Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I have been noiticing more new people in the forum lately. Im sure there will be some good stories from the new people too. Diego your first post was fine. I enjoyed it. Every one here has to put up with my spelling.

I used to ride my bicycle all over the place in the summer. It was not uncommon to take 50+ mile trips on the weekends back to my old town to visit my grandmother and old friends. One weekend I left at sunrise and arrived at 9:00am in my old homestead. I stoped at Mikes house first. He was home so we decided to get Matt from accross the road and go over to the old school playground. Mikes 12 year old sister Janet and 10 year old sister also came along.

We all rode bikes over to the school grounds. The girls were on the oold playground equipment and us guys wre playing flies and grounders. Mike and Matt needed the practice for they had a game later that day at noon time. We played for a hor and a half or so after that Mike and Matt left for their game.

Janet and Jill were still on the swings so I went over and started to swing with them. The breeze felt good. I asked the girls if they would like a cold soda and they said yes. I keep cold ones in a small cooler in a pack on my bike. We all enjoyed the soda while we continued to swing on the swings.

I had known both girls ever scince they were born because they were our next door neighbors when I used to live there. We got caught up on what had been going on with each other. Then we started telling jokes and we all got laughing pretty hard. Janet said if I laugh any more she was going to pee right there. Jill also mentioned she had to go also. I was also in the need.

We all went around to the back of the school to go. I just made it. I pulled my penis out and I peed a stream that went about 6ft out. The girls just watched. I finished and Janet and Jill both at the same time pulled down their shorts squatted and both took a long pee. They both finished pulled up their shorts and said thats better! We went back to the swings and sat and fooled around. Jill went and left after awhile. Janet asked if I wanted to go down to the creek to put our feet in the water so we did. I will leave it at this point and the next post I will continue the story. Upstate Dave.

TO MR PEE PEE-hey,join the club-check out my posts,pal,although i don't want to take too many chances on getting busted for indecent exposure,i just want to buddy poop out in the wild with a pretty lady who has the same idea-all i can say is--good luck,cause it's like RJOGGER says-hit or miss-tha's all I can say!!
TO KIM & SCOTT-I wasn't sure you were even interested in my stories,cause i certainly enjoy yours-wish you and i could sit for a good woods dump-I always love to read of your monsters coming out your nice butt! Hey i somtimes wonder if anyone enjoys my stories,but once in awile,i get a positive response from someone and it's nice to see that somone is really enjoying my stories,keep 'em coming KIM-I always read 'em and really enjoy them-esp the big,long turds you do!
Do you have to strain a lot to get those monsters out?
As for me,all quiet on the poo front today,but the way i've been going,i think i may skip today-had my OJ and been up for a few hours and don't feel a thing--so i'll go tomorrow-usually when i skip a day i really do a good load the next day- hey wouldn't it be great if i could run into a lady soon-please!!-Later BYE


I really like your posts. Sounds like you have a really cool
girlfriend there. I know you probably are anxious to get into
the loo with her, but my advice would be to move very
slowly. If she said "maybe" then she at least has an open
mind about it. Take your time, move at a snail's pace and in
the meantime vent your curiosities on this website.


Good one dude! A good friend of mine was shy like you.
I'm sure it took a lot of nerve for you to pee off the boat
like that, so I thought I'd give you a pat on the back!

(This one's a re-run, but I think you might like it and I'll do it
again for any newcomers)

Our senses tell us a lot about the world around us. They
warn us of danger, like when something is too hot to handle
or a loud noise may warn us of something large heading our
way. Before modern medical knowledge, our senses were the
only protection we had against contageous diseases. People
of the past didn't have drugs, microscopes, or even the
luxury of knowing what caused illness in the first place. Their
cures ranged from garlic to sacrificing another goat to the
volcano. The only thing they had that could help cut down
their chances of getting a fatal illness were their senses. A
bad smell, the shocking sound of a plop, or the electrifying
sight of a bare butt sent people scurrying away from the most
deadly substance of the ancient world : excrement. It was
these people who developed our current social customs
concerning the bathroom. Hiding away in a little boxlike
room to unload their waste products worked for their
purposes. How can we as modern people improve upon the
customs of the past? We don't have to treat it like its
unspeakable and unviewable. We can come up with all kinds
of new acceptable behavior that is perfectly fine as long as it
keeps good hygene in mind. Mixed gender bathroom
experiences get into the nudity issue which I think could also
be improved upon. When you keep in mind that public nudity
disappeared right about the same point in history as when
syphillis wiped out europe, you can get the picture that
people associated public nudity with lethal disease. Modern
people with modern medicine have existed in totally nude
societies that act pretty much the same as regular ones, once
the novelty wears off.
On a side note that concerns many of us: Why is it
that some people are curious about what goes on in the
bathroom? Anything dangerous attracts people. Society's
intelligent and brave run at Godzilla as he smashes the
buildings down, while everyone else flees in justified terror.
The people who run towards the danger help understand
and destroy the danger. These are the people who risk their
lives to benefit society. For the same reason, many are
attracted to the sound of the plop, or the sight of the bare
butt not because of a defective mind, but because of society's
response to the unknown and dangerous.
That's my take on it, anyway. I'm sure many of you
who post here also have put together some pieces of the
puzzle and I'd love to hear your ideas too. I'll address the
question of why some societies have been driven to social
customs that involve filthy habits next time. I've covered
enough ground for one day.


Traveling Guy
JORDAN - How old is Adrian's sister, the one who started to walk in on you while you were taking a dump at his house? Didn't she knock or anything when she saw the door closed? She lives there, so she had to know that the bathroom door lock was broken. Maybe she was trying to walk in on you and get a good look at your tush planted on the throne. Maybe it was just accidental. Either way, it might have made her day.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I know Kendal has just written here because she just told me. So I've been pursuaded to write as well. Will have to be quick though, because I must revise.

I knew as soon as I got in the house and Kendal wasn't as clingy with her hug that she was pretty desperate for the toilet. She smiled so warmly at me, the one she always makes when I'm invited to go with her, so when I looked over at Mum and Kendal smiled all the more, I just knew that Mum was about to go out !

Kendal was so desperate to go that I didn't go first for a change despite the fact that I was nearly weeing down my leg. However, my reaction to seeing Kendal go somehow quelled my need until I could finally go.

I don't think I've heard Kendal do so many poos. She sat back on the toilet seat, and they just kept coming and coming, plop..plup..flop....plop..plop..plop.. then wwwwwwwwsssssssshhhhhhhhhh, she began her wee. Now normally, she'll wee first, and then do her poos. Occasionally, when she really needs to go she will wee and her poos begin flopping in while she is still weeing. But its very rare she'll poo before the wee. Six plops before she began weeing today, and I'm sure I heard another six go in while she was weeing, and then four more after her wee stopped !! Kendal was certainly very proud of her achievement today !

And I was so damned happy to be able to watch ! It seems like an absolute eternity that I last saw her go, even though it was only while we were on holiday. I'm saving the holiday stories while I'm finished with exams, although maybe Kendal will tell one or two when she feels like it. The most interesting aspect, although very damned strange, was the fact that the window to the bathroom ( frosted glass ) opened out into the second bedroom, not outside. Now how wierd is that ?! This place was made for toilet voyeurs, I can tell you !!

Right, I'm off. Work to do ! Take care everyone, especially Rizzo and PV. You've both been quite wonderful to Kendal.

Oh, and LINDA GS, we both love you babe ! Can't believe how long you've been gone, but Kendal and I both live in hope !

Just a quick "Hi" to everybody. I won't stay long because I'm feeling very tired at the moment. And Aunty will come to see what I'm up to if I spend more than 20 minutes here in Andrew's room.

UNCLE RIZZO & AUNTY PV: Thank you both so much for all your concern, care and attention to me. I can't tell you how much I love you both. Uncle Rizzo, despite feeling at a pretty low ebb at the moment, I somehow feel enormously uplifted by the thought that you are going to be so near with your visit to Cambridgeshire. Ok, its still a long way from Devon, but you'll be here in my country, which makes me feel very close to you right now.

Andrew is being so good with me at the moment. As you can perhaps all guess, I really need all the hugs and cuddles that he has been giving to me since I came to live with him and Aunty and Uncle. Despite how busy he is with his revision, if I go into his room, he stops and picks me up, and if I'm in need of a big long hug, he puts me on his knee and hugs and hugs while still being able to read his notes and books over my shoulder on his desk. I never get a chance to feel lonely thank goodness.

I'm waiting for him to arrive home from school ( I've not gone back yet ) and Aunty has been kind by taking time off work to be with me in the day. When Andrew does get back, she is going out, which means it will be the first time since I came home on Sunday that he and I will be alone together. And I'm sitting very hard on my bottom at the moment to make sure that the very big poo that I know I'm going to have won't come out before Andrew gets back in a few minutes. Hope he isn't late !

It was Andrew's birthday while we were all on holiday, and so the three of us girls ( Kirsty, Emily and me ) planned a wonderful birthday surprise for him. As you can all guess, it involved the toilet ! But I'll let him tell you all about that, because we all went in with him on our own, so although I could say what happened when we went in together, I can't tell the story about the other two ! So Andrew will tell it when he gets time.

I'm going to go now before Aunty comes to see what I'm doing. Andrew should be home in 10 minutes. He'd better be, because my ???? is so fat with poos waiting to come out, I don't think I'll be able to hold on much longer !

I love you all, especially LINDA GS, even if she has gone away from here. Love from Kendal xxxxxxxx.

joe boxer
I often read on here about people being desperate but I've not very often been desperate myself. This afternoon was different. I had been holding in a very urgent poo for several hours at work. I was simply too busy to take a toilet break. At the end of work I was about to go to the bathroom when a colleague offered me a lift home. I decided I'd accept as the bus ride is a long one. The catch was my colleague was leaving immediately. Anyway, I'm quite good at holding on so I took the lift. When I got home I started to change into more casual clothes - my idea being if I undressed from work before going to the toilet I could then just dress in the casuals afterward. Well; I took off my outer clothes, down to just my CK white briefs. It was really hurting to hold the turd in now. I turned around and took a step toward the bathroom door ..... Whooshhh! The most enormous turd I have ever passed filled up my CK's completely and hung down, heavy and hot, between my legs. This had n! ever happened to me since I was in infant school, nearly 25 years ago, so I was quite shocked; but I was also very turned on.

I must go and clean up now. Thankfully the turd is really hard and solid so there won't be too much mess.

Hi everyone

Last night I had a tin of Scotch Broth soup for my tea, it always makes me really windy. I was doing big long ripping farts and they were SO satisfying. The room didnít smell too good though. Today I havenít been farting at all but have been to poo three times, and they smelled really sulphur-ish. Nice and smooth, a bit sticky, and each one was about 9 inches long and 1 inch thick. Quite a nice tan brown colour as well. I usually do little dark hard balls, so to do big snaky ones made a nice change. Also I didnít have to push hardly. They just slid nicely out and floomped into the water with no splashing. I rubbed my ???? a little bit to help the last few bits out, and there was a bit of cramping so that helped.

Wiping took a while though, I had to use a good few wads of paper to get really clean.. left my anus burning a little bit which I donít like. I could do to use a soft washcloth but Iím at work and donít have private facilities.

Sometimes when my poo is sticky and I canít get my bottom really clean, I use a small syringe to squirt warm water inside my rectum. I do this 6 or 7 times and empty myself before I get in the bath and wash all around my anus. I do this especially when Iím meeting my boyfriend later, Iíd hate the thought of him finding me with a dirty bottom, although I have seen the skiddies in his undies, which I quite like to find. So I know he doesnít wipe too well.

Iím not seeing him tonight so Iíll just have a shower when I get home, I donít like to do the water cleansing every day as I donít think itís natural. I like to be clean though. I think there will be more shit when I get home, I can feel it in my ????, moving down. Iíll sit on the loo with a good book for a while before my shower.



Hi guy! Thanks for addressing your first post to Louise and me -- it was sure on our topic, weeing at the beach! I've not yet had the fun of going with gals after socializing, but Louise sure has, and we can both say how much fun it is going by the sea. Don't worry about your English, it's quite easy to follow, and we look forward to lots more postings from the beautiful city of Trieste!



Greg K.
To Randi:

Thanks for your response. I'm glad your anus doesn't
itch; now you can poop and wipe clean in public rest-
rooms and sit on a clean fanny all day (without

Rizzo: Green tea does work! My bottom doesn't smell
very much at all when I drink it regularly.

When sitting in a public stall, do all of you enjoy
having your bottoms stink when you're pooping or would
you rather have little odor? I enjoy my shits but
could do without the smelling part.

Happy pooping!

To Jordan: Great story about taking a dump at your friends house and having his sister almost catch you on the pot. That would have been pretty embarrasing. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

And to your question. My friends really aren't open about the toilet unless its just to take pee.And no other than seeing that girl pee on the rocks or my little brother nobody has seen me or I haven't seen them pee or have a dump. Well off to the baseball games.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi!!! I missed your last story and I had to look
at the old pages to find it but it was good. I would be scared
I would not finish shitting in time if I were you Kim. I bet you
did think maybe Scott's parents would come back too soon! My logs
are a lot smaller, so it does not take me a long time.
I bet you would be good at glamour modelling. When I was 19 I was
more shy and I did like doing my bikini shots for the catalogues,
but my modelling stopped there because I stopped answering the
phone calls.

DIEGO - Hi! I liked your letter about the beach disco and how guys
pee on the walls and girls go in the bushes. You know I think maybe
I would like it there, it would suit me because I like peeing
outside on a night out.
Do you want to know how I pee on a beach? Well I have done it a few
ways that I like and are fun. If I have been on a beach where I
wore a bikini or a swimsuit then if Steve has been there with
me we have stood by the sea looking out there, so I just pulled my
bikini to the side and did it standing when nobody could see it. If
I could get a quiet place then I could just squat and just take my
bikini knickers down and have a wee like that. I have done it when
I was up to my waist in the water and then you can be real close to
In the last 2 years I have gone with Steve to beaches in Spain where
you do not wear clothes, and because I saw girls squatting and weeing
with guys seeing them I got really desperate and then I just did it
like that too and I did not care that I was being looked at! I bet you
would have liked to see that.

JULIE - Hi! Yeah, try the backshot, I bet you will think it is a lot
of fun to do as well as ordinary standing weeing. You must practice
doing that as well, so you can show Steve and tease him some more LOL!
Steve did like lifting up my dress, and yeah I do try to put knickers
on for when I go out of the house again. You know I still think Steve
was having some sneaky fun with me when he pocketed my knickers after my
wee and tried to avoid giving me them back. I bet I would have felt a
draught on my puss later and then thought of how he must still have them.
Oh yeah, Steve, I have some fun in mind for you!
Yeah I bet you would be all right with us if you had a wee with
us outside. Steve is a really really nice gent and he would keep away
if he thought you were shy and embarrassed, but if you were being
wicked and naughty I bet he would come up close to watch you do it
like he did with my friend Jackie. His mum told me he was really
popular with girls as early as when he was 9 or 10 and I think girls
who write here see why as well as how hunky he is. When he was about
9 he saw his first girl sitting and having a wee in a toilet. I bet
you will not know but when he was 19-20 he had a thing going with my
sports teacher? So I first saw him when I was 12 and too young for him,
so that is a super triangle! She had a wee at the playing field when
he came to talk to her once so we all knew what else they did! She was
really nice.
I think I was lucky to get him when I was 20 and he had no regular
girl then.
Love Louise xxx

JEFF A - Hi guy! Well I know it was a good story if you printed it out.
I have not really written much about my shitting because I do not
think that I can match girls like Kim and Carmalita or PV on size
very often, but if you like to read about my little turds or the pebble
dumping that I do a lot I will write about them if you like that!
Oh and thank you for the nice things you said about me.
I will get Steve to read your letter. Love Louise xxxx

PV - Hi!!!
Oh yeah, you are right, it would have been bad to have had that stuff
coming out with my pants up. What a mess it would have been. You do
think what you would do if you did it in your pants don't you?
When Steve tasted my pee, he just did it in playing and having fun
with me, and I gave him a little smack on the wrist but I was not
mad with him really, I was just surprised he did it. He did it again
this morning, the naughty man, when I just finished my pee and I
needed wiping, so he must have read my letter! I wanted to giggle
and he knew it.
Yeah, the hovering crap was nice. I just wanted to give him a little
fun to brighten up his night, and I did like doing it.
Steve liked that presentation and he did listen to what she said too!
I bet she knew and was flirting with him!
I bet Steve's friend did not just see me but could see his wife
weeing as well. I can not dream how she had gone years without him
seeing her wee before then.
I will get Steve to read your letter, and he can not tell me no, I
will insist he reads your good luck wish for his test.

Lotsa Hugs,


Peter in AZ
Well we all made it in the club and we were the only members.
Anybody have any movies with male poopings scenes?

To Peter in AZ: I liked your story about when you were 15

To Tom: I liked the story about when you were in college and had to share the bathroom, cool

To Jordan: I liked the story about you being at your friends house and listening to him dump,then late you have to go. I got a ? if it was your friend coming in and you knew it would have you just let him in and finish up with out saying get out??

To myrudo: I don't think you are sick....ummm we are all into this kind of stuff, but sometimes i think in our heads we are sick. But it's not really sick and i don't think you are weird.

I haven't had to poop in 3 days, going on 4...i felt something brewing this morning after breakfast but i was at work and couldn't stop and it went away.

I know i haven't been posting much latly, thats because i haven't had any thing to talk about and any way i met some friends online who are really into talking about this stuff, see yah

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Twice Shy
Making waves

A couple Sundays ago I encountered the difficulty presented by needing to urinate on a small powerboat with no head facility. We had been cruising up the Potomac River, which has a fair quantity of marine traffic, when my friend, the owner of the boat, announces that we'd be stopping for the pause that refreshes. I was surprised, after all the lectures on the environment I've heard on cruise ships (e.g., "Save the Waves"), that folks typically relieve themselves over the side of a small pleasure craft, rather than use some sort of on-board receptacle. Well, the scenario seemed to be this: the best place to get a good trajectory clear of the boat was on the aft swim platform. My brother was also along, and he was able to stand on the heaving deck and get a good one going. He's in the military, where such things must be a daily occurrence in the field. I'm not as steady on my feet, so I attemted to work from a kneeling position. Being shy about public urination, I couldn't generate the kind of velocity I do behind closed doors, so I'm afraid I placed a goodly quantity onto my friend's boat. We were sitting there with maybe a good half-mile to the nearest boats passing in the main channel, and parked aside a deserted, wooded Maryland shoreline. A pair of steadily held 12 x 50's might have imaged us, but I was really afraid we'd see some of these folks work their way down to the water to fish, as we'd seen elsewhere on the shore. I was unable to finish my procedure and had to hang on until we docked again on the Virginia side. Needless to say, if I ever buy a boat of my own, it will have an enclosed head below decks. I suppose this could be classified as a three-man "buddy whiz". Well, that's my tale of the high seas.

MR Pee Pee
Does anyone have any Ideas about examples of outdoor places that would be compatable to taking a poo or a pee and getting caught in the act?. I would love to be seen by someone while I was pooping and Im turned on also by watching someone pee and poop.I would just like to be in the right place at the right time. If anyone of you can give me ideas of places that people outdoors freqently use for a bathroomI would greatly appreciate it.....

To Some Guy:

On that Sex and the City you mentioned, did you notice that after Miranda started peeing but before she slammed the door shut, she sits quietly for a moment and seems to be concentrating as though trying to poop. Right at that moment her boyfriend calls her about something and she gets upset and slams the door and Carri

Sara T.
Special kisses back to you, Carmalita! Loved your story as always. You can add a proposal from me to your list too :)

Just discovered I am mildly lactose intolerant. I can't drink more than one glass of milk a day- when I do, I have to shit really bad all day. Ugh! Sucks, because I love milk.

Hi Everyone!

CARMALITA: Hi there! I enjoyed reading your post about the childrens art show. It's very rare to find anywhere here in the UK with doorless stalls, but it seems these people you saw didn't seem to mind being watched whilst they went!

RIZZO: A more modern women! Huh! What do you take me for - I'm only 24! I'm glad you think I'm ladylike on the toilet. I usually tend to wee with my knees together, even though there's usually no one watching me at the time. Force of habit I guess!

LOUISE: Hi there! Thanks for the advice on the backshot. I'll try that when I get home tonight and let you know how I get on! I loved your post about going for a crap in the white dress. I bet Steve loved lifting up your dress! Honestly Louise, it seems you are making a habit of wearing nothing under your skirts! I hope you remember to put your knickers back on when you go out!!
I would love to join you on one of your outside wees. I think initially I might be quite shy about weeing in front of the guys particularly if they were looking between my legs while I wee'd, unless it was Steve!!! LOL!
I bet Steve loved your red G string. You are such a tease giving him peeks up your skirt before letting him take your knickers off. You were so lucky having a teacher that you could wee with in the games field. None of my teachers were like that. At school we all had to be very prim and proper. Knee length skirts and legs together at all times.... Between you and me I think Miss Richardson (who was the one looking up my skirt) was a bit 'funny' in that respect. Probably gave her a thrill to see my naked pussy under my blue skirt.

STEVE: Great post about the time when you attended that presentation. I bet you loved looking up that poor girls skirt. I'm sure it was entirely innocent, although she should have been more careful! You would probably love the skirt I'm wearing today. It's quite long for me, comes to just above my knees, but it has a split up the side and sometimes, particularly when I'm getting out my car, it tends to ride up probably showing more than I would want!
Talking of which, I have been out all day today, and didn't seem to get near a toilet at lunchtime. This was ok until about 3pm when i was desperate for a wee. I was so desperate I had to pull over at the side of the road and wee. As it was quite a busy street, I decided to stay in the car, and I fished out a plastic cup from my take away lunch and decided I would have to wee in that. I reached up my skirt and pulled my knickers down and tried to put the cup under my skirt. I didn't want to pull up my skirt as anyone driving past would have got a good look! I just about managed to get most of my wee in the cup although some did splash onto the back of my skirt and the car seat. When I had finished I carefully poured my sample out the door and pulled my knickers back up. I'm sure one lorry driver got an eyeful just as I was pulling them up, as I had to briefly hitch my skirt up a bit to pull them right up...! If only you had been there you could have stood gaurd for ! me!

Lots of love

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