Hi, guyz!

I like the sight and so does my brother.

Last night, I had the most embarrassing accident of my life...

I was at the cinema watching a movie with a bunch of my friends and we were eatting buckets of popcorn covered in butter with medium glasses of cokes. About halfway through the movie, I started feeling queasy and gave the last third of my large size tub of popcorn to Elize next to me.
Half an hour later, I was in pain as my abdomen was feeling bloated and cramping in my guts. I was tempted to get up and go, but there was still an hour and a half left in the exciting movie and I also had no idea of where the ladies toilets were.
I waited another half hour and then suddenly felt an oily weight drop down into my intestines. I had no idea of what was going on in my guts, but figured that it must be the popcorn. Elize was also getting fidgetty as she usually did towards the end of a movie, but as I was only just starting to feel my bladder filling up, I kept quiet. Neither Jenny or Alicia were needing to go, so I lost myself in the movie again.
Over the next ten minutes, I felt the weight move downwards further into my intestines, which were protesting audibly. By now Elize was bouncing in her chair visibly and clearly growing desperate, as she twice asked Jenny where the toilets were. Neither wanted to to get up and so Elize was forced to wait.
Ten minutes later, Elize was literally bursting and begged Jenny or Alicia to show her where the toilets were. By this time, Jenny was showing signs of needing to go and so she got up and lead an agonised Elize out of the darkened theatre.
At this point, my bladder was getting pretty full, but not sore so I stayed behind with the guys and Alicia, even though I probably should have gone. However, I was also trying to avoid moving, as my guts were hurting almost as if they were on fire.
Ten minutes later, Jenny and Elize returned in a huff and sat down. I almost immediately picked up the faint odour of pee and looked over at Elize. She realized that I had smelt something and blushed furiously, before turning her face away from me. I glanced briefly down into her lap and quickly noticed that the lap of her blue jeans was covered with a dark shadow from near her belt all the way down to her knees. It was obvious that she had wet her pants, but I wasn't about to point it out to her. As she was probably all too aware of it.
Over the next fifteen minutes, I noticed that Jenny was needing to go even more than before she went out of the theater with Elize and I began suspecting that something was not right. But, as other people were getting up, going out and then coming back a few minutes later, I didn't think that it was anything to do with the toilets.
About half an hour before the end of the movie, I felt my stomach lurch and gurgle, as the weight in my guts suddenly headed downwards, getting heavier as it went. I realized with a start that I was going to need to take a dump soon and so I whispered into Mark's ear that I needed to use the ladies room. However, he shook his head and whispered in my ear that the ladies room was jammed with a crowd of women over ten metres long and that I would miss the rest of the movie if I went now.
I relented and turned my attention back to the movie, but five minutes later, I could feel my bowels starting to fill with heavy poop and seriously doubted my ability to wait until the end. On top of that I could see that both Jenny and Alicia were clearly growing desperate while Elize was openly fidgetting again. Even Sean, Jenny's boyfriend was showing signs of needing to go, as well as Mark next to me. My own bladder was starting to get sore, either from being squashed by my filling bowels or from all the coke filling it up. Anyway, I was in a real quandry, as I didn't want to get myself into trouble, but the end was really getting interesting and I always hate to miss the end of the movie.
So I swore inwardly at myself saying that I wasn't a baby and would be able to hold my poop in. My situation was helped by Elize trying to hide the fact that she was playing with herself under her jacket, which she had placed across her legs. Jenny was bouncing up and down in her seat and had her legs tightly crossed. Alicia was almost as desperate, as she banged her knees together repeatedly with vigour, as the minutes ticked by.
When there were only fifteen minutes left, I found myself squirming in my seat, clenching my butt, as both my bladder and my bowels vied for my attention. I was desperate and knew that I was on the verge of peeing and pooping myself any second, but there was still an unbelievable fifteen minutes left. I had no idea of what I was going to do, but forced myself to hold on for dear life.
Somehow, I managed to hold on until the end of the movie, even though I was blowing bubbles out my butt and starting to spring leaks every now and then. Elize had gone strangely quiet and refused to get up when the lights went on, so Dave, Alicia's boyfriend, offered to help her.
Jenny, Alicia, Mark, Sean and I all jumped up and made a beeline for the exit door to the main section of the cinema. However, we got caught up in the crowd of people try to get out at the same time and, which of course, completely slowed the pace down to a crawl. Jenny was clearly the most desperate of us all, as she was twisting her legs together whenever she could. Suddenly, a huge wieght of poop dropped down into my bowels, forcing them to expand painfully and I felt everyone's eyes watching me, as my stomach gurgled loudly in front of all of them. Instantly, I began to ask the people in front of me if I could get through, as I felt the pressure quadruple inside me. I was starting to panic, because everything was trying to come out at the same time and I had visions of shit cascading down my legs beneath my tight-fitting Donna Karan dress. I was squeezing my pussy for all I was worth, but I knew that my white thong panties were going to be ruined within the next minute! if I didn't get to a toilet immediately.
Somehow, I managed to force my way through the crowd with Jenny and Alicia right behind me. But our troubles had only just began, as we found ourselves at the end of a long line of over twenty women, all of whom were clearly desperate as well.
Jenny was already starting to wet her corduroy pants, as there was a visible wet spot growing in her groin, and Alicia was hopping around from one foot to the other. I felt the first drops of piss soak into my panties and gave myself a hard squeeze, as I desperately pray for a miracle. But the line just wasn't moving fast enough and I realized, as a thin trickle ran down my right leg, that I wasn't going to make it. As the reality of that thought sunk in, I felt another hot trickle run down my left leg and then a wet fart erupted from my tortured butt.
"What's wrong?", Alicia asked from behind me in a strained voice.
"I am going to poop myself any second now...", I blurted out, as tears burst from my eyes.
"Go into the Men's room, Honey!", an older woman stated.
I didn't have to be told twice and began crabwalking myself over towards the mens toilet with both my butt clenched and my hands tightly wedged between my thighs, as more wet farts ripped out of me and piss began dripping through my fingers.
However, with each step, my bladder lost more and more control until piss was literally flooding down both legs at the same time. I was just going to ask the closest guy to let me through the doorway into the mens room when I felt my sphincter expand under the wieght of a large lump of shit that forced its way out, tearing at my butthole, as it went.
It was all soft and sticky, as it oozed around the sides of my thong panties. Then I felt the mother of all cramps hit me and an instant later, to my absolute horror, I felt burning lumpy watery mass of poo explode out of my butt in front of the packed cinema and spray down across and between both of my legs on to the carpetted floor.
The moment that I regained control of my legs, I just ran sobbing out of the cinema, out of the Blue Route Mall and disappeared into the car park. When I got to the Kombi, I just hid out of sight, hysterical and feeling sorry for myself.
Twenty minutes later, the others found me squatting by the kombi, as another wave of mushy diarheoa exploded out of me on to the tarmac, as a group of kids laughed wildly at me. I was a total mess, covered in shit and piss from the waist down with clumps of poop stuck to my white legs. Jenny's pants had a big wet spot in her crotch, but Alicia and everyone else (except Elize) had made it in time.
The worst was still to come, as today I realized that the Blue Route Mall has CCtv, which means that I will never be able to show my face their again...

pooped out
Boy, I have had QUITE the bowel movement the past two days! Two days ago I felt the urge to satisfy my pizza urge. Now I LOVE pizza but it is number one on the list of foods that purge my system, so to speak (with movie theater popcorn, chili cheese dogs/fries, KFC, and bacon cheeseburgers not too far behind). Anyways, I drove down to the local Price Club outlet to buy one of their 18 inch combo pizzas. I think their pizzas are the best value around, and the taste is good also. I ate half at one sitting, and sure enough I had the most serious urge to defecate half an hour later. I scurried over to the toilet and blasted away. Now diarrhea, as with other things in life, comes in twos and threes, never just once. So half an hour later I had the urge again. No problem. But I kept on going back to the toilet, every half hour or so, for 8 hours straight! I could not believe how much crap I had in my system. The next day I kept on defecating but not as frequently. All t! old, I must have crapped about 18 times or so the past two days! I seriously believe the pizza handlers at Price Club laced my pizza with ex lax!

Upstate Dave
Good morning everbody. Looks like we are out of our rainy stretch of weather here in upstate New York. I have been ejoying all the posts on the forum.Here is a Halloweeween story.

It was after supper and I was getting ready to go out. I aws looking out the window and saw a group of tricker treaters come up the walk. I grabed the cany and went to the door. I opened the door to a chorus of trick or treat. I knew who this group was. Barbie S, Barbie H, butch and his brother John. I passed out the candy to them all and they asked if I would go with them. I said sure, I just had to finish getting ready.

My mother asked them all in so she could see thier costumes so they all went in. After a little smallo talk Barbie H asked me if she could use our bathroom. I said sure. My father at that time was in the downstairs one so I told her she could use the one upstairs. Butch and the rest of the group said they would continue on and I said we would catch up with them.

I showed Barbie upstairs to the upstairs bathroom. I started to wait in the hall outside but she said come on in for a treat! So I did. She was dressed up as a witch. She lifted up the lid and seat. She then pulled up her long black skirt and stood over the toilet. She started to pee wich flowed straight down into the bowl. Her stream stopped quickly, and she goes I have done the trick but here is the treat.

Still standing she turns around giving me a full view of her ass. There is already a poop starting to emerge from her hole. She pushes and it slowly moves along. It is very firm and knobby. She pushes again and more comes out. Also she starts peeing again. With one more push her poop comes completely out and falls with a sploosh into the water! She finishes peeing spreads her cheeks and asks if her backside is clean. I go yes it is. She turns around drops her skirt and then flushes the toilet. I got ready went back down stairs and out we went and caught up with the rest of the group and had a great time for the rest of the evening!.

I have had the same problem with the smelly but and the streaks etc.You might want to see a Doctor about the leaking could be weak muscles he will know what it is and help you. It may also be a teen male thing sweat glands I wish you the best. Del.

To Ben: I liked your story about pooping in the Porta-Potty. I try to avoid going to the bathroom in Porta-Potties. A lot of them are dirty and they kind of give me the creeps. Do you have any stories about pooping on that vacation you were talking about??

Sara T.
Diane in NY,
I'd like to see Al Gore on the toilet too! He's certainly not the sexiest guy I've ever seen but something about him makes me think he likes to be watched while taking a poo!

You have such a beautiful name, you know that? And great stories to match!

Two friends of mine, Simone and Amber, and I went to the mall the other day. We took the train back and we got off and stood on the top platform. Amber really had to pee. She had on a long skirt and tiny panties, so she just squatted, pulled her panties out and let loose. Her pee splattered all over the concrete, and some got on her legs. She's a gorgeous girl and I was so excited to get to witness this.

To Katie: I hate it when people make you wait when you really have to go.
To Muggs: Cool story about taking a shower with your friend Michelle taking a big dump.
To Maggie: I just hate teachers who just love to watch kids fidget and squirm when they have to go.Don't feel too embarresed. We all have accidents once and a while.
To Male School Nurse: I think its cool that you let those kids use your bathroom.Some kids like me are scared to use the bathroom when one of there friends might find them and laugh at them.
Well I'm off to Nebraska tommorrow. Post Friday.

Hi everyone. My story is kind of f???ed up.. but here goes.

A few years back, I was at a mall shopping for a friends birthday when the urge to take a piss came on me. So I walked into the bathroom and I stopped dead... There was a guy inside taking a piss like anyone else, except that he was standing in the middle of the room and twirling in circles while doing it(wetting the walls and sinks in the process). His stream was coming in my direction so I quickly popped back out and a good minute later I poked my head in and asked the guy, who was just doing up his zipper, "what the hell are you doing?"

He just shrugged and said, "I've always wanted to do that" and walked out.

Shocked, I went inside, carefully avoiding pools of urine, and started to take a piss. Then I heard the door open and a UPS delivery man walked in. He slipped in one of the pools before I could warn him and fell flat on his ass in the middle of the pool, soaking his pants immediately. The guy looked sickened beyond belief and I broke into tears of laughter.

Later I saw the guy browsing in a store and told a security guard, who apprehended him.

Hello Every one!!!
I'm a 26 male from Italy. I read every day the stories. I have a big number of stories (about outdoor pee) but my difficulty is the English. I khown only a little english, but i will try to write something.

The best "writers" for me are Louise and Steeve (the story of wee in the alley is very very good!!!), Carmalita and PV

I think this will be big adventure for me!!!


diego from Italy

Hi guys. It has been 2 months since my last post and something interesting happened to me last thursday. Some classmates and I had to go to a museum art exhibition for an assignment. When we arrived, we discovered that the museum was closed so we decided to leave. A guy from my class (who lives very close to me) asked me for a ride and I told him "sure man", but he told me that first he needed a bathroom badly cause he was literally doing his business. I assumed he needed to pee badly, so we went to the nearest mall. Once we entered the mall, my buddy told me: "man, I really gotīa go, donīt you wana come with me? Now Iīm not gay, and I donīt think this guy is, but I suppose he needed company and maybe the moral support of anoter guy, so I told him "sure man" and I also told him I needed a pee, so we entered the menīs. Once inside, I went straight to the urinal and I noticed he entered a stall. I really wasnīt expecting him to take a shit, so I got turned on somehow. I suppose it was some kind of bonding we established. Also, it was the first time a guy had asked me to go with him while he did his business, kind of a semi buddy-dump. I was a little turned on and had a little trouble peeing (the guys know what itīs like), however I finally finished, and I heard my buddy fart and the usual crackling. I felt weird, and I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to stay there longer, but I thought it would seem weird for a guy standing there so I told my buddy I would wait for him outside. About 10 minutes later, he came out and he seemed very relieved. I think it was cool of him, the relaxed attitude he has toward shitting, cause Iīm not like that but I would like to be like him. Besides, although we are friends, we just met 8 months ago, and arenīt that close, so I think it was very cool of him.


Once again, my compliments to the chef!


The exploding head story was hilarious! The only thing I
have that is similar is a prank that you may also play on your
crew. Sometime's I wait till someone is sitting on the toilet
and has had enough time to get started, then I haul in the
main and jib sheets real tight so the boat leans way over. It's
funny to hear the AAAAHHHH!!!! from down below!


Here's my comments on the ol' morning stiffy. The problem
is that it wants to point to the sky, but if you are inside and
need to aim at the toilet you need to point it down. If you
point it down while its hard, it crimps off the urethra (the
little tube the pee flows through) so you can barely get any
flow. You have to push real hard. What I sometimes do is
bend over and lean on the tank, that way it can still point
"up" and hit the pottie at the same time. ( But of course the
best remedy is to make mad, passionate love immediately! )


Your just "bi-pooptual" ! Ha! Ha! I was thinking about that
too because when I wrote about the flaming bag prank I
remembered getting turned on seeing my guy friends poop
when I was a kid. Nowadays I don't get much of a charge
out of the guys doing it, but I did during puberty. Who
knows how the hormones work?


I'm still trying to create an unusual poop situation to post, but I'm not having much luck
since I'm so busy with moving, finding work etc. This is all I have for now, but I need you
folk's opinion. These two girls wanted to use my pottie at the boat party this weekend. I
took them down into the cabin and gave them their training lesson, then I stepped back
out onto the cockpit. I slid the top part of the hatch closed so I could not see or hear
them, but they could see my legs from the knee down through the open part. Next thing
you know, the friend pops her head out and so I start a conversation with her. Well she
goes back down and returns, saying her friend cannot pee with me standing there. I, the
commander-in-chief say "well she's gonna have to learn". She goes down once more and
comes back and asks me to leave. Leave my own boat just because she's too much of a
pansie! "No", I say! So then they said "no thanks" and left. Do you folks think I was too
hard on them, or were they being privacy finatics? I know PV used to be shy about peeing
in public and I certainly don't want to stop anyone from turning out like her! I'd love a
world full of PV's!


I posted a few times, once about army boot camp and army transport ship and a few more things. I sort of remember something from the army boot camp days that I left out before. You read a lot of postings and memories come back.

One of the things we used to do was line up at about 5AM for mess hall, or breakfast. The sargents would make you do a couple chin ups before going thru the door. Once in, you got a tray and went along as the cooks and helpers tossed egg and whatever on it that day. You could take a half pint of milk or two so things werent too bad. I was in with a company of RFA's that were all reservists putting in their active service time. Well then, you had the boys they called shitbirds. The officers and sargents referred to them as shitbirds as they were really momma's boys and outside were tough guys but not in here. They would give you enough time to hit the latrines in the morning to take your crap along the line of about 20 toilets. You took a buddy dump whether or not you liked it as your fellow GI was like 2 feet from your toilet. In the mess hall though, some of these spoiled brats would grab 4 or 5 milks, and scoff up a few left onthe table left by guys that didnt w! ant them. Here would be a recruit sitting there with 6 or 7 milks on the table in front of him. The drill sargent would spot this. He gets up in the cruits face, and says, "soldier, what the hell is that on the table"? Cruit says, "milk sir"! Sargent: "what are you doing with 6 cartons of milk?" The recruit says, "drinkin them sir". Sargent says then you drink everyone of those since you got them. So the kid goes and downs all 6 cartons of milk.

After chow hall, we all "fall out" for the days work, training and marchin. Its real hot out, and you got a field pack on, your M-16 rifle and helmet and away you go marching down some dusty road.

Aint to long you notice that the one trooper that downed all that milk is having some discomfort, some problems. He trying not to grab his penis, and got a funny look on his face. Seems that all that milk worked its way down his gut and he got a big urge to shit big time. Along with that he got to piss bad too. Normally no one is really botherd by either on a march as you generally dont have to go that quick after a meal. So the dude is stepping along and you hear a pffffit..brrrfrrfat..fffit..and you know the dude is shitting his pants, 6 cartons of milk worth. Then a slight wet stain appeared on his field pants. You just keep on marching along in this man's army.So then, the term shitbird was coined referring to the spoiled brats that had to have their way being a little greedy and stuffing themselfs and drinking all milk. He would have to carry on all day with this load of wet shit in his drawers and pissed shorts. I know that once the other troop got a wind o! f this, they were cured of grabbing all that extra food and drink at chow time.......
Donnie M.

Traveling Guy
DIANE- NEW YORK No, I don't think there's anything odd about your list of guys you'd pay to see pooping. While you watch Bill, I'd take a look at Hillary. In that age bracket, how about Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon, Glen Close, or Sissy Spacek? Maybe Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins? I'd draw the line at the First Lady, though. Nice birthday present for your husband. Congrats on your standing pee, too.

Hey,hey-I got lucky this a.m.out in the woods!!!I was beginning to think that most of the stories on here about buddy pooing out in the wild were made up!-till this morning!I'm going to give you folks all the details,to check it out- I got up pretty early and it was beautiful out this morning and i was on a hot spreak with pooing so i jumped out of bed and got dressed and heading out to the woods-stopped at 7-11 again and got some OJ and while i rode out to the woods i drank it up-When i wnet into the woods-I had a thought-let me go to that spot where i saw this big poo pile the other day(check my post from a few days ago)I think it was a lady mystery pooper who did that-anyway got out to the spot and as i'm looking for a spot-i run into this woman jogger-she was about 45-50,but in really good shape-her face was a but older looking,but the body was in great shape-now i see her ahead of me about 25 feet or so and i didn't want to scare her so i said"Hi,good morning" and she tur! ned around with a look of apprehension(sp) on her face but as soon as she saw me smiling at her she smiled back and said"Yes,it's a beautiful morning isn't it?I said " I come out here a lot to bike at this time of day cause there's no one around"She looked like she was fidgiting a bit and said"I just jogged my 2 miles when you surprised me" i said"sorry i figured i may go past you and i just wanted to say hello not to startle you"She said'well i was going to do a wee and i'm glad you didn't surprise me then!I said " well,I was looking for a spot to relieve myself too"i figured i'd tell her why i was there,what the heck-then i said ' well i really do have to go so i'm going to leave you some privacy and go do my thing too"she said"that's OK I'll just go over ther and pointed to a spot over on the other side-Now we were in this big clearing deep out in the woods so i went over to the oppisite side of where she was and found a spot-Now i wear thes biking glasses with a small mir ror in the side so i can see other bikers approaching me from behind-So i find a spot opposite from her(about 30-35 feet away and the whole time i'm pulling down my shorts,i'm lloking in the mirror and i can see her clearly on the other side glancing back at me-so i figured-go for it and squatted down and get ready to dump and as i'm squatting i can see her watching me-now she had NO idea i could see her!This was great!I was finally getting some luck!As i'm squatting i'm just taking my time and watching her looking at me and then,i decide to let go and let out a long pre-poo fart and i kinda turned my but toward her and let out a mess of ice cream poop and as i'm pushing this stuff out-she all of a sudden pulls down her shorts and sqats down herself facing me sideways and stiil looking at me-now i was done with the 1st wave of my dump so i just looked at her and she was just looking at me cautiously as she squatted down and i saw her start to pee and it was quite a bit-she mus t have held that the whole time she was jogging-as she is stiil peeing like crazy and i'm am losing my mind thinking "WOW this is great"it was really exciting!i look over at her again and i see what looks like the beginning of a BM cause i see a turd start to come out and i see her bearing down-i'm thinking-OK,now it gets really interesting!!I see this turd getting longer and longer as she is pushing and it was touching the ground and still coming out-this woman was doing a good dump!I'm glad she couldn't see my privates cause i probably would have scared her!then i felt another urge and i farted again and saw her still looking at me as she pushed out this monster and I did a bunch of soft stuff and then just pushed out my anus hoping she would enjoy it-i'm sure she could see it all from where she was!this was truelly great!then i saw her push out a small amount of squgglies and i started to wipe and got dressed and then I heard her say to me "Excuse me-May I have some tissue"! Now i pretended to be startled and said"Oh I didn't know you were stiil here-sure i have plenty" I headed over to her and she was stiil squatted on the ground and I looked the other wat as i approached her and she said"It's OK you don't have to turn away" so i didn't and went up to her and gave her some tissue and said"i guess you had to go pretty good too'As i looked at her 1 foot turd and she said"I have to tell you i was going to try to make it home till I saw you going over there" I pretended to be surprised and said "Oh you saw me from over here,i'm sorry i thought i was far enough away from you,hope i didn't upset you"She said "Oh no not at all!Frankly I enjoyed the view" and laughed so i said " come her often?" and we both laughed then she said as i looked at her face which was tanned and lined and thinking when she was younger she must have been really pretty,but her body was great!She said'i have to confess i come out here alot and alot of times i go to the bathroom out here in the woods,i find it very refreahing to do"i said "I also go alot out here and up to today i thought i was alone!"then i decided to, get bold and said"Hey why don't we meet here once in awhile and go together"She surprising said"sure I ahve to admit i never saw someone else go and seeing you go was enjoyable to see-boy you really had to go didn't you? i said"i always have to go pretty good when i come out here"then she said " well i have to get going" and pulled up her shorts and said " hey hope to see you again and asked my name and i told her and she said her name was "Donna" and said goodbye and ran off-well i just stood there hardly believing what just happened-Finally i saw a girl poo out here-i wish i could have seen her from a better angle,but from what i could see,she had a fine butt!then i got myself together and rode home-wow i hope i can see her again-i think she was into it in a way!Now it's going to be a great day!i'm going to try and come back to hopef! ully see her again!SOrry so long,but i wanted to get all the details right!Hey RJOGGER,I finally got lucky!BYE

I've been fascinated reading the posts on this forum. I will let you into my own toilet secret. In 1992, I started work in a very large office. The dress code was very smart, and I wore my two piece suits to work. When summer came, I decided to try stockings and suspenders instead of my usual tights, and so I bought three suspender-belts and several pairs of stockings. The first day that I wore stockings and suspenders I found myself suddenly wanting to bab. I made my way to the ladies' loo, farts bursting out of my bum-hole. As I neard the loo entrance, I felt my bum-hole swell as my baba began to force its way out. I tried to hold it in my bum, but it slowly began to protrude. I rushed into the nearest cubicle and slammed the door shut, farts bursting from my bum. By now the seat of my white cotton knickers was being slightly pushed out by my baba. It was then that I realised my mistake. I had fastened my suspenders over my knickers (not being used to them). Before I could d o anything about the situation, I was babbing helplessly in my knickers. I really filled my knickers. When my bum-hole finally closed, I undid my suspenders and pulled my knickers down. I had done a beauty, a tan-coloured baba about six inches long and two inches thick. I was praying that no one else would come in, for the pong would have knocked them out. I turned my knickers inside out and dropped my baba into the loo. I wiped my bum-hole and flushed. I wrapped my knickers in toilet paper and popped them in my handbag, hoping that the pong wouldn't be noticed until I got them home to wash. I always wear my knickers over my suspenders now!

Oh my goodness, that girl on the masthead somewhat resembles the younger of my 2 kid sisters! My "baby" sister is blonde, 5' 9", works as an aerobics instructor and poops like a horse. Yup, she is a champ toilet clogger, as she has jammed the commodes in my house on occasion.

I've just read some incredible stories, very worthy of comment.

Carmalita - Hi, sweet seniorita. Your last post indicated that you are in an up mood. So you are on a manhunt? Here's hoping that you find the right guy. I know if I were single, that I would be knocking your door down! You'd like to sit on my lap and kiss me while I crapped? I'd probably get so excited that I could not go! Latina and Native American women drive me crazy, and I can just imagine how beautiful you are. As to the latest with the wife: she and some girlfriends had gone out the night before, God knows what they ate, but she really laid a stinker the next morning. I almost had to hold my nose while I sat on the toilet. Your latest and greatest got me real excited, with all that poop, and you shaving. WOW! That was some story. And you enjoy crapping by the river? I have done that a few times myself, by the Hudson. Maybe I'll join you. Here's another big hug and kiss for my favorite seniorita, from the old man in the East. Love you, hon.

Muggs - I have really enjoyed your posts. I tried to reply to your first one, but my post didn't make it. You seem to have good luck when it comes to watching the ladies poop; and you are only 17? Hmm, I was just 17 when I met my wife, and we have watched each other dump for nearly 37 years. Here's hoping that your good fortune continues. Keep those great stories coming.

Buzzy - How are tricks, neighbor? Your gym and woods stories were on the money. As to my luck with catching the gals, it runs in streaks. I have gone 3 or 4 years at a time when I didn't see an outdoor lady pooping. Then, I will see a bunch in a short time, as has happened in the last year and a half. Where I live, a bunch of new trails opened in the last decade or so, and the number of people running, biking, etc has really increased. I think that has something to do with the streak that I am currently on. Hey, I do consider myself very lucky, that I have a wife who isn't shy, and likes to wipe my hairy butt crack. You take good care, my friend.

Diane NY - I'm glad you liked my latest post. My wife usually doesn't stink like that, but she and her crazy girlfriends were partying the night before. At least I got warned; and gassed when I protested the smell! What you did for your husband on his birthday was great. Blasting a massive log from your sports car in the rain was too much. I like the car that you drive. And your follow up story with your friends, the chili, the farts and the poop was terrific. Your friend Maranello should try a fiber supplement, instead of a laxative. They work better and are not habit forming. Constipation is no fun. Keep smiling, Diane.

Rizzo - The old lady and I still carry on like college kids, it is fun to do so. But this latest one was not expected, and I could have used a gas mask! Trust me when I say that our master bath smelled like an overflowing septic tank. Sorry to hear the head on your boat had a problem. Your story was very

Well, the old lady is pulling my sleeve. I hope she is up for some fun and games.

It has been nice chatting with you folks. Take care until next time

Hi everybody!! My poor arsehole has been a bit sore the last few days. I had a case of the runs a few days ago and that seems to have brought out big juicy pile!! I looked at my arsehole in a little mirror and there's this big purple vein there, a classic haemeroid (which I can't spell!!!). It looks like a small grape! I have heard of a treatment where a doctor can put a tiny rubber band around it and it gets choked and falls off after a few days. Has anybody else here heard of this or had this treatment? I'm not in pain here, it's just a bit uncomfortable and itchy too but I would like to get rid of it if it doesn't go away on its own!!


Jeff A
KIM AND SCOTT: Hi Kimmie! Those pictures of you sound great! How lucky Scott is! I thank you for the offer of sending me your pictures even though it is quite impossible. It was very sweet and kind of you to think of me. Keep bangin' 'em out there Kim! You're the best!

STEVE: My aiki-kung spirit brother! Thanks for your concern. Mylong absences from this forum are due to an extreme schedule. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you luck. I always get to read here, but seldom have the time for a quality answer.
You've been a really good man to know and talk to. My leg will never be the same again, but it's okay. I'm walking, and still with the weights and working my body.

LOUISE: Ah yes, my lovely pee queen! (and much more I hope!) Unfortunately, I won't be able to do Kung Fu anymore. But my life goes in different directions and I have much else to do. I enjoyed sketching you, and Kim, and our lovely Carmalita. The girl I was camping with was unusually skilled at peeing standing up. It shocked me when she did it, I thought she was clowning around. She used to also poop standing up. She'd just bend a little forward, rest her elbows on her thighs, and squeeze them out. She was so afraid of bugs, she wouldn't squat in bushes. So, you're the model type huh? Very interesting! It helps with my images of you!As to your most recent posting to Kim, yes, I'd love it if you both modeled for me!

RJOGGER: Those bush parties with the coed pooping are great! My heart attack was last year, and I'm doing fine now. Thanks for asking. I rather enjoyed your story of the Latina woman you saw pooping in the woods. Great stuff! I'll never forget seeing a black woman pooping in a park right out under a tree in the Boston Commons. It was summer, daylight, and she was squatting, pushing out fat monsters while holding a roll of paper towels in her hands. That was cool!
My best to you.

RIZZO: Yes, I do have to keep one leg stretched out whenever I lower myself down. Mostly, I just have to balance my weight, keep it off my leg. Otherwise, I'm in good health. Thanks for asking. I was thinking about you the other day. Out on your boat. How great that would be. I've never been on a private boat before. And I'm a water lover too.

RENEE: I believe the place you meant was Fort Stevens, and I know which beach you're talking about. Yes, it can be very secluded at times. I myself have done some nice outdoor pooping there. I love the story about Carmalita as a "hot dog'! I'll take her, with mustard! Best to you Renee, you're a wonderful lady. I'm still waiting to hear from Patsy!

CARMALITA: Oh, sweet seniorita! How many men I have to compete with these days! I am another one of those men who thinks Latinas are very sexy! So are you!!!!!!! My "Carmalita Collection" has really grown, and so have my feelings for you! You're a really good hearted woman. I'd still love to see your video, I'll bet it's getting better and better. Especially with that bed pooping incident on tape! And of course, your natural "fade to black". I was on a bus the other day and this cute latina girl farted by accident. It was really strong too. I liked it anyway, and pretended that it was you!

MUGGS: Great stories from you! I loved them, keep 'em coming!

Psychiatric Ward Patient
Hey People!!!!!!!!!!
TO MUGGS:Hey man your stories are extremely great,Your lucky you get to see all these chix poop.
TO CARMALITA:I enjoy your stories ALOT!!!!!!!!!!
TO MAGGIE:Damm,that sux that the teacher was like that to you.Im extremely sorry about that.Teachers are like that sometimes true @$$HoLeS.

Hi all,

It's a few days since I've posted, I've been catching up on back-postings here...

RENEE -- you said "...You should have stood up to pee in front of that girl! I'd love to hear about that! I wonder if the other girl would poop without a stall?" Interesting thought! If I'd needed to open my bowels I would certainly have done so, I was already on the pot and posed just so for it! The other girl might have been a bit conservative in that area, but it's hard to tell you are and who aren't. I remember once usung a seafront restroom, this was last summer, and the stalls were doorless. I stood to wee that time, and when I was finished walked past the other stall to leave, and a middle-aged lady was busy in the other, doing the full treatment... So far my major remaining barrier is starting with company, if I have privacy the begin with, I can release my bladder quite easily, but when any relieving area is already inhabited it's more difficult.

All my best to you, Malita, Patsy and Tesa -- hugs and smoochies all round, and a pat on the ???? for the little one!

LOUISE -- hi sweetie! " leather trousers, black g-string, and I had a white top and my black jacket." Darling, you just described me on a good day! Switch blonde to red and add heeled boots, and you've got the picture! (SMILE!) Gee, I'd love the chance to try going in an alley like that... Some day! Yes! And the backward shot is a lot of fun, if perhaps the most bizarre way to go. Back around Christmas I used a seafront restroom and delivered a bladderful and a thorough bowel emptying without sitting down (I didn't trust the cleanliness of the place). I pushed my bowels clear from a standing position, then bent and squirted backward into the bowl, and was very pleased with myself!

One little report -- the other day I took a poo after having been holding a while as I was busy. I dropped a few chunks, then one of my typical 11" smoothies, less than 1" thick. Then instantly I fired out another at least 12" long that plopped into the bowl in no more than three seconds, followed by some more chunks. That must have been around 30" of poo in total, and the whole thing took less than fifteen seconds, including rest time! I wish I could savor these events a bit longer!

Hugs to all,


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