and sat down on the swing next to me. We swung on the swings for a little while and chatted. I thanked her for the time we had together yesterday. She smiled back at me and replied ,her pleasure. She asked me if I liked to climb trees and I said its ok. She pointed over to the tall pines on the other side of the school said those are good trees to climb, Lets go!

We went over and she picked out the one to climb up. She started up first and I followed. She was right about easy climbing. It did not take us long to get up 30ft above the ground. We both sat on the same branch with our backs resting on the trees trunk. We could see out but we were out of sight from the ground. We spent alittle time talking and then got into get each other laughing. She said she had to pee from laughing and she told me watch this.

She lifted up her skirt to her waist and she was not wearing panties because it was to hot to wear them she said. She then started to pee. Her stream arced outand her pee stream headeddown towards the ground. She pressed down and her flow increased a little more and hissing sound level picked up. Her flow slowed down and she trickled to a stop. She dropped her skirt and jokingly said thats the longest piss I ever took in more ways then one. I agreed with her. We then climbed down and I had to start my 3hour bike ride back. We said our goodbyes she gave me a hug and a wink, and said till next time.

RENEE -- Oh, dear, dear, dear -- please tell Malita her friends are thinking of her, and wish her the speediest recovery. I'm sure she'll have some fabulous fun with the bedpans, but getting all banged up is too high a price to pay. Please give her my love, and I'm sure we all hope she's back on the potty doing monsters very soon. (And hugs for you, too!)

DIEGO -- hi guy! Thanks for filling us in on the aftermath of the wine party! As for Australia, I can't say what usually happens here, as I'm usually tucked up in bed when the action begins (!) but I can say that a bus stop I often use, which stands beside the carpark of a local bar, very often smells strongly of urine, and I can imagine drinkers after closing time watering the street while waiting for the bus...!

PENNY -- stunning description of the pre-race street poop you found yourself amongst -- though it serves a practical purpose it must by voyeur's paradise. Are there problems with perves hanging around or mingling with the athletes for no other reason than to engage in an action otherwise taboo?

Cheers all,


Hey, yall:

First of all, I'd like to thank all of yall, from the bottom of my heart, as well as would my lady, Angela, for all of yall's words of encouragement, regarding our toilet-activities. It is w/ great-pleasure, that we partake of these things. Man, who needs any other form of entertainment, than what we do? Meaning not only Angela and I, but the rest of us, right-here, on this forum? I mean, if pooping is not the most interesting-subject that there is, then I would like someone to point out, what is more-interesting. IMHO, it's even-better, than the sex-act, itself, to witness your significant-other, "doing their business!" Rjogger, glad you liked the story, along w/ all the others who chimed-in, and said kind-words, regarding it. One thing though, my friend, Angela and I aren't-married (@ least, not-yet). We are strictly seeing each other, and no one else, ever since the day that she came over to my house, on my day-off, and fixed my Dell PC, by intalling a ne! w-motherboard, and then taking a dump in my bathroom, afterwards, fully letting me witness every second of it! Pico, same goes for you, glad you liked it! (I knew you would). However, Angela and I do not wish to get together w/ you, or anyone-else. @ least, not @ this time. We fully-intend to share this, between-ourselves, for now. We will keep you in mind, though, and let you know, when we are ready, to take the "next-step", and maybe do a "menage a toilet!" Today, it was my turn to sit on Angela's lap, while she dumped out the dinner that we ate, on Sunday-night. I was facing the wall, as she caressed my neck, and bit it, while blowing in my ear, while she was dumping out her substantial-load. I could about 5 big-pieces, as I looked down between her-legs, and into the bowl. She finished it off, w/ about a 30 second-barrage, of what several of you, including Jane, term "soft-serve poop". What is ironic, is that it was probably the Banana pudding that we had, that was coming o ut of her now, as "chocolate-pudding". Lol! She was dispensing it though, man. Lemme tell ya! The smell was heavenly, to say the least. I wiped her about 3 times, w/ tp soaked w/ my saliva. I then wiped her about two times, after that, w/ dry-wipes. We then retired to the bedroom, and made love. What a night! One more thing, my baby, Angela, reminded me of one more thing: I told yall, in the last-post, about how the "highlight of my life", was when she dumped out the cheescake, in front of me, that I had made for her, just two-nights before. Well, that wasn't-exactly the "highlight of my life". What was, though, was when I first met her! That should be a given, though.

Yall take-care,


Renee - Hi Renee, it's nice to see that you are posting again. I liked your double, you watching Jake and Jake watching you the next day. So pregnancy has you a little plugged? I went through that with my wife 3 times, and we had to come up some creative ways to get her to crap. As long as you are healthy, the mild constipation is just an annoyance. So Patsy is still shy? Too bad, she sounds like a real nice lady. I'm sorry to hear about Carmalita. That poor kid just can't catch a break. You take good care, please say hello to Patsy, Jake and Carmalita.
Jeff A - Another good story with Jeri, my friend. The 2 of you must have been some combination.
Carmalita - I just read about your accident. You poor kid, I do hope that you are alright and that you are feeling better. You should wear a helmet when you go biking, just in case some careless fool decides to knock you down and run off. Please cheer up, seniorita things will get better. Feel better, Love ya.

Today, Tuesday, I felt the urge to crap as soon as I got out of bed. Good, maybe a pre-run dump was in order, not like Saturday, when I crapped with Noreen in the woods. I went into the head, dropped my shorts and sat on the crapper. I started pushing out a decent log, when my wife came in, with her new companion, her book. "Still reading that trash?", I called out to her. "Just for that I'm gonna stink you out", she said, as she gently tapped me on the head with her book. I started passing another log, as my wife sat sideways on the bowl, with her ass facing me. She passed a loud fart, then peed a long stream. Then her hole opened up and a noisy load of soft shit started coming and kept coming. My old lady farted again, and then the smell started. It was bad, and I asked her what she ate recently. Dairy! I should have known. Kathy doesn't tolerate dairy very well, so that explained the loose poop and awful smell. I was finished at this point, so I wiped up, pulled up my s! horts and flushed. "Happy reading", I teased the old lady. "I'm almost finished with this book, besides, how often do I read in here?", she replied. True, she does not read on the toilet that often, but I just wanted to bust her chops. She put down the book, wiped 7 times, then invited me over. There was quite a mess in the bowl, and it really smelled. Good thing it went down with one flush! I don't know if I would have been able to clean up an overflow of that stuff.
Anyway, we washed up, sprayed the head, then I went out for a run. There was no one out this morning, but there was a pile of poop, about a day old, near one of the trails. Oh well you can't see 'em all. Maybe next time.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO CARMALITA-I am sooo sorry to hear about your accident and job troubles. get well soon. we all love you.
TO STEVE-congratulations on passing your test. i always knew you could do it.
TO BUZZY-hello. and yes it would be nice to have me,my boyfriend scott,carmalita and you dumping in the woods together! by the way buzzy i am a cute,long haired five foot tall blond. i am not tall,nor heavy but i have quite an eye-popping,physique and with exercising with my boyfriend scott I look even better.WOW!! you should see me in my tights and sandal high heeled shoes. I think you would like what you see.!haha! I think my high metabolism and or super-colon causes me to have my gigantic.thick logs. and i love it. by the way scotts a little shyer than i am. i dont think he would buddy dump with me in the woods because he wouldnt want people to spot us. I dont care but he does. scott prefers to film and watch me have my logs. sometimes he will buddy dump with me but usually he prefers to watch me dump wich is fine with me.I will probably dump nude in the woods fairly soon .I like to do it!bye now.
TO RJOGGER-hello there. scott and i love your latest post.
TO JOHN (VT)-Hello. I knew you would like my pipeline idea!and feel free to fantasize all you like about me sitting nude on the bowl crashing out a huge one.haha! I crash out a gigantic log about every day now!to scotts everlasting delight!haha! be well john
TO JEFF A-hello. thanks you sooo much for your nice compliments about my personality and body.and believe me I WORK HARD AT BOTH!haha! I appreciate your kind words so much. you are such a gentleman!
TO PICO-hello there.yes it is nice to buddy dump with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. i wish you luck in finding someone to do it with. be well all.

There was a writer who said some of his or her friends weed in towels
on photoshoots. Well the short when I did my bikini modelling, we did
not do that. What we did was go behind rocks or bushes and wee there.
We wiped with towels so we did not, you know, have damp patches in the
crotches of the bottoms we were modelling.

JEFF A - Hi guy! Well I think you are very sweet and yeah, I will tell
you more about when I have a crap when it happens. I have not had one
today, maybe it will be tomorrow. Steve says maybe I could model some
more. I will see, I am not shy like I was. So you liked my 6 incher
shit? Well maybe I would make it in the 'Shits Illustrated' mag with
a 6 incher poking out of my bum. I bet you would like that! Maybe a
little private show for a few guys like you would be fun LOL.
I will tell Steve you wrote to him. Love Louise xxxx

RENEE - Hi! Sorry about Carmalita. I hope she is not away from here
for too long but I am happy she is not hurt too bad but she will need
to get her rest. I hope she is getting her pick of the orderlies
fussing over her! LOL

DIEGO - Hi! I did like your story about Trieste. Well I do not know that
there is much different in Trieste that does not happen in other
countries. I mean when we have music festivals in parks and things
like that, they have these portable toilet things but a lot of people
go for wees in bushes and places like that. I know because I have seen
some do that and I have done it too! You just have to wait too long in
lines of people if you don't, you see.
My boyfriend Steve thinks younger women will wee outside more and I
think he is right. Ciao, Louise xxx

BILL M - Hi! I bet you wish you could spot me having a piss in an alley,
maybe with my friends too? You liked watching those 3 river rafting
ladies didn't you?

PV - Hi girl! Wasn't Steve's story funny? Well sometimes I do have to
take charge of him you know! How would he know if his bum was clean
after his shit if I did not inspect him? LOL
Hehe Yeah it would be good if we both wet the sand together at Trieste
like that. I know Steve and I will be going to Spain this year again
and my mum is coming with us too, but one time we will need to go to
Italy and see how much fun we can have there.
We had a nice quiet weekend in. I will need to write again later this
week and tell you about what we did.



Eric in Chicago
BRYIAN--The reason poop is harder if you've been holding it for a few days is that one of the colon's main functions is to absorb water. The longer it's been in there, the more water will have been absorbed and the harder it wil be.

SCOTT--If you don't want to carry on a conversation with someone in a public washroom, just politely tell them you don't want to talk right now. Otherwise, there's little you can do, and nothing you *need* to do. You may not *like* the idea that someone else (who isn't of the sex you're attracted to) is getting turned on by seeing you pooping, but ultimately it's just a matter of *his* thoughts and feelings, and you can't be oppressed or hurt by someone else's thoughts, only their actions toward you. If it really bothers you, then poop in isolated places only.

Red: The scene cuts away so quickly that there's no implication as to what her intentions are.

Richard: Speak for yourself.


SCOTT: I can understand your discomfort in shitting while a guy gets turned on by watching you. However I think you should react depending on the situation. If the guy watching you seems a dangerous type or the restroom is very unprotected and remote etc. I think you should go away immediately or even avoid going in such a place. But if you are in a safe place and the guy watching you seems inofensive, I think you should be less disturbed by it. There are more guys than you imagine who get turned on by seeing other guys shitting. Regarding your problem about shitting while jogging. I have a similar one. Im a morning pooper and I invariably get an urge to go at some point in the morning. However Ive discovered that if I wake up very early (6:00 AM) and make some moderate exercise (treadmill etc.) for 20 minutes aprox, as soon as I get up, I accelerate the reaction and after I go I feel great cause Im mucho lighter, and so after I shower, and everything, I can eat my breakfas! t and continue my activities whithout worrying about having to shit later in the morning. This works for me most of the time although some times the urge to shit returns later in the morning but usually it doesnt.

Brian (never posted before)

Hell yes that guy was turned on! I would have been too but I would not have had the nerve to stand in front of you making conversation. And I know I'm not the only guy reading this forum who feels this way.

There are guys who are totally turned on by it, guys who think it's a great male bonding experience and guys who just like the look of another dude on the crapper. And just because guys like this does not mean they are gay, lots of straight guys feel the same way.

As far as what to do... just ask him to leave, you need a little privacy. I think even a total perv would respect that request.

Is the fact that it turned hin on what bothered you? Would you have cared if the guy was just friendly and talkative?

Traveling Guy
SCOTT - Welcome. I'd freak out, too, if a guy hung around watching me take a dump without my invitation. I don't agree with your gf that you were paranoid. It's not a question of whether the guy was gay or maybe a voyeur. Either way, sure, he could get turned on. It's that you're in a vulnerable position when you're in the middle of a dump and he was a total stranger, so you had no idea of his intentions. Who knows, he might have wanted to assault or rob you (although I doubt it). You were right in ignore him and get out of there fast. As for gays, I'm straight but I've been approached by them in public places (never in a restroom, though) and when I say, Sorry, that's not my thing, I find that they're respectful and leave me alone. Your case was something different.

GOOFUS - Putting the toilet and a sink in a separate room from tub and shower is usually a European thing, I think. I'm with you - keep 'em together. My favorite bath set up was in a house my wife and I once visited in Puerto Rico. There was an 8 ft. wide, arched opening in the wall on one side of the master bedroom. No door or curtain. You went up a couple of steps, as if to a stage, and you were in the bath, with the toilet in plain view. I could imagine inviting a lot of you from this forum to a big party at that place so we could show off our talents for one another.

DIEGO - Sure, in the US, girls duck between cars in parking lots and go in the bushes. I guess guys tend to be more open.

EMILY & PENNY - Running can sure bring on a crap. There's a jogging path around the edge of a golf course near me with porta potties at intervals, shared by golfers and joggers. I almost always see crap in them and I think it's mostly from the runners.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone.

Several people recently have mentioned seat dimensions and regretting the less comfortable seats that are on toilets these days.
I don't know where these particular seats are, or what is different about them, but would be interested in details and measurements that might help us to understand the differences.
Most plastic seats have a hole just over 9" diameter at the widest point and the width of the plastic is usually approx 3".
Obviously, if the hole is any less; then more of your bum is supported and so there will be less sensation of the seat pinching your buttocks if you're on for a long time.
If, however, the hole is larger and the toilet is lower than usual; this will make you feel as though you're sitting through it rather than on it and not be so enjoyable.
The public toilets I like to use have quite high toilets and are really comfortable to sit on and the seats are faily thin, so it might not be so much the seat that is or isn't comfortable, as much as the height.
In a previous post I mentioned a wooden seat I used to sit on and which was so comfortable I took a tape measure next time I used it and wrote down all the dimensions.
The width of the hole at the widest point was 7 1/2" and was the ultimate toilet seat for comfort!
I especially liked the fact that when I was sitting on it I totally covered it and felt bigger than on a plastic seat.
I'd be interested in knowing when guys describe sitting on toilets whether they cover them completely. When I see guys' backsides, I try to assess the geometry of how well they cover toilet seats when sitting on to plop.
It seems to be a trick of our visual perception that the thighs of someone sitting down ALWAYS look bigger than we'd imagine them to when we see them standing etc.

SCOTT, Re your concern about being stared at by that guy when you were on the toilet.
There are many of us fascinated in seeing and hearing other men on the toilet, myself included.
Spying on someone is one thing, and we're not always aware we're being observed and therefore not always in a position to object.
In your case, you weren't being spied on but stared at and with no respect for your desire for privacy which you obviously wanted.
It's inevitable that using toilets with no doors will at least sometimes make us vulnerable to the attentions of others, sometimes when someone is waiting to use the toilet, or accidentally as others are walking past, but whilstI would probably be intersted enough to lookat a guy sitting on the toilet as he's plopping his turds, I hope I'd be respectful and sensitive enough not to take advantage and stare at him!
I suppose in the circumstances you were in, it's best not to engage in any conversation, apart from making it clear you'd prefer it if he'd leave you to it, but it's possible he might have more interested in between your legs rather than what you were doing.
To answer your question, yes, many of us are interestedin other men shitting on the toilet but most would be a lot less blatant about it.
Personally, I love having a good loud plopping session and knowing someone's interested but would expect them to give me some space, and I wouldn't want anyone to be watching me just to satisfy their curiosity as to my private parts.
Hope next time you're shitting for all to see, if anyone should be watching and not so obviously as to make you feel awkward; that you can feel great to know that someone's admiring and enjoying the way you perform on the toilet!

PETER IN AZ, Hi!, You asked me for best story of anything happening to me.
I suppose you've read some if not all of the previous posts.
If not, I think the best toilet experience I've had is when I went to visit my friend and we both used his toilet, one after the other.
This is on Page 528. I've also mentioned other experiences of he and I in the bathroom together, and also one about someone I met who I heard in a public toilet and who came back to my place for a shit on my toilet.
I feel sure you'll be intersted! Let me know some of the toilet experiences you've had. Have you been able to get hold of or see any films with guys on toilets yet?

I said the other day perhaps I would benefit from eating more greens. Well, there's no noticeable difference yet in the size and dryness of my turds, but I'm still carrying on. The main thing is that apart from itching and sensitivity after going to the toilet, I'm not having any discomfort or pain and I'm not taking any laxatives, but I still can't work out what the missing ingredient is that made things perfectly easy and without sensitivity while I was away!

Nothing else to report or share at the moment, I wish everyone really good times on the toilet and it's always great to read from new people here who say "I didn't realise there were others like me with this interest etc...."
Well, there are and welcome to you all! P P G

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Alright, let us pray. We have to address a few things that a number of people are doing that we don't want a forum full of. If your posts consistantly don't get posted, this probably applies to you. This forum is about going to the bathroom. Peeing and pooping. Some idle chatter is okay but we are seeing a couple of items out in left field. The following have nothing to do with the subject of this forum and are not posted:

toilet seats were black solid had big bum openings and were comfortable when i had my 1st public cubicle/stall shit

nice wide black toilet seats with big wide bum receivers!!!!!!!!!!!!,no lids are excellnt

I talked with some of my friends who model clothes. They were talking about how some of the remote site locations don't have any restrooms facilities when they are on a photo shoot, so the girls use bath towels against their crotch to relieve themselves. They joking categorized the models as 1 towel and 2 towel girls according to my friend.

Katie - Holding your pee so long doesn't knowingly cause long-term effects to your bladder; however on the short turn you will probably have more urinary tract infections and you will also you will probably have more embarassing accidents due to miscalculations. On the good side, you are training your bladder to hold more. I'm sure the rest of us would like to know your maximum capacity if you would be so kind to measure it (if you haven't already). You've probably got an accomplished bladder by now. Do you get a strong stream with all of the pressure?


From time to time in the news youu hear about families living in abandoned buildings or places in the city, where the water has been shut off due to non payment of the utility bills. Where do they go to the bathroom?

In the local paper they always show a house plan layout in an attempt to sell it. The master bath has a toilet in a seperate room off the bath where the shower tub and sinks are. I think that is a conspiracy, to take away our toilet fun. anyways lets protest this people.

Do any of you woman have a hang up about pooping in pubic, or when someone is around? My girl friend never shits when I am around but I have smelled her pre poop farts, but she must hold it in till she gets home.

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