hello everyone..
wow this is the first website i have seen which is so serious about shitting and peeing or shall i say? bodily functions?? i thought i was the only who cared or talked about that kind of crap.. wow, what a small world.. i am known by all my friends to be the most open about my body movements and functions.. but who cares about that, lets talk about stories!!
well, in april during my spring break i went down to visit my brother in atlanta, well he took us to go see a braves game.. well, throughout the day i ate a 3/4 pound hamburger at the vortex, ( really awesome restaurant with about 4,000 hot guys) and i had a foot long hotdog at the game, 2 cokes, 1 hotpocket for breakfast.. and at the end of the braves game i had to poop so bad.. but i would never go in a public place for this kind of crap, because it even felt huge.. well, on the way home to my brothers house which was about 15 minutes away, i spent the whole time moaning and groaning, and lo and behold we get caught in a traffice jam.. so about a half hour later.. we end up at his place and i am running upstairs feeling like i am about to have triplets out my ass.. i got up there and sat on the toilet for a half hour, this was the biggest crap i have EVER done in my life. this could of won medals.. i had every single size in that bowl imaginable..i wish i took pictures, ! it was huge..
well, i have more..
last summer i began running with my friend.. we ran about 2miles a day.. and one day, about a 1 1/2 miles away from her house she began crying that her stomach hurt, and she was wearing white shorts and she " green apple splattered" the inside of her white shorts.. so then we had to stop by the side of the road and she sat there and shit for about 10 minutes.. she was deliberately squirting a stream.. oh my god. and it was greenish yellow.. and she had to wipe her ass with a leaf, i always wondered if she had an allergic reaction to it or not... but the the bad thing is she was so lucky for she went right "next" to the road and there was a train going by, and lucky for her no cars went by just the conducter man saw her..
another thing i have to ask. how come in all you can eat places people always talk to you when you are sitting on the crapper?? its weird..
or how come mothers always tell their kids to poop.. or why do little kids have to peep at me while i am going to the bathroom?
and how come people always wait for you to pee first in the public bathrooms.. do they need the sound of your piss for comfort?? or to help them pee??
well, i have got to go now.. not to the bathroom either.. but i hope these stories don;t suck that much.. i m sorry they aren't as exciting as everyone else's but i do have many more.. and i will write them down soon..
peace love and poop to everyone!!
Emily :)

Upstate Dave
Good morning toall> I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and all the fathers here had a nice fathers day. I have an answer for the person who asked if they peed in a spot different than the toilet when they were kids. I did. I used to pee in the hay in the downstairs of our barn. Now for part two of my summer story.

Janet and I stopped at the store again for a soda. We then walked down to the creek and found a spot and took off our shoes and socks and put our feet in the water. We talked for a bit. I made mention of the old wooden sighns for the restuarant wich was in business when we were younger but had changed names and was now more of a bar then a place for dinner.

She said that they still play inside the sighns. Theese sighns were trianle in shape made of heavy plywood. Size wise I would say 16ft lenghth and 10ft in hieghth. There was a 2foot gap on the bottom which you could crawl under. She asked me would I want to take a look at their secret spot. I said sure.

Janet walked me over and we both crawled under the sighn. We stood up when we got inside. There were a couple of old wooden chairs and a table. We sat down on the chairs and talked some more. Over in the corner was a old chair with a cain bottom that had rotted through so I did not pay any attention to it. I told Janet not bad for a secret place to play in. She agreed. She said there was another secret use for the place too. I asked her for what other use? She said watch I will show you.

She walked hurriedly over to the old busted cain chair in the corner. She dropped her shorts and panties to her ankles and sat on the chair. She started to piss. She said soda goes right through her. Her pee slowed down to a trickle. She started to push down and she let out a quick poping fart. I have to shit too. Slowly a knobby tan colored turd emerged from her rear. Besides being knobby it was bent this way and that way. She took a breath and pushed again. Several more inches came out. It hung in the air wich I would say it was 10inches in lenghth.

She took another push and it started moving again. This time it broke and the first piece thunked as it hit the ground. The second part reached about 6 inches in length and ploped to the ground. She relaxed for a moment and statrted pissing again. She pissed for about 20 seconds then stoped. She stood up gave me a smiloe and said she had waited awile to do this because she wanted to show this to me only. I said it was worth the wait. She pulled up her panties and shorts and we crawled out from under the sighn and I had to leave to go for supper at my grandmothers and she said I will see you later.

Jeff A
STEVE: Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Here in the states, when Friday came, I wore black slacks, white shirt and black tie to work. I took a lot of noise from people about it since I'm usually in casuals. People like you, who climb, and grow, give us all a sense of pride in the fact that we can be more than drones scribbling out a life somewhere. 3rd Dan. Personally, I know what a tremendous achievement that is, and I am so proud, and happy for you. Correct me if I am wrong, but for each level of black, a person needs to train for 700 hours. My only regret for you is that you missed the pooping incident that your honey Louise just described for us. But, you get to see more of her later though!

LOUISE: I do enjoy your stories, and I reiterate that women don't have to do these tremendous bodily evacuations to be sexy. I do believe my dear, that you are living proof of that. You know, maybe you might think about modeling again. Seeing your face for real would make my heart sing its highest notes! You could model clothing other than swimsuits I'm sure. A beautiful face only gets more so as time goes on. Your latest story is very awesome! A good six incher, and a bunch of little plops that splashed loudly? I'd love to hear an audio tape of that! Better yet, I would have loved to have seen it for myself. I think you are just too cute!

RIZZO: I'm glad you liked the story about Jeri. She came into my life about 15 years ago. Fortunately, I am possessed of a good, and quite bizarre sense of humor which attracted her to me to begin with. She was actually the one to first ask me out on a date. I just assumed I didn't have a chance with her. Little did I know we'd be living together! I'll tell another story about her today.
I do love your idea of the inverted V for the WSPC earrings, and the Venus idea is wonderful! I'd love to see some of your designs. Do you have a website by any chance? I was almost thinking of silver, then adding a gold arc to one side of the V to represent the golden stream. Maybe that's a bit much. I'll leave it up to the artist himself. Take care, my friend.

JANE: WOW! You're already married, but I think I love you anyway. That was one of your most sexy and dynamic stories ever. I could just picture it, right down to the beige cargo skirt. I'm glad you described what you were wearing. I think it's sexy when women do that. I also love the fact that you described the smell. That's even MORE sexy! I sure wish I could've been Gary, or at least the wall, or something! I had to print that one out. That was hot! So are you, Jane. Take care, and whatever you're doing to poop like that, keep doing it! Oh yeah, I really loved the "fun" you guys had later!

KIM AND SCOTT: As usual your stories are incredibly awesome and very sexy. I'd love to draw you in person. I might get the shakes though at your beauty. I do remember your description. But aside from being a knockout blonde with a more than hot body, I believe you're a very tender, and warm hearted woman who would be a pleasure to be around. How lucky your man is.

As I'd mentioned before Jermana (Jeri) was a girl that used to live with me for a short period. We were more in lust than in love. She was a really pretty, and outgoing black girl, 25 at the time, and had wonderful eyes. She was very athletic and outdoorsy and gave me plenty of pooping memories.
There was one time in particular that I keep recalling. It was in the middle of summer, shortly after she'd moved in with me. I was barbequing and she was drinking beer. After having four of them, she'd pretty much lost her inhibitions. While waiting for the coals to heat up, I'd gone looking for her. I passed the hallway and saw her sitting on the toilet, her shorts and panties down around her ankles. She smiled really big at me and said "I'm takin' a dump." I stood by the door for a few minutes while she strained and pushed. She looked up at me and said "You just gonna stand there and watch?" I nodded and she sort of snickered and said "Okay. Well, I'm gonna launch a big one. Here it comes." Seconds after that came a long, slippery turd that I could hear crackling loud as it came out of her. Her butt was on the toilet seat, so I didn't see it come out. I only heard it. After it plopped, she went "Ahhhhhhhhhh." I heard two more little plops follow as she started pulling ! off toilet paper. The smell was not very strong. She wiped several times, then pulled her pants up and flushed.
Later that evening, she came in and talked to me while I pooped.

Anyway, take care all.

FOR KATIE: Hello Katie, I'm 19, from France and I would be happy to hear about your pee stories, so please tell me some of them


Thanx, Guyz for all the advice and I have cut out all dairy products just to be safe, but I still get the shitz, especially during my exams which have now started.
I visited a female Doctor near me to find out more, as you guyz suggested, and she ran some tests on me (more than one of which was embarassing). Apparently, she says I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which can also be agravated by too much oil or greasy food, as well as dairy products and stress (depending on sensitivity).
This doesn't help much though, as I have filled my pants to the brim on several occasions. The other day, I narrowly missed colliding with another car and ended up on the sidewalk with shit oozing out of the back of my pants. I had been holding it in, as I rushed home from being in a traffic jam... Another pair of ruined pants and I can't get the stain out of my panties.
Does anyone have any ideas of how to remove shit stains from clothing and seats. God it's so embarrassing to have to walk passed people with dirty pants! Or worse crapping all over yourself in front of people!!!


IM Usually writing about sightings and true stories and the likes, but this one time Its about ME and the weekend in a major city on a little visit.

I had gone to visit my brother in the Windy City and take a few jaunts around town to see a few sights. This one afternoon I took a ride on one of the harbor boats to see the city from the Lake. It was uneventful and mostly boring. But one thing was bothering me was I was feeling the need to crap soon as I hadnt gone in 2 days. Then the deisel smoke from the ships engine was alwful strong as it blew back across the deck and for some weird reason It made the urge to shit even worse.
Finally the boat pulled in after the little half hour trip, and I got off heading for the public toilet just beyond the MCDonalds resturant in the Naval Yards. I went it and it was pretty busy with a number of guys pissing and standing at the urinals in all sorts of poses. Some standin way back and letting their member guide its pee of its own accord. A couple standing in so close to the urinal I figured they wanted no one to catch a glimpse of their tool. A few others sorta stood and held on overhand and peed away nonplussed by anything coming or going.
So I waited a minute and got an empty stall and went in and locked the door. Hmm,, wasnt too bad, a bit of paper on the floor but otherwise not in bad shape. Might have been cleaned an hour or so before I reasoned. I dropped my Levis, sat down. As I did, the door to the stall next to me also closed and I noticed shoes and pants and belt buckle on the floor. I sat and waited for my load to expel itself out my butt, and really although I had to crap pretty good, nothing was happening. Just then noise from the stall to my left, the guy was grunting and gasping and grunting. I head a log fall and splash into the water. Then the stall to my right became occupied where another guy went in and closed the door and I heard his pants hit the floor as the belt hit with a clink. He sat down promptly and then a cracking, then farting noise. Then he dropped a log with a splash. Here I am, well-what am I waiting for? I strain and grunt a little under my breath and slowly lon! g hard log starts to form at my butthole. it musta been 15 inches long as it worked its way out and finally hit the water. Then I let loose a torrent of pee as another log was starting to form the same way with a few cramps neverthelerss. I sat there a good 20 minutes after dropping the second log and feeling a slight cramping that indicated to me that I wasnt done yet but what it was I didnt figure. The two toilets next to me flushed and I heard the doors open and the guys hit the washbowl and papertowels tear off. They left and I then saw two more come in and take their places as again trousers on my left and right dopped and more grunting took place. So then I waited a bit, could not do anymore and wiped, got up and pulled up my Jeans. As I exited the stall here was a boy about 14 standing in front waiting for me to vacate the thing. He clearly had an expression of a need to do a job and pee as he stood there holding himself. He went in, and I heard his pants hit the fl! oor and a rush of pee hit the bowl and some farting and grunting.
So then I washed up, and left the toilets happy I didnt have any of the anxiety that you read so much about using a public toilet. The toilet was fairly clean I would admit that helped some.
As I returned to the walkway there were the carts where you could buy all kinds of trinkets. Along the way were some benches. I walked a ways and here I came upon this teen age boy, Id say about 15 sitting on a bench a ways from the toilets. His family was standing around him and he was all slouched over and holding himself. He was softly crying, saying, "I think Im going to wet my pants". His father and mom and sisters all standing there his father goes, "you what"!! you are not going to wet your pants, you hear!" Mom says, "oh stop, let him alone, he wont wet his pants." As I passed by I glanced over and under the park bench was a little puddle forming where he sat. He WAS wetting his pants. And only about 50 yards from the restrooms!The Mother says,"here get up and go behind the ......... (Ididnt hear what). Anyways I kept going hoping the fellow would make it thru the day alright. So after a bit I and my brother left for the apartments and hit the crazy t! raffic out there. An experience for my day at the yards...........Donnie

CHRISTINEPEEING - Well I do not always pee in a sink the same way. I
mean it depends what I want to do. I can stand at the corner and just
do it over the edge into it, or I can sit on it and shoot it backward,
or I can drape one leg over and do it like that.
My legs do touch the sink but because they feel cold I do not really
let my puss touch the edge of anything if I can help it.
My wee just goes down the drain when I do it.

TOM - Hi! Thank you.

DIEGO - Hi! Yeah, I will like reading how Italian girls peed after
the wine party you talk about.

JEFF A - Hi guy, I have a little story for you. I have just got home
and I have just right now come from the toilet. When I was on my way
home I got that full bum feeling of needing a good crap, and it was
not just that because I really needed a wee too. Now I can not go and
do it in the park like I used to because there have been attacks on girls
where we live. Steve was not with me so I knew I had to go home and
do it. I knew he was going to miss seeing me and I wished I could hold
it, but I knew I needed the toilet sooner than he would get home.
When I got back home, I went in the bedroom and I took off my smart
clothes ready for the next day and I took off my bra and g string too.
I went in the bathroom and I hovered my bum over the toilet. I had a
good long wee first. I made a lot of noise doing that. When I was
ready I pushed my shit out. I had about 3 pebbles that went plop plop
plop in the water and hit the bottom, and you should have seen my
8 inch log that I pushed out next! It was a fat one about 2 and a half
inches thick that got thinner and pointed. I was still weeing a little
bit and my pussy dripped and dripped for ages. I wiped and flushed it
all away then I got some other clothes to put on. Well did you like
that, I had quite a large shit that time! xxxx


Katie I would love to hear some peeing stories. You're right, there don't seem to be a lot of them out there on this forum but if you could post some I'd enjoy it thanks

Katie - I would be really interested in your pee accident stories. The more graphic and detailed the better. As a fellow 'Melbournian' it would be something I could relate to. As well it's some light entertainment on these freezing evenings that we are now having.

hi ChristinePeeing
I usually use the sink to pee cos its much easier my cock sometimes does touch the sink and I take care to aim the drain properly

I was watching boxing last night and a question that I have been wondering about came back up. Do boxers have accidents while in the ring? It would seem that getting hit repeatedly in the stomach and head might cause one to loose control of his functions. If anybody has any input let me know.

Hi, Latly when i've been pooping i've had to poop almost every day, skipping a few days maybe. I find if i go every day my poop is much softer, but if i don't go for about 2-3 days it gets harder. Any one find that this happens to them??
Well I'm gonna be out of town this coming week for a few days.....maybe i'll have some new stories..the place im going to(been there before) is known to me to have a bunch of stories...see you later

Katie. My advice is not to make a habit of putting off going to pee until you're desperate. If you do, you may cause yourself some long term harm, including the weakening of muscles. It's certainly not good for you. Go to the toilet regularly, even when you don't need to go all that badly - it's a much wiser policy.

I have occasionally had a bm in my pants while driving and have found it quite a pleasant sensation and the sense of risk is very exciting! I have driven for an hour or more with a pantsfull and this is quite arousing to me. I have also while in my house (always alone) and walked around for awhile enjoying the warm feeling on my bottom. In my teen years my girlfriend would pull her pants down and sit on my lap while I was sitting on the john. That's all for now.

Hi Katie,

I would be very interested to hear about your pee stories more than poop. I think most guys would appreciate those kind of accident stories more than any others.

So don't be shy Katie, I getting excited already.


This is just a quick note to tell everyone that Carmalita got hit by a car on her bicycle yesterday (Saturday) and is in the hospital. She's OKAY! Just beat up, and had some trauma because she hit her head. She's pretty skinned up on her knees, shins, palms, and arms. She wasn't wearing a helmet. I've lectured that girl over and over again about wearing one! Anyway, they're keeping her for a couple of days for observation.
Poor Malita! She's had some rotten luck lately. Friday she got laid off from her job, so she has no income, or insurance right now. We went to see her yesterday, but she's very, very depressed. She was crying almost the whole time. The driver of the car took off and nobody saw the license number. I've been trying to cheer her up by telling her that she can poop in a bedpan in front of a nurse, or a hot male nurse.

Happy Father's Day to everyone who is a father. Me and Patsy took Jake out to dinner this evening, after all, he is the father of my baby! However, none of us really felt like celebrating. It just wasn't the same without Malita. Bizarre night last night! I got up to go pee, but needed to get a drink of water, so I went to the other bathroom down the hallway, just opposite Carmalita's bedroom door. The bathroom light was already on, and when I turned the corner, I couldn't believe what I saw! It was Jake! He was on the toilet crapping! I'd forgotten that he'd decided to stay over when he found out about the accident. Anyway, it was such a bizarre sight to go into the bathroom and see a guy on the toilet taking a dump. I apologized, saying that I forgot about him being there, and he said it was okay. I stood there for a moment, yawned, then leaned against the counter while he continued his poop. We are the best of friends, and go back since the age of 12, and he dosen't min d. I heard a nice, hefty turd splash. I told him that it "sounded like a big one" and he said it was. I'm not used to male poop smells either, and I think it stunk pretty bad. I was making casual small talk when I heard another huge "kplop!" I smiled and said "Another big one?" he nodded, then yawned himself. It was very weird to see not only a man on our toilet, but a man as big as he is. Jake's a rather large boy. 6'4" 220 lbs. I know because he's always talking about how much weight he's gained in the last year. He crapped a few more turds before he started wiping. I went back to bed and told Patsy I'd just walked in on Jake while he was on the toilet, but she was sound asleep and could have cared less. I, however, really enjoyed my session with him. It was tender and sweet, and we used to be like that a lot, and now I miss it. He was sleeping in Malita's bed while she was gone, but felt really awkward and uncomfortable about it. I laid down with him and we both had a long talk, then fell asleep.
This morning, I had to poop, and it was Jake who came in to be with me. He took a shower, and I took a shit. He showers fast. By the time he finished, I was still only halfway through my poop. I was sort of constipated again, and had my finger up my butt. He looked at me and said "What the hell are you doing?" "Trying to poop!" I said, then explained what Carmalita would do for me whenever I was plugged up bad. I watched him shave while a flood of soft poop came squirting out of me. Yuck, it was stinky too. Patsy also took a major shit. A two flusher! She dumped two elephant turds that stunk really bad. Jake was not allowed to be present for that though. I do believe he wanted to watch her though! After Patsy finished, me and her showered, and we all went over to the hospital to see Carmalita. The poor thing looks so helpless in that hospital bed. However, she practically has male orderlies fighting over who gets to bring her water, or fluff her pillows etc! She'll be com ing home tomorrow, but I don't know how she'll be feeling yet.

Special hellowes to all of you beautiful people, especially Steve and Louise, PV, RJOGGER, Rizzo, and Jane. Hope I ain't forgot nobody!

Bye y'all!

Joe Boxer,I didn't realize when I first read your story that more than the first log came out. Man I know how that feels you think you are squeezing out a fart to relive the pressure and the dam bursts and the's no stooping it and you got sagging shorts and usually a log lodged in your crack and no amount of pushing or wiggling can make it exit because there is no where for it to go.

Katie- If You Hold Yur Pee Too Long In Your Bladder,It Could Cause Damage To The Bladder and Kidneys..So Dont Hold For Too Long Cause When u Gotta Go u'd Betta Go!

Hello dear friends!!!!
I'm again here. Now i write the story about Wine PArty in Trieste, but in the past week end i was in montain with my girlfriend and have happened many many interestings things!!!
The story:
Last week in the central streets of Trieste was Wine Party with alot of stands where you can drink a good wine!! There were many people (in particular young boy and girls). The people drank drank and drank. Like to the usual there weren't many toilet, only 5 and the toilets of the 4 pubs open. You can immaginate 1000-1500 people after have drank 4 glasses of wine: peeeeee!!! This is a big problem in italy. I seen many girls go in the pubs but.... At midnight my cellular phone drin drin. Was my girlfriend. I was in centre of a big place when a boy was singing so the volume was hight. I decided to go in a little alley behind the place. I was speaking and walking, i looked in another alley and i found a girls standing in the middle of the stret. I thought: what is she doing? after 10 second, another girls appeared!!! She was betwen 2 cars! Probably she was peeing. When i finished to speak with my girlfriend, i gone in the alley and....i found.... a huge puddle, not one, not ! 2, but three huge puddle and 3 picies of t.p. !!! the effects of wine and beer. In Italy normaly girls and boys go to pee in toilet, but when there are party in the cities and the toilet are few and normaly not hygienic, girls prefer go in the alley or in the park.

I think that hygiene is the first motive because girls decide to go in the bushes, and when there aren't toilets. And i think though taht some girls like pee outdoor, is practic, but is necessary be hidden, and during a city party is difficult.

I want to khow your opinion about this? in your country what girls decided in this case?

See you. I'm sorry for my little English

Ciao ciao da Diego

Bill M
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted, but I am a loyal reader (lurker) every day!

I can't speak for evryone, but for me a part of the excitement of seeing a woman pissing, Is when I can watch her unobserved. It is so exciting to see a lovely lady casually hike up hr skirt, pull her panties down and hover over the toilet unleashing a thundering torrent of hissing pee.

As a kid I spyed on my mother trying to catch a glimpseof her golden stream, but only saw a brief flash of her privates as she sat down or stood up.

As I got older, I found better ways, and have been privleged to see the golden streams of many women.

Some of the best unplanned views have been along hiking trails, catching a woman, or sometimes a group of women pissing just off the trail.

Once I saw three attractive woman in their thirties, all of whom were on the same river rafting trip as I was, go off together as a group, lower the pants partof their wet suits, and with bare bottoms plainly visible they all bent forward at the waist and pissed. The streams were plainly visible, and steamed as it was a cold day. what a sight!

I'm sure others have found special places to watch, and techniques so as not be be seen. let's trade secrets!

Hi! This is my first time posting here and I need advice. Me and my girlfriend jog early every morning. I try to crap before leaving usually with no result. Usually after about 20 minutes of jogging I feel the need to crap. The other day the nearest bathroom was at a park. I went in and sat on the pot in a stall without a door - there was only one stall. A guy about my age (22) appeared in front of the stall and said Hi! I thought he was going to go away, but he just kinda hung around. I'm not at all modest about crapping with other dudes around. This guy, however was kinda creepy. He tried to make conversation with me and was watching me intently. I leaned forward to avoid eye contact, but he kept asking me questions about how I was doing. Eventually, I looked up. I saw he had his hand in his pocket and a bulge in his shorts - I guess he had a hard on. I finished my crap double quick and wiped quickly and got the hell out of there. I told my girlfriend about it! and she told me I was being paranoid. My question is - is it possible for guys to get turned on by watching other dudes taking a dump? If yes, what should I do if I encounter this type of thing again? I'm a real friendly kinda guy, but I don't like the idea of another guy getting turned on by seeing me do my business. Also, do others find that jogging makes them want to go poop? Is there any way to prevent this? I'd sure appreciate some advice.

Hi all, I just got back form a nice run and a nice poop experience. Before I get to that, I would like to say Hi to Kim and Scott, Diane in NY and Muggs.
I would also like to comment on some good stories.
Rizzo - Another great pee story (posted on the 14th), you seem to have a real bunch of them! I think that you also have a bit of the prankster in you. It sure is fun to pull stunts, as long as no one gets hurt.
Jeff A - Hey, Jeff, how are tricks? I very much liked your buddy dump story with Jeri. You must have gotten that girl excited, since she squatted for the hell of it and dumped on your logs. Outdoor coed dumping is a favorite pastime of mine. Take care.
Roger - Cool story about watching your wife in action. She seems to be another lady who creates huge logs. You obviously had a great view for the whole show. I thoroughly enjoyed your post.
Buzzy - Hello neighbor, how are you? I see that you are pooping pretty well these days. Your last posts have been very enjoyable. I'm just curious, have you seen that lady again?
Carmalita - Hello again, dear seniorita. I am happy to see that you are better, and that your colon is functioning well again. So it has been taking inventory lately? As long as the finished goods come out OK, then all is well. That was quite a poop party that you had the other night (your post from June 14th), with you as the main event and Renee and Patsy the audience. The way that you describe yourself on the head is a real turn on. Raising up to let Patsy watch your log exit sounded very exciting. And Renee, not letting you spray. She sounds like a real fun character. I truly love your stories, Malita. Don't worry about giving me advice about stretching; I don't stretch enough. Oh, I did give my wife a kiss and when I told her it was from you, she just smiled. Kathy said that she would like to see you produce one of your monsters and she would return the favor. I would love to see you both crashing out logs at the same time. Anyway, here's to you, sweetie, a big hug an! d kiss from the NE crazy. Please give Renee and Patsy my best. Love ya!

OK, this morning I get up to stretch. The old lady is in the head, as I can hear fart and poop noises and sexy female grunts. I finish my pre-run warm up, the head flushes, the tap runs and the old lady comes out holding a book. "Is that your new poop companion?" I crack. She just smiles and whacks me across the ass with the book, and gives me a kiss. "No one could replace you, love", is the reply I get. What a lady. Anyway, I don't have to crap before I run, so I go grab a small pack of wet wipes and head out. I figure I'll run 7 miles and I soon get into a good pace. I've run 5 miles, I'm on the home stretch, 2 miles form the house when Mother Nature hits. Some runners are coming towards me, so I wait until they round a curve, then I duck into the woods. I find the spot near the tree where I have dumped before, lower my drawers, and hear someone coming. I raise my pants and look to my left to see Noreen approaching. "Hi handsome, don't stop for me. I'll join you" she say! s. "Where did you come from, I didn't see you", I reply. "I came off the trail just behind you, so you wouldn't have seen me. Go ahead, I don't want to hold you up, I want to watch" she replies. She does, huh? Well, that's fine with me. I proceed to drop my drawers, squat and my hole widens as I start to pass a long thick one. I just about finish passing it when Noreen says she can't wait and she lowers her drawers and squats. While I pee, she looks over and comments on my log and smiles. "Here I go", she says, and she wasn't kidding. Her creamy cheeks parted, her pink anus domed out and she passed a long light brown bomb that lands with a soft thud, as she grunts softly. As I'm grunting out a couple of smaller turds, I comment about the size of hers. Noreen smiles as she pees, and tells me that she feels a healthy colon function is a key to good health. I nod in agreement. Anyway, as we are wiping, I steal a glance at her shapely ass. She is well put together for a lady of 53! . Then she glances at my hairy blonde crack and smiles. All finished, we pull up our shorts, and check the output. Noreen had a 20 or so inch log about 3.00 inches thick and a smaller one. I had a 22" long 2.25" thick log and 2 smaller ones. Not a bad dump by either party. With that done, we get on the main trail and start to run. "Where's Larry?" I ask. She tells me her husband is on business, and that she is picking him up at LaGuardia in the afternoon. About a mile or so further, I start to turn to head home. "See you tomorrow" she calls to me. "Same Bat time, Same Bat channel", I reply. Yeah, I hope that I do see her again. Aside form my wife, who I enjoy watching the most, Noreen is a close second. And besides, except for great sex, what could be better then sharing an outdoor poop, with a friendly and beautiful lady. If anyone has an answer, please let me know.

I'll chat with all of you great folks soon. Take care, everyone.


It sounds like what you have is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). There are many things that can cause it. If you are fortunate all it is, is lactose intolerance. If so taking something like Lactaid may help but often it requires cutting down on, or eliminating your dairy intake. Stress will aggravate a problem that otherwise might not even be noticed. While in school heading for a medical degree there were a number of us that noticed increased problems around mid-term and finals time.

Iíve had IBS for many years. For some of us it is a combination of things that aggravates the gut, some that can be altered, some that you just have to live with. For me any one thing usually doesnít make much difference, but when most of them attack me at the same time I can find my self in trouble if I donít have a change of clothes nearby. If you have trouble getting the problem under control it will be time to start looking for some additional help. I know it is against the rules for me to mention it here but there is a great support group on UUSENET that has an approximately 15 page FAQ sheet that has been prepared by medical people and is one of the most comprehensive Iíve seen. One section is devoted to how to find those thing that trigger your IBS. Maybe the moderator could help with some way to back channel the groupís address to you or possibly even forward an e-mail of the FAQ if that wouldnít be stretching the rules too much. You can also find informatio! n by typing in irritable bowel syndrome at a search engine, but be wary of much of what you find. Donít believe those that are trying to sell you some herb for a quick cure (buck).

If it comes to finding a doctor be prepared for what could be a tough search. Most doctors are not well informed on the subject and still go by the philosophy that if they canít see it or measure it, it must be all in your head. Keep searching till you find a doctor that really listens to you and whose answers make sense.

If you have questions ask. There are many here who have had some experience with IBS and it is different for everyone and no one knows it all. I watch but intend to post seldom, this is my first, however if nobody has come up with a good answer for you Iíll give it my best or try to point you to an answer within what is allowed at this site.

good luck, be patient, be tenacious

Peter in AZ
Red Planet is out and you can see two men pee. Very good movie. I recomend all to see.
Thank you for such a nice compliment. Would you mind telling me the best story that has ever happened to you?

Pleasant Bowels!!!

Hi every1 i want to tell u my story am 12 here it is i was on a bus back to Lincoln there was still half an hour to go then i would have to walk for half an hour. Suddernly i flef thisurge to poop i tried to hold it in i maneged it i thought i had survived though it but half way home it cam again the only place i could do it was this small wlakway which no1 used it was 50memters away i could not run cause of the pain i ran to the passege way an sat down on a stone i pulled my pants down it was all around my willie and butt i sat on a stone but when i sat down it wasent a stone it was Dog poop i had to go home with dog poop in my pants when i got home my parents were still not home so i dashed upstaris and pooped really hard for an hour it took 3flushes and smelt the bathroom out so much i fanted onto the flof where i left my pants there was a big squish my parents came in and i had a big wash.

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita: Thanks for your kind words. I think there's more
than one reason for your great popularity on this site: not
only are you an incredibly sexy woman, but it's also very clear
that you're a genuinely caring person as well. Glad you approve
of the pipeline idea. My construction company is busy building it
as we speak. Can't wait to smell you! And you wouldn't have to watch
me through a keyhole, either... you could come right in and watch my every move while I grunted you out my best monster load! Sound good?

Kim: OOH, you hot sexy thing! I WAS drooling when I read your idea of
the pipeline from your toilet to mine, so I could see all of your
monster logs! WOW! My construction company is working on that one, too! But they have instructions to build the pipe five iches around on this one, so your biggest, best productions would never get stuck.
Ha! You are one exquisite tease, though! What I wouldn't give to see
you in action just ONCE!

Mindy: Nice story about your latest monster shit at school! Very
impressive load, crowned with a beautiful ten-incher! Keep 'em
coming! And good luck getting your boyfriend to watch... let us all
know your progress in that area... I know you wouldn't have to ask ME

Roger: Very entertaining story about your cheesecake, and its effects! It sounds like you have quite a special girlfriend, too...
I would have loved to have seen THAT monster two foot turd!!! WOW!
I didn't know cheesecake had such properties, but I know my wife's
(and my) friend Zelda has a real fondness for rich desserts... thanks for giving me a great idea for an experiment to do with HER!

Hi all,

Away for a day or two -- just read up lots of back posts.

JEFF A -- thanks, dear, for your nice thoughts. I'm so glad you thought my adevtures were hot, and that you appreciate the images I create. It's a very nice feeling to be appreciated by nice folks!

LOUISE -- Hi honey! I can see the both of us out Treiste-way, hosing the sand around 11pm as the sound of the disco rocks somewhere behind us. Standing to face the moonlit sea, chatting quietly as we deliver huge wees about six feet out in front of us... That would be so cool! Also doing it off a roof around the same time of night!

RIZZO -- Hi guy, and thanks for looking after Kendal so well. Our niece is a special little lady, and she deserves the best. Oh, with regards to the WSPC insignia, my voye would be some design using the Venus symbol (for inside-joke purposes!) or something along the lines of a Greek Delta or letter A, both of which simulate the upside down splay of the fingers, without actually depicting same...

KENDAL -- my darling, I am so touched by your affection. It means a great deal to me, and I'm proud to be here for you. GIGANTIC KENDAL HUGS!!!

STEVE -- CONGRATS on the grading! I know how much dedication and focus is required to move up the ranks of martial arts proficiency, so be assured I understand what an acheivement it is! (And yes, Louise's backside inspection was the makings of a nice smile!)

Wityh all the discussion of taking a standing wee without it wetting a dress or skirt lately, I decided I'd give it a go. In the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself to create a hem around the same length as some of my dresses, and released some. I'd had a nice arc down the bath when I startedmy shower, and by the time I was drying off I only needed a small wee, but it was enough for the experiment. I relaxed, moved my feet apart a way, bent at the knees a touch, adjusted my hips to what simply felt natural, and started to wee slowly. A clean stream fell vertically between my feet, and the towel did not get wet at all, so that's the equivalent of emptying out in a dress without making a mess.

Here's another few juicy bits -- lately I've been pooping right after I get up, which is hours earlier than has been my habit. A few times lately I've sat down for my morning wee, which has been a big one!, and I've pooped simultaneously. I drop free the whole motion is less time than it takes to empty my bladder. A few chunks, plus one of my regular foot-long hotdogs, though more than once lately I've produced a second immediately, pretty much identical.

And has anybody ever tried this: urinating at one end while drinking a glass of water at the other? It's the ultimate analog for the water cycle of the planet, something a gade school teacher might do to drive home the science lesson (NOT!) How about it Louise, sound like fun? Come on, let's see if we can get everything to work at the same time!

ChristinePeeing -- my sink technique is to face the sink at the midpoint, lift mt pus onto the edge with myhips thrust forward, and wee straight into the botom of the basin, producing a stream that swirls around the hole and disappears. There's no mess, and i love a warm rinse when I'm finished!

All my best to everyone, including Malita & Renee, Diane, Kim & Scott, and anyone I've missed!



Peter in AZ: thank you.

took a crap yesterday that's all.

Eric in Chicago
ALL--There's been a fair amount of talk about lactose intolerance here in the past few days, and there have been a couple misconceptions. It is *not* an allergy (an allergy is a very specific reaction involving the immune system) and it's not a true "intolerance." It would really better be described as "lactase non-persistence."

During infancy and childhood, everyone's intestines produce an enzyme called lactase, which has just one function: it splits lactose, a sugar found in dairy products, into two simpler sugars (galactose and glucose). Lactose itself can't be absorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream, but the simpler sugars can.

Now, while most people of purely northern European ancestry continue to produce lactase when they reach adulthood, most everyone else sees a major reduction in the amount of lactase produced. The result is that if they consume large amounts of dairy products, most of the lactose doesn't get split and can't be absorbed. Instead, it draws water (by osmosis) into the intestine, resulting in bloating and diarrhea, and bacteria ferment it, resulting in lots of gas.

If you no longer produce much lactase but still want to eat dairy products, there's a simple solution: you can buy lactase from most supermarkets or pharmacies, and consume it before eating the dairy products. You can also get milk with lactase added. Also, some dairy products contain more lactose than others.

In my opinion (I know this may offend some true believers) you should not consider yourself allergic to any food unless you have been diagnosed as such by a board-certified allergist. In particular, I do *not* consider chiropractors competent to diagnose allergies, particularly not by the "applied kinesiology" or "muscle testing" method, which is based on completely unsubstantiated hooey about energy fields and natural frequencies.

Pico Tamale (mariposa)

First of all, I just want to congratulate all the men on this forum, who are lucky-enough, to have women who will allow these men to share their most private-moment w/ them. That moment, of course, being when they take a crap. In no particular-order: Buzzy, Rjogger, Donny, Wizzer?,Muggs, the guy from Canada, Thomas, Kim's b/f Scott, and last, but not least; Roger! The rest of this post, may cause the moderator not to post this. Here it goes, anyway. To you Roger: Man, I have not been able to find a woman that will do this for me, yet. Hopefully, God will send a woman like this my way, ASAP. I just can't-wait! I'm going-crazy waiting for her. Would I just-love to watch your woman, Angela, when she is in-action! Would you mind if, somehow, the three of us could meet up, sometime, brother? If there were any way for us to make contact, outside of this board, I would sure like to know. How bout if we meet up, somewhere? Let me know, what you think. And, if Angela has any ! like-minded friends who are single, send em my way, please!



thanks for your response,I must say I'm rather dissapointed that
it appears that there are no farting sounds from that scene.Do you
know if in that scene if she pees or just poops?Well whatever the
outcome is I'm still going to watch the whole movie eventually.
take care,

Hi all,
What a weekend. We went to the Comrades Marathon run between Pietermaritzburg and Durban to second a friend of my hubby who was running. 15000 people at the start from 4.30 in the morning and I estimate at least 7000 with prerace nerves including me with the excitement. After seeing the lines for the portapottys I decided that in the gloom of the early morning I would just poo down a side street. Well I never I thought I would find a quiet spot but against every wll, tree, behind hedges were people shitting their brains out. So look no firther I just dropped my tracksuit pants and panty (could not take then off) And bent down between two cars in the road. I had just done a good pee and was about to offload when a whole team of men and women arrive and use the same gutter. Side by side men and women farting and peeing. Some grunting some bent low others just hunched over grunting and oos and ahhs as tons of shit fel out of these arses. You heve never heard possibly twenty p! eople shitting at once. Needless to say the smell and noise was incredible. I have never crapped with a man right next to me doing the same thing. I suppose the comman purpose was to shit ASAP so noone really bothered to look and be perverted. After the sun came up we made our way to our vehicle. The mess was amazing. Poo and pee and papar the most but here and there a panty/skants that got shat on and used to wipe plus pads and tampons. What a mess. I understand why the fire department was there. They just open the hoses and hose the whole area down.

Monday, June 18, 2001

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