I am back again! Hello everyone. I really like the photos on this page, the "spread eagle" girl today left a BIG load it looks like! For me, today was another day at school. As usual of course my lunch period was spent in a toilet stall taking my daily dump. I was all alone when I entered the restroom, I picked a stall in the middle and closed the door, hanging my backpack on the hook. I wriggled out of my jean shorts that my boyfriend likes (men!!!) and lowered them to my ankles. I kept my panties around my knees today for some reason. As usual no sooner than my butt sank down into the seat, I ripped three loud farts. I seem to remember a few more before my first poo emerged. I tried to enjoy a book I have to read for English but today I was making quite a stink that made concentrating on it all but impossible:-( I ended up dropping 7 turds today, each were about 5 inches long and and inch or so wide except for my last one which was at least 2 inches wide and proba! bly 8 inches long. It was hard to get out, my butt still aches! My friend Amanda came in just before classes started again, she saw my shoes and selected a stall next to me. She said for me to wait on her, that she had to shit before class. Amanda grunted alot which she often does, and ended up dropping about 10-12 turds judging by the spashes. I told her that she needed to spend longer than 2 minutes to drop a load like that, she agreed. We wiped up and left out for class. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day for more poop! Until then take care everyone!!!!!

to donna M:

Yes , it is normal for a male to have an erection in the morning. It happens to me often and I am 50+. The problem comes when you get a big hard on you cannot pee and it gets painful. you either have to whack it or wait.

Yesterday I took a crap in a large coffee can outside. It was quiet and I squatted over the can , but no plop, plop as the turds were semi-soft. wiped twice and had to come inside to finish wiping.

anyone else like to do this?

The Guess Who
Today was an absolutely GREAT day for cool stuff. The leaves are thick enough to camouflage our house from outsiders <grin>.

My parents were out for a couple hours, leaving only me at home. As they left I knew I had to have a killer pee.

I ran upstairs to the guest bedroom, opened the enourmous Anderson window, removed the screen, and pulled my thing out. I then realized I'd pee on the windows if I wasn't careful, so I got a long piece of TP ready. I held it under my thing and proceeded to have a 72-second pee (timed on my digital watch) out the window. It went out for a looong way, and I aimed up some for more distance.

When I was done, I could see the puddle, so I got the tape measure and measured from the base of the house to the end of the puddle. 23' 7.75" (feet, inches)!!!

I got back in the house and went to put the screen back in when I laid a STINKY fart. It smelled like a cross between eggs and tar. I farted again and a enourmous poo rocketed out into my pants. I ran outside with the tape measure and measured it. 8" long and 2" thick. I then, because of building anal pressure, ran back upstairs and hung my rear end out the window.

I let out a huge, firm load. It broke up some on impact. I ran back outside (whew!) and managed to rebuild the poos. One was 28.5" long and 3.125" THICK!!! INCREDIBLE! Another was a more typical 12" by 2".

Needless to say, I felt a lot better afterwards. The bedroom stunk for a good 30 minutes, even with the windows open. I threw the poo in the woods and left the puddle to dry up. What a day! I'll have to try that again...

I read in a earlier post some time back that the YMCA made
the men and boys swim naked without a suit to where you caould
tell that had a dump by the red ring on their butt.
Does anyone know of any YWCA's that at one time made the
women and girls swim without suits to where the same thing
would happen to them if they took a dump?
Everybody, keep the stories coming. I enjoy them all.


Purple Pooper

To ...HIM

From what I've heard your lack of results with a classified ad is normal. Many feel that what your asking for is more personal and intimate than sex. (that's not necessarily true of those here however) As a guy, my experience has been that, usually a physically intimate partner will oblige you, but only after you've have become mentally & emotionally intimate as well. Any women care to give their thoughts?

TO Ben:
When was the last time you had a poop accident? please post it.

Billy L
This afternoon, we had our soccer practice. It was behind school. Usually they leave one of the bathrooms open. Today they were closed. About midway through the practice, I had to crap. I told the coach I would be right back. It was a water break and two of the kids on the team had to poop too. We went into the woods behind the field. The woods are about 50 feet wide and then there is a fench that is against the yards there. We went behind some bushes and dropped our pants, then our poops. We all dropped 2 or 3 quick poops and peed while we dropped the poops. We were done in about 1 minute. I guess it was what we ate for lunch that made everything come out real fast. While were pooping, we heard the coach say he would be right back. We wiped our butts with some tissues we had and started to go back. As we were walking, our coach was squatting there with his pants around his ankles taking a dump. There was about 3 huge logs on the ground. There was some toilet paper or tissue ! on the turds, so I think they were there a little while. He was dropping really mussy stuff on top of those. We said boo! He jumped up. As he junoed up, he pushed out a bunch of poop. It almost landed on his underwear. He said you guys shouldn't scare me like that.

To Ben: I wet my bed a few months ago too. What happened is that I was dreaming about going to the bathroom, and taking a piss in my dream, and then I woke up and saw that I really was peeing! That was really embarassing cause I had to explain to my mom what happened. Have you overcome your fear of dumping in public bathrooms yet? I have never buddy dumped on someone else's load yet. I would like to do that though, especially with one of my friends. But I would never have the guts to ask my friend to crap with me. He might think I'm weird or gay. Have you ever taken a dump with a friend? I have another story to tell but I have to go now so I'll save it for later.

Mindy, welcome to the site. Your story about you and your school bathrooms was exciting. I also like the butt hugging toilet seats but not the auto-flush valves because you can't leave turds in the toilet or buddy dump. Does your butt stick to the toilet seat after sitting so long? At your age, I volunteered to help the janitors clean the bathrooms. Often I would find turds or pee in the toilet that a girl left. Girls use a LOT of toilet paper. How much toilet paper do you use?

Hi all,
Interesting day yesterday. Went shopping in East London on my own as Linda could not come. I am sure now that men are noisier and smellier than woman on the loo. On the way I felt a little funny and put it down to hunger pains as I left home early and had not had breakfast. I arrived at a large mall got a burger and window shopped till opening time. I then needed a loo and proceeded to the ladies. 4 stalls of which two where occupied and two blocked. I waited and listened to the farting and groaning as these two passed waves of wind and poo. I felt a few cramps but waited some more as these two should soon finish. Alas I realised I was going to heve a problem shortly as the plumbers walked in to unblock the other two loos I asked how long till I can use one. I was now crosslegged and in a bit of pain. The plumber said lady a while still as the crew are still on their way. I said to him I need a loo now. He said very simply use the gents as it was still early and all quiet. I asked him to keep any men out as I dashed in and plonked down on one of the loos. After the first violent wind and liquid had shot out and sprayed the bowl I was able to get up and close the door. This farting with cramps and watery shit carried on for a while and eventually I was able to sit and gather myself to wipe and go. Another cramp put paid to that as I doubled over and shat on the back of the seat as the angle was now wrong. The door suddenly opens and someone walks in muttering under his breath as to how badly he needed to shit. He sits and litterally explodes into the bowl. Never heard anything like it before. he must have been really sick. I thought go now while you can. I blew a quiet wind wiped and shot out forgetting to flush. as I reach the door a man walks in and nearly faints. I stammer that diarhea waits for no man. Ladies full had to go. Hr says nothing as I get the hell out. The guy who would watch for me is gone. The dog I suppose his crew had arrived.! Lesson is if you are going to shit yourself go in the opposite sex loo. I am sure noone will complain if the problem is genuine.

Hey Mindy, you sound very cute to me.. I'd like to hear more of your poop stories. Do you get really gassy when you have to poop?? I know I do and the closer to poop is to my butthole, the more I fart, kinda like a warning shot for the blast behind it. :o) Where are you located? I'm in South Jersey where we DON'T talk like Joisey, thats a really bad rumour, unless you live right outside of NY. Do you ever have the runs at school?? Fill me in, I love knowing these things! HA! chat with you soon,

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

Wizzer, sorry about the last-post. I don't know what made me think that your girlfriend's name was Angela! I, honestly, have no-idea what her name is. I don't believe you have mentioned her's, like Roger did, about his. That is where the mixup-occurred. Anyways, describe her crapping-session for us, will-ya?

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

RJOGGER: Hi there! So you think I'm mischeivous do you! Well my dear I can see we are going to have fun! Just keep reading my posts sweetie - the funs about to start!

LOUISE: Isn't it great when we get an extra day off work! I have loads of things to tell you - where to begin?! On Saturday I decided to be adventurous and have a go at the scissor effect. I had just been shopping and got in needing to wee quite badly. So I went straight upstairs to the bathroom. I quickly pulled up my dress and swung my right leg over the sink. Almost immediately I started to wee. Initially I seemed to have got it all lined up wrong and some of my wee went on the floor... I soon got sorted and found it really quite exciting. Then on Sunday morning I tried the standing wee. Admitedly I did try it in the shower and it rather went everywhere. I would love to know how you do it wearing a skirt without soaking everything. It would be so exciting to have no knickers on and just part my legs and wee!

STEVE: Louise is such a lucky girl! I would love to have you standing on guard for me when I weed! I'm glad you had fun at the weekend with Louise and her little black dress. Fancy not wearing any knickers! So you like my underwear do you? Well my dear let me see. I'm currently at work so dressed fairly smart in my light blue suit. Anyway, before coming online I had to go for a wee. I went into the ladies and feeling mischevous left the cubicle door slightly ajar (honestly what is becoming of me!). I lifted up my short blue skirt and lowered my matching blue lace knickers to my knees and sat for a wee. I had just started and someone else came in... Well the door was only slightly ajar but as I'd gone in the first cubicle this other girl asumed it was empty and walked straight in on me. There I was sat on the toilet mid wee - her expression was priceless and she just muttered sorry - turned bright red and walked straight out again - hope she wasn't desperate! It's! times like that when I could do with you standing gaurd for me!

take care, love

Diane- New York
Had such a rather interesting day on Friday. At 9:00am I get a call from Melissaís sister Maranello. She wanted me to come with her to buy a new car. So around 9:15am I drive to her house and pick her up. Within minutes we were underway. Well traveling at a steady 70mph pace. Maranello announces she needs to crap badly. So I tell her hold on. Well about 10 minutes later she said she was going to explode. Well that cut the line. Iím like ďNot in my Porsche honey, hold on were going for a ride.Ē I lay my foot into the throttle going through all six gears. I glance to my right and it was very visible that this gentle giant was trying not to mess her self. Iím curious to see how quick were going. 187mph on a long straight road. Well then I slow down quickly as I see traffic. Then we arrive at the MB dealer. Okay Maranello sorry to hold you up but what are you in the market for? She said Big, luxurious, and expensive. So we went in and we were was checking out th e CL600ís. Well she walked away while I was talking to a representative. I opened the bathroom door and found her on the toilet. I said sorry, and she said come on in. AH! GOOD GOD! WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE BEEN EATING? IT STUNK LIKE A TRASH DUMP. She started talking. I really wanted to leave. Relief at last! A can of air freshener on the toilet. I was spraying it like there was no tomorrow. While we were talking about politics when I my cell rings. While I was talking to my friend she made a fart that would literally SHAKE A 747 TO PIECES. My friend asked what that was. I said it was my muffler Something must of being wrong with the exhaust system I said. I get angry with Maranello but kept a cool head. Then she asks me for assistance she was constipated. I used a remedy Melissa used on me. If ya cant push it out, than squeeze it out. I pick her up and put her in a bear hug. Damn sheís heavier than Melissa. I start squeezing her stomach hard while I see this HUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEE, WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEE log I have EVVVVVVVVVVER Seen. It must of have over been close to 4ft long. It was already in the toilet and she still had more coming.
And then with a bellowing fart the rest shot out like a prototype going down the Musslane Straight. It didnít fit in the toilet! If those people saw it what would they think? I didnít want her to get rude remarks. Now I take a look and estimate it to be 47 inches long and about 5 inches wide. I look around and I see a box of latex gloves. I put one on my right hand and started to crush it to pieces. AH FUóING gross. After that. I flushed all that waste away. I asked how much do you weigh? She said 365lbs, 6í6. Wow! She was bigger than Melissa in size was. We leave the restroom. She goes on a test drive and about 15-min later she comes back and buys the car. I congratulate her on her $135,000 purchase and drive home.

Second Story:

On Monday I visited my grandfather who served in World War 2 and I visited my uncle Richmond who served in Vietnam. This story focuses on my uncle. At around 12:00pm I go to uncle Richmondís house to celebrate Memorial Day. It was just the two of us. I started up a barbecue. We after that uncle Richmond asks me to come in the bathroom with him. He pulls down his pants and we start catching up on all the While he was pooping we carried on the conversation. Then he asked me to wipe his ass because his arm was hurting him. I tell him turn your but to me and Iíll be careful. I gently wiped around his asshole making sure I didnít hurt him. Then I caught a glance of what he did. 6 or seven 6 inch logs. Each about 2-3 inches wide. I flush and we just sat and he told me stories for the rest of the day. I hope everybody had a Great Memorial Day Holiday.

Carmalita- Absolutely loved your story with your friend Renee. I found it very interesting. I sometimes have the same problem with my toilet even if I go for a piss. I think it has to do with when the toilet is flushed, for a second there is now water in the bowl and sewer gas escapes in the toilet bowl. Keep up the good stories.

PV-Wow what a interesting story. Peeing right there in the open. I have a question, what would you have done if ya got caught? What would be your initial reaction? And what kind of action would you take?

RJOGGER- Sorry you got poison oak. A few months back I got poison ivy on a camping trip. Well it was hell to pay never am going down that road again. Thank you for saying that the post-funeral dump was unusual. I hope you get better. And trust me Iím staying very well. Take care.

Ring Stretcher and Louise Ė thanks for the advice. Iím going to try it tomorrow morning when I take a shower. And Louise, I am quite interested in becoming a pupil of yours. I really appreciate the advice from you guys.

Kim and Scott- enjoyed your Memorial Day Dump pushing out a huge 20 1/2 inch 4 inch wide log for your man Scott. Maybe Iíll put a log show on for my husband for his birthday present heís sure to get a kick out of it! Iíll try to get Maranello to post here but just like her sister she is rather shy. I showed her this site and she thinks its amazing. Itíll take a while and a little persuasion to get her to post but Iíll try.

Uh Oh! My car insurance agents just called gotta go!

Jeff A
STEVE: Thanks for your replies! Good luck on your test, I know you'll very well! I am a closet Aikidoka, and one of your biggest admirers. Go dude, go! I'm walking cane, and crutch free now. I'm trying to do a mile a day. Today, I'm going to try and do a steep, 3/4 mile uphill.
LOUISE: I did some sketches of you! I only wish I could draw you in person. I'll bet you're an absolute knockout. Thinking of you, I'm remembering a girl I knew from a long time ago. She stood up to pee outdoors once. It was really cool because she was laughing about it, and I think it was the first time she ever tried it. We'd gone camping up in the mountains, and she'd been drinking beer. She slid her shorts down to her thighs, and let it go! It was this incredilbe arc of pee that shot straight out. I could never have done anything so powerful. I was impressed.
DIANE NEW YORK: My sincere condolences to Melissa. It's unbelievable to me. She was one that I admired so greatly in here. 23 years old, and a stroke? Did she have any history of heart disease that you know of? I had a heart attack last year, and I feel fortunate. It just came out of nowhere. Melissa was such a sweet, loving young woman passing long before her time. I was saddened and stunned.
CARMALITA: Oh, sweet seniorita, I'm late responding to you on this, but I agree with you that the loss of somebody here is greatly tragic, and it does hurt. On the 'day of the dead you will mourn'. Are you speaking of Dias de Muertes? And did I say that correctly? If so, then you would greatly honor that sweet girl.
I also loved the Tesa stories! Two Latinas at one time, wow! We have a very beautiful young Mexican girl at my job. I won't give her name, but she makes me think of you. She makes everyone happy to be around her, which is how I'm sure people feel about you. Whenever I see her going into the ladies room, I time her on my watch. One time she spent 17 minutes in there. I'll bet she was squeezing out some nice sized logs, stinking the place up the way you do in your beautiful, erotic fashion! Oh yeah, and I want to see that Tejano dance you do!!!
KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, I saw a picture on the internet of a young, attractive blonde. It was a series of four pics, and she was pushing out a monster turd. It wasn't you was it? LOL! Seriously, it was unbelievable! The turd she pushed out had to be at least 4" thick, and was very long! Then she started with another and that's when the pic series ended. I think you would have liked it Kim. Women do crap some unbelievably large turds! Especially a gorgeous, sexy girl like yourself! Now, I like to think about you doing that!
ERIC B.: I really loved that story about you cross dressing and going into a woman's restroom! I thought it was really exciting, and I'd love to hear all the details!!! But then it gets even better, you made love to a woman while dressed up like one? Awesome!!! I was wondering if any other men in here ever did anything like that?
RENEE: Howdy partner! Long time, no talk! I was so happy to see your name finally, you Texas cutie! You and Carmalita have made my life so much more wonderful! The recent episode with her helping you out was an outstanding story! You know, I'm pretty good at that too, and I was wondering ifÖ.Just kidding! Kiss Patsy for me, and tell her to get posting. She's highly anticipated by me at least! I also know you all are Oregonians like myself. What beach did you go to that was secluded enough for you to poop by a log? Tell Patsy if she has to take another big dump, she can come over and stink up my bathroom anytime. I'll be sure to put supper on for us all.
PATSY: Drop us a line girl!
RJOGGER: I greatly enjoyed that dump in the woods with the guys and gals. You sound like you'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. Your wife sounds cute too. Take care of that poison oak!

Well, take care all,

I like the new picture. The lady seems to have enjoyed doing her business, and it looks like a pretty healthy load.

Some quick HellosÖ.

Renee - Hello, Renee, how are you, sweetie? It has been ages since we spoke. I hope everything is going OK and that you are real healthy. It's nice to hear from you. The same old stuff is going on here. Please ay hello to Patsy for me, and, when you see that kooky Carmalita (she is a great kind of kooky!), please plant a wet one on her cheek and tell her it is from that crazy old runner in New York! Thanks for saying HI! I love you girls!

Curious - How's it going, wipper snapper? The "resident senior citizen", and wife ,send their greetings (HA!). I have a question (yes, I am the curious sort): Besides questions, do you like to play the fun kind of pranks, in relation to bodily functions? The "old man" (and old lady) would like to know.

Buzzy - Hey neighbor, nice soap story from you the other day. Sounds like something worth trying. I got the poison oak when a nitwit neighbor cut the stuff into the wind. I was out on a ladder tying up some climbing roses, and the vapors must have gotten me. Believe me, I am careful when I crap in the woods. One of my wife's girlfriends got it on her privates, when she dumped in the woods and didn't realize what she was rubbing against.

Kim and Scott - Oh yeah you and my wife just might cause a riot, if guys saw the two of you nude, blasting out logs. But we are fenced in, so they wouldn't get in! About your latest postÖ I am amazed at the creative ways that you come up with to take a healthy crap. And the size of your output just blows the mind! Four inches in diameter? Incredible! Scott is very lucky, as he gets to see you perform from a different angle. You are something else, dear lady. Stay healthy, Kim, and keep banging out those torpedoes.

During the Spring and early Summer of 1984, my wife and I had our house renovated, all four floors, the garages, everything. We redesigned our master bath to include 2 heads, an idea we got from friends who had done the same thing 3 years before. Two "incidents" happened during the time of the re-building effort.
On a mid May Friday, I got out of work early, as my wife and I, and her friend Anne and her husband Mike were going out, to New York. I got home, found a note from my wife that she and Anne had gone shopping, quickly showered, then I drove down the hill to Mike and Anne's apartment. When I got there, Mike let me in and I told him that I needed to take a crap real bad. I had taken a modest dump before running that AM, but now I really had to go. I went into their WC, dropped my jeans and shorts and sat. I left the door open so Mike and I could talk. I remember taking quite a large dump, and as I was wiping , Mike poked his head in and said "Hey, Rick, don't flush". "Huh?" I responded. "I have an idea". I have known Mike for years, and his ideas are usually pranks, so I could only imagine what he had in mind. At 6'1", he is 2 inches taller than I, but he is of a slighter build. Like me, he has light blond hair and steel blue eyes, but unlike my Cheshire cat grin, he has the biggest shit eating Huck Finn grin I have ever seen. When he gets that and his devilish chuckle going, it can incite a laugh riot. So I finish, get off the bowl, hitch my jeans, and Mike goes over to the head. "My turn", he announces. He drops his drawers, sits, lets out an "AH!" for comic effect, puts that grin on and starts to shit. When he is done and cleans up, there is one hell of a load in the bowl, quite an impressive buddy dump. We close the lid, wash up and go into the living room, knowing that one or both of the girls will have to pee when they get back. We're sitting around yakking about women and sports cars, two favorite subjects, when the ladies arrive. After the usual greetings, my wife goes to get something, while Anne announces that she has to pee, before we leave. Mike answers "OK", but we both turned our backs, as we were starting to laugh. His wife goes into the head, partially closes the door, and then we hear it. "What the F*** is this? What did you guy s do the toilet? Kathy, come here, please!". Mike and I could not contain ourselves, as we were laughing convulsively, but the girls weren't having any. My wife runs into the can, comes out shortly, and, with that Mohawk stare of hers, looks at me, and says "What did you guys do, huh? You're not funny!". I look right at her and say " Took a shit, had to answer Mother Nature", which only gets her angrier, and makes him laugh harder. Next thing I know, she pokes me with the plunger, and tells me to clean up the mess. Mike gets some paper and plastic bags and we go into the john to clean up. Of course, Anne couldn't hold her pee, so she is squatting over the tub, letting out a long yellow stream. As Mike gets near her, she whacks him across the ass, and he protests, but continues to laugh. Meanwhile, with rubber gloves, we start to remove the crap form the bowl. You had to see him, leaning over the bowl, pulling stuff out and laughing like a damn fool! We bagged all of the crap and headed out into the hall. "Just what the hell are you doing?", my wife asks. "Getting rid of this shit", I reply. We entered the hall and walked over to the incinerator. Mike opens the incinerator door, and I dump the bags and gloves down the shoot. We go back into the head, clean up the toilet and the floor and wash up. My old lady is still looking madder than a hornet, but Anne is starting to laugh and get into the spirit of it. Then Mike and I burst out laughing, and my wife can't contain herself. I look at him with that Huck Finn grin and just keep laughing harder, and he can't stop either. We head out for a night in NYC, laughing like a bunch of school kids.
Part 2 to follow.

RENEE - Hi!!! I am happy you have been practicing peeing
standing. It is not too hard is it. It is like a lot of
women just think it cannot be done just because they have
never tried to do it. Oh yeah, you do get better with
the practice. I hope all is well with your baby.
Love Louise xxx

CARMALITA - Thank you for calling me a sweetie. You are too!
I am happy things are better with you and Jake. Oh yeah,
Steve is my Mr Right. To think I might not have got him if his
Spanish girl had not gone home after her studies here. She did
sound nice as Steve told me about her.
Hehe liked the story you wrote about pooing on the plastic tarp
and videoing it. It gives me a naughty little idea.
I will tell Steve you have written, he will like that.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi!!! Well I am sorry we have not had any
nude beach stories to tell, but I think we will be going
back to Spain for two weeks in August. I bet we will be
doing a lot of peeing in the sea and on the beaches then!
I think it is the wrong time of year for PV to have any
new stories like that.

JULIE - Hi girl! Well I used to be a little bit more shy than I
am now but going on a nudist beach helped me big time! My friends
are nearly all more shy than me, I think the most daring is
Jackie, who dared to surprise Steve by standing starkers in our
bath and weeing when he went for a wee himself. He wonders how we
are going to shock him next! I am happy I am helping you be less
shy, that can only be a good thing.
Did you read what Steve wrote about how I teased him in one of my
little black dresses? I went without my knickers in the house and
I did a scissor wee in the sink upstairs. It was good because I
bet you can tell that had a big effect on him.
I can not wee straight down like some girls can, because it squirts
out a bit forward so I would just wet my skirt big time. That was
what happened when I was wearing my long white dress and I wet
myself. I had knickers on and I soaked them but when I wee I wee
strong and the stream just goes straight through!
I think I started something in the ladies toilets in a nightclub
that Steve took me to on Saturday. There was a long queue of girls
and there were not enough cubicles because 3 of them were blocked
up and girls took ages when they got in. It was not good because I
felt like maybe I would burst. It was no good, and to finish with
I went for the end sink. I had on a very short white dress that I
pulled up at the front and I took my knickers to the side. I stood
over the sink corner facing the mirror and I let rip. Aaahhhhhh!!!
Oh it felt so good and I just flooded the sink. Well I didn't
because the plug was not in so my wee could drain away but I was
noisy and I think some girls were a bit shocked but other ones laughed.
I pissed and pissed and pissed, and when I was finished another
girl took my place over that sink, and another two sat on two more
sinks. It was just mayhem with girls weeing in the sinks, other
girls not wanting to try it. I wanted to look in the mirror to
check my hair but I could not get near. I had a good giggle with
Steve about it when I went back to him! He would have liked
seeing it!
Love Louise xxx

PV - Thank you for wishing Steve good luck! I will tell him, he
will like that.
I liked Steve's letter about when I "blasted his stream out of
the air". Oh yeah, I guess I did a bit, not much of his wee really
hit the target at all because of what I did to it. LOL
I do not think I ever weed in a place like your underpass but I
bet your heart was really beating hard and it did sound very daring!
Oh yeah, it was a good story!
I helped Steve out with that woman where Steve works. You know, that
one who has a crush on him? Well I have not seen him at work for
years really but this time I went in to sit with him for a while
and went out with him at lunch time. Steve said to me that one
afternoon last week, he really needed a wee and went he tried to
go to the gents she followed him and just kept talking about work
things. He says she would have gone in with him if he had gone in
the gents, so he had to wait until he shook her off. So when I
went to see Steve, she saw me with him so she will now know I am in
his life. Oh the other thing is we now have a photo of each other
on our desks which helps and is romantic really!


to Mr Noname: I think you're wicked for turning off the water in the toilet just to see your gf's load. Spying is one thing, but deliberately doing something to the toilet is downright nasty and mean.

Upstate Dave
Good morning. Here is an answer for donna m. A lot of times in the morning I will awake with an erection. My solution is to stand back from the toilet about 4 feet and it will arc right into the bowl.

Hi,all Hey great pic of the girl sitting spread legged on the bowl with a good load -More stuff like this!!-- BTW,Been a few days with no new posts on the forum-what's up?
Was at thr gym yesterday,but didn't poop there,but i met a woman on the treadmill who is a competitive biker and we got to talking about all kinds of stuff and the subjuct of Bm's came up and we were exchanging stories about pooing out in the woods-it was great-i felt a commection with this woman-she was about 35-40 and was in great shape-had a lovely butt!She was saying how sometimes she really enjoys a good dump outdoors and she told me where she bikes and said that some morning we could hook up to bike together-I have a good feeling about this lady,not just about maybe seeing her poo but maybe a friendship-we talked about when she comes to the gym and trying to get our schedules together-when we were talking about pooing,she was pretty discribtive about it,so who knows-i'm not going to expect too much and i'm just going to wing this,but it was a good commection and she seemed interested when i told her about my poo stories out in the woods and how i enjoy buddy pooing-! - soo who knows!!I'll keep you all posted with my fingers crossed hoping that she didn't think she just met a weirdo!BYE

Hi Renee,

I'm glad to know your pregnancy is proceeding without a hitch, and that yours is a really happy house filled with fun, loving ladies!

You asked for Patsy (and yourself!) if I had had any sexy peeing demos for others -- unfortunately not, but I would really like to do so! Standing, sitting, lying back, the works... And I seem to have taken an extra step toward being able to do that today. As you know, I've been in the process of defeating "bashful bladder" syndrome for the last few years, and I think I took a major step today by doing what I couldn't have in the past -- urinate in the presence of others in a low-stress, low-anxiety, low-concentration way. On the occasions when I've been able to have a wee in company, it's taken fierce concentration to do so, but today it was entirely casual.

I was out in town and used the ladies' room at a city bar/gaming room (I stopped by for a soda -- promise!). They must have a drug use problem there, as instead of the usual hypo safe disposal container and/or purple light (to make veins invisible) they had simply taken out the stalls to eliminate the privacy usually needed to shoot up. There were two toilets side by side, and when I went in a lady was washing her hands at the sinks. I looked around for stalls and found none, and something in my mind went "oh, so what? You want to pee, then pee!" So I popped my pants and thong down, sat down and ... lo and behold, I started easily! I was half way done when another girl came in, casually lifted her skirt, slipped her panties down and sat down next to me. We concentrated on our respective businesses, and I was delighted to finish my wee comfortably and completely without even a hint of hysterical closure of the urethra. I wiped, flushed and fixed my pants, and went to rinse ! my fingers, and realized that I had been able to start more easily than the other girl, who was only just tinkling -- forcefully -- at that point. I kept wondering what the other patrons would have thought if I'd flipped the seat up and squirted from a standing position!

All my best to you, Malita, Patsy and Tesa -- you're special folks and I always look forward to hearing from you.



Tuesday, May 29, 2001



ABOUT Bladder capacity, I personally have held up to 800 cc before having to pee or else wet my pants. You get some urges but put them out of your mind and then you get the "chills" and shiver and then you just squirt into your undies. I imagine lots of you all can hold more.

About the prank of filling a bag with shit and setting in on fire after you set it on a doorstep and ring the doorbell. The party comes to the door and stomps on it, and of course you got to be watching from behind some bushes or something. Ya, Ive see that done a few times.

The other nasty trick I remember was the guys and gals would find a nice good empty paint can. And then go and eveyone would piss in the can and whoever hadda crap would shit in the can and reseal it and set it out where a real courious party would find it and be sure to take it home or open it right there. We could imagine what would happen after we would hammer the lid down hard and someone would have a hell of a time prying off the lid. I guess shit really flew. This was reserved for the really nasty butthole dude in town who was not to well liked. Anyone else ever do this or got something that you can tell about? :) Donnie M

Well, I did it again. How stupid of me. My wife & I were eating lunch in the hotel restaurant and she said, "We'd better get back to our room.. I gotta potty." This crazy hotel was laid out really weird. To get to our room you had to go around the perimeter of the building through the interior hallways or drive around the building. We were at the far end of the long back hall in the back corner. Well, we made it there and to save time we had left the van in the front of the lobby parking area and walked to it. One problem.... Room key was in van and not a housekeeper in sight with a key anywhere. We walked back to the desk and got a spare key but on the way back tgo the room she just couldn't hold it any longer. I watched with enjoyment as she stopped just short of the final turn and started pushing a nice firm load out into her white slacks. The lump just got bigger and bigger. She looked at me with resignation and said "I'll bet you're enjoying this aren't you?" I said j! ust keep walking. What a beautiful sight. When we got into the room, she stepped into the bathroom and asked me to help her hold her pee. Sometimes when she has to go real bad, she lets me try to hold it for her by putting my hand in her crotch cause she knows how much I enjoy her wetting her pants and since she already shit them, she figgured why not go all the way. After she finished, I undressed her and wiped her and got in the shower with her. She does not like to shit her pants, so she would never have done it on purpose, but if she only knew how much I enjoyed it!

Some Guy
Chris, I know what you're talking about. I made an effort not to take dumps in the coed bathroom for fear of embarrassment. After all, I never heard any girls taking dumps. Occasionally, some girl would be in the stall too long to be doing anything else or you'd notice the distinct smell of feces when no one else was there. Those were the days.

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