Gruntly Bogwell
Well, since I have been away, its good to see that some of the old regulars are still here, especially the Latino "belle of the bottom" stories, Carmalita. My latest adventure in the jolly old land of defecatorium was most mind-blowing. I was out for a walk in this wooded park nearby with lots of trails criss-crossing, some more remote than others. I was walking along this ravine about fifteen feet deep, which was overgrown with heavy brush in the middle. I got the old outdoor urge to bog, so I clambered down the steep sides and secreted myself in the bushes below this large log, which had fallen across the top of the ravine. I lowered my black shorts and white briefs in the dense thicket, squatting to avoid a poo fall on my jogging shoes (something Carmalita had trouble with when she did the outdoor buddy dump with Ms. Tesa). My bowels soon opened and a twelve-incher split my cheeks falling with a FLUMP into the dirt at the bottom of the ravine. I rose up to peek at my! anal offering, brown and knobby at the start, tapering to soft and lighter colored at the end. Hunching back down I served up two more soft mush pieces and a little sphincter spit at the end. Using leaves, I was wiping my bum…when I heard female voices in the forest, giggling, laughing and talking as they made their way along the top of the ravine. They halted above me and I crouched down further in the thicket to avoid detection, while trying to keep my naked booty out of my poo pile. A female voice announced, "OK pledges, this is your final test to see if you qualify to join our sorority" This was followed by both nervous and wicked laughter from what I gathered was a sizeable group of college age women. The voice went on, "As you know we have to share many things in the sorority house, including bathrooms, of which there are too few to go around during the morning rush to get to classes. You will definitely have to overcome your need for bathroom privacy, if we are ! all going to make it each morning. Therefore, we have designed this last little test of your desire to join our ranks. Each of you five remaining pledges will, go out on this log to the dead branch sticking up in the middle and take a poop into the ravine, wiping your self with the maple leaves, we will provide you." Loud laughter coupled with muffled groans…a small nervous poo came out of me as it dawned on me what I was about to see, my heart rate went up, my breathing shortened, I became tumescent and some flies around my poo pile bumped into my ass. Cries of "Do we have to?" were followed by "If you want to join the most prestigious sorority on campus!" "Pledges, why do you think we told you to hold it for two days, it wasn't hazing, that's illegal here, its so you wouldn't have too much trouble with this final test."

Tentatively an blonde with a great tan, matching pink shorts and top, her hair in a pony tail, made her way out on the log, grasped the middle branch, lowered her shorts, revealing a white thong, creasing her but cheeks, which had a bikini tan across them. She wiggled around and plopped her but on the log with her feet dangling into the air on the far side. Her ass spread out along the log and a long stream of pee flowed from her underside. I couldn't believe what was happening…a fart split the air and she began to dome…her brown eye, released its load slowly, cheered on by the rest of the sorority, out of sight in the bushes at the top of the ravine. Her reddish-brown log grew to eight inches, she strained as it broke off and fell into the bushes three feet from, hanging in the branches before twisting to earth. She sighed and bore down again…another doming released a four-incher, bucked a few times and got a softer piece to come out. "You go girl," came a cry for th! e top of the ravine. The red-faced blonde began to wipe with the leaf, folding it over and over and moving it up and down her crack before letting it float into the ravine. She got herself together and tip toed off the log to the cheers of her new sorority sisters. Next came a buxom Asian American, with shoulder-length black hair held in a sweat band, a college tee shirt and black shorts and a fabulous ass. Her panties were pink, and she squatted on the log beside the branch without sitting down. She was all business, grunting loudly to get her hole to open up under these trying circumstances. Her sphincter tension broke with a rush of yellowish-brown poop…UUMMMMMM…she went as the poo chain lengthened and fell off and three more chunks came out in rapid succession. With the OOH's and AHH's coming from the unseen gallery in the woods, you would have thought it was a fireworks show. She PTTTUUPPPPPppppped a fart and began wiping with her leaf pausing to piss for good mea! sure…her stream striking low on the log and splattering over the bushes below….more flies from my pile bumped my ass and began to be attracted to the growing pile in the bushes in front of me. She made her way off the log to applause.

The next girl was a red-head with naturally curly hair that hung in ringlets to her shoulders and very white skin. She had blue eyes and a cute little upturned nose. She teetered out on the log, pulled down her tan shorts, from below her white blouse, with puffy sleeves at the shoulders, then her white bikini pants, revealing her porcelain white ass. Her hole was, of course brown, and she strained to unburden her bowels, with little EH…EH…UMMM…EH…Eehhhh sounds. She was having a hard time overcoming her embarrassment, but the other sisters in the woods shouted encouraging words. She bore down with renewed vigor and out popped a brown ball turd that dropped with a small crash into the bushes. More pushing produced another two brown rounders and she stopped her straining to pee vociferously into the ravine in front of me. She leaned forward to strain and almost fell of the log, barely catching herself on the branch in t he middle of the log. She caught her breath and! strained out a long brown knobby ended turd to the cheers of the other coeds, panting heavily her hole finally relaxed and let fall two days of pent-up poop. I have to admit it was getting pretty funky in my hiding place, n\but I was trapped…I'm sure discovery of me in the bushes would not have been pleasant, my knees began to throb from squatting there watching the scene unfolding above me. The red-head finished with her leaf and crept exhausted back along the log to a hearty reception.

Next came one of the most beautiful Latino women I have seen in a long time, tall with shapely tan legs, blue jeans shorts cutoffs a yellow blouse, black hair down to her shoulders. Her ass was unbelievable and it was pointed down toward my hiding place, as she struggled with her yellow thong panties, pulling them clear of her dark pubic hair, draping her muscular ass along he log and expelling a dark yellow stream of pee. A loud long spluttering fart rent the air. Her hole opened to emit the fart and I could see into the dark recesses of her bowels, while the coeds in the woods laughed and hooted. Her next fart was stopped short by a turd, which filled her open hole and began to emerge, it was shapely and dark brown, with smooth crinkles and eased out with the coeds commenting on it, then it fell heavily into the bushes below. Her anus, pooched in and out four times, before another shapely cigar formed between her cheeks and found its way out with a minimum of straining. Her hole bucked once more and I was transfixed by it winking at me form between her lovely tan butt cheeks. Once more we were treated to a brown cheroot, before she began cleaning her hole with deft strokes of the leaf, complaining that she didn't have enough leaf for so much poop. She slowly stood up and raised and adjusted her yellow thong into place…I marveled at the way it disappeared between her rounded cheeks, She hoisted her cutoffs and made her way of the log to the l\delight of her sorority sisters. Finally, an African-American coed with curly short hair, forming to her head. Her large breasts, pushed out of a Mets t-shirt and she had a healthy butt filling out her tan shorts. She tugged her shorts and pink bikini panties down over her very rounded bottom with a struggle and plopped down on the log, shaking a bit. She tried grunting hard to quickly get through the ordeal UHHHN… UHHHNNN… NNNHHGGHHHG, but nothing happened. The other girls tried to cheer h er on, but it was becoming painfully obvious that she was not going to have any luck after several tries and me watching her dark brown anus pooch pink, in and out to produce a poo and be accepted to the sorority. A voice from the woods said, Janie what's wrong with you, didn't you hold it for two days. The girl on the log began to cry and blurted out… "NO, I got so nervous about coming out here in the woods that I pooped when I took a pee, before we left….I (sob, sob) couldn't hold it any longer!" She really broke down then. The other coeds took pity on her, when one spoke up "That's right I was in another stall in the rest room back on campus and I heard Janie saying 'Oh no, Oh no'… as she pooped…I think she was trying to hold it back, but couldn't. "OK, OK" said the authoritative voice from the woods above the ravine, "Janie, you just sit there a while and maybe something will happen…maybe you didn't poop out your entire two-day load." Janie stopped crying and rested on the log above, while I ogled her brown butt cheeks, spread over the log. Five minutes went by…my legs really ached from crouching…the flies were getting worse and the smell from the leavings of four coed bottoms was almost overpowering, especially since some of the turds from the test had torn apart when they went into the bushes making the smell worse than a compacted turd. At last Janie began to stir, she leaned way forward and started straining with all her might…her hole stretched taunt from this maneuver and began to turn out showing the rectal pink…a little curl of soft yellowish brown poo slowly came out of her outturned anus…it wasn't much, but cheers rang through the forest. Panting heavily, Janie slid the leaf up and down her tortured nether hole, until it was sticky with the little bit of soft poo. She struggled shakily off the log to the arms of her celebrating sorority sisters. The happy throng departed and I was able to come out of hiding, but with an ar! ousal that didn't go down until I got back to the parking lot. My legs hurt for three days from the cramped position, but my mind kept spinning back to the sights of those beautiful booties, the sounds and smells of that day in the woods.

To ChristinePeeing: I admit i've tasted my own pee several times...well it taste salty....but if you've been drinking alot of water or some other liquid it doesn't taste bad.

Traveling Guy
TAMMY - Sorry about your bout of diarrhea on your Mexico trip. "Monteczuma's revenge" caught up with you. I know exactly what you went through. When I lived in Ecuador, I was forever fighting off the amoebas, but it seems that they usually won. It happened so often that a doctor once asked me if I wash my hands after using the john. (Duh!) A typical case found me running to the can many times in one day and laying down a big load of soft, mushy poop each time. The smell was odd, too, hard to describe, like no other poop smell I've had before or since. And that rumnbling in the bowels and the burning sensation at the anus are awful, aren't they? All this was a lot to ask of a guy who usually enjoys long, soft, easy to pass jobbies. Hope you stay well now. And please don't let your incident keep you from traveling to other countries. Please tell us about your next really good dump.

GRATEFUL - Bravo! Keep up the good work!

SAMANTHA - I'm with you, love. Let's make it a crusade. You take the UK and I'll handle the US, and Canada, to boot. Let's break down those silly social inhibitions with an open door policy. Start big, I say, with you dumping a good load outside No. 10 Downing and me at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Our campaign speech: "Mumbo jumbo, rhubarb, rhubarb, peeing and pooping in the streets. We'll dump right on the beaches and we'll soil all the sheets!" (With thanks to "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.")

Friday, June 08, 2001

I want to say thanks to all of you. Yesterday I crapped in a public restroom for the first time ever, and if it wasn't for all of your stories I wouldn't have been able to do it. I feel as if I've reached a milestone by getting over my fear of crapping in a public restroom. It was pretty easy; I was relaxed and the balls just dropped out of me.
Thank you everybody!

I swear, my best friend will never stop teasing me about that accident I had. And it is so annoying. Oh, and another part about when I walked out of the classroom a f***ing mess? Well, everyone was staring at me (DUH) and even one of the teachers, who is really nice, was not tactful! He was like, "my god, Maggie, did you get sick? you should go to the nurse!" and I was thinking, "i got sick -- but only because i had an accident and the smell made me puke. I'm not actually sick. man, it was so embarrassing!

Billy the Kid (aka Billy L.)
Yesterday, we went to the zone for a field trip. We had to leave about 6:30 in the morning. We stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast at about 9:30. After breakfast, I had to poop. I was on the toilet for about 5 minutes, but only dropped a few logs. Paul had to go too. We had only 5 minutes left, so he had to hold it. ABout a half hour later, Paul couldn;t wait any longer. He went up told the teacher, be he said he would have to wait. So he went back to his seat. He had a large coke at breakfast which he finished on the bus. So he dropped his pants, put the cup under his butt and pooped. He dropped one large log, which was ont he side of the cup. Then he dropped a bunch of loose stuff in the cup and filled it about half way. He wiped with some napkins. Then he whipped out his zipper and finished filling the cup. He put the lid on it and put back in the bag. He was careful to keep the cup up until he threw it out.

While we were at the zoo, we had lunch. ABout 1 hour later we were watching a movie at the zoo about snakes. It was one of those little rooms that seats like 20 people. Then the urge to poop hit me again. After the movie, we went to the bathroom. The bathroom was weird one. The toilet was one of those low volume ones. I sat down and dropped my load. I dropped 3 pretty big turds and pretty much filled the hole. Paul had to poop two logs and Bob took a massive dump with about 6 pretty big logs. When we were done pooping, the poop was higher thant he water. We all waited to pee, so we and two other kdis peed at the same time. We got poop all over the inside of the bowl. Then we flushed. In about 1 second the entire load was gone. But there was splattered poop from when peed all over hte inside of hte bowl plus massive streak marks. It was pretty nasty.

Everyone here talks about big diarrhea accidents, but no one actually says what it feels like. I've never had an accident that I can remember, but am just a curious reader. Could someone please describe in detailn what it actualy feels like when you crap in your pants? I'd really appreciate it.

TO DAZZ-Haven't heard from you in awhile-yes,the rubber band trick works very well-some time ago,i went out with a girl who's sister had it done and it worked great-so go get it done,buddy,you don't need those hemmeroids bothering you!
TO RJOGGER-Hope you got a chuckle out of my buddy poo yesterdaya.m.Hey,i hope now i can get on a hot streak like you with seeing women pooing in the woods-I was going to go out there this a.m.,but it was a bit cloudy and spritzing some misty rain so i stayed in-Haven't dumped yet this a.m-maybe later-I'm going to try and make it back to the woods this week and maybe i'll see that woman again-seemed like she was into buddy pooing-I still can't believe that whole thing happened!I really hope we can get together and do some good pooin'Some great posts all-Hey CARNMELITA-wish you were here in the i could meet you in the woods some nice morning for a poo-rondevous(sp?)Sorry for some of the type-errors-my tying kinda sucks and when i type on the submission space the print is soooo small i can hardly see it and for some reason,i cannot make it bigger-despite some suggestions for some of you-so try to bear with me OK?Love this forum!!BYE

Traveling Guy
JANE - The word "baba" for a jobbie... That's a new one for me but I like it. That's what I used to call a baby bottle, I think.

DIEGO - Hello, new friend from Italy! Yes, please tell us your outdoor pee stories. Do not worry about your English. We're a very tolerant group here, I think, and we will be patient. I would love to hear about Italian ladies peeing al fresco. Let the adventure begin!

To DBstarman: I enjoyed your story of the sufer dude having to shit. it must have been cool to see.

To Austin: No Man I don't think you were too hard on those girls. You didn't know them. It wouldn't have been right if you had to leave so they could use the bathroom. You didn't know them they could steal something or your boat

Sunday night i was online and i had to shit so i got off and went to the bathroom and i sat down and pushed out a 14 inch log which was brown and it had corn in it, i had eatten corn 1 day before. Then on Monday i had to poop again and that had corn in it as well. I haven't been since( 2 days). Well maybe later tonight

once after school walkng home i had to go so i ran to the bathroom but didet make it so i started to cry and totaly crapped my panties when i got home only my mom was there she took me upstairs and cleaned me up witch was completly embarasing because iam 11 but allreadyfully deveped. shit was every where my pussy too so she was wiping my pussy witch allready had a big black bush. that nigt she maid me where my little sisters diaper to bed and i woke up in a big huge turd.we went to the doctor apprently i have bowel problen and too mouths later i am still wearing diapers too bed and every mornig my mom changes me

Does anyone haere have interesting pee stories?
Has anyone here peed in a cup be fore?
Has anyone tasted someone's / their own pee?
has anyone peed in the pool through their swimsuit?

That's all 4 today

heres another one for all of ya. yesterday my friend alyssa and i were walking back home from her house. Its about a mile. we were talking along the way and all of a sudden alyssa stoped dead. i asked her whats wrong. She told me she had to poop really bad. i told her she only had a half a mile to go. She said she couldnt hold it it hurt to bad so i said you either shit in your pants or squat by the side of the road. She decided to squat by the road. she pulled of her tight jean shorts and handed them to me. just as she pulled down her pink panties the watery shit came flying out. her ass sounded like it was pushing out water. it kept coming and coming. i watched every minute of it and i kept asking her if she was alright. she told me she felt sick. i told her to just keep pushing you will feel beter when your done. she pushed harder and a stream of brown water shot out. she said she was done so i gathered her up some nice leaves and she wiped. she said she f elt horible still and as she got up she looked back down at her little pile of watery chunks i saw her cover her mouth and then she vomited all over my shoes and the street. it was so disgusting but very fun to watch.

I kinda enjoy having my friend in Bloomington,IN to wax my
buttocks and anus. I sure didn't know that riding a horse
would wear off the hair on a person's buttocks and anus.
SANDRA: Where are you? We haven't seen your posts in a while.


Hi! I'm new to this site but have an experience that happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I just received my undergrad. degree from college and my parents wanted to do something special for me as kind of a reward. They sent me and two of my sorority sisters (Kim & Rita) for a few days in Acapulco, Mexico. We were really excited about the trip! We made it down fine and were partying on the beach by afternoon. We decided (after several drinks) to go back to the hotel room, freshen up and go out for dinner. The dinner was great and we were all aware of watching what you eat & drink down there. We finished up had a couple of more drinks & went back to the hotel to "crash" because we had big plans the following day.
The next morning though my ???? and bowels literally woke me up. I hurried to the bathroom dropped my panties and sat there with a touch of diarrhea. I figured it was just a one time thing. We all got ready for the day and had a light breakfast at the hotel buffet. After that we all needed to return to the hotel room to get some minor things for our day out. Right off the elevator I felt my stomach & bowels churn and rumble. Luckily we were close to the room and when we were in I headed straight to the bathroom. I dropped my shorts and panties for the second time that morning and had diarrhea really bad. By now I was worried I might be getting 'the bug' and told Kim & Rita to go out without me and that I needed to stay in close to the toilet. And its a good thing I did.
About every 45 mins. to an hour or so I had to get to the bathroom and sit with diarrhea so bad I thought I was gonna die. I had the worst ???? cramps. At one point, I sat on the toilet leaned forward with my knees and rear end spread and watched a stream of watery diarrhea scream out my anus. Right after that I hurried down to the hotels "gift shop/pharmacy" to get some anti-diarrheal medication. They helped some, but I still had the runs the next day & stayed close to bathrooms (I was able to get out for some sight seeing/shopping). Anyway, the last day we were there I was fine. Unfortunatly, Rita caught what I had on the trip back. On the way home from the airport we had to stop at two "convience" stores so she could relieve her terrible diarrhea. She was o'k the next day but we all learned a hard lesson! Well, thats all for now and if anyone has any travellers stories that compare to mine I'd like to hear them!

Hey everyone. I have a good story from about 3 months ago. I was in the movie theater and while a couple of my friends and i were waiting in line, i began to feel sort of a gas cramp down below but it seemed to dissapate within a few minutes. About halfway through the movie the cramps began to come back. It didnt really feel like diahrra but i still had to go. After the movie was over i said hell with it, i had to go. And with this being one of those rundown main street theaters with 3 movies availiblem i was not looking forward to using their facilities. I told my friend cody, "hey yall just go ahead and wait for me outside." I proceeded to the mens room. Oddly enough for a friday night, there was hardly ANYONE else at the theater. We saw about 4 girls toghether and a few other people but that was it. At least i would have privacy. Igot into the stall and sat down on the toilet and didnt even have to strain as a HUGE 18 inch log just slid out of me. It was smooth and very thi! ck. I was a bit worn out so i didnt wipe yet. And of course there were no stall doors. I was getting ready to wipe when i noticed 2 17 year old girls bust through the door. They were both caucasian. They were about the same height but one did look a bit heavy. They were both pretty hot though. they ran over to the stall right next to me and i heard one of them say "women's room out of order my ass!...god tia hurry up." I heard one of them pull down their pants and underwear and damn near explode with a fart and this very soft but thick sounding crap. I heard a series of farts and wet sounding splatters. "frrrtplooop!" it was kinda like. Oh and this went on for like 2 minutes. Right when i heard her say "ok ok im done" and pull her pants up she said "oh shit wait not yet!" She pulled her pants down again and another wave of frrrRRRRploooOOPP! about 20 seconds of what i was sure was diahrrea. I heard the other girl say "daaaaamn what the hell have you been eating lately?" The gi! rl said..."hell i dont know anymore." I then heard her wipe and say "ok NOW im done." the other girl spouted "oh good" and begin to undo her belt from what i heard. All this time, im still sitting there just listening. The girl sat down and blew a really loud and dry fart. I then heard a hard grunt and then another fart and then loud crackling as a long turd pressed out of her and splashed loudly. Then i heard some more crackling and some softer turds were hitting the water (10-12 i assume) then i heard her wipe and pull her pants back up. Then, sure enough i heard a cell phone ring. "the bigger girl answered and said "mandy....yeah we're both here shitting" I snickered a bit and figured the girls were gonna say something to me but then one girl said, "oh damnit shes out there with Ben waiting." then they both dashed right out of the bathroom. Nobody said anything to me. I got up and pulled my pants back up and walked over to the next stall after the door shut and saw one real! ly big sunken pile of wet crap (cow pit style) and about 10 small fat turds and a broken 12 inch log. The smell was pretty bad. I gave it a flush and washed my hands and left. Damn fine time id say.

Julie - Your stories are really really cool. Please post some more.

Yo, Upstate Dave - You seem to have some good luck with the BM experiences. I liked your story about Barbie H. Keep them going.

Everyone - Keep the stories coming.

-Peace to the Bowels.

heres another one for all of ya. yesterday my friend alyssa and i were walking back home from her house. Its about a mile. we were talking along the way and all of a sudden alyssa stoped dead. i asked her whats wrong. She told me she had to poop really bad. i told her she only had a half a mile to go. She said she couldnt hold it it hurt to bad so i said you either shit in your pants or squat by the side of the road. She decided to squat by the road. she pulled of her tight jean shorts and handed them to me. just as she pulled down her pink panties the watery shit came flying out. her ass sounded like it was pushing out water. it kept coming and coming. i watched every minute of it and i kept asking her if she was alright. she told me she felt sick. i told her to just keep pushing you will feel beter when your done. she pushed harder and a stream of brown water shot out. she said she was done so i gathered her up some nice leaves and she wiped. she said she f! elt horible still and as she got up she looked back down at her little pile of watery chunks i saw her cover her mouth and then she vomited all over my shoes and the street. it was so disgusting but very fun to watch.


How on earth did you manage to urinate with Louise holding your penis? Most men would have been rock hard and in that situation nothing will come out...

Today's post
I did my business today in a pay toilet. I resent having to pay to piss, but if you need a shit, paying ensures that you have cleaner, well-maintained surroundings. Anyway, I was on the pot just finishing my shit when I heard a guy outside ask his wife if she had 10 pence (15 cents) for the toilet. She obviously gave him it because he came in and went into the adjacent stall (there only are two in this particular gents). I listened intently, as this is usually the fun stage, as you hear guys pull down their pants and sit on the pot. But alas there were no grunts or farts just a couple of soft plops. By then I was almost done wiping my shithole, when the smell arrived. It really stank the place out! The smell from other peoples' shit is always worse than the smell of your own. In any case, I always reduce the risk of smell and skidmarks by promptly flushing after my first installment of turds, and at regular intervals during the rest of the defecation. Anyway, the smell ma! de me pull my pants up double quick and exit from the stall. At that point an automatic fan comes on, and I hoped that it would deal with the other guy's stink as I washed my hands.

Kevin L
Yesterday, while my brother Billy was at a big zoo, we went on a field trip to a petting zoo. It was the first field trip the first graders got to go on, so there were a lot of parents (kids in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades went). We left early and stopped at a burger king for breakfast. After breakfast, I had to make my morning poop. This burger king has two toilet and two urinals. The walls are down around the toilets. I guess some high school kids have been breaking them, so they took them down. When I got in, no one was in the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet. Right behind me was a mother and her first grade son. She said the womens room is crowed and Mikey need to go. WOuld it be ok if they came in? I said, yeah. So he sat right down. I was pushing out my last log, and cousin Billy and Bob came in. Billy had to poo to, so he sat down. Bob peed while I talk to Billy about our soccer game. The little boy wiped and got up. In the toilet were 3 little turds about 1/2 round and 2 ! inches long. Our little brothers make poop at one time than that. Anyway, then this big fat guy, like 400 lbs came in. He sat down. When he sat on the toilet, the wall made a lot of noise. Then he dropped tons of turds and really stunk up the place. Billy finished up and we washed our hands and left.

Wew stayed at the petting zoo for about 4 hours. We left about 1:00 pm and went ofr lunch. A lot of the little kids were whinign about being hungry. Anyway, we stopped at a McDonalds about 10 minutes later. We ate and Bob and me needed a poop. I went into the bathroom. There was one stall and a urinal. I sat down and dropped a few logs. While I was wiping, I heard the same little boy saying to his mother, there is someone in there. She said, go in there and stand in line for your turn. I finished up. Bob was waiting, but the little boy said I can't wait, so bob let him go first. Because I thought bob was going next, I did not flush. So the kid pooped over my poops. It was one of those toilets that you cna flush with your feet and the kid wasn't able to flush it. The kid wiped and left. THis time he made a major poop. There was 3 huge logs on my toilet paper. He used only one sheet of paper to wipe though. I hope is underwear don't have big streak marks. Bob went in and did! his poop. I left, because it was time to get on the bus. The kid and I left at the same time. The mother said, see, next time you are on a field trip, you can go by yourself. He smiled and said yes.

I love the posts in here from people who like me, just love the natural bodily functions of a nice big shit and a depserate pee. Here in the UK we have for too long been very conservative and secretive over these matters - but I am aiming to change all that! I am a big fan of shitting in public places where theres an element of danger of being seen by passers by. If caught (now and then!) I just smile and say it was an urgency and then carry on farting and shitting! If I have been drinking lots of coffee I can pee for an average of 2 minutes continually and my shit logs are always firm and not too smelly. Better go - Will write more soon X

To whoever it was that wanted to know exactly what it feels like to mess your pants - I posted a few times about accidents had by me and my friends ages ago (around pages bi-br or so and eu iirc), but I can add more precise detail. This is based on a couple of big accidents I had when I was a kid, which are still embedded in my memory in veridical detail.

The first one I'll write about happened when I was 6, and was in an art class in an unfamiliar part of my primary school. I was sat on a hard wooden bench near the teacher around a large workbench, at which we were making clay plates. I started to feel that I needed a pooh soon after the class started, but I ignored it as I was far too shy to ask to leave the classroom - particularly given that I didn't know where the toilet was in that part of the school and didn't want to have to ask. I could feel the urge building up as the class went on - it came in surges, so I'd feel fine for a while, then the pressure would start to increase again. At each peak, I was almost ready to ask to leave the classroom, but I managed to hold on. It never crossed my mind that I might mess my pants, as I hadn't had an accident since I was about 2 or 3. Eventually, the pressure was so bad that I was getting a pain near my pubis bone (the one you can feel just above your genitalia), and I could ! no longer concentrate on doing anything else properly. The actual accident happened very suddenly - one minute I was struggling to hold in the pooh, the next minute it was rapidly flowing out into my pants. The immediate sensation was one of relief - rather like going to the toilet when desperate - combined with the rushing sensation of the pooh leaving my body, and a warm squishy sensation as it flowed between my legs and around my crotch, and up the back of my bottom. Very rapidly all these sensations gave way to an overriding sense of panic at what I'd done - I had no idea what to do, and I was mortified - fortunately, the teacher noticed but just asked if I 'wanted to go to the toilet', so I asked where it was and walked there. The pooh was soft enough that I could walk unhindered, especially as my pants were quite tightly fitting. When I got to the toilet, I pulled down my pants and trousers and saw that the former were covered in a deep layer of orange pooh. I'd managed ! to hold some back, which I let out in the toilet - I then wiped my bottom, using that crackly Izal toilet roll (I distinctly remember the feel of it as I wiped, as the sheets seemed huge at that age and the sensation of wiping off such soft pooh was quite odd). I quickly realised I wasn't going to be able to clear up very well, so I put the pants back on [hey, I was 6 :)] and went back to class and sat down. The feeling of sitting in the pooh was actually rather nice, as it wasn't too smelly and I was young enough not to find it too intrinsically unpleasant. I remember thinking it was like having a soft warm cushion to sit on. At break, I needed to go again, and this time decided to just let go - after all, my pants were already very thoroughly messy, and I thought it might look like I'd been even more desperate that way (and get into less trouble). Letting it go voluntarily felt very daring, and the main new sensation was that it warmed my pants up again, stopping them from f! eeling too sticky and cold. At the end of the day I went home, where my mum realised I'd had an accident and took me upstairs to clean me up. This involved the pants being peeled off me and down my legs, which was quite an odd sensation - finally I was put in the shower to wash the blobs of pooh off my skin. The sensation of being in clean clothes again was also quite nice, as the pooh sensation was getting gradually less and less pleasant as it went cold...

In contrast with this, when I was 7 I got involved in a dare with some friends where we all had to purposefully pooh our pants in class. I waited until one afternoon I felt I needed to go reasonably badly (by this stage in school I would've been happy to go to the toilet under other circumstances). I then stood up and wandered slightly into a corner, and pushed out a huge firm turd. This time, it was immediately quite unpleasant, as as soon as I sat down it felt very uncomfortable and scratchy, and I started to fidget. It also smelled quite bad even to me, and the teacher soon found out and wasn't at all happy. I went to the toilet and lifted the giant pooh out with toilet roll - it left an itchy skidmark slightly larger than a £20 note in my pants, which I tried unsuccessfully to hide when I got home.

Now to go back to lurking for another couple of years :)

Hi to you all,
I'm seriously very happy that you're all concerned about me. I'm really touched. I will try what you recomended for me RIZZO. I'll post back as soon as I can.. Thanks again!

Hi Louise!
I write your message.
Tommorow (saturday) or sunday i will star to write in english my first story. I will speak of my GF when she pee in front of me!
I like this a lot! I think that for girl squatting position is natural, but when you are in pubblic places is difficult try a little spot where nobody can notices you!
See you next time whith a big story and analisys of Girl's pee!!!


Diego from Italy

Just gave myself an enema. Took a poo this morning and as i was downstairs had to poo again this afternoon so i thought tomyself that i would give an homemade enema (when u get naked and get warm water up your butt from the bathtub)so it was cool. I would recommend this. (It is free.)

Happy poopings


I was at the local hardware store and went into the restroom to take a dump. The handicapped stall was occupied so I went into the other stall and proceeded to do my business. As usual, I looked around the stall, check out writings, etc.. I looked up at the overhead fluorescent lights and noticed that the metal "fins" that come off the back, covering the tops of the tubes, were shiny stainless steel and very reflective. I leaned forward a bit and saw that I could actually see into the next stall. It was as if there was a mirror on the ceiling. I could hear the sounds of someone crapping and I could see him from above. He had dark hair and wore a green hardware store shirt. One of the salesmen. I could see his white briefs inside his khaki pants around his ankles. Very interesting perspective. He would put his hands on his knees as he tried to squeeze out a loaf. He was there for a few minutes making some small grunting sounds. He was finally finished and stayed seated while he! wiped. He leaned way forward to wipe, though. As he exited the stall, I made sure I saw his shoes, so I could find out who my neighbor was. I went back out into the hardware store and looked for the dark haired guy, wearing a green shirt, khakis, and brown shoes. I found him working in one of the aisles. He was a regular looking guy with an average build, but with a nice appearance. Pretty cool to have seen him crap, and he didn't know it. He was also helpful in helping me locate what I was looking for!

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