Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

Kory--Thanks for responding. I think you're about the second person who's ever responded to my posts. I saw a comment that you'd written me a few weeks ago but I've had trouble getting on-line and I couldn't get back sooner.

Well, I may just get lucky yet. My girl keeps on layin' big ones (though not as regularly as some people who post here do) and seems to be getting sloppy about flushing the toilet, even when I don't turn it off! I haven't been stopping the toilet as much as I did earlier. In fact, even if I don't shut the flow of water off, our toilet does occasionally have difficulty flushing. I guess it's the water pressure. Also I found that if it is flushed consecutively more than once, the tank doesn't refill right away. If I time it right, my girl goes in for her business and the toilet doesn't flush all the way. The other day she took a dump and I hadn't done anything with the toilet but it wasn't flushing very thoroughly. She went to get the bucket to fill up and I made what is for me a bold move: I told her not to bother and that I had to take a dump (and I truly had to) and so I would do the bucket treatment when I was done. She was getting ready to go out for awhile anyway and so didn't seem to mind that I offered to flush for her! She even laughed a bit embarrassingly and told me that she'd left her turds behind. So she goes out and so I go in to take my dump (I've got mush compared to her nice knobbily jobbies)and I see what she left behind: several knobbily balls. I did my first 'buddy dump' and then I threw in the bucket of water to help everything go down. But I was really surprised that she didn't mind that I did the bucket thing. She obviously knew that I would see her load. I guess I don't have to shut off the toilet now. And if our water pressure continues to remain low, I'll get the chance to see what she leaves behind anyway. I suppose the next step is to propose a real buddy dumping session together. Just tonight I kinda teased her about it and when I asked her if we could do it sometime, she said 'maybe'.

Well, enough of my rambling. Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep this time. So, happy dumping and keep the posts rolling!

Mr. Noname

Peter in AZ
Hi there!


Here is one that I remember.
This happened when I was 15. Three of my friends(lets call them Zach, Dan, and Chris) were starting our own club. Now to get in the club we made really weird rules. One of them was to poop in front of the members. Now Zack went first and he said he will show us how to poop outside. He then squated and we saw his hole streach up to 2 inches. He then went "unnnnnnnnnnnnn unnnnnnnnnnnn unnnnnnnnnnnn" and 15 inches of poop came slidding out. "WOW" we all said. Now Dan was pushing with all his might and only 5 inches came out, 1.3 inches thick. He said he already went today. Now Chris he did a mighty fine poop. He pushed very little and a log about 19 inches long 2 inches thick came out in 2 minutes. THe others were around 8 minutes. Well not to be out done I told them I've been constipated for almost three days. I usually go about two times a day. I asked Dan to massauge my stomach. I got up squated and beared down the pain and went "UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" and very slowl! y 24 inches long and 2.7 inches thick came out of my butt. Well I got to go tell you guys the rest soon.
Pleasent Bowels!

RIZZO - Hi guy! Well I should think you are pleased too! We do
not let just any guy join the WSPC as an approved male you know!
Hehe of course I need guarding when I pee and you know only the
approved males could do that. I bet you would like to see from
the front when I stand up and do a 6 or 7 foot arc! Steve loves
it and I bet you would too. It is good!
You could look and listen!
You know I liked that story of when you and three other boys peed
off the roof. You are right, it was a thing I wish I had seen. I
bet it was good. I do like seeing a guy have a wee and I do not
see it often enough. It is not that I could be bored with Steve's
weeing but I do like to see other guys too! A few years ago I
thought maybe I was not normal to like seeing a guy pee but now
I know my friend Jackie likes it and so do my mum and sister!
I bet you would let me look! Would you be able to do it???
Love Louise xxxx

JEFF A - Hi guy! I forgot to tell you that now I am not as shy
as when I was 19 so I like thinking of you sketching me like that!
As long as it is a lovely guy like you that is good. xxxx

JULIE - Hi! I hope you did see my extra little letter that I sent
you when Steve finished writing his. It was about how I wee backwards
into the bath by bending over and pushing my pussy back to aim my
stream. Maybe you need to practice to get it right, but it is a lot
of fun. Steve likes what he sees when I do that too. You need to
have your feet apart about two feet to help you get a good stream
and not just a spray. Or if you want you can sprinkle it if you
keep your legs closed. Both things are fun to do. You know it gives
me an idea for Friday!
Oh you will like to know Steve sometimes has me help him have a wee,
so it may be when he guards you in the cubicle you could do that.
His foreskin must be back a little bit because he shoots to the right
a bit or sprinkles if it is closed right over.
He is getting ready for Thursday and is training, so he will read
your letter on Friday I think. I bet he will like it. Love Louise xxx


Movie Fan
Has anyone ever seen the movie called "Sweet Movie" from 1974? I am told this is a cult film which includes a graphic scene in which guests at a dinner actually shit onto dinner plates. My question is does this scene involve women shitting or just men? And how graphic is it?

In that "Sex and the City" episode from Sunday night, after Miranda starts to pee, she does a little grunt thing and seems to be trying to shit but then stops when the bf calls her.

Has anyone seen the new movie "A Knight's Tale"? Make sure you sit through all the credits at the end. After the last credit, there is a scene where three or four of the characters (including a woman) have a farting contest. The woman's fart is the longest and best.

Does anyone know of any other recent movies in which a woman farts? The last one I remember was "Tumbleweeds", and that one was barely audible.

Does anyone know of any recent movies in which a woman is shown shitting?

With Father's day comming up I have to ask this has ANY father haved had shitted in his his son's toybox or bed if so any stories

I saw this dead fly in my toilet this morning and peed on it and flush it down the toilet.

Gary: Your story about the farting demonstration was just great! It reminded me of my college years (I am also two years out). Freshman year, I was assigned with 9 other young dudes to an old Victorian house that belonged to the college. There were two guys in each bedroom. The ventilation was real shitty. We just had some box air-conditioners in some windows, but most did not work. The biggest surprise, however was the shared bathroom arrangement. We all had to use one small bathroom with one shower stall, a sink with a mirrow over it and one crapper (with no partition), all in the same small room. The window was stuck closed. The dudes were all great guys, but it soon became clear that the bathroom arrangement was not working out. We all had to be in class each morning at the same time and we were often late because of bathroom delays. So we had a house meeting and agreed that there had to be an "open-door" policy for the bathroom so that 2-3 guys could use it at the same time each morning. That helped some. In the mornings you would have one guy shaving or brushing his teeth, another showering and another taking a dump with others in line to use the facilities. Even then we had problems. Some guys used to spend too much time on the crapper. All the guys (me included) stunk the place up a bit. There was one guy who was a fan of Taco Bell whose shit stunk so bad that you felt like puking if you were shaving and he came in to dump! Most of the guys used to forget to flush and we were always running out of TP and having to improvize. A couple of guys kept leaving their dirty underwear lying around in the bathroom. One guy made a mistake big time by leaving out old issues of Playboy on the toilet tank. This lengthened the squatting time for the crapper. Guys would be squirming to take their morning dump while another guy on the crapper was eyeballing the centerfolds. It took a lot of encouragement to get them to give up their s eat and they would always have a stiffy when they stood up! I now share an apartment with another guy and there are no bathroom problems. I still miss those days, however, of shaving, shitting and showering with a bunch of other dudes with everyone kidding around!

To All!!! In particular to Louise and PV

This is my first story, is short but very very good!
In the firt post i wrote that i live in Triese (about 200Km from the nice Venezia!!!). Near Trieste there is a big big beach when there are many pub and a medium discoteque near near the sea (practically on the sand). In the night (in particular on friday, on saturday and on sunday) there is many many people that drink a lot of beer and other drink. It's obvious that i think at 11 pm many boys and girls had to pee very bad (the effects of beer). But it's a little little particular.... there are only i think 15 bathrooms (10 for ladies and 5 for guy). You can imagine that nobody can pee immediately. So the guy go agaist a wall and pee, it's simple, no problem. But for the girls?
So, last saturday i was on the beach near the disco and i seen many girls come out of disco and go in the bushes or in the tree . Every one was disperate, a lot run very fast!!! After half hour i gone too in the bushes to pee and i saw a lot of paper thet the ladies used to wiped herself, and i saw many puddles in front of a pub near ther disco that in the night is closed!!!! When the girls are desperate go in very place. In the morning the people that will go on the beach to take will nose a good odor of girls pee!!!! ahhhhh!!!
I like this adventure and every saturday i see many desperate girls that go behind a car, in the bushes!!!

I want to know that when you are on the beach or on the montain and there aren't toilet how you pee!!! Because i think that for many girls is difficult pee outdoor in the bushes, i think that they done it only when they had drunk a lot!!!

I'm sorry for my little english, i hope that all have understood my story, and write another one to reply me!!!

Diego from Italy

Ben, this story is especially for you. It happened last Friday when I slept over at my best friend Adrian's house. We were downstairs in the basement, playing on his Playstation, when Adrian announced that we needed to stop playing soon cause he had to take a crap badly. I said ok. Well a few minutes later, he got up and walked to the basement bathroom which was only a few steps away. Well I couldn't help but listen a little. I heard the sound of him unzipping his fly and lowering his jeans and boxers. Then I heard him fart loudly a few times. Then all I heard was a few soft plops. Then there was silence and a few minutes later i heard him tear off some TP and wipe. Then he flushed the toilet and i quickly went back to watching tv, pretending that i hadn't been paying attention to what he was doing. Later i went into that bathroom and caught a peak at the toilet. There were some light brown skid marks in the toilet bowl. Later that night, at around 11 p.m., we were upstairs in! Adrian's room and i got the urge to take a dump myself. So i told him where i'm going and he said "ok then go." I went into the upstairs bathroom down the hallway, pulled down my pants and dropped my load. It was pretty big, like 2 or 3 thick turds. I had just finished dumping and was preparing to wipe when all of a sudden i heard someone opening the bathroom door. That made me shiver in fear, and i yelled "get out!" Then i heard a voice, it was Adrian's sister. She said "oh shit, I'm sorry!" or something like that. Then she quickly closed the door and left. Boy I would have been so embarassed if she had seen me on the throne like that. So then i wiped and flushed, and left the bathroom. I told my friend what happened and that I could have sworn I locked the door, and he said he forgot to tell me that the lock on the upstairs bathroom door was broken. Oops!!

Ben - Are any of your friends open about pooping? Have you ever seen a friend or has a friend seen you take a dump?

hi i know yall don't know me but i'm 19 and basically i have a question. well b4 that i just wanna say how much i like this site. it's not too gross and the stories are very interesting. well anyway i've been turned on by girls pooing and having diarrhea for awhile now. is this some kind of sickness? cause i tried to ask some1 about other sites like this and they really chewed me out for it. hope some1 can answer this question. i know it's dumb and all so sorry in advance

Jeff A
STEVE: Just a quick note to wish you luck on your test come Friday. I will be thinking of you, and in your honor on Friday, will wear only black and white, the traditional colors of the hakama. Have fun with the test! In a way, I'll never lose contact with Kung Fu. It's too much a part of me.

LOUISE: Yes, my favorite gal! Wow I loved your pooping story! It was really great! I had to print it out. You sound like quite a lovely woman. It was a great experience I'm sure. How great for Steve to have such a beautiful woman in his life. You go, girl!

RIZZO: I could fit in your boat's restroom. I'd just have to duck down a bit. I'd only be peeing anyway. I'd make sure I was empty before going out on the water. It sounds great!

RJOGGER: I love how you and your wife celebrate each other. I'll bet she is gorgeous too. You inspire me to try and be my best. Thank you for that!

KIM AND SCOTT: Thanks for the good wishes Kim! I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

Take care all,

Oh there were some juicy stories today, they made great reading.

Muggs Ė Very nice story about watching Amy take a dump. You are a gentleman, asking the young lady if she wanted privacy. You also have very good luck, but it must be the age. Youíre 17, right? I know that is when I started getting to see a few ladies dump, including my future wife. It sure is fun. Hereís hoping that your good fortune continues. Iím glad you liked the ďcampingĒ episode.

Portland Ore resident - Hell of a story. I couldnít imagine being stuck for that long and having to relieve myself. And the guy and girl fell for each other to boot. Awesome.

Ring Stretcher Ė You are another person who amazes me with the girth of your poop. Iím sure that the guy who crapped with you was also. If that isnít a turn on, I donít know what is.

Rizzo Ė One hell of a pee story, sir.

Buzzy Ė Hi neighbor, at least the fuzz wasnít around when you dumped. Getting arrested for answering Mother Natureís call would be an insult. Glad you enjoyed the camping story.

Carmalita Ė Hello again, sweet seniorita. When I didnít hear from you, I thought that you might have had a few days off. I donít like to think that someone I care about is sick. Iím so sorry that you were under the weather, but I am very happy to see that you are better. Yes, your latest story was a real treat. All of those Latina Lovlies dumping away was more than enough to get me excited. From the way that you described the Ladies Room, it seemed that the stalls had no doors. That would be very exciting. Of course, you were the champ, with that large monster that you passed. I can just see you with an impish smile, telling that young janitor about your doings (Big Smile on my face!). You must have really enjoyed that. Please give Renee and Patsy a kiss for me. Hereís a kiss for you, along with 12 orange roses form my garden. Love Ya, seniorita.

Austin (Blake)

I loved your post, dude! You have such a way with turds, I
mean words! I mean words AND turds!


I can imagine you all dressed up at the school. I bet you
were beautiful. What a scene with you and the other ladies
in there! Mmmm.... I can't think about you too much or I'll
surely go mad!


I'll try to pay attention to our peeing escapades at the boat
parties for you. Most of the time, the men pee off the sides
of the boats, sometimes two and three at a time. Seeing the
beer flow out is as common as seeing it go in. The girls
usually climb down the boat ladders and plant their little
butts in the water. It's obvious what they are doing and
many announce it to the whole world before they do it.


Yes, this person is no ordinary shitter. The person who has
been leaving these brown masterworks around my favorite
island is worthy of the term "Turdist". In recent weeks I
have found three of them. It's obvious that its the same
person every time, since the giant turd is always very
straight and hard and about a foot long. These monsters are
about 2.5 inchs in diameter (and unlike many on this site, I
really can judge lengths). Sunday I was seated on my
favorite rock, waiting on my own monster turd, when I
heard a couple beach their boat down the hill. I couldn't see
them through the woods, but their voices sounded very
close. The man yelled "Woman overboard" when she
jumped in. Not long after that, I heard her say ", I just
have to pee".... Yeah right.... I expected the two of them to
come bounding up the trail past me, but they never came up.
After I dropped my own load and they had left, I went
down where they were. And yes, there it was.....another
huge brown masterpiece, still fresh. One of the two of them
is the Mystery Turdist. I had always assumed by the massive
size of them that the Turdist was a man. Still though, some
chicks can make some biggies, especially if they engage in
some of that good ol' backdoor lovin' ! Okay, so now, I
know where his/her favorite spots are, so I'll be trying to
catch a glimpse of, and learn the true identity of The
Mystery Turdist!


Ski boats don't have potties. So, I was trading poop stories
with Captain Terry and she had a good one. Apparently an
old boyfriend of hers had to take a poo, and went back to
the deck just above the engine. Now just a few inches below
the water back there the engine housing comes out, with the
propeller at the end of it. "Don't shit on the engine!" she
cried. Oops, too late. And to make matters worse, the
inevitable. The shit hit the proverbial propeller! It sounded
like she had some cleaning to do. Maybe that's how he
became the EX!


TO SOME GUY-yes,I saw the "sex in the city "episode with the toilet action-funny stuff-just goes to show you how some people are so uptight about their bodily funtions-wish they had shown a girl taking a dump instead of that guy-that didn't do too much for me,but I really enjoyed the sight of those 2 women on the bowl!
Had another nice woods poop this a.m.As soon as i got up today i felt some cramps and i quickly got dressed and headed out to the wild-i didn't need anyhting to drink to bring it on and by the time i got out to spot,my rectum was full of yesterdays food-I got undressed and took out my mirror to get a view of my unloading-put the mirror in a good spot and squatted down and i could see in the mirror my anus was domed out slightly and ready to open up,so i didn't push and just let the turds start to come out-It started out slowly and as the turd was coming out,I passed some gas around it-What a great view as this long ,smooth turd snaked out my anus which was domed out i'd say about an inch or so-usually when my anus domes out that much,theres a full load in my rectum,so i just let it continue out on it's own and soon it was touching the ground and still thickly coming out my butt-i'd say it about 12 in long at this point-boy i've bee doin' some long ones the last few days!A nyway as the turd hit the ground,it started to curl around itself and i moved my butt to have it curl around in a small circle-then it fell on the ground quietly and I looked down and saw a curled sausage on the ground about 15 in or so and then looked back on the mirror and saw my anus was still pushed way out and it this point I started to pee and it was my 1st pee of the day which is quite a bit and as i peed,i felt another small cramp and i started to push out the tail end of my pee as i looked in the mirror my asshole opemed up with s amll fart and then s lot of soft stuff snaked out pretty fast along with 2 or 3 wet farts and grew into a pile of what looked like cow dung-This felt great as i watched it pile of in the middle of the big turd circle-i then looked up and around to make sure i was alone cause i was so into looking in the mirror,i almost forgot where i was!When i do the mirror thing i really don't want any company,unlees of couse it's a pretty woman doing th! e same thing along with me(which hasn't happened)Then as the tail end of this soft stuff came out my anus closed up a bit and i figured i was done and got some handi- wipes out and pushed out my anus again to wipe it good-then i stood up and looked at my pile of the long turd in a circle and all the soft stuff in the middle-I sometimes enjoy looking at a good pile after i did it-I felt great and ready to start my day and got dressed and biked home-Boy the last few days i have really been looking forward as i get up every day to unload out in the woods and hoping against hope that i come across a woman buddy pooper-BTW-I haven't seen that woman i was awhile ago,but I have gone back to that spot and yesterday or the day before,i saw another load on the ground-i wonder if it was her-it was a good one too!Wish me luck RJOGGER!BYE

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Sun Devil
Hello all!
For some reason or another, it seems my posts have not made it or have not been mentioned.
CARMELITA- Ive missed you, you incredibly sexy pooping Latina. YOur last story is with worth merit! Wow! I would loved to have seen it happen and held your hand while you pushed out another 24 inch log. My gosh what a turn on!! I am very sorry that you have had the runs, that is no fun at all! By the way, was just wondering if you had read about my description because you asked me to tell you what I looked like. =)
KIM n SCOTT- Thanks again for mentioning me once again, its nice to have people in here that make me feel welcome! Great story about your massive dump at Scotts house Kim.
To all others, have massive dumps and I will talk to you all very soon!


Carmalita -
My dear, sweet, sexy Latina. Yes, you have told me how special I am to you and I am both flattered and honored. Indeed, when I have had my Latina pooping experiences, I have imagined those ladies were you! I haven't had any more experiences since the last one, unfortunately. This morning I did my morning poop (after my coffee as usual) which was a firm 10 incher, follwed by a thinner 5 incher. They took about 5 minutes to come out but didn't smell much. I think I farted before the first one came out. I dedicate that poop to you, sweet Carmalita and wished you could have been there watching me! Oh how I'd LOVE to watch you poop and smell such a sexy odor! Take care my sweet and have a great day!

kim and scott-
hello all!
TO MUGGS,RJOGGER,and ringstretcher-thanks for liking our posts. we like yours too!
TO KENDAL-hello. congratulations on your new baby brother! scott and i hope your mother feels better soon.
TO LOGGER-hello. thier are not as many huge log queen posts anymore here but their are some. dont leave this site my friend.because carmalita,ringstretcher,me along with a few others are still here and poop huge!!hoped you liked my last story!
TO LOUISE and jeff A.-hello. interesting stuff on your nude modeling in the past. I never did nude modeling(except in front of my man scott haha!)boy! could you imagine if i did nude modeling for classes? sexy,little ,long haired kim with a body that was overly graced by god! what tents i would pitch in peoples pants!haha! i know you would do the same my dear louise!!haha.
TO JULIE-hello. i like your stories dear. keep em up.
TO BUZZY-I love your dumping in woods stories. you should talk to me more dear ok? I would appreciate it very much if ya did!!bye now. more kim and scott posts later..

Hi Louise,

As a matter of fact I found myself thinking of you while I was having that particular turnout -- where I dirtied my thong. I had a vision of you in the park, your bottom pouring brown, and found myself wondering how I would have managed if I was without access to a toilet. Having usually easy access can spoil one, maybe, and accidents can be awful. Luckily you were able to handle yours in the least traumatic way, and mine was -- this time -- a minor one.

As for tasting pee, it took me a long time to consider it, but I had read of the pleasure it brought others, and it seemed a harmless adventure. It's an acquired taste, to be sure, but as you say the intimacy it fosters is amazing.

No real adventures to relate, darling, but I can say that my AP seems to be continuing to recede -- I hope it disappears completely one of these days!

That was a nice hovering poop you did for Steve -- cute!



Hi Steve,

Nope, you'd not told that particular story before -- it was a nice one! I know how that up-skirt view must have been, when I'm wearing a short skirt I find myself rather aware of the view from some angles, and it can be a bit frustrating because a skirt had to be extremely short to get the full leggy effect when standing, but as soon as you sit down it becomes almost indecent! GRIN!

It's a shame about your friend's wife, she was "wrapped too tight" for the event, as they used to say. Something so much fun for most ended up being a serious negative for her and for her husband, and she'll not be helping herself to a little innocent smile-fodder with the others in future -- a pity.

I look forward to your next posts, both. Steve, best of luck at your grading -- give 'em hell! Louise, take care and -- proud squirting!



RIZZO -- Great story about you guys weeing off the roof, and I know the WSPC membership would adore to be present and observe our associate members' members (!) in action! The only difference is that Louise and I would probably inaugurate matters by having *every* huge wee of the evening off the roof to begin with!

I'd like to add my quiet sympathies regarding Kendal's Mom -- our niece has been through more than any young girl ever should, and I wish we could be there for her.



MALITA -- Hi Honey! Strewth, what a dump -- 24" in one huge, thick piece! And open stalls and mirrors as well! Damn, that was a HOT image, especially with you being all prettied-up like that -- flower in the hair too! (Got me fanning myself for more reasons than one here!) Well, seniorita, that was one of your more delightful aventures -- I wish I had something as nice to report back, but all I've done lately is a couple of foot-long hotdogs in quick succession, though this time they were over an inch thick and therefore there was a little more to actually feel!

Nice story, I needed a Carmalita fix!



KIM & SCOTT -- Hi Kimmie -- wow, a double-poop from your prodigious bottom! That's a spectacle we'd all so love to see. You leave me shaking my head with envy and amazement, and wondering how to get my rear end to stretch enough to contemplate production numbers like those!

All my best,


Hi, everyone!

I'm back! Thanks to those of you who offered kind words of encouragement to me. I really appreciate it. I'm still experiencing
periodic trouble with internet connections, but that's the least of my worries right now. I seem to be on the wrong side of the new management of my company after a recent "re-structuring," and my
entire job security seems at risk. I'm struggling to adjust to the
new changes, but it isn't easy... Hey, is it any coincidence I haven't had a good movement in at least a month? Can consistent
diarrhea be stressed related?

Kim: Thanks for remembering me! And yet ANOTHER great story! I want
a picture of you and those TWO HUGE FIRM TURDS in your hands for the
cover of "Shits Illustrated" Volume Three... can you help me out?

Carmalita: Thanks for your kind words to me, also! Your stories continue to sizzle, as well! Your descriptions are AWESOME! The
size of your productions is very exciting, but I especially like
the frequent references to the potent SMELL.... I'm authorizing
my best team of engineers to design and build a pipeline from my
living room to your bathroom, so I'll be able to experience EVERY smell... HA! What do you think?

Ring Stretcher: I also enjoy your stories! Keep stretching, and
keep those exciting posts coming, too!

Samantha: Ooh! I liked that first saucy post! More details, please!!

Some Guy
On a very special Sex and the City tonight (Sunday), there were two women peeing (and a man taking a dump). Miranda was trying to be more like her less inhibited boyfriend so she pees with the door open, until she got embarrassed and shut the door. The other woman was a supermodel who did some coke in the bathroom. I found it kind of sad that Miranda was disgusted by her boyfriend's evacuations and embarrassed by hers. But by reading the posts here, I know there are plenty of women who don't mind. I will soon see if my girlfriend is one such woman.

ODIN: I dont know, the toilet seats could have been better 30 years ago but i dont know - i wasnt alive 30 years ago! (i'm only 24)

Has any one ever peed or let their kids pee or poop in a department store fitting room?

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