This is my very first post but ive been reading from this site for a while now and i must say that some of the stories ive heard are simply outlandish. But outlandish stories are better than dull ones right? Just from reading a few of the stories ive been quite captivated with most of the posters. Im a 17 year old male and about to be a senior in high school. Im about 6' and weigh 185lbs. I guess im pretty muscular but not buff. i have short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice smile i guess, and i used to play football.

I have some pretty open friends when it comes to bowel movements. Im currently single but i have a lot of female friends who i hang out with often. a few of which i wouldnt mind getting to know better. A year back my friend Amy (5'5", blonde, 105lbs.) was having this huge birthday party she had just turned 17 and her parents let her have the house to herself. For about an hour into the party it was just me and Amy's girlfriends: Kelly, michelle, laura, selma, janette, brittney, and katie. At about 9:30pm some of amy's guy friends came and hung out with us. needless to say, they brought the booze. Im really not much of a drinker at all bur for some reason, i just did this night. the guys stayed for about an hour and left and i was left in the dream of every guy (one man and 7 drunk girls) But its not what you may be thinking though. Im not one to take advantage of people in that way. We all hung out in Amy's living room eating and what not and talking. Soon enough i began t! o hear some of the girls complaining about cramps. i was about to make a joke saying "it aint that time of the month is it?" but i thought better of it. 4 of the girls began holding their stomachs. My first thought was that they were going to go throw up from the alcohol. Boy how wrong i was. I mumbled to Katie as her and three others went to the bathroom "is yous okayy?" Then she said back to me "i feel im bout to take a rowdy poo" I began laughing as i, for some reason, didnt believe that coming from my friend katie (5'8" long brunette, about 115 lbs, very good looking) She then took me by the hand and led me, michelle, laura and selma to the bathroom. Somehow knowing what i was getting into i walked in with them and sat on the edge of the bathtub. Then without warning katie pulled down her pj bottoms, giving me a look at her nice rear, and sat on the toilet and began releasing these soggy farts then i began hearing this loud squirting and splashing that could only be diahrr! ea for at least 20 seconds. This had already begun turning me on. When the wave seemed to stop she wiped and was about to pull up her pants when she felt another wave come about and pulled them right back down and damn near exploded with this rush of poo that lasted for about another 30 seconds. I was watching this. She then wiped and pulled her Pj bottoms back up and sat down next to me on the edge of the tub and put her head on my shoulder. Michelle, laura and selma were leaning against the sink waiting for katie to finish. After katie had left the toilet laura pulled off her Pj bottoms and her black thong and sat down. She strained for about a second and began with these wet farts and soon ehough i heard "ssssphlickejhbocjhiuwegxwhnywnyc" thats the only way i could really describe the noise. She was shooting diahrrea for about a minute as i was still just sitting on the bathtub watching her and katie now with her eyes shut and her arms around my neck. i was a LITTLE bit tur! ned on......yeah right, i was hotter then a damn bonfire. While laura was on the toilet, michelle (5'10", big curly hair, well proportioned, big kissy lips) walks over to me and hiccups "will you hand me that trash can?" i said "sure!...*hic*" she pulled off her sweatpants and didnt even face somewhere away from us. She had her firm butt facing our direction giving me a full view as she squatted down over the trash can. She moaned a bit and began letting out these thick mushy turds accompanied by gas and then one thick, soft 14 incher at the shortest. I heard her pee and then came the onslaught. She opened her eyes really wide with a look of shock and began pooing out this soft muddy stuff before it turned to liquid. Katie then looked up at me, still messed up and whispered, "whats michelle doing?" I put my head against hers and said "ohhh...shes finding another use for the garbage can." we both giggled a bit then we hear michelle say "sorry i couldnt hold it any longer." It w! asnt over yet. I was still sitting with katie at the edge of the tub and covering myself by leaning forward. I was only wearing a white sleeveless T shirt and blue mesh shorts. Michelle was tying the plastic liner of the trash can/minitoilet and selma(latina, 5'2", cute, shoulder black hair) was muttering "oooh god" as she pulled down her cloth shorts and black underwear and sat down. The moment she sat i had realized that nobody had fluched the toilet once. There was the Lake Erie of poo in that toilet. And of course being as smart as usual i tried to signal to selma to flush the toilet by pointing at the handle and mumbling "uhh uhh uhh the uhh toilet" Im guessing she didnt quite hear me as she began dropping her monster load. "plop.......plop......plop....plop..plop..plopplopplop" in a series of craps. Then she leaned forward a bit and i had an OK view of what was happening. I heard the famous "crackling" noise that didnt end as quick as i expected. she moaned in a soft voi! ce and then i heard a "ker-splooo." she then wiped herself and stood up. The girls (still drunk i guessed) washed their hands and walked out of the bathroom back to the living room. I nodded off for a second then woke up quickly and remembered what happened. I looked in the toilet and saw ALL KINDS of crap. There was a huge pile of wet stuff and some 12-14/2 inch thick logs and another load of soft crap and just all kinds of stuff. At first i was a bit reluctant to flush thinking it was bad enough having all that IN the toilet....what if it overflows and gets OUT of the toilet. I took my chances and flushed it. Luckily it was one of those pressurized systems like i have at my house and sucked it all down in one swift move. And skid marks.....there were so many it looked like a plane crashed. I was congested but the smell was very strong. katie was leaning forward sitting on the edge of the tub and i picked her up over my shoulder very gently and said "lets get out of here ....! .it smells like a german porno." I then laid her in one of the many guest room in Amy's big house and covered her up. I walked out and saw the girls talking in the living room. i guess michelle, laura and selma didnt mention what had happened. i was already quite tired by then and they wanted to play Truth or Dare but i wanted to play Let me go to Bed but the girls were all "cmon man...itll be fun" So i got real assertive and said...."ok ill play" So then we played for a while and i fell asleep on Amy's living room couch. When i woke up, I smelled like farts. I knew i smelled like farts because i sniffed my shirt and muttered "jesus, i smell like farts." At about noon, all the girls were up and I was just about to leave when michelle, katie, selma, and laura walked me out to my truck and all hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks and said "byyyye". Odd? possibly.

to Carmalita - i look forward to your stories a lot. I know im young but ive thought about how beautiful you must be just from your descriptions. I would love to be with you while youre doing a BM more than anything. If i could get you flowers i would.

to Kim - Youre one of the few posters that ALWAYS has some good story to tell. I hope sometime i could maybe see some of your pictures of you dropping a big one. I can still only fantasize about what you must look like.

-Much love peoples.

At the Del Taco down the road, the men's room has an electronic lock that is unlocked from behind the front counter. I asked to use the restroom and the lady buzzed me in. I opened the door and there was a guy sitting on the toilet. I guess there is no inside lock. He was reaching for toilet paper as I opened the door. This guy looked to be about 25 or so. He had a black shirt on, that was pulled up a bit, showing some of his stomach and even some pubic hair. He had his khaki pants and purple boxers pushed all the way down to his ankles, exposing his quite hairy legs. He wore glasses and was actually pretty attractive. He said "sorry" when I opened the door. I said "excuse me" and waited outside for him to finish up. He smiled somewhat sheepishly after he exited the restroom and left the restaurant.

Sorry. I haven't had any poop accidents. And by the way I'll be going on vacation on Wendesday and won't be back till Friday. I hope to have some good stories for you.

To Justin: I liked your story

To Mark: I liked your story...i think it would be cool to see a chick that i don't know on the crapper naked.

Last night i went out for dinner then afterwards i had to go to wal-mart and i was walking around shopping when i suddenly got an urge to shit it was solid and really soft and mushy. Then later on at home i had to go again and it was almost liqiuid.
Latly i've been eating high fiber cerals and fresh fruits so, i've really had to go...hope i don't over do it.

Wheres Carmalita????????????????????????????????????

Hola amigos! Nice pic of the Japanese honey pooping in a squat toilet! Ooooh, I want to be with her!

My Special Simon: Hi hon, no, I don't live in New York. I've been there once, but I live in Oregon now. That was a great story about the Latina pooping. Very vivid description, all the way down to the thick, black pubic hair and triangular pile. You made me very hot!!! That was a very touching statement, thank you for wanting to marry me. But wouldn't you get bored with watching me poop everyday? Oh, I hope not. This little seniorita would do her best to hang on to a man like you! But on the other hand, I would love to watch you. You'd find me to be a very admiring (and sexy) lady when it comes to her man. Here's a big wet kiss for you.
Rizzo: Here's a special hug right back atcha! Love you!
Steve: You are a splendid man. Lucky Louise. But I got to thinking about you two. People like you two are destined to be together. You may have had a sexy spanish girlfriend, but you were meant for Louise and she was meant for you. Two beautiful people loving each other. Me and Jake are on a very bumpy road. He's a good man, but yes, I'm going very slow. Oh well. You take care sweetie.

Last night when I got home from work I took one of the biggest shits of my life. I was dressed up because Thursday was our monthly meeting with the execs. Wandering into the bathroom with my Marie Claire magazine, I shut the door and turned the fan on. I was wearing a charcoal suit with a slim skirt and black panties and hose. First I set my magazine down on the edge of the tub, then hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees. My hair was gathered on top, trailing down on the sides in long, thick curls. I knew I was going to do a big load because it had been so long since my previous poop, and I also knew it was going to smell bad because of what I ate: Seafood linguini for lunch, and fast Mexican food the night before. Something wicked that I call the "enchilada experience". I reached for my magazine when Tesa came in. She was just in time for a nice, healthy, slow fart followed by a sigh "sssspppllltttttttttttt....ahhhhhhhh".
"Mmmm, sounds nice," she said, "Are you gonna take a big one?" I
nodded and she sat down on the edge of the tub watching. She gave me a hearty wink and smile, then leaned forward getting a closer look.
"Go, girl, squeeze one out for me," she said, while I grunted. The second sound was that of escaping gas
Then I could feel it. A turd, very thick and very long, crackling out. I sighed a soft little puff of air, leaning forward with my elbows on my knees. I was a prisoner on the toilet, my thighs bound together by twisted panties and black hose. Tesa gently rubbed my wrists and forearm while she whispered softly, inches from my face. I felt her hot breath as she whispered.
"C'mon baby, c'mon...oh yeah,...I can smell it...make a big turd for me...poop it all out..."
That was all the ecouragement I needed! I grunted, and pushed excitedly, nipples poking through my bra and blouse! "kkkrrkkkkrrrrkkklllllll-splfffffff-krrkklll=spffffff..oh--oh--K-pluuummp!"
Ooooh, it was a huge, firm sausage. I exhaled and relaxed for a moment. I then slipped off my heels, and Tesa helped me get my panties and hose off so I could spread my legs. Man, my poop was smelly! Then "--kkkrrkkkll-spfff-plop-plooop-plop!-unnhhh!" I could see that she was getting very excited herself. She smiled and started teasing me in a little sing-song voice
"I can hear your tuuurds, I can hear your tuuurds."
A very ripe poop smell was rising up from between my brown thighs as I started squeezing off a monster turd.
"Ooooh this is a big one Tess....nnnnhhhhhhhhhh..." She quickly peeked between my legs into the bowl.
"God Malita, you're taking a really good crap! " I was too busy too look down. I was grunting, squinty eyed, with thick lips pursed into a frown of effort, and a brown log squeezing slowly out of my little brown Latina ass until it stuck midway. I exhaled my effort
"Oaahhhhhh....shit, it's stuck!"
Tesa then insisted I lean way forward with my butt about 8" from the seat so she could take a look.
"It's stuck all right," she said. "It's huge too."
She pulled off toilet paper, and I could feel her hand in my ass digging around, loosening the rest of the thing. It was a fat one! My poop was smelling so bad that Tesa was giggling, fanning the air with my magazine.
"This is one of your bad ones Malita!" She then stood up, and sprayed my perfume around the room. I sat on the toilet for a good two or three more minutes waiting for another turd. Tesa heard it crackling and waited for my last turd to splat. At this point, I stood up to look. The first turd was buried, but as thick as my wrist, and about 24" long. I have no idea how that monster thing came out of me! Tesa was shocked and couldn't believe it. There was a nice green pile of soft stuff, another turd broken in two chunks, and a thinner, very long one that circled the bowl. It looked like two people took a dump instead of one little seniorita! I sat back down on the pot and wiped very carefully, six times. Tesa was giggling, holding her nose. Man, I really stunk up the bathroom!
We had to open all the windows after!
Next time I'll tell about our wonderful poop while hiking! Tesa's boyfriend wants her to come back home. I guess they had a big fight but have now patched things up. She'll be leaving in the morning, but it sure was great having her here.


J in RSA
I cannot agree more with Eric M's observation on women peeing. Why this sound should be so enchanting is mystery to me. All I know is that if I hear that sweet sibilant hiss, a plain or even unattractive woman becomes desirable. Such a pity that not all of them are hissers :( This infatuation probably has something to do with one's early memories. My mother was a marvelous hisser. She used to get up as 6:30 very morning to make breakfast for the family and ... do a the most beautiful hissing pee - sometimes with the toilet door ajar. I never got to see her do it, but I could imagine this beautiful dark-haired woman, her night-dress hitched up, making the most beautiful sound in the universe ...

I have visited England, Germany, and Japan and have noticed how efficient their toilets are. One powerful flush normally empties the contents. On the other hand, American toilets are wimpy and pathetic! I'm a large, husky guy and there is not a home toilet I can't plug up with one of my whopping numbers. I have plungers conveniently placed by each of my home's three toilets for this reason. I scrupulously avoid bowel movements in other's homes, if I can help it because it is embarrassing to ask your host/hostess for a plunger because you've choked their toilet with a world-class turd. So much for water-conservation! If I don't clog the toilet after use, I usually have to flush 2-3 times with these worthless 2 1/2 gallon commodes. I have heard Canada has superior toilets to the U.S. variety and there is a black market in importing them here. Massive bowel movements must run in our family because my 23 year old son, when he lived at home, routinely plugged the toilet
with his offerings too. Your comments/replies always welcome.

The Guess Who

>If it was in your pants how did it get outside?

I meant that it went in my pants, then I went outside, took it out, and measured. Sorry to muddle things up. ;-)

Traveling Guy
Ah, DR. POLHEMUS, you are a man after my own kidney. I couldn't agree more with you.

It's obvious that CARMALITA has a lot of guys here pining for Latinas. It's true, you have to search really hard to find one that's not attractive, in my experience. I was a college instructor for a while in an Hispanic country and usually got to know my students pretty well. They would sometimes confide the most surprising personal things to me, especially the females. Maybe it was because I look innocent, I don't know. (Did you buy that one, Malita?)

Anyway, one day a student told me that she was suffering from constipation and painful piles. Wow, I couldn't believe she'd said that to me, especially because she was the shy type. I imagined the conversation we were about to have. When she described her diet of bread and junk food, I knew right away what was wrong. She also said that she'd tried laxatives, with horrible results. I asked her, "Before this problem started, when you had a BM was it pleasurable, did it give you a good sensation?" My question surprised her, but then she admitted, "Yeah, sure." I told her that's how defecating is meant to be, one of life's little pleasures. Then we talked about how she could change her diet and exercise habits to solve her problem naturally. She had already thought of bran cereal and I encouraged her to try it, among other things.

About a month later she came to me privately and said, "Guess what? I'm pooping really great now. It's regular and there's no straining, and I feel great. Thank you so much." She'll never know how happy I was to oblige.

TRAVELING GUY -- How would I poop in the open? Interesting point. The standing pee is a technique that offers a more modest presentation, it's less "blatant" than the undressing needed for the conventional female pee, and which latter is of course necessary for pooping. Though we have read many open poo stories here -- Simon's, a little way below, of a Latina girl pooing in a carpark, or Sandra's public exploits -- it's a skill and a mental attitude that are not won lightly, at least not for those with a middle of the road upbringing in such matters. If I had been desperate to open my bowels? I would probably rather do so properly, despite the possibility of being spotted, then mess myself, so yes, I would find some place most appropriate under the circumstances and go there. In the underpass? Well, people need to walk through there... Maybe some place off the station, behind the service building or whatever...

MALITA -- more than a buck? Surely a wriggle, a writhe of extacy even? Hee-hee! Oh, if only you'd been on the next pot in that open bathroom the other day, maybe we could have played a duet!

STEVE -- The she pee-bandit at work really has the hots for you, sir! But it's wonderful the effect exposure to the competition can have! I'm glad Louise was able to "scare her off," as it were, her attempts to initiate something with you could have ended up a genuine liability. (Many thanks for including me in your lineup of ladies with whom you'd be honoured to share a tinkle at the steel!)

LOUISE -- I've done that backward "trick-shot" a few times too, it's one so wild many guys couldn't imagine it! But fun too -- the sheer variety of directions you can make it go! From waaay out front, to backwards, all by bending, and back and forth, right to left, by varying finger pressure. With practice you can make your stream describe circles and arabesques in mid air, which is another way of aleviating the boredom. Still, since I discovered just how much fun there is to be had in the simple act of having a wee, I've never been bored once!

RIZZO -- Yes indeed, the ability to shut off the flow is useful. One reads often of folks who can't help themselves when the flow is on, but perhaps it's an ironic outfall of having suffered AP. The condition itself caused the pelvic floor muscles to be strongly developed, as they were often called upon to lock tight over the years... Well, no more of that, thank goodness, but I still have the muscles to close off when *I* want to.

That's an interesting remark about women with long nails -- I've often wondered how they manage. For myself, I've never had nails long enough to interefere with my dexterity, and though they've been fairly long I've never had a problem where wiping my rear end is concerned. But when women get into acrylics and such, they can really go wild, and I'm left wondering, shaking my head, as to how they cope. I can't quite imagine, frankly! Any ladies here who wear longs?

Anonymous poster -- "Goldgirl" disappeared very suddenly, and it's my sneaking suspicion that she was "found out" by her family. She had a lot of fans here, but a fair few felt her revels were, well, "unwholesome" is a nice oldfashioned word. I'd take odds she was grounded -- permanently. Just an impression...

Cheers all,


JULIE - Hi girl! Well I think I am good at standing up
to wee in a nice stream but it hits the ground in front
of my feet if I am not pulling my pussy up to aim more
forward. It is just that if I wear a skirt I have to
pull the front up.
Oh yeah, my ladies' room sink wee was very exciting,
I really liked doing it. I bet you would have liked
doing it too!
Talk about going to work with no knickers, I once
went to school and forgot my knickers when I was 15.
I went to a girls' school no no boys about but I
would have been s**tting myself all day if there
had been. When I was nearly arriving at school I
just realised I could feel the draught! LOL
I did not have to play sport or anything that day
it would have been embarrassing wouldn't it, but
it was easy when I wanted a wee! Love Louise xx

KIM - Hi! Oh yeah, well the beach stories are a bit
special. After we have been to Spain we will write and tell all!

CARMALITA - Hi! Oh yeah, I will cross my fingers that it
all goes well for you and Jake. I am happy for you. xxx

RIZZO - Hi guy! Did you like the little story of what
happened in the ladies with the sinks? I bet you had
the same naughty thoughts Steve had about that. Steve has
an ambition to guard the door to a men's room with
a lot of girls using the sinks and urinals to wee in.
Love Louise xxx

PV - Hi!!! Yeah, the sink in the ladies' was a lot of
fun to do. Well I did think I would just sit on that
sink but because it was the one at the end with a good
corner and a good height I thought oh why not??? It
was really good because there were some other girls
who thought 'yeah, why not?' as well. It was not hard
for them to do because they were in little dresses
like I was. Knickers came off so the girls just hopped up
there onto the sinks. I wish Steve saw it! Yeah, I
bet a urinal would have been really popular that night!
I think we will be going to Spain in August and I am
really looking forward to it. Steve says he is worried
that I will wash all the sand away on the beaches! LOL
I did have an exciting time when I sneaked in the men's
toilets with Steve in that Spanish bar, I do hope I will
get to do it again.
There have been some nice outdoor wees with my teammates
at netball when we have done it in a row or in a little
crescent, you know? I do not think there is anything
really different to how we have done it before so I have
not written about them, but yeah, they were a lot of fun.
There has not been any shower fun after the matches because
we have had to be sharing with some other teams. I think
we will get the other locker room back in the next 2 weeks
though, so maybe we will have some fun then!
I will write about it when it happens.
LOL I hope you see Steve's letter about when my friends
Gill and Sheila went running with us. I did get more
distance than they did but they did wee a long way as well.
I saw Steve was quite excited by seeing us, and we did
tease him a bit. Gill and Sheila thought he was a nice
gentleman for giving us his t shirt to wipe with after. It
was really nice of him.



I get rid of my anal hair. I have a female friend in Bloomington,IN
to wax my buttocks and then she does my anal hair. I enjoy it
alot. When I can't see her I just sit with my butt in the sink,
lather up my anus, and then shave it that way.
I never wear matching panties with my dressed. Yesterday I wore
black nylon panties with a grey dress.
Is everybody sure that at least some YWCA's didn't have the
women and girls to swim naked without bathing suits?
Happy Pooping all!!


Greetings All.

To Rizzo,
Many thanks indeed for your good wishes. I must say I am quite overwhelmed by the support I have been receiving.
Indeed your wife might find the idea of standing to pee quite thrilling if and when she decides to give it a go. I think Louise has shown the way there are so many variations and other possibilities to explore once the basic technique has been acquired. Yes, <snicker> I have been wondering for the last few days whether her sink wee in the nightclub has started a trend. Seriously, perhaps that episode was a simple one-off for the other girls who emptied themselves in the other sinks. Girls are increasingly liberated these days, but it might take a little more than that to dispell the myth that there are other ways than to sit.
I can testify to the effectiveness of Kegel exercises. I actually have been impressed with Louise's remarkable ability to sustain containment of large volumes of urine when we have not been able to find her a place to urinate. In fact, there is no harm in _us_ doing them too! Men have pelvic floor muscles, and even though we are obviously free from the stresses of childbirth and less likely to suffer stress incontinence as a result, there are many benefits to it.

To Julie,
Well, I am certain your potential customers would be greatly entertained by a sexy lady in a short pale green dress and no knickers. Sitting down and from certain angles, you might find a way to wink at them without moving your eyelids. As you say, as you may not know them that well, the red silk knickers would look lovely, I'm sure. I'd wager you looked lovely when having your wee before you wiped and put them on.
Next time you have a wee, whether it be at home on the toilet, standing in the shower, or outdoors in a circle with your friend Sue and others, merely think of me and in spirit I will be there to guard you (and take in the great view if you'd let me) even if I cannot be there in person.
Take care, sweetheart.

To PV,
Here I am again, with the tale of what took place last Sunday afternoon. Now this is another running story, with perhaps a different slant.
On weekdays I have been running early in the morning, but this week I
decided I would prefer evenings. Not having to keep my eye on the clock just takes the pressure off. I am not quite sure how I ended up having my Sunday running arrangements determined by Louise, but she apparently volunteered us both to accompany two of her netballing friends who are both reasonably dedicated runners. I had no great objections to this at all, as the netball team Louise plays for has to be considered one of the very best looking even if their current form is less than perfect. Anyway, mid afternoon on a warm, sunny Sunday, and we collected them both from their respective houses, slightly out of our way, but from there we travelled to the park.
Watching them getting out of the car, I found the presence of all three gorgeous, leggy young women in vest tops and shorts to be rather stirring. I felt my heart skip a beat when once of them announced, "Wish I'd had a pee before I left, I drank some water at home". The other one chimed in with some kind of "me too" response. Knowing what thoughts would be sparking in my brain at this time, Louise cast me a mischievous glance and smirked wickedly. Turning her attention to her two urine-filled friends, she suggested, "We can have a wee in the bushes over there. It'll be all right". Her friends agreed to the idea, and all three headed into the area of bushes Louise likes. Although I had intended to keep my distance as I had no wish to intrude upon her friends' privacy, I was invited to join them. Now, I had expected them all to drop their shorts and squat, but as Louise challenged them on a distance contest, with their backs to me they dropped their shorts to their knees. A! ll three glanced back to where I stood, around ten feet behind them, and giggled conspiratorially. Without much waiting, all three women began weeing, their streams arcing forward as they aimed with their fingers. I don't think Louise had a real urge to urinate at the time as such, I think her performance was pretty average, and not wishing to be left out on such a rare occasion, decided she just had to join her 'sisters'. The girls were bathed in bright sunshine, not actually aiming _at_ anything as they weed, but the urine streams sparkled golden in the sun, the grass several feet in front of them receiving a thorough watering! On completion, there was nothing for them to wipe themselves with, so what else could I do but offer my tee shirt? There was enough material there for each girl to be able to wipe her genitals, and I did not mind the spots of moisture I could feel when I put the tee shirt back on. I was not treated to a frontal view of the wiping, but as the real view! was none the less interesting, I remained where I stood until my tee shirt was handed back. As I received a kiss on the cheek from them both, I don't see that I had such a bad deal!

Bye for now,


RIZZO: HI sweetie, what is it with my underwear? I don't know, honestly, men! Let me see (lifts up skirt!). Today I'm at work (at least its Friday!!!!), in my short navy skirt with some very revealing black lace knickers. In fact if you get closer, they're almost see through... In regards to the standing wee, I have had another go at this, but like Louise says, I think I need practice!

RJOGGER: So you want me to leave the door open more often do you? I bet you'd be looking straight between my legs while I wee'd. Perhaps I should tell you that when I'm at home, if there's no one else in I always leave the bathroom door open, even when I poo.

STEVE: Hello my dear! So you're another one who wants me exposing myself at every opportunity. It's a good thing I have my own office, I'm still sitting here with my skirt up from writing to Rizzo, above. Hmm... Thinking of that I actualy could do with a wee. If you come with me, I'll leave the door open and you can stand gaurd. Are you up for it? I'll pull up my skirt in front of you and lower my knickers to my knees and then while your watching I'll sit down and wee with my legs far enough apart to show you everything.

LOUISE: Hi there girl. At last, someone who understands. What is it with these blokes.... At least I can get some sense out of you!! I am trying to master the art of the standing wee. I tend to wee fairly slowly, but still don't seem to have a lot of control. Last night, when I got in from work, I decided to have a go. I went into the bathroom and stood over the toilet. Not trusting my aim, i did like you said and pulled my skirt up at the front. i took my knickers off and then started to wee. Initially I sprayed most of the cistern, but did find that with some carfeful manipulation of my pussy I could sort of direct the wee downwards and actually some of it did make it into the toilet! Steve would probably be interested to know that I never did put my knickers back on last night, but then again I wasn't going out. I ended up sprawled on the sofa most of the night watching tv. If anyone had come in they would have seen my blonde pubes under my short skirt whi! ch was hiked up for most of the evening....

Take care everyone. Julie.

Friday, June 01, 2001

kim and scott
hello all!
TO DIANE NEW YORK-hello. I hope joe melissas widower husband is hanging in there as best he can. there are so many people who love and miss melissa on this site!and PV you are 100% right my friend -melissa will be missed TERRIBLY!!!
TO RIZZO-thanks for liking our memorial day dumping story and thanks for saying that i am gorgeous in my sailor styled mini-dress. boy! are you men flattering to the pretty ladies on this site. i appreciate it very much!
TO RJOGGER-hello rich i loved your story a lot.nuff said.
TO LOUISE-hello girl.maybe when jeff A. sketches you in that hot bikini of yours maybe i can join in on the fun by posing next to you in my hot bikini. that way jeff can sketch two sexy blondes at once. and then after this we can let logger paint a picture of us!haha!I always wanted to pose next to a girl who looks like a model!!
DR. polhemus-hello. nice to hear from a doctor. interesting comments about the type of patients you have.In fact i think i might be the type of girl you love seeing taking a attractive,curvy blond who has enormous bowel movements. maybe when i come in for a check up I will take off my clothes and hop onto the doctors table and cross my sexy long-legs as you get your little hammer and hit my knee to check my reflexes.after you do this you will see that i am quite a healthy girl!! then however angle you would want me I would shoot out one of my enormous turds and you can take your own personal stool sample of it! how about that.?haha. bye now!
TO carmalita-hi girl. love your stories . it seems like simon along with some other men on this site are ready to marry a hot latina like you. who will you choose girl! ya. bye now.

When I was 16 years old I had a very public accident. I was at the mall shopping on a saturday afternoon. Nature called. I made my way to the mens room only to find it was closed for cleaning. At this point I was mildly uncomfurtably. I figured I could walk to the other end of the mall and pee in that bathroom. It was a very large mall so it took a while to reach the second bathroom. When I got there I was really desperate. I went to the door and saw that this bathroom was ALSO closed for cleaning. (I don't know what kind of idiots ran this mall but closing both mens rooms at once was just stupid.) My only hope was the bathroom in the library at the other side of the mall parking lot. I got half-way across the lot before I lost control. I had a big pee stain on my pants, it was awful. I safed my white (now yellow) Haines breifs to remember my accident.

Where did "Goldgirl~" and "Jessica from Canada" go?

Anybody to BM in an airplaine at 30,000 feet?

Mindy-- I love your posts please tell us more stories, especially about Amanda. Does she grunt alot because she's always constipated? Are a lot of teenage girls constipated? What was the most difficult poop you ever had? --JW

Fred: Interesting story about the women going into the mens room in your dorm and not giving it a second thought. I don't recall that happening in my dorm when I was in college. There was one time when the women's room on my floor had a couple of clogged toilets (not my doing, thank you!), and the RAs had to work out a schedule wherein the women were allowed to use the men's room for a short time. Of course, no men were allowed while the women where there.

Mindy: Welcome to the forum and thanks for the great stories. It's good that you are not inhibited at all about taking a dump in school. It helps that the restrooms there are in good shape and very comfortable, though it would be interesting to see how long that will last. I would like to take a dump in your school's bathroom. When I was in high school, I used to be very shy about using the girls room to take a dump, but I started to get over it near the end of my junior year, and I had my "coming of age" experience the following summer when I used the womens room in my Mom's office on a regular basis. During my senior year I managed to have one or two pooping sessions in school at least once or twice every week.

I recall a time toward the end of my senior year when I ended up in detention, the only time that I did so in high school. *** First, let me digress and tell how I got detention. It was in history class, and my teacher was in a bad mood, having to yell at a couple of people for disrupting a class. She yelled at a boy for not paying attention in class. She even walked to his desk and yelled at him in his face. Then she looked across the room and saw what was distracting him. Apparently I had gotten careless in my sitting posture and was sitting in an almost spread eagle position, with my knees about a foot apart, giving a great view of my white panties. The teacher decided to point that out to the whole class and exclaim that I was in violation of the school dress code policy of girls being required to wear shorts under the uniform skirts, as well as suggesting that my skirt might be a bit shorter than the rules allow. I told the teacher that I didn't appreciate her! yelling at me for my appearance when others were not paying attention or disrupting the class. She threw me out of class and said I would get three days of detention. I told the dean what happened, and he said he would talk to the teacher about it but that I had no choice but to go to detention after school that day. *** Sorry for the digression, but I thought it was an interesting story that would set things up.

I guess it would have been a good idea to have gone to the bathroom before going to detention, but there was no time. I only had a slight urge to pee, but I thought I could hold it in for an hour. It turned out to be one of the longest hours I ever experienced. The dean would not excuse anyone to go to the bathroom while in detention, and by the end of the hour I had a strong urge to pee and was also having an urge to poop. Once the dean let us go, I dashed off to the girls room.

I went into a stall, lifted my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I started gushing out a strong stream of pee. It lasted a little more than a minute. Once I was done, I pushed out two medium sized pieces of poop. I paused and started to pee again. Then I felt a cramp in my stomach and pushed out a succession of soft pieces of poop, maybe about 18 pieces. A strong smell of poop emerged, and I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out soft poop. It wouldn't stop, and I did another full load before flushing the toilet again. I pushed out a couple more pieces before I was finally done. I wiped several times, flushed the toilet a final time and saw I left behind a skidmark in the bottom of the bowl.

The next day my history teacher pulled me aside and apologized for her outburst and said I didn't have to go to detention anymore. I was very careful about how I sat in class for the rest of the year.

HI im 15 female. Just the other day i didnt feel good at school. I had to shit so bad and it was the end of the school day so i decided to go. i had diariah so bad. it was like water but the worst part was there was no toilet paper. being the end of the day i pulled up my panties and got on the bus and when i got home i pulled down my panties to go again. the mess was so bad but it felt so good against my ass. i tempted to not wipe again sometime soon.

Hello to all, hope your day is going well! I haven't left for school yet but it's almost time to go. I can feel a big dump coming on for later today, I've farted all morning which is usually a sign!

VOID I very definetly get gassy before shitting. I've perfected the SBD but sometimes it's not so easy and I have ripped one in front of others. I don't get the runs too often, maybe once or twice every 4 or so months. I have had them at school. I really don't like the runs, it's messy, unpredictable and is not really enjoyable like a good long dump with solid turds, but life comes with the good and the bad! I live in the San Diego area where it's laid back most of the time!

DONNY I never really thought about my butt sticking to the seat, but it definetly does sometimes! The seats at my school are sooo comfortable, when you sit down your butt sinks through the opening, pulling your cheeks apart perfectly. It's like you are floating in air not sitting on the throne! The seats are white and like most public seats are open in the front. Our stalls are light gray too. I use probably 4-5 wads of paper, enough to get rid of all the poop.

FRED & CHRIS It would be cool to have coed restrooms, I would love to know what the guys do, just as much as ya'll would like to know what the girls do. I have pooped at my boyfriends house before in his restroom. I left the door open so he could watch if he wanted to. He ended up coming in and sitting on the floor while I went but was kinda embarassed to actually watch me, I'll bring him around soon. I have never seen a guy shit before, maybe he'll let me watch soon too. Coed public restrooms with stalls could be fun.

Until next time, take care to everyone.

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