i can remember one time in kindergarden i had to shit so bad in church. i had a skirt on and white panties. Mom was to embaressed to walk outta chuch to help me poop so she told me to hold it. i couldnt as we walked out of church i had a huge rush and couldnt hold it back. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssss runny watery shit came running out and filled my panties. My white skirt was also ruined
SUPER POO can u tell me some more stories about u or someone u know pooping or puking on you or when u watched them. i like u just laugh when someone pukes on me or around me.

Good day to all. I had a pretty cool experience with my friend michelle. (tall, big curly hair, pouty lips, hot, etc.) She called me and said her dad was looking for someone to help him build their new deck patio for the back of their house. She asked very sweetly if i could come over and help because her dad was probably going to end up calling up someone. I really didnt want to but with most people, im really too nice. So i drove over to her house and spent about 5 hours with her dad building the deck and it came out quite well. We shook hands and he offered to go pick up some dinner for michelle and i. michelle's mom was out of town so it was just me and her for about 30-45 minutes. It was about (not to exaggerate) 400 degrees out side and it was about 7:30pm and i was very filthy. Michelle offered to let me take a shower there. Luckily i happened to have my gym bag in my truck with some spare clothes in it. So i went to the bathroom, undressed and got in the shower. Not m! ore than 5 minutes later, michelle comes knocking on the door. I said "uh, come on in," because i thought it was some kind of emergency. Unbeknownst to me, it was. Michelle rushed in and dropped her tight cheerleader shorts (it was hard to see through the fogged glass) and began to release an unreasonably loud load of diahrrea. I could hear it over the shower water it was so loud. I heard loud wet farting and slopping splashy noises in the water. Something happened. I guess michelle's dad must have messed with the water pipe when we were building but the water in the shower began losing pressure rapidly. Michelle was still on the toilet and soon enough i heard another loud fart and another wave of diahrrea came out. I was sort of excited by this so i made sure i was turned away from her. I wasnt sure if she had looked at me at all until she said to me "god you have really muscular legs." I thought to myself "ok the glass must be fogged because my legs are not that great." That! excited me a bit also. The water was all but merely trickling out of the shower head as i played with the knob a bit. I realized michelle was still on the toilet when she said "im really sorry about this." Of course i replied "nooo its ok." She grunted a bit and yet ANOTHER wave of liquid crap splattered out of her, sploshing into the toilet. I mumbled "jesus" to myself because even i was dumbfounded as to how my friend michelle could produce such a huge load. I still had my back to her and looked over and could faintly see her wiping. She stood and pulled her shorts up giving me a quick blurred view of her bush that looked quite thick through the shower window. she looked like she was about to flush when the phone rang and she darted out of the room. I then dried off and got out of the shower into a air of pure stink. I looked into the toilet and my jaw hit the floor. The water level looks like it had risen and all the water was brown. i also saw these big floating piles of ! crap inside. I decided to be handy and flush it myself. It actually took 2 to get it all down. I put my other pair of clothes back on and stepped out into the living room and waited for michelles dad to return with dinner so i just walked around the room. She finally got off the phone and said again "im sorry about earlier" and i said once again "hey its ok." she then gave me a pat on my behind and went up to her room and her dad came home. Cool? I guess so.

Im glad you like my stories. I was just too lazy to post them.

Carmalita - youve done it again. all i have to do is think about you to get excited. i loved your last story about you and tesa. God, what i would give just to have you both do a dump for me. it would be damn amazing. tell tesa i said hi and both you hotties have fun.

-Peace to the Bowels.

Rice- sorry i can't think of anything now
gonna post next time

Julie No.2
hey you all want to hear a story? b4 i do i ll tell u about me i'm 22 have long brown hair, and i am a university student.any way here is my story. i was really drunk at a party one night and i felt a pain up my butt and my stomach and i did not have a clue what the pain was at first until i realised i had to do a poo any way i walked to the toilet and there was spew every where and i could not use the toilet in that condition so any way it was late at night i was off my face not knowing what i was doing so i walked in to the bathroom and took off my pants and g-string and sat on the side of the bathtub and tried to poo but i couldnt get it out so i tried to press that spot below the bellybuttonbut that didnt work so i fingered myself up my butt and all i felt was a hard solid poo up there so i tried for a long tome to get it out and suddenly i heard something crash into the bath tub and it was a big long hard poo. The next morning i had the sorest butt all day hung over.

A while ago I saw this thing, along with all the others
walking in that street.

A girl walked together with her mom (I guess it was her mom) an afternoon in the city. I was sitting in an outdoor café, and they stopped almost right beside me, because they met someone they new, and they started to talk.
The girl, I guess she was around 10-12 years old stood there trying to stand still. She must have been wanting to poop for a while, because after just 2-3 minutes, she put her legs a bit out, and pooped herself. She didn't even look sorry, just reliefed. She peed a little to, the patch was clearly showing.
Afterwards she stood there, carefully looking around, but I guess well aware that "everyone" new.
A few minutes went by before her mom noticed it. She commented the smell, and had a couple "what have you done" phrases. She finished by saying something like "Oh well, you will have to wait until we get home to be cleaned up."
The girl didn't look at all unhappy.

When i was 22,my company sent me to san deiago for training on electronic was the weeken and there was no training so i went to the beach to unwind and take in the sights.i arived early and had a good selection to pick a spot on the beach.after 2 hrs past a lady about 35 yrs old pick a spot about 2 spots away from me.she had i assumed, her daughter with her who seemed to be about 8 yrs old.the little girl wore a light blue one piece suit while her mom wore a white was getting warm and they had a cooler full of bottle water along with some snacks. as it got warmer the lady and the daughter swam got into the ocean.when they got out it seemed they polished a six pack of water bottle.a couple of hours past and i noticed the little girl figitting some.the mother got up and told the girl she was going to get the sun tan lotion from the car that she forgot to get.when the mom left i noticed the little girl was hopping around .i thought this was due to the hot s! and until i saw pee all of the sudden run down her leg. i turned around as if i wasn;t looking.her mom came back and saw what happened, the wet sand around her daughter. why didn;t you tell me you needed to go? her daughter just replied you told me not to leave the area!well lets go to the ocean and clean you up.then i noticed as she grabed her daughters hand the other hand was on her own crotch!! the mom took small steps and as she entered the water only waist high .her facial expression changed from a tense look to a relaxed relieved look . i'm pretty sure the mom enjoyed the ocean.any one out there with a beach experience???

Oh man did i have the worst accident yesterday! It was sooooo embarrassing. I was in school (i'm in 10th grade), and I had to go to the bathroom really bad but my teacher wouldn't let me. He is such a f***ing b***h in more ways than one. So anyway, I knew i couldnt hold it in any longer so i pleaded with my teacher, "pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase let me go, or i will seriously have an accident." can you believe it, the god d**n f***ing idiot said, "then have an accident. Now if that isn't a f***ed up teacher, then who is?!?!?!?! i said in my sweetest voice, "do you really want your room all stinky?" and he said, "no one's allowed to leave my classroom during class. So I sat back down, and let go. Pee streamed down my legs, and diarrhea exploded out of my ass. It smelled so horrible that I choked and puked all over the place. I was such a mess. And the worst part is that my teacher wouldnt even let me go CHANGE!!! I had to walk out of the classroom covered in pee, diarrhea, and vomit, go ! to my locker, get an extra pair of clothes, go to the bathroom, change, and carry my filthy clothes back to my locker to put them in a plastic bag. I swear it was the most embarrassing moment of my LIFE!!!

Keep the posts coming everyone especially Carmalita!!!!!!!!!!!

Something happened to me at work, and I wanted to share. I was working at my waitressing job and was way overdue for a break because of the dinner rush. I just kept ignoring the building pressure in my bladder until it was more pain than pressure. All of a sudden I felt uncontrollable twitching and spasms. I knew I was about to lose it, so I went to the restrooms (that are shared with customers). Both men's and women's had a few people each waiting. I was literally beginning to sweat. The small cafe had nowhere private away from customers. I ducked into a small storage closet that wasn't really a walk-in closet. I closed the door pinning myself between the shelves and closet door. I could barely breathe, let alone squat. My stream usually goes somewhat forward, so I was afraid that I would soak my skirt, because my forceful stream would penetrate my thin panties. So, I tilted my pelvis forward at the waist trying to aim the stream down. The noisy gusher burst forth d! ownward missing my skirt. A few seconds later, I regained control and let the stream normally come out. The pee landed straight down onto the floor which thankfully had a drain. When I returned to work, a co-worker asked me if I had vomited in the closet due to my wierd disappearance. I just said 'no' and left it at that.

Louise - Bending forward at the waist or tilting your pelvis forward may be enough to help you miss your skirt and direct the pressure downward. My panties didn't block the stream but they did slow it and decreased the hissing sound. Try it sometime - with or without panties.

Penny - Have you ever peed in the small plane? How does the device mention work? Does it handle full bladders and strong streams? What about in a car? I ask, because my daughter travels with me by car, but sometimes doesn't realize her bladder is near full. Then all of a sudden she urgently needs to go. After witnessing one of her gushers, she is not pretending. She is too old to be peeing along busy roads and I was looking for a device (maybe for myself too) for use in the car. Any suggestions. What do other women here use?

Julie - Peeing into the sink is a challenge. I learned in college when the dorm had sinks in the room, but no toilet (they were down the hall). My roommate and I always peed during the night into the sink. I sat on the sink, legs tight together, and leaned far forward trying to direct my stream down/backward, so it didn't go over the front rim. Give it a try!

I had to use a Porta-Pottie today. I was biking thru the park when I needed to pee. I found the onley Port-a-pottie unlocked so I went in. I peed for about 30 seconds when I needed to crap. I lifted the toilet seat because I was using the urnal. Well I looked down and found that onley the blue water was there. It must have been cleaned resently. Well I quickly dropped my pants and went. I had been holding it all day because my day has been very busy. Well I let out a few grunts because this felt like a big one. It took a lot of straining but the first turd came out. Then the rest came quickly after that. When I was done I wiped and looked down but couldn't see my turds because the water was too blue.
To Squeezeguy: Don't worry about taking your little girl to the bathroom. If she askes just tell her thats how men use the bathroom. Besides you can show her the proper way for her to use the bathroom later. And its better than having her have an accident.
On a Personal note: I get out of school for the summer tommorrow{tuesday}.

Billy and Kevin L
This weekend, we had two graduation parties for my older cousins and about 4 soccer games. Friday, we went to my cousin's graduation. We ate dinner early. When we got there, I had to poop. I went with my parents to see where the seats were, and then said I am going to the bathroom. The graduation was in the school gym, so I knew where the bathroom was. My little brother Jeremy and Kevin said they needed to go. We went into the locker room, because that was the only bathroom that was open. In the locker room, there are 3 toilets, but no stalls. The stalls were taken down becasue the kids were smoking and stuff. When we got there, there was about 3 graduates peeing and one pooping. THe one pooping had is gown over his knees. There was also a real old person there pooping too. Justin said me first. I guess he really had to go, so he went first. The other two guys were pooping away. Jeremy got done, and I said to Kevin, you want to go first? He said, I just have to pee. SO I sat d! own. When I sat down, the kid on the toilet started to wipe. I also helped Jeremy wipe his butt. For some reason, he has been leaving a lot of streaks (as we call them) when he wipes, so mom asked us to help him. Then all of a sudden the old guy started to grab his chest. He looked really pale. He fell off the toilet. My brother called out for help. About 3 people came to help. They started CPR and and ambulance came for him. They had one of those things they zap people with in the coach's office. My brother ran out to get my dad (he is a doctor). They zapped him and then my dad came in. By the time my dad got there, his heart was beating and he was breathing ok, but he was not awake. I was finished pooping and Kevin peed in our toilet. It was weird watching them work on him while I was pooping. After the graduation, I asked what happened. My dad said that when you push when you are pooping, blood does not go to the heart good.

Saturday, we went to the parties. We stayed for about an hour at each. We ate lunch at the first one. The second one was at the guy's house. His house about 5 doors down from our home. When we got there, I had to poop really bad. They have one bathroom and there was about 5 girls standing outside the door. So I went to the kitchen, got some napkins and ran to the woods. Kev was with me. We pooed together. We had corn for dinner the night before and we could see the corn in our poop.

After that our 2 older brothers had soccer games. At the second game, Josh had to poop. There was only a porta potty at the field. There are some woods, but not enough cover. So we went to the porta potty. It was about 20 feet from the field. While Josh was pooing, a ball hit the porta potty. When he was done, he got up so I could wipe him. There was a pile of brown paper with Josh's 3 turds on top. After that, I lifted the seat so I could pee. I would pee in the urinal, but the porta potty urinals are too high for me.

The next day, we went out for breakfast after church. I had to take a major poop at breakfast. The restaraunt is just down the street from the cjurch and our house. When I got into the restaraunt, some guy was int here puking. It really smelled. I went back out and told the waiter that someone was sick in the bathroom. I went back to the table, and told mom that I had to poop and that some guy was puking in the bathroom. My said to go home. My brother Josh said he needed a poop too. So he came with me. I got home. JOsh said he is going to poop on the toilet and I would have to use the little potty. I said, ok. I opened the door and held him back and beat him to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet, and starting going. While I was sitting there, Josh said, oh no. I said what? He siad he is starting to poop. I said get your pants down and sit on the potty. He said help me, I can;t get them down. I got off the toilet and help him get his pants down. He then hopped on the to! ilet before I could get back on. I said picked him up and said no you don't. IT was too late. When I picked him up, a turd fell into the water with a big splash. I kept going and stood him on the floor. I sat down and passed 2 more turds and wiped. He couldn't wait, so he sat on the little potty. He pooped 3 more logs. I was done wiping myself, so I wiped him. I had emptied the little potty. Kev came in and sat down. He pushed about 3 turds out. I said, you're last, you get to take care of the little potty.

We had to poop one more time each. We had a soccer game in the afternoon. It was at our school and the hall is open so we can use the bathroom. It is an old bathroom with just one stall. At halftime I told the coach taht I had to go to the bathroom. I ran in. The door was gone. There was one huge turd in the potty. I sat down and my brother came in. I was done, and he sat down. He said, boy, you really made a biggie. I said, the big log was already there. When he got up a minute later and tried to flush, there was no water in the tank. THere wasn't any water in the sinks either. After hte game, Josh had to pee. We we got there, there was another load of poop and a lot of yellow pee. We flushed the toilet and the whole thing went down. I guess they fixed the water.

Carol Housewife and mother
Hello all. Now as to the Inspection Shelf. This type of toilet pan is not common in the UK although I have seen a few, but are common in Europe, especially Germany. These type of toilet pans flush out at the front not the rear and there is a flat shelf onto which the motion drops. Scots Tony, CC and PPG would not like these as there is no lovely KUR-SPLOONK!" when a big solid jobbie is passed but the benefit is that the doer can see the entire motion, hence Inspection Shelf. The motion is flushed away by the water when the flush is pulled washing it off of the shelf down the hole at the front.

My ???? friend Michelle and me had a really enjoyable buddy bumping session yesterday. Keith and her husband had gone out to play golf together so we had a nice lunch and were enjoying the sun in the garden. Michelle farted and said, "Carol Im needing a poo and its going to be a big one, come and join me" We went to her the toilet together and she hitched up her black mini skirt over her ???? bum (butt) pulled her white Sloggi knickers (briefs) down to her knees and after another loud fart peed loud and strongly with a hiss and tinkle. "Its coming out and its a fatty!" she exclamined as she went NNN! UH! and I could smell the odor of a good solid jobbie and saw it as it grew in size by looking between her fat legs. When it was about 14 inches long it tapered to an end and dropped into the pan with a resounding KUR-SPLOOMP!" Wiping her bum she got up off the pan and a good look. It was a lovely big mid brown carrot shaped jobbie, a slightly knobbly turd, about 2.5 inches! thick. By now I felt my own bowels needed to be emptied and with Michelle's big whopper still lying in the pan beneath me I lifted my skirt, a royal blue mini, pulled my cream coloured Marks and Spencers Full Briefs down and sat down. I did my wee wee then felt the lump start to emerge. It was as fat as Michelle's but easier and smooth and slid out into the pan with a "FLOOMP!". It was a nice big curved jobbie as long as Michelle's but smoother and a lighter brown. Both now satisfied we took 4 flushes to get our combined payload to go away.

A while back someome asked what it would be like having a poo accident while wearing a thong instead of ordinary briefs. This happened to me last week. I had been bought some thongs by Keith and although I prefer full briefs I did wear them to please him. I had a day off work and had gone for a walk. Now I felt I needed a motion but tried to hold it in. Mistake! I was half way home when I felt it push against my ring and knew I wouldnt make it. I was luckily wearing a skirt not jeans so any mess would at least be hidden and the turd felt solid. I felt it move and I expelled a big fart. The turd which was very solid and firm only moved a couple of inches then was held back by the tight gusset of the white cotton -spandex thong which of course was between my fat buttocks. I passed a lot more farts and dribbled some wee wee into the gusset but the jobbie was held back. Now it was a funny sensation I have to say as I walked slowly home with this hard lump pushing down. I got ! indoors and went straight to the toilet pulled up my skirt and could see the slight bulge in the thong where the turd was pushing it away from my anal region. I stood in the bath and slowly lowered the thong and as I did so the big poo slid out. Apart from its being slightly flattened at the start it was undamaged and was a big fat 12 inch long jobbie. I emptied it into the pan and put the thong which had a round brown stain in the seat and a soggy pee stained gusset into the washing machine with some other dirty laundry, had a shower and got changed into clean panties. I feel that if I had been wearing my usual full briefs it would have slid out and squashed up in the seat of my knickers making a big mess. Have any other women, or for that matter men who, like David Beckham, wear thongs had a similar experience?

Hola mi amigos, buenos dias! It's a little after 5 a.m. here. I'm an early riser before work. I've been riding the exercise bike, and now I'm all ready to go lay a nice, long turd.
DONNIE C.: Hi sweetie! Great story about the restaurant. Tracy and Brenna sound cute. How sweet of you to translate for them. I was born and raised on Mexican food and it really works my little pooper let me tell you! Thank you for your lovely words about me, and my "Raza." I think you are a "mucho bonito hombre" as well! I can't speak for everyone, but I think as a rule, most latins are very shy about personal matters. My friend Tesa is an unusual exception. So am I for that matter. But I have known other latin girls who aren't so shy. I would love to take you into my bathroom and give you a demonstration of a Latina's bathroom habits. It might really make your day. Of course, you'd have to promise to return the favor.
LOGGER: We ain't ashamed!
BUZZY: When I did my outdoor poop with her, there were lots of bicyclists in the area. I know that you ride and I wish you were there.
MUGGS: You would be more than welcome to check us out anyday! Patsy and Renee are a lesbian couple and are very selective about the men they'll let see them poop. But me and Tesa are very open and very receptive to men!
SUN DEVIL: Hi Jamie! I'm glad you enjoyed that big turd I laid. That's pretty typical of me actually. I don't think that huge ones are nearly as exciting as the act itself. The size of one's poop dosen't matter, only the fact that they are doing it. Mine come out big and fat with lots of soft stuff following. I don't know why, that's just me I guess. I'm very petite and it dosent' make sense sometimes. I don't eat a lot. I think maybe it's because I work out heavily, and take in lots of protein because I eat lots of Mexican food. I grew up on it and I love it.
Jamie, you are one of the men on this forum who really touches my heart. You say very sweet and erotic things at the same time. Oh, how your women must love you! I want to hear all about your tales. Even your everyday ones, they're just as exciting to me. I want to hear about you setting your manly self down on the toilet. Do one for me okay? Now, I want you to tell me what you look like so I can think about you at night, okay? Here's a latina kiss only for you. Mmmmmm.....
RJOGGER: Hi hon! Tesa has finally gone back with her boyfriend. They've been seperated for a long while. That was a very sweet compliment you gave me about Latinas driving men wild. Thank you very much. I hope my lonely situation dosen't last long either!!! I'm on a man hunt let me tell you! That story about your wife and you in the bathroom got me very excited. I know you're married, but if you weren't, I'd like to sit on your lap and kiss you while you pooped out your manly load. You got me excited! Kathy sounds like a real honey though, and I like her very much from what you tell me. I hope you two will always be healthy and happy.
TRAVELING GUY: Ola, amigo! You bet your life I'd let you watch me take one of my 'steamy, stinky dumps'! Rice and beans makes up a big part of my diet. Along with chicken and flour tortillas. I also eat lots of salads and drink lots of water.

I had a reallllly good poop yesterday! I'd been farting so much that Renee ordered me to go take a big dump. I came into the bathroom, slipped my white panties down to my ankles, grabbed a magazine and settled down for some good poop action. Oh, that first turd felt soooo good. It was big and bumpy, really fat like a cucumber, and took a long time to come out. I farted gas as I pooped it and could smell the stink from between my thighs. It sort of got stuck in me, and I had to rest from my pushing. I was busy fantasizing about a man watching me. All I had on was a white, Lilyette bra and matching panties and I think a man would have enjoyed himself. Patsy tapped on the door, and I answered "I'm on the pot." She wanted to come in to grab her makeup bag and when she did she held her nose, laughing. "You stink girl!" I smiled and started pushing again. Man that log was big. I really had to grunt hard to get it to move. It inched out, very, very slowly, crackling and making ! noise. Then, Renee came in, stood behind Patsy and was rubbing her shoulders. She then put her arms around Patsy's waist and they both stood there watching me take a shit. "K-SPLUUUCKKK!" It finally fell. Renee giggled then sniffed the air a couple of times. "That sounded like a big one," she said. I began pushing some more and a bunch of softer logs came out like crazy. So many I couldn't count them "Plop-ploop-plop-plp-plop-plop-pluuup-plop..." Man it was smelly! When I looked up they were both still staring. I grunted, but I think I was out of poop. I asked Patsy to hand me my trimmer. It's getting close to summer and bikini weather, and I needed to shave myself so I wouldn't poke through the crotch of my bikini bottoms. I decided to do it on the toilet where I could flush both the hair and the turds. Still, I had an audience. So, I said "You guys like the smell in here, or what?" Renee said "We're waiting for the rest of the show. Start shaving girl." But after a few minut! es they left me in peace. When I was finished with everything I found I had one more turd left, pooped it, wiped, and flushed. I had a good sized "pine cone turd" and a whole bunch of softer, dark brown turds. It was a nice pile with shavings of black pubic hair that swirled down the hole. It was a bad stink too.
It's June! Time to head to the river, and poop in the bushes!

~*Psychiatric Ward Patient*~
Hey People!!!!!!!!!! can anyone out there tell me all of the movies you have seen that have girls farting,pooping,pissing in them??????????If so please tell me.
TO CARMELITA:Hey i Love all of your stories they are extremely great.i think your a KooL,Spiffy,Groovy,FarOut,Psychedelic,Gnarly,Sweet,Awesome,radical,Extremely Sexy,Cute,Adorable,Angelike,Suppernaturaly,Phenominal chick!!!!!!!!!! (Thats my extremely long adjetive line,its for all the chix)

Hello All. I love this page, and I love everyone's post. i'm a big fan of Carmalita's. I love your story's girl. At first I thought they were a bit exagerrated until i got the idea to measure my girlfriends poops, and suddenyl i realized, she's not far behind you in turd length & width. So, keep em' comin. As for my girlfriend, my Mom was instructed to take Xenical, for those of you who don't know about it, Xenical is a weight loss product that doesn't agree with anything but a strict diet. The book, and commercial specifically say "Side effects may include, gas with frequent discharge, an inability to control this discharge, fatty, or oily stool, with a strong urge, and or inability to control that urgency to expel it" or something along those lines. So I swiped a few of my Mom's and gave it to my girliend. Then she ate McDonalds, let me tell you, in all honesty she was messed up for two and a half days. She was a nasty fart machine. The advertisement and list! of side effects also mentioned oil spots, Neither of us knew what that meant, but she found out pretty quick. She was in school and she said as usualy because of the Xenical she had gas all day and kept farting. Well when she went to the bathroom to pee she got a suprise. Everytime she farted, she would squirt out oil from her stool. And she had oil spots turning the seat of her white panties transparent, and staining the rest. Then when ever she'd poop she would have the greasiest turds I have ever seen, they would look like a turd was melting as it came out, then hit the water and dissolve into the water over time, and some oily spots like the kind left in the frying pan after cooking something fatty would float on the water. And she would just keep exploding this loud BOOMING farts. I was loving every minute of it. She said she should punish me and fart on my face(Meaning i'd be blasted with oil,LOL) But I think i'll pass on that.

Carol D.
It was christmas time and we were in art class,the last class for the day.I skipped the bathroom break because i didn't need to go then.we were going to make a wonderful decoration for christmas,a present for mom.Mrs.Day explain she saved empty milk cartons(we each got one)and we were going to cut the top off(to make it perfectly square).Next we were going to make a cement mixture pour it in ,put a red candle in one corner and an acorn in day when dried we would peel off container and she would spray paint the block and acorn gold.a decoration and gift for mom.Problem,i had to go real bad to the bathroom and was already hoping from one foot to the pour the cement mix into my container and added (WATER!!!).When i herd this sound as she poured it,a squirt came out of me!!!I told her i needed to go!!!she told me start stiring it or it will be ruined. I then grabed myself to stop peeing and she saw my desperation,she said hold on a little, i'll be back.w ith my other hand i stired my mixture,i didn't want my present to be ruined.Then it happened,a sharp pain down there caused me to squirt some more!!I just ran out the door and grabed myself with two hands. as i entered the bathroom i made it buti froze when a third spasm hit me i grabed the metal on the urinal and squeezed with all my might to stop it.NO USE!!!.It just came out full force .wet patch instantly apeared in my front pants as the pee ran down my legs.I cried.Mrs. day peeked in the bathroom and saw what happened.she sent me to the nurse and they had an extra pair of pants i put on minus my underwear.I went back to the class to my desk to happy surprise my mixture was o.k. and someone had put the candle and acorn in for me!!!

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