Carmalita -
Dear sweet sexy usual your pooping stories drive me wild! Yesterday I had another Latina pooping experience - this is twicee in a couple of weeks...the next time it might really be YOU!! Anyway, I was at work late and needed a poop. As the mens room is far on the other side of my floor I used the ladies room which is by my office and there was nobody around. I went into the middle stall, sat down and read my New York Post. I began to push out a big log which made crackling sounds. Suddenly the door opened and I heard the "click-clack" sound of heels on tile. The woman came right into the stall next to mine. All I saw from under the partition was a black, high heeled shoe and panty hose that had been rolled down to 3 or 4 inches above the ankle. Then I heard a roaring fart and what sounded like an explosion of mushy poop falling into the water! Ther was more farting followed by the sound of peeing. After 5 minutes I'd finished but waited for the woman to leave bef ore I left the stall. I heard her wipe, adjust her clothing and leave. I saw I'd done one fat 10 incher plus a shorter and thinner turd. Then I went out and looked into her stall. Even though she'd flushed, there were still lumpy remnants of the woman's mushy poop. I left the ladies room and went back to the office. Later on as I was by the elevator waiting to leave, the door opened to the law firm next to my office and out came a tiny, sexy Latina in a navy blue business suit. She smiled at me. Then I looked down at her shoes - the same as the pooping lady in the bathroom!! I had witnessed another sexy Latina poop, Carmalita! It must be fate! I know she looked at my shoes too but never said anything. Anyway, Carmalita, I'll marry you and take you away to a place where we can poop for each other!
Truly yours,

MICHELLE- I am 16/male from U.S. Great story about yours and your friends' accidents at the theater. I am more into the wetting of pants stories, as i have also been desperate and have peed my pants in public places before. You're right-it's SO embarrasing!! Would love to correspond with you about the subject!

No new stories today. Hopefully i will have some for my next post!!
Talk to you guys later

Michelle, about you at the movies...
That was one of the best written posts I've ever read. You were so descriptive, and you did something that rarely ever happens here. You kept me in suspense! I hope nothing that ever happens to you again, but keep up the good, awesome posts.

Hello to you all!

Hi JEROMES, your problem of smell although you wipe yourself thoroughly and even take a shower after a bm if possible, has me wondering. Maybe you should try to put cream around the anal region like Penny said. This has the effect of jobbies gliding out hardly leaving a trace. You would not have to wipe yourself sore. Anything designed to go on a babyís ass is also good for everybody else. Face cream could cause an itch or even a burning sensation if it gets on the mucuous membranes that begin inside the hole. If you do not want to take a shower every time you go to the toilet, try wet wipes, or wash with water before putting on cream. If you do not have a bidet (these are more common in France than anywhere else) try the wash basin. The scissors position that enables a woman to pee in a sink is also useful to wash your backside! Because your position is sideways, you can easily turn the water on and off. You should step out of your pants for this though to prevent splash! es of water getting on them. I hope I have given you some ideas to try. Please keep us posted if anything works for you, because you may not be the only one with that problem.

DIANE -New York, if you intend to go to France, you could come across squat type toilets at rest stops on motorways. The toilets in hotels usually have a water sump way down at the bottom of the bowl. If you deposit twenty to thirty inch torpedoes like you described, then I advise you to carry a small gardening shovel with you to break them up, or you will have troubles flushing them down. For squat type toilets, well, after dropping your load, try the flush but stay out of reach of the flood, and then leave. The motorway toilets are cleaned every few hours so you neednít bother about stuck turds. Bon voyage!

Hi JULIE dear, you are such a tease! But I have a question for you. Let me assume it is a warm summer day and you are not wearing tights, just one of your enticing short skirts and a pair of your lacy satin or silk knickers. When you go for a standard wee, I mean, when you are not in a frenzy of desperation, do you lift your skirt all the way over your waist to hook your thumbs into the waistband of your knickers to, well, push them down; or do you just hike your skirt up far enough to get a hold on the outside of the leg openings of your knickers between your thumbs and finger tips to pull these down just far enough to clear the path, so to say? As you have not allowed me to watch you yet, because I have turned around when standing guard for you and holding your hand :-) , I couldnít know. And what is it like wearing tights that go higher up than the waist band of your skirt? Do you then undo your skirt (hook plus zip), hook your thumbs into the waist bands of tights, kni! ckers and skirt and push the lot down in one go? I hope I am not bothering you too much, but you are such a fun person and sound so very attractive!

LAWN DOGS KID, Hi, are you back from your holiday? Are your exams over yet? Any toilet exploits? I am looking forward to what toilet pranks my niece has been up to! Hugs from Rizzo!

Hi Buzzy, great story of yours encountering that gorgeous lady in the woods. And if you two meet for a buddy dump in future, Iíll be an avid reader of your posts!

MICHELLE, that accident of yours at the movies and mall must have been awful. But never mind if they have CCTV. You can always say that their bathroom facilities are totally insufficient. It is you who have a reason to be annoyed with them!

Hi JANE dear, wearing suspenders over your knickers may look neat and tidy, but when you have to go, you are in trouble as you found out. I had a girlfriend who wore her knickers over her suspenders for that reason. Only when she sat down, the tension of the suspenders tended to lift her knickers up in front. She used to complain that this suddenly admitted draughts to her pussy!

Oh Ho! STEVE! You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed reading how you helped Louise in the gentsí. But you still need a bit of practice when it comes to aiming her stream. Or are you purposefully invoking the need for more practice? To keep her knickers in your pocket, well, just let her think as she likes! Cheers from Rizzo.

AUSTIN, thanks for liking my story of the exploding loo. Now to the girls who wanted to send you off your boat in order to be able to pee. I would have reacted just like you did. I would not have left my boat. Of course I would have gone to great lenths for them to feel at ease and to be able to relax, but to be ordered off my ship, never.

OK everyone, the weekend is only a couple of poops away, happy reliefs to you all, Rizzo.



Thanks for your usual super-posts. You really get my
imagination spinning thinking about your lovely brown
hiney next to that white porcelein. Sorry I haven't tried to
flirt with you sooner, but I always thought I'd have to fight
off 10,000 men to get my chance at you! Keep up the good
work Hot Stuff!


You'll love the bathrooms in France. For one thing, they are
not all the same, like in the U.S. Each one is different.
Some are genuine Unisex where men and women are in
stalls side by side. Some have little rooms with toilets in
them that open up to a common male/female sink area.
Some have a single toilet in a space the size of a closet, with
a door that comes out into a closet sized sink area. If you
go in and sit down, it is not uncommon for a member of the
opposite sex to come into the sink area (3 feet away from
you) and patiently wait till you are done. The French seem
completely comfortable with the reality that we all poop and
there is no shame in it. The toilets are variable as well. Some
are the hole in the floor kind, some have the inspection
shelves. I even saw one with an automatic put-paper-on-
the-seat thingy. Too bad I screwed it up trying to use it. I'm
one of the best technicians in the country and I couldn't
operate that fancy toilet properly! What a Goober I was! I
think I just got too excited about this novel new device! I
also saw some curious looking ones that don't have a lid or
a seat. It's just a bowl. I think the idea is to hover over it
while you unload. I sat on them anyway, 'cause my legs get
too tired hovering. Also, the french are big on peeing in the
alley. They don't want to pay the 5 francs for the public
toilets. Plus, people in the country poop wherever they feel
like it. I loved France! It was Grande! I hope to live and
work there someday, even if it's just for a year or so!


I finally saw "Ladies Room". I thought it was gonna be the allstar movie for people like
me, but unfortunately it was the allstar chick-film for people like my mom! :( ...Oh well, it
does have a good pee scene with view from above and an implied poop scene. Since it
doesn't ring my bell too much, I can't give it more than three stars.

Hi Jeff A. ! What do you think of this girl in the masthead sitting back to front on the toilet and looking over her shoulder with a triumphant smile? It looks as if she has dropped a big load too.
Yes, you are welcome to come sailing with us and try the boat's head facilities. You can even keep one leg stretched out, there is enough room. No peeing standing on deck without using a harness though! However, I think that we would have much more to talk about than toilet activities. Keep getting better, Rizzo.

To RJOGGER, Hi! You met your girl when 17 and are still having fun stinking up the toilet for a lark after 37 years? I find that great. You two set an example!

Bye bye, love from Rizzo

Nice pic of the oriental girl dressed in what looks like a catholic school uniform-with i could see what she is doing--
Didn't poo at all yesterday and got up this a.m. and right away i felt like i had to go pretty bad-i really wanted to hold it till i got out to the woods,but i couldn't and i went into the toilet and tried to let out some,but to hold back some too-as soon as my ass hit the bowl 2 long turds flew out right away and boy was that a relief-i still feltlike i had to go more by the way my anus was still pushed out,but I pulled tight and wiped and got dressed and went out to the woods-I wanted to go to the same spot that i saw that lady the other day do a dump-the feeling of having to poop subsided as I rode out to the woods and i figure it would return soon-So i got out to the spot and no one was around and i figured i would wait to see if she would show up,but after 20-25 mins went by,i figured she was a no show,so I took off and on the way back,my rectum started to fill up,so I went and found another spot and got undressed and found a nice hole to poop into-it was a really nic! e morning too and as i started to poop out part 2 of my BM,a jogger came by and almost fell over me and he said"Oh sorry,I really didn't see you "as i'm squatting there with soft poop coming out my butt-I saw he looked right at my butt too and he said"I was rushing on back to my home to do the same thing you are doing cause i have no paper" I said "I have plenty,if you need yourslf" and handed it up to him as i'm sitting there-I guess this guy was about 40-45 or so and was in good shape-looked lik e he ran alot and I figured he would just take the paper and leave---well he didn't and said"I'll give this back to you when i'm done OK? and went over about 10 feet away from me and pulled down his shorts and as he was squatting i could see his anus starting to open up and as soon as he was squatted down he exploded with loose stuff and a lot of farts too as he grunted and said "Oh man,thanks for the paper,i reallt don't think i could have made it home" I said "that's why i bring paper cause i go out here a lot" and i pushed out some soft stuff-it was cool-i was enjoying this-then he started peeing and as he is peeing ,he farts again and does a long skinny turd that came out slowly as he peed-at this point i was done and asked him to throw me the paper and he did and i started to wipe my butt as he let out another fart with some really loose stuff-then i went over to him and handed him the roll as he wiped his butt-as he was wiping i looked at his load which was a lot bigger then mine was-it was like a big pile of dung-and as he is wiping he said" thanks a lot for the paper and the company i never did that with somone else before" I said" i have it's no big embarrasment at all cause we are both doing the same thing"then he smiled at me and said" hey have a good day and maybe i'll see you again if i need more paper" and laughed and I said"now you know to bring paper with you!"then i got dressed and biked home-this was a very casual buddy dump-I l ooked at him going more then he looked at me-he looked over a few times but i was mostly done and he was just starting to unload-Boy this could be a good summer for me-I hope i can run into some women in here-That was fun though!BYE


What an absolutely delightful mutual aiming session in the gents'! I love the way you describe it, right down to the sound effects. How well I can picture it, from the way high heels echo in the tiled room, to the way a strong female stream lands in the porcelain and twists down the drain. I can just picture Louise standing there, looking lovely, tapping one foot as she waits for you to remember that her panties are in your pocket! Priceless!

It sounds like you've had practice at aiming for her, to be able to hit the target first time!

I wish I could join you and Louise in Spain for some real fountains and distance work by the sea -- mm-mmmm!

Take care, have fun, and keep those delicious sessions flowing!

Your friend,


Male School Nurse
Hello; Ben and Rizzo, thanks for backing me up on my policy of letting students use my bathroom rather than the public stalls, if that's their preference.

I'll give everyone a little background. I am in my mid-thirties and, all during my time in school, I was very bashful about even peeing at school, never mind pooping. I prefer not, to this day, to poop in public restrooms; I try to wait until I get home, to the hotel room (if I'm traveling), etc.

My wife is an elementary school teacher in another, nearby school district. She has noticed that some of her students squirm uncomfortably rather than using the school bathrooms. Unfortunately, there is no private bathroom where those students can relieve themselves privately.

Today is Wednesday, a fairly typical day at my office. Besides my numerous other duties required of a school nurse, I allowed a total of five students to use the bathroom connected to the office.

Around 8:30am, the student with Crohn's Disease came in and immediately headed to the bathroom. As I mentioned in my first post, this student's condition is known to the teachers and myself, and he has carte blanche to come down to my office whenever he has to defecate. He came out about 5 minutes later and, after he and I exchanged some small talk, headed back to class.

9:30am, another male student came in and asked to use my bathroom. He doesn't have any bowel problems (that I know of), but does come down to my office maybe once or twice a week to poop. I told him "of course" and he went in. He came out about 10 minutes later and told me the bathroom was low on toilet paper. I thanked him for letting me know and I went in to place another roll by the toilet.

About 11:00am, a female student came in complaining of stomach pains. I asked her where exactly the pains were and she pointed toward her abdomen. She then told me, without any prodding, that she felt like she had to poop but she doesn't like to go in the school bathrooms. I offered to let her use my bathroom; I told her she could go in there and sit on the toilet and try to go in peace. "Really?" she beamed. She said "thanks!" and went into the bathroom. She spent almost 20 minutes in there and when she came out, she looked relieved and much more relaxed than before. I asked her, as tactfully as possible, if she was able to move her bowels and if she felt better. She said yes, she went "a lot." I told her to feel free to come down whenever she feels the urge to go. "Thanks, you're so nice," she said, before heading back to class.

12:00 noon, just after the first lunch period, another one of my "regulars" came in to use the bathroom. Five minutes later, his best friend came in to go, but the bathroom was still occupied. The first student came out and both seemed a little surprised that the other was there. The second one then went in immediately afterwards and came out a few minutes later.

The student with Crohn's Disease came in again at about 1:30pm to use the bathroom.

Well, there it is, a fairly typical day (except for the few-and-far between female student who uses the office bathroom) at the office.

Bye for now.

Buzzy - I see that your wait is over. That was one hell of a great story, neighbor. I am so glad that you got your wish and saw a nice lady dump in the outdoors. Remember, these events come in streaks, you can go for years without anything happening, then you get lucky and a bunch happen in a relatively short time span. I hope you see that lady again Buzzy, you both sounded pretty cool with the situation.

Jeff A - I kind of like the pre-run dumps in the bushes myself. At quite a few of the races that I have participated in, runners of both sexes, either individually or in groups, will get rid of a load before running. Even so, there are accidents during some races. But the pre-race sessions are rather interesting. Total strangers don't from both sexes don't seem to mind sharing a dumping ground and engaging in small talk. That Latina lady that I saw in the woods some time back was a real beauty. And, she took one hell of a dump. It sounds like the gal in Boston Common did also. She must have had zero inhibitions to do it so casually during the day. I'm glad to see that you are well.

Muggs - Another good story, young man. You do have good fortune, but be careful. It sounds as if you are walking a very fine line between two very fine girls. Do tread carefully.

Carmalita - Hi, seniorita, I hope all is well in your world. I'm already looking forward to your next adventure. Here's wishing you well.

Renee - Hello, pregnant one, how is the mama to be? I hope to hear form you soon.

Patsy - Renee tells me that you are shy. Shy people are always welcome. You should come and join the fracas here, it's all in fun.

Kim - Hello pretty lady, the one who drops massive bombs. Haven't heard from you in some time, I hope you and Scott are fine. I am also looking forward to reading about your next episode.

Rizzo - How's the boat man, anymore busted soil lines lately? Take good care.

This week I have been working from home. My boys can handle our clients and give the old man a break for a week. So I got up at my usual 05:30 hours, stretched, and went into the master head. I felt a real good one coming down, so I removed my shorts, planted my ass on the bowl, felt my ring really stretch outward, and then a long thick one plunked its way into the water. It felt so good to get that large one out, and 2 smaller ones followed. A healthy piss, two wipes and I was done. I looked into the commode and saw what looked like a 2 footer and 2 six inchers, a yard of crap. They looked to be about 2.25 inches thick to boot. I decided to break the load up before flushing and it still took 3 flushes to dispose of the product. Then I washed up and went out for nice 7.5 mile run. On the way, I ran into Noreen, the beautiful redhead, who is my sometime running (and dumping) companion. We ran together for about 4 miles and, when we ran past the spot we dumped in recently, w! e each kidded the other about having to pay a visit. Not today, as we both had "gone potty" before running. A short while later, I said goodbye to her, as my house is about a mile north of hers. I got home, and as is my habit, laid down on an old towel to cool off. I was lying there with my eyes closed, when I a gentle hand brushed my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw my wife standing there with a smile. As I got up, she led me by the hand to the commode that has a painting of a little girl and a sign that says "Hers" over it. I was instructed to sit on the floor in front of the commode, then my dear wife removed her robe, pulled up the top and the seat, and squatted over the bowl, facing the water box. I had the greatest view of my old lady's privates. She let out a very soft pre-poop fart, then her very dark anus domed out to allow a nice large poop to emerge. It slid ever so silently from her distended hole, as she let out a soft grunt. As she lowered herself to pee, I put my! hand on her mid-section and gently rubbed her stomach. She reached up and put her left arm around my neck, then she raised up a little, with my hand rubbing her. I could feel the muscles in her abdominal area contract as she pushed out another turd with a soft grunt. She did one more, and then, of course, I wiped her beautiful ass. As she got off the bowl, she asked if the smell was more acceptable. I just laughed and gave her a big kiss. Then we looked in the bowl, and found one monster and 2 smaller but good sized bombs. Again, I got a hanger and broke up what looked like a 2 foot plus torpedo and its companions This took 4 flushes before the production disappeared. And it sure didn't smell like the other day.

Diane- New York
Hi there. Today I was at the cemetery visiting Melissa. I just thought that it would be a good idea just to stay for a half-hour and just talk. While I was visiting her there was a funeral 60 or 70 feet away from me. I hear this kid say Daddy I gotta pee and then the dad points to a tree and tells the kid to go there.. Then I see this young boy about 5 or 6 go behind a tree and pee for about 15 seconds. Then he ran back to his dad. Thatís it.

Sara T- I agree, although he isnít the sexiest guy, there is something about him that Iím attracted to. I donít know.

Austin- Hey man, remember it is your boat. If they cant pee with you on it let that be their problem. You do what you want to do. No one can tell you what to do on your own vessel. Man I totally agree with you. Youíre the captain. ITS YOUR SHIP, NOT THEIRS. I kind of have the similar problem but not like yours but kind of like your problem in a way. When I driving with friends in my car, they tell me to change the station because they donít like listening to the news hell I find traffic reports useful anyway. I tell them, did you but the car? Your name on the insurance bill? No I donít think so.

Buzzy- what an awesome story about you and that other woman shitting in the woods. I found it quite intriguing and very, very interesting. Good Story.

Traveling Guy- thanks for thinking my list of guys Iíd pay to see pooping wasnít odd. Yeah Iíd sure love to see Bill on the throne and you could look at Hillary. And thanks for the congratulations on the standing pee although it needs a little work.

Muggs- you really think my stories are awesome? Even thought Iím one helluva real estate agent, I wasnít much of a writer. I never could write like Melissa. I enjoyed your story about helping your friend Amy study for the SATís. And then hearing her farting while killing a bug. Nice Story.

PS: Iím sorry to ask again but does anybody have info on French Toilets?

Greg K
To all the women who post:

I went running as usual down the Peninsula and
suddenly had to poop badly. I went into a porta-
potty and pooped a long, soft log. It smelled fairly
bad but I had drunk green tea that morning and this
tempered the odor.

All I had was toilet paper, no soap and water. I
hadn't used only paper for years and forgot that it
really makes a mess of your anus. In other words,
you can't clean the remnants of a soft log with only
tp. You have to use at least water (if not some soap)!
Are there any girls out there who will admit that they
only wipe their assholes with tp...especially at work...
and sit on dirty, smelly butts all day, ones that streak
your panties? I don't expect anyone to have the "balls"
to reply if they do...but I still wonder!

Michelle, I absolutely loved your story about the movie theatre accident. That must have really been embarrassing for you. Please, continue to post your stories.

Mr. Noname
Hi All!

I really envy the folks who post here who are able to share "toilet time" with their partner, either watching one another, filming, or just buddy dumping. Maybe some of you can offer some advice.

If you read my last two posts you'll know that I am currently living with my girlfriend. We've been living in our new place just over a month now. We're quite initimate except in the area of going to the toilet. I am really curious to see what my partner does, but I just can't muster up the courage to tell her that I'd like to share that kind of thing with her. I think she'd think I was nuts if I told her that one of my fantasies with her is to watch her poop! I don't want her to think I'm kind of kinky psycho. You will also know from my previous posts that I worked out a way to stop the toilet so I could see she left behind. I don't know what some people may think of it, but for me it's better than spying. I just couldn't bring myself to spy on her. I just don't think it's right. And even if I wanted to, our toilet (seperate from the bath) is such that it isn't possible to spy on her. There is a keyhole (currently stuffed with paper by the last resident, I presume) and ! if I looked through it it would be too obvious and she'd see me. I really don't want to do that. I wouldn't want her to do the same without me knowing about it.

I'm not sure whether she has gotten wise to what I'm doing, but she has become very handy with the bucket! The last several days she has completely flushed her loads away leaving no traces at all. In the beginning there was usually something, but now there is nothing. I guess it's time to tell her that I'd at least like to buddy dump with her, if not watch or video tape her like some here on this forum do. The problem is how does one go about it? She isn't very open about her bodily functions (though she did show me her tampon once). Does anyone have any suggestions?? How did those of you who share pooping or buddy dumping together go about convincing your partner? Did it just happen or what? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

In the meantime, keep the good posts coming. They're lots of fun to read. Let's hear from more new people, too. Happy plops to all!

Mr. Noname


Regards to the inspection shelf found on toilets in Europe, we had them on the army base where I spent a couple years. Ya, its flat and you make you doo doo and it is under your butt on a dry shelf in the toilet. After you are done, you flush and it goes out the bottom front. I was sort of concerned the first few times I used it but it works ok. Now... for this intresting little fact....... How many times have you hear the term "PULLIN YOUR CHAIN?". Well, the water closet or tank that holds the flush water for these toilets are hung up on the wall behind you about 7-8 feet high. This gives you a real good flush with lots of pressure. Now the guys would go and take a crap in the toilet next to yours. You had a stall so you didnt see them. They got a bit devilish and would reach up and yank your chain and flush your toilet before you were ready. They would laugh and hoot and you would then get a wet butt sometimes as your were not expecting it. So when you hear the ! term, oh, hes pulling your chain, I think this is one of the originating places it was born.


NO TEACHER nowhere has any right to keep any student from the use of a toilet when you have an emergency to go. As you are old enough and at the age of reason and are able to take care of your needs, you know when you must have access to the most basic needs of human function. No teacher or instructor with common sense would pull that crap. I know from fact that when there was a question of a student needing the toilet and was denied, that student reported to their parents what happened. Within a day or so there was swift response from the principals office and school board. In fact one teacher who practiced this sort of monarchy was removed before the end of the school year. In this day and age, to deny the use of a restoom in the case of emergency is not acceptable. That yo yo ought to be fired. He probably denies students the use of the restroom for his own fetish. So if you havent reported this to the principals office and your parents do so at once. You m! ight even have basis for a lawsuit if you check with your local magistrate. Yes, that is total nonsense and if enough students realize that this game dont wash maybe those idiots will stop that practice. When you gotta go you gotta go.
Let us know what happens........Donnie M

DIEGO - Hi! Well thank you for putting me in your list of favourite
writers. Steve says I would be better if I slowed down when I write,
but I am happy doing it my own way.
Your english is fine so far!

JEFF A - Hi guy!!! Oh no, no more Kung Fu? Well I do think that is a
shame. Life is just so unfair sometimes isn't it? I do hope you have
been having fun sketching Kim, Carmalita and me. I did once model some
swimsuits for a mail order catalogue when I was in my teens but I do
not think it is enough to say I am a model. It was fun but I did not
want to the kind of pics that I got asked to do by other people after,
so it all stopped. Steve says I am a model type but that life was not
for me, but yeah I would pose for you to sketch if I could!
Yeah, I knew that girl you camped with would have been practicing
standing up peeing! I think it is hard to shit standing if I am not
bending over quite a bit like she did, you know? I do see why she likes
doing it that way, standing up does keep your bare bum away from
stinging plants and insects and stuff.
Maybe you would like me to sketch me standing and peeing an arc,
but you must only do it if your wife will not be mad at you.
I think it is very nice of you to call me your pee queen. With PV as
well you can have two!
Steve and his best friend are in training tonight again and I bet they
will be late, so I do not think he will write tonight. I will tell him
you have written, he does like your letters.
Love Louise xxxx

PV - Hi girl!!! Well I think we do dress a bit the same way sometimes
don't we? Yeah, I bet Steve would have liked it if you had been there
to wee with us on that night. I do like it better when I can be with
him when I wee in an alley, but his friends wives are shy about it,
you know? I bet I would have liked it if we had all weed together in
there at the same time, and that would have been a lot of fun, but I
bet the other girls would have been embarrassed.
Hehe with the backshot wee I know Steve liked what he was looking at
and I had fun too squirting about. I did it again last night as the
bath was filling up and we were standing waiting. I did really need
that piss and I bet I did about a litre again.
You were right not to sit when you used that seafront toilet. If it
looked a bit tatty I would not have sat. Well actually I do not sit
on any toilet that is not at home, so I always just get by bum
poised over the bowl if I do not want to stand.
Wow that was a big dump you did in just 15 seconds! Were all the bits
only about an inch thick? They did pop out quick!
Did you read Steve's letter about when I went in the toilet with him
where he works? I did feel very naughty doing that but I really did
enjoy it. You know I still think he was trying to hide my knickers
from me and keeping them in his pocket. Oh and I drew a little venus
above the urinal! He missed out that bit in his letter.
Maybe you will like my letter to Brenda that comes next!
Lotsa Love, Louise xxx.

BRENDA - Hi! I did try wearing a skirt and knickers and stepped in the
shower. I bent over quite a bit and I let rip. My wee hissed and made
this big squelching noise in my knickers but it went straight through
and hit the floor between my feet. The skirt did not get wet but my
knickers did so I put them in the wash and went without any for the
rest of the night. My boyfriend Steve watched me do it in the shower
and he liked it.

JULIE - Hi girl! Yeah, I thought it was going wrong because you had
your legs together. You can not often do that because it closes up
your pussy more and it is why you sprayed. Some girls can do it like
that but I can't do it quite as well standing with my feet together
and you have trouble with it too.
Oh well done with your standing wee at work, you have got better at
it. 30 degrees is a lot like how I wee - maybe you are a bit more
forward than me but it is good you get it in the bowl well now. You
know I have weed in toilets at work that way loads of times! I bet
you can now be in the Women's Standing Pee Club (WSPC) that we have
on here with PV, Brenda and others. Steve, Jeff A and Rizzo are
approved gentlemen associate members.
Oh I bet you would have like to have been with us on Saturday
night, I did feel a naughty girl when one of Steve's friends saw
me weeing with my pants down in the alley. It would have been more
fun if they had weed in the alley together with us. I could have had
a guy on each side of me to look at! When I had a little peek around
the corner, one of them was a bit shy and tried to hide his weeing
willy, but I saw it anyway.
LOL of course you could borrow Steve to guard you while you do your
outdoor wee! I bet he would not run away from you! LOL
I will tell him you have written, he does like your letters a lot.
I think he will not be able to write tonight but I bet he will
tomorrow. He has this thing he is training for next week, so he does
not have much time. I think maybe you have told me what he will like
me to be wearing when he comes home tonight.
I know he will like reading about your sink wee when you came out of
the shower as well.
Have you tried having a wee shooting backwards into the bath?
If you push down on the top of your pussy you can change the angle.
Love Louise xxx


When I was 15, I was in school and I didn't went to poop for three days. I felt the urge to poop during a lesson. I had no problems to hold it till the break but then we had absolutely no time do go to bathroom. Our sports teacher always let us change into sport clothes(me: narrow green shorts, white T-Shirt) during the break to use all the lesson. All the stalls ware full, so I had no choice and we all went out to the playing field. We had to do 20 minutes jogging. Because of the running, I needed to shit more and more. After 10 Minutes, I was really desperate but I fighted against the accident. After nearly 15 minutes stopped short to push the poop back into my stomache but the teacher warned me. And because I needed the good mark(/note?), I ran further. After 17 minutes I couldn't hold it anymore and poop went into my white panties. It was hard firm poop and I was in pain when it ran out my ass but I continued running. I was sre that the girl near behind me saw the bulge w hich got bigger and bigger and it was very difficult to run with such an huge load. All poop of the last 3 days had collected and ran into my panties. After 1 minute shitting the poop in my panties didn't have enough room and there still came poop out of my ass. Before the poop will leave my panties I pulled down my shorts a little bit to give more room. Immediatly my panties were pressed down by the poop, too. Now the last minute of the jogging session began and I nearly couldn't run but finally I got mark one. I was so tired that I leaned on a post and waited a further minute till all my poop was in my panties. I looked around and saw all the jogger and pupils there lauging. I looked at my ass and I saw a very huge bulge. This was so much poop, I never saw in one of my toilet sessions. It was that embressed to stand there with nearly 6 pounds poop in my shorts. I walked into the locker room and went into one stall. There I climb up the toilet seat, stand there and pulled my shorts down. In this moment my white panties couldn't hold all the weight and they teared in the center in to halfes, the poop droped into the down-pulled shorts and messed them. I droped the monster load into the toilet and flushed 3 or 4 times. I wiped my ass more then 10 times till it was clean and flushed again 2 times. Then I left naked the stall and in front of the lauging girls of my class our teacher asked me if I had some clothes to change. I said "yes". In my sports-bag was a blue skirt and I also had the red pants from the lessons before sport. I figured out that without panties somebody could look under my skirt. So I chose the pants. During the rest of the break I went to the bathroom and peed. I forgot to wipe my vagina because normally a wet spot on my panties didn't matter but now I had the wet spot on my red pants. I quickly went back into the stall and wiped my vagina and dried my pants. I fast look into the mirror if somebody could see something through my p ants and back to the class-room. During the next lesson I suddenly felt something wet in my croutch and when I looked I saw a wet spot. I couldn't explain this spot to me because I needn't to go for a wee. 5 minutes later I looked again and the spot became a little bigger. I put my hand into my croutch and looked: It was blood. Me idiot forgot that I had menstruation. I putted out my last tampon after my accident in sport and forgot to put on a pad. I ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. First he wouldn't let me. Then I show him the blood on my pants and he let me go. Incoming in the bathroom with my sports-bag, I pulled down my pants which had now a very big spot and put them in my bag. I put on my blue skirt and thought, where I can get underwear to put in a pad. I asked our nurse but she only could give me diapers against my wedness. I ran through the hole school but I had got only one alternative; the diaper's. The nurse put them on to me(only plasti c bag extra) and put my pad in the diaper. When I got back into the classroom everybody looked at me first. Then the lesson continued. I couldn't dispute that the diaper felt good and on the way home from school in the bus I peed in them. Without the extra plastic bag, the diaper didn't hold so much pee and so the hole seat was wet. I ran out of the bus and I think nobody had seen that I peed the seat. When I arrived at home, I thought that nobody was there but suddenly my mother opened the door and the nurse of our school phoned her before I arrived and said what happened the hole day. My mother was so angry that she put me the day after(was a Saturday) and the follow three nights in diapers.

to Michell: I had also an accident in a cinema(I posted it about a month before)

Thursday, June 07, 2001

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