Hi everyone,I thought I would tell you all about the crap I took after Memorial day barbecue. I went to two barbecues,at one I ate 40 deviled eggs,two slabs of ribs,and a mountain of potato salad,and I took a wicked shit this morning.I woke up and had some pancakes for breakfeast,and as I was finishing up I felt an urgent need to go to the bathroom.I got a cramp and I could feel a good size bm welling up inside me.I got up from the table and ran to the bathroom pulled my panties down to my knees sat down,and fffffrrrrrrrrrlllllluuuummmmmppp...tttthhhhhhrrrrrlllllluuuupppppp...bbbbbrrrrrrraaaaappppppppppprrrrrllllffffffrrrrrrrttttthhhhhhlllluuppp..I mean some serious shit flew out of me,it was under high pressure and it was chain shit,a lot of chain shit.I opened my legs to look into the toilet and it was already half way full so I flushed.Then four eight inch firm turds came out followed by a huge monster about three inches thick and ten inches or so long.then th e old ice cream machine came on so I figured I would try something new so I kept stopping it and would move my but to a different spot and I kept laying these soft serve piles all over the toilet about fifteen in all they looked pretty.Then I guess those deviled eggs came out because this bright yellow gold turd started to come out with loose shit running out the sides and there was a lot of it, it must have been a good two feet long and three inches thick and wow did it ever smell,like rotten eggs,it coiled out and folded over on itself three times then broke off as more chain shit started comming out.all of the sudden a loaf of shit about nine inches long and three inches wide followed by two turds four inches long and one and a half inches wide came out then pee and I was done.not as big as my normal bm but I have been a little more regular recently,probably the bananas.Love you all ALANA

Hi Carmalita!
Sweet sexy lady - you're not from New York are you? Here's why I ask. Last night I was leaving a restaurant and was walking to the subway. I needed to pee so I ducked into a parking lot and went behind a car at the far side. There weren't many people about the street. Once I finished, I heard girls laughing and talking. I looked over and saw 3 pretty Latinas walking by the parking lot. One of them was small and sexy and could have been you, Carmalita! She said "I need to pee" and started to walk over to the parking lot. I didn't want to be seen so I croucjed down behind the car I was near. I could see the girl walking over to the cars by the wall. I could see her but she was unaware I was there. She went behind a car, looked around, hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her pubic hair was thick and black. Then she squatted and I had an unobstructed view! She peed a torrent which made a loud hissing and splashing sound. Then to may astonishment she farted loudly a nd I saw thick poop coming slowly from her behind!! It wasn't firm, but thisk and squishy. It fell to the ground making a triangualr heap of mushy poop. As it was coming out, she kept farting! I could smell it from where I was. Once she finsished, she dug around her purse and brought out a tissue. She wiped her vagina from the front then her bottom from the rear. She quickly pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt and walked away. I heard her friend say "that was a long time. You didn't do a number 2 did you?" The sexy girl laughrd and said "of course not...don't be so gross." Then they walked down the street. I went over to the big heap of mushy poop and saw the little piece of tissue paper resting on the top, stained brown. Well, Carmalita, that little sexy Latina who I saw pooping last night wasn't you was it? Believe me, I thought of you while it was happening! Oh how I'd love to marry you and watch you poop for me every day!

Eric M.
Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted, though I do check out the posts periodically. I love the picture of that Asian girl squatting to pee, reminds me of the couple of times my friend Steph squatted to pee outside.

Steph is visiting home from out west for a couple of weeks and yesterday, she and I took a day trip into New York, about 50 miles away. When we got home, she said she had to "take a whiz" and of course invited me in. Some "veterans" may know that I LOVE watching and listening to her pee. She sat down and started to tinkle, one of the most beautiful sounds to my ear! :-) I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love the sound of her peeing into the toilet. Steph then got up and pulled some toilet paper to wipe her vagina. It was a great end to a great day! I didn't realize how much I missed her until she came home.

Steph and Alex also still check out this site periodically, though, like me, are very busy with other things and don't have as much time on their hands as they used to. Later, Eric M.

The Guess Who, I'm confused by your story. You say as you were putting the screen back you farted and a poo went into your pants , then you say you ran outside and measured it. If it was in your pants how did it get outside?

sir poops alot
I've noticed that when my wife sits on the toilet to pee, she always immediately farts. Usually a loud, long one. But I don't think I've ever heard her fart while pooping. I have had other girl friends do the same. That is fart right away when peeing. I sometimes fart when I pee, but it's usually further into the pee. I think this is because my wife along with most girls hold in their farts until they hit the toilet, while guys either let them rip or sneak them out when they have too. Any thoughts?

Twice Shy
The talk of men and women sharing bathrooms reminded me of a news story from some years back. One of the major airlines, perhaps Continental, had designated one of the two lavatories in the coach section of their smaller planes to be a "women's only", while all the men had to share the other with still more women. I guess taking one on a plane is something of a privilege. I have never flown on a plane having such restrictions, so I guess the idea never worked out. Really, it's a pretty intimate environment if one has to drop a truly massive turdload. I've never done it, and I wouldn't want to. The bigger problem is always having to pee on account of all the free coffee they hand out on top of sodas consumed in the terminals between flights. Oh, and I am male, by the way. I don't tend to hang out many places where women use men's stalls. It's interesting how we can tolerate the idea of females wandering about in the world of the men's john, while the reverse situtation! sounds like a moral outrage. My second hand information says there is a whole social structure surrounding the women's room, something that depends on the absence of men. Men, on the other hand, do not do much bonding in the can. This is an interesting phenomenon, if you ask me--the women's room as a bustling shrine and community center and the men's room as barren solitary confinement. It is as if the women are celebrating the majesty of their bodily proclivities while men are in some sort of denial regarding the chore. I'm not sure where this is going. I'm grateful that unisex airline johns are still the norm, though.

Hi, all you fans of the Toilet!

Since Wednesday last week I have had no possiblility to read any posts. There was much work until late hours and that during the weekend as well. Then my modem had no dial tone because of corrosion in the telephone line outlet! That was the result of a very wet winter! But I am back to answer some of the accumulated posts.

To HIKER, that was a lovely account of yours when you helped Mafalda to lose her inhibitions in having a bm away from the security of a toilet. Yes, very enjoyable!

To bigd.......I too have often wondered how it is possible to wipe oneself with long fingernails. What if a woman gets excrement under a nail and spreads it to sensitive parts? The TP probably needs to be sort of pinched between thumb and knuckle of the index finger, I suppose. As I have never in my life had a girlfriend or wife with long fingernails, I cannot say how women with long nails manage. Just the thought of clawing myself around my bumhole makes me cringe!

JANE, wow, you must have been letting out less turds than were being formed inside you for several days. Your body then got rid of accumulated poop within a few hours. You must have felt very much lighter by the end of the day! But did wiping so often in one day not leave you a bit sore?

COPROLOGIST, To comment on your query for time spent wiping in relation to duration of crapping: To “save time” when preparing to leave home for the office, I sometimes sit on the toilet using the electric shaver and letting go underneath at the same time! I can see myself in the mirror opposite. I just let the sphincter go, no pushing, no straining needed. The jobbie usually starts to come out slowly, gathers speed and then the rest of it follows out in a rush propelled by a booming fart! Average speed being the total length of turd divided by the total time it takes to leave me is ten inches per second. Consistency is #3 or softer, diametre a three-quarter inch to one and a quarter inches. So it only takes two or three seconds to expel the turd. The rest of a begun pee follows for about 15 seconds. Wiping takes longer if away from home. At home I only wipe once to remove the rough stuff. Then I move over sideways to the bidet and wash my anus with warm water. I do not u! se soap as this has proven to make my hole itch. Without soap I feel fine and really clean. No skidmarks after such treatment! No more problems with superficial piles either.

To JULIE sweetie! Sorry about confusing you with someone else. Probably it was somebody who found that you had good taste in underwear, which of course you do! As I download the posts on to a floppy to read them on an old machine (a computer fossil) that cannot display htm files properly, confusion is always near. And now I cannot find to whom I should have sent that comment! Anyway, no harm done, thanks for describing your short cream skirt and your enticing knickers! No peeping needed! But temptation to peep remains of course! Have your tried Louise’s brilliant suggestion to use bathroom scales to give you that extra bit of height for a wee in the sink? Are you game for trying the standing wee? If yes, you have all my support! (And if the answer is no, it doesn’t matter, I will still enjoy your posts). I am of the opinion that all women should learn to do this. It gives more options when it comes to relieving oneself. And it’s fun too!
I had written the above yesterday. Today (Wednesday) I read that you have tried the scissors sink wee as well, and are ready to go for the art of weeing standing! Good for you! And you do have an impeccable taste in knickers!

To PENNY dear, again a horse show I enjoyed without having been there thanks to you! The idea of the young woman to take a bucket and a cloth for the final clean-up is worth keeping in mind. But it must be a bit stressy whilst squatting to be listening all the time for possible male intruders and to be ready to react immediately. Actually most men would be more embarrassed than you if they happened to stumble upon you and Linda blasting away behind the bushes!
Just read about your emergency dump in the mens’ loo. Hope you feel better by now!

Hi STEVE and LOUISE! So I did manage to give you some ideas for fun pees! I’m glad about that. Yes, I know about Kegel exercises, my wife has tried them too, but because she is still quite fit “inside” she has neglected them a bit. She doesn’t wee in the sink anymore because the toilet is more comfortable. And she has not yet caught on to the idiea to attempt to pee standing. I’ll have to catch the right moment for suggesting that agian. Steve, I wish you all the best for that test!
LOUISE, I just read about your wee in the sink in the ladies’ loo and all those girls following your example! You do seem to have set something in motion!

PV dear, that was quite daring to pee in the underpass! But peeing standing has the big advantage that before anyone who happens to come near realizes what is going on, you have already rearranged your clothes. With pelvic floor muscles of iron you are certainly capable of stopping the flow. Then you can continue when the coast is clear again. So the risk is not tooo great. But take care all the same, dear!
I just read about your pee in company with strangers in the loo without partitions. CONGRATULATIONS for being able to let go easily! I am soo glad for you!

Oh CARMALITA! You are such a dear! Your kind words made my day! So now you are back on speaking terms with Jake, which is great!
Anyway, I admire your ability to describe your toilet sessions with such a variation in language. You are really talented, not only in producing fantastic turds! Give Tea, Renee and Patsy a special hug from me!

To KIM and SCOTT.... Your Memorial Day will certainly remain in memory! I can just see you in my mind’s eye in your sailor’s style dress with headband....just gorgeous! And then to produce such a super jobbie kneeling on the toilet with Scott assisting you to launch that torpedo of massive calibre! Great stuff! Keep going!

Hi MINDY! Wow! You seem to be a very attractive young woman! You need’nt call youself nerdy when you are intelligent, nor do you need to be well tanned! Being a red head you should not try to tan yourself anyway, you would probably end up with freckles all over and ruin your skin. Stay white, it goes beautifully with red hair! And then you go to say that your digestive system works like clockwork! You must be envied by many for this. I can just imagine: “At the third fart it will be exactly twelve o’clock noon EDST or whatever..... Brrrap.....Brrrrappp......BRAPPPP!” And everybody lifts their wrists to check their watches! You are a great girl! Keep posting!

Hi Jeff A., glad you can walk again! Do you need to keep one leg stretched out when lowering yourself on to the toilet? And I hope that that heart attck from last year you mentioned is over and under control. Take care!

RJOGGER, I had to grin like your friend on reading your account of filling up your toilet during house renovation. Great story! Loved it!

Diane-New York, I just loved that story of Maranello giving the car dealer’s toilet the works! I Had such a good laugh when you excused the sound of her fart on the cell phone as a problem with your muffler! Ha!Ha!

So much for today. Love to all of you including those I have not mentioned, Rizzo

Dr. Polhemus
I don't post very often but am definitely a fan
of this website.

However, someone a while ago asked if doctors get
a charge out of examining their patients, particularly
male doctors and female patients. I'm an internist,
but even if I were a gynecologist, you'll find that
most of your patients who require intimate, physical
exams are older women, many overweight and not really
what many people think of when they think of being
in a doctor's position.

By far, from my perspective, nothing exceeds in
sensuality an attractive, curvy woman seated on the
toilet in the middle of a good bowel movement. The
strong, not-so-pleasant odor of a healthy bowel
movement plus a pretty face on the other end is the
biggest turn-on of all!

Golden Drink

Hey! Great to see a new face pop up! I'm one of those almost permanent Lurkers on this site. I like hearing about the toilet practices of women! :)

Sounds like you have a great time everyday at lunch! What better way to enjoy a big poop than with a good book?? What type of books do you like reading?

But now onto my toilet activities... I haven't made much of a stink in the past few days. I seem to get backed up every couple of weeks. There is plenty to come out though! I ate half a large pizza on Friday! :) That's the most I've eaten in a long while! Guess I should eat some Uncle Sam's Cereal - it works as a natural laxative because it has Flax Seed. Half a bowl usually unplugs me and lets me go for quite awhile, filling the toilet bowl with my soft brown poop!

Golden Drink

To ALTHEA! Ha! I've finally found the person to whom I should have sent that comment about pretty underwear. It is you, my dear! You were describing a conversation with another girl in the toilet whilst having a good dump! You are the one with the exquisite taste! I sent it to Julie by mistake. No harm done, I hope. Bye the way, I like your posts very much too!

Here's something for you guys out there! I hope it brings a couple of smiles to some faces.

This is an incident when a friend had an accident actually sitting on the toilet and after having finished dropping his load and wiping his bum! How can that be possible, you may ask? Answer: on board a small sailing boat! This chap was of powerful build. The sort of young man who can put a seemingly relaxed hand on a steel tool, and without apparent strain, bend it or even break it if not careful! He had arms of a size normally found in thighs and hands to match. After a very large breakfast at sea he went forward to the boat’s head (toilet). This boat did not have a door to the toilet compartment, there was only a flimsy curtain for privacy, and most of us did not bother to draw the curtain anyway, we were an all male crew. He pulled his pants to mid thigh, and carefully lowered his hairy and meaty bum on to the ridiculously small toilet seat. As the boat was sailing fast, the rush of the water along the outside of the hull drowned out most of the grunts, farts and pushe! s. Plops could not be heard anyway because such a tiny toilet does not allow any long drops. After the deep pink colour from straining had gone from his face, he wiped many times sitting down, because standing up was not possible for lack of headroom in the toilet area. He then started to pump out the toilet. After a couple of strokes he called: “This pump needs lubrication! It’s hard to use!” Such a remark from this man should immediately have started the alarm bells jangling in the minds of those within earshot. But we were still half asleep, and a few seconds later it was too late anyway. A short and loud report from the head area was followed by a bellow from our hapless morning shitter! He jumped up banging his head painfully against the deck beam above, which made him sit down again in a hurry! Then he came crawling aft towards us in the main saloon, pulling up his pants and swearing profusely. He turned round. We gasped and then roared with laughter. His torso was cover! ed with brown speckles of poop from waist upwards all the way even as far as his hair! Then he proceeded to take of his shitty shirt to reveal a red welt right across his back! Upon closer investigation we found that he had forgotten to open the toilet discharge sea-cock. This had to be opened every time for flushing the toilet and closed again afterwards to avoid sea water from flooding the toilet and the whole boat. To operate this through-hull fitting, one had to turn around and reach behind to the inside wall of the hull. Because he had not done this, he had pumped a mixture of flushing sea water, pee and mangled turds and soggy remains of TP against a closed valve, thereby inflating the one and a half inch diametre discharge hose. The high pressure let the hose finally slip off the hose barb of the valve. It whiplashed across the man’s back spewing shit under pressure. The toilet area was a sight to be seen! Shit everywhere! It took hours to clean up, and the smell linger! ed for the rest of the season! Luckily he had not bent the pump handle, or we would have had to use a bucket for the rest of the trip!

Happy poops to you all, and may your toilets manage with those big turds! Rizzo

I saw a documentary last night about society's (well, mostly women) current trend to get rid of all body hair.
It was quite interesting acutally... They highlighted the extremes people are now willing to endure to rid themselves of body hair. On the other side, they also inverviewed a number of 'ordinary' ladies who proudly display their beards to the world.
But I'm getting off the point of this forum...

The show reminded me of the bit of hair I have around my anal area. It's not particularly excessive and I don't usually have skid marks (unless I'm just feeling too lazy to clean up thoroughly.)
I was wondering if anyone here has had difficulty dealing with excessive body hair? Especially around their anal region.

Allot of women shave their "beaver" regularly (allthough I for one love that hairy look.) Male or female, has anyone here tried to shave what you view as excessive anal hair? If you do, don't you find that dangerous?

to donna M: It's perfectly normal for a male to wake up with an erection. For me, it occurs mostly when I have to take a MAJOR moring leak. A few times it's woken me up around 4 am with an 'Empty your bladder NOW!!!' kind of urgency.
It's NOT an easy task aiming for the toilet when you're can-barely-stand-on-your-own-two-feet half asleep, with a huge hard-on...
During one attempt, I seemed to be hitting eveything else rather than the can. After about 10 seconds of peeing mostly on the floor, I said "Forget this!!" and just emptied what I had left into the tub. While during another vain attept to point my penis at the toilet in the wee hours, I ended up using the sink. The angle of my dick, fortunately, was perfect for using the sink. The arching stream of urine hit the sink drain dead-on!


Hi Diane -- that was an amazing story about Maranello's difficult expulsion. It was almost impossible to conceive of a woman bigger than Melissa in any sense, but it seems Maranello is her "big sister!" That turd was much bigger than anything a healthy horse would pass, certainly in length, though it's not unusual for horse faeces to be six inches in diameter.

You ask how I would have handled being spotted while relieving myself in that underpass. Probably better than I would have handled wetting myself on the train or bus if I'd tried to hang on... I would most likely have performed a very rapid closure and zipping up, and pretended to innocence! I once went from full stream to zipped up and looking innocent in two and a half seconds -- this was in my back garden, when I was weeing on my lawn in broad daylight! I only ever did that once! But I was so desperate in that tunnel that I just *had* to go.

LOUISE -- hi grrl! I LOVE your account of using the sink in the ladies' room -- and our frontal method too! I can just visualize that gaggle of gals all hosing the sinks, it must have been incredible. Ohhh, what a trend we could have launched if there had been a urinal in there!

Good luck on your next Spain trip -- fountain those beaches! Blast those shorelines! Scour those rocks! Do the urinals some damage!

How's the summer netball adventures? Any interesting locker room pishing lately?

Your friend,


TO MINDY-Just would like to say,i really enjoy your style of pooing-you also sound pretty to me-I would be an appreciative poo buddy of yours-more stuff-love your way of pooping!
TO RJOGGER-Hey,northern neighber-Really enjoyed your jogging buddy dump session-I have to say you are 1 lucky guy-i would have really enjoyed seeing that scene-Good stuff,as usual!Also,funny story with you and your friend dumpung in the same bowl to psss of the ladies
Was out in the woods this a.m.after having some OJ to get things going and as i'm walking to find a good spot to poop i ran across this fresh huge load in the ground right off 1 of the main paths-it looked like someone just did it in the last few mins or so-It was a big turd that was about 1 foot long,but it was folded back over so the thing was close to 2 feet long and very smooth with some ice cream poop along side it-boy whoever did this had to go pretty bad!The tissue was along side and it looked like a woman did it cause i saw pee on one of th tissues and thought,"damn,i probably JUST missed seeing this lady poop"and then i thought to buddy poo on top of her huge load-Now i have read about folks doing this on this forum(Hey just another idea this wonderful forum has given me and 1 of many!)So i pulled down my shorts and placed myself right over this load and let out my own morning load-first i let out a long tight fart and i have been eating watermelon lately and it ! make my poop soft and as i relaxed my pushed out anus all this soft stuff flew out on top of the big turd and it almost covered the turd-then i stood up and it looked like a bunch of chocolate ice cream on top of the mystery womans dump-i really enjoyed doing this,it was exciting to me in a way cause i was sorta buddy pooing with this other dumper-then after about 5 mins i ahd to do more and i once again sqautted over the load and did a small load of squgglies and 2 wet farts and then leaned foreward and wiped my messy asshole and put my tissues right next to the mystery(woman)dumper-As i'm wiping i'm thinking just what did this woman look like?Once again,i missed out-like i said before this load was maybe there 5 mins or so and as i was dumping on top of it,i was looking around to see if anyone was around,but it was very quiet this morning out in the woods,i think cause it was a bit cool(about 60 degrees or so)but i haden't gone outdoors in awhile and figured what the heck ! and went out-now i'm glad i did!In a strange way that was fun-Hey woulnd't that be something if it was that lady i met at the gym the other day-Nah anyway-great stories all and i really like the masthead pic of the girl spredlegged on the bowl witha substantial load in the toilet-more stuff like this!BYE

Pushed out a 30 inches turd yesterday. It was really really hard.

Greg K.
Someone a few months ago posted the fact that
drinking green tea makes your poop smell far less

That person was right. My girlfriend and I each
drank green tea (which we had bought just for the
hell of it) and routinely sat on the toilet for
our morning poops. OUr bottoms smelled but the
smell was very light and not the least offensive!
Drinking green tea could alleviate the embarrassment
of disgusting, bottom smelling in public restrooms! What next...
the electric light?

Latly i haven't had any thing intresting to report on....I read the posts this morning but i decided to come back because something intresting happened this afternoon. I went out to lunch and then i went shopping at this big shopping center. I went in 3 stores and when i went into the 2nd store my stomach really started hurting bad....i knew i was gonna have to have a BM cause the pressure was so intense. I finished up in that store because i was pretty sure there was no restroom there. I went nextdoor where i knew most likey there was a restroom, the store was this craft store. I go in the back of the store and i picked the right side of the store and i didn't have to walk around alot to find the restroom. I go in to the bathroom and i find a urinal next to a sink and a handicaped stall. The stall was a bit dirty but it was ok cause i really needed to go. I walk in the stall and i notice that the toilet paper on the roller was just about out, there was a big roll sitting on t! he floor with some seat covers, so i picked the toilet paper up and i place it on top of the holded and i picked up a toilet seat cover and placed it on the seat and i pulled my kaki pants down as well with my bright orange boxershorts. I sat for a minute and begain pushing once a few turds came out i felt a bit better, so i stood up and wiped and i examined what i did. It looks as i had 1 big log but when it hit the water it broke apart into 4, 5 inch pieces. After i wiped i place the seat cover in the bowl as well with the dirty tp i had used. Then i walked out with out flushing hoping a guy would come in and buddy dump on top of my nice smooth logs i laid. Then i washed up and went out of the store. Then i was in another store about 15 minutes when i felt like i had to go again, and any way my stomach was hurting a bit. I went in and picked the middle stall out of 6 stalls and a few urinals. I sat down with out a seat cover, and tried to push and the only thing i got was a ! little piece of shit. Then i left the store and i came home and now i feel better.

How many people out there prefer to us toilet seat covers(sanitary covers) in public? I do if they are avaible. If none are availble does any one use toilet paper to cover the seat? I do sometimes if i feel like it.

Whats up with Wednesdays picture?? looks like it has noting to do with going to the bathroom. But maybe she has an urge to pee or shit really bad...i can tell by her feet and arms. Sometimes i im out and there is no toilet and i have to poop bad i place my arms over my head like that(in the pic) cause im nervous.

Hello again, to all. I hope everyone has been pooping and peeing satisfactorily lately.

Julie - Yes, a mischievous lass you are! Potty Pranks are fun if they are done right. I like it when someone leaves the stall door open, not caring who sees them. And at work no less! Great!
Diane NY - You ladies like to drive fast, spend money and take some of the most awesome dumps ever! That is one hell of a load for one person. It is kind of funky to reach into the head and remove or break up a mass of poop. It sounds like you and Maranello had some fun at that dealership.
Buzzy - It looks like you may have made the connection you have been looking for. I sure hope that it works out for you, Buzzy. Good Luck!
Jeff A - At most of the road races that I have participated in over the years, there always seems to be a coed group that goes off and poops in the woods. Call it pre-competition jitters, or whatever, but it seems to be the rule. Of course, dumping in front of the ladies, and having them return the favor is always a turn on. I must have missed something, I did not know that you had suffered a heart attack. I hope that you are well on the road to recovery. Take good care, Jeff.

This is the follow up to yesterday's post, or how my wife and Anne got me back. They should have included Mike in the deal, but they must have thought that getting one was enough. About a month after Mike and I clogged the toilet in his apartment, payback came knocking, and how. I came home late in the morning on a mid June Friday, and found my wife on the patio. As I greeted her, I noticed that she was acting funny, as if something was up. Her smile gave her away, as she is not good at keeping something under wraps. I walked into the house, and as I passed the hall bathroom on my way to the master bedroom, a familiar voice said "Kathy, is that you?". Anne was seated on the potty. I said "No, it's Rick, how are you Anne?". " I'm doing OK, sweetie", grunt, plop, came the reply. "How are you", plop!. "OK", I said, as I continued to the bedroom. I changed into some shorts, fetched my new beard trimmer, and checked on the progress of the bath. It was supposed to be finished in about a week, and it looked right on schedule. There were 2 commodes already installed, just the finishing touches had to be applied. As I turned around, Anne greeted me and said "The bathroom is all yours, sweetie". I smiled and headed into the hall, as Anne went outside. As I entered the can, I noticed a strong poop odor. Anne must have really dumped her brains, I thought, as I put the beard trimmer down, and went over to the head to pee. I lifted the top, and got a real surprise. The bowl was filled to the top with crap! And, there were 2 notes taped to the inside of the top. The one on the right read "Hi love, just wanted to leave you something special today. Love, Kathy". My Wife! On the left, the other note read " Hi Rick, just wanted to give you a load. Love, Annie". Love indeed! The girls had buddy dumped a bowlful, and left it for me to dispose of. Oh well, just get it done, I thought. I put on some disposable gloves, got some plastic bags and hangers and went to wor k. I removed 2 turds that were easily 24" long and 2.75" thick, put them in a bag, then chopped the remaining mess with a hanger. Three flushes got rid of the stuff, but there were some real skid marks left. I removed the gloves, tied up the bag and turned to head out. Cursing, I didn't notice the girls, who must have been watching for some time. They immediately burst out laughing, so I dropped the bag, picked up a plunger and started to chase them. They ran screaming and split in 2 directions. My wife got away, but I caught Anne, and stuck the plunger on her butt. It looked real funny, with the suction cup on her shorts and the handle sticking out. She was of course laughing, as I was, and my wife came out to see the commotion. As I removed the plunger from Anne's sexy behind, the girls told me that they had planned this for some time. During the last several days, they consumed bowls of my wife's 3 bean salad, and took 3 teaspoons of Daily Fiber every day. That is a product that puts Metamucil to shame. It consists of natural bulking fiber, and it produces some huge poops. So I finish cleaning up, shower, trim my beard, get dressed and go out to the patio. As I approach, the girls come up, cuddle and yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICK". Yeah, right, what a present they left. But I must admit, it was fun, it got me by surprise and I did enjoy the experience.

Moderator: I like the current cover girl. Good taste she reminds me of my teen years. I got a rush from wearing my plaid skirts. So did my boyfriends and male cousins. I was adorable sitting on the throne. She looks like she had to urinate despearately.

Mindy: I like your stories. They are cool. I like those long toilet bowls. In high school, we had the older round ones. Then during general repairs they were replaced by modern long bowls. My old high school is now 75 y/o. I took my best shits there. My friends could set their watches by me in the PM's. That would be when I would move my stomach before cheerleading practice, basketball or tennis. I was the loudest of them all.

Hab: I had a boyfriend offer to wipe me. I only took joy paper from him. See my earlier posts. I was a H.S. senior. I had a boyfriend. Later, I found out he was a distant cousin. I did not care. I liked him. Many days from senior year thru college I was at his house or he was at mine. David, was his name. He was adorable with curly hair. I had lunch at his house, hot dogs. Later, I had to go. I lifted my navy skirt, pulled down my navy panty hose, pink Maidenform band leg briefs and sat on the throne. I let out a gassy explosion, followed by a series of five potato sized pieces of doo-doo. After a period of silence, a wave of thick doo-doo released. David asked me if I was OK. I told him yes. Then another wave released. He then reached for the joy roll. I was not finished. Another 10 second wave happened. As I stood up to wipe, he reached for me. I told him thanks. We smiled at each other. I wiped myself. He was turned on by the whole thing. The bowl was filled good. I the! n pulled up my panties and hose, fixed my skirt and flushed. He still adores me to this day.

curious: The gym I went to with my friend Carrie a few weeks ago had conventional restrooms attached to the locker rooms. The toilets had stalls and were in a separate room from the showers.

Special hello to Logger and Renee. Hi to all of the regulars. Everything has been pretty normal lately, toilet-wise. Yesterday I drank a lot of water and ended up taking a pee once an hour throughout the afternoon. The last one lasted about a minute and a half.

I haven't heard from Laurie, College Girl Lizzie, Alex, Steph, or Jodi in a long time. Are you all still around? If so, we'd all love to hear from you.

JULIE - Oh yeah, you are right, it is good to have an extra
day off work, more time to have fun with Steve.
Oh good, you tried weeing scissors style. It really is very
exciting to do, it does feel very naughty, and yeah, you need
to get that leg right over so you line your puss up with the
sink properly. I bet my boyfriend will like reading about it.
I do not know if he will read your letter to him today
because he is busy doing his training, but I will tell him
you wrote. He will like that very much.
A girl I play netball with can stand in her skirt and just
wee straight down. It is because if she stands naked she
does a little trickle that goes straight down, so if she
wears a skirt it does not really make a difference. I have
no chance of doing that because my wee squirts out of my
puss at an average angle, but I do piss very hard and I am
not a trickler. If I did try I would soak the front of my
skirt, so standing I have to hold the front up.
I bet if you can wee straight down then you would be all
right, but you said when you tried it in the shower it went
all over.
Well you can try standing again in the shower and keep your
feet about 2 feet apart so your puss opens up a little bit.
I bet you were a bit excited and nervy about it too and maybe
that made things go wrong a bit. I think you need to practice
it and experiment with using your fingers to splay the lips.
If you wee slow (do you?) then maybe you will need to use a
bit of pressure like you want to force the wee out faster.
Try it and tell me if it is better! I bet it will be better
the more you do it. Love Louise xx

DIANE NEW YORK - Hi! Yeah, I will look for how you do in the
shower. If you do not get it right first time it does not
mean you will not get a lot better.

JEFF A - Hi guy! Well I am really happy you are getting
better. I bet Steve will be pleased when I tell him. Will
you soon be strong enough to do your Kung Fu again?
Thank you for sketching me and being a really charming guy!
You say such nice things. If you did sketch me in person
maybe I better wear a bikini. Maybe I should not get you
too excited! LOL
It was good of that girl you camped with to pee so well
standing if she never did it before. Did she aim it with
her fingers?

PV - Hi! I do not have a lot of new things to write about
just now. There is just one thing from the weekend that
Steve will write and tell you about. The only thing to say
is from the bath I had with Steve last night when I stood
outside the bath and bent right over and weed backwards
into the bath. It was not too big a wee really but Steve
liked what he saw and it was a lot of fun to do. I pushed my
pussy backwards with my fingers and I tried to hit the back
of the bath but I could not get there. It was a giggle! When
I got back in the bath I held Steve's willy up so he did a
little wee fountain.
Oh and there was the wee I had when I got home from work. I
measured it and it was about 900ml. I did want to go!
There was the wee I had this morning at work when my boss,
another girl and I all went to the toilet at the same time.
We were talking about work stuff and we were all weeing at
the same time. Well I made a lot of noise and my boss gave
me this funny look when we came out of the cubicles. I heard
her tinkling quite a bit but it was not like I did it! I
giggle when I think about that.
See there were things to write about, it just took me time
to remember about them!



I posted this request once before...but; on the hunch that the one person who knows the answer wasn't reading right then..I'll post it again.

The American TV show 20/20 apparently aired a story about a 12 year old boy who died from severe constipation or complications there-of.

Can anyone give me a link to further information about that sad case?

Thanks so much...Gary.

Mr. Noname
Wow! Someone fially read and responded to my post.

SARAH: You think turning off the toilet is really that wicked?? What about spying? Personally, I would never spy on my girlfriend while she is in the loo. I wouldn't even dream of it. I just couldn't bring myself to go that far. At that point, I'd much rather muster up my courage and ask her, "Honey, do you mind if I watch you while you're doing your business?" And I would be appalled if I ever caught someone, even someone I knew well, spying on me. I've read some pretty kinky and wicked stuff on this site, so turning off the toilet, I think, isn't as far as spying, filming others (knowingl,y or unknowingly), etc. Anyway, you're entitled to your opinion.
Thanks for reading anyway. Nice that I didn't post for nothing.

Happy Loo Time to All!

To Jeff A,
Good to hear from you again. I became a little concerned at the time gone since your previous posting, but it seems I need not have worried. Your progress is encouraging, and I'm sure you are making your recovery at a suitable pace. You have pretty much said that your are building yourself up, now unaided, and that is excellent. As you say, push yourself just a little further.
Louise very much appreciates your comments, by the way. She is indeed a knockout, and alongside her near-identical sister and beautiful mother (the senior pee diva), she is stunning. I'm sure she could have had huge earning potential with her face and figure in the modelling world, but she was never quite so outgoing, and has a personality instead of the hardened loftiness I have so often seen and personally encountered in her physical type.
Many thanks for your great encouragement. The test is still over two weeks away, and I think we are both feeling ready. I think there will be a number of spectators on the night, and I hope my guts don't liquefy into shite in anticipation of that!
Cheers, and I'll speak to you again soon.

To Julie,
Hi, sweetheart.
I was right when I said you would fit in among Louise and her friends, wasn't I? I think you love to be a tease in exactly the same way she does. Oh yes, the little black dress. No knickers, indeed <snicker>. That was another exciting description of your underwear.
Matching lace blue knickers, huh? It is not hard for me to imagine how you must have looked when having your wee that time, and it is a very nice mental image indeed. From what you said about how the other girl came into your cubicle in the belief it was unoccupied, she must have seen absolutely everything! Sometimes I am just in the wrong place! Sure, if I had been guarding you, perhaps _I_ would have been able to take in the view. You have to save these things for those who will properly appreciate them, you know!
I take it you have seen Louise's posting of how she set off a stampede for the sinks in the ladies' toilets at the weekend? That is something else I wish I had seen for myself. When she returned from that toilet visit, it took her several minutes before she could stop giggling long enough to tell me what had happened.

To Carmalita,
Senorita, what can I say. Thanks very much for your good wishes. Me - a Mr Right? Thanks for that very kind compliment. I hope Louise agrees I can live up to such a glowing tribute. Thank you. I was glad to read that possibly things are on the mend for Jake and yourself. A tip from me, don't force things. Just see how they go, and hopefully the chemistry will work, if it is destined to do so.
Hasta Luego.

To Renee,
Hello there, darling, I hope everything is well with you and your baby. How many months gone now?
Haha, in terms of the martial arts I suppose I would describe myself as a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner who also knows Aikido. Malita's brother is at the same degree as myself, and it is an excellent skill to have, and I know how much work he must have put in to attain it. But you are quite right, no getting thrown around on the mat in your condition. Take care now.

To PV,
Hello there, dear lady.
I see Louise has told the story about how my female work colleague pursued me as far as the door or the men's toilets. Now I knew at that point that she would have followed me if I had entered the men's room. As much as I would have rather enjoyed having someone like Louise's mother or sister, her friend Jackie or someone like those lovely ladies (not for a moment missing you out of that delightful group) watching over my shoulder as I used the urinal, I was certain that I could not be comfortable about doing that with this lady, as she was leaving no doubt that she wanted to become involved with me. No deal, and I wasn't about to pull out my penis for her to look at, no matter how much I needed a wee. It was some time later that I did escape her, and finally I did succeed in having my wee without worrying about her being there. As Louise has already said, it was very nice in any case to have my girlfriend coming to my workplace to see me, and I am very glad to be able to ! say that the work colleague has backed off. I had no wish to shout or hurt her unduly, and I decided that for Louise to put in an appearance and to display her
'ownership' of me was the best way of bringing that about. I did receive some comments from male colleagues who had not met Louise up to that point, as she made quite an impression on them.

I do have another little tale to tell, as Louise has already said in her own posting, and in order to do it justice I will have to leave it until the next time I write. It is good, I can promise you that. It is something I think you in particular will appreciate!
Until then, take care. Thanks for your best wishes, by the way, and have a quick hug (or whatever you prefer!) from me.


Hola everyone!
My friend Tesa is back as Renee already mentioned. To make a long story short, she'll be staying with me for a few more days. I have stories, but need to reply to alot of people instead. Next time!

PV: To feel your sweet hands wiping me, I'd have to give you more than a buck!

Buzzy: I only wish I could bring my butt over. Here's a kiss instead! I sure hope something happens between you and that cute lady pooper you met!

RJOGGER: Awesome story dude! You had a regular poop party in the bushes! I had to read it a couple of times because I got confused with all the L's and N's. I was really turned on to know that it was mixed couples pooping. Did you get a good look at the women's asses? Did they look at you? Poor thing, poison oak?! My goodness! Have you tried making a paste with baking soda mixed with luke warm water? It really helps. Sorry to hear about your rainy weather. Here it's been absolutely gorgeous, sunny, warm, and nice breezes. The Pacific Northwest, stereotypically rainy and wet, has provided paradise weather for the entire week! Tuesday it was 94 degrees! 96 in my area. I'm glad you survived the "Mohawk stare"! My favorite part of that story was your wife pooping for you while you were in the tub. Rich, you are the sweetest man. Your "kooky" seniorita loves you!

Jane: Thanks girl for caring! I'm doing okay really. Gary sounds like a honey, hang on to him! I love those restroom trips you make. Each time I feel like I'm in there with you. Wouldn't it be bizarre if we did happen to poop together and never knew it? You take care now.

LoggerR: Hi hon, I'm glad you like my stories. Maybe someday you'll decide to paint me? Wishing!!
Our "buckets" are kind of a wierd story. I have to use a kitty scooper, break up the big business, and flush it as chunks. That turd of hers was really something though!

Eric B: Hi hon! I'm glad you enjoyed my session with Renee. That poor girl was so plugged up. This is a stupid question I'm sure, but when you were making love to that woman as a woman, did she know you were a man? It's possible with devices. That story and scenario gets me so WILDLY HOT! I wish we could discuss it in depth here. How I wish it was me that you were doing that with! That took a lot of nerve to poop on the bridge sidewalk with cars going by. I've been on that bridge before. I'll bet you froze your butt off LOL! It scares me when it sways in the wind! Sweetie, I think you are sooo special too. You go have some fun now, and yes, I am watching, and very happy and excited to do so!!!....

Sun Devil: Hey guy! Thanks for that lovely note! Of course you're a friend! I've been waiting anxiously to hear from you. That desert poop of yours sounds fun, and your 14 incher sounds lovely. I have so many unusual poop stories I wouldn't know where to start, but one time when me and Renee were out horseback riding, and I had to poop really bad, so we pulled off into a field of tall grass. I laid a nice, hot turd in the grass and my horse started smooching my butt! Renee laughed so hard she started peeing her pants, and had to yank them down and pee in the grass. Anyway, I'm glad you write to me. Here's a big kiss from your new Latina girlfriend!

Jeff A: Hi hon! Yes, I was speaking of the day of the dead. That Mexican girl at your job sounds cute. That was an awfully sweet compliment you gave me. But, I shouldn't be surprised, you're a very sweet man. I'm glad you think of me. I think of you too. I hope I make people around me happy. Patsy says hi to you!

Purple Pooper: That was a very beautiful statement. I think you are so right in everything you said.
Pooping is very intimate, and sharing is so important. Love, and trust, and emotional commitment is also very important. I think you are a very special man for understanding such things.

Louise: Hi girl! Thanks for the note! Me and Jake are only talking right now. He came over last night, and Tesa was there, and it was very awkward to say the least. I do love him very much. I never realized that until lately. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Love you.

Diane-New York: Are you doing okay? I'm thinking of you. Maybe you're right about the toilet flushing. It was the wierdest thing though.

Mindy: Hey girl! Welcome! You are soooo cute. Men!!! I agree. (aren't they wonderful!) I've been digging those stories of yours, keep 'em coming!

Last night during a movie, Tesa sat on my lap and farted on me! She thought it was so funny. She got up and ran afterward. The big chicken. It was a loud, stinky one too. I caught up with her in the bathroom, and one good thing led to another...

Love you all. Stay healthy and safe,

TO MR NONAME... My gf is real shy when it comes to shitting. She always waits till she gets home to shit. So you can imagine the turds she holds in at work all day. I have seen her bolt to the bathroom many times and have to shit real bad. Anyway, one time out camping I seen her sneak off into the woods. I kinda thought she had to shit, so I pulled a sneaky move and followed her. And let me tell you it was a thrill. She pulled down her shorts and panties down to her ankles. And slowly out came a thick dry turd about 8 or 9 inches. I never told her that I seen her do that, its the my little secret I have.

I have question

I have no desire to have "relations" with other men, but I am "excited" my both male and female desperation. Does this make me gay?

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

Just wondering, what all of you thought about the new Eminem-song: "Sh-- on you!"? Do you think that that will cause the public to talk about our "favorite" subject, more than they already-do? Just wanted to get your feedback, about this.



LOUISE: Hi there! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't wee straight down. Based on my findings in the shower the other morning I would probably end up soaking everything. I loved your wee in the sink at the nightclub. I don't think I would have had the courage to do something like that, not with all those people about. It must have felt good though, wish I had been there! I did read Steve's post about you in your little black dress - see the post further back. I was tempted this morning to come into work with no knickers but my dress today is quite short and I thought better of the idea at the last minute!

STEVE / RJOGGER: So I guess you guys all want to know about my underwear do you??? Well maybe I won't tell, you shouldn't be looking up my dress!! Oh well, alright then. Well this morning as I was saying to Louise I was tempted to wear nothing under my dress. So I was having breakfast in my short pale green dress and went for a wee before leaving the house. I nipped into the bathroom and hitched up my dress before sitting down to have a long wee. After I had wiped and lowered my dress I chickened out of going without knickers remembering I have a number of customers to see today. So anyway, thinking about you I found a pair of red silk knickers - you'd love them! Hardly appropriate under my green dress, but what the heck!


Ben: Don't feel alone. I wet the bed off and on until I was about 15. I still will sometimes. We figured out that it happened more when I had not taken a dump in the last day or two. I started taking things to keep me from getting constipated. Don't know if that will help you are not, but it did me.

Psychiatric Ward Patient
Hey again people!!!!!!!!!!
Thanx Griot 4 putting up my first post!this is my second post!Well I have a story to tell.I went to see Pearl Harbor which is an extremely great and extremely sad movie.Anyway a few minutes after the masterpiece started I noticed a little boy who kept on telling his mother "Mommy I gotta use the potty!"But his mother wouldnt take him.Instead she wanted to watch the whole movie and not miss any of it.Even to take her little boy to the restroom who desperatly needed to go.Well the movie went on and that poor little boy was suffering.The masterpiece finally ended and shortly after applause was heard throughout the theater.As the scrolls went up that poor little boy amazingly held it in all the way through the movie somehow.He jetted to the restroom but was extremely disapointed at the long line to the restroom.thats the last I saw of that poor little boy who desperatly needed to use the restroom.I hope he made it and I hope something like that will never happen to him again.
~*Psychiatric Ward Patient*~

SanD: Thanks a bunch for that great post about the crapper at the fairgrounds. Why is it that some dudes want privacy when shitting, but don't care whether other dudes have privacy? Recently, I attended a baseball game at a local baseball field. There were two teams consisting of guys in the late teens. It was a double header and I decided to take a shit between the two games. I walked up to the restroom at the same time as two of the players. The restroom has a urinal and sink near the entrance and then further along two doorless stalls. The two guys went in ahead of me. One went to take a leak and the other headed for the stalls. He went to the further one and I heard him say excuse me so there was obviously a guy taking a shit in the end stall. He then stood against the wall outside the first stall. I thought it must also be occupied, but he told me to go ahead and use the first stall. I asked what was wrong with it and he said there was nothing wrong, but he pr! eferred to use the end stall for better privacy. I went into the stall and pulled down my shorts and sat down. He continued standing against the wall outside my stall and I guess he heard my farts and plopping. He then went into the end stall after the other guy was finished crapping. His buddie who had been pissing then stood against the wall outside my stall waiting for his buddie to get done. I've never been modest about shitting with other guys around. It was interesting, however, that the guy wanted privacy while he crapped, but did not move away while I was shitting in a doorless stall.

Fred & Chris: I enjoyed your stories about girls taking dumps in men's restrooms in coed dorms. It reminded me of something that happened to me at a California beachfront restroom about a year ago. I needed to take a dump and headed for the restroom. As I approached I saw a long line outside the ladies restroom. I went in to the men's room and after pulling down my wetsuit to my knees (I surf at that beach) sat down on the crapper in the first of two doorless stalls. I was naked up to my ankles! A couple of guys came and went past my stall on their way to the empty end stall. A guy of about 20 (also a surfer who I knew in passing) then stopped outside my stall and asked if I could do him a real favor. I asked what it was. He explained that his girlfriend needed to pee real bad and could not wait any longer in the line outside the girls' room. He asked if she could come in and use the end stall. I agreed. This real cute young blond chick then appeared with the g uy and went into the end stall. I think she kinda looked at me out of the corner of her eye as she passed my stall and I thought it was real cool! I heard her peeing in the next stall. Her boyfriend meanwhile stood outside my stall to stop other guys walking in on his chick. He and I talked about surfing while the chick peed. What would most dudes who post here think about a chick they don't know seeing them on the crapper while naked?

Traveling Guy
You folks are really churning out great stories here about your pooping and peeing experiences. I'll be attending some events with lots of porta potties over the next couple of months, keeping my eyes and ears open. That masthead lady squatting over the Japanese toilet sure makes me miss my days in Peru. Just imagine seeing scenes like that all the time in a unisex indoor block with partitions but no doors, or all the outdoor squat sightings you could handle.

PV - Do you think you could take a dump in an open situation like that as easily as you were aboe to pee? I have to get out and beat the bushes more, so to speak, to find a public loo with no doors or even partitions. When I do, I'll try a dump and report it here.

Hey,nice pic of the oriental woman squating over the toilet,but where's the poop?If you look close enough,it looks like the pic was partially whited-out-Why?Maybe i'm wrong,but that what it looks like to me-I'm going to try and get to the gym today-haven't dumped yet today,so maybe i'll do a poop at the gym later-as soon as I start to excersise,i'm sure i'm going to have to go-had a good meal last nite so i' think i may ahve to do a BM soon-too cool to go to the woods-i do wish it would warm up her in the i can poo in the wild-let you all know what if anything happens at the gym BYE

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LOGGER and SUNDEVIL-thanks for liking the kim and scott posts. we appreciate it!
TO DIANE NEW YORK-thanks for liking our post. plus i just thought it might be fun for maranello to post. please dont rush her if she doesnt want to.
TO LOUISE-hello girl. dont be sorry because of lack of nude beach stories i understand. I just cant wait to hear more thats all!
TO RJOGGER-hello thanks for liking my post. and thanks for saying my logs are incredible and thati keep coming up with new angles and ways to bang em out. i like to keep things interesting. and dont worry i am staying healthy eating and exercising right.fruits,vegetables,fiber,chicken are all part of the kim diet.
TO JEFF A.-hello. glad that you are getting better. I think you will be almost well enough to chase a sexy blondegirl like me down the street!haha!just kidding i know your married.that is interesting you saw a picture of that lovely blond lady banging out gigantic logs over the internet! yes it is true some girls bang out huge logs.shes fortunate like me to be a lovely blond who shoots out gigantic logs. ya cant beat that huh? plus thanks for saying i am gorgeous and sexy! you are such a gentleman! how are the pictures coming of me that you drew? i bet their nice because you drew them.I think i will send you some pictures of myself. one in my cheerleader outfit,one posing in my pink thong bikini,and several nude shots of me banging out my enormous,thick torpedoes. how about that?and yes please do feel to fantasize about me tearing off a skimpy bikini or tight outfit and banging out a huge log for you! its flattering to me.thanks again for the nice things you said about m! e. bye now!

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Chris: I have had an experience similar to the one you had with your girlfriend in the dorm at Leeds, but not quite to the same extent. I lived in a dorm too at an American University, and our hall was coed. We had men's restrooms and women's restrooms in the hall. But as the year went on, the women whose rooms were closer to the men's restroom got less and less careful about going all the way over to the women's. They often would go into the men's, usually after knocking. Once a girl came in while I was peeing at the urinal, and went into the stall. She encouraged me to just go on and continue doing what I was doing. Many times I'd hear a woman run into one of the stalls and pee. Once I was in the stall shitting and someone very quietly came into the stall next to me. I don't even remember what they were doing, but they were so quiet I was sure that it was a girl trying to prevent me from knowing that she was in there. The fact that she would go in there while I was shitting shows how unconcerned everyone had become about giving the opposite sex their privacy while going to the bathroom. And what bugs me is, I was always too shy to go into he women's. I never did, even though it was much closer to my room. I was always too shy, and I'd always walk over to the men's. How stupid I was!! Now, looking back, I wish that I'd spent more time in the women's restroom. Judging by how often they came into the men's, they probably wouldn't have minded. Now, being an adult living by myself, I will probably never have a chance again to be in such close quarters with so many women, and be so close while they're going to the bathroom.
Does anyone know where one might experience coed restrooms, especially in Southern California?

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