Evening everyone. Its been another day and another experience. I was walking to my friends house from the record store taking one of the back alleyways. It was about 9pm and i had come to, i guess it was a clearing between the backs of 5 of these small house-sized businesses. It was kind of a rundown neighborhood. I remember i was walking along and i stopped because i had dropped my wallet while putting in a reciept or something and suddenly i noticed that in this open area were these 2 young latina women, probably about late teens-early 20s. Being covered in shadow, i realized that these 2 could not see me at all but i could see them. I heard faint speaking from where i was but i could swear i heard "shit, man i really got to go." then i heard something like "yeah me too." My first thought was that they were going to take a dump or something. I watched as they pulled their tight pants off at about the same time (one was thin and the other was shorter and a bit larger) and i c ould see the tall one had this thin, sparse pubic hair and the shorter one had this thick, black bush. They probly thought they were well hidden because there was noone around and the only light was the outside lamp of one of the buildings. That was all the light i needed because it was right over where they were doing their business. the tall girl began peeing a loud and long stream for about 20 seconds or so and then the shorter one began farting loudly. I heard some really loud farts from this one girl and she began grunting and i had a full view of this really fat turd that began to emerge.(she was faced with her butt towards my direction) I heard loud crackling and gas slipping out as the turd grew longer and longer. It finally broke off after about 10 seconds. then she farted very loud again and pulled up her shorts, as did the tall girl. They looked around once again and walked off. i heard comments like "damn, what you been eating." I walked over to see what they had d! one and saw this log about 16 inches and about 2.5 inches thick along with 2 huge puddles. Before i walked off i saw flies gathering around the area. I took a whiz myself and walked off. Unusual? Maybe. Questions/commesnts/insults/sarcasm is welcome

-Carmalita - i love your stories that involve your friends. I think one of the coolest things to see would be you and tesa and your other friends have one massive buddy dump. theres a party i could check out.

Kim & Scott - i wish i could see one of your home video's kim. I just want to see how damn hot you are. Scott-you are really lucky to have a woman like kim. Ive read so many of your stories i couldnt count them all. From your descriptions, you the kind of woman me and my friends would be wishing for.

-Peace to the bowels.

Hi all, just a quick one. We went down to Port Elizabeth for the weekend and while shopping on Sat am I needed the ladies. Eventually found one in the mall and entered to find all six stalls occupied and a queue five deep. I waited and watched the facial expressions dipicting the urgency of some situations. Amusing, noone lost it though but one lady commented to a friend that judging by the smell and the farting and runny windy poos that you could think that there was some sort of ???? bug doing the rounds. One lady was using a whole toilet roll. Must have been a mess. Another lady commented in a stage whisper for all to here that if you are going to shit so bad and so smelly you should stay home and not inflict the disgusting smells coming from a few stalls on others. We all laughed as some started to emerge a little red faced at being the smelly culprit. A gorgeous blond was last out and judging by the state of the bowl, the smell and the warm seat she was the worst of all! . I just hope that she does not try to sneek a SBD in the white jeans she had on. You could see the throng so an accident would be very revealing.

Hola amigos!
Very chilly here now. My sunshine is gone boo-hoo! Just when I was about to go out and work on my tan LOL!
MUGGS: You sound like a honey to me! You're only six years younger than myself. How sweet of you to say those things and want to buy me flowers. I don't know if I'm beautiful, but thank you for saying that. There are more beautiful girls than me. Like our Kim for example. She's a hottie. By your description, you sound like you're quite a catch! I'll bet you got girls buying YOU flowers! Awesome story! Lots of diarrhea from those babes, huh? Your story made me hot! I read it twice, the first time while I was on the pot squeezing out some really nice turds. I think diarhea is sexy too.
LOUISE: Thanks for caring about me. It makes me feel good. Jake will either love me, or leave me be. Either way, I'll still be the same person. I love you, girl! PV: Same goes for you. I'll play a duet with you any day! Here's a kiss honey!
KIM AND SCOTT: I don't know what to do with myself! All these wonderful men! I'd choose them all if I could.
MAGGIE: I'm right here sweetie!
TRAVELING GUY: You have always been one of my favorite men here too. We need to talk more. I printed out today's forum and read it while I took a very nasty poo-poo this morning. It was great to just sit there and take a real long time pushing and plopping. I'm aware that a lot of men like us Latinas. I'm not sure what it is about us that attracts them, but whatever it is, I'm not complaining! I get hit on, or stared at almost everyday. Just the other day I was walking down the street and a guy was driving and almost rear ended somebody from staring at me. I just laughed. I'm not worth dying over! That was a cool story about that college girl! What Hispanic country did you teach in? I wouldn't mind telling you my poop problems. I suspect that she, or they did because they found you to be very handsome and sexy. Seriously, they were obviously attracted to you. Please accept a kiss from another seniorita who admires you and thinks you're sexy. After all, you spoke spanish ! to me, and I'll never forget that!

Well this is it. The outdoor poop story. Last Tuesday it was beautiful here, so I wanted to take Tesa out for a nice long hike, and lunch after. We almost looked like twins, except for she's heavier than me. Both of us are dark skinned, and we had our black hair pulled back into ponytails. Both of us in tan shorts, but different colored tops. She had a long sleeve sweatshirt, me with a yellow T top. I was wearing a baseball type cap that reads "Columbia Gorgeous" on it. Some guy passed us on the trail, smiled at me, and said "I agree!". It took me awhile to figure it out. We'd gone about two miles up the trail when all of sudden Tesa let go of this monster fart "SSPPPLLLTTTTTTT!" The wind was coming from behind us, so I got a pretty tasty whiff of it. "Girl, you need to go potty" I said. We finally found a spot where a group of bicyclists with mountain bikes were picnicking. There was a small clearing beyond their picnic area with a beautiful creek and little wooden cro! ssing bridge. On the other side were more trails. We took a narrow trail just beyond the clearing. Tesa was already working the draw string on her shorts and heading for some bushes. She let another nasty fart which smelled pretty raunchy. Some guys noticed us go into the bushes, and one of them got up to investigate. Tesa slid her shorts and panties down and squatted. She was so gorgeous!!! She has a really nice set of boobs that hung down under sweatshirt while she squatted. She has thick lips and dark eyes like me, and when she grunted, she clenched her teeth. It was soooo sexy!
" Uh...uh...unnhh!...." she strained, and out came a nice turd, about 2" around and yellowish-brown in color. She kept pooping more and more turds out, making a huge pile. It smelled bad too! She squished out more soft stuff, looking very relieved. She then motioned with her head and eyes, and whispered "There's a guy in the bushes watching me take a shit, don't look over at him." So, I pretended not to notice. Tesa grunted loud, crapped out one more little plopper, then reached under her beautiful ass and wiped with napkins from Taco Bell. I was so hot I thought I was on fire!!! It was so sexy being watched like that.
Then it was my turn. I slid my shorts down, taking my time, giving him a good view front, and back. Squatting in the pine needles I strained and grunted, and my turd crackled and spliffed loud. The view between my legs was of silky black pubic hair on brown skin, a pair of purple panties stretched across my calves, and a big, fat turd inching out of my ass slowly. "kkrrrkkllllllll-spfffffff-krrkll" Tesa was watching. She craned her head around to stare at my ass. "I see it coming, pew it stinks," she said. I was pushing, and pushing. It was so wide it stretched my little brown hole. I felt it touch the ground, and I smelled fresh poop. "Ooooh, girl, it's a big one!" Tesa said, loud enough for our spy to hear. I grunted louder for effect "Rrrrrnnnnnhhhhhh...." I kept pushing, and this turd kept getting wider, then finally tapered, broke, and fell. "Ohhhhhh, better!" I said. It was so big it fell between my legs, getting poop all over my shoes. It was about 3" or more thi! ck, and a good 18-20" long with yellow streaks and hard things in it. I started pushing again, and more soft poops fell out of my ass one at a time. It stunk bad too. I had such a massive pile of shit beneath my ass it was unbelievable. I slowly wiped with more Taco Bell napkins, inspecting each piece before I dropped it to the ground. I pulled my purple panties, and shorts up. The guy was crouched in the bushes and I heard him make a noise. I think he wanted us to know he was there. I called out to him "Hey dude, are you watching us?" and he took off running. I wish he would have stayed. I want so bad to see a man taking a nice big, healthy crap for me. I love the way a man looks on the toilet, the way he smells, and the noises he makes. Oooooh I'd better quit thinking like this! I'm all alone tonight, boo-hoo! Bye-bye!



I once shit my pants on BART.

It was late Friday evening, I had had a nice greasy Chinese lunch, and a few beers after work.

I was leaving work, and I sorta felt anal weight, but my coworkers were heading to the bar, and I ran to join them.

I felt just a bit more weight when I left the pub, but still not that bad. And it was late, and I just made it into the station as the train was approaching, so I said "What the heck. Wait until the other end of the ride." And I really thought I could, with no problem.

Half way home, the train slowed down - "Slow train up ahead". I started feeling anal pressure. I let out a bit of gas, as silently as possible (thank heavens for the noisy car I was in). The last few puffs of gas felt a bit bubbly, but I thought nothing of it.

The next stop, I debated getting off and heading for the Men's room, but I decided agaist it for the rest of the ride, if possible. The car was now 75% empty, nobody within eyesight (or more importantly nosesight). I let out a nice looong fart, quietly again. And the bubbly feeling turned into a mushy sensation in my ass, as I realised that I was, slowly but surely, filling my pants. In a way that, I knew from experience, would not stop quickly.

I had the presence of mind to grab a couple discarded newspapers - thanks to the many commuters that turn late evening BART into a free newspaper library - and stuff them under my ass, to protect the seat. I'm not one of those who likes to leave a puddle on the seat. though I don't mind leaving a few droplets on the floor sometimes.

Finishing up, I settled back in the seat, but stayed on the newspaper. I peed a bit (all that pressure off my bladder felt sooo good), and relaxed for the rest of the ride.

When I left the train at my stop, I grabbed the newspapers and held them in front of my crotch as if I was just carrying them home with me. Into my car, put the papers on the card seat.

Got home. threw the papers away, emptied my pockets, and headed straight into the shower. Ran cold water thru my pants - with them still on my waist - for like 15 minutes, until all the shit was down the drain. Dropped trou in the tub, and washed my ass until it was well cleaned. Then fell into bed, and relieved myself appropriately. Got up the following morning (TGFSM) and washed everything.

Upstate Dave
Hello everyone. This is the last chapter of the hide and seek game. We started playing again after the refreshing drinks that we all had in the barn. Jeannie, her friend, and I all hid together this last time. We were hiding around the back side of the house inside an old set of bilco doors wich used to go down into our cellar.

The air from the cellar was on the cool side. Jeannie and friend felt the chill from the air in more way than one. They both had to pee quite badly. They proceeded to sit on the steps after pulling their pants and panties down. Instead of leaving their feet on the steps they lifted their legs up and shot thier pee streams upward and out. They both peed very hard. They put on a pretty good show for me. So that end the tales of the hide and seek games. Somebody else here in a post asked about the hissing sound that some girls make when they pee, I like the sound myself because I know where it is comming from. Take care everyone. Next time its trick or treat!

To Muggs: I loved your story man...that must have been cool watching a bunch of hot girls shitting their brains out.

Randi: Having a trusted person do it for you is probably the best way to go about such a proceedure. But how did you and your friend in Bloomingtom get into such an arrangement?

Do you have it shaved because it really is a nuisance (ex. problems keeping clean after BM's, skid marks, et cetera) or is it a matter of self image? I.E. You just don't like the look or feel of the hair. Or, for example, the hair would be REALLY visibile to others in certain situations - the change room at the pool/gym, wearing your bikini at the beach, and so on...

Here's a question for everyone:
Are there any spelunkers among us on the site? In case you're not familiar with the term, a 'spelunker' is someone who enjoys exploring caves. Professionals and experinced amateurs who enjoy this pastime can often spend days (or weeks!) underground, mapping and exploring sites never seen by human eyes. They go to great lengths to keep the caves as pristine as possible by taking out EVERYTHING they bring in. **That includes their urine and BM's.**
If anyone here has engaged in this activity 'seriously', what's the largest amount of you bodily waste you've had to haul out with you?
What do you keep the stuff in?

Eric in Chicago
ANON: it seems that there are quite a few people who get turned on both both men and women pissing, shitting, or showing desperation, even if they're only attracted to one gender for all other purposes. In particular, a fair number of straight guys are into buddy-dumping; it may be because straight men don't usually have a whole lot of opportunities for (non-sexual) intimacy with each other, and buddy-dumping provides one.

One of Rizzo's (I think) posts reminded me of an episode from my college days. This high school basketball player was visiting as a prospective student and he stayed in my frat house. His first day was a Friday and as you might guess, he got *very* drunk that night. He went into the bathroom, puked, and then felt like he had to shit so he pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet, feeling rather miserable. He sat there for quite some time without shitting and then stood up. The moment he did so, he shit all over the floor and into his briefs that were around his ankles. The guys he was staying with had to help him clean up. Most of us had to refrain from cracking up at the thought of a kid shitting his pants while he wasn't even wearing them.

Hello everyone!
Hey, here I am two days in one week! All is well on the home front. I love summer here! It's nice and breezy and beautiful. We were getting our camping gear sorted out, and me and Patsy went into the other room to look for our sleeping bags. When we came back, Carmalita was lying naked in between two foam sleeping pads on the floor. She was laughing and said to me "I'm a hot dog, come and get me!" It was so cute I almost wet my pants from laughing. We tried to get her, but she got away from us, running and giggling into the bedroom. It was fun chasing her cute, naked butt around the house! Speaking of her, she really stunk us all out of the house the other night.

Jeff A: Hey dude! I see you still remember quite a bit about me! Thanks for calling me a Texas cutie. That warmed my heart. Yes, me and Carmalita and Patsy are now resident Oregonians. Sorry, but I don't know the name of the beach we went to. I remember that it was close to a place called Camp Stevens. We had to drive across this real long bridge from Astoria to get to it. Anyway, it was quiet, with very few people around. Lots of tall grass and dunes. Very pretty.

PV: Thanks for relating that story, I loved it. I love all your kind comments too. Me and the baby are doing just fine. My little angel is growing inside of me. You should have stood up to pee in front of that girl! I'd love to hear about that! I wonder if the other girl would poop without a stall?

Louise: Hey girl! Yeah, it's not that hard. It's sure gonna save my back when I get fatter. I tend to arch my back when I pee standing up, you know, leaning backwards a bit? I guess I'm afraid of getting it all over myself. Do you arch your back too, or are you more straight? Thanks for your good wishes. Say hi to Steve for me.

Steve: I'm a little over two months gone now. Thanks for asking about me and my baby, it means a lot to me. I sure hope it's a girl. I'm going to name her Malita Jean if it is!

RJOGGER: Thanks for saying hi! I'm staying healthy. I used to run a lot like you, but these days, I think it's best that I walk. I also do lots of stretching, and was doing Tae-Bo for awhile. No wonder Carmalita likes you so much, you're a sweetheart. Just to inform you, I did plant a big wet kiss on her cheek the other morning. She was asleep in her bed and very cranky when I woke her up. She said, "Noooo! Don't wake me up!" (I'm dead meat when she reads this! LOL). Yes, she is very kooky. That' s why we all love her. I just wish she didn't have so many rough things going on in her life right now. I like it better when she's smiling that huge Malita smile. Patsy says hello right back! Us girls love you too. Take care!

This morning I went in to use the toilet, and our shy miss Patrice was on the throne laying some serious logs. One whiff and I was fanning the air! She smiled at me and crapped a bunch of logs while I listened and smelled. It was sexy. I liked her little soft grunts every time she'd push out a turd. She's my honey all right! Anyway, that's about it for me right now. Thanks everybody for your good wishes.

Bye y'all!


Walking seems to have a stimilus to the bowels. Yes-terd-ay I after eating lunch a a fast food place I walked a ways needing a bm badly.
Whe walking especially after eating stimulated the need to go. While on the walk I had to stop to gain control.

I wonder if walking a distance is a factor in bm accidents?

When I was in the Airforce we used to go on long rides in trucks with the back end opened. We were on our way to the base and i was sitting with 9 other guys on my side of the truck faceing 10 other guys. I was on the end by the opening, when I felt the first cramp hit me. I knew i needed to shit and NOW. I lifted my ass off the seat and let a ripe fart go. With the air blowing into the truck it went into the interior and someone said, " Man something died inside!" I knew that that was just the beginining. As I raised up to let another fart out I felt the shit start to slide out into my shorts and it kept comimg. and coming ,and coming. Finally the last slide out and I lowered my selt into a soft pile of warm shit. Next the piss started flowinf and I soaked the crotch of my cammy's and wet the legs and filled my boots half way before it stopped. We finally stopped and everyone got out. I ran to some bushes and lowerered my pants and dumped the shit out and wiped as best I coul! d with my shorts and threw them away. I took off my boots and poured the piss out. luckily with camm's now one could tell I was wet.

Regarding dumping in a plane at 30000 feet, I can top that. I took a dump on an Air France Concorde at 55000 feet. Wasn't easy though, the toilet compartments are really small. And in regards to hair around one's butthole, get a bidet. They are absolutely great. The spray will quickly blast away any debris from even the biggest mess, leaving you only one easy wipe to blot the excess water out of there. And a roll of t.p. will last for weeks on end. AND, you never get poop on your fingers. I would never have a house without one now that I have one.

The girl sitting on what looks like a bedpan type toilet by the radiator on the masthaed looks like an old girlfriend of mine-very pretty with what looks like red hair-wish i could see her doing her business!
TO CARMELITA-nice session with Tesa with your mexican food dump-boy you really do a good load honey!Wish i could have been there!Let's hear of your hiking poop-i'd love to hear that!
TO MUGGS-Good buddy dump with all the pretty ladies-what a sight that must ahve been!
TO YOUR NAME THOMAS-Yor story rdminds me of the 1st girl i used to watch poop-i was in my 1st year of college when i met this girl i'll call "A" and that's exactly how i used to watch her poo was the same way you descrbed-she was really into giving me a good show and most of the time she did!I wonder where she is now?
Was at the gym yesterday and met my friend the biker girl and we were both on the treadmill talking about all kinds of stuff and i could feel my guts churning for a good dump and it was almost exciting to talk to this girl as i could feel the urge building and when we were talking about biking and dumping out i the wild she was telling me a few good poop stories of her own and i had to really go by then and i had to interrupt her by saying" speaking of poos,i really have to go to the toilet right now,i've been holding this off and i can no longer wait" and she looked over at me and said"Hey good do a good one for me-sorry i made you wait-i certainly know what that is like believed me.Go enjoy yourself" and she laughed-Well she certainly primed me up for a good one and i walked briskly to the stalls and it was semi-busy-there are 8 stalls -4 on each side and 4 were full and i took one and quickly sat down and as i was sitting a hissing fart announced a long smooth turd that! came out slow at first and sped up as i thought of this pretty girl pooing along with me-it was exciting to say the least!Then i heard this guy across from me do what sounded like a soft ice cream dump with a big wet fart at the end as he grunted in relief-then i started to do more stuff myself with some farting and pooing together-it was a good dump-i was thinking about the girl upstairs and wondering if she was thinking about what i was doing!Then i was done and wiped my butt-it was surprising a clean wipe-i didn't have to run to the showers-so i flushed and got dressed and went back upstairs-i guess i was gone for about 12-15 mins and she was still on the treadmill and when she saw me,she said" everything come out OK=i was beginning to wonder what happened to you-you must have done a good doodiie" and she laughed I said"Yeah,had a big meal last nite and it was a good one-enjoyed it to be honest with you" she said "Hey a lot of times i look foreward to a good poop-sometimes! thee's nothing like it!"and we just continued to talk about all kinds of stuff-i wonder if she is interesed in a buddy poo or letting me see her poo-Have to be careful here and not blow it and just take it slow and let her make the 1st moves-we are trying to set up a morning bike ride cause she only lives a few miles from me-wish me luck-i realy enjoy this girl a lot-she is about 35-38 and about 5'7" and i guess about 125 and a wonderful butt-very clean looking and no makeup-which i really enjoy!well we'll see-enjoy all your posts too!BYE

MARK: Enjoyed your story about being seen naked on the toilet by a chick. Something similar happened to me when I was in high school. In my third year, my all-boys Catholic h.s. went coed. They put in new bathrooms for the girls, but the boys kept using the same old bathrooms (the school is like 100 years old) with trough urinals and open toilets. From the right angle looking outside you could see guys peeing and even see one or two of the open toilets. Once, when I was taking a dump, and getting up to wipe, I could see the door opening and this girl I walking by. She looked in, saw me on the can, and just stopped and stared. Very embarrassing, especially when we would see eachother in the halls later. I think a couple years later they put in new johns for the guys too.

It has been awhile since I have posted. School will be out soon and I will have more time. To the guy who pooped out of his window-----where do you live in the middle of nowhere? If you have neighbors I would think that might have been a bit risky. Ben keep up the good stories we need more form young males. My poops have been normal. I have been going at school almost everday after lunch the last few weeks. When school is out I will miss pooping at school with all the other lads. I can feel a good poop coming on just let a ripe fart out that is a sign something is up. More later. DEL 16 male.

Hey guess who, thanks for clearing up my confusion when reading your story. It was great keep them coming.

Purple Pooper

To Jennifer

Nothing's wrong with you. I'd let you watch me.


Saturday, June 02, 2001

Sun Devil
Good evening all!!
CARMELITA- Thank you sweetie for being my Latina Girlfriend! What an incredibly sweet and caring thing to say! Thank you very much! Also thank you including me as one of your very good friends. I am glad you enjoyed my desert experience, it was really something! I have got to tell you. I was completely turned on and impressed by your 24 inch crap, I am very very proud of you! I wish I could have seen it. I hope some day I can be there with you to watch you and then you could watch me. There is something about you that is so incredibly sexy and also very soothing. I would love to share some of my other experiences with you. I dont have any real exciting crapping tales this week, pretty average really. The longest I think I did this week was about 8 inches or so. But I hope sometime soon I could hear you or see you or both when you are sitting your pretty little tush taking a nice one. Thanks again for being such a great and wonderful friend.
KIM AND SCOTT- Thanks for mentioning me a couple of days ago. I really do enjoy listening to your episodes when you bang out your extremely large craps, I am very envious of you! I would love to share stories with you and very much look forward to your next pooping encounter. Thanks again for mentioning my name.


Hi i am new here. I am 16, female, and from the united states. i love to hear about peeing stories

Does any one know what happe to goldgirl~ and jessica from canada?

Of c

Anyone ever shit their pants/skirt?I'll like to hear from you.

If you have a bunch of younger kids at home, where do you take them all when they need to poop? Is it easy to clean up after them?

Someone is asking about pooing at 30000ft in a plane. I have once needed to poo in our small plane on a long trip. My husband would not land as it means closing flight plans etc. so I put the seat back and pulled my jeans and panties down. I slid by bum forward and dropped it into a plastic packet which I sealed and kept till we landed. Problem is as you poo you will also pee but we have a thing called a Lady John. It is like the mens hospital pee bottle in plastic with a screw top and for ladies it has a funnel that fits into it. The funnel is triangular so covers your vulva and the sharp ens goes down to your annus to catch any drips that way. Very effective. The poo packet you may not throw out the storm window as it may hit someone below. Imagine a packet of flying shit hitting you on the head from 8500 feet. As we landed at our destination I think Johannesburg I opened the door as we do for fresh air and just dumped it on the runway. The next landing Jumbo would distribute it no doubt.

your name Thomas
I haven't posted for a long time. But the request at the top of the page for soft pope has made me decide to. My wife is great about letting me watch her go to the bathroom. She will tell me when she has to go and let me come in with her. A couple of mths ago we went out shopping for the morning. For lunch we went to a place called Jack Astors. When we got home she told me that she needed to have a poo. We went into the bathroom and she pulled down her jeans and underwear to below her knees. She then sat slowly down on the toilet. I was beside her and to the back of the toilet so that I had a good view of her ass. After she sat down she leaned forward so that I had a perfect view of her spot! She peed a little first and then started to push. She took a deep breath and held it while she pushed. I reached forward and put my hand on her ????. I love feeling the contractions of her muscles as she pushes. After her first push she let out her breath and then took ano! ther. This time I could her straining in voice. On her third push I could see her spot begin open up and push outward. I knew she was close to coming. She said " it's coming, can you see it? " I told her yes and to carry on. She took another deep breath and pushed and the first piece began to come out. It was fairly soild and got bigger as it came. She then stoped pushing and let it sit there, hanging out of her so that I could enjoy the sight. She then said she had to keep pushing. She pushed again and it the piece came out and feel into the toilet with a splash. She pushed and strianed again and more came out. But this was softer and smoother. It all came out in one big push. It was smooth like soft ice cream. And there was a lot of it. She is able to controll the speed at which it comes out to make it last longer which I enjoy. The last bit out she let out a big sigh of relife. She then leaned furhter forward to let me take paper and wipe her.

I'll be going on vacation Wendesday. Hope to have some good stories to post.

I always go outside, on the floor bushes etc. i go more outside than inside. once a lad said he needed the toilet in the middle of a field. he just went, pulled his pants down. I pretended to look away but I saw everything - his balls hanging down and him wiping his ass. I now try to find people pissing and try to watch them.Whats wrong with me?

Ofourse BM in airplanes... it is the BEST place to do "it"
second best would be in boats.

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