Questions again:
those who pee in sinks:
Do u sit, stand above or perch on the sink?
Does your pussy, butt, butthole touches the facet or sink?
Is your butt and pussy in front, in the middle, behind the sink?
Do u block the drain?
Do u pee on the facuet?
What do u do to your pee after wards?
thanks 4 your time

Does anyone have any stories of childhood accidents or places you've gone as a kid that you shouldn't have?

poop question
Here is a question for you. When you go to poop, do you hold your breath and strain, or grunt and strain?
For big, tough ones I sorta hold my breath and give it my all.

I pooped in my panties at school once. I was in the second grade (7 years old). I was outside at recess, and felt like I had to pass gas. No one was close, so I tried. I pooped instead. My panties were full of soft poop. I just stood there, not knowing what to do, then the bell rang, so I went back into the classroom and sat down carefully. The soft poo was forced up the back of my panties, and of course some of it out of my panties, soiling my dress.I sat close to the front, near our teachers desk. She must have smelled the mess in my panties because she came over to my desk, and asked me to come with her. When we were out of class, she asked me if I'd had an accident in my panties. I started crying and said yes,mso she took me to the nurses office and went back to class. The nurse called my mom who came and took me home to clean up. Of course, some of the other kids had noticed what I'd done, and when I went back to school the next day, they called me poo girl and teased ! me saying i should wesr diapers. Our teacher made them stop, but they still did it occasionaly when she wasn't around

This is my first time posting here although I have been reading the posts for quite a while.

I am 17 and I am from Melbourne, Australia.
I have always thought I was a bit strange because most times when I need to pee I hold it in until I am on the verge of having an accident. Does anyone else do this?

I always try to hold it in as long as I can, and see how long it is possible to keep without going to the toilet. I don't like doing this with my poop because that becomes painful after a very short time.

Because of this strange habit, I have lots of accident pee stories. Most people seem to be interested in poop stories here so I don't know if anyone would want to hear about my pee stories.

Does anyone know if this constant holding in my pee until almost bursting point could be harmful to my bladder or any other part of my body? Maybe when I get old I will not have any bladder control.

Or is it the opposite, and this is kind of like practising so that when I am older I will have better bladder control.

I would like it if some of you guys could answer my questions...thanks!!



Hey everyone, remember me??!!?? I have not posted in several weeks, I've been so busy with school things, oh well that's life! I have had many fantastic dumps since I last posted, most all of them at school. Yesterday I made my usual trip to the girls room during my lunch break. I had to take a big shit yesterday. I felt the need to go before I even left home in the morning, so over the next five hours it only got worse. I went into the restroom just as the lunch break began, so there were lots of girls in there. Luckily, I went right into a stall and without having to wait! I was wearing my short, tight jean shorts and red thong (both of which my boyfriend likes!!!) which were lowered to my ankles almost immediately. I ripped four or five farts which brought some laughs from those that heard me! My butt was full of poop yesterday, my asshole soon strectched open after my farts to allow the first of many turds to come out. I was somewhat constipated, I had to grunt ! and strain alot but the poop came without problem. My first turd was about 5 inches long, it was hard and knobby. I dropped six "golf balls" each with a splash. I heard a girl say to another girl that "it sounds like someone is taking a good one." Even after this, my hole still felt very full. I pushed a little and felt the tip of a monster wanting out! I sat for about 5 minutes hoping it would work its way out but no luck. I finally grunted loudly and pushed as hard as I could, finally I could feel it moving out. God it hurt! My poor ass felt as if it was going to rip open. I couldn't help but to groan as it slid out of me. After about 10 minutes it fell out. I could feel my butt hole still gaping open. My turd was about 10 or so inches long and probably 3 inches wide. I dont poop like this often but it does happen sometimes like yesterday. I sat for another 10 or so minutes before leaving. It's kinda funny too, my big log couldn't be flushed so it was left for! someone else to enjoy! Tomorrow I know I'll poop again and I'm planning to do it at my boyfriends house. I want so bad to go in front of him. We did it once before but he was too embarassed to look, I know I wouldn't embarassed to look at him. Maybe I'll convince him to look this time. Happy pooping!!!!!!!!!!

On the show Caroline in the city In the first episode or something early when she is interviewing richard for a job, richard reveals that he doesn't like cats, or anything that runs up and pees on your leg when you come home. Caroline replies that there may be a problem because she gets a little excited when people come over.

Yesterday this girl from Idaho State came selling reference books for southwest (moderator, if you don't want to post the name of the company just cross it out, thanks) she was at our house for about an hour, just before she left she said "can i bother you for one more thing, can I please use your restroom?" with that look and voice that says, "please i'm gonna pee my pants" so anyways she goes to the restroom and i can hear her gush 20 feet away, she must have had to really go because she let out a gusher for about 40-60 seconds non-stop,she thanked me like 5 times so that let me know that she really had to go, I noticed that she hadn't touched the pop i offered her and i was thinking that she probably had to pee and then about 15 minutes later she revealed that she did. Later

Rick (ex peeping expert)
Hi all,

I have been very busy the last few months but I just could not resist the urge to check back on this great site. In resonse to bills question about leaving a container in your room to pee or shit in: Yep I'v done that. Some years ago when I was totally remodeling my one bed room one bath condo, you know, the one with that suspicious mirror on the door, I had to take out the toilet to replace the tiles. When I started, I thought it would be a quick job, but as soon as I removed the toilet, The cement floor underneath was muddied. Oh shit, I has to re-do the whole bathroom floor with cement and that took a few days. So you guessed it, I had to use a small plastic juice bottle to pee in. Amazing, I never had to shit in it, I waited until I got to work in the morning to do that.
Now, the next story: I was in a large international airport last week in Loudon County VA, just outside of Washington DC and I had to use the john just before boarding. Now the far end of the midfield terminal was not very crowded and I went into the men's room. As I turned the corner toward the stalls, I heard a loud grunting and I could not help but wonder about the person in there obviously letting out a huge one. As I walked by, I could not believe it! There was a woman's dress under there, A women in the men's room? Only one other guy was finishing up washing his hands and he did not seem to notice the lady in there. He seemed to be real old, 70 or so, and he shuffled on out of the bathroom leaving me in there alone. At that point as I put mu ear closer to the stall, I could hear a succession of explosions and turds hitting the water. A short time later, I herd a loud aaahhhh! I decided at that point to go back outside and come back in just as she is at the sink to se e her reaction. I could not believe it when I walked back in and to my supprise was an old lady about 70 or so, sort of medium to heavy set. Darn, I walked back in expecting some pretty young thing, the way she was grunting and going on. She looked at me and said, you are in the wrong place and I said ops, and walked out. I then flagged down a young lady going into the ladies room and asked her to go in there to get the lady out. There was no one else in there if you can believe that. She came back out a minute later with that old lady and there was no reaction from either of them. I quickly went back into the stall she was in and peeewww! She really stunk that joint up big time. She also left in the toilet about 3 big lose logs dark brown and about 6 inches long. Now this is where it really gets funny: As the plane I was on was getting ready to leave the gate, I just happened to look back and behold! There she was, Thatlittle ond lady sitting right behind me. Even after the p lane landed, she never noticed me or said a thing.

I like the picture with the two ladies up top. The one sat on the loo looks as though she's really enjoying a good poo.

Michelle. Sorry to hear about your problems and the messing accident. Wouldn't it have been possible for you to have excused yourself during the lecture? I think the likeliest explanation for your problem is either Irritable Bowel Syndrome or some kind of food intolerance that's developed. Rather than make assumptions though, I'd advise you to see your doctor as soon as possible and let him or her know all the symptoms. My instictive feeling is that it's nothing that can't be treated easily. However, if that's the case, there's no point in suffering unnecessarily.

Roger. It sounds like Angela treated you to a good performance. You sure are one lucky man. Why let her eat a whole cheescake on her own though? I'd have wanted to share it.

Diane. What happened to you was horrible and in my view inexcusable. Everyone has accidents occasionally during life and there's no way you should have been punished the way you were.

Pressing the link to the last most recent postings, I got an error message 404 file not found. Anyone else experienced this or know what the probable cause might be?

Mr. Noname
Hi all!

Austin--Thanks a bunch for reading and for the advice. My gf is cool and easy to get along with. I'm sure she'll come around to sharing her bodily functions with me sooner or later. She is getting a bit less hesitant around me. Even when our toilet truly does not flush she doesn't get all hung up if I tell her I'll go in and 'buddy dump' on her load.

To the rest--Keep those great posts coming! It's great to see so many people from different walks of life sharing their stories about the toilet.

Till next time,
Happy Plops to all!

Allergic Guy
To Michelle (Regarding University Accident)

Since certain foods seem to aggravate your digestion, you sound like a likely candidate for food allergies. I encourage you to see a doctor about this and do some reading about food allergies. There are a number of books easily found at bookstores regarding this.

For a couple of years, I had chronic diarrhea. I still have it somewhat but the doctors finally discovered that I'm allergic to wheat and mold. I'm so severely allergic to mold that I can't have any mold-susceptible food. This includes beer, cheese, wine, anything with vinegar in it like catsup or salad dressings, barbeque, and yeasty foods of any kind. I encourage you to explore this area.



Red and Ross:

I saw "Splendor" as soon as it came out on video. I too had seen the trailer and could have sworn that there were farting sounds when she sort of "fell" in the toilet due to the seat being up. Oddly enough, when I watched the whole movie, the farting sounds weren't audible. Perhaps the tracking on my VCR didn't pick it up, or maybe they just dubbed it over the scene in the previews. At any rate, as best I can remember, the movie is about a girl who ends up living with two guys, and in that particular scene, she gets up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, but sits down and discovers that the seat has been left up. She then yells into the bedroom, inquiring as to who the culprit was and the whole matter ends there. Don't know what was up with the ambiguous farting detail.


Billy & Kevin L.
Yesterday was our last day of school for the year. Yesterday, as Billy was going into brush his teeth I was about to sit down and poop. I said, you want to go first? He said, it the last time I am going to be able to poo at school I am going to wait. I said good idea. At school, we had a half day and then got our report cards. At school, we went to our rooms, had roll and then we watched movies in our classes. Our rooms have walls between them that can be opened. So they opened the walls, and all the kids came in. About midway through the movie, I really need to go. I got and went to the bathroom. When I got there, Kevin was on the toilet, my cousin Billy was waiting. Paul came in behind us. We all dropped our logs, about 3 or 4 each. When we were done, we peed on the logs. The logs that sank kind of made a pile above the hole that stuck above the water, so that the hole did not get clogged. When we flushed there were a lot of skid marks. Our principal came when we were done. ! He sat down and started to poop. I know principals poop, but it is kind of weird for them to do it in front of us.

We got back home after getting the report cards in time for lunch. After lunch, it was warm out, so we all went swimming in the lake. On the way back from the lake, both of us had to poop again. Our little brother Josh had to go too. We were going to our fort. On the way there, we dropped our swim trunks, and we just squatted behind some trees. We had to use leaves to clean our butts.

Hi folks, well I've read a number of your posts for a while now and I must say it was a relief to feel I wasn't alone with my interest. I have a few stories that I feel a little shy about telling, but I better had start with this "tame" one that happened recently and it was quite "innocent" in its origins.
I went with my then fiance on a trip to London. We went in a burger joint for something to eat. On leaving we both had to pay a visit, unfortunately when I went into the gents the only cubicle was overflowing-clearly I couldn't use this. I hung about uncomfortably outside the ladies. When she came out she sensed my dilemma. "Go in here there's no-one in" I was a bit hesitant but I needed to go. When I entered a cubicle it took a while for me to "do my buisiness" then "oh no" someone came in and used the cubicle right beside me. When I heard her "tinkling" next door I became very excitited, obviously I had to wait until she had vacated the premises before I could leave. Thankfully my then fiance gave me the "all-clear". I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if I had a partner who would feel free to share her bodily functions with me, I never pressed the point and unfortunately that has never happened with any girlfriends I have always showed no interest in this area.
Regards to you all, william

To Jordan: My brother is 9 also. We don;t go to the toilet either unless he walks in on me while I'm peeing.

To desperate: Great story about having to have a dump on the way home from school. I would have loved to see that ladys face.

More Later

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