kevin from calgary
Hi everyone, heres something i thought you all might get a chuckle from.

Last night my g/f was taking a relaxing bath, now while doing this i had to take a very urgent poo, we only have one bathroom so ---.

Anyway while sitting on the toilet grunting and straining, my g/f suddenly let a very loud fart go result of course a load of bubbles came up from the water, well i burst out laughing she on the other hand was not laughing (no ha ha i guess)well she farted again but this time along with more bubbles came a stream of brown liquid poo, she had pooped in the bath tub.

Well i helped her out of the tub, and she quickly sat on the toilet and let a loud smelly mess go, all over my poo, so i guess we kinda buddy dumped.

MYRUDO-sorry if people at other sites have given you a hard time about's not a dumb question. How old are you? I've been "turned on" by girls pooping and peeing for a long time. It was just an interest at first, and then when I got older I realized that it was more than just an interest...but anyway, no, you're not sick, or weird. There are LOTS of people just like you, and they're not weird either...or if they are, lol, it isn't because of their interest in poop. I know that maybe it seems strange to you because you haven't seen just how many other people are actually turned on or interested in this. So don't worry. There's plenty of people like you out there.

To everyone else: I've been "lurking" here for about a year and half, and it really is a great forum. I've posted three or four times, under a different name. I'm really careful about letting people know about my interest, as you know if you read my recent posts about my girlfriend. I just wanna thank all you guys for your stories, and congratulate you on the sense of community that the regular posters seem to have. Even though I don't post much, I feel a part of it.

And now for the story: (I may have posted this one a while ago under molespeech)

I have a friend named holly. I usually visit her every summer. She's a year younger than me, but she's really attached to me, which is a big thing for her, because she rarely opens up to or talks to anyone. That's the main reason I visit every year. Anyway, I always stay for a week. Last year, we'd been doing this program thing in the day, some kind of church thing, and one time she had her friend come spend the night. Holly's grandparents, whom she lives with, trust me to act responsibly (i.e. not make a move on her) and to kinda act as a babysitter...well, holly and her friend dottie decided to watch a movie, then play a game. After they had finished the game, they put in another movie...all this was taking place in her room....well, they got tired of that movie, so they went to get a snack while I kept watching the movie...They came back with some nasty concotion of food they had mixed up for me to eat...and I wouldn't, but dottie did. well, I went back in my ro! om to read, and about half an hour later, dottie and holly came in and started to go into the bathroom that joins my room and another bedroom. I thought this was unuasual since there was a bigger bathroom that wasn't in anyone's bedroom down the I stopped them to ask them why they were using my bathroom. They said they didn't know, they just wanted to use, at this point, it didn't seem that they needed to go, because they were just playing to get them out of there, because I didn't really want them bothering me at the moment, I went around to the other bedroom and came in through there. Holly was just starting to poop when I opened the door. She was sitting on the toilet, emitting soft farts, and before she could tell me to get out, I closed the door, saying I was sorry...she just laughed. Man, did she leave a stink.
well, another half hour later, dottie had to go, but I wouldn't let her use my bathroom. I didn't have much toilet paper left, and I was kinda wary of them playing some practical joke in there, so I told her just to go to the other one, but she was insitent on going in my bathroom, she was standing there saying it was coming out when holly came and pulled her into the other bathroom. About thirty seconds later she came out and said she didn't have to go anymore because I made her wait too long. She didn't have an accident, it was just one of those things where the urge went away. So they went into holly's room and I guess they were doing 13 year old girl stuff, ya know, readin magazines, talking about guys, giggling about something, all with the door locked. When suddenly they start laughing really hard about something, and then Dottie started laughing even harder. They shouted for me not to look, but I did anyway as she came out the door. She wasn't wearing any pan! ts or underwear, and had her shirt pulled down everything. She had her legs crossed tight and went into the bathroom with dottie, going as fast as she could. Well, I was curious, so I asked through the bathroom door what happened, and dottie said that holly was changing clothes and then had to pee really really bad. Well, I didn't exactly believe that, so I went to to check...the dirty clothes basket had been empty and nothing in it, so I looked to see what clothes she had taken off...well, she had taken off a pair of shorts and panties. The shorts were white, and at first they looked normal. I already suspected she had wet herself, so I picked up her panties, and I could see they were wet in the crotch, but they had been running around alot so I thought it might have been sweat, but then I saw the color of it...just to make sure, I picked up the pants, and there was a wet spot the size of a tennis ball in between the legs. Well, after I'd finished with them, I put em ba! ck where they were and went back to my room, waiting for them to come out of the bathroom. I expected dottie to go get holly another pair of underwear and shorts, but instead they both came out together, holly with a towel around her and an embarrased look. They disappeared into her room for a few more minutes....then they emerged, holly wearing only her panties and shirt...I tried to persuade her to put on some pants...she's very naive and childish about something, although sometimes I think it's partly not naive...but she wouldn't. She didn't give any explanation, she just wouldn't put any pants on...I thought it was strange but I didn't say anything else about it. well, that's all for now. hope you enjoyed the story. I'm out of shape in story writing as I haven't written anything expect essays for the past year. Bye!


I read a lot of stories and old memories come back to me, one here I have to relate and ask about.
Once I worked in a Steel mill on a machine that straightened steel bars used to make auto parts, aircraft parts and other stuff. This was a nasty sweat shop unlike anything I have every seen. It had a union but I it was company run and the workers seemd to have nothing to say about conditions and work safety and comfort.

Well, this one day I had to hit the toilet in the locker rooms to take a dump. I waited until my break came about (15Min) and ran to the crapper. Dropped my drawers and sat down on the toilet seat. like then, OWW!! Something hurt my butt! Right where your butt hits the seat there was two raised humps rather sort of sharp. They matched the bones in your ass right where it meets the toilet seat. You either had to shit and you sat down, pushed, farted, dropped your turds and wiped and got up and leave or indure pain from the toilet seat. If you had to work a bit to get a hard load started and finished, your bones in your ass hurt so bad you hardly could walk. You dont forget it, that for SURE! I ran into this also in another company where they had the "humped" toilet seats. Of course this was done to keep the workers from sitting there and taking a long long shit, or reading a book or paper while trying to get it going. It was sit, shit and git. Also if you were in t! here longer than the 15 break minutes, the foreman came in looking for you. Inspecting the stalls until he found you, then command a ,"hey, lets go, never mind, do it later". Too bad if you had the runs and couldnt stop or wasnt finished.
One morning I came to work after being out real late at nite and having a few brews. I still had some brew on my breath and was sort of half asleep. I worked my job until the break, went to the locker room to take a dump and almost fell asleep on the pot, hard humps and all. I was awakened by some shouting to get out! So Ipulled up my pants and went back to work.

Needless to say the working conditions were very bad for this day and age considering all the laws and unions and employee rights and so on. I quit after one month. How some of those guys worked under these conditions for 20 or more years is beyond me. Maybe they lacked confidence and had some problem, like being foreign,were of the "wrong color" or other things. But I wasnt putting up with a painful toilet seat among other things.........

PS. The company went bankrupt a few years ago and was sold to another steel company and they moved operations.

If I would have stayed for any reason, I would have reported them to the Federal government and state. After all, you should have the right to a confortable shit! Anyone else ever run into those hard humped toilet seats? I know they are around, seen them advertised in some wholesale books made up for corporations and business. Nasty toilet seats! You forget why you came there to do what? ........Donnie M

besides ,what some have said, is it necessary to have your arse splashed by someone elses (flushed away i agree)turd water ;put paper down the loo says i

toilet seats are all plastic now what ever ever happened to the stuff we had before that

Hi, all of you out there!

Oh Carmalita dear, thanks for that special kiss I still feel lingering on my cheek! I hope you are feeling better now. What a lovely story of your toilet session at the Mexican Community Center that just brought a smile of bliss to my face! You must have been a knock out to look at! Love, Rizzo

Hello Kendal, my dear niece! If you can use Andrew’s computer without disturbing his studies for those so important exams (I’m not joking), then you should be able to read this. I won’t say much, because posts to you have tended to be off subject due to circumstances usually found in opera and drama, and therefore binned by the moderators. Yes, you are quite right, rejoice, because you have a little brother now, who will be your link to Kate and Emily! I do sincerely hope you are finally able to settle down. I suppose Kirsty will be happy, because you will be going to school together now after all. Then you have your family in cyber space at your finger tips, meaning us out here! And I’m looking forward to your accounts of changing Tom’s nappies. That will bring back memories of when I changed our little baby boys’ nappies. Here’s a loving hug and kisses from your uncle Rizzo!

PV dear, from next Wednesday on it is you who will have to take care of Kendal, because I will be travelling and probably not be able to visit this site when under way.
Glad you liked my pee story. It would have been much better with you there! Keep up the backshot peeing experiments! They could be more than just a lark, as I wrote to Julie! Here’s a hug from Rizzo.

Diego! You are doing well! I certainly do not mind if your English is not perfect, quite on the contrary, it gives your stories that extra spice and lets me imagine your surroundings in Italy! Keep it up, it is good practice for your English to post here, and I enjoy your observations of desperate disco girls immensly!

Muggs, you seem to be a lucky guy now! I hope you will have more to post soon! Yeah, when girls take the initiative you are subconciously waiting for, things become really good! The toilet is a good place to start a romance!

Louise dear, I’d love to watch you all in full action. Would I be able to join in and let you watch? The balance of arousal versus urge would have to be tipped in the right direction with the help of a couple of teas or beers! And I would certainly enjoy seeing you from the front releasing a stream to a distance of seven feet (Crikey!) It means that I would have to take a couple of steps back in order not to get doused! You would have taken all wees off the roof? After enough beers, you would have needed Steve and myself to hold you upright for safety reasons, even if your capability of long range peeing would have enabled you to have taken a few steps back to reduce danger of falling off. I guess you would have enjoyed that :-)

Jeff A., glad you fit in the boat’s head comparment! We could then sit in the cockpit, enjoy the view and maybe discuss the design for a WSPC badge. A little broach in silver perhaps? Or ear rings? Remember , I am able to work with that metal. Maybe something designed around the venus symbol? How do you like the idea?

RJOGGER, you gave me a good laugh with your story of the ring of poops where you did not bury the ladies heaps, but fixed up signs saying whose belonged to whom! What a prank! But your ladies should have seen the results, and even if that meant some sort of awful revenge in the future, it should be worth it. And thanks for liking my pee off the roof story. Cheers to you!

Gary, your fart story was hilarious!

Ring Stretcher, that was another really big one! No wonder that man was left with a bulge in his trousers after witnessing your travails! Be assured that after everyone has read your post there will be more than a few in a similar state! So you have all the reason to feel really, really good!

Julie, dear, you too had the runs, I read. That can be quite awful when working in a job like yours. It makes you all jittery too, and having to plan every move around available toilets doesn’t help an increasingly nervous digestive system at all. I hope you have recovered completely by now! Of course you are a modern woman, or should I say girl? But somehow I had the idea that you were 28; or am I confusing you with the other Julie you mentioned? About this backshot weeing stunt : I guess it could come in handy if you are confronted with a grotty loo with high gaps under the partitions, don’t want to sit down on the seat and prefer to pee standing without someone seeing your feet pointing the “wrong way”. Another interesting option! I tried it too, but although it is easy to point a limp willie backwards, the balls get in the way :-) So there’s an advantage for you girls.

Hello Steve! Your story of the young woman (with the skimpy blue knickers) you escorted to the bathroom with you listening to her performance brought back a memory from the past. Wish you success for your test!

During my time at university my digs were on the first floor of a house outside town. The floor in my room was of wooden boards with an old shabby carpet in the middle. What annoyed me was that the toilet was downstairs and partly overlapping with my room. I could not move the carpet over to my desk, because then the noises from flushing the toilet would come through the now exposed wide cracks between the floorboards. There was no double ceiling between myself and the toilet! But because the old woman living downstairs rarely used the toilet when I was “home” , and because I left the carpet where it was, I did not mind so much.
One afternoon when I was not at the lab at university but studying in my room, I felt the need for a good bm. From the rooms of the old landlady downstairs loud conversation could be heard. Her divorced daughter was paying a visit with her new boyfriend. (I had been introduced to them a week before). The “bathroom” was a narrow and long room with the toilet right at the opposite end to the door. I sat and unfolded my newspaper and settled down to a leasurely crapping session. A long one incher snaked out of my butt and glided noiselessly into the water, followed by a good pee, for which I had to let go of the paper to push down my willie. It had the annoying tendency to squirt between seat and bowl if not attended to. As I was just trying to find the place in the newspaper where my pee had interrupted my reading, someone rattled the door handle. Oh no! End of peace and quiet! “Just a moment,” I called out and proceeded to wipe, pull up my pants and trousers, and pull, ye s, pull the chain leading to a cistern under the ceiling for the old fashioned niagara type flushing system. Opening the door and looking out I saw nobody at first, but when closing the door behind me, the landlady’s daughter came through the other door at the back. She looked at me in disdain, making her face ugly although she was in her end twenties and otherwise quite a pretty buxom woman with short auburn hair. Apparently she was in a hurry, because as soon as I had reached the top of the stairs she tore into the bathroom, banging and locking the door loudly behind her. Hmm, I thought, let me move that carpet for once! I did. Alas, the cracks were so, that there was an overlap in the wood, no see through possibility there. But the sounds came through cristal clear! Her heels clickety clacked in a fast staccato rhythm without stopping. What is she doing? Oh, of course, running on the spot from desperation! Oooo! A swish from her pulling up her tight skirt was followed by the sound of her knickers being pulled down over her ???? thighs and ending in a thwack of the elastic band. Then a moment’s silence. Now what was this? Is she turning on the water in the small handbasin with the noisy tap to drown out any other sounds? No, it was impossible for her to reach the handbasin near the door from where she was. It must be her wee cascading with great force into the toilet! She was probably hovering, her knickers at her knees, clutching her dress around her waist, knowing that I had just sat on that seat and stunk up the bathroom. The added height gave her pee that extra kinetic energy for the fortissimo sound effects. There was a moment’s lull in the roaring tinkle, but its volume and pitch were resumed again almost immediately. She must have taken a deep breath to bear down on her bladder again! The noise went on and on and on and on! Cool! What a bladder capacity! Finally the sound died down, and with two noisy squirts the performance ended. I was on the verge of applauding. Again diverse tearing, swishing and thwacking noises accompanied her wiping herself and rearranging her clothes. This was followed by the distinct metallic sound of her yanking the handle on the end of the chain to release a torrent of water into the bowl. Another similar noise her pee had made was the handbasin this time! Then I heard a more relaxed clickety clack of her heels towards the door, the sound of the lock, and she was out again. This time the door was closed very quietly, and I proceeded to roll the carpet back into its original position.

That’s it for today folks! Happy reliefs to you all, Rizzo.

Muggs: You're friend Michelle isn't playing it too smart with a catch like you is she? Oh well, that's her loss! You and Amy have got something working all right! Your story made me hot all over. I thought it was excellent! You sound awfully cute to me. I know if it were me, I'd be spying on you! Lucky Amy!

Eric B: Honey, where are you?! I miss you!!!

Louise: You sound very gorgeous! I wouldn't mind seeing one of those pics that you modeled in. I'm a naughty girl, can't help myself. Steve: Good luck on your test. I'm proud of you and your dedication!

Sara T: Hmmmm, interesting. If you're proposing to me, I'm definitely interested! Here's a warm, wet kiss for you sweet thing. Let's talk more....

Julie: Yeah, the bathrooms are really old. No doors on the stalls, and the stall walls are very tall. I think they were designed like that to keep kids from climbing over them. It used to be an old grade school. So, you can peek around corners, but not over the stalls. I'm glad the story was fun, but it's not unusual at all. It happens every week when I go there. I see mothers and girls pooping in there all the time.

RJOGGER: Ooooh, my sweet man from the NE! Thank you for your warm wishes and for worrying about me. That makes me feel good inside. I wasn't real sick, just cursed with the runs. My bowels were taking inventory this month! Yes, I laid a big one that day, but trust me, other women have left some pretty handsome trophies in there too. Patsy and Renee send kisses. We all love you very much. You take care of yourself Rich. Stay active, and keep stretching your muscles. Listen to me. Telling a runner how to stay in shape! Love you, hon. Kiss your lovely wife for me.

PV: Now you've got me thinking about you in a mini-skirt. And fanning yourself? My, my! Hey, it sounds like you did a nice one yourself. I'd love to have been with you for your 'hot dog' dump! I'd love to be with you period! Thanks for the nice things you say to me. Kisses from Malita.

Austin: Hi sweetie! Thanks for el complimento! I'm glad you liked that story, but I don't want you to go mad thinking about me! I'll be thinking about you too. Is your name Blake? That's a very strong, and handsome name. I'll bet it fits you too! That restroom scenario is very typical for the center. I see it all the time there. Women pooping and peeing like crazy. Sometimes, it's a joke between the men about how bad the smell is outside the door.

Sun Devil: You know honey, I think I did miss your description. Could you give it to me again? I don't see how I could because I always read your posts, as I do everyone's, but I dont' remember a description of you. Thanks for being so sweet to me. I wish you could have held my hand too. If so, I would describe my poop to you, inch, by inch as my turd squeezed out. Keep a smile for me Jamie, okay?

My Special Simon: Thank you for dedicating your poop to me. That was a special treat. I wish you could come into my bathroom with me too, and smell my "sexy" odor. I would hope that you would find it sexy, otherwise I'd be horribly embarrassed. You're a beautiful man, who I hold deep in my heart. Thank you also for your lovely words about me and other Latinas. I'm turned on knowing that you thought of me seeing those other girls. Thank you for writing to me and being my special sweetheart.

John VT: So sorry to hear about your troubles, sincerely! I've been through corportate restructuring, it truly sucks! It makes for a very bad work environment. Hey, build that pipeline baby! I think that would be soooo hot! Then, I want to watch you! Could you put a peephole in your door so I could spy? I was awfully stinky last night, and I did a big one that I hope you like.

I took a nice, long dump last night after I got home from work. It was a five pounder for sure! Patsy and Renee came in to talk with me while I pooped. At first I felt like I needed some privacy because I was really going to stink bad, but they were so eager to watch, I just could'nt say no. I was dressed in a yellow, short sleeve one-piece with matching strap slides. As I slipped out of my one-piece, they both noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra, just a pair of white panties which I stretched down to my ankles. So, I'm sitting there naked, my brown boobs dangling as I leaned forward. First I peed a really thick stream while Patsy and Renee watched. I must have lost a quart. Hunched over on the pot, I grunted through clenched teeth while a really bad stink started creeping out from between my thighs. I did 3 long farts which made Patsy giggle. I looked at her and right when I knew my turd was about to come out, I leaned to one side, raising my ass off the seat by about a ! foot. "Wanna see it come out?" I smiled at her. She just smiled back, which meant 'yes'. The turd crackled and spit, then came creeping out slowly. Patsy craned her head to see it. It was lighter brown, full of lumps and maybe 2" around. I had to grunt-push several times to get it all out. "Kkkrrrkkklllll---spfffff--crrrkkkrrllll--spff--fffff..." Ooh, it was a long one! Renee said it touched water and curled before it broke off. The smell was pretty ripe and the turd kept sqeezing out of my chocolate cheeks. There I was, dark eyes squinting in concentration, my Latina nostrils flaring from the wicked scent, and thick lips, wet from a fresh licking, turned downward with every grunt. Soft poop was coming out of me in rapid succession, one plop after another. I flattened my ass on the toilet seat again as I settled and relaxed, waiting for round two. I could tell that Patsy was getting excited. She has a way of breathing hard when she does. I handed her the can of Wizard air fr! eshener, but Renee grabbed it from me instead. She said "No, I wanna smell it all." I love that about Renee. She gets so crazy sometimes. Within a minute, or two, I let a nice, juicy fart.
"Sppppppllllllltttttttttttttttt....," another big turd started crackling, making squishy noises as it squeezed out of my brown hole, "ccrrraaackkkkllllll-kkrrlll-splfffff---" Renee began sniffing the air and and going "Ahhhhhh." I grunted, then released some more nasty farts. "Sppplllttttttttttttt....ahhhhh...sspplllttt...ppplllttttttt....ahhhh..." a few more soft plops fell when I ripped them.
"What's with all the farting?" Renee asked.
"I've got bad gas," I strained. I grunted hard one last time, and a whole bunch more soft turds came plopping out like crazy. Patsy was giggling, then said "That's enough for me, I need some fresh air!" and ran out. But Renee watched as I wiped the fresh crap from my butt. The toilet was full of very smelly poop, all the way up to the watermark. Huge brown globs of last night's chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes, grain bread, and ice cream with some bananas in it. Mmm-mmm!


Felt like a big dump was coming so I weighed myself very carefully. It was indeed a big one, went around the corner in the bowl. Weighed myself immediately afterwards. Lost 3 pounds. Haha, lose weight now, ask me how.

Hello to all I am new to this site. I am very interested in women's bodily functions. Buzzy you were talking about to women on the bowl in sex in the city, where they both on at the same time or seperately. Also was that from the first season or the second season. Any help would be appreciated. I am thinking about buying entire season on dvd and have only seen one or two episodes. One of my favorite toilet scenes is from ally mcbeal when ally sits on Georgiana's lap a few years ago.

Tom: Your posting about bathroom problems when rooming with 9 other dudes at College was real cool. Did most of the guys just read the mags while dumping or did they talk to the other guys, e.g. those shaving or brushing their teeth? Did they ever discuss or describe how their dumps were coming along? Were the guys comfortable taking their dumps with their roommates in the bathroom and were they modest about their stiffy after looking through Playboy or did they just treat it as if it was natural thing? How did you guys cope when you had chicks staying the night and did the open-door bathroom policy still apply then? Did guys ever jerk off in the bathroom seeing that you guys shared the bedrooms and there was no privacy there? Your story was great, but I'd sure appreciate more detail!
Gary: I sure enjoyed your post about you giving your buddies a demonstration of how farts looked when coming out! I realize that you were wasted when you did it, but would you have given the demo if sober? I still think its great that you guys are so uninhibited with each other. Did you guys ever take dumps while the other guys were around since you all lived together in College? I'd sure appreciate any stories about this!

Thanks for the kind note. I ALWAYS love your stories, along with Carmalita, Ring Stretcher, and the other Huge Log girls on the site. BTW you three ladies, those last stories were GREAT posts!
How long did you go between BM's to produce those double MONSTERS? INCREDIBLE! That was a NEW overall length record for you, wasn't it? Any new productions planned from kim and scott studios? How about a Carmalita style "pretend those guys don't see me pooping" outdoor scene?
What a GIANT, thick sausage you pumped out at work! Curled all the way around the toilet? WOW! And leaving it for that poor young janitor!- You should have gone back to show him which toilet you bunged up, and watch his reactions! Haha!
Ring Stretcher,
How on earth do you produce logs of such ENORMOUS width? What do you eat? Boy, I'd LOVE to watch you produce one of those MONSTERS. That was one LUCKY guy that you let see your big bomb, BTW!
I DO miss the other female huge log posters here, though. Girls- come back! We love you!

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