Evening all. I have another tale for the listeners. About a week ago. My friend Amy called me and asked if i could help her study for the SAT. So about a half hour goes by of me tutoring her on math as best as i could and she still seemed to have a lot of questions. I suggested she just drive over to my house so i could help her more directly. She said yes and headed over. after she hung up, michelle called me up just to talk (yet, again for the 4th time in 2 weeks...interesting) until amy arrived in her Blue F250 which made my 93 Dakota look like something from Tonka. We worked in the practice book for about an hour (mom was running errands and stepdad was burning wood in the bonfire) I noticed her looking a bit uncomfortable and asked what was wrong. She said bluntly " can i use your bathroom, please." I said sure and she walked off. I went back to looking at a math problem when i heard her fart down the hallway. I figured "uh oh shes doing the OTHER thing." so after she shu! t the bathroom door. i started down the hallway wondering if i would hear anything. Without warning, this hornet flew down the hallway which scared the life out of me and stuck on the wall near the bathroom door. I took off my shoe and began to approach it without even thinking of amy. I jumped and smashed it against the wall and then i remembered amy in the bathroom going, "oh my god what was that." and i said "damn bugs keep coming in here" (im scared of wasps but ill kill em if i have to) I then heard this LOUD fart and the sound of young moaning from the bathroom. I got closer to the door and actually heard the crackling of what was probably a very large turd. after about 3-4 seconds i heard a loud SPLOOSH and then "unghh..." This got me going. Then i heard More crackling and another loud splash of a turd. Then i heard her pulling the TP off the roll so i walked back down the hall quietly. I didnt hear a flush but she came out of the bathroom and asked me if i could go tak! e a look at the toilet because she couldnt get the handle to flush without any sign of embarrasment. I walked in and saw two huge turds. One was coiled around the bowl and had to be at least 18" long and 3" wide. There was a shorter but still fat 8 incher on top of that. I pushed the handle and realized she just didnt press hard enough. on most prssure toilets, the handle has to be pressed with more strength than normal toilets. As usual.....skid marks galore. She then told me she had to get back home to do some chores or something so i walked her out to her truck and she told me, "yeah, michelle says shes been talking to you a lot more lately." I kinda froze and said "yeah....actually we...have been talking a lot more." she smiled and got in the truck and drove off. I began to wonder in that moment....could michelle be starting to like me? She has been calling me a lot more. Interesting ordeal huh? If anyone has any me out. im only a 17 year old guy-im not reall! y used to situations like these. Thank you everybody.

Carmalita - your story about you shaving while taking a dump was INCREDIBLE. I still do not understand that you could be single at all. You are apparently too good for an average guy and seem like you have a lot to offer. If i was a bit older and i was around, i think i would be trying to hook up with you. Im half mexican myself and i think there is nothing sexier than latina women. Especially one like you.

Diane - you have truly awesome stories which i think everyone would want to hear more. Keep them coming.

-Peace to the bowels.

BRENDA - Hi! Yeah, that is right. Bending over a bit
does change the angle and the front of the skirt will
be away from the stream. It is not a way I have tried
but I will when I need to put a skirt in the wash
just in case I get it wrong. Thank you!

DIANE NEW YORK - Hi, I was happy to help. If you get
problems or if you need advice I will try to help you.

Well I know I do have a skirt to wash and I can always
wear no knickers in the house for the rest of the day,
I can try weeing in the skirt and my g-string when I
go in the shower. I will find out if I can miss the
front of my skirt with the stream.


Hi Everyone!

BRENDA: Thanks for the advice. I'm getting better at weeing in the sink now. I had another go this morning after I got out the shower. If I push my pussy downwards I can direct most of the flow into the basin.

LOUISE: Hi there! I have been experimenting some more recently as to weeing standing. I have found that if I keep me feet about 18 inches apart my wee flows about a 30 degree angle foward, which is better than with my legs together. I have just been for a wee (I'm at work at the minute). I went into a cubicle and lifted up my skirt before taking my knickers off. I then stood just in front of the toilet and with my legs slightly apart managed to get all my wee into the bowl! I loved hearing about your wee in the Alley on Saturday night. I haven't weed outside for a while - that's given me an idea for the weekend! Mind you, I would need Steve to gaurd me so no one can see my pussy while I go! Do you think he would mind???!

STEVE: Hi there my favourite guy! I've got an interesting experience for you, but before I recount it, let me give you the key facts! I'm wearing a very short cream skirt with matching jacket, a white blouse and my knickers are pale pink lace with a matching bra. Oh and if you were here my legs are ever so slightly apart....

Now this may amuse you! Yesterday lunchtime I went to a nearby pub to get some lunch with a couple of female colleagues from work. We were celebrating a particularly successfull month, so had a few drinks. Well not surprisingly, 3 women and a couple of bottles of wine, we soon needed a wee. As we only had an hour for lunch before going back to work, we all went for a wee in the pub toilets. Well, as befits a country pub there were only 2 stalls and one, we found, had a broken bolt on it. Emily went into the first stall and locked the door and I found the second one, with the dodgy lock and called to Shirley who agreed to stand 'gaurd'. (I wish you were there!!!). Anyway, I pushed the door too and then hitched up my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees and started to wee. I then found that I needed to poo as well. By this time Emily had finished and Shirley (forgetting my predicament) went into the first stall and I heard her lifting her skirt and starting ! to wee. As I couldn't hold the door shut while I poo'd it opened slightly and I saw Emily standing at the basin. I told her about the dodgy bolt and she just laughed as my poo splashed into the bowl. Whilst I'm becoming more confident about going in public, I'm not entirely sure she approved, although I did notice her watching me whilst I wiped and pulled up my knickers. All in all though I would have prefered you standing guard and I would have let you see everything. Maybe you could have helped me wipe my pussy too! I'm sure you'd enjoy that!


To Renee,
Hello there. So you are two months gone? I obviously deceived myself into thinking you were further along in the pregnancy. Anyway, I do hope things continue to be fine, and it sounds as if you have the right people around you to give you support. Have a hug from me.

To Carmalita,
Hola, senorita bonita. Again, thanks for such a glowing tribute. I
think communication is the foundation for any relationship to work. Louise knows she can speak to me on any subject at all, and she certainly is attuned to how I am feeling at any given moment, just as I am careful not to overlook her needs.
I hope you and Jake can find that kind of middle ground. By the way, have you ever taken him into the toilet with you yet? Possibly the two of you have not yet reached such a level of physical intimacy yet, I can't remember reading about it. My apologies if that is too personal a question.

To Julie,
Hello, sweetheart. Oh yes, if you want to go for a wee and take me with you, I'm certainly up for that. If you parted your legs, I would have quite a view, wouldn't I? Blonde, huh? I take it the collar matches the cuffs, so to speak, as with Louise?
On another occasion, I would be happy to hold your knickers for you while you sit on the sink and have a wee in that.
From your toilet guard, Steve.

To PV,
Haha, the 'she pee-bandit'. That is a very appropriate description when you look at how she tried to hijack my visit to the gents'. I won't criticise her for being single minded as such, but I am sure there must be other men (available ones) who would love such company. You are quite right about the potential liability of such continued unwanted attention, but I do believe that possibility now no longer exists. Too often, a situation where one has unrequited affection for another can be misinterpreted by uninvolved parties as a 'fling' or even a proper relationship that has gone wrong. Seen it happen more than once, but I believe I have avoided that. Louise visited me again today, and just as on her first visit, for some reason it seemed that the numbers of males coming into the office increased.
We did leave the office for a while, and she did ask me if there were any good urinals to see. As if she would want to just look at them! Now there is a gents' room which is quite remote and infrequently used, so off we went towards that location. I checked the interior of the room, and it really didn't appear as if a soul had set foot in there for days. I beckoned Louise in, and in she walked in her very smart business suit, heels tapping on the floor as she walked. I unzipped, pulled out my penis and pointed it at one of four wall mounted urinals. Louise took my hand away and she took responsibility for the aiming herself. Drawing back my foreskin slightly, she pointed my penis at the urinal while I released a jet of urine against the back of it. Draining away quickly while I continued to wee, the urine gurgled quietly in the urinal. I think Louise enjoyed it considerably. When I finished, she gently squeezed my foreskin dry, and she even put my penis away in my trousers! for me and closed the zipper! Now it was her turn! She hiked up her skirt, and it was up to me to deal with her knickers. Now then, I was faced with a decision - whether to take them to one side, or to take them off for her. I elected to take them off for her, as I was not confident about being able to aim her with the knicker gusset in the way. So I pulled them down, and she stepped out of them. Holding her skirt up, she stood close to the urinal, but not so close that any direct dripping from her pussy would land in it. It was up to me to be competent at aiming! Using two fingers in the inverted 'V' technique, I gently lifted her pussy, and with Louise announcing she was about to start, a heavy burst of urine erupted, bathing the back wall of the urinal. A hissing gusher of a stream that gurgled loudly as it drained away. As the stream faded, I failed to notice at first, but there was an amount of urine dripping onto the floor from her pussy, and when a little puddle began ! to form at Louise's feet, I guided her to stand directly over the urinal. When she had finished, I tore some paper from the roll in one of the stalls and gently wiped her genitals for her. After we washed our hands, Louise asked me if I had forgotten something. She stood there tapping her foot while I frowned in puzzlement. Finally, she lifted her skirt to reveal her lack of knickers. Now it was a genuine mistake on my part, as her knickers were still in my pocket, so I put them back on for her. "Hmm", she murmured dubiously, as I protested my innocence when she said I tried to get her to go out with no knickers on.

Bye for now,


I was in CA visiting relatives when I got to see a pretty good shit. I went down to the beach one morning to shit, and there was one stall and one urinal with no dividers at all. So anyway, after I was done and cleaned up, these two young, very attractive guys come in. Both were in the 18-21ish range and were incredibly built, dressed in surfer-skater garb. The first had short black hair and was wearing skateboard shoes without socks, a bathing suit slung pretty low, and a shirt with some surf board co. logo on it(I guess). he went to the urinal to piss, his much more built friend (looked a little younger too)stood around for a little while. He had long blonde hair (sun-bleaced), was wearing khaki shorts and an open hawain shirt, with these black tong sandals. they were talking about something on tv when the long-haired cutie says "dude, I gotta pitch a wicked loaf" and cut one that REALLY smelled, and caught some snickers from his pal who said "no one stoppin' ya!" and chuckl! ed as he shook himself dry. the long haired guy lowered the seat and dropped his pants to his ankles and sat down; his face was really grimmacy during this whole time, and he was gripping his sandals with his toes. after the long haired guy sat down, he let out a long juicy fart followed by a long crackle and resulted in a HUGE plop. His friend and I were talking as I watched the other guy on the bowl, and he told me that they both were good surfers, and he whispered to me that his friend's now quite stinky dump was arousing him, and he WAS ASHAMED of it! I told him not to be, as his friend moaned after the crashing plop and grunted and let out a few heavy turds that plopped loudly, his beautiful face(I'll admit, I was attracted to him) had gone from a painful grimace to a relaxed grin with sighs as the men's room stunk up quite fragrantly. the guy on the toilet relaxed for a minute and said "hey ben, who's your knew friend?" and the groaned again as his stomach gargled "damn ! f*cking burito" he muttered as he blasted a wave of thick diarrea. Ben (short hair) introduced me to his friend Jared (long hair), and Ben and myself kept talking (although he had slipped his hand into his pants and it was shifting during Jared's dump). Jared finished and smiled with relief, and it took him nearly two rolls to wipe. he didn't bother flushing, the bowl looked like a mess anyway. (the room itself smelled awful too). We all said our goodbyes and parted ways. That was one of my personal favortie trips to CA. (I saw those two again with a few more people at a mall later on).

PS this place rocks! I have been a longtime fan but only recently decided to post. (and also, I altered the names of the two guys for their privacy!)keep yourselves happy and the posts coming.

Peace, Love, and happiness

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

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