I was 14 and had just started at this school so even more shy than normal - when we had a fire drill. It was cold and there was snow outside as we hurried to line up on the the playground. It was late morning and I hadn't peed since getting up so I was looking forward to lunchtime, when I walked home and had a pee on the way normally. The cold had an alarming effect on my bladder and I felt a very strong wave of pressure hit me as soon as I went out. I hopped about a bit, pretending that it was a way of keeping warm, and hoped we could go inside soon. I was distracted though by a girl called Allison who was in front of me and not only hopping about but holding herself. I knew this because in doing so, her grey uniform skirt had been pulled tight to her bottom and was just high enough for me to see her grey knickers. Despite my bursting bladder I immediately had an erection as I watched her. She made no secret of her need, telling everyone that if she wasn't allowed to go insid! e right away she would pee herself. This got a laugh from all but me. I found it arousing, not funny, and also I was in danger of pissing in my pants too. I had to hold my cock with one hand, inside a pocket. Allison had her legs knotted together and was bending at the waist and each time I saw her knickers. Then, whe we had been there for 15 minutes and been counted 3 times, she said 'OHHHH!, God!' and bent over even more and I saw a definate dark area where her legs joined and she called to a teacher to ask if she could go to the toilet. At that moment we were allowed in and she hobbled off as fast as she could. I lost sight of her unfortunately and went back to my class where I spent a very uncomfortable 10 minutes until the bell went.
Luckily I was able to wait until getting to my favourite hedge on the walk home to pee but couldn't prevent a squirt into my pants as I unzipped.
That picture I have in my memory of Allison is so clear even today but I think it is due to me feeling a similar need that it is so intense.

to Secret: I just went back to the old posts and I loved your story. Did you get powdered from the people who diapered you? as i said before I am having hard time from my family (especially my mom) about stained underwears and bieng eally smell even if I wipe real hard and good to the point I bleed.

CHRISTINE PEEING-I am 16 male from U.S. and i like to pee my pants and watch others do so. Would love to talk to you about it. Please respond!!!!

I was driving yesterday and saw a 20 or so year old girl squatting to pee in a semi-secluded area of a playground. She exposed her whole butt and she had a concerned expression on her face. It was great.

CARMALITA - Hi! Well I hope it does go well for you with Jake,
but look at all the guys on here who like you too. I bet you will
never be short of a date.
I wish my sister could get a guy but she does not get approached by
the type she wants. I think she should approach them.

RENEE - Hi girl! No I do not arch my back often when I stand and pee,
but I do stand up straight a lot. If I feel like doing it a bit
different then maybe I might bend forward a bit at the hips and pee
between my feet in the shower or yeah if I want distance then maybe
then I will arch my back. If you fell like you have to arch your back
to be confident then that is all right, it is what works for you.
Oh yeah, I will say hello to Steve for you.

J IN RSA - Hi! My boyfriend loves me hissing when I pee.

PV - Hi girl!!! I did the backward trick shot again last night when we
had a bath before we went to bed. This time I did hit the back wall of
the bath and I fired my wee about a bit. It was a great giggle and I
was really full so I bet I added about another litre to the bathwater.
Oh yeah you can use lots of different finger pressures to change
where it goes and how it comes out. I squeezed my pussy lips together a
bit and I got it to sprinkle for a few seconds.
I must tell you about my alley wee on Saturday night. Well we had been
out fora little drink and we met two of Steve's friends and their wives.
Now I was in my black leather trousers, black g-string (I said that
because I know Steve and Rizzo like underwear), and I had a white top
and my black jacket. The other girls where in little dresses. Well the
six of us needed a wee and there was a lot of giggling about if we
could all do it together, but the other girls did not really want the
guys looking. We found an alley to go in and there were no people near
there, so the guys waited around the corner for us to do our stuff
first. Well we all squatted down backs to the wall and I was closest
to the corner. Well we all pissed and pissed and pissed, and then one
of the guys peeped around the corner wondering why we took so long.
He saw me with my trousers and knickers round my knees, and I do not
think he could see my pussy but I bet he did see my wee stream
squirting. "Are you nearly finished? Make it a quick one ... oh my god
look at that!" He cried. Maybe he had not seen a girl wee before!
Well when we had finished, we went round the corner and the guys went
in the alley and while they were pissing they talked about the puddles
we had done. I looked round the corner at them and giggled. I saw one
of their willies while he was weeing, and he turned away all shy!
I bet I scared him! LOL It gave Steve and the other guy a giggle.

Oh I like shutting the flow and doing tricks like that! It is a lot
of fun to do that isn't it?

JULIE - Hi girl! Well I am happy you have been trying standing to wee.
Now then you have been having a bit of trouble with it haven't you?
How far apart were your feet, because if you have them too close
together then your pussy lips will close up a bit more and maybe you
will spray more. You did not say if you did it without trying aiming
with fingers but I bet if you sprayed the cistern you did use fingers.
I bet you will be better if you do not use hands until you find out
how you can stand and get a good stream without them. Then you can
try aiming with your fingers. If you wee in a little trickle then I
bet you will be better if you push the wee out.
You know I think you should keep trying it in the bath or shower
because if you try the toilet, you will be afraid of making a big mess
and I bet that will cause you to make a big mess when you are nervy and
excited about it. Tell me how well you do!
Oh by the way, Steve will be a very nice toilet guard for you, and yes
you can show him everything. He has seen lots of girls wee but I
bet he would like to add you to that number. LOL

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi Kim! Yeah, maybe us two in our bikinis would make
Jeff A a bit too excited. He is getting better after his injury you
know. I do not know if Jeff would like to sketch me in a standing wee
pose but I bet I would need to demo it so he could draw my stream
well. Maybe you would need to have your bikini knickers down while
you stood bent over a bit because of a big brown tail. LOL

Steve is a busy guy today, so he will have to write tomorrow. I bet he
will like the letters that people have written to him and I will tell
him about them.


Traveling Guy
GENTLE MAN - I can attest to what Jake says about toilets with an inspection shelf, found mostly in Germany. He's right, the purpose of that shelf about six inches below your ass is to let you check out your stools. Some models have a slightly depressed shelf so that there's a tiny puddle, about 5 inches wide by 1/2 inch deep, in the middle of it, but, as Jake says, the shelf might as well be bone dry. It's pretty clever, actually. The tall drain hole is up front, about 6 by 6 inches at top, designed so that both males and females pee straight into the drain water instead of onto the shelf. That way, you keep the stools dry. (It works for me, not sure about women.) My father-in-law's house in Germany has a bath and a half-bath back to back, the first with a water bowl john, the second with a shelf. As Jake says, the smell after you take a dump on the shelf john is really wicked, unlike the water bowl type, which is why that type has water in the first place. And that ! shelf flush - wow! Better stand back while that burst of water tries to dislodge your load and send it down the drain. Germans are actually moving away from shelf toilets in favor of the water bowl type. One advantage of the shelf for many of us here, though: after someone has taken a dump, you can smell the strong, lingering evidence for quite a while.

Carmalita -
Of course watching you poop every day when we are married wouldn't be boring! I would be in heaven watching such a sexy Latina performing such an act - what an honor that would be! And as for you watching me poop - how I would love that! My morning poop today was for you, my dear. As usual I went after my morning coffee. I sat down and farted (a hissy sort of fart) and a log quickly came out making a quiet plopping sound in the water. That was it. I wiped and saw there was very little on the paper so it was a "healthy" poop! I looked in the toilet and saw a fat 12 incher, which coiled around and tapered towards the middle. I did it for YOU, my darling Carmalita!! Have a wonderful day, beautiful lady!

TO RJOGGER-Yea,i feel the same way about this crappy weather,although,yesterday(6/3)here was nice and today is nice,but the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy-C'mon enough rain!!Hey how come you are so lucky so see all these women poo and pee out in the woods?I can't believe how much stuff you see out i your neck of the woods!Down here on Long Island,it's slim pickings so far! Hey you took a good dump in your bowl-wow a2 footer-it must have felt great getting rid of that and then getting your butt wiped too!-you really are a lucky guy!Hey JOGGER,i did a good dump at the gym yesterday a.m. and I did a woods dump this a.m.too-first the gym-I got there pretty early yesterday morning and didn't have to go yet so i got on some machines to work out and after about 20 mins I really had to poo good and i didn't see my lady friend today either-too bad-well i went down to the stalls and as i'm going to a stall the one right across from me had a guy in there with the door wide ope n and he's sitting there reading the newspaper sitting back against the tank with his legs spread a little and i could see the shadow of a long turd coming out pretty fast and he didn't look at me at all and then after this turd came out,he let out a long fart-so i took the stall across from him and closed the door slightly,but left it open enough to still see him and i sat down and he was still reading his paper and I relaxed my anus and had no gas at all-the turd started to come out right away and i didn't push at all and it felt like a long one and i just let it slide out on it's own and then i saw this guy across from me look over at me and i pretended not to see him cause i had a newspaper too and I don't know if he was looking at me ,but i had my legs open and i'm sure if he was looking my way,he could see me pooing too-i kinda enjoyed this in a way cause i was doing a big long poop too-then it fell into the bowl without a sound and i kinda looked in the bowl and saw wha t looked like an 18 incher-boy it was long and smooth-looked like one of those sausage rings at the butcher-what a good long one!then i saw this guy start to wipe and he flushed and got up and took a glamce at me and said "hi" and as he said that i could see him looking between my legs for a second or two,but i was not pooing at that point and just nodded hello to him and he left and i sat there for a bit but i was done which was strange cause i usually always go more-so i wiped and it was c lean wipe too-this was the perfect dump-then i got up and looked in the bowl at this sausage wrapped around the bowl-i wish i had a camera!then want back to themachines-i thought i would have to go more later but i was done for the day
Now this a.m. i got up and saw it was a beautiful day and got my bike out and headed out 5 mins after i got out of bed and headed for 7-11 and got some OJ to get my system going-OJ works like coffee and after about 20 mins of riding i had to dump,so i went out to the wild to seek out a spot to do my morning load-what a nice morning this was-i took my time walking to find a spot and as i'm walking i'm letting out some farts as the urge got stronger-i saw this jogger about 20 feet away pulling down his short and i thought,hey a buddy poo,but he just started to pee and boy did he pee!he must have peed for 30 secs like a racehorse-then pulled up his shorts and walked away-then i found a spot and got undressed(i always poo nude out here in the woods)and sat on this big log and right away i let out a hissing fart and did a big pile of soft turds that came out pretty fast and at the end i let out a bunch of machine gun farts with some pudding poop-i really had to go pretty bad-i looked down and saw what looked like a pile of cow dung,with one long turd that came out on top of it after the soft stuff-then as i turned around after i looked at my pile i saw about 30 feet away,this jogger i saw awhile back peeing looking at me-he was behind me i guess looking at me poop-i pretended not to see him and stood up for about 3 mins or so and i had to poo some more and squatted down and let out some more soft stuff ending with a wet fart and i could still see him looking at me-i thought it was kinda cool-i'm sure from his angle,he could see everything too-hey whatever-But i enjoyed giving him a show-then as i was wiping he took off ( thank-god) and then i got dressed and admired my pile one more time and left-that was fun,but still haven't found a good dump partner-but i did some good pooing the last 2 mornings.Hope the weather holds for a few days and maybe i'll get lucky like RJOGGER is-hope you all enjoyed those stories-esp Carmelita,Jane,Lisa Penny<Renee and my neighber RJOGGER too-more stuff ,all I enjoy them good poop stories!BYE

Hi all,
two interesting posts that I could perhaps offer a little on.
RANDI, stop having a wax on your buttocks and annus it will get very sore and in time the regrowth will irritate. To you and Jeromes the best way to prevent skids is to apply some body cream to your annus after washing. You will find that the poo slips out easily leaving very little residue on the hair.
Hope it helps. It cured my problem of skids and an itchy annus. My friend Linda said to stop the waxing. She has a similar problem during the non riding season. Her annal and some other hair gets rubbed off during the riding season and then regrows in the off season with the subsequent irritation till it is no longer a bristle.

Jake: Germany is where I've most often seen "inspection shelf" toilets. Also I've seen them in Holland and Belgium and Austria. For those who don't know about these, the back 2/3rds of the bowl is a raised porcelain shelf (justting out) where your turds land and sit there dry and out of the water. Then when you flush, water rushes over the turd and washes it forward toward the front of the bowl and down into the hole and away it goes. The idea is you can have a look at your product sitting there before you flush. Since water doesn't contact your turds until you flush, you can really stink up a bathroom with this kind of toilet :)
Daniel (UK)

Diane- New York
Hie Guys! Ya doin’? Me I’m fine. I gave my husband the best birthday present I could get him. I start the story right now.

Saturday was my husband’s birthday he is now 24 and still going. Saturday morning in our backyard, I decided to give him a viewing of me naked onto of my 01’ turbo pushing out the biggest log I can humanly muster. So around 5:30 am (It was fu—ing raining but I didn’t let that dampen my enthusiasm one bit.) I call him out here. I’m onto of the car. I tell him watch this. I hung my butt over the car and I see that I had him entranced. I start pushing and pushing with all my might and this huge and rather longish log falls out of my butt. It lands on the ground with a thud. You know what it sounds like if you drop a hammer on the dirt? That’s what it sounded like. I pushed and pushed and I felt this very wide and rather ticklish shit emerges. I push hard because I’m in a rush and this falls out of my very silently. I then hop of the roof of the car. And then he loudly says “damn honey you look goooooooooooooooood”! I’m like this ain’t the first time you have se! en me naked you know. I don’t think I’m attractive but guys are usually doing a double take on me and it gets tiring sometimes. I might as well wear a disguise. For crying out loud my employees always whistle when they see me. Oh Well, life goes on and it will hopefully stop sometime. Well I wasn’t done yet. The first one was 28inches and the other was35 inches. Pretty big but I cant touch Maranello. I get dressed and I’m soaking wet. Oh Well. I bring him over to the garage and I ask him to guess whats in it. He keeps guessing wrong. I finally open it and he faints. Then I slapped him and handed him the keys to his new car. I say Happy Birthday Honey. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the Corvette he says. (every night in bed he says he wants a Corvette well this will shut him up good) But I told him I have more presents. I got him a brand new entertainment system. Big screen dvd, surround sound, the works. I just love my Husband.

Second story: later on I would say around 8:00 Well with Jimbo (my husbands name is Jim but I call him Jimbo all the time) out enjoying his corvette I got him I home by myself relaxing. Then about 10 minutes later Maranello comes over with 2 of her friends. Both of them are rather attractive. One was Tina 21years old 5’6 real petite good smile, long black hair, and nicely shaped ass. The other was named Alex long brown hair, nice butt, great smile also. Both Hispanic and both very good looking. So I let them in and ask if they could use my kitchen. I said sure come on in. I’m on the couch watching some news and speedvisoin and about and hour later I was joined on the couch by everyone one. WOW! Bean burritos and a load of chili. So we all are eating and while I’m gorging down some of this DELICIOUS chili I hear a fart. I’m trying to figure out whom it came from and Tina excuses herself and says sorry. She asks where my bathroom was and I told her down the hal! l make a left. Then I resume gorging down some of these delicious burritos while I smell something rather stinky. Alex excuses her self and heads to the upstairs bathroom. I resume eating again and I hear a loud fart from Maranello and she heads to the bathroom in the basement. With every gone I eat in peace when I hear a series of loud farts. I just remembered all the bathrooms have no toilet paper. NOT GOOD! I grab three rolls and I go to the up stairs one first. I excuse myself and she lets me in. It doesn’t sink in there because whenever he bathroom light is switched on, the fan comes on automatically and this is in all the bathrooms. Pretty cool huh? So I walk in and put toilet paper on the roll and then we start talking and getting to know each other. Then she got off and I see a lot of mush and she keeps on farting. Even though she was done. Next I went to the bathroom Alex was in. I kindly excused myself and put the tp on the roll holder. Then we start! talking and getting to know each other pretty well. I sit on the tub and we start chatting and she does a lot of farting very loudly. She gets of the toilet and I see some mush and nicely formed logs in the toilet. I go to the bathroom where Maranello was. Oh God, she was constipated again. I could see she was in pain. I tell her look If it isn’t coming out take some overnight ex-lax stuff and you’ll be good in the morning. She takes my advice and gets off the toilet and releases her skirt and washes her hand. Then she asks me for money because she left her wallet at home. Here take a 50 and remember use the ex-lax over night. She’ll probably feel good in the morning hopefully. They all leave and I tell them come back some other time this was fun. While I’m back on the couch I feel the need to go somewhere. I take my husbands other car. I keep driving until I find a private spot and pull over. I turn the car off and get some sleep for 45 minutes. Then I wake u! p and start the car and I look into the night vision display screen. Well I’ll be Damned! I see two people in a squatting position. Very interesting so I keep watching and I could almost swear I see a log or something come out of their butt. Then the other person was having a watery movement I think. Then I see both of them wipes their butts pull up their pants and walk away. I grab a flashlight to see what they did. On the floor I see toilet paper 7 or 8 large logs and a huge puddle and I see some diarrhea scattered around. I drive back home and get a shower. After the shower I decided to try this standing pee thing. I took my fingers and formed it in an up side down V. Then I kept the same amount of pressure on both sides of the lips and i stated to pee. I made sure I had a nice consistent stream and it was working till I fu—ed it up. I was lifting my pussy very gently until I slipped on the wet floor and everything went out of control. It sure hurts when you h! it your head on the bathroom sink! I’m not discouraged, I’ll do it before I get a shower.

Carmalita- I really enjoyed your pooping story with your friend Tesa. I really thought it was great. It was funny with that guy there looking at both of you drop your loads. Unfortunately I have never been in that position though. Whenever I take a dump in the woods no one is usually around. Cool Story.

Guys I have a rather weird list of people I would pay to see pooping. Here they are Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Patrick Stewart, Bill O’Rielly and James Garner. Even though I’m 23 I think these guys are quite sexy. Odd Huh?

Louise – well as you read in my post my standing pee went well (for the most part anyways) I really appreciate the info and will try it again tomorrow.

RJOGGER- Really enjoyed that story with you wife Kathy. I doubled over in pain laughing when your wife said “ Don’t go in there”. And it was funny when you said : “The odor was enough to gag a maggot” ! And I thought it was funny when she farted right smack in your face. As I read you like sports cars . I’m also a fellow enthusiast myself.

PS Can anybody give me some info on French toilets? I’m going to France in a few weeks and staying in a hotel. Anything I should know of about French toilets or are they similar to the ones I use in the US?

Hello to you all!

Hi CARMALITA, guapita, backside smooched by a horse! No wonder Renee almost wet herself laughing. I had a good laugh too. You were lucky you weren’t nudged over to fall on your face.
Then your story about that outdoor dump with that guy watching from the bushes was as good as ever. You should not have called “Hey dude, are you watching us?” It scared the guy away. You should have called something like “Hey dude, come over and admire our masterpiece!”, and then, if he did, tell him that it was his turn now. Wish I had been there with Rjogger, we certainly would not have run away! (But only if our wives weren’t near). If you are feeling lonely sometimes, I am here to keep you company. You realize that don’t you? Love from Rizzo.

Hi RENEE, glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. But as Carmalita has to help you with your poops, it is you who now needs a roto-rooter!
Just wait until little Malita Jean (?) starts to jump around on your bladder! Babies have no respect whatsoever of their mum’s bladders. I hope you do not have to suffer too much! Take care dear, and here is a very gentle hug from Rizzo.

Hi RJOGGER, you and your wife sound like you have plenty of fun. I just love to read your exploits!

GREG K. .... Interesting what you write about green tea reducing the smell of poop. I’ll have to try that too. I’ll start drinking green tea today and tell you later if it works with me!

To MALE SCHOOL NURSE, I think you are very kind and considerate to allow school toilet shy boys to use your loo.

Yesterday Sunday saw me and my wife up river in our boat. We went bird watching. The weather was beautiful, a fair breeze had blown us to our destination among some mud flats only visible at low tide on Saturday afternoon. Yesterday after a langourous breakfast, my wife went to the boats head for a morning dump, whilst I cleared away the dishes. She came out of the loo and commented that she had shat like a horse. Judging by the amount of pumping sounds I had heard, she was probably right. My turn next. The usual: I carefully sat down on the little white porcelain bowl with the white seat, and facing across the hull towards the washbasin, I let everything go down below. In a few seconds a long light brown snake of a turd had coiled itself round and round the bowl followed by a medium long pee. Two dry wipes plus one wet wipe followed. Then I closed the lid of the toilet, sat down on it to press all seals of the lid and seat airtight, and started pumping out my jobbies. At! the fourth stroke the pump emitted a loud crack! A slurping hissing noise followed at each stroke. Oh my! Had the diaphragm in the pump broken? The pump had to dismantled holding a plastic bin underneath it to catch all the brown outpour. And did it smell! It was not the diaphragm but the plastic nut securing it that had broken. After repair and a major cleanup we were ready for the next poop! Comment in the log book : Sunday morning, two hours of toiletology.

Good pees and poops to eveyone from Rizzo.

Monday, June 04, 2001

Shitting in the plane is a classic. Here is how you do it!

First, you have a full English breakfast at the airport (Heathrow for quality) and a cup of coffee.

By the time you get on the plane, you have the biggest urge. When I went 3 years ago, I had to rush to the toilet. When I went in there, my arse literally exploded with shit. The air turbulance causes havoc with your ????, especially with coffee (since our body treats coffee as a poison, so it trys to chuck it out).

I must have shrunk with all that excess shit - a chain of runny long soft poo was propagating at speed!

The whole basin was smuthered brown! I remember farting while standing up like a machine gun.

Donnie C.
To Carmelita: I have been very fascinated by your toilet adventures. Each day I can't wait to read this board for the latest from this "mucho bonita" Latin lady!

In my city (on the East coast, sniffle) there has been a recent influx of Latin immigrants - in fact, I live near their part of town, and run into them frequently. I've long been intrigued by their toilet habits, especially in light of their diets. And I've often wished that I could know a Latina well enough to share a bathroom. (So far, no luck.)

Last Friday I was in line at a fast food chicken restaurant. In front of me were two Latinas: a rather heavy lady named Tracy, and a smaller woman named Brenna. Tracy had the loveliest long, thick, straight black hair that reached her ample bottom, which was clad in tight pants. I couldn't help but wonder how her buns looked underneath...and how she looked, sounded, and smelled on the potty! For some reason, I imagined that she would have massive soft or loose poops.

The ladies asked me to help them communicate to the cashier. I was more than happy to do so. Tracy started to hold her stomach and grimace; I asked her if she was hungry. She just said, "No, is my stomach." I asked her if she was sick, and she said yes. Now, it may have been something like monthly discomfort, or maybe she was just tired. But you know what I was thinking! And, she was about to eat a meal of greasy fried chicken!

I wish I could have been an invisible fly on Tracy's bathroom wall late Friday night and Saturday morning...I'll bet there was quite a show. And of course I thought of the lovely Carmalita!

Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Looks like a very pretty black girl on the bowl smiling at the camera on the masthead-great shot-very sexy girl
TO CARMELITA-Great poo-in-the-woods story-Why couldn't that guy be me!Boy you guys really had to go huh?Good stuff!
TO JENNIFER-I agree with VIOD"S opinion on seeing folks poop-I found people either like to do it or they really don't-there's no middle ground on this-i think it's all contributed to your childhood in a way-When i was About 17 I was having a hard time dealing with a breakup witha girl and i was very repressed and cried myself to sleep for a few nites and my folk became worried and sent me to a shrink and we had 3 sessions and it did help me a great deal and i Never cried over a breakup again, and i have to say professional help is good for anyone who feels like they are losing it and those 3 times really helped me to deal with like and fortunatly,i didn't have to go ever again but it was really interesting to talk to someone like that who can get a "mirror" view of yourself- but anyway i talked to him about the fact that I liked to see and hear woman pee and poop and he seemed to think it was somthing in my early childhood that got me into it-he said that most likly it was! some initiating to it somhow and we mostly don't remeember it-cause i don't remember anything strange in my childhood but hey,Jennifer go enjoy your antasy with someone you enjoy-look at all of us here on this forum-enough said!right-keep us posted on your progress
Had some sushi last nite and I can feel some activity coming on(I love sushi poops-that food really makes me go-i usually dump a good load) and i'm heading for the gym-i love to dump at the gym on sunday mornings-it so busy with guys crapping like crazy and maybe i'll see my lady friend and blab to her for a bit and get the nerve to set up a date for a nice bike ride-so let me get outta here and go to the gym - I know i'm gonna poo,it's just a matter of getting to the gym to do it and since the weather her has been pitiful and i can't go out in the wild,the gym will have to do! later all! BYE

You wicked little girl! Teasing that poor guy like that! You and Tesa ought be ashamed of yourselves! (Actually, I only wish I was that lucky b*stard!). Congratulations on your huge log! I'll bet that he returned as soon as you ladies left!

Gentle Man

"Inspection shelf?" I can't speak for anywhere other than the US, but not only is it NOT common . . . I admit complete ignorance, and have never heard the term.

Please explain . . .

Nitecruzr, Nice story about your accident,I know the feeling of knowing you got to go and go NOW. You usually start out by thinking you are letting a fart go to releave the pressure, but when that shit starts to move it is like a dam breaking and there is now way to stop it. You just have to go with the flow and feel the releif. Hopefully you are wearing something that will not show the stains, but the bulge in the back is hard to hide. Recently that happemed to me I was almost all the way home, I just got off the bus and the stepping down motion cased the dam to burst. It was dark and I only had to walk two blocks. When i got home and removed my shorts all I had was a big brown pancake to drop into the toilet and the clean up was easy.

Christinepeeing- I'm a 15 male from the united states. I'm interested in hearing stories from you. Got any accident stories?

Traveling Guy
Yesterday was the first of the porta pottie events I said I'd be visiting. It was a combined outdoor flea market/machinery show. I'm not really into in junky antiques nor old tractors, though I did find some good bargain tools. The porta pots were set up either in rows of four (three normal and one handicapped) or two normals, side by side. There were three large sets and four smaller ones. I kept an eye on them as I moved arund the grounds, hoping for some fine lass to enter. Several did, of course, but it must be some law of the universe that porta potties can all stand empty for minutes at a time, then there's suddenly they're all occupied and there's a line of people waiting to use them. (Actually, I think that's called queueing theory.) That's usually what happened yesterday just before I could get myself next door to someone, so I kept saving my dump for the right time.

With patience, I got my chance. A woman of about 25 was walking across the field with that look of concentration on her face that says, Wicked shit coming on, gotta get there right now. As she made her beeline, I made mine and arrived just after she got in. Thinking back to Penny's horse show adventure, as soon as I got inside I said to myself, but loud enough for my neighbor to hear through the top grilles, "Whew do I ever have to poop!" But before sitting down, I waited for my neighbor to relax and get started. I was right about that look on her face. Soon there came the soft "Nnnnnnn, nnnnnnn" of her grunting, followed by silence, followed by more grunting, then the THLOOMP of her soft poop hitting the blue water and a gentle sigh of relief. My turn. I grunted extra loud and immediately let go my own pile of brown Mr. Softie, followed by an exagerrated, "Oh, man, that felt so good!" (It did!) I could hear my neighbor pulling off toilet paper, and I quickly did! the same, wiped, got my trou' back up, and waited for her to open her door. When she did, I opened mine, too. I'd hoped for at least a look or maybe even a smile from her, but she quickly turned and walked the other way. But it was a good show, at least. Later I thought about going back to check her output, but the same people were still nearby, watching an event, so I decided against it.

CARMALITA - Oh, I just know if I asked you let me watch you take one of those steamy, stinky dumps of yours, you'd say 'yes,' wouldn't you? That's to die for. The country was Puerto Rico. Lots of rice and beans in the diet there ;-})

hello, I have 2 problems! Whenever I poo, I wipe really well and I often shower, but sometimes there is no time for that so I just wipe and go. There are 2 problems. One is that I wipe too much to the point I may bleed a bit and still I get stains on my underwear. I'm getting such a hard time for that. I bought a lot of underwears but as soon as I poo and wipe, I stain them. My mom thinks that I don't even bother wiping which brings me to my other problem. No matter how much I wipe, and like freshen my butt up, I smell really bad. so many people noticed and I acted like it's not me. My mom noticed and she makes my put baby powder on my butt so it won't stink. she doesn't do it for me or anything but still. I wipe so hard and shower when I get the chance but I still get stains and smell bad. Could anyone please help me! I need help because I'm embarassed from my family! I'm begging!

To Jake: What is an inpection shelf? i never heard of that?

To Muggs: I don't think it was Unusual. Especialy when you were watching and then went over there after the gals left and took a wizz your self. It was cool. Love your stories Man...keep em coming

where would a good place be to see people shitting and pissing?

Male School Nurse
Hi, as my title indicates, I am a male school nurse at a Middle School (Grades 6, 7, and 8) somewhere in New England. The school infirmary has a private restroom with a toilet and sink in back.

I have encountered many students who feel uneasy about going to the bathroom at school, namely boys not wanting to do a bowel movement in the regular school bathrooms. Although the 4 boys' rooms located throughout the school have lockable stalls and are always stocked with toilet paper, many boys do not want to use them.

There is one seventh grader who has Crohn's Disease, characterized by frequent and watery bowel movements. His condition is known to me and the teachers, and he comes down to use the private bathroom two or three times a day.

Although it is official school policy not to allow students to use the nurse's bathroom unless there is a "legitimate need," I see maybe 10-15 students a week (some are repeat visitors), mostly boys, who feign being sick so they can come in to use my bathroom. A sixth-grade boy whom I've never seen before came down on Friday morning and whispered to me, "can I please use your bathroom? I have to 'make poop'." I told him sure and showed him where the bathroom is.

This boy came out maybe 10 minutes later, thanked me for letting him use the bathroom, and ran back to class. He left behind quite a reek, but everyone has to go.

I feel that if some people are more comfortable using my bathroom for pooping, so be it. I would rather 'violate school policy' by allowing anyone who prefers to use my bathroom to do so, rather than have them unnecessarily hold in their stool for fear of ridicule, etc. What do others on here think about this? Thanks

Young Bingo
TO MUGGS: I wish I could've been there...all those
bare bottoms and distended female assholes!
GREG K: You're right about green tea. I tried one
cup of green tea per day and had my girlfriend
stand in the bathroom with me...a log hanging from
my asshole. Very little odor and not really that

The way that I got into my friend waxing my buttocks and anus
was the owner of the salon was doing it. I didn't like the way
she was doing it and at the same time my new friend had just
started there.
I just asked her if she minded removing the hair on my
buttocks and how much that she would charge. Some time after
that I asked her if she would also do my anus and she said she
would as she has done other women's buttocks and anus before me.
I mainly get it done because I like the clean feel of it
and I notice that other women either in real life or pictures
don't have any hair on their buttocks or anus. Sometimes I
notice that I get get more skidmarks inn my panties after I
hav it done. i don't know why though. And yes it just feels
better when I have my swimsuits on.
It's hard to believe that in this country that there was
not one YWCA that made the gils and women swim without suits.


Jake: An "Inspection Shelf"? I've never heard of the term. Can you describe it?

(I'm from Canada BTW...)

I had sent a post yesterday to say hello to many of you, but it didn't make it, I don't know why. Perhaps the moderator will reply to the inquiry that I sent and I will find out. Anyway, it rained AGAIN this morning (AAAAHHHHH! When is the sun going to come out????) but I ran anyway. Before I get into that I want to say hello to Kim (Sweet little blonde), Penny, Julie, who thinks that I am a bloke(HA!), Jane, Diane, Buzzy and Rizzo.

Renee - Hi again, this is a record for us, 2 times in the same week. I am glad your pregnancy is doing well, you sound very happy. You are a dear girl for calling me a sweetheart. Believe me, I am just a dirty old man and according to my wife, I am a piece of work. Corresponding with you ladies is a great deal of fun, though. So Patsy is a shy pooper, huh? I guess most people are. You girls will have to encourage her to be more open. Thanks for giving Malita a kiss for me, I wish I could have done it myself. I hope she is doing well. Take care Renee, I will talk to you again soon.

Carmalita - Hi seniorita! How are you, dear? I hope life is treating you well. I had sent a reply to your last reply, but my post did not appear. My poison oak finally went away, and life is returning to normal. To make a long story short, last Sunday's pre-run dump with Larry, Noreen, Mary and my wife was interesting. I could see all three ladies pooping from a side angle, what a stench the 5 of us made! You and Tesa had an interesting experience. You 2 are becoming quite a toilet tag team. That guy who saw you girls did it all wrong. If I had been in his shoes, I would have come over and asked to join you girls. Then we could have had a mixed threesome. Why you Latina ladies are such a turn on is a mystery, but you girls do have something that drives us guys wild. Sorry to hear you were alone last night. Here's hoping that situation doesn't last long. Good night sweet seniorita.

Rain nearly ruined today, Sunday the 3rd. I got up to run, stretched, felt the urge to dump and started to walk into the master bath. My wife was walking out of the bath, waving her arms. "Don't go in there", she warned. I walked in anyway, as I had to go, and boy did it smell. The odor was enough to gag a maggot! The old lady and friends had gone out Saturday night, and who knows what they ate and drank. I sat on the bowl, and felt my ring really stretch and a large log made its way out and snaked into the bowl. "Thank's for stinking out the joint!", I yelled at my wife. She appeared in the doorway, turned her back, lifted her nightie, stuck her naked ass out at me, wiggled it then let loose with the most God awful fart. "Thanks, Kathy", I said. She just turned around and stuck her tongue out at me, then smiled devishly. I peed, dropped another 2 logs, then asked her to wipe my ass. She hadn't done that for a time, due to the poison oak. She walked over as I got up, looke d into the bowl and was surprised to see the load I had dropped. It was bigger than usual, and my old lady laughed at the size of it. The big log had to be close to 2 feet, and over 2" wide.
Two wipes did the cleanup, as there was not much residue, according to my wife. I got up, fixed my shorts, washed, and let my wife enjoy the task of disposing of my shit. I finally went running about an hour later, as the sun did come out. I limited the distance to 5 miles, as things were somewhat wet. About a mile from home on the return, my new shoes came untied again, so I got off the trail and kneeled behind a tree. AS I tied up, I heard someone coming. I saw a lady cyclist park her bike, and walk over to a spot about 10 to 12 feet in front of the tree. She was about 40, medium build and had blonde hair. She parked her safety hat, then quickly pulled her pants down and squatted. I had a great view as her light brown anus domed out, and she pushed a medium brown log out with a load grunt. She pooped 2 more turds, peed, wiped, pulled up her shorts, then gathered her helmet and took off. Of course I inspected her pile after she left, and it consisted of 3 poops, all abou t 8" long and about 1.75" around. I got back on the trail and got poured on, as it started to rain again. I got home, took off my shoes, went into the master bedroom, and took off my wet clothes. I walked into the bath, and the old lady was dropping another smelly load. I asked her if she was alright, she said yes, and I could hear soft poop exiting. I grabbed a towel, wrapped up and left, I couldn't stand the smell. Anyway, the wife sprayed the head after she finished, and we got into the shower. I guess she was done, as she didn't fart or poop anymore. She had done enough damage.

Your last post is back on page 612

The last time I accidentally shat in my pants was at the age of 4 in sunday school! Must have been a traumatic experience because I'm now a 55 year old grandfather and still remember it! I mean it was a whopper that lined up prefectly with the crack of my ass which nudged my scrotum and ended clear above my anus. My grandparents had to come get me and take me home. The last time I accidentally (well sorta) pissed on myself was driving home on the freeway south of San Francisco. I'd had too many beers, could not find a public restroom and was too drunk to care. Soooo, I just started a stream in my pants and I couldn't believe how much came out. I was in my beat-up old 55 chev station wagon so it really didn't matter much to me. When I got to my apartment, it looked like someone had hit me from the waist down with a firehose. The next day, the odor eminating from my poor car was stifling. I never really did get rid of that stale urine odor and vowed I'd NEVER do that aga! in. I never have either.

Kim & Scott,

What part of New Jersey r u from I just recently moved from the Morris County Area near Morristown. I lived in the town called R.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

Here in the netherlands most toilets have an "inspection shelf ". Are these common in any other contries ?

Super Poo
Hi i am a school teacher and am fasinated with barf or piss or poo. If i get peed on or shited on or barf on i lauugh it off. Well my name isnt elisa for all you barf readers. my real name is umm a tia yes tia.

well yesterday this little gurl Carly was sitting on my lap and pissed her pants.

What is the etiquette when a single father has a young daughter5 or 6 years old and she has to go to the bathroom in a resturant? Bring a young girl in to the mens room where she will see grown men exposing themselves at the urinal??????? A man can't go in the ladies room. Whats the right thing to do??

JENNIFER, there is nothing wrong with you at all, just because you like watching people pee and poo doesn't make you a bad person OR a freak! Look we are ALL TAUGHT to think that peeing and pooping is a disgusting and dirty thing from childhood, when in actuality, for some people it's the most exciting thing a person can do in front of them. I am learning of MORE people (men and women) that get more sexually stimulated by bodily functions and noises then looking at a naked man or woman! I personally LOVE when women fart around me... WHAT A TURN ON!!! I can't emphasize that enough! But, If I watch a cute girl taking a shit, you could cut diamonds with my dick!! So, Jennifer, with that said, have a blast watching people piss and shit all you want, you can't help what turns you on, everyone is different and thats what makes us ALL unique! Be different, normal is BORING!!


MINDY, where are you girl?? I want to hear more of your poop stories. What's the longest shit you have taken? I mean are you able to measure it at all? You should try to shit at home (hold in your poop from school) and shit on the floor or a towel or something, then measure your turds. Inquiring minds want to know! :o)

Mr. Pee Pee
Jennifer, in my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.I too like to pee and poop outdoors and hope that someone sees me. I also like to catch people in the act but it dosent happen often.

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