Traveling Guy
Last night I thought of Anne the bus driver (UK), who hasn't posted here for a while, and her stories of passengers' pees and poops. I've mentioned that I sometimes help out in my spare time with a large event parking operation. Last night we handled about 6,500 people who arrived in 119 intercity busses, plus some 7,500 others in autos. I videoed the arrival and departure from a high perch and helped coordinate movements down below via radio. During the concert, I was on the ground talking with some of the drivers and noticed that one of the busses had its windows propped way out at the bottom, the way you'd open them in as an emergency escape. Turns out it *was* an emergency. That driver walked up to us and said, "Uhh, I finally got that mess cleaned up. Someone pooped on my bus and the toilet overflowed!" The other drivers chuckled in sympathy and then came the road stories: drunks who held the flush button in after they peed until the "blue water" overflowed all t he way to the driver's seat; the driver who furtively dumped his full holding tank at night on the streets of Manhattan; passengers who couldn't make it to the pottie, so they soiled their pants and the seat without telling the driver; the woman who left a trail of diarrhea all the way down the aisle. "And I didn't have a mop," said one. "I never used to carry one, either, but I learned fast," answered a colleague. All in a day's work for these ladies and gents, I guess.

One afternoon in eight grade I asked to go to the boys room to let out a load that I had been holding all day. I was on the toilet for almost the entire class period, and when I returned, a girl who didn't like me very well asked if I was playing with myself in there.

am i crazy or were toilet seats more comfortable 30 years ago ,the opening seemed to be bigger and the whole thing held your bum more comfortably

Billy the Kid & Kevin
Someone asked if it is normal to put heaps of paper in the toilet to avoid splashing. No it isn't. It is a waste of toilet paper and can plug the toilet. Don't do it. If I did it, my dad would kill me. Besides, there would not be any paper left to clean ourselves with.

Twice Shy
Life in the Fast Lane

I've heard folks talk on here about the "encouragement" given to their entrails by the consumption of bulk laxative, whole grain fiber, etc. Well, my report has to do with one of the strongest correlations I've seen between action and reaction in this regard in some time. It could just be that I have a naturally "short" bowel in terms of transit time, only certain dietary input has a way of hastening an already-swift passage. My latest kick is to consume several bowls of dry Quaker Life Brand wholegrain cereal as I'm lounging about in the evening watching TV. I just munch it from the box, like popcorn. On the mornings following these dosings, I have not failed to produce a thorough and relatively prompt evacuation after getting up and getting under way. The first load is fairly solid, and with the necessary paper, enough to clog my bowls here at home. The next dropping is typically mid-size particulate, in a form of slurry, though with few suspended small particles.! The finally release is generally liquid, a sign that I have moved along some of the higher GI chemistry that typically doesn't afflict one's anal region. This is the only annoyance, being also prone to hemorrhoidal symptoms. Oh, and I should say that on many an occasion, this loading of the tract produces copious volumes of flatus, as I believe the doctors call gas. At the end, once the principal bulk is out of the way, I am often treated to a delightful sequence of truly intense farting. So this is what roughage lends to the behavior of the long and winding road.

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. recently one night my boyfriend scott called me and asked me if i wanted to go out with him for the night. i told him yes as i decided to pick him up this time as we said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I then went into my garage and hopped into my shiny red mustang and took off for scotts house. at scotts house scott got in my car wearing a white suit shirt,black suit pants and black monk strap shoes.I wore a pink dress,pink high heeled shoes and a pink headband around my head. my car then roared off to a young people hangout where you could eat and dance the night away which scott and i did!haha! we had a great time! On the drive back home i felt an enormous,solid motion coming on inside of me and told scott so. scott suggested that i could have my log over at his house since his parents where gone. I agreed to this as i floored the gas to scotts house. at scotts place we immedietly walked upstairs to his bathroom! where i stripped nude and sat on the bowl. I then took a deep breath as my chest heaved and ass shuddered as i began to push out a brown log. i then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger in size as my ring expanded wider and wider! "wow! kimmie look at the size of that monster your squeezing out of your ass!" scott said excitedly as i pushed harder and my log grew bigger still! i then closed my eyes and squeezed really hard as i glanced down to see that i was squeezing out an absolutely,enormous, horse sized bowel movement from my ass i then moaned "oooohhh!" in pleasure as i blasted the rest of my mighty log out. remarkably though i was not done yet as my ass quivered excitedly again as another brown stool started to come out of my ass. i kept on pushing harder and harder as this log too grew enormous in size! i then took a deep breath as i blasted this log into the bowl too. it landed right next to my bigger first log. I then got off the bowl to admire my logs wit! h scott. what we saw where two enormous,brown logs in the bowl that where as thick as hell! scott then got his measuring tape and measured my first larger log at 24 inches long. 3.8 inches thick and my second log at 16 1/2 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. I tell you i must have a super-colon like fellow poster alana to keep blasting out enormous log after enormous log like this. and like alana i love having my gigantic logs. my boyfriend scott cant get enough of me or my logs!haha. scott then chopped up my logs so that they would flush as I wiped my ass and threw the soiled paper into the bowl and flushed it all down. I tell you scotts bathroom had a great,powerful odor of two gigantic,healthy logs passed. i then put on my clothes,gave scott a kiss and left his house before his parents arrived. i tell you that was a great blasting out of logs night for me. take care now. love,kim and scott.
TO SUNDEVIL-hello thanks for liking our posts. and its always nice to meet new friends like you on this site!
TO JEFF A.-hello. its great that you are getting better. scott and i are so pleased to hear that along with many people on this site.
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello. love your stories. you always seem to be at the right place at the right time.
TO rjogger,diane and carmalita-hello. loved your most recent posts.
TO MUGGS-hello there. thanks for liking my stories. we like yours too! thanks for calling me a hottie! i appreciate it very much. you are a also sound cute and muscular like my man scott. i like that in a man!haha. by the way i hope the flowers you get for the lovely carmalita extends for me too! i like red roses in particular!haha. take care muggs.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello my friend. are you still out there? i have not heard from you in well all!

Peter in AZ.
I'm new I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm a 27 year old homosexual male and I love to poop with men. All I ask is for a list of movies with men pooping in them and stories with men pooping. Thanks!!!
Good BMs to all.
Diane- Sorry to hear about your friend.

Kendal- Sorry to hear about your dad.

Bill- I love your stories.

To Ben: I loved your story about taking a dump at the zoo on your vacation. Now that you've pooped in a public bathroom with a woman and a girl present, you should feel proud of yourself. I guess this experience has helped you get over your fear of taking a dump in public bathrooms. You shouldn't have any more trouble pooping in public, even at school. I'll tell a story of my own later.

I'm a real estate agent, 28 years old, tall with fair hair. Yesterday out of the nothing I got terrible diarreah. When I got up in the morning I felt a strange ache in my stomach but I didn't care very much. Later on I had to go to an appartment to negotiate with two clients the sale. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. First I tried to ignore it. Then the pain became stronger and the pressure worse. My bowels were hurting, and I felt filling them up with liquid poop. They tried to empty, but I frantically tried to hold. At one point the urge got as strong that I couldn't stand any more. I explained my clients that I had to go to the toilet very soon. I ran to the toilet, lifted my miniskirt and lowered my panties and black pantyhose and sat on the toilet. In the same moment I literally exploded into the toilet. Waves of brown diarreah came out of my ass. One wave lasted for about two minutes. After about 10 minutes I was done. I wiped and quickly went back to my clien! ts. After finishing the meeting I felt the urge to go again, but tried to ignore it. Big mistake. I had to drive to a construction place in a completely different place in my town, a drive of about one hour. I tried to hold, but again there was nothing I could do. In order to avoid an accident in my panties I had to pull over at a gas station where I made another mad dash to the toilet to have other waves of watery diarreah. The poop splashed and splashed and splashed. I had the runs about every half an hour which was very annoying as I was underway the whole day and a toilet was not always available. I had to pull over twice on the motorway to have watery diarreah on the side of the road in the sight of all travellers. Today I feel somewhat better but I still don't know what caused this case of diarreah.

When I first started posting here, my first stories were the bowel movements I had at my Mom's office when I worked there between my junior and senior years in high school. It was the first time I started to feel more comfortable about using a public restroom to poop. Even after that summer when I would drop by to see or pick up my Mom, every time I would use the womens room to poop, and every time something interesting would happen, either to me or to someone else.

Friday was no exception. My husband Gary and I spent the last few days in my old home town. I was on a client field trip, and he was at a conference. On Friday we were going to have dinner with my Mom, and we went over to pick her up from her office, the same one she's been working for over thirty years now. As we waited for my Mom to put her things away, I went to the ladies room, the same one where I had my toilet adventures around twenty years ago. It looked like it had been recently renovated. I was planning only to pee.

I was sitting and was almost done when I heard someone burst into the room. She ran into the stall next to mine and slammed the stall door so hard that it shook my stall. She pulled down her clothes, sat and immediately pushed out a huge cascade of chunky poop that made loud splashes and plops into the toilet. She grunted a sigh of relief and panted a little bit to catch her breath. She moaned, and suddenly I heard another massive wave of poop come out. A smell began to emerge from her stall, and she flushed the toilet while seated. All this time I was still sitting on the toilet, and I stayed to see what else would happen.

She was still pushing out wave after wave of soft chunky poop. She flushed a second time, and the poop smell was getting stronger. I was still sitting, and by this time I guess I was "inspired" so much that I did begin to push out some poop. I managed to push out a couple of medium size pieces, while she was still going at it with waves of poop. I was wiping when she flushed the toilet again. I got up, flushed my toilet and washed my hands. As I finished, I heard her moan and I heard an incredibly nasty cascade of chunky soft poop that ended in a loud thud. She flushed the toilet again. I left the ladies room. By this time my Mom was ready, and we went off to have dinner.

Hello to all of the regulars.

Jeff A
RIZZO: Thanks for the invite! It would be great to go sailing with you. Are you sure I'd fit in the bathroom? I'm 6'3" 260 lbs. I have a great deal of trouble in close spaces. Sorry, I missed the masthead pic you were speaking of. I'll bet it was good though. I agree with your sentiments toward RJOGGER and his wife of 37 years. In fact, I really enjoy reading what you say and hearing from you. Sail away my friend!

RJOGGER: Anymore parties in the bushes lately? You're a great guy! Your wife sounds really beautiful and you two seem to have a lot of fun. I envy your sessions in the woods with the running partners-the female ones of course! Take care!

STEVE: Good to hear from you again! I believe my kung fu days are over. The leg just isn't the same, but that's okay. I'm also a volunteer art instructor at the state prison for women here which keeps me very busy. I know you'll do well on your test, and I'm looking forward to congratulating a 3rd dan on this site very soon. I wouldn't presume to advise, but maybe a very light dinner the night before might be in order. Such dedication is a marvel, and I take my hat off to you. If Aikido didn't have kneeling positions, I might even pursue that, but since it does, I'd better abstain. You're the best, take care!

LOUISE: Ah yes, my favorite female poster! What a treasure you are. Your modeling days sound very interesting. It also sounds like somebody wanted you to pose nude? I used to be a nude model for life drawing classes. The unisex bathroom in the art wing at the college was wonderful! Life has not been unfair to me, but thank you for such a lovely sentiment. It seems to suit your delightful personality. Selfishly, I'd like to hear more of your pooping stories! Lucky Steve!

KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, where are you? I haven't had my "Kim fix" and I'm in need!You are such a cutie, and so sexy on top of it! I can't wait to hear more from you.

GRUNTLEY BOGWELL: That was quite a story from you. I've been in situations like that, only not nearly as grand or exciting as your experience! My favorite part was about the Latina. Latina's drive me absolutely crazy anyway! They are so gorgeous and sexy. I've never had the pleasure of seeing one poop outdoors like that, boy do I envy you! Keep that good stuff coming!

My best to you all!

TO MR NONAME I know the feeling of a girl friend who would never poop in front of you. I have one who I really dont think anyone has ever seen take a shit. I have seen her run in from work pretty quick and straight to the bathroom. I have listened before, but like you wouldnt want to spy. But she is very shy about it. I think she even walks into the bathroom to fart.

DONNIE: Well, i took your advice and i told the principal what happened. and you were right, the teacher got fired. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Thanks!

Greg K.

How do you get your anus waxed without itching until
you're out of your mind? Do you get on all fours and
present your asshole to the person doing the cutting?
I never heard of this before, but in the this crazy world,
it's probably not that unusual. How long before your anal
hair starts growing back? Just curious!

Greg K: I use as much paper to wipe myself clean. I look at the paper to see it clean. I learned that the hard way. My mom would show me my underwear with thick skid marks. So, I had to pay attention. I was in a stall at gym. I was a soph. This girl a senior was finishing a wicked crap in the adjacent stall. Her white gym shorts and white panties were at her shins. She was scrubbing away. She must have scrubbed six times with three separate bunches of paper.

Julie: Depending on the length and type of my drees or skirt: If it is business clothes, I will take off. I do not want to wrinkle them. Casual, I will simply pull them up. As for you and Louise, I and a few girls in high school on warm days like now did remove our slips and panties and had nothing under our skirts. My mother would have died to know I was sans underwear. You have excellent taste in your underwear. I have some sheer black, red and navy panties only for state occasions. i do not like lace. It itches. I did in girl scout camp wear these baggy leg shorts. They were handy if I had to pee in the woods. An older cousin, Camille and the other older girls taught me to lean against a tree, spread my legs, reach under my shorts and pull aside the panty band leg and let go. We were on a hike and I had to urinate. There was no outhouse nearby. My counselor saw I was in trouble because I was figiding. So, she stopped the troop for me and showed my this trick. I was 11. ! I peed a gusher. It just hit the ground straight down. I did not care there was to toilet paper. We all were holding our bowels until evening.

Nym: In grammar school, we had no crap accidents, only pee accidents. I did wet my pants in kindergaten and 7th grade. I could hold it back for a long period of time. Only in 7th and 8th grade, I moved my bowels at school. Then in high school, I lowered my inhibitions. In elementary school my girl classmates had no inhibitions about making #2 at school. I found thick pieces of doo-doo in the girls room toilet.

Donny: When I was in grammar and high school, some of the girls would strain, grunt and groan to press out #2. As I told in the previous paragraph. I was scared at first to let anyone know I made doo-doo.

Lawn Dogs Kid
RIZZO: Sorry. Revising hard ! Exams will be over soon. The holiday was wonderful. However, it was really spoiled when Kendal arrived home to more bad news. Her Mum had the baby on the day we were travelling back. He's fine, thank goodness, a baby boy named Thomas James. Unfortunately, Kendal's Mum is not, due to a complication after the birth. Kendal is spending some time with her Granny and Grandad, the ones who live in Kendal, the ones who Kendal has told several fond stories about using Grannie's high toilet with the furry seat. She has decided to come back to Devon to live. Her new baby brother will of course stay with Steve, his father. I am completely thrilled that my little princess will be coming home to Devon and will be living with me and Mum and Dad, but she is one confused and devastated little girl at the moment, torn between the family she has here in Devon and her friends here, and the family she inherited in Cumbria. Because Steve and her Mum never married, h! e never really officially became her step dad. And her two step sisters, Kate and Emily, are distraught that Kendal has decided to come back to Devon now her Mum has died, especially little Emily. However, there will be lots of visits in both directions now, especially with the everlasting bond provided by Thomas. My Mum didn't like Steve to begin with. He was the man who came between her brother ( Kendal's Dad ) and her sister in law. But now having met him several times, and having the chance to spend a week with his beautiful and kind daughter Emily on holiday, Mum has changed her mind about him. He really is the best, and cares for Kendal just as much as his own two daughters. And whats more, Kendal can take me with her when she visits Cumbria in the future !

Kendal says to send you and Aunty PV some very big hugs and kisses ( hope you don't mind receiving them from me ! ). She also says to everyone how sorry she is that the post she wrote before we went on holiday didn't make it. She seems to think that the Moderator must have objected to her story she told about Emily and her little boyfriend James. Unusual for Kendal to have a post pulled. Its usually me who gets too graphic and has his posts removed ! But I know she thanked everyone personally for their messages of sympathy about her Dad, and she also says that this site has been too clogged up already with sadness and sympathies, so please no messages about her Mum. We've only told you all now because the good people here would have been wondering why Kendal was suddenly living back here in Devon again. She says lets rejoice in the new life that is her baby brother, Tom.

Kendal also says that she will tell a few nappy stories when she comes home, seeing as she has changed Thomas several times !

Because this post is mostly off-subject, I'll finish with one quick story from the holiday. We spent most of our time at a quiet pool area in the apartment complex. The main pools were quite crowded, but for some reason, this one was always quiet, with young families and older folk frequenting it generally. It had a small toilet block, consisting of one toilet and one urinal for the men, and two toilets for the ladies. The door to the toilet in the mens was right behind the urinal. So if someone was in it, and you were stood in front of the urinal, it was difficult to get out of the toilet ! And invariably, if it was unoccupied, the door was wide open, and if you were stood at the urinal and someone wanted to go in, they had to wait for you to finish before they could close the door ! Not clever planning ! Well, I went in to go for a wee one afternoon, and as I opened the outside door to go into the mens, this little kid came skipping out. Now the little kids had no choic! e but to use the toilet for wees etc, because the urinal was too high up the wall for them to reach. He being about 4 years old had clearly exited the toilet and left the door wide open as usual. I took my position in front of the urinal and hadn't actually begun to wee when I was quite startled by a loud pant of breath behind me. I turned and was very surprised to see another young lad, about 6 perhaps, and so similar looking to the other boy that I convinced myself they were brothers, sitting, leant right forward with his swimwear round his ankles, on the toilet. I suppose I should have left, but given that I would have my back to him, I decided to stay, and felt a peculiar excitement about whether I would hear his poo or not ! I began my wee, and sure enough, there was a reasonably loud splash behind me, and another pant. After a further 10 seconds, a second poo splashed quite loudly. My wee was beginning to tail-off and I was wondering how long I could make it last to hea! r if he had any more poos, especially as there was a further period of silence. But just as my wee trickled to a halt, there was sound of rustling paper, a single wipe, a flush, and the kid skipped off happily just as his brother had ! Unfortunately he didn't stop to wash his hands, and having washed mine, I wondered why I had bothered given that I would now have to touch the door handle he had touched with his pooey hands !!

Another quick story ! The three girls and I were taking a breather, sat around a table in the shade, and all of us were watching a little boy, perhaps 16/18 months old, running around completely in the nuddy ! It was Kendal who alerted me as to what was happening, and by the baby pool the yound boy squatted down and squirted wee all over the path ! While we giggled behind our hands, we saw his mother rush over and gather him up into her arms, and begin rushing towards the toilets. She carried him straight past where we were sitting. And he had a two inch poo poking out of his bottom which was being squeezed together by his Mum !! Emily was highly amused by that sight, while Kirsty and Kendal went "eeeeewwwwwww", or something to that effect !

Uncle Rizzo, We are bringing Kendal home tomorrow. I don't know if she will feel like posting yet, and I'm so busy with the GCSEs. So it may be a few days before you hear from either of us again. But be assured. Kendal will be loved to pieces in our house. But then you already know that ! I have been more than grateful to you for your messages in the past. You are a wonderfully kind man. Thank you. Kindest of regards, Andrew.

LINDA GS: Hey Babe ! You've been gone such a long time now ! Has Elena had the twins yet ? Hope you and the cousin household are doing ok XOXOXO.

Where are all the "Huge Log Queens"? I really enjoyed their outrageous tales and escapades! I guess they're taking the "wanted: soft poop and pee stories" seriously. Either that, or their posts are not making it onto here any more. Does anyone know of another forum that wants and posts the "Big Log" stories?

To Christine- I have a large (1/2 gallon) glass container in my bedroom that I piss into during the night and sometimes during the day. I also have a regular plastic urinal that you can buy at a drug store but these only hold 32 ounces - not enough for 2 large pees. From the time I was a kid I enjoyed measuring how much I did and when friends were at my house and had to go we usually measured.
Once my father found a large container of urine in my room and I got into trouble for it. He's like: "What the hell is that??" cause it really stunk. At the time he also found a bottle of wine so he was doubly "pissed!!" Yes we often tasted it. It's an acquired taste - it can be bitter, salty or sweet if the person has consumed artificial sweetener. I once drank out of a school urinal. I asked several girl visitors to pee in my jars when they had to go. Most of them would oblige, but one said: "No way! You will take it to school and tell everyone it's MY piss!!" It was funny at the time. If I don't use the glass jug, I sit on the toilet to go. I'd just rather sit down. In college some women came into the restroom with their boyfriends to see them peeing in urinals. I once had a girlfriend who enjoyed holding my dick as I peed. Another time I was over in a friends front yard and just whipped it out and pissed (we were very drunk). His girlfriend thought it w! as vulgar and silly since I could have just walked in and used their toilet. At one house where I lived, I always peed in a certain spot in the yard. The grass and weeds really took off due to the nitrogenous compounds in the urine acting as fertilizer. Most plants, however, would not like it due to the salt content. In junior high, no one ever flushed the urinals, so toward the end of the day, the piss was very stinky and we tried to see how yellow we could make it. Yeah, you could say I've had a lot of fun with piss.

Peeping Tom
BEN that was your best story ever.

Teenage Dirtbag
One from work today...
At the site where we're working, there's a single portable toilet. It's a slightly different design than the ones we usually have - the usual ones have a sprung flap at the bottom of the bowl, but this one has an open hole off to the side of the bowl.
The only thing is, there's a small flat part at the bottom.

I used said toilet a few times during the day, but only to pee. However, my mate had to take a dump this afternoon. He said he hadn't gone yesterday, so he was slightly constipated. Anyway, he was in there quite a while and returned later asking to borrow a bucket. I asked why, and he said that he'd done a huge solid turd that had rested itself on the small flat bit at the bottom, and was laid against the side of the bowl. No matter how much he worked the flush handle, it refused to wash away.

I really wanted to take a look, but was not about to give away one of my secrets. So I suggested, as a bit of fun, that he used the digital camera we have, and take a picture of it....we would somehow "accidentally" intermingle it with the other site survey pics we send in to the office....

BUT... the plan was thwarted by a lack of power.... the batteries were run down in the camera.

Maybe next time!

Si :)

Oh, and he did succeed in swilling it away with a bucket of water.

No idea where to look for this but one of my friends told me at the weekend that he'd been reading in a magazine about one of the red-coated busby-wearing guards outside Buckingham Palace who had soiled his underpants whilst on duty and was disciplined for doing so! Seems a bit harsh to me - I would have thought that having to stand in messy pants in public would have been punishment enough for the poor guy!

Anyone know what mag he might be talking about - or anyone else read the story?


Hello, all I hope that you have enjoyed a very pleasant week.
Buzzy - I got more than chuckle from your outdoor encounter. I thought it was great. I also hope that you get on a real hot streak, but remember, these things just happen naturally.
Rizzo - Yeah, the old lady and I have kept each other company in the head for almost 37 years, just for piss and giggles. It just never gets old with us.

Friday morning, the old lady and I did some shopping, got the camping gear together, loaded the van, and picked up Mike and Anne at about noon. Then the 4 middle aged fools headed about 1.5 hours north, to an area that we camp and fish at. We got to our destination, drove up a dirt road, and found a nice area just off the road. It was large enough for 2 tents and a cooking area, and there were some dense bushes that would serve as a latrine for the weekend. Poop wise, nothing exciting happened until Sunday morning our last day. On Saturday, we went fishing and just before lunch, something funny happened. As Mike and I were casting for trout, 2 girls appeared on the other side of the creek. Not noticing us, they dropped their drawers, giving us a full ass view. They peed furiously, and as they finished, one of them cut a juicy fart. I grinned as Mike yelled, "Hey Rick, you hear that"? The girls turned, saw us, yelled, "Oh my God"! with a giggle, and started to pull up the! ir pants. "What are you guys doing"? one asked. "Fishing"! I replied. "How long have you been there"? I glanced at my watch, looked at her and said "Since 09:00".
"I'm so embarrassed"! she exclaimed. I raised my reflector glasses above my brow, looked at her and said "Young lady, you and your friend have nothing to be embarrassed about"! They ran laughing up the slope and disappeared. On the way back to camp, I had noticed a path near the main dirt road by the campsite and it gave me an idea. I told Mike and the girls about it and they were game. Sunday morning, we got up and ate a large breakfast that included coffee. I usually don't touch the stuff, but to carry out our plan, I indulged. When breakfast was over and we had cleaned up, we all felt the urge to shit and we went to the spot by the road. It was on a short trail just above the road. The girls were a little plugged up, so they took some fiber capsules before bed on Saturday, and just so they didn't feel left out, Mike and I did likewise. Now we all had to go. We walked to the open area just off the road, with Anne clutching her gut. We walked just off the road, in front ! of a tree, and then we stood arms lengths apart, at 12 (Rick), 3 (Anne), 6 (Mike) and 9 (Kathy) o'clock. We were going to see just how much crap we could produce. We all lowered our shorts, squatted, then decided to all shit on the count of 3. Mike said "GO ahead" as his wife said "Hurry up"! So I yelled "1", and Mike blurted, "On 3 right?", to which his wife said "Come on, I can't hold it"! SO I started again, "1, 2, 2 and " "Come on Rick I'm losing it"! "THREE"!!, I yelled. All 4 of us let loose, there were some very load grunts, and a bunch of soft plops as some rather large poops hit the ground. I had felt a good size one pass, and as I peed, another one snaked its way out. I was finished, so was Mike, but the girls were still pooping. I looked at both of them, and they were still squeezing them out, and grunting loudly. "Where are you going"? Anne asked. "I'm finished", I protested. "Let me wipe you", so I turned towards her, and she cleaned my butt. Mike and Kathy took! turns wiping each other, then Anne said she was done and I got to wipe her cute butt. There were 4 large piles of shit close to each other, but Anne's was huge. She went very little the day before, and there looked to be a 2 footer and 4 smaller turds in her pile. "What are we going to do with all this shit" Anne asked. "Mike and I will bury it", I said. With that, the girls walked back to camp, and Mike and I started digging. What we didn't tell the girls was we were only going to bury the guys' shit. We did that, then I got 2 of the three little signs on sticks I brought and planted them by the girls piles. On my wife's, I wrote "KATHIE'S KA KA", in red. On Anne's, I wrote "ANNIE'S ANAL DOINGS" in red. Mike looked at me with his Huck Finn grin and just shook his head. As we walked to the road, I planted the last sign , printed "THIS WAY", with an arrow pointing towards the tree, then took off with Mike. He was still laughing and shaking his head, and I started laughing. Of ! course, I almost tripped and fell, he started laughing harder, and I wanted to hit him with the shovel. But I looked at that shit eating Huck Finn grin and laughed harder still. A short time later we packed up, broke camp and headed home.

Hi from Scotland.

Its NOT the done thing to put down loads of toilet paper in the pan to stop any kersplonk sounds. It can block the pan, its wastes toilet paper and its dammned unsporting! In my opinion this practice is only permissible if one has an attack of diarrhea or loose stools as this noise can be very unpleasent. So keep the paper in your hand to wipe your bum AFTER a nice big solid jobbie or two have gone "KER-SPLOONK! KURSPLONK! into the pan and enjoyed the sound and let any others listening savour it too. Im sure PPG, CC and others would agree.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Anyone here got interesting pee stories?
Please talk 2 me it u do.

I'm sure everyone but me knows this but is it normal to put heaps of paper in the loo before shitting to avoid splash

to:ChristinePeeing, I peed in a jar once when I was little. I did it over the toilet. It was plastic and I was superised how warm it got. I washed it out when I was done.

Have you ever peed in a store dressing room, bus or anyplace like that?

Eric in Chicago
AUSTIN: You definitely handled the boat situation the right way. In addition to what everyone else has said, remember that when it's your boat, you're legally responsible for the safety of anyone you invite on board, and that means not leaving strangers alone on board.

BEN: I think you're worrying yourself needlessly about what would happen if one of your friends saw you taking a dump at school. I can't believe they'd actually lose respect for you or anything like that. If they made fun of you, it would be just kidding around; they wouldn't be taking it seriously, so neither should you. In any case it would only happen once (If it didn't, I'd question whether "friends" is the right word for them). In fact, you might help some other kid get over his fear about dumping at school.

The thing about social phobias is that you always imagine that doing the thing in question will feel worse than it actually does when you finally do it.

Upstate Dave
Good morning everyone. Pretty soon summer will be here. That means more activities outside. I have a summer story to post. First for Christine peeing some answers for your questions. Yes in the pee in the cup question. I have myself on a college field trip years ago. Also I posted a kids story awhile back of a girl who would pee into a cup standing or sitting down. Also yes in peeing in a swiming pool. Now on to my story.

Our usuall group decided to go down to the lake on a nice Saturday to go swiming. Barbie S, Barbie H, Butch, and myself. We swam went diving and were just having fun fooling around. We had the spot to ourselves. Plus across the road there was a store where we could get sodas snacks etc.

Barbie S and Butch were going to the store again and I decided that I was going out on the lake with our rowboat and Barbie H wanted to go with me. Butch said have fun and would see us in a little while. We got the boat out and Barbie H put on her life preserver and headed out for a ride on the lake.

She was wearing a one piece black suit. I thought was kind of uncomfortable to wear in the sun. She asked a few minutes later could I row closer to shore in the shade because she was getting warm. Ipulled closer to shore into the shade and she thanked me for doing so. We talked as I was rowing. She let out this long slow popping fart and giggled about it. Right after that she said she had to pee real bad. Luckily we were near a friends dock down in the corner of the lake so I rowed in.

I pulled up next to the dock and we both got out. At the end of the dock were some low bushes wich she could go behind and keep out of sight from the lake. Barbie asked could I stand guard and could watch her if I liked at the same time. I stood next to the bushes and could see her over them with no problems.

She pulled the black suit right down and off. She squated down and she started to pee immeadiatly. Her pee made a loud hissing sound as it arced outward. It splashed as it hit the ground. Her pee stream stoped suddenly and a turd started to emerge slowly from her rectum. It was tan in color very firm and quite fat. It continued out slowly till it reached about a foot in length. Barbie had to raise her rear end up because of its length. That piece fell to the ground with a thud.

Right after that one a second piece started coming out. She gave a push to keep it going and shestarted to pee again. Her pee was spashing all over her first piede of poop. The second piece droped and she finished peeing on thast one. She pulled up her bathing suit and we got back in the boat. She said laughingly I thought I only had to pee not poop but I do feel alot better. I replied back thats good and that was a nice port of call stop.

This is a story that was fun for me, but embarrassing for my date. We were on a trip to a bed and breakfast in pebble beach, California. We were driving there at night. No one should try this. The scenery is ocean on one side, and golf course on the other. No lights. Very dark. We had already been on the road for about 2 hours and by the time we got to pebble beach, my date was really needing to go pee bad. She was telling me to hurry, and that she was about to explode. You could already notice a wet spot on her crotch. Well, I drove around it seemed in circles for about a half hour trying to find the bed and breakfast. What made matters worse is that none of the addresses were clearly marked, most of the houses were recessed behind landscaping. After about 45 minutes of going in circles, my date said "PULL THE HELL OVER NOW!!!". That's when it happened. She jumped out and I heard her groan loudly with a sigh of relief. I also heard her pee stream coming out at a very intense ! velocity. Then, out of nowhere come two headlights. As the vehicle pulled up right behind my car, my date came flying in half naked and slammed the door. Apparently she had taken her pants and panties completely off to do her business. She turned to me and said, "I didn't even have a chance to wipe myself. I thought to myself, oh great, now my seat is going to smell like pee. Then I thought to myself, oooo great, now my seat will smell like pee!! She then said, "let's get out of here quick!!!". As I started the engine, she was wiping herself with a napkin. Then a nock came upon her window. She looked up and froze with her hand in her crotch. Then she frantically tried to cover herself with her pants. I rolled down the window and there was a man there with a uniform on. I was thinking, oh great, the police. But it turned out, he was a park ranger. Apparently a lot of people get lost at night here. I gave him the address we were looking for and he said "Ok, put your clothes on ! and follow me". Yes, he did say that. I was laughing hysterically inside, while she was probably trying to come up with ways to kill me. I said to her, "well, that was an experience to remember". She said, that's the only experience you will get out of this trip. Too bad she didn't get the same thrill out of it I did. If she had, we would probably be married right now.

Hi Everyone!

RIZZO: Possibly the best way to answer your question is to describe a wee I had earlier. It's a fairly warm day here and I'm wearing a straight pale blue skirt, 18", which comes to just below mid thigh (often higher when i sit down!). Anyway, when I went into the cubicle I lifted up my skirt far enough to allow me to put my fingers in the waistband of my white lace knickers and pulled them down to my knees before sitting down for a wee. As it was a tight skirt it stayed round my waist whilst I wee'd. When I'm wearing tights I usually find I can pull my skirt up enough to let me pull them down and then lower my knickers. I usually will pull my tights down to just above my knees. Of course, I sometimes wear stockings as well which solves this problem, but thats another story! As to whether I'm attractive I guess depends on your point of view. I'm 5'6, straight blond hair (shoulder length) and a size 8-10 (UK). (or alternatively 34, 24, 28).

LOUISE: Hi girl! I would love to be in your standing pee club! That sounds a load of fun!! I'm probably still really an amateur although I've been having a great time experimenting recently. I never thought a wee could be so much fun! I bet we could have a laugh weeing together in an alley, particularly if Steve were to stand guard. If it was a hot day and I was wearing one of my short summer dresses, do you think Steve would mind holding it up round my waist whilst I wee'd? I think it would be great to wee with the guys around. I'm still fairly shy around people I don't know, but I guess if you were there too! How does it work, shooting wee backwards in the bath? I agree with you about the standing wee at work. It's quite usefull if I'm in a rush to just pull up my skirt at the front and pull my knickers down and go without too much hassle. Have you ever tried that just holding you knickers to one side? I guess your aim has to be better for that! I hope Steve l! ikes what he finds when he gets in later from his training! What do you have in mind. Tell him that tonight, I'm going for dinner with some friends and will be wearing a short silky black dress with my see through black lace knickers underneath (not that I'm going to let anyone see them...!)

Take care

Hi Louise: Just forget what I was going to mention in my last post. I can sympathise with you story about forgetting your knickers that morning and going to school with nothing under your skirt. I remember one time when I was about 15. I went to a mixed school and the girls had to wear knee length royal blue skirts, white blouses and blue jumpers. Anyway, I remember one particular day. It was fairly warm so I wasn't wearing tights, just my standard white cotton knickers under my skirt. Well I was walking to school and to my horror realised that the elastic in my knickers was giving way. I frantically tried to hold them up under my skirt without it looking to obvious. When I finally made it to school I went straight to the girls toilet and after trying everything I could think of, realised there was no alternative but to take them off. Unlike you I went to a mixed school, and at that age boys it seemed would do anything to look up a girls skirt. I had to make sure I k! ept my knees together all day. I don't think any of the boys saw anything. However, just before lunchtime, I was in a history class and felt the urge to wee. I should have gone in the morning break but... Anyway, about half way through the lesson I was getting really desperate and must have started figetting a bit and opening my legs slightly. We were supposed to be working on an essay, but Miss Richardson must have noticed my predicament as she came over and asked me to step outside for a minute. In the corridor, she told me to go for a wee, but then to my utter embarrassment she told me to see her after the period to explain why I was wearing nothing under my skirt. I had my wee and then returned to the class. At the end of the lesson I had to expain the whole saga of the knickers to Miss Richardson. However, I'm still convinced to this day that she got some kind of perverse pleasure of looking up my skirt and seeing my young pussy - we all had our doubts about her sex! ual tendancies... (to the moderator - I'm sorry if this is a little off topic, but thought it worth sharing, hope this is ok).

Golden Drink
TO ChristinePeeing:

Hi! Those are a good couple of questions to ask! Yes, I have peed in a cup plenty of times before and Yes, I have tasted my own pee. It's quite good! Also, you can change the taste of your pee if you drink a lot of diet soda it becomes sweet. Drink a LOT of water and it will taste just like warm water (if you drink enough).

Pee comes out of the body sterile - that is there is no chance of getting sick from drinking it and such. It is composed almost entirely of water - with the rest being dead cells, extra protiens/vitamins/etc. that your body doesn't need.

I have also read that when you wake up in the morning, your morning pee has a chemical that is secreted when you sleep that if you drink, can make your body think you slept more than you have. I forget the name of the chemical... I read it on the net, but can't post the site here, so if you want to find it, keep looking.

I hope this educates some people that pee, while is a waste product, will not harm someone if they drink it.

And to answer your last question, Christine, I have peed through my swimsuit in the pool, but is very hard to do. The water pressure seems to keep my pee inside me, even if I have a full bladder.

Thank you,
Golden Drink (I hope the moderator lets this message in)

Greetings Everyone.

To Coprologist,
I would say there were psychological reasons why I did not become hard as Louise aimed me when I urinated.
I was in a men's room in my workplace, albeit a remote and seldom used facility, and in such a place there has to be some degree of anxiety in that situation whether it be at the conscious or the subconscious level. As a change in erectile state begins in the mind, the little thought screaming away at the back of my mind that someone else might enter would have been enough to block that response. There's more to it than a simple on/off switch! It would have probably been a different matter had I still been a teenager, but now I'm in my mid thirties! Louise often points my penis when we are at home, or even in outdoor locations where we know we have greater privacy, and on those occasions there is more often than not a physical response.
I can only speak from myself, but it not necessarily the case that an erection completely prevents urination. When erect, my flow rate is a fraction of my personal norm, even though I have never yet measured that. It amuses Louise all the same.

To Julie,
Hello there again, sweetheart.
I can just picture you sitting there in your cream jacket and skirt, with the pale pink lace underwear. I'm sure you must have looked a knockout.
That was a very entertaining story about your luchtime wee and poo in the country pub. Haha, not much you could do about the door swinging open when you were dumping. Yep, I wish I had been there to guard the door for you. Quite a view I would have had if I had closed the cubicle door from the inside. Oh, and yes, I could have done the wiping for you. I did post another reply to that message of yours, but perhaps due to the mood I was in at the time, I crossed the line as far as the moderator was concerned, which on relection is probably true. See what you are doing to us poor guys?

To Rizzo,
Yes, I thought you might find that post entertaining! I have had a certain amount of practice at aiming Louise's stream, but I did feel that I was in a pressure situation in the gents. Successfully firing your lady's stream into a urinal at work is a different prospect to casual shooting in the bath or shower. I think I should have noticed earlier that there was some urine dripping onto the floor, but my distant positioning of her from the urinal was born out of an expectation that she might have one of her more potent gushers that might be beyond the containment abilities of the urinal. Perhaps I was mistaken, and yes, maybe I do need more practice, and as you suggest, it is not that I mind that. You know how the ladies always
claim we can't shoot straight!
You think I would dare to deliberately try to make her forget her knickers? The consequences would be unthinkable! I know how she would conspire with her mother to play some outrageous prank on me in return.

To Jeff A,
It's good to hear from you - I couldn't help wondering if there was a problem of some kind. I'm glad I've been able to give you a little support, as it can't be easy and I can imagine how downright frustrating it must be to be left with some permanent damage to the leg. No more Kung Fu training? I'm not sure you should completely give up. Why not work around your limitations, even if you cannot ignore them? Take advice from your cardiologist as well, but why not pursue Wing Chun as an area of development? From what you have said, your problems will preclude the northern styles in which you are trained, but all I am saying is you should look at the other options, and I hope you will. My test is 6 days away as I write this, and you will be in my thoughts at the time, as probably will be the question, "should I go to the toilet yet again?" I hope my guts do not liquefy too badly.

To PV,
I don't know if you have yet cast an eye over the running story I submitted around two posts previously, when I gave an account of Louise's two netballing friends joining us and being rather less than shy about taking their shorts down for an on the spur of the moment distance peeing contest. Louise says those two are not always so well behaved(!), and they didn't want to embarrass _me_ too much! Perhaps they smelled fear!
About the mutual aiming in the gents', I knew it would appeal to you! Indeed she did look gorgeous, standing there and tapping her foot on the floor. Like I said to Rizzo above, I have been getting some practice at aiming Louise's stream, and she has told me if she has been thinking I need to lift a little more, adjust the splay, or change the finger pressure etc. There is an art to it, and I can understand from personal experience how adjusting the position of the fingers can have certain effects. There is quite a skill to it. Perhaps I should refrain from attempting to give the kind of guidance Louise and your good self give to women who wish to learn the method though - I don't think they would listen to me as much!
Spain? Yes, I have high hopes of our next trip. It should be good, and I hope to be able to tell everyone about some sightings as well as things we get up to ourselves. Louise's mother and sister may well be joining us if they dare, as they are both welcome to do. Oh, I agree with you, if you were able to come along as well that would be awesome. I can just imagine it.
"Look at that Aussie woman", someone would gasp as you stand facing the rocks, dousing them in the heat and leaving a wet patch. "She's pissing! Look at those three blondes, they're doing it as well now!"
Actually, if it is still anything like it was on our previous visits, there seemed to be plenty of casual urination. I'm not sure that is was so commonplace that nobody would bat an eyelid, but it seemed to be accepted that it was the done thing.

Bye for now,


Well I'm back from vacation and just finished reading all the posts I've missed.

Well vacation was prety cool. We went to zoo when this event happened. I split up from my family to go find a bathroom because I really needed to pee. Well I saw this lady in her late 20 taking her little girl to the bathroom. The girl must have been about 4 or 5. Well she was grabbing herself and telling her mother she was going have an accident. Well I was just a little bit behind them when I heard the mother say to her little girl that the ladies room was out of order. Well the little girl was about to cry when the mother led her into the mens room. Well I followed them in because my bowles were about to explode. When I went in the mother saw me and said she was really sorry about this. I said not to worry about it. Then I get hit with a really bad cramp and went into the middle stall. I dropped my pants and started to push out a really wet turd when I heard the little girl start to pee in the handicap stall. Well my turd was about half way out when the little girl star! ted to go when I heard the mother tell her child to wait because she had to go too. I was about almost done when I heard the mother start to push out a turd. Then I finished up wiped while seated so I could stay and make her think I was still going. Well the lady finished and wiped and I came out at the same time as her. She told me she was really sorry but she was desperate and had to go. I told her not to worry. We washed our hands and then went our seperate ways.

To Jordan: Yeah I agree with you. Most Port-a-potties are usually messy and nasty but I guess I got lucky.

More Later

To whoever it was that wanted to know exactly what it feels like to mess your pants - I posted a few times about accidents had by me and my friends ages ago (around pages bi-br or so and eu iirc), but I can add more precise detail. This is based on a couple of big accidents I had when I was a kid, which are still embedded in my memory in veridical detail.

The first one I'll write about happened when I was 6, and was in an art class in an unfamiliar part of my primary school. I was sat on a hard wooden bench near the teacher around a large workbench, at which we were making clay plates. I started to feel that I needed a pooh soon after the class started, but I ignored it as I was far too shy to ask to leave the classroom - particularly given that I didn't know where the toilet was in that part of the school and didn't want to have to ask. I could feel the urge building up as the class went on - it came in surges, so I'd feel fine for a while, then the pressure would start to increase again. At each peak, I was almost ready to ask to leave the classroom, but I managed to hold on. It never crossed my mind that I might mess my pants, as I hadn't had an accident since I was about 2 or 3. Eventually, the pressure was so bad that I was getting a pain near my pubis bone (the one you can feel just above your genitalia), and I could ! no longer concentrate on doing anything else properly. The actual accident happened very suddenly - one minute I was struggling to hold in the pooh, the next minute it was rapidly flowing out into my pants. The immediate sensation was one of relief - rather like going to the toilet when desperate - combined with the rushing sensation of the pooh leaving my body, and a warm squishy sensation as it flowed between my legs and around my crotch, and up the back of my bottom. Very rapidly all these sensations gave way to an overriding sense of panic at what I'd done - I had no idea what to do, and I was mortified - fortunately, the teacher noticed but just asked if I 'wanted to go to the toilet', so I asked where it was and walked there. The pooh was soft enough that I could walk unhindered, especially as my pants were quite tightly fitting. When I got to the toilet, I pulled down my pants and trousers and saw that the former were covered in a deep layer of orange pooh. I'd managed ! to hold some back, which I let out in the toilet - I then wiped my bottom, using that crackly Izal toilet roll (I distinctly remember the feel of it as I wiped, as the sheets seemed huge at that age and the sensation of wiping off such soft pooh was quite odd). I quickly realised I wasn't going to be able to clear up very well, so I put the pants back on [hey, I was 6 :)] and went back to class and sat down. The feeling of sitting in the pooh was actually rather nice, as it wasn't too smelly and I was young enough not to find it too intrinsically unpleasant. I remember thinking it was like having a soft warm cushion to sit on. At break, I needed to go again, and this time decided to just let go - after all, my pants were already very thoroughly messy, and I thought it might look like I'd been even more desperate that way (and get into less trouble). Letting it go voluntarily felt very daring, and the main new sensation was that it warmed my pants up again, stopping them from f! eeling too sticky and cold. At the end of the day I went home, where my mum realised I'd had an accident and took me upstairs to clean me up. This involved the pants being peeled off me and down my legs, which was quite an odd sensation - finally I was put in the shower to wash the blobs of pooh off my skin. The sensation of being in clean clothes again was also quite nice, as the pooh sensation was getting gradually less and less pleasant as it went cold...

In contrast with this, when I was 7 I got involved in a dare with some friends where we all had to purposefully pooh our pants in class. I waited until one afternoon I felt I needed to go reasonably badly (by this stage in school I would've been happy to go to the toilet under other circumstances). I then stood up and wandered slightly into a corner, and pushed out a huge firm turd. This time, it was immediately quite unpleasant, as as soon as I sat down it felt very uncomfortable and scratchy, and I started to fidget. It also smelled quite bad even to me, and the teacher soon found out and wasn't at all happy. I went to the toilet and lifted the giant pooh out with toilet roll - it left an itchy skidmark slightly larger than a 20 note in my pants, which I tried unsuccessfully to hide when I got home.

Now to go back to lurking for another couple of years :)

Hi Louise,

Yes, that was a delightful escapade in the men's room at Steve's work -- what a pity it can't happen more often, though with any pleasure it's the rarety that makes it the sweeter!

How I'd have loved to be there in the alley with you, and flood the gutter too! It must be great to feel the night air wafting on your bottom as you squat.

Yes, all my pieces were an inch or less thick that time. They just rocketed out of me in seconds! I notice my bowel rhythm has changed, I'm pooing earlier by hours now than I did months ago.

Here's something interesting -- I dirtied my panties for the first time in my life today!

I was really needing to go but I was very busy doing this and that, and just holding it in. I knew I was close to having no choice but to go, I thought I was doing okay, but had the feeling something was going on at the back door... When I eventually sat on the toilet I discovered I had put a wet brown stain at the tight point of the vee of my white thong!

I opened my bowels and dropped a major load of soft matter, a fairly wicked shit, like a dense hot fudge sundae -- yuck! I took my panties right off, and when I was finished (it took me ages to clean up, I even spotted my leggings as well!) I rinsed my thong with the hose in the yard before tossing my undies in the washer.


You ask women about wiping habits, but assume that if one uses only tp one automatically has a dirty bottom. This is quite incorrect. I use only tp, and clean up completely by virtue of simply spitting on the paper to wash my anus, inside and out. It's not very diffulty to be clean, though I admit some folks are built differently to others, and cleaning up can take different levels of effort. I know I would need even less effort if I removed the hair around my anus, which can at times trap faecal particles.


You ask if anyone has ever peed in a cup -- I have. I used a mewasuring cup to catch my water when I was checking my bladder capacity, so I guess that counts. And I've peed in plastic cups once or twice when I needed to go and it was a handy receptacle... You also ask if anyone has tasted urine. Well, though this is essentially a sexual act, the moderator has let your question through, so I guess it's due an honest answer. Yes, I have. I've taken a sip of my urine just for the hell of it, to see what it was like (I didn't particularly go for it!). Many folks do, it's part of a rich sex life for lots of people, though as you'd expect some like it more than others! There have been folk traditions all over the world that ascribe therapeutic benefits to the use of urine for such things as cleansing scrubs -- the alkaline chemistry is said to be good for the skin! Others believe drinking urine has good effects on the health (I know of no scientific basis for this). While urine ! is of course a waste product, in moderation is does no physiological harm to the drinker. In quantity it will probably stress the kidneys with double-filtration, yet so long as the person's system (whether giver or receiver) is well-hydrated, the concentration will be low enough to be within the capacity of the kidneys. That's purely technical, urine-drinkers usually engage in their fun for entirely erotic reasons. (Mr. Moderator -- if this discussion is inappropriate, please trim this last paragraph.)

Cheers all, especially dear Louise,

Your friend,


Hi, a first time posting but I've read the site for ages with great enjoyment. I'm really with Samantha as I love peeing outside, also in the UK. In theory I'd like to be seen but in practice I'm always very careful not to be. My compromise is to do it where I hope passers-by will see the results. When I go out riding on my bike it's good to really save it up so I'm absolutely bursting. I soon have to stop and pee whilst standing up on the bike. Anybody else do that?

When I was cleaning high school bathrooms, I occassionally would find HUGE loads in the girls toilets. I think many of the girls were constipated and let out 4-5 days worth at one time. I would inspect the loads and found seeds, bits of corn or carrot, and what looked like citrus membranes in the shit. This type of load was always hard and knobby. Sometimes I had to break it up with a stick before flushing. I would clean right after the final bell so a few girls would wander in and use the bathroom while I was there.

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