Hola mi amigos!
I responded to A LOT of people, but unfortunately, my post didn't make it. I'm sorry, everyone!!! Here are some special kisses from me to Maggie, Sara T, Louise, Steve, RJOGGER, Rizzo, Jeff A, Psychiatric Ward Patient (thank you for that awesome compliment sweetheart!), Diego, Breeze, and please forgive me if I've left anyone out!!! I've been sick again, with the worst four days of the runs I've ever had. I've practically been sleeping on the toilet! It took me a long while to get caught up on things.

My Special Simon: Hi sweetheart, I would love to poop for you! Your Latina stories are quite sexy. I'm happy that you get all those experiences, and that you get such a buzz from us Latin girls. Hiding out in the ladies lavatory huh? Naughty, naughty! If I'd been pooping in there, you'd have smelled something very bad! You might have caught me with my white panties stretched across dark brown thighs, leaning forward, grunting and plopping. I do real big jobs, and sometimes they take awhile. You'd have smelled every turd that squeezed out of me. I don't know if I've ever mentioned how special you are to me, but you are.

Gruntly Bogwell: I have a feeling you've earned your name, and I'd like to know why! Sure wish I could be with you while you pooped a good man sized load. Awesome story hon! How lucky, you had a regular mix of different ladies pooping for you in the great outdoors! The African-American babe sure sounded fun! Thanks for saying hi to me!

John VT: Hey, handsome! Are you hiding from your little Carmalita? What's poopin' sweet thing? I've been stinking up the potty room all week long. Renee sure has been getting creative. She video taped me eating dinner one night, with lots of close-ups of me shoveling food into my mouth. She then quick cut to a scene of me the next morning with bad diarhea. You can see me on the toilet grimacing and grunting and holding my ????. It sounds like someone is emptying about six cans of pork and beans into the toilet under my butt.

Austin: I'm glad you decided to "flirt" with me. I would enjoy flirting right back. I don't think I have 10,000 male admirers, but I'm glad the guys in here like me. I sure LOVE them! I think I've had 3, or 4 proposals of marriage since I've logged on here. Men are so beautiful!!!

RJOGGER: Hi honey!!! My guy! I hope you like today's story. It sure turned me on like crazy! Renee sends a kiss. Patsy too. She's thinking about posting, but dosen't know what to say.

For everyone who like us Latinas, this one is for you! Yesterday I crapped what I would call the turd of the century! I work with migrant children at the Mexican community center in our neighborhood as a volunteer. Yesterday was a childrens art show, and I was a hostess. I served cookies and punch, and greeted people. I was wearing a black floral sun dress with matching heels. My hair was full and thick with waves of curls trailing down my face, and a white gardenia to one side.
After a couple of hours, I found that being on my feet for so long made me have to go poop really bad. I hadn't had a decent dump in two days, and I needed it bad! The building is very old, and the bathrooms are pretty big with 6 old wooden stalls that don't have doors. It used to be an old grade school. I came into the bathroom and there was an older woman fixing her hair. I recognized her as one of the mothers. There was another teenage Latina on the toilet who was grunting like crazy and dropping firm turds. She was a sexy thing, wearing a white Adidas T shirt and jeans. I was busy fixing my hair and makeup. The mirror is huge, and very long, and I could see everything in it. Then, the older woman went into a stall, lifted her dress, pulled her panties down and sat on the pot. Her knees were together and she sat forward with her elbows resting on them. She was very ladylike, staring at the floor. After a minute, or two, I didn't hear any pee coming from her so I knew ! she was pooping. She kept going "uhh....uhh....uhh...." very softly to herself. I didn't hear any plops or anything, but boy did I smell it! She looked up at me and said in awkward english, "Stinks." I just smiled and said it was okay. After all, judging from the fart I passed in the hallway, my poop was'nt going to smell like roses either! I took the stall next to hers, lifted up my dress, pulled my panties down to my knees, then settled my butt down on the seat for a nice big, steamy dump. Then, I heard the teenage girl do a real, painful grunt, and about 6 loud, sloppy turds followed. Between her and the lady next to me, they were stinking the place up good. Two more latina girls came in. They were also teenagers and obviously friends of the teenage girl on the pot. They stood by her stall watching her poop. One of them looked at me, laughed and fanned the air. The pooping girl just grunted more. She was leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. She had her jeans pu! lled up to her thighs. After a few minutes, I could see her in the mirror, reaching around behind to wipe her butt. Her two friends kept giggling, one of them held her nose. After the little honey finished, they all left. The woman to my left was also wiping her butt at this point. She gave herself a good 6 passes over her gorgeous brown ass that was raised off the toilet seat. When she finished, she adjusted her dress, fluffed her hair in the mirror, then left.
I began to relax a bit, leaned forward and started pushing out a fat turd. My ???? was churning with activity. I grunted, strained, farted and felt the poop. It smelled awful. A big chunk started squeezing out of my ass and it was hard to push! I strained hard "rrrrnnnn....rrrrnnnnn....ohhhh....rnnnnn...." Slowly, it crept out. Then it got stuck! I had to sit there wiggling, trying to break it loose. I looked up from my straining and saw another woman come in. She took the stall that the teenage girl had been in. I could see by the expression on her face that it still stunk in there. This woman was an attractive lady, maybe 50, or older, dark skinned like me, with long flowing hair gathered on top. She pulled her dress up, yanked her panties down, and sat very spread legged on the toilet. I heard a loud fart, and a heavy stream of piss splashing. Then it came out of her. Soft, squishy poop that splashed over and over. She was grunting, pooping out a ton of soft turds. She! sighed as she plopped "oaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...." She took quite a few minutes, as I did.
Meanwhile, back on the toilet, I was still trying to pinch off that monster loaf. I strained even harder "Rrrrrrrnnnnnnnn..." When I looked up, I saw the other woman looking at me in the mirror. I just nodded, and said "Big one. Hard to get out." She then nodded slowly, wide-eyed, as if she were saying "I know, I know." (Most of the people at the center don't speak english). After about 10 minutes, it finally dropped off. It got so heavy that gravity did most of the work for me. Man, what a big turd! I wiped, then pulled my panties back up. I straightened my dress, then looked down and saw my huge log! There, in the toilet, was this blackish looking chunk of poop, very big around, and curling completely around the bowl, and overlapping itself. I'd say it was a good 24" long, and about 3" around. It was amazing that it didn't come apart. It was a gigantic turd, full of my special Mexican seasonings, and hard lumpy things. I had to leave it because I knew it wouldn't flush, ! and I had nothing to break it up with. They'd served a refreshments at the show that was giving all us women the shits! After I'd left the ladies room, I heard many women in there laughing and giggling. Obviously they'd found my turd. Some were even talking to their husbands and they'd look at me smiling. That turd is going to give many of the women something to talk about for awhile! The best part: The building has a younger janitor. I took him aside, and tried to explain what happened, and that it was I who plugged it up. He said it was okay, but I would love to know what he was thinking!


Evening. Takin you on another one. Today i just got back home from amy's house and i got a story for you. Ive been sort of upset lately because michelle (who i figured i had some chance with) has been acting really strnage lately. Like when i would call her, shed suddenly seem to change moods and sound all upset. Id ask her whats wrong and shed always say "oh nothing." So i couldnt take it anymore. Im gonna leave her be for a while and see what happens. I called Amy up last night and asked her what she was up to. Later that day i went over just to chill out a bit. Laura(short, cute) came over. About 9:30pm i was about to leave when my mom called my cell phone and told me she and dad had to leave town for the night for this emergency company meeting. So they told me to just stay at a friend's. I had a extra pair of shorts and a shirt in my gym bag in my truck so i didnt have to go home. We just talked and watched movies till about 1am when i was about to go to bed i had to use the bathroom badly. Amy and laura were still in the living room and Amy's parents were fast asleep in their bedroom located across the house. I walked in the bathroom and pissed for what seemed like a minute. I then cut a loud dry fart but didnt have to poo. i heard some movement outside the door like feet or something. Were amy and laura listening to me? This hadnt happened before. I flushed the toilet and opened the door to find nothing. guess amy and laura made a run for it. We continued watching TV for another half hour and i got ready for bed. I walked in the bathroom to brush my teeth when i heard laura say "good night you guys" and a door close. right after that amy knocked on the door and said, "mind if i come in?" I said sure. She walked right in and pulled down her red cotton shorts and sat down on the toilet and began pissing up a storm. She obviously didnt care and i didnt want to seem uncouth so i just kept on brushing. looking at the mirror i had perfect sight of this beautiful girl on the toilet. after about a minute of piss, she began to bear her head down and begin grunting. I asked "do you want me to leave?" She grunted out...."no..please stay." I became more excited than ever. I spit and rinsed and then she said "you wanna watch?" I looked down and mumbled ...yes. She then scooted forward some and i looked down the back and had the best view of her hole as she pushed out some loud farts and then her hole began to press open a HUGE log. It was so fat looking it started squeezing out with a loud crackling noise. It must have continued unbroken for 15 inches before it broke off making a splash in the toilet. Amy grunted again and began with some wet farts and a wave of this soft poop that was very thick and smelly. The stench was very strong by now. After that she began to wipe and turned around and stood up after pulling her shorts up. I, idiotically tried to hide my pulsing erection. There was sooo much crap in the toilet. That l og was about 17" and 3 inches wide. there was the soft poop all over it. She then flushed and looked at me and said with a very sexy look, "ive thought about you a lot lately....more than youd think." she then grabbed me and kissed me in the bathroom. We left the bathroom and what happened after that is not to mention. We didnt go all the way but know. So now i have a new thing on my mind. Extremely different? Probably.

-Kim and scott - Youve got me again kim. Youre stories are truly awesome. And about the buy you some in an instant. Thank you for the compliment on my gentlemanliness. One thing i can be proud of.

-RJOGGER - How you doing sir? I liked your story about the little contest with you andyour friends. Not bad at all.

-Peace to the Bowels.

heres another one for all of ya. yesterday my friend alyssa and i were walking back home from her house. Its about a mile. we were talking along the way and all of a sudden alyssa stoped dead. i asked her whats wrong. She told me she had to poop really bad. i told her she only had a half a mile to go. She said she couldnt hold it it hurt to bad so i said you either shit in your pants or squat by the side of the road. She decided to squat by the road. she pulled of her tight jean shorts and handed them to me. just as she pulled down her pink panties the watery shit came flying out. her ass sounded like it was pushing out water. it kept coming and coming. i watched every minute of it and i kept asking her if she was alright. she told me she felt sick. i told her to just keep pushing you will feel beter when your done. she pushed harder and a stream of brown water shot out. She pooped 50 inches of poop in 50 minutes. she said she was done so i gathered her up some nice leaves! and she wiped. she said she felt horrible still and as she got up she looked back down at her little pile of watery chunks i saw her cover her mouth and then she vomited all over my feet and the street. it was so disgusting but very fun to watch.

hey guys
now I really apreciate your concern about me!
I use baby powder as my mom recomended to avoid any smells and it works GREAT! Not only it removes the smell, but it also maked your body feels sooooooooooooo cool! I recomend it to everyone. All you do is you ly on you back, spread your legs and just put some powder in that area! Some may have sensitive skin like me so be careful! Now, since my skin is sensitivem I couldn't use baby powder much so here is what my mom recomended me to do. As soon as I poop, I wear a bathing suit, go to the backyard, put the hose in my bathing suit (not directly to my butt though) and it will just clean my butt well. I have high fences so no one would be really able to see me do this. Try it guys. It's sooo much fun especially in a weather like now. It's so hot!

On FOX Sports Television during the Detriot Tiger Ball games there is a commercial where toilet stalls are shown. In the our left stall, on the TV screen, is a guy humming "Take Me out To The Ball Game." His swinging legs are visible with the pants pulled down, vibrating in time to the music.

I wonder if an autumn is coming soon when Brown-Poop Lovejoy will emerge in a grid iron near you.

Kim and Scott - Nice new post Kim. I was suffering from withdrawal, as I hadn't seen any stories from you lately. But I see that you are still banging out monsters, no less two this time at about a total of forty inches! You still amaze me with the size and volume of your output. Keep up the great stories dear, beautiful lady, and thanks for saying hi in your latest post.

Jeff - Check my last post, four of us had a camping outing this past weekend. Running "parties" maybe happen two or 3 times a year, when I race, and I will not be racing again until the fall. You are an awfully nice fella to say that I am a great guy. Many people that I know would disagree with you, because I drive a hard bargain and give straight answers. Yes, my wife is very beautiful, that is what many people tell me. They are also amazed that she looks so much younger than her 53 years. And yes, we do try to have fun. We have all the responsibility in the world, but we try to enjoy life and that includes our "toilet" adventures. Take good care until I speak to you next time.

Hi also to Carmalita (I miss you, sweet seniorita); Renee and Patsy; Buzzy and Rizzo. I gotta run, yeah I gotta take a crap! Bye!

BUZZY....sounds like that rubber band thing for the piles works a treat, but I may not need it as it is now disappearing as quick as it came up. The day after I posted about it, it had swolen up to the size of a marble and felt like I was walking around with someone's thumb jammed up my arse!!! Over the last few days it's shrunk rapidly, I had a look in my little mirror this morning and there's only a little blue vein visible. Hopefully this means the end of it, but I'll certainly be going to the doctor for a rubber band if it comes back up!!


To Jordan: Yeah I'm not scared to have a dump at school or public anymore. I still though prefer not to take a dump at school for the fact that I would most likely be late for class. Look forward to your storie.

More Later

I finished college two years ago, but I still remember what great times those were! I lived with three other guys in college. We were best buddies and did everything together. One night we were drinking beer and all got real pissed. We started discussing farts, when one guy (Mike) asked a real interesting question. "What does it look like when you fart?" he asked. We admitted that we had all heard and smelled farts, but had not seen what an emerging fart looked like. Since I was real gassy from an earlier meal (and also real pissed) I decided to drop my boxers and show my buddies what energetic farting looks like. I bent over the sofa, spread my butt cheeks and let rip. The guys got a huge laugh at my butthole opening up when I farted and they were rolling on the floor with laughter. They kept asking for a repeat performance and I obliged to more laughter. By the fifth time, I was really straining to let one out, when unexpectedly a log shot out of my butthole and! landed on the carpet. My room mates had the laugh of their lives. They kept saying: "You f****** shit on our carpet!" I went to the bathroom, got some TP, picked up the turd and dropped it in the toilet. Luckily it was a real firm turd and there was no stain left on the carpet. The guys never let me live it down.

Portland Ore resident
This weekend I got the un-told unexpected final chapter of a story I have known about for years. A married couple are friends of ours. Their story about how they met is, he was working his way thru college as a building janitor. She worked in a deli in the basement of the building. After the complex closed for the night, she locked up and took the elevator to the main floor. He was in there also with his broom, cleaning equipment, and cart& bag for emptying wastebaskets. The elevator got stuck halfway to the first floor. There was nobody to call on the emergency phone because the building was locked and empty. They both have said that in spite of their predicament they were attracted to each other immediately. They didnt get out until early the next morning when tenants arrived and discovered the stuck elevator and called for help. After that, our friends started dating. My wife and I have always wondered how they handled bathroom matters while stuck in an elev! ator for ten hours so last week she asked the lady, who is her good friend. The answer was a little more than bargained for. She said she had to pee almost immeidately but held it for a couple hours out of modesty. Finally he too had to relieve himself so he took a large plastic bag out of the supply on his cart, apologized, turned his back to her and used the bag, tied the top and carefully put it in with the trash paper. She finally got the nerve to ask him if he would mind giving her a bag and turning his back. Which he did. He also gave her some paper towel for wipe. This worked okay for taking a pee. Unfortunately about three hours later, near midnight, she had to poop. She said she was embarassed about several bad farts she passed previously, but he was very nice about it, so finally she gave in and just asked him for another bag, and to turn his back again, which he did. She squatted and tried to hold the bag under both places but could not keep her balance an! d said so. He told her that as far as he was concerned, this was an unplanned emergency, no different than having a baby unexpectedly, and she could trust him to either help her hold steady, or hold the bag while she steadied herself. She opted for the latter so while she squatted he held this plastic bag under her while she leaked and filled it with what she described as "a very large amount of poop." She said it still was particularly embarassing at the moment because the bag was semi clear plastic and she knew he could see everything. Anyway he tied off the bag at the top for her and the elevator fan eventually cleared out the smell. They both fell asleep on the floor after that. She also admitted to my wife that because of the attraction to each other, spending the night in the elevator was not so bad except for her embarassment at having to poop and expose her anus. After the ordeal was over he discreetly got rid of the contents of his cart and was very gentleman! ly and nice to her, and they started dating. End of story.

Ring Stretcher
KIM: Enjoyed your latest. My man can't get enought of my logs either! He just loves watching my ring stretch wider and wider to release a big one, LOL! He said he also gets turned on by my loud grunts to get them out. I'm tellin' ya, I feel like it's giving birth they are so huge!

On Friday I was working late and felt a big turd working down towards my hole. Nobody was around at the time so I scurried to the bathroom in my stocking feet, black skirt and white blouse. When I sat down I could tell it was going to be a BIG ONE. I quickly let out a fart that almost broke the sound barrier, LOL. I pissed and wiped my bottom, then leaned forward with the tips on my feet down. I moaned, took a deep breath and held it as I pushed hard. My quivering hole opened up and this enormous beast of a turd slowly started coming out. As it stretched me even wider I yelled "Oh gawd!" and shut my eyes and pushed harder.
Just then the door opened up and I saw the shoes of a man! I was absolutely mortified. He saw my stocking feet and apologised for coming in; he said he had to go really bad but the boss was having it out with a co-worker in the men's room and he didn't want to hang around that. I said it was ok.
He quickly pissed, sighed and began dropping balls in the bowl. Meanwhile this turd wanted out! Holding it there was agony! I let out an involuntary moan and gave an audible grunt to get things going again.
He asked if I was ok and I told him I was having a big movement but didn't want to make any noises. He told me to just be myself and do what came natural.
I figured "what the hell, we all have to shit," and began grunting and straining loud. I could tell by his comments he was getting turned on, LOL. He said he was sorry his was coming out so easily, then he asked me not to flush because he wanted to see what my production looked like! he dropped more small balls and farted a bit, then passed some mush followed by more gas and balls.
I grunted it out inch by inch until it crashed out of my hole with one loud grunt. "Damn girl!" he yelled as he finished up and flushed. I stood up and wiped but the paper came back clean. I apologised for any smell but he said that was no problem and he was the one who stunk up the bathroom. I walked out and he went in the stall. His eyes bugged out of their sockets when he saw the size of my log. "Gawd, no wonder you were grunting so hard! Doesn't your ass hurt now?"
"A little," I answered. " I've done bigger."
"Your face is red from effort but I can see why," he added.
My turd was about 12 inches long, smooth and almost 4 inches thick. He said he had never come close to that size. I told him I once passed one so wide it tore me and I bled a little. He said he felt bad about that and was glad his productions weren't so big.
As we washed up and walked out he kept commenting on how amazed he was a pretty girl like me could have a log that large come out of my hole. It really excited him, haha, especially by seeing that buldge in his trousers!
Knowing I had that affect on a man made me feel good. I said we would have to buddy dump again some day when we were alone.

Bimothy Tuckley
To Odin:
Actually, I doubt that toilets have gotten smaller in the last 30 years. You say that they fit your bum more comfortably 30 years ago, but probably what has happened in the last 30 years is that your bum has gotten larger, and toilet seats are actually the same size.

Hello to you all!

To LAWN DOGS KID..... Dear Andrew, I don’t at all mind receiving Kendal’s hugs and kisses from you! You see, we have two sons, so I am used to that. Poor Kendal, what a fateful year! As you said, I won’t go to any lengths about it here. This forum is about relieving oneself, but I do wish we could have a communication channel for non toilet subjects! Anyway, I thank you so much for keeping me updated on what has happened. Next week I will be travelling to England (Cambridgeshire), geographically a bit closer to you, but I will probably not be able to visit this site until I will be back to my computer in July. Give Kendal my love! And I do sincerely hope you manage to achieve good results in your exams, love from Rizzo.

Hi JULIE, my dear. Thank you for describing yourself. Of course you are absolutely lovely! The description of you having a wee conveyed a picture of ladylike grace with a hint of naughtiness! Now that you are beeing coached by Louise and PV in the art of standing to pee, you are becoming a more modern woman! How does that feel? Keep going my love, Rizzo.

Oh LOUISE, I am tickled pink! “Approved associate member of the WSPC”, thank you for the honour! And being in the company of Jeff A. and Steve will let me feel comfortable too. Your posts are very special to me, you know. I will only be too glad to stand guard when you go for your more outrageous pees, but you will have to blindfold me thoroughly if you want to stop me from having a look! And bung up my ears too! But I know you wouldn’t be so cruel, would you? Love you, Rizzo!

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, Ahhhh! I really wonder how you manage to to get yourself into such situations. You cannot imagine how I envy you sometimes!

Hi STEVE, No, you did not give me the impression, that you had kept Louise’s knickers in your pocket on purpose after she had finished her pee with your help in the gents’. But she seems to be a very resolute woman. Sounds a bit like my wife. Keep hold of her! We men who tend to have our heads in the clouds need women who are down to earth, sensible and fun. Cheers!

GREG K. It works! Green tea greatly diminishes the smell of poops! Today I had an almost odourless bm after having a green tea in the afternoon two days running.

To JEFF A. Standing headroom in the head area of my boat is 6’ 2”, distance between bulkheads equal to available width when seated on the toilet is 30 inches, legs can be stretched out even if you are as tall as you are. I hope you can fit in there : -)

And now to a momorable pee.

We had planned a midsummer night’s party in the attic of the flat roofed building where we lived on the top floor with other students. The area between the wooden beams supporting the roof had been decorated as a “jungle”; games had been prepared, a music system installed and a cooled barrel of beer purchased and manhandled into place. Everybody contributed by bringing something to eat for the buffet. To forstall any complaints by neighbours from the floors below, we had invited them too. We had all been amusing ourselves greatly when a pause set in at about midnight. “Let’s go on the roof and have a look at the stars,” someone said. As we had the hatch open for ventilation anyway, some of us climbed out. There a slight but cool breeze and an almost full moon welcomed us. After a minute one of the girls said, that she was going back inside and go to the single bathroom on the floor below the attic. There was no bathroom in the attic. The idea took on, and immediately two! more girls scrambled for the ladder leading down. “I’m going to pee right here,” said one of the boys to the giggles of the three girls left. “Brilliant!” said another, “let’s go to the edge of the roof and pee over the side!” Four of us were game to the idea. As we lined up close but not to close to the edge, because there was no railing whatsoever. One of the girls said that she would give us the command to let go! It was blondie with the prodigious weeing capability I had described before. So we four boys lined up, unzipped, took our willies in our hands and pointed them at an angle for maximum range into the night sky. In a voice as clear as a bell blondie commanded: “Ready.....(Come on, come on, I can’t hold it any more! from one of us) .......Steady......PISSSSS!” We let fly. A four voiced chorus of “Aaaaaaahs!” accompanied our relief. All that beer! In the moonlight four glittering arcs of different elevations and range made it over the edge into the dark abyss, and a! faint splattering could soon be heard from forty feet down below. Behind us a fit of the giggles and laughter resounded. “Hey, is it raining into the tulips of the old lady on the ground floor?” “No, the tulips are on the other side, this side is the herb garden, the patch where basil, mint and thyme grow!” This made the girl having a peek from the side peal with laughter. It was she who had walked so far into the night for a most private wee during the barbecue I had described. Aha! When it came to go for a wee, she was shy, but when the boys peed, she was to be found in the front row!All too soon we finished one after the other and zipped up to the applause of our girls. Later when we wanted to repeat our performance, the girls who were concerned with our well being, bless them, did not allow us because of our advanced state of inebriation. We might have fallen off the roof!
I would love to repeat such a party, but with Louise and PV and others of the WSPC present! It would be so much more fun!
Bye to all, Rizzo.

Hello,all-the weather here in the N.E.has been super for the last week or so and just about every day,i've been taking my bike out to the woods to do my morning business-Didn't go out sun a.m cause i didn't have to go,but this a.m. I started out to the woods and i really had to go bad-I took a newpaper with me too and found a spot-it was a clearing with a great big log sitting over to the side and i took off my biking shorts and just had a tank top on and sat down with the paper cause i figured i'd read as i unload and i spread my butt cheeks a bit and as i did that i let out a long fart followed by a long snake turd and toward the end of the turd it got real soft and as it fell on the ground i let out another fart-that was a relief as i exhaled-Boy lately i've been pushing out some really long turds out my butt and it been feeling soooo good!-now i just stayed there sitting as i read the paper-it was very quiet ther today-didn't see anyone around and then i looked at my 1st p! ile of poop on the ground and it was a long sausage turd wrapped around itself about 15-18 inches long and smooth with soft stuff on top-it was a good pile-i sat there with my anus relaxed and pushed out as i read and waited for more stuff to work it's way down my decending colon i saw about 25-30 feet away,another biker coming down the paht and i just stuck my head in the paper and pretended not to see him.Then he went by me about 10 feet away and he saw me and said"Oh sorry,i didn't see you "and i looked a bit surprised and then he said" I know exactly what that's all about cause i just took a dump over there" and pointed to another spot about 40 feet away-I said"Oh then you know-have you ever had someone walk in on you like this?"he said "Sure,a few weeks ago,i was dumping like you and a woman walked by and got real pissed at me and said she was going to call the police and i had to high tail out quick"Now at this point he is about 10 feet away from me and as he is talking! to me i had to go again and i let out a small fart and another good load of soft poop and i could see him looking at my butt as another long soft turd came out slowly with some farting along with it and he said "i hope i'm not embarrasing you,boy I should have dumped over here,we would have had some pile" and we both laughed and i ssid as i pushed out the tail end of turds"Boy i don't know what i would ahve done if someone called the police and the got busted for pooing in the woods,but i don't think i'm alone out here"he said"Are you kidding,i see a lot of it especially out by the golf course"which is about 4-5 miles from where we were then he said" that's where i live,but i bike down her a lot too" then I asked him " you ever run into any women?"He said "I saw a few ,but never taked to them-the only one who talked to me was the one was got pissed at me" and he laughed and said " well i'll let you finish up and sorry for barging in on you-enjoy and have a good day and by the! way-good pile buddy" and laughed and left-it was cool sitting there talking to him as i pushed out some poop-one thing i've noticed-just about everyone i've come across while i'm pooing always look at what's coming out with interest-i guess i'm not alone in enjoying seeing folks poop-boy i'm glad i didn't run into that woman who called the police on that guy,but i guess you take a clance of that happening or worse yet running into the police themselves!Every now and then i see them on bikes or horses,but it's later in the day when i see them-then i wiped my butt and looked at a good 2 piles of fresh excrement and wished i could have buddy poooed this load with a pretty lady-RJOGGER- i hope i can get on a roll like you.neighbor BTW,nice camp story with you 4 pooing-I really liked the 1-2-3-thing-funny stuff!Well, i'm off and stiil hoping for a poo- rondezvous! BYE

My position is is that I'm lying on the table face down,
I have her pull my panties down to about my knees. She then
takes the the hot wax on a stick and spreds it on my buttocks
first and takes the hair off of my buttocls.
She then spreads my buttocks cheeks apart and sees how
much hair is around my anus and then takes a smaller stick
with the wax and spreads it around my anus. She then puls
the the hir off from around my anus.
It usually is a a couple of weeks before the hair starts
to grow back and since it grows in light now I hardly notice it
unless I reach back to feel it. Like I said in my earlier post,
I talked to her before I asked her to do it and she is a very
opened minded woman.
Thanks for the questions and I hope that helps you out.
One drawback that I've noticed is since she's using liqid around
my anus to clean up after, I sometimes get a runny BM the next
time that I go to the bathrooom. But I can wipe real clean after-
Thnks for the question and I hope this helps you out.


man i've only seen a girl poop once and that was my X girlfriend having girls poop in front of you is so difficult anyone having the same difficulty?

JULIE - You poor dear. All I can say is that had I been your client and you took off flying to the loo like that, I would have closed the deal immdeiately afterwards, as a reward to you. I described my bouts with amoebas the other day, but I've also had diarrhea come out of the blue. When there's no other obvious cause (like diet or sickness), it's usually a case of nerves. Even though you may have felt in control, you were under a lot of stress, meeting with clients and then dashing across town. That may be what did it. Hope you're all better now. Do tell us about your next 'normal' motion, OK?

JEFF A - Hi guy! What a nice letter you sent me, I wish
I could give you a nice hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Yeah, when I was 19 I got a lot of phone calls from some
photographers who wanted me to do nude glamour. They saw
my bikini modelling pictures which I liked doing, they
were sexy but nice. I did not want to do nudes and I
decided modelling was not for me really, so I stopped.
Steve loves my pictures and he says I should have carried
Do you want more crapping stories from me? Well you are a
really nice gentleman, so I think you deserve to hear some.
I do not have many just now but there is one I bet you will
like me to tell you all about.
Steve had been over two weeks without being in the toilet
with me when I was crapping, but I felt like my bum was
full last Friday night when we were both at home. Well
Steve was in the spare room doing these stretching exercises
he does and I went to see him. I do not usually disturb him
when he is training and I leave him alone if he wants me to,
but I went in the room wearing just one of my little white
dresses he likes me wearing when we go out (we did not go out
this weekend because he needs his rest) and I told him I
needed a shit and I would like him to come with me. Well he
looked at me and he was a bit surprised really but he followed
me into the bathroom and he lifted my dress for me and saw I
had no knickers on. He got some tp and waited for me to do it.
I bent over the toilet and he was down there at the side and
looked up at my bare bum. Well I was ready to go so I pushed
and then I felt a log coming out. It was quite easy to push out
and it did not feel too big, and it dropped into the toilet
water with a little splash. He asked if there was more, I said
no and he made me giggle a bit when he wiped my bumhole with
the scrunched up tp. My shit was about 6 inches long and
2 inches thick. I had a little wee as well then and he did not
expect that. When I stopped he wiped my pussy with more tp
then he patted my bum and pulled my dress down again. He liked
that and I hope you like the story! xxx

ALTHEA - Oh I do not think I ever could have meant to go around
at school without my knickers and I think I only forgot them
once. I have done the trick of leaning back on a tree, it is
fun. I do like small knickers and g strings, they are easy to
get to the side when you want to have a wee.

JULIE - Hi girl! Oh yeah, it would be a lot of fun if we had a
wee together in an alley. When I have been doing it with friends
we all feel like really naughty girls, and it is daring and
exciting. Steve is a really good guard and I bet he would be
very good at holding your dress up to your waist while you did
it. I bet he would like to look as well LOL.
I think it helps a girl if she has other girls weeing with her if
doing it outside. I bet you would be very excited doing it when
guys can see but it does make you nery so you really really
really have to go the first time you do it or the nerves will
stop you squirting at all. When I weed on a nude beach the first
time I was really really really bursting and I just had to go,
so I squatted in the sand and guys were looking at me between
my legs when I squirted hard but I kept on doing it while my
heart thumped.
The standing wee will be very good for when you have a toilet
seat you do not like the look of. I mean you can hover and not
sit, but standing is more fun anyway isn't it? Yeah, I do like
to take my knickers to one side and I can still aim. Steve is
not too good at aiming me when I have my knickers at the side,
I need to train him more!
When Steve came home from his training, I had my light grey suit
jacket and skirt on, no bra or blouse, and a little red g string
underneath my skirt. I gave him a few peeks under the skirt and
when I was ready we went to the bath room and let him take off
my g string for me. I stood over the toilet and I weed without
aiming with my hand. It was really nice, Steve wiped my puss for
He will like thinking about you in your little black dress and
Oh no, what was that teacher doing looking up your skirt anyway
in the class? Well when I was 15 I would have gone crimson in
embarrassment, because that was not like when I was 15 and
often had a wee with our games teacher on the playing field.
I had a wee in the shower this morning with my legs tight
together just for a change. I sprayed a bit and most ran down
my legs but it was nice for a change. Steve watched me do it
and then he dried me and carried me back to the bedroom!
Love Louise.

DIEGO - I will look forward to it!

PV - Hi! When you dirtied your knickers I bet it was just a bit
more solid than that time when I had to drop my shorts in the
park and a big load of slop poured out of me, and those two
women looked disgusted at me. Steve was there for me and
looked after me. Yeah, I bet it took you ages to clean that
one up and I bet you wish you could have got your knickers
down before you messed up, but at least you held most of it
in until you got to the toilet.
I have not tasted pee, but Steve did wipe a trail down my
leg once with his finger and then he licked it off his
finger. It shocked me a bit but it was kind of personal and
intimate in a nice way.



to christenepeeing: a few years ago i wanted to see how much i could pee in one night so i drank all i could until i was sick and kept do so all night and within about 3 hours i had filled a gallon jug, and i still had to pee so I put on briefs and went into the bathroom and rolled up the dirty towels and squatted over them with my cock all the way back (held there) then i put all my wait on my cock and i had to pee really bad so i pushed and pee same out, i had to push really hard because of the angle my cock was at, then i would get a good probably 300 ml out and then i would come and then i would lift up a little more and finish peeing. lots of fun, also one saturday eearlier this year for fun i frank 2 liters of kool-aid, then held on as long as I could then peed 27 ounces,

Hello, All.
Just a quick message, the last until Friday I would expect.

To Jeff A,
I must say, I do admire your calm acceptance of the leg injury, but please do keep an open mind. I do agree with you though, that Aikido might be out of the question. Thanks for advice regarding a light meal the night before - reckon you're right. On Thursday it will be a case of eating little and often rather than heavy meals. An energy drink or two won't go amiss either. Many thanks again for your encouragement, and it is a pity you can't be present at the time.

To PV,
I think my darling Louise gave one of my mates quite a surprise when, from how she described it, he saw her side-on with her pants around her knees, pressure washing a spot on the road surface. I had to smile at the glazed expression in his eyes when he came back from peeping around the corner into the alley. At the time I was unaware of the full extent of what he had seen - I had a mental picture of her giving him a full frontal view of an arc squirting forward from her aimed crotch, but that was not the case. I got the impression that to his lady wife, matters of the toilet were very much a solitary thing, and being seen squatting in an alleyway even by her husband was a big no no. With such novelty value, I think seeing Louise's shapely rump with a gusher visible underneath will have been a real eyeful for him, as well as seeing his wife doing the same, possibly for the first time. I gather she scolded him later, which is a shame, but I guess she is as entitled to her o! pinion as we are to ours. From what he said to me when I saw him yesterday, he did see his wife's urine stream, and it was that she was angry at <snicker>.
I'll speak to you again hopefully at the end of the week. I'm going to be away from the board for the next few days.
Have a hug from me!

To Julie,
Hello! Ah, I have no objections to the idea of holding up your dress while you have a wee in alley. Would Miss be squatting or standing at the time?
I like the sound of your evening attire. So nobody saw your see through black lace knickers, huh?
I thought your story of the failed knicker elastic and the open legged wee desperation which was to follow was highly entertaining, though I felt sorry about the acute embarrassment you must have been feeling when pulled up about it by the teacher, especially considering what she might have seen!
It reminds me of something from June last year, when I attended some presentations from prospective suppliers. One of the companies had a rep who was a tall, slender, good looking girl in her mid twenties with light brown shoulder length hair. Dressed in a rather short and revealing black dress which was more suitable as evening wear, she sat at an angle which left me with a view up the dress. I thought I was very lucky to be able to see a pair of very skimpy blue knickers under there when she crossed or uncrossed her legs. To be honest, I am not sure to this day whether her actions were deliberate, or whether she was totally oblivious to the exclusive show she was giving me. It didn't make much difference in the end. Anyway, after some time there was an interval, and as I had been asking almost all the questions, it seemed she decided she had some rapport with me, so she asked me where the toilets were. As directions were complicated to give, I escorted her to the ladies ! room I knew existed on the stairs landing, and I waited for her outside. The room was very small with a single door, and I realised that it was one of those rooms where every sound comes through loud and clear! I heard her slowly walk into a stall and close the door, then the quiet rustling of the dress being lifted followed by the distinctive sound of a knicker waistband being pulled down over skin. Almost immediately there was a loud tinkling which lasted a long time, and I suspect that she hovered rather than sat. There was the tearing of toilet paper, and then the knickers went back up. Flushing the toilet, the other acoustics were rather drowned out by the water, but around a minute later she emerged looking refreshed. Completely unaware I had heard the complete soundtrack to her urination, she told me she had needed a pee all morning, and we returned to the presentation room and resumed. Take care, sweetheart. I expect to read the site's postings again on Friday.



PV, have I told the last story before or was it a similar one?
I have a feeling I may have mentioned it but not told it in such detail.

JULIE - I forgot. When you do the backshot into the bath, you
stand with your back to the bath then bend over like you are
touching toes. Get your feet apart about 18 inches to 2 feet, then
you push down on your pussy and let rip. You can squirt it backwards
into the bathwater then. Try it, it's a lot of fun! xxx


Plunging Plop Guy
I'm back off my holiday and spent a long time reading what everyone's been doing, seeing and hearing while I've been away!
Nothing of interest to report of anything happening while I was away, except that my health was very good and my shits were really easy, regular and comfortable and a few good plops and splashes.
One place I stayed for bed and breakfast was in the form of a house as an annexe to the guest house.
Atthe top of the stairs was a toilet/shower, with the toilet about 6" away from the door so you had to squeeze past it to get to the sink and shower.
As it had no window, and the light had to put on when you went in, and the door having a 1" gap under it; as you climbed the stairs, you could see the feet of the person sitting on the toilet.
Unfortunately, the other person staying there didn't interest me on the toilet, but what potential if he did with being so close to the door for such closely heard sounds!

Yesterday I had one of my long sessions on the toilet with a fair bit of effort and felt I hadn't finished and still wanted to do more.
I was on my favourite public toilet relishing the intensity of enjoying dropping my medium sized turds with the resulting plops and splashes and flushed the toilet to allow for enough water to continue shitting into.
I seemed to fill the water trap again (It's a fairly shallow one although the plops are great) and continued again.
I then realised I'd tried too much and that perhaps I should have stopped when I felt fairly relieved, but how to tell when we've done?
My turds were all fairly small by now and when I wiped my arse, I could tell I'd induced piles again, and walked home rather slowly with that slight discomfort that I'v not had for a few months now.
I had an easy shit today, but feel a bit haemorrhoidal still and wish I could tell when is the time to stop trying on the toilet!
At least I know what causes the problem in my case and with careful and not too long sessions on the toilet, I should soon be right again.

DAZZ, I hadn't heard from you lately, then I saw that you too had had a similar case of piles! I hope by the time you read this, you're better, and that it's a one-off from your recent loose shitting.
That is the only other cause of piles for me; too urgent a shit can have that same effect for a few days, no pain but the feeling of discomfort until it rights itself.
The specialist I saw once said we all have piles, and that they're only noticeable when they prolapse, and until they go back into place.
Unless someone is prone to them regularly, surgery, injections or banding are probably not required and I sincerely hope you're back to normal dropping easy big firm bum-splashing turds down that toilet of yours and enjoying the terrific splashes you get!
That either of us should get discomfort from our favourite natural bodily function is a real irony. Let's hope we're soon both back on form and enjoying out toilets again!
Keep us up to date and eat extra carefully with enough fibre until it's cleared.

SAN D. What a great place that was where you could see the guy's reflection as he was on the toilet, then had the opportunity of meeting him in the store after! If only you'd been able to say how much you'd enjoyed sitting next to him as he had his shit!
I've often wondered how someone would respond if I'd told them that, especially if they seem really friendly and I've really appreciated seeing and hearing them plopping on the toilet.

TONY, Yes I agree with you 110% about paper being put down the toilet as wasteful, potentially clogging and most of all;very unsporting to those who want to hear the plops!
Also, the whole reason for there being a water trap under one's arse is to immediately drown the turds as they drop and so reduce the smell that would otherwise be produced if they drop on paper.
I have met and known men who do this and they all seemed to be embarrassed about shitting although there do seem to be a lot of people who hate the sensations of water splashing their arses. As you know, I think a loud plop and the feeling of water splashing up my arse and buttocks, and balls if I'm really lucky is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Guys who avoid this don't know what they're missing!

D B STARMAN, Your post was terrific! Your descriptions of that young guy's huge plops and having no doors as he sat there dropping them! He must have been so proud to look, feel and sound so good. Thanks for sharing such a great encounter. May you have many more!

FRANK, I thought it great thay your friend wanted company in the toilet and even greater that you discovered it to be a turn-on and I agree, this supreme act of male bonding such as shitting with a friend seems to surpass conventional ideas of sexual orientation.
To share the personal bodily functions we enjoy with others is real friendship and really breaks down barriers!

PETER IN AZ, Welcome and hope you get to see all the many films with guys on toilets.
There are many references to films on previous posts and one or two actually have a long list of films but I can't remember offhand so suggest you have a read through.
I've only seen very few on British tv.
I'd be very interested in what sort of toilet sessions you've had with friends and are you as keen as I am on other guys shitting on toilets rather than outside on the ground?
I know the latter can provide a better view but for me and perhaps you? - the sightsand soundsof a man on the toilet is the thing I really love!

HIM, Re advertising, I know what you mean about getting replies to your ads who get the wrong idea of what your intersts are.
I've not advertised the net but used to place ads in magazines and all the replies were of a nature different from what I wanted.
I hope you have the patience to continue until you get some replies from someone on the same wavelength, or that you can phrase it such a way that it's obvious you're not seeking the sort of activities they'd like to think you are. Good luck and I'd like to do the same but haven't found anywhere to put an ad. meanwhile, I condider myself so fortunate to have found this forum but just wish I could meet you all!!! Good plops everyone! P P G

Hi Everyone

It seems I have competition here, so from now on I will post as Julie (UK) to avoid any confusion.

ALTHEA: I know what you mean about wrinkling your skirt when at work. Trouble is I'm the sort of person that's always late and I find it quicker just to pull up my skirt or dress. I like the way you used to take your knickers off at school on warm days. Apart from the one occasion, on previous post, I was always too shy to do something like that just in case anyone should look up my skirt.

STEVE: Shame one of your posts got pulled sweetie. I see, so now you want to come into the cubicle with me, not satisfied with standing gaurd outside. You'd love the dress I'm wearing today. It's light grey and probably far too short for work, but who cares! It was a bit chilly earlier so I'm also wearing opaque tights and some purple satin knickers. I could do with a wee right now, so I guess you'd better come with me! There's a few people on holiday at work today so it would be fairly quiet in the ladies. Once we were both safely locked in the cubicle I could lift up my dress and then you could pull down my tights and knickers for me (mind you don't snag my tights!). I hope you don't mind but I need to do a #2 as well! When I had finished, I would love to feel you wiping me - I bet you would love to have your hand between my legs. Then when I was clean you would have to pull up my tights and knickers before I lower my skirt. Of course it's not fair that this sh! ould be a one way thing.... I hope you can return the favour my dear!


Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Bryian, golden drink, pv- thanks 4 ur infos
I m really glad

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