The other evening I had gotten home from shopping with Carrie and Sara, and I had a major urge to poop, which had been building just as we were exiting the mall. I normally would have stopped to use the ladies room but wanted to rush home to catch a TV show. As soon as I got home, I rushed upstairs to the bathroom by the master bedroom. My husband Gary was in there washing his hands. I said to him, "Hi honey", we kissed, and I pulled up my short beige cargo skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. Immediately I pushed out a series of very soft gooey poop. After ten seconds, there was a strong poop smell and we both gasped. I flushed the toilet while seated as I started to pee.

Gary would have normally left me alone to do my business, but he stayed as we talked about how our day went. I was in soft serve ice cream dispensing mode as I continuously dropped very soft pieces of poop. As soon as the toilet bowl refilled with water, I had refilled it with poop, so I flushed it again. I was dropping piece after piece of poop almost as fast as the toilet bowl was filling up with water. As soon as it had finished refilling with water, I flushed the toilet again. The poop smell was getting stronger.

I thought by now Gary would be busting out of the bathroom, but he was content to spend the time with me. He asked if I was all right, and I said I was fine. Just as I said that, I felt a cramp in my gut and unleashed a nasty soft mushy load that lasted about 15 seconds. We both gasped, and Gary suddenly asked me to get up so he could see what I just pushed out. I got up and turned around, and we both saw a huge pile of dark brown poop with several pieces and globs floating in the water, which was almost totally displaced. Gary opened his mouth and said, "Wow! That's a huge pile!" I felt another cramp, quickly sat down and flushed the toilet, hoping that the load would flush down without clogging. Luckily, it went down without clogging. As soon as the toilet started filling up with water, I unleashed another soft load of poop. It was almost as big as the other load. I was done, so I flushed the toilet before starting to wipe. As I was wiping, Gary was rubbing my! back and asking if I was all right. I said I felt much better. I got up and flushed a final time and saw I left behind some stains in the toilet. I cleaned the toilet after that.

Later Gary said he enjoyed our quality time together. We had some fun later that night.

i accidently found this web site,and so i'm just posting one of my experience, my little newphew hate me ,so one day as i was leaving for new jersey using a train,her make me laxative tea,i nver saw it coming it taste sweet alittle,and i like it until i finish drinking it. then i suddenly feel a very very warm feeling in my stomach
then un expectedly liquid poo dripp, out in my ppanties up ,by the time i realize "i shit my pant" i have fill my panties but that was
just the begning,shits just explode out into my pant i was wearing a suit and the pant is quite tight,i feel very uncomtable and my butt
was so warm and mushy also liquid poo started going my legs alot,
i grab the found seat and lift my ass up just a little just to get
up, but no, the wrost diaria wave just hit me and it came out so fast
i didnot have a chance to hold.shot after shot of liquid poo,reapetively fill my load after another just come out
in my pant and they drips down to my shoes about 30 percent,i shit wrost than i ever shit before,they were no mushy shit only thick liquid poo,one wave after another just loaded my feel like i been taken 8 laxative, i poop alot in my pant,load after load i mean alot.i mean alot, i sat back down an hold the side of my ass,i could not even get up,i afraid it gonna come out some more if i get directly up,and as i'm sitting and sqeeze it flat,i continue to load
my pant, the lady across see what going on she as me if i need any help.i said i'm sick, i told i've fill my pant alot,and i'm still doing it now.she call some guy on that train to help me.i get up fill my pant some more, he hold my back and help to me to a bathroom,quickly, as the shit in my pant drip down to my legs
because of the new shit load of poo that came out pushing on it.
it was terrible,it all that kid false,i'll never trust kids again

aye let me justmake it quick,i have a story about pantypooping.
well, there was this festival day thing where all those people,
get there and have fun buy some food,well one of the sick that was
selling brownie put a strong laxative in it alot. many girls,and some guy who like to buy snack,like girls,load their pant.
most of the girls there just hug their stomach,run around looking for a rest room.and some just couldn't hold it ,most of the girls there wear tight pant too so you know it was a sqeeze.a lady put her hand on her ass, as she run to her car but she couldn;t make it.she exploded as she took her hand of her ass and try to open the door.
one college girls, shit in her panties as she get into her car.before she could sit down it ozze right out she sit down sqeeze
ti all flat as liquid poo, spash out her ass and touching her vagina
some girls while waitting in line,suddenly know they couldn't hold any more and and a huge load of soft mushy shit just brust out to their pant,over flow their undi,but because they wear tight, shit didn;t drop down their pant, but liquid poo drip down you
should the look on their faces and the way their buut look,
some girl when on the bus and exploded,few other walk home
and loaded their panties.few other girls and guy make it home,
one girl when with her boy friend on a motorcycle,her boyfriend
didn't eat the brownie, she did,she sqeeze her boyfriend tight as
she poop rapidly,in her tight jean, load after load of liquid poo
fill her entire jean,some poo drips down her legs most just remain squeeze on her ass.i feel horny when hear this i do feel bad for all
those people.

Didn't poo at all yesterday,but this a.m. as soon as i had my OJ,I had to go pretty bad but decided to hold it and go to the gym to do it cause it was Sat morning and the weekends at the gym are great to go dumping-So I drove to the gym and as i was driving my rectum is really filled up as i'm letting out farts to relieve the pressure-it was getting intense-then i got to the gym and went right to the stalls with my cheeks held together and as i'm going in to the toilets i hear all kinds og dumping going on-it waa great and inspirational-went into a stall and got undressed and as i'm getting ready to sit down,a guy comes in the next stall and sits down and moaned and let out 2 loud farts followed by an explosion of poop and it just kept coming out and coming out of his butt as he moaned with relief-i immediatly sat down and let out a long fart as my ass hit the seat and the turds came out with gas and sounded like THHHHHhhhhhhhiiiit crakllllllll-plop plop plop plop plop-it came out pretty fast as i moaned in relief as the guy in the next stall farted again and did another wet load-Oh it was great-I could tell this guy had to go as bad as me as we both opened up our assholes to let out our morning stuff-then i heard from another stall across from me another guy starting his BM with a long loud fart and a lot of what sounded like chunky,loose stuff flying out his butt-So for about 20-30 seconds all 3 of us were unloading at the same time-I was doing a nice dump myself with an almost endless snake of turds that kept coming out and breaking off as they splashed into the bowl with some farting in between the turds coming out-When i skip a day,the next day ,i really do a big load and this was a 2 day dump,as my asshole was pushed out from the pressure of all the stuff in my rectum-but it really felt super as i let it out and let out a few soft moans of relief as this stuff exited my anus along with the other guys doing the same thing-boy did it start to s! tink in there cause no one was flushing their loads yet-I just love those morning dumps at the gym-it is so much fun for me to do as i sit there and listen to all these guys really letting go in the toilets-sometimes all it takes is 1 guy to let out his pre-poo fart and everyone else justs follows suit as you hear the turds splashing and the farting and grunting and groaning going on-I just really enjoy the whole production-why? who konws,but i knew when i got up i had to go and I wanted to do this load at the gym cause i knew it was going to be busy and i was right!Then i sat there anmd pushed out the tail end of my BM and started to wipe my messy butt as another shift of guys came in and do the same thing again-it was s great morning here at the gym-seemed like an almost endlees procession of guys dumping as i looked in the bowl to see a mess of soft long turds with 2 piles of soft stuff-it was a good load that felt even better coming out as i sat there doing this load with other guys doing the same type of dumps-i think most of these guys like to dump there for the same reasons i do-Sometimes i can tell-that's all i can say about that!But the whole experience is so much fun!! then i took a quick shower and went to work out-felt 5 lbs lighter! great gym dump!Weather her in the N.E. is cloudy and supposed to rain all weekend--so no outdoor pooing -too bad,but pooing here at the gym is somtimes just as fun!Happy father's day to all the dads out there!BYE

MICHELLE: I don't know what's happening to you, but if it continue like this you should probably see a doctor.

Traveling Guy
Movie time... "Traffic" is out on cassette and DVD now. My rental had a trailer on the head end for "A Night at McCool's." It had a quick shot of a female actress on the pot saying something serious like, "I'm doing this for the good of humanity." It wasn't clear what she was referring to, but the comedy was in the context. The actress was shown only from the waist up in the preview. Has anyone seen "...McCools"? Do we get to see more of her bum in the feature? In "Traffic," the daughter of the drug czar is shown twice seated on the john while freebasing cocaine. She seems to have her pants up but it's hard to tell because she has a magazine across her lap. I guess the director wanted to leave it to the viewers' imagination. Reminds me of that scene in "Woodstock" where the guy comes out of a porta potty after smoking a joint and taking a dump. "How was it?" a reporter asks him. He smiles broadly. The audience fell out laughing.

MICHELLE - A big part of your problem is stress. You should see an improvement when exams are over. (Maybe they already are.) A lot of urgent crapping goes on in school and college restrooms at exam time. There are two more suspects. Are you eating potato chips with an artificial fat like Olestra? Check the bag to see and avoid it in the future. That stuff has a cramping and laxative effect on some people. The other culprit might be lactose intolerance, if you have problems after eating cheese, yoghurt, etc. You can try isolating these things by eating one thing and not the other to see what's irritating your bowels. A doctor recently told me that a lot of the pain of diarrhea comes from the stretching of the bowels. You can cut through the bowel wall with relatively little pain, he said, but if you twist or stretch it - Yeow!! Just like the ear. It's less painful to perforate the eardrum than it is to stretch it. (This doc is a nose and throat specialist.) ! If your problem doesn't clear up soon, please see a doctor. I hope a simple change of diet puts back on the road to enjoyable pooping.

To Michelle:

Try changing your diet from the stuff that causes this problem!

Greetings All.

To all who wished me well over the past few days, I'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks. I must say again that I was quite overwhelmed to receive such encouragement from different parts of the globe. I'm happy to say that the test was fine, and my long time friend and training partner and I have both achieved our 3rd Dan grades. It's amazing we have gone this far.

To Rizzo,
Ha ha, peeing off a roof. What an entertaining post that was, and I'm sure it must have given Louise some ideas. Obviously it isn't the most sensible thing to attempt if you're a little unsteady on your feet after having had more than a few beers! Haha, it is good of you to think of Louise's safety, but actually neither of us are heavy drinkers by any standards - we do drink socially, but we do not have anything to do with the ridiculous 'get it down your neck' drinking culture that exists in Britain. In saying that, I don't think Louise would reach the point where she would need you and me to keep her upright, though the mental image of that does
make me smile.
I believe she has mentioned this idea she has of weeing from the river bridge. Ha, some waterfall she could produce from that height. I reckon she will get quite a buzz from doing that, but just as long as there is nobody like yourself passing underneath on a boat at the time :)

To Carmalita,
Hola, senorita bonita! Louise is certainly a gorgeous young woman. She did her modelling just a few months before we started seeing each other. Although that was well over 8 years ago and she is now 28, her appearance has changed little, if at all. She looks like a 20 or 21 year old, and on that basis, and if the relevant people took her on merit, I think she could do more if she wanted. One difference, and this is really beginning to show itself now, is the way she is becoming much more extravert in personality. She is so playful these days that I think that if she wanted to urinate while modelling bikinis on location, that she would at least consider just turning her back, pulling the bottoms aside and doing it in the sea despite other people being present. I'm not saying she would necessarily do it, but the thought would cross her mind.
Finally, I should ask you how your brother Cruz is doing.
Hasta Luego, senorita.

To Julie,
I'm not sure that Louise would wish to attempt urinating into a little plastic cup as you did in your car, as I'm sure there would be a massive backwash that would bounce straight back out and soak the seat. What must that driver have thought as you tipped your 'sample' out of the window? Naughty Julie!
On your latest wee, you drew a very exciting picture with your description. Very considerate of you to think of keeping your legs far enough apart for me to see your urine squirting out. How many sheets of toilet paper would you like me to use in wiping you? One, two?
Oh indeed, I would probably feel an urge to wee as well now. I could just unzip the front of my trousers, pull out my penis and point it into the toilet you have just sat on. As Louise was very careful to point out, my foreskin affects my stream, so I could draw it back slightly. I could then release a good stream against the back surface of the bowl while you stand watching from the side. As Louise very often likes to do for me, you could wipe the tip of my penis for me.
I will look forward to your return. Stay safe now.

To Jeff A,
A formal bow to my brother in the USA! I really do appreciate the fine gesture you made in wearing the white and black. I have done similar in the fairly recent past, and it was very thoughtful of you to do it for me. The support I've had is quite staggering, and thanks very much indeed!
You need not worry about encouraging Louise to tell her dumping stories. I think she feels a little outclassed in terms of turd size in such company as Carmalita and Kim, but it is as I keep saying - there is always room for variety. She has some wonderful stories to tell, so I agree with you - she should tell them!

To PV,
I have not had a great deal to tell you of late. I hope that will change after August and we have another Spain trip to discuss. I believe you enjoyed Louise's interruption of my training session when I was at home. When she entered the room and announced in such a matter of fact way that she wanted to dump, she beamed such a dazzling smile at me that I could not refuse. No harm in such interruptions, I guess!
I'd like to thank you for best wishes earlier this week, and I'm sorry for not being able to respond sooner. Have a hug from me.
I enjoyed reading about how you occasionally share Louise's liking for wearing short skirts, and it has left me with a delicious mental image I'd like to dwell on for a moment... yes, I reckon I'd enjoy the leggy effect!
I don't think there is any permanent harm caused by my mate's wife objecting to him peeping around the corner and seeing her weeing in the alley. It is something I have to confess I would have enjoyed seeing for myself. Louise still giggles at the mention of him seeing her in that position, and I have no problem with that. If she is happy and comfortable with it, then so am I. I don't believe my mate's wife would subsequently refuse to go out with us again just because there might be a repetition of what for her was an embarrassing invasion of privacy. She is just not that sort, she is in fact a very nice lady, but I do think she might point a stern
finger at her husband before she goes for a wee the next time <snicker>. I do have to wonder if she would refuse the chance to see him washing a wall. What's good for the goose might be good for the gander perhaps?
I think we might have a small celebration tonight. I'm not sure who will be with us, but if anything interesting happens, you will find out from either Louise or myself.
Take care until next time, and make sure you read the following story...

Perhaps for a fairly wide audience, here is something that happened yesterday morning prior to my test.
When I awoke, the first thought in my head was that it was the day of the test. Still in bed, I stretched my limbs to get the blood flowing after a restful sleep. Good, I thought. I had no aches and pains to hamper me, and I feel in good shape. My movement woke Louise from her slumber, and I greeted her waking with a brief kiss. Now, as it has typically happened on such days, I had an ominous feeling in my rectum almost immediately my thoughts returned to
the test. There was that sharp, liquid feeling that betrayed the fact that my guts contained matter of less than fully solid consistency. It was not a feeling of desperation, but still naked I went to the bathroom, sat down and vented what felt like a heavy load of semi-liquid slop into the toilet. Eventually I felt empty, and I rose from my seated position. The water was now a murky brown colour, and it was impossible to make out any solid matter that I knew was there beneath the surface. The sides of the toilet had been splashed with the muck, and at this point Louise entered the room.
Seeing the mess I had made in the toilet, she quietly exclaimed "shit!".
"Yes, it is", I replied rather unnecessarily.
Also naked, she stood at her 'urinating range' at the bowl, and aimed one of her morning urine torrents into it. This helped to rinse away the muck that was clinging to the porcelein. It would have been flushed away later anyway, of course. When she had finished, she aimed my penis for me as I also urinated. This time, as we were at home in our own bathroom, I did react and became erect, and I had to finish the bladder emptying in the sink. Louise wiped me very carefully and then returned to the bedroom after washing her hands.
When I also went back to the bedroom, she said she needed to check I was clean. She lay back on the bed, waiting for me, and I was rather taken aback at her frank order, "C'mon, show me your arse!"
I climbed up on the bed, facing her feet, my right knee beside her right hip, my left foot by her left.
"Wow" she said quietly, then declared. "You're clean!"
Having passed the inspection, I was able to dress!
There was another inspection she gave me later on in the afternoon after I had another feeling of liquefied guts that turned out to have no substance to it. To be sure of my anal cleanliness, I dropped my trousers and bent over for her to look, and once again I passed her stringent checks.
At the club itself and during the test, I felt fine. No problems with nervousness, so I think I got the preparation just about right.

I hope that story amuses you all as much as it does me when I fondly look back at it.



YO ROGER-Coolstory with you and angela with her doing a 2 foot cheesecake dump-that must have looked wonderful coming out her butt!Lucky guy!
TO KIM & SCOTT-Hey that would be great with you and scott and carmlita and I finding a nice spot out in the wild and all of us squatting in a circle and really letting go with our good morning dumps(Yes,i am a bit dimented!)BTW ,KIM how big and tall are you?i just can't imagine poos that big coming out fo a pretty woman-You must be some sort of anomoly(sp?)Do you have a bit a gas when you do these monsters?-You and Scott should go out in the woods and poo together 2 feet apart at the same time(if you already haven't done this-try it!)
TO JEFF A-Now that must have been fun to poo in front of a pretty black woman man i would ahve went nutz myself-was she really into it?Next time you guys should poo together when you both really got to go!Keep us posted on that!
All quiet on the poo front today-Don't feel anything yet-if i do I'll try to go out in the wild--so far Zippo-BTW preyyt woman really dressed up sitting on the bowl in the masthead-looks almost like a stewardess doing a casual pee-pee-Nice underwear!-BYE

Joe Boxer
To Dork.

Glad you liked to hear about my accident - I also thought I was the only one! You might like to hear that after I posted the message I went to empty my undies and dropped the massive turd into the toilet. It was so big and solid that, like yours, it poked out of the water and filled the hole. So much so, in fact, that after three flushes it was still there, whole and unmoved. I had to get a garden cane and break it up before it would go down. No wonder my pants were hanging down against the back of my legs!

hi guys!

i've been around here for about 6 months, but first all mention great pictures, but where do you get them from?

i like all the stories esp. louises - she sounds SOOOOOO cool

c ya

Donnie C.
Michelle, it seems as if you have Lactose Intolerance - you're allergic to dairy products. Ths can cause stomach problems. I'd suggest researching LI on the 'net.

JULIE - Hi! It is a fun trick isn't it, the backshot? Steve says he
likes what he sees when he looks at my bum when I am doing that. I
bet he would like what he saw if you let him watch you do that too! LOL
Have a nice time travelling and then we can tease Steve more when you
come back. Love Louise xxx

JEFF A - Hi guy! What a lovely letter you wrote to me. It was really
nice. The first thing I need to write about is how Steve did well on
his test. I went to watch him and he was very graceful and fast. Late
on he had to handle 4 other students at the same time, and then 3 more
came on later as well and he sort of made them knock each other away
from him lots of times. He made it look easy but it must be very hard
Well thank you for saying my crapping stories are good. You know I
did think my little tiddler turds were not very interesting but I
will write about them if you like. Now this morning Steve had gone out
and I was just going to go to the shops. I felt like I needed to have
a crap before I went out and I wished he was there to see me do it.
I knew it was not a load of little lumps this time but it felt like
one turd. I went into the bathroom and I pulled my jeans and my
g string down and I hovered over the toilet. I just stayed there
for a minute and then I pushed. I did feel my hole stretch open and
then my turd just sort of slid through and popped out to splash down
in the toilet. I looked at it and it was about 6 inches long and quite
hard so my bum felt still clean. I felt like there was more and then
popped out about 7 little lumps with big splashes. I had a little
trickle of wee for a few seconds and then I was finished. I wiped but
there was no mess at all. I do like to keep my bumhole shaven now so
it is easier to clean. I pulled up my pants and flushed. Well I hope
you like my story! Love Louise xxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Well yeah I think some of the photographers who
called me got a bit excited about maybe making money out of me as well
as getting keen for me to take my top off. I did not want to do that.

RIZZO - Hi! I just had a nice wee in the bathroom sink and I thought
about you while I was doing it. I did it the scissor way and I had my
left leg up this time. I pushed my pussy down and I let rip. It was
noisy and I bet you would have liked it. Love Louise xxxx


Peter in AZ
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Nothing new.
Pleasent bowels!!!

Hi all!!
Thanks to Louise for have remembered me in her post!
I haven't time this night but in the next post, that if think it will be sunday or monday, i will speak about a Wine party in Trieste and a "alley's pee" .
When girls drink a lot of wine.......what happend?
good night!!!
p.s. in another forum i have found more italian boys and girl that want speaks of pee outdoor and wetting. I will bring they here!!!

Ciao ciao amici!!!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to you all!

Hope I haven't missed anything, as when I tried to read the previous posts; I got that "Error 404" thing again.

Several people have asked why their turds should float. As far as I know it indicates sufficient quantities of fat has been passed and so the turd floats. Whether or not it is a good sign would depend on how much fat the person had been eating, but if you've eaten a lot then it is healthier to pass it out rather than store it.
The trouble with floaters of course is that they don't plop so well and prevent the next turd from plopping.
Sometimes it's possible to drop sinkers and floaters in the same session.

DONNIE M, I've never heard of those intentionally uncomfortable toilet seats you described, Like you, I think it's despicable that manufacturers sell, and companies buy such toilet seats for their employees.
Another cruel and vindictive practice.
The only type of toilet seat I've used here in Britain which I've found slightly uncomfortable is the type that consists of two pieces of wood screwed to the pan. As the wood isn't contoured, you can feel it on the thigh bone as you sit there, unsure whether you're sitting on the wood or between the two pieces.
Being average build, that is how it feels to me but I suppose a very muscular or fat person would feel it differently.
I hope the seats you used are very much in the minority and that other trade unions will reject them if proposed by management.

TOM, All the questions that KYLE asked you for details about bathroom etiquette and protocol in that "open door bathroom" you wrote about are the same ones I'd like to know!
I certainly wouldn't need a magazine when using the toilet with so much toilet action going on in there!
Did any guy ever piss into the toilet when another guy's sitting on it for a shit? I heard of that happening in another busy bathroom and I'd love to be plopping and getting some good splashes when another guy had just had a long piss while I'm sitting there!!!

PETER IN AZ Those turd dimensions sound enormous! I've seen occasional whoppers and heard a lot of large sized turds discussed here but it just amazes me and makes me SO envious!

DAZZ, Great to hear all's getting back to normal for you as I thought and hoped it would. It does seem we're all prone to a bout of piles if conditions are wrong- too urgent and loose turds, or too much straining. I bet you're enjoying shitting on yout toilet even more now with it "all behind you now" so to speak!
All power to your arse and hope you get great satisfying bum-splashing plops every time! Drop a big one for me!

I read recently of a prison webcam online from the USA, and that the inmates were trying to sue the prison governor for violation of their privacy.
The article said even the toilets were featured in the webcam, and so I thought I'd like to see it.
The ethics of my being able to view and invade the prisoners' use of the toilet was something I had to wrestle with, and I justified my attempt with the fact I wasn't intending to do it for amusement or out of a sense of superiority in being able to take advantage of their lack of basic rights of privacy, but like most of us, I am very interested in seeing men on toilets and would do so with respect and sense of community.
However, it was I who would have to reveal my name, e mail address, occupation and income before I could see anything!
Not the anonymity we enjoy here, but the feeling I would be supplying personal information to the American Prison System, and so I didn't bother.
So, I've not taken advantage of this violation of their rights after all , but wonder whether the cameras actually do include scenes of the toilets or just the general area.
Does anyone know, and any strong feelings on the subject?

A reminiscence told me some time ago by a former British soldier in the Middle East.
During the British mandate in Palestine before the creation of the State of Israel, British soldiers sometimes used bucket toilets in a cubicle that had a small door at the back. This was to allow the bucket to be removed from under the seat and the contents, I believe, used as fertiliser.
The man who told me about this said several times when he was just finishing, the small dooropened and the bucket was snatched away almost taking his balls with it!
Apparently fertiliser was in short supply so the men employed to empty the buckets were often quite keen to do so as soon as someone had been on the toilet, and so must have been listening for the sounds of toilet paper being used to indicate another lot was available!

I have seen in the older parts of some Northern cities where the toilet was at the end of the yard and a small door at the back of the toilet for access to the bucket, the means of collection before flush toilets were installed.
Perhaps these doors were sometimes opened while someone was sitting on the seat dropping turds and someone could have moved the bucket and watched the action!
We'll probably never know as I don't suppose anyone is old enough to remember this arrangement, as I don't suppose any of the doors were kept when flush toilets were installed.

My own toilet sessions aren't too bad today apart from sore skin round the anus but enjoyed a lot of small quick staccato plops and splashes this morning.
My biker friend has a theory that perhaps I should eat a lot more green leafy vegetables to give the gut something to work on when it seems sluggish. He could have a point as when he was last here, I remember having a real good sized, easy and impressive looking shit. I think the day before we had a lot of salad.......
Could this be the cure and the answer? Could this lead to drier turds leading to cleaner and less irritated skin?
I can't wait to find out as he only contacted me last night , so I'm going to feast on a leafy salad and see what happens!

Well, that's my lot for today, I've especially enjoyed sitting here at the computer as I've been letting of lots of loud farts!

Happy farting and plopping, everyone! P P G

Hello everybody!

Hi Jeff. A, that story of yours when you pooped in front of Jeri was a pleasure to read. I must have sat there grinning at the screen from ear to ear! Yes, about a design for the WSPC brooch (right spelling this time) ; I came across a post by PV , and of course, the inverted V is a good symbol for the standing pee too! Combine that with the sign for Venus and we may have something there. Two little earrings in gold would be nice. As I have some gold (melted engagement rings of a bygone love affair!) I might give that a try one day....

Lawn Dogs Kid, you are a very good lad indeed! Your tale of Kendal’s big load in the toilet and the way she described you cuddling her while doing revision work at the same time was very endearing. Loving her to pieces! Well, I’d say, loving her to prevent her from going all to pieces! Dear Andrew, keep up your good work! Love from Rizzo.

Hello Kendal my dear niece, that must have been several days worth of Cumbrian poop you unloaded into Devonian drains! The way Andrew described it, your rectum must have been bulging! Or did you eat something special? Like, uh, Scotch broth, haggis, tatties and neaps followed by some trifle? I know, I know, that’s a menu found a bit further in the North and at another time of the year. But you must admit that it delivers the most fantastic poops, and I for one, love it!
Thank you for your kind words my dear. Yes, I will be closer to you, but, just to make you curious, it is only a short while ago that we were much nearer to each other. Maybe even in sight of each other, but totally out of reach! Your plane to your holiday must have passed almost directly overhead of my position at the time, and I was aware of it but unable to tell you! Love and kisses to you from Rizzo.

Hi Michelle! Your problem almost sounds like mine. Dairy products are a powerful laxative for me. Sometimes symptoms are similar to those of food poisoning, especially when cheese or uncooked white of egg is involved. My case differs though, in that I have avoided these foods from as long as I can remember because to me they taste simply awful, totally revolting.
In your case I would say that it is stress. Our son once suffered much stress during his second year at university which gave him stomach aches and the runs as soon as he ate anything. He lost much weight and reached a state when my wife had to fly over to London to sort him out, give moral support, bolster him up and encourage him. By the way, he did not inherit my inability to digest dairy products.
I hope the summer holidays will enable you to relax and regain your “interior balance” at the very latest. Better would be an immediate and good dose of TLC (Tender Loving Care) from someone you love. When exams will be over, you will probably feel better, but if it becomes too bad in the meantime, you may have to seek help from a doctor. I do sincerely hope that you fell better soon, Rizzo.

To Michelle: I would loved to have been there to console you and share my love in such a distressing situation. My biggest weakness is a pretty girl in trouble with bathroom distress. I hear all these wonderful stories but never seem to be in the right place when one happens, at least not often enough. Anyway, it seems your problem is the beginnings of Lactose Intolerance. Try backing off on the dairy products for a while such as milk choclate, yogurt, and cheese, all of which you mentioned. If that is what it is, you will know what to do about it and what to expect if you don't.

Saturday, June 16, 2001

My University Accident

Hi Guys,
I am back after a while, but I am still having to live with my embarrassing experience at the cinema the other night, as my friends tease me about it all the time in a good natured way.
I don't know what is going on at the moment with my health, but it seems that I am getting a lot of cramps and gaseous craps over the last month. It seems to happen mostly whenever I eat chocolates, donuts, potato chips, cheese, yoghurts, etc... It also seems to be aggravated by stressful situations, like my upcoming university exams.
The worst is the abdominal pain that rips through my side at these times, which leaves me prostrate in agony. I have worked out that I usually have about 10 to 15 minutes after the start of the cramps before the bowel movement starts, but sometimes I get maybe only 2 to 5 minutes warning. Once these bowel movements start I can spend up to an hour in the toilet groaning, as huge lumps forcefully explode out of my ass.
For instance, this morning, I had some cauliflower with a light cheese sauce over it for breakfast. I then went to lectures at our science building for my morning class, but halfway through it (1.5 hours)I started getting really sharp pains running all the way down to my bellybutton. I tried to ignore it, but about a half hour later the cramps had intensified tenfold to the point where I was groaning and holding my belly.
I could feel fire descending downwards into my bowels and realised that I needed to have a crap, but the lecture was in session, which prevented me from getting out of the room. Over the next 2 to 5 minutes, it felt as if my guts were being inflated from inside and I started feeling a large amount of gas building up in my bowels. My face must have been grimacing, because a number of the other students looked at me for a moment.
A minute later, I was having to clench my sphincter closed to prevent the gas from coming out. I contiued like this for another 5 to 10 minutes before I suddenly felt all hell break loose in my guts as heavy wieghts dropped dow into my bowels making them expand noticeably by the second. I knew that I no longer had any chance of getting out of the lecture hall before everything erupted out of my ass, so I tried to hold it in for as long as possible, being that there was only a 1/4 hour left.
Somehow I managed to hold it in, grinding my teeth together until the lecture ended. But now I had to wait a little longer while the other students cleared out, as I never expexted myself to be able to make it out in my state. The problem was that my anus was being stretched open by the weight of the shit in my bowels and I couldn't keep it closed.
As the last student reached the front of the classroom, I got up and started making my way down the steps to the only exit in the front. Halfway down the steps, I felt the shit beginning to force its way free and instinctively clenched my butt, as I stopped in my tracks. But it was already too late, as my anus was forced open wider to make way for a giant rock hard lump that exploded out of my ass. Only to be followed by an avalanche of hard logs of shit, as I roared with pain, doubling over.
The next thing I remember is the lecturer helping me to the women's toilet where I spent another half hour expelling a second load of shit. I then ditched my panties out the window into the maintenance yard below and ran for my car and then home.
If anyone can help me understand what is happening to my guts or who can tell me what is wrong with me please respond. Thanx, Michelle.

Sara T.
To whomever posted the question for me:
Strange places include-
my hands; cups; a pile of dirty laundry; the carpet inside my closet; plastic bags (it was an accident; I had to shit into a bag when my toilet broke and some pee came out too); the woods of course; underneath train tracks; in the storage room of a college pool.

Thanks for the kiss, shug! Here's one back for *you*! ::kiss::

Bob - Your poop is floating because it contains air and is less dense than water. Either it's from gas or you are swallowing air when you eat.

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