Hi everyone, enjoyed the stories today. To Steve - It's usually easy to get to see a girl go to the bathroom. Do you have any sisters? If you do and they bring their friends to your house, talk to them. Then announce that you have to piss. Leave the bathroom door open, and let them listen. Talk to them from the bathroom if possible. Do you have any girlfriends at school that you visit at home? Offer to clean their bathroom. Try to get a conversation going about bathrooms. Tell them you really have to go. If they're comfortable talking about it, that's the first step. If you're outside with girls, say that you "really have to pee" and hold your crotch. Then, if possible, pee somewhere while they're with you. If you know a few girls at school, talk about the school bathrooms and then ask if they will show you around the girls restroom. You might offer to help the custodians clean the restrooms after school. I did this and it gave me many opportunities to see and hear girls using the restroom. The main point is, you have to initiate the peeing. Then as the girls becomes comfortable with the idea, she will sometimes reciprocate. You have to set up opportunities. I occassionally go to outdoor parties with plenty of beer drinking. Have kleenex with you and whenever a girl says she has to go, offer the kleenex and try to go with her. Hope this helps. Most of these suggestions have worked for me at one time or another.

Hi. Steph and I met up for a half-day of hiking (on Saturday). I think I've mentioned before that I'm always drinking spring water, and you know what that means! We were out on the trail when I really had the urge to pee. Steph recommended that I go in the woods. "No way!" was my response [I know of (female) people who've gotten poison ivy on their "sensitive" areas after squatting in the woods]. We ended up at a public toilet (we weren't that far out into the woods to begin with). Steph piddled for only 30 seconds, but I must have let out a 2-3 minute stream of pee. Nothing extraordinary (for me).

Linda, figs are very high in fiber and act as a "laxative." I have no idea why you get the runs from Raspberry Newtons, though. Susan, if I am IN a stall, I will look over at the person(s) next to me and watch their lower-body positions, but, with respect, I'd be "very" careful about looking through the mirrors into the stalls (in back of you)- some people are very touchy about going to the bathroom! Philippe, I love ya too! Please share more of YOUR stories. Alex :)

Monday, September 22, 1997

Every once in awhile it happens that you have to take a dump when no bathroom is available. Well, that happened to a friend after school one day. He had been holding in his dump all the way home on the bus waiting until he got home. When he did, he found out that his Mom was out and the house was locked so he started to panic and think that he was going to drop a load in his pants. Time was running out and he was kind of running around the backyard looking for a place to go and getting more and more agitated while several of us watched in amazement at the posibility of what might happen. Sure enough he couldn't hold it any longer and started to let the first turd out in his pants. At that point he decided to just drop his pants and finish doing his load on the grass even if the whole neighborhood was watching. The second he was done he pulled his pants back up and said that felt way better and he just couldn't hold it any more. So, we got our ball and bat and played ball until dinner. The next day we kidded him about dumping in the yard and nicknamed him the doggy-dumper for his backyard performance. He told us that he had to throw his underwear out because it was ruined. Does anyone else have any friends who are "doggy-dumpers" ?

The last time I wet my panties was a week ago. I was working rather a long time and had just decided to go to the toilet when a colleague came in and wanted me to look over some reports. So there I sat going through six or seven reports (which take over 5 min each) and needing to piss more and more. Finally she got what she wanted and went away, and I went down two corridors and a hall to the toilet. Just before I got there, I had to sneeze, and then I knew it was all over. As I sneezed, I could feel the muscles let go, and I pissed in my pants - just a little bit, mind you. I went into the bathroom and sneezed again and the same thing happened. Then I had a sneezing fit, which I can only stop by blowing my nose. But I must have sneezed about five times before I got to the tissues, and by then my panties were rather wet. So after all that I didn't go to the loo after all, I just dabbed my panties with some toilet paper and went back to my office. It was a turn-on to be sitting there in wet panties (I hiked my skirt up at the back so it wouldn't show) for the rest of the day. When I got home I went into the bathroom and pissed my panties while standing in the bath. It was great.

i stumbled across this place a couple of days ago. i find it very ineresting. i love reading about girls peeing and pooping. i would love to see a girl pee or poop. i have never experienced it though. maybe sometime in my life. i am 14 male. i like listening when girls are peeing. i wish i could watch them though.

This past summer there's a donut shop on highway 401 in Ontario, Canada with the only bathrooms for miles around. On a hot summer weekend, there's usually a big, long lineup of people lined up waiting to use the bathrooms, especially the women's. By the time my friend Sarah and I pulled in there a few weeks ago, we urgently had to pee in the worst way. We were both squirming in our seats and I had unbuckled the top button of my jeans to relieve some of the pressure on my bladder. Sarah sped into a parking spot and we ran toward the donut shop. She gasped when she saw the lineup inside. "There's no way I can make it," she said, grabbing her bum with both hands. Other women looked over at us in sympathy, but we could tell they really had to go too. Sarah bit her bottom lip. She squirmed and glanced at me in desperation with her hands stretched out. "What are we going to do? ," she squealed. "I'm going to end up wetting my pants any minute." I had my legs tightly crossed and muscles clenched myself to keep from wetting my panties. All of a sudden, Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the donut shop door. As she was hurrying me away I noticed a wet spot rapidly growing on the back of her jeans. We stopped at the car door and her face was red with embarassment. Urine was now gushing down between her pantlegs in dark streams. She started to cry. "This is so terrible, I can't believe it. I just couldn't help myself." I gave her a reassuring hug and as she squeezed tightly I felt a squirt of warm dampness in the back of my own underwear. I crouched down with my back leaning against the car and gave in, drenching myself with pee that wouldn't stop coming for about three minutes. I looked up at Sarah and smiled. It felt good to finally get relief and, surprisingly, I wasn't embarassed. Nobody noticed as we both climbed back into the car and drove the rest of the way, now laughing about what had happened.

Hi everyone. Welcome back, Blake; I was starting to get worried you weren't going to post again- I consider you an *inspiration* and all. Philippe, I'm glad you enjoy my posts. Now on to my story. I am home for a quick overnight visit. The trip from my college to the house involves two train rides, totaling about 2 1/2 hours. By the time I got to my town, I had to crap pretty badly. I got into the house and immediately ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and sat down on the toilet. My sister Briana, who was the only one home at the time [I told you all about her, how we used to go to the potty together when we were younger], asked if it was me. I yelled "Hi Briana, come in, come in!" She asked me if I was going to the bathroom; I told her "yes, but you've seen me go to the bathroom before." [Mind you, we haven't done this for about ten years] Briana hesitantly came in and saw me seated on the toilet. I put my arms out as to give her a hug; she came over and hugged me hello- just then I began dropping logs into the toilet. My sister looked puzzled, but I just told her to sit on the edge of the bathtub and talk to me [sound familiar, Susan? :-)] We were talking while I finished doing my thing; I got up and began wiping my butt. (In case anyone wants to know, there were 5 smelly, medium-hard logs in the toilet. I had to wipe seven times- I just couldn't get the poop off my butt. BTW, I've been very good about not eating dairy). As I finished, what Briana said surprised me. "I gotta sit down and pee." We changed positions and she sat down, let out a couple of farts, and then began peeing. She got up about a minute later, wiped her private areas, and then flushed. This was so *exciting.* *N-O-T* sexual, but very intimate- I think Susan (and mostly everyone else on here), and my friends, Alex and Steph, know what I mean. Thanks. Jodi

Hi there!
I wanted to share another experience of mine regarding dirty panties, which for some, is a by-product of going to the bathroom. And an intrest of mine for as long as I can remember!

I'll share a quick story with you. I was at a party about 10 years ago, and there was this really cute girl named Heather there as well. She was voluptuous, and about 19-a great combo! She had red hair & seemed to be alot of fun. So I was immediately smiiten with her. It didn't hurt that I was also drinking alot, too!

Anyway, after awhile, everybody eventually went to go swim in the pool and jacuzzi that was in the complex we were at. Well, I was pretty drunk, so I opted to go lay on the couch! When I woke up, I noticed that I was alone in the house, though the front door was open. I got up to get a drink of water, and I noticed a few piles of clothing. Even in my groggy, drunk state of mind, I knew what I had to do! I also knew that since the door was open, someone could come back at any time. Fulfilling a panty fetish always seems to be a race against being discovered!

Anyway, I went to the first pile of clothes, which had a purse on top of it. I lifted up the pants, and underneath them was a pair of panties! My heart started to race as I checked over my shoulder to see if anyone was coming. If someone walked through the front door, I would be caught red-handed! Feeling safe, I continued on.

I had lucked out! While I don't remember what type of panties they were (hey, I was drunk!), I do remember how dirty they were. It looked like the girl who they belonged to had some pretty lax hygiene! It was like one large medium brown stain that covered the entire white cotton part of the panties. I was amazed, turned-on and drunk, all at once! I put the panties back in their hiding place, but not before considering "borrowing" them! I looked at the jeans and shirt, trying to memorize them, so I could then know who the panties belonged to. Then I realized I could look in the purse!

So looking at the doorway again, I went through the wallet. At first I couldn't find anything, but pictures of other people. Then I got the idea to see who the pictures were signed to. (It was amazing that I could be this smart while being so drunk!) That's when I realized that the clothes belonged to...Heather! What luck!

I put everything back and went and passed out on the couch again. When I woke up, Heather was talking to a friend of mine...and she was wearing the black pants & shirt...and no doubt the panties! At one point, her undies were riding up, as she began to try and pull them out. It was so cool to KNOW that at that second, she was wearing dirty panties!

Thinking back, I wonder why she didn't hide her panties in the pant-leg of her jeans, or in her purse. I guess she didn't think someone would look! She had to borrow a swim suit from the host's sister. I wonder if she was worried about getting the swimsuit dirty, considering how soiled her panties were? I have pictured her pulling her undies down, seeing how dirty they were, and intentionally having to hide them under her clothes. Woah! And I often wonder, if I had kept her panties, would she of said anything, considering how embarrassed she might be? And finally, I wonder this of all girls...if their panties are often dirty, and it embarrasses them, why not just take the time to wipe better? Oh, well!

I guess that wasn't too quick, but I hope you all enjoyed it. I would love to hear any stories or feedback regarding a girls dirty undies. =)

Take care!

Sunday, September 21, 1997

This summer I have been walking, biking and driving a lot in the countryside together with my scandinavian friends. I have noted that they just squat behind a stone or in the bushes if there is no toilet around. They usually do not put it off till they can reach a toilet. In the beginning this was quite strange to me, as I usually have been putting it off till I could reach a toilet. When I first discovered that not only one of my friends, but also her parents did it that way, I first found it a bit unpolite. But during summer I have noted that obviously everyone does it. In June I attended a course in outdoor living and our instructor told us to always bring with toilet paper when walking in the fields. If we tried to put it off, we ran a great risk for constipation, she said. She said that she used to keep some paper in her pocket so that she easily could pull away from the path to find a spot where she was sure to be alone when she felt the urge. During the summer I have followed this advice. Even though it was a bit embarrassing to poop in the bushes the first few times, I soon got used to it. Even though I usually was together with a lot of other people, only a few times I walked in on somebody else going to toilet in the back-woods. It was never mentioned, but I think that everybody knew that when another persons went into the bushes alone, it was to go to toilet. At one occation another person walked in on me when I was squatting with my panties pulled down. I was a man walking in from behind. When he saw me he just excused himself and disappeared. He had a roll of toiletpaper in his hands and didnīt belong to our group so it was not that bad.

In England I do not think it is that usual to go to toilet in the woods. When living in Spain and in Germany I didnīt experience it either, but then I was much younger and always walking together with my parents. Does anyone know what are the customs in other countries? Is it that usual to poop outdoor as it obviously is in Scandinavia? Do anyone know?

Boy, I must be coming here too much--I think I'm getting 'trained': I frequently get the urge as soon as the page loads. This one should be especially enjoyable, as I ate nothing yesterday but those McDonald's bacon double-cheesers. Yeah, I know fast food is 'crap', so to speak, but those bacon-doubles on 99-cent special are a guilty pleasure, so I had two for lunch & two for dinner.

Has anyone else ever noticed that the output of McD's meals bear a distinctive odor? Like not terribly different from the input source? Or is it just me? Oh well, gotta go for now......

Saturday, September 20, 1997

Hey everyone! Got another story.....
On Wednesday nights I take a night class at the college I work at. I had shit that day after lunch as usual, but I had a big pasta dinner about 5:30 p.m. with my sister. My class starts at 6:30, so I went from the restaurant straight to class. I barely made it to class on time, so I didn't get a chance to take a shit, which I had to do. The class lasts for about three hours, with a fifteen minute break at aroung 8:00. By the time the break rolled around, I really felt full and bloated.

When we got let out for our break, many of the women in class headed right for the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom, 5 of 6 stalls were occupied. I went into the open one and pulled down my shorts and panties. I looked under the stall next to me and saw the woman was wearing a pair of white leather shoes and had white pantyhose on. I knew it was the girl in our class who was a full-time nurse and came to class straight from work. Anyway, I let out a few farts and waited for the turds to come. I noticed that most of the other women had to pee, so while I was waiting to shit, everyone finished and left except me and the women in the stall next to me. I was having a little trouble going so I began to push a little harder, and soon successfully began dropping several large turds. Finally, I could hear the woman next to me let out several small turds very quickly, followed by a loud fart. I noticed that while she was dumping, she was on her tiptoes. Both of us had quite a bit to unload. We finished up about the same time, and while we were washing our hands we made small talk about our class but I noticed that she was a little embarrassed by the whole thing.

I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one with a "poop fetish." Everyone, keep those stories coming in!


I hear so much about women taking a dump. I wonder if you gals go as often as men. I am a bit surprised by how often you have to go poop. The women I know are in and out too fast to be shitting. Women usually eat far less than men so they should be going less often. I usually go twice a day. How often do you ladies move your bowels?

Did I shit in Gratiot County? (pronounced Grah-shit) The mind muses in reverie.

Now I go to church in Gratiot County. I bicycle 39 miles round trip. Every Sunday I pee there 2 or 3 times. However I have not yet shat there. I would prefer not to shit in the bathroon of a small church and have not really needed to.

A decade ago I ran in several 10K road races hosted by the Alma Highland Scotsman festival. In one race there was a long line for male runners needing to shit; I was able to cut through the line for I only needed to pee. Did I shit in Gratiot County? The mind muses.

I also ran in the Breckenridge Matathon. The high school histing the race was torn up. I don't think I did it there. Did I shit in Gratiot County? The mind muses.

I recall I shat in other surrounding counties. Midland, Mantcalm, Mecosta, Gladwin. I don't know about Clare and Oceola Counties. Did I shit in Gration County? The Mind Muses!

Now I remember I went to the unemployment office long ago. I rode my bike when the weather was favorable. When the weather became inhospitable I took the bus. I had to wait for the bus so I used the restroom. I am quite sure I did shit in Gration County.

I found a cool women's restroom last week. It is in a restaurant. There is one door for the restrooms, and then a short hallway, and then there's the seperate mens and womens bathrooms. I cruised into the women's bathroom cuz the one toilet in the men's was in use and I couldn't hold it. In the women's, there were two toilets, and the handicapped one was set back further than the other. I went in the regular one and noticed a wide gap between the stall side and the back wall. It gave me a perfect view of the handicapped toilet if I put my head against the wall and looked through the gap! Well, sure enough a young lady came into the restroom and went into the handicapped stall! She pulled down her shorts to her ankles, backed up to the toilet, and, WITHOUT SITTING DOWN, hovered above the seat and started wizzing! I had a perfect view of her asshole, the very yellow stream coming out of her vagina, her big bottom and the cristening she was inadvertantly applying to the toilet seat! She really had ta go! I estimate that she peed about a quart of very yellow piss and then she grabbed a big wad of tissue and began wiping! I even saw the yellow stain on the toilet paper! She just sort of dropped the wad into the bowl. Then she farted! I couldn't believe it! She grabbed another big wad of tissue and blew her nose and threw that on the floor. She must have been afraid of germs cuz she didn't even flush!!! Exiting the stall, she farted again and then washed her hands and left. I finished my job and went into her stall to investigate. Sure enough, her piss was a bright yellow color. I stooped over the bowl and sniffed. WOW! It smelled so much different than a mens toilet. I just left it but boy it had a sweet smell. I'm going back to that restaurant but NOT for the food.

I once slipped a laxative to one of my wifes friends at a party we had.I didn't get to witness it but my wife said that her friend told her the next morning she was on her way to the lake to get some sun when the worst attack of diareha hit her.She said that when she got to a store,she got out of her car and couldn't even make it inside! Standing next to her car,shit blasted into her bikini about 3 different times and was so bad it was coming out of the top of her bikini! My wife doesn't know that I slipped her friend the laxative.I wished I could have been their to see it for myself! Her friend is a real bitch,and thats why I did it!

When I go to the bathroom I often place my ear against the wall when a lady is entering the Woman's. In most buildings the restrooms are next to each other. I don't get much success; I occasionally hear a lady shit. I make an effort to talk to then when they come out. I don't have the courage to talk to them about the bathroom. I did ask an attractive one if she went #1 or #2 and got into trouble with the campus police.
Jenny and Beth, would you describe your urges to go pee and poop?

To Doug:
I am responding to an advice you gave Susan about placing a mirror under the partition wall to watch what is going on in the neughbouring stall. If you position the mirror well and see anythintg interesting, aren't y7ou running the risk that the person who is being watched may in turn spot you and cause a scandal? To all ladies (Alex, Jodi, Linda, Brielle, Steph..) I tremendously enjoy your postings and check them every day. Although we have never met and will probably never meet, I consider you my best friends.

Hey guys, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post, but I have been soooo busy with my start to school! Anyway, like I told you I have tons of stories, and I'm sure plenty of college stories to come! Here goes (god it feels good to be posting again). One of the things we did in this camp was a weekly nature hike! On these trails they had built real bathrooms every two miles (an average trail was 10 miles) and there were 5 or 6 trails. Anyways, one time me and 4 or my girls was on this trail and after about 5 miles I started to feel some gurgling and some cramping, so I suggested that we stop at the next bathroom. They all agreed and mentioned something about needing a poop. About ten minutes later we reached the bathroom, (and not a second too soon) I ran in and released 2 or 3 waves of soft shit into the toilet. My girls all took stalls and did the same, except for one girl (let's call her Beth). She stood there waiting for someone to finish, so she could use her stall. After about five minutes in the bathroom, the smell was intense, three girls and myself, all pooping. Beth didn't seem to mind waiting, but after we were all in the stall for about six or seven minutes, she asked if someone could please hurry up. Well one of my girls was just about done, so she said, "In a sec, ok?" And of course Beth agreed, well when she was done she opened her door, and she had shit all over the seat, well Beth started screaming for someone else to hurry up, but everyone said they weren't done, she figured she had no other option but to use that toilet, so she TRIED to crouch over the seat and poop, but as soon as she closed the door and took down her shorts, she must have lost her balance, because she fell to the floor, and on impact with the floor released a flood of diarrhea. It was a mess, which reeked! We all finished up in a hurry and let Beth alone in the bathroom for about fifteen minutes to finish up in another stall, and clean up!

The next notable experience of the summer was a trip to the movies. We took the whole division of girls (which must have been twenty or twenty-five girls) to see "George of the Jungle." During the whole film I didn't feel the need to urinate at all, which is most unusual. After the movie we all made a mad dash for the restrooms. It was a completely redone restroom, it have TWENTY stalls, with ten on each wall and sinks alone the back wall. We pretty much filled them all up. While peeing, I was over hearing a conversation between two of my girls who were pooping, they were talking about who could fart louder, since they were both pooping they would each fart about every half-a-minute, and the compare. Well, I mentioned to them that I bet that I could fart louder. They said you're on, and I started to push! Now, I should have been aware of the signs, eating all that buttered popcorn, drinking a full glass of pop, I should have known. But I gave a push which I was sure would release the loudest fart this bathroom had ever heard, and the loudest fart I've ever heard came out, immediately followed by a gigantic wave of diarrhea, which never stopped, and when it did, I went through about five more waves of diarrhea. I got so scared, what if this had happened on the bus back to camp, or in the bunk in camp, what would people say, not that I haven't had accidents in public before, but this one would have been huge! When I was all done, I came out of the stall, (a shaken up, and wiser person) my girls were all standing there waiting for me, to tell me that I win! I have tons more, and I also have some school stories to post, I will hopefully be able to post some school stories by the end of this week!

By the way for anyone who's interested, when I have to poop, I feel it in my lower abdomen, and if I wait to long, I start to feel it just inside my butt.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Hey everybody....Doug, when I get the urge to shit I feel it mostly in my lower abdomen and anus, like Alex said she does. Sometimes if I have to go real bad and I feel gassy, I feel it in my stomach also.

Does anyone have any particular foods they eat that causes them to shit more often or gives them the "runs?" I'm not just talking about the usuals such as Mexican food, beans, or bran cereal. For example, every now and then I like to eat Fig Newton cookies or Raspberry Newton cookies. On three different occasions, after eating as few as 5 cookies, (they're small) I am in the bathroom in a few hours with the runs throughout the day. Also when I eat pasta I always get bloated feeling and have to shit within a half an hour after eating.

Does anybody have any particular food that "does them in?"


Hi everybody! I'm an 18 year old high school student who enjoyed reading your stories. I was also relieved. I though I was the only one who got excited listening to women in other stalls strain and grunt while the take a shit. I would love to watch another girl do it but I'm too embarassed to mention it to anyone. Watching a guy go to the bathroom would be an erotic experience as well I bet. I've often wondered, have any women ever snuck into a stall in the men's room just for the experience and listened? I've been tempted, especially when there's a long lineup for the women's. I also love hearing stories about girls accidently wetting their pants. Patches is a great place for it, has anybody had similar experiences with peeing or pooping in their panties. Talk to you again soon.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the several people from this site who have been giving me advice on how to cure my constipation problem. This problem doesn't really concern me that much because it happens occasionally. Yesterday, I took a shit and the results were a lot more successful. It was really big and long for a change. So for those of you who were concerned about my problem, I wanted to let you know that things have gotten better.

I found this site earlier this summer and have been lurking around ever since. This is my first time posting, mainly because this is the first time I experienced something worth posting. Second, now that school started, I have not had time to surf because I am not as bored as I was when I first moved into the apartment complex, earlier this summer. Moving someplace over the summer sucks, especially when you don't know anybody, and you have to keep an eye on your 10 year old sister part of the day. But my Mom said that I have to be the man of the house, now that I am thirteen, my dad left when I was 5.

A few weeks ago, I made my first friend, which is actually why I have a story to post. Chad, my friend, moved into the apartment next to us in August with his mom. What is even cooler is that Chad and I ended up in the same class at school, so even though I was the new kid, I still had a friend. Anyway, what this post is about, is my first time that I ever saw anybody else take a dump. The wild part is that this happenned in public, and it was not in a bathroom.

I am kind of envy Chad because he does not care what other people think, he kind of just says to the world here I am take me or leave me. Which is probably why I was able to watch Chad pinch a loaf on the playground of our apartment complex on Labor day.

The first time I met Chad, I was just after he moved in, and I was on my way back from the trash dumpster one morning, and he was just coming out his front door with an arm full of boxes. As I introduced myself, he dropped the boxes, which is when I noticed that he was just wearing his Fruit of the Looms. Chuckling, I asked him if he always went outside in his underwears. He said, sometimes, just depends on what he is doing before he goes outside. Anyway, it turned out that Chad doesn't care what he is wearing in front of others. What I mean is sometimes he is dressed, or just wearing his underwears or sometimes nothing at all. This actually took my Mom some getting used to because after we started hanging out, Chad rarely had anything on but his teva's because our apartments have no a/c. In fact my Mom spoke to Chad's mom to see if she knew that her son ran around in public in his underwears or nude. Chad's mom said that she knew, and that she and Chad went to naked beaches and camps alot when they lived in their old place. So after a while Mom got used to Chad, and my sister stopped giggling and pointing to his dingy. But she never did allow him to eat dinner without him either putting on a shirt or least a pair a briefs.

Now, that I have explained you can understand how I saw him take a crap. You see, when we hung out outside, either skateboarding, or going to the playground, if Chad was naked and had to whiz, he would leak wherever we were at. Well on Labor Day, we were sitting on the jungle gym at the playground, Chad was on the top wearing just his tevas. I was next to him, but lower down. Anyway, mid sentence, I hear him fart, and I see a turd coming out his butt, and he is still talking like nothing is going on. Not only can I not have anybody around when I have to crap, but I can't talk to somebody either. Well at this point not only was I around, but I had a birds eye view. Yet, four logs later he was done and jumped up to head for the basket court to see if anybody was around with a ball. I was blown away. I said, Chad, you just took a crap outside. He was like yeah so. I was like but you did not even like wipe. He said he did not have to since he only has hair up front, and none on his butt, so his dumps are clean. I was shocked, but amazed at the same time.

Well now that school has started, besides being a good friend, his oddballness has helped us find more friends. He does where clothes to school, but word has gotten out from some other kids that live in the same apartment complex that Chad is not always dressed. The past couple of weekends there have been a whole group of us hanging out and doing homework, even some girls. Which is most kewl. What amazes me even more, was this past Sunday, Chad and I were watching football at my place, when Heather, Jen and two other kids from school came over, and Chad did not bother to put on even any underwears. Weirder still, was the fact that I was not even concerned, and I was still in my pajamas.

You ought to slip a mirror in your purse. When you go into a stall and after a neighboring stall is occupied you can turn around, slide the mirror against the wall until half the mirror is in the other stall. From there you can peek at the other ladies ass. Maybe you will see the poop come out her anus.

Please describe the sensations you feel when you have to pee and poop. Also what do you like doing better peeing or pooping?

I like it when a lady goes from feeling crummy to better. Doug

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