I have a couple of kinda wierd questions, Does any one keep a container in their room to boo boo in when they need to? How about newspaper? Does anyone use a corner or closet as a bathroom?

Hi Everyone.

Just to let you guys know that I'm going travelling for a couple of weeks, and won't be able to post during that time.

Louise: Hi girl! I have been practising the backshot like you describe & it is a whole lot of fun! I had a go tonight when I got in from work. I simply pulled up my skirt and took off my knickers and then bent over like you said and pushed down on my pussy and hey presto! That's cool!

Steve: Hi sweetie! I'm gonna miss you for the next couple of weeks, particularly when I won't have anyone to guard me in a strange place. However, just so you don't forget me, I had a wee earlier just for you! I was at work and wearing one of my favourite outfits which consists of my pink dress with a little jacket on top, and underneath I was wearing my red satin knickers and matching bra. When I went for a wee at lunchtime I lifted up my dress and pulled my red knickers down to my knees (I hope you're picturing this!). Making sure my legs were slightly apart so you could see my pussy I started to wee. When I had finished I stood up so you could gently wipe me and then let you pull up my knickers and lower my dress. Take care my dearest toilet guard. Love

Today is my birthday (June 15) I'm 14!. Anyway i was at my community pool and this is what i saw. 1 kid had diarrhea (kinda soft) 2 wet farts followed by poop. 1 kid my friend Jon took a crap by hovering like a sumo wrestler over the toilet. 1 kid took a small dump. and I found poop on the seat from another person. BTW I kinda looked at the people when they were crapping. I took a crap. Had to go Badly. and another person took a crap but i forget what kind it was.

Peter in AZ
Nothing is wrong with you? You just have a lot of gas when you poop and that is why your poop floats. Do not put yourself down for something you like. Now adays people are taught that your body is dirty for what it does. NOw I think who ever says that is not in tune with their body. I hope this helps.

Pleasent pooping.

Hey, yall:

Well, the highlight of my life, came about, this past-week. I haven't told this to yall, before, but I make one of the best-cheesecakes in the world. This past Tuesday, I talked my woman, Angela, into eating the whole thing, in one sitting, so that I would get to see her sh-- it out, in one-shi--ing. She obliged, wholeheartedly, so there wasn't much talking to it, actually. She was only too happy to do it. The prize, came tonight! We were both watching the movie "Unbreakable, w/ Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Wilis, when "the urge" hit her. She led my by the hand, into the restroom. She leaned slighly-forward, so that I had a great-view, of her anus in-action. It was almost a two-foot nonstop log, that came out of her. Her gorgeous Anna-Kournikova face was contorted, in the most sexy-expressions. I thought that my erection was going to tear through my jeans, from watching this! She was farting up a storm, but it didn't smell as bad as I wished it did! Afterwards, ! I wiped her w/ tp, that was soaked in my saliva, as-usual. It was pretty-dry, actually. The paper was clean, after about 1 and a half wipes. Afterwards, we admired her creation: Light-brown, about two-feet long, w/ cherry-chunks, all in it. What I wanted to do w/ that thing, would be unfit to print, in this forum. Instead, I broke it up, w/ some plastic mini-blind rods, that I use, for just such an-occasion. Rarely, though, have I passed a monster, like what my lady just did! However, I have never sat down, and eaten an entire one of my cheesecakes, like she did, in one-sitting, either. She looked so good, as it (my cheesecake)was going-in her, two days ago, and looked and sounded even better, eliminating my cheesecake from her body, today. Hope yall liked it. Especially, you, Pico.

Talk to yall later,


Billy and Kevin L.
Yesterday, we had a field day at school. We went outside and played games and had races and stuff. WHen I got to school, I had to make poops. The bathroom were closed ebcause of a broken pipe. The only bathroom was an outhouse. So I went out there. WHen I got there, there was a first grader standing there looking scared. I asked him what the problem was. He said he did not know what to do, so he pooped his pants. I knew who his teacher was, so I went and told her what happened. We went back to the outhouse where he still was. WHen I got there, he was crying. She started talking to him. By this time, I really need to poop, so I dropped my pants and sat down. She said, what are you doing. I said pooping. She said, you could wait a minute until we are done. I siad, not without pooping my pants too. SHe smiled and he laughed. THere were two holes in the outhouse, so she said let's look at what you did in your pants. It turned out that he made a really hard turd, and that he just s! tained his underwear. It was kind of funny, because the turd was still stuck up his butt hole. She help him sit down on the seat and he pooped out a lot. It took me about 5 minutes to finish up. He finished up at the same time. He siad, look at my poop. I looked in the hole and there was a lot of poop. I am not sure if he made it all, though. The outhouses are usually locked and rarely used because there is also another outdoor bathroom with running water (that was closed because of hte broken pipe). When we were leaving, he thanked me for getting his teacher. He said he was more scared because his poop was not all out than because he pooped his pants.

RIZZO - Hi!!! Oh yeah, having that wee together would be very good.
I have said it before but I do not get enough chances to see guys
weeing. I would enjoy watching you because even if I am out with
Steve at night and I see some guy weeing on a wall or something, I
do not get to see his willy, I just see the back of him. Maybe you
would struggle keeping soft enough to do it, I do not know.
LOL weeing off a roof would be a lot of fun, never done that. Do you
know what I want to do soon? There is a bridge with vertical railings
that goes over the river near a park near where we live. On a good
day I want to wee through the railings and down into the river. It
is about 50 or 60 feet high so I think that will be fun.
Oh yeah I bet you would like seeing me standing and doing one of my
distance wees. Stand too close and you would be wet LOL.
Love Louise xxx

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Yeah, the pictures are very nice. I looked at them
again two days ago. I bet you would be very pretty in the stuff I
modelled. I bet the red and white one and the white one would have
looked great if you wore them.

JULIE - I finished work early today to be with Steve this afternoon. He
is not at work today, so when I got home I needed a wee. I had my work
clothes on, and when I saw Steve I dragged him into the bathroom and
I took my knickers off. I hiked my skirt up and did a backshot into
the empty bath. I think it was a big wee because I took a long time
doing it. Steve rinsed all the wee away after.

PV - I bet I would like to go and see the disco at Trieste in Italy.
I bet I would stand out a bit among Italian girls though. I could
add a puddle for Diego to look at LOL!

Louise.Steve wants to thank everybody who has wished him good luck.
I wiped his bum this morning when he had a shit, because what he
did was a bit soft and loose. I checked him around his hole and he
is clean now. He is ready and I am very proud of him.


Joe Boxer great to read your story. I thought i was the only one something like that happened too. The other day i too held my huge load in until i got home. I was fartin with each step i took as i approached my house and lucky I was out side because they were real ripe. I too was changing into old clothes as was going to shit as soon as i got down to my shorts. I had removed one leg from my pants and was bent over removing the other leg when out slid the first log. Man i dropped the pants and waddled next door to the bathroom. I slowly lowered the back of my shorts and dropped the log in the toilet. i sat down and let the rest out. By the time I got done and stood up and turned around I had a pile so big the top of it was out of the water and the hole was completely filled and two top logs spead in either direction and touched oppisite sides of the bowl. it was a good thing the whole load didn't end up in my shorts.

Traveling Guy
BOB - No, floating poop does not mean your diet sucks. It's just the opposite. When your poop floats it's usually because you eat a lot of fiber, a very a good thing. Did the accident change your diet in any way, for example, maybe you started eating more fruit or a different cereal? I once heard a health expert on a radio program talking about "floaters" and "sinkers." She said "floaters" are definitely better and a good sign. ("Sinkers" don't necessarily mean you're not in good health, but you might have a fiber poor diet. Unfortunately, just before that segment of the show, the announcer said that the next guest would say some things that might offend some people. Too bad the general population is so uneasy about this topic that we can't even say "floaters" and "sinkers" in public without squirming and blushing.

As for pee, I've never drunk mine and don't intend to (unless I get stranded on Mt. Everest), so I can't say about that. But, no, your fascination with the topic isn't sick. You're among friends here.

To Traveling Guy: Adrian's sister who almost walked in on me while I was taking a dump is 15 years old. She's good looking come to think of it, but still I wouldn't want my friend's sister to see me on the throne. She kind of knocked or tapped the door when she saw it was closed but just started to walk in after without waiting for an answer. She probably knew that the door lock was broken but maybe she was just in a hurry to get to the bathroom and forgot it was broken, I don't know. I doubt that she did it on purpose to try to get a look at me on the pot but who knows...

To Bryian: ;-) If it had been my friend who had walked in on me, I probably would have let him come in. We're really close and open with each other. But I might expect him to let me watch him take a dump in return.

To Ben: I have one brother who's 9 years old. How old is your brother? My brother has also seen me peeing and taking a dump, as I've seen him, but we don't go to the toilet together or anything like that. My friends aren't open about going to the toilet either but I have caught a few of them having a dump, only by accident. This happened several times at camp last summer. More about that later. Looking forward to more of your stories.

To Greg K
The way to prevent smells while on the pot is to flush quickly and frequently. Of course you don't have the satisfaction of seeing a big heap of turds, but it minimizes the smell. And it also helps, if you, like me, tend to get shit forming a trail down the back of the bowl. Quick flushing usually dislodges it and washes it down into the water. Thatt's only a problem for people like me who have soft shit. Real stiff turds don't stick on the side!

I too, was caught needing a pee, whilst at the local fair, so i went to the porta loos, but found i couldnt get my zip undone on my jeans!!!
I ended up peeing my self, which resulted in my knickers and trousers sticking to my bum and privates. It chaffed but felt good.
When i got home(i was only 13 at the time) my mum questioned me about the incident, and then went mad at me saying i was 13.
That night, she made me wear a nappy to bed, just incase we had a little accident again.
Needless to say, with my embarressment, i wet myself again that night, which resulted in my mum making me wear the nappy all day on the saturday and forbidding me to go to the toilet.
She said that if it got full, she would get ouut the baby mat, and change me like a little girl!!
I didnt believe her, but couldnt hold a poo in. I had needed i since 7 that morning, and it was 5 when i let it out.
I told her, and she carried out her threat.
She dragged me on to the changing nat, undid my nappy, and pulled my legs back to clean me and powder my bum and privates!!
This was at 13 years old as well.
I then had to wear the nappy over night again.
I made sure i never wore the jeans again.

I just have to say,Great pic on the masthead with 2 girls together on the bathroom-the one on the bowl looks like she is in the middle of a good poo with the other girl looking like she wants to take a look at the action-What a great pic!!more stuff like this,guys!
TO CARMELITA-Hey,is that you girls on the masthead?(only kidding)Boy i really enjoyed that gassy dump you took with the ladies in the bathroom with you and you giving them a view-Now that's the kind of poop you and i should share deep in the woods when we both got to do a good dump like that-As a matter of fact,I enjoyed your story so much, this was still kinda cloudy and " Seattle"like here in the N.E,i stayed in the printed your gassy dump story and when i had to poo(which was about 10 mins after i got up) I took it with me to the toilet and I didn't poo yesterday,so it felt like a good one-When I sat down i had your story and when i read about you 1st sitting down and doing those 3 farts,I let go with my pre-poo fart myself which was a nice tight one that lasted about 5 secs(which when you think about it,is pretty good)Then I just relaxed my anus as I read on-then when you said to patsy about lettin her see the poo you were doing and when you were deccribing the ! poo as it was crackling out,i let out a poop kinda like that myself and i continued reading about you poop growing out your butt,mine was growing too and it was touching the water and still coming out_this was very enjoyable,reading your story-i felt like we were pooing together-then my long turd splashed quietly in the bowl as I read on I too waited for round 2 and after about 3 mins or so,i had to go again and as i read about you announcing your next wave with a loud fart,i let go with wave 2 myself but i didn't fart-just soft ice cream poo started coming out my open anus,then as you were describing with those"SPPPLIIIIT----Crackllllllllllll--ahhh-Krllll-spliiffffff"I was emmitting those same type of dump from my butt too-at this point i too had a lot of gas along with a lot of real soft stuff exploding out my butt-Then like you,i let out the tail end of my morning BM with 2-3 wet farts with some squgglies as i read about you telling us all what you ate the nite before,and ! telling the girls what bad gas you had-i didn't fart quite as much as you did,but I had a lot of watermelon last nite like i said before i didn't go all day yesterday,so i too looked in the bowl as i was wiping my messy anus,which took 1 handi-wipe and a few good wipes of TP- and saw 2 long turds about 10 long and 1 in thick( I usually don't do real thick ones,maybe once in awhile,but i usually always do good long ones just about all the time with the watermelon and fish and rice in my diet) and a pretty good pile of mush and squgglies in the middle of the bowl-It was a nice load and CARMELITA,i dedicate that poop to you and your great story as I felt we pooped together this a.m.BTW-the pic on the masthead,kinda made me think of you and patsy and Renee-hoped you all enjoyed that along with me!BTW-I take stories of KIM,JANE,PENNY LISA and of course MELITA & RENEE!-Always really enjoy your stuff ladies!But this story MELITA was a special one!-keep it up!Hope to back to pooi! ng in the wild when the weather is nicer-BYE

Golden Drink
TO ChristinePeeing:

Sounds like you had fun even though you were desperate to get your zipper down to pee! What other accident stories can you tell us?

I had a similar problem when I was about 11 or 12 - but instead of having to pee, I had to poop REALLY BAD! I was going door to door for some school or cub scouts related fund-raiser (I forget which one specifically) and I had to fart. The only problem was that after I passed the gas, I realized I had to poop NOW! It was really an urgent thing, so I speed walked home as fast as I could and made it all the way to the toilet, but before I could get my pants down, they were filling up with really mushy brown poop.

I can't think of any pee accidents I had off hand... Maybe I'll have one for you next time!

Thank you,
Golden Drink

Jeff A
OLA CARMALITA: Oh, my sweeeet seniorita! Take it easy on me, I'm very excitable! My goodness what a wonderful story! Yesterday, I was driving through the Hispanic section of town and saw three gorgeous, knockout latinas walking-no, swishing down the street, the wind in their hair, and one was wearng a tight mini-dress. My God they were beautiful women. I fantasized that the one in the mini-dress was you. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to share a restroom with them, better yet, you! I envy the way you can enjoy both sexes! When it comes to bathroom matters, so do I. You are my dark angel for sure!

LOUISE: I thank you for your pooping story, it was just wonderful. The ladies in here who are called "log queens" like Kim, Ring Stretcher, and Carmalita, do very big jobs because their system works that way. But to be honest, what I find really exciting, is not the size, but the act itself. Hopefully with Steve's permission I will say this. You have the ability to be very sexy and very lovely, and your poo stories what few I've read are absolutely exciting! For me, it dosen't have to be a big, massive load, just knowing that it's you, and how beautiful you are, makes it all very exciting. The same goes with PV, she says she dosen't do very big jobs, but reading her posts, especially her latest, was very hot. Anyway, that's my take on it. For me, it's quality, not quantity. So, Louise, you're too much of a cutie not to have sexy pooping stories, and I again have to repeat myself by saying, lucky Steve!

RIZZO: Great idea about the WSPC design! I can think a lot better on the water. Yes, I do remember that you work with metal, making jewelry and the like. That's an art that I envy. I like you, you're a good man and fun to talk to. Also, sharing with you, the status of being a standing member in the WSPC, I feel a certain amount of pride, so the design would have to be something very nice. Venus as a theme? Most outstanding!

PETER IN AZ: Movies with male pooping scenes? There are just so many of them, or at least implied. When a guy sits, theoretically he's pooping. I'm sure you've already seen these, but you might try "Weird Science" for a fairly drawn out scene, and "North Dallas Forty", a football movie that has a scene of a row of doorless stalls all with guys on toilets. You might like this little scenario that happened to me in a department store restroom yesterday.

I remember very vividly one time when I was out on a hike with a girl who liked me very much. I’d mentioned her before, her name was Jermana, but I called her Jeri. She was a black girl, 19, and very cute. We were hiking when I felt the need to dump very badly. I told her my situation, and she said “I don’t believe you. You just wanna pull your pants down in front of me.” and I said “No, seriously.” Jeri looks around for people and says, “Well, do it then.” I was wearing shorts at the time and just pulled them down. Jeri covered her mouth and started laughing because she didn’t believe I would do it. I squatted, and withing a few seconds, this huge, I mean huge turd came crackling out and coiling on the ground. I could tell that she was embarrassed and excited at the same time. She said “I can’t believe you’re doing this right out here.” I just shrugged and kept pooping. Another long one came out of me as I was squatted. Jeri dipped her head down and stared at my muscular! legs and ass and said “Now, that’s a big one!” finally it fell and one more started. Finally, she squatted down herself to get a better look. She was looking at me with those big dark eyes she had, then giggled. “It stinks.” she whispered. One more half turd fell out, and she gawked at the mountain I laid. (I do very big jobs). Then I said, “You have any napkins or anything?” Jeri got up and was laughing and said “I do,” and started going through her back pack. Just as I was getting my shorts back up, she quickly looked around, pulled her shorts down, and half squatted over my pile. She grunted hard, and one 6” turd came sqeezing out and plopped. on mine. She was laughing, bent over with her arms resting on her thighs. “I didn’t have to go real bad, it just seemed like fun,” she said. Boy, was it ever! I’ve never really told any stories of her, but we shared an apartment for a few months. She was really something. She got to the point where she’d poop in front of me on a reg! ular basis.
Anyway, that’s it for now.

I am only 15, but the other day I was at school, and needed a dump really bad. It felt like my rectum was going to pop.
I live around 4 miles away from my school, so it is a fairly long bike ride to get home. About half way there, I couldnt hold it any longer, so i dropped my bike and hopped into the roadside bush. I dropped my trousers and then slid my pants down to my ankles, and let it all go. It then dawned on me that i didnt have any toilet paper!!! So in desperaion, as it was quite a squirty poo, i whipped my pants off and wiped my bum with those, until they were totally brown.
I stood up, and put my trousers back on, and walked out the bush. I then realised that the lady i had seen walk past earlier, had stopped and was stood staring at me!!
I was so embarressed, and my bun still needed wiping properly, so i jumped back on my bike, and peadlled off pretty damn quickly.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

kim and scott
hello all!lets begin!theres many people i want to talk to here!
TO PV-Hi dear! thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too! what enormous bombs i blast out huh? I love it when my ring stretches really wide from a huge log. It really turns me on!. thanks for liking my post again . love,ya

TO JOHN(VT)-hello john. scott and i missed you. thanks for liking my last post. sorry about your job troubles. and yes i think i will send you the picture of me nude holding up my two enormous logs so you can put it in "the shit illustrated magazine" cover.
plus that pipeline that your engineers will buid that goes from carmalitas toilet to your living room!sounds like a good about installing a pipeline into my toilet as well but instead of my log going into your living room my log will go into a special white porcelain toilet at your place! and all you would have to do is check it everyday to see how FANTASTICALLY HUGEi went! i bet you would be drooling over my logs,checking out the enormous,size,length and smell of each and every one of them.this pipeline idea is only good though if my logs can even fit thru the pipeline!haha! bye now,
TO MUGGS-hello. any more new stories babycakes?
TO JEFF A.-hello sweetie!what louise said to you goes for me too...In not minding a lovely guy like you sketching me too! I am very flattered.
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello fellow huge log girl we should get together sometime and blast huge log after huge log like this!my current largest log is 28 inches long.what is your current biggest log-ringstretcher?
TO CARMALITA-Hi honey. scott and i are happy that you are better from the runs.oooohh how i hate that!thankfully i only suffer this once in a blue moon.
TO JOE BOXER-hi. great story about your huge log but please tell us how big it was !
TO STEVE-hello. good luck on your test. i know that you will pass it.
TO LOUISE_hello dear. thanks for liking my last post. actually i did not know when scotts parents were coming home. It was all part of my sheer love of the thrill: if naked kim can bang out a huge log,clean herself ,put on her clothes and be out of the house before scotts parents arrived. and i did it. i left the house before his parents got thanks for saying that i would make a good glamour model. i am majoring in business at college.but maybe part time i can become a bikini model. what fun possibly to be doing one hot pose after another in my bikini for flashing bulbs. i seem to be doing this sorta thing anyway without being a pro!haha!and yes i can see why you got many phone calls from being a model because you were so good and glamorous at it.I know some of those calls were from overheated men too. am i right?take care my friend.
TO BUZZY-hi buzzy-scott and i are interested in your stories and we are glad your interested in ours,we were not sure ya did! but now that we know you do we will be talking to ya more.. and yes i would love to buddy dump in the woods with you.I will bring the sexy carmalita along with me so you have two hot ladies to buddy dump with!haha!do you always have the toilet paper handy whenever you do the logs in the woods? just curious.and yes i do have to strain sometimes to get my logs out but it feels ohhhhh soooo gooood

TO LOGGER-hi sir. thanks for liking my stories . i usually have a log every other day to every two days. sometimes it comes out big everyday.I seem to be doing the every day thing more and more. i have a high metabolism or a super-colon i guess. the two huge logs i blasted out came when a single day had passed.and yes i think my 2 logs might be the record in length but my single biggest turd so far is 28 inches long, 3.5 inches thick. scott and i are still working on new production plans for our future-studio. but your mentioning carmalitas idea of pretending you dont see me outdoor poo scene sounds great1 heres how one scene could go logger:scott and i are kissing on the beach in our teeny bikinis while we spot 3 young college boys spying on us. we see them but they dont know this. i then break away from scott and run to an isolated spot on the beach as the young males follow me. then i strip my bikini off and kneel down nude on the beach like a dog with my ass sticking ! out and crash a huge torpedo out in the direction of the three boys. when this scene is shown on film it looks like a 3-D movie with my log coming at you!haha. of course i would be moaning and groaning all the while.further heightening the viewers enjoyment of it! I am sure the boys on the beach would love acting in this scene with me. and all the males who see the movie would love it too!take care logger and everyone! kim has talked long enough!haha!bye now.

I remember once when i was about 12. That time i was so desperate to pee and my pants zipper got stuck. So i ended up with my pants wet and panties stucked to my privates and legs and butt. But it felt good.

My poop floats. I would like to know why. Does my diet suck? Do I have some fatal disease? Is someone feeding me ivory soap in my sleep? This condition started about two years ago when I lost a buch of teeth in an accident. Thanks for a clue.

Am I crazy for being fascinated by poop and pee? Am I weird for sometimes enjoying drinking my pee on days its taste is acceptable? Is it sick that I sometimes enjoy bathing with pee?


Sara T., where are the strangest places u ever peed?

Hello,this is to answer Ross's questions,I saw clip for a 1999
movie called "Splendor" and apparently there is a scene where
Kathleen Robertson(Beverly Hills 90210)is sitting on a toilet and
asking who left the seat up when at the same time you could hear
farting sounds.I haven't seen this movie yet but it looks to be
pretty interesting and if anyone else has seen it let us know
any more details.

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