Hey everyone this is my 1st time posting but i have a good story to tell I remember once when i was about 15 years old I was at an abondoned gas station with my girlfriend who is also 159 she is hispanic, about 5'6,nice tan,beautiful legs, and a nice ass) we were just sitting there chilling waiting for our ride to pick us up but meanwhile we were throwing rocks around the area just trying to keep ourselves occupied suddenly she told me that she needed to poop and really badly i asked if she could hold it but she said no and she needed to go now but was afraid to go out in the open so i told her to wait there while i go look for a place for her so i went inside the abondoned gas station and looked around i went into where the toilets might be I then opened the door and saw the cleanest toilet its as if it had never been used before. I then called her over and showed her i then walked away but she told me to come in with her and shut the door (I was pretty happy about that)I then watched as she walked over to the toilet pulled down her very short iean shorts to her knees and then she pulled her black panties down and sat down on the toilet. she then let out some farts followed by a loud crackling noise then she began grunting it was followed by a loud splash. she then leaned forward a bit and then grunted again strained so hard which was followed by another loud splash after that she let out a series little pieces of poop making a series of splashes into the toilet she then got up and she gave me permission to wipe her she then smiled as i wiped and she pulled up her panties and shorts gave me this long romantic kiss and we went outside to see that our ride was late so i carried her all the way home. has nayone ever had an experience like this or ever had a girl poop in front of them

Hello everyone!
My condolences to Diane for Melissa's passing. I felt so awful about that.

I haven't been posting for a long while! Lots of interesting stories to catch up on. I've been so busy. Patsy sends her love to everyone. Lately she's been reading this forum. Unbelievable!

PV: Patsy seems to like you a lot. She wants to know if you've ever had any sexy pee demonstrations for anybody. So do I, actually. But selfishly, I get reallllly turned on to your posts. Love that red hair! Anyway, Patsy is too shy to write to anyone in here. I hope she gets over it though. See ya' girl.

Jane: Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. I am so sorry about your father. Thank you for wishing me and my baby well.

Louise: Thank you too, for your good thoughts. I've been trying to get the hang of the stand up peein thing. It's not so hard once I start to practicing it.

Steve: Are you an Akido guy? Carmalita's brother Cruz is a second level blcak belt in that too. One time me and her went to one of his classes to watch. People were falling on the mat like crazy. I didn't want any part of that!

As for Carmalita's account of what happened to me with my constipation, she's right on about most of it. However, I didn't get turned on by her warm breath on my thigh, it just felt comforting to me. I wanted to clarify that! Carmalita has a very descriptive way of speaking. Y'all should hear her in real life. But she is cute, no doubt about that. I was very thankful for the way she helped me with my problem. She is so damned good at that, I swear she oughta open up her own practice!

Patsy took a very nice, healthy poop while I was in the tub the this morning. It was a real long one. Carmalita cooked some really good food last night, TexMex, and it was coming out of Patsy's butt rather nicely. I love seeing her black body on the toilet while she grunts and plops. She did a nice, smelly load for me while I bathed. There was a real long turd in there, probably a good 20, or more inches long. I wish I could've watched a long one like that come out of her butt. Patsy is such a lady, and always has her pants and undies up high on her thighs. She was farting alot too which made me giggle. As for Carmalita, she dropped about 4 pounds of shit yesterday. It was one of the biggest ones she ever took. It was awesome! So much poop comes out of that girl, it still amazes me where it all comes from!

She's told you about her friend Tesa. Well, she's back again. She showed up at the house wanting to spend the holiday weekend with us. I just love Tesa. She is the sweetest thing with an adorable face, and such a pleasure to have around the house. Her and Carmalita together are so funny! Last night, Carmalita was dancing to some Tejano music in the living room. She started stripping to it, and we were all whistling and stuff. I was surprised that she stripped all the way down to her panties, then pulled them down at the last minute. She's done that before, but never so daring. It was a rather nice show. Plus, Malita's a REALLY hot dancer!

As for me, I haven't got anything new to report. Me and Patsy went to the coast for a weekend. I pooped in the sand by a drift log and Patsy was going "Hurry up, hurry up! Somoene's going to see you doing that!" It was a secluded spot, but she's still a panic button anyway. Oh yeah, and Patsy took a huge dump in the public restroom. She stunk the place up really bad.

Oh well, nothing but fun at our house. Carmalita is cooking again, she's in there making flour tortillas and Tesa's chopping vegetables and shredding cheese. Maybe if we're all lucky Malita will do anohter strip tease for us tonight!

Hello to Rizzo, Rjogger, Kim and Scott, Jeff, Buzzy, and John VT too!

Bye y'all!

Billy and Kevin L
We had a long weekend. We went up to the cabin. THere was a soccer tourny there. 8 kids from our team stayed with us. In addition, our cousin billy and family were there in their part of the cabin. And my brother justin had a soccer tourny. 5 of his friends were there. We had our first game at 8 am. We got up early at 6, ate breakfast and left. My mom made speghetti the night before. something about giving you energy during the games. After I eat speghetti, we always have to make a big poop the next morning after breakfast. We were running late, and we didn't have to have time to poop at the cabin. The field was like 15 minutes away, and we didn't ahve to go that bad yet. When we got to the field, the coach said we all had to get to the field for checking in. After about 10 minutes on the field, we and two of the kids on our team told our coach that we had to go the bathroom. There were indoor bathrooms about 2 fields away. Our coach sadi to jsut pee in the woods. I said we ha ve to make a poop. I said there aren;t enough trees to hide us. He said go to the bathrooms. When we got to the bathrooms, there were two toilets. Both of the stalls didn't have doors. Bobby and and Andy almost ran into the toilets. When Andy sat down, the log was almost out of his butt and there was a brown spot about an incha round on his undies. He dropped two more logs and peed. He said I am done. I sat down next. Kev said he could wait. I pushed out two turds and peed and wiped. Kev hopped on. Bobby was still pooping away. I dropped 3 huge poops. I got up and flushed. The water level rose almost to the top and slowly fell down. We went to wash our hands. Bobby was done and got up. He washed his hands too. While we were washing our hands Frank from our team came in. He sat on the toilet that was almost blocked. He was pooping up a storm. When we done washing our hands, we were talking to him for a minute. He was done right away. WHen he flushed, the water level rose to the rim and didn;t fall. He washed his hands. Then a father and a son came in. The father took the first stall. His son sat down on the toilet. He sat down and his butt landed in the water. He said yuck as we were leaving. He jumped up, peed all over the place and pooed on his underwear. Pretty nasty.

After the game (we won), we went to a picnic ground and sat around and played games. Our coaches said that we could not run around too mcuh. We did this until 11:00. We played another game. After that we had lunch. The picnic ground only had porta potties, so we peed and washed our hands at the field before hand. My cousin Billy used the toilet we blocked up. He pooed out two big logs (I guess the spaghetti from dinner). He got up and we all peed in the toilet. It was the handicapped stall, so there was room for us to all get in and sink the sub (aim at the turds).

After lunch, I had to take another dump. I there was only the porta potties. There was not enough cover to poop in the woods, so I went in the porta potty. The truck was there cleaning them out (they were pretty full, because I took my little brother Jeremy there about 20 minutes before I had to poop. He only had to pee, but I looked in the hole). I got there right after the truck person left, but 2 girls on my team were ahead of me. I went in and looked in the hole. THere was a pile of toilet paper and lots of blue water. They weren't int here long, so I guess they just peed. I sat down and dropped two huge turds. While I was pooping I heard myh little brother Josh banging on the door. He said, let me in, I really have to poop. I opened the door. Jake and Paul from my team were there. They laughed, because I was on my second turd. They said hurry, we have to poo too. I couldn't close the door from where I was sitting. I wiped and put Josh on the toilet. He dropped 4 big t urds. Jake came in while I was help Josh wipe. He said he couldn't wait any longer. So Josh was standing there with his pants down and his privates hanging out. Jake was down in about 20 seconds. He just got up and left. I finished wiping josh. In the toilet were two huge nubby poos.

The next day, we went to church. Our game was at 11:00 so we ahd to go to the 8:00 thing. We got up at 7:00 and ate. Just as we were leaving, I told mom I had to poop. She said there is a bathroom at the church. YOu can go there. When we got to the church, the bathroom had tape over it taht said out of order. THere were a lot of woods around, so mom gave us some tissues and told us to go in the woods. Jake was there and said he needed to go too. We said, follow us. There was a bunch of trees and bushes. we went behind there. He said, what are you doing? I said, pooping. I dropped my pants and pooped. Kev did the same. He said, ok. He dropped two more huge logs. I said, you made a huge pile. It was funny how it was steaming. He said yeah. Never pooped outside before. Kev and me amde only small piles, about 4 msall turds each. Then my brother Tom came out. He squatted over Jake's pile. He dropped two long turds, and three fat mushy ones. He said, there that is how it is done . We wnet to church and then the game.

After the game, we went to Burger King. We had a whopper and large fries. After this, I had to drop the rest of dinner. I went into the bathroom. My coach was there dropping his load. He said, there's breakfast, now lunch and now dinner. He wiped his but like 10 times flushed. He wiped his but standing up, which is wierd for me. THen he said, at a toilet near you, now appearing, last night's dinner. I just sat down and laughed. Kev was peeing and dad was waiting to take a crap. I got up and washed my hands. Dad sat down and started to go. We left.

We went back to the fields were all but 2 of the kids, Jake and Paul went back home. Jake and Paul were iwth us until we got back home. We didn;t have to poop until this morning. We got up about 9 and ate breakfast. About 10 we went outside. There is a field about 10 blocks away. So we went there and started playing a soccer game. There some kids from other teams. After about 1/2 hour, I said I have to take a huge dump. I went into the trees, squatted and let out a huge fart. ONe of the kids came over said I thought you exploded. I said look here. THere was a long log and a ton of lose crap. I said, almost. He just laughed. He said I have to go too and dropped a load on mine.

The past couple of weeks, I have not been able to kep up what was going on here on "The Toilet". I have been very busy with working on my Master's Project Proposal for school, work and leaving town the last two weekends.

First, my condolences for Kendall for the passing of her Father. Second, I am saddened by the loss of Melissa (NY). I have always enjoyed her postings.

Third, I was out of town last weekend (weekend before Memorial Day weekend) to see my son in Indiana (divorced to Mom). Before I went to see my son, I was in Ohio for business. On the way to Indianapolis, I stopped at Earlham College (use to visit there while in colege) for old memory sakes. I had to take a dump as well. I went into one of the bathrooms I always took a dump in when I visited there. It felt like I visited there yesterday even though I last visited there about 10 years ago to see friends.

Fourth, this past weekend (Memorial Day wknd), I went to Moab Utah to do some 4x4'ing and biking. I stayed at the Lazy Lizard Hostel which is a fun place. Mostly college kids and a fun group to be around with. I got back to the hostel after 4x4'ing all day and went to take my shower. The have a dorm type bathroom with 3 private stall showers and 2 dumpers. I had some wonderful dumps with other people. I am now bummed since I am home in Colorado and have to go back to work tomorrow. It will be a very busy week ahead plus with school (Getting my Master's proposal done).

Lastly, a question for y'all. Does anyone have any good dumping stories at hostels. I asked this previously about almost 2 years ago but with many new people here, I thought it would be interesting to hear some new stories.

Sunday the 27th started out miserable like the last few days. I was supposed to run in a 10K race at 9AM, but I was still suffering the lingering effects of a bad case of poison oak. I had to work from home all week, I drove my wife nuts, and seeing as we are not very patient people (must be our Celtic ancestry), it was not a pleasant week. On Sunday, my old lady had had enough of my griping and told me to either go to the race or just shut the f*** up! When she gets like that and gives me one of her Mohawk stares to boot, I know that I am in trouble. So what the hell, I got into my road running clothes, and the wife drove me up to the race area. I met N., her husband L. and N,'s MD friend M. While we were standing around waiting, I got a case of the pre race willies, excused myself and started to walk into the woods. "Hey Rich, I'll join ya", and L. walked into the bushes with me. We started chatting about contest jitters as we dropped our shorts and then we took aim. I let o! ut a load of loose slop, it must have been from the stuff I was taking for the poison oak. L. started dropping a log, when his wife and M. joined us. N. squatted next to her husband, M. perpendicular to me, and the girls started so grunt out their loads. I was peeing when my wife entered the area, jokingly said "Runners only, or may I come in?". L. told her to come ahead, so my wife squatted next to me and let out one of her big logs. I squeezed out another soft plop, and M. asked if I was OK. Her face was slightly grimaced as she asked, and I could also hear her grunting softly. Remember, she is a doctor, and I guess she was concerned that I might dehydrate. I said I was OK, then grabbed the tissues I had and wiped 7 times to clean my ass.
L. was wiping, and as he raised his shorts, one by one the girls started to do the same. When all were finished, M took a look at all of the piles and exclaimed that we all seemed to have healthy bowel function. Except for my loose slop, there were 4 good sized piles of steaming poop, and yes, the ladies out did the gents. My wife and N. had each passed logs that looked to be about 2 feet long and 2.5" thick, and there were also a couple of smaller turds in their piles. M. had passed what looked like a 15 incher and some smaller plops. L's logs were about a foot long, there were 2, but they were only about 1.5" around. N. started snapping on her hubby about how she could outshit him, and he gave her a playful slap across her athletic butt. Of course, my old lady had to chime in with the same comment, so I said something like "Are you a parrot" and got a smack on the ass. Anyway, the race was fun, L. and I finished near the top in the Senior Men's Division, and I even saw a! lady runner with poop all down her leg, while I was racing. That is not unusual, in fact at most races that I have run in, I have seen one or more runners mess their drawers. After the race, I consumed about a half gallon of clear, room temperature Gatorade. We said goodbye to our companions and headed home. I took a nice long soak in the tub, and while I was in there, the old lady came in to plop another load. Like she hadn't done enough before. Then she comes over to the tub and starts to sponge my back. I guess she isn't PO'd at me anymore.

I'll talk to all of you fine folks soon. Take care!


donna m.
My ex-boyfriend used to always get hard in the morning before weeing. It used to make me laugh because he couldn't aim it without the pee going all over. This happen to any other guys>>>>>>

I just got caught up on the posts.
AWESOME buddy dump story! I don't know how such a little girl can reliably push out such hugely THICK, massive big LONG logs! You are AMAZING! The pictures will be formatted and inserted into the centerfold section of next month's "Shits Illustrated". Of course we'll have to offer all the fans your "collector" videos, from the "Greatest sHits" collection, in every issue! Keep on producing the huge logs, kim; you are TRULY spectacular. I LOVE your stories!
What a WILD story! I have a VIVID imagination, but you've got it on "overload" (no pun intended) with the post about you filling FOUR toilets! WTF? Thirty one POUNDS? OMG! I tried to picture it, but I'm afraid I'd have to view it. Five inch diameter first turd? WOW! Three HOURS? Have you ever taken pictures of, or filmed these unbelievable turds of yours? You really should document them.
You and your friend Felicia need to find another method to "unload" your MONSTER turds- toilets are COMPLETELY inadequate for women with your incredible abilities. Why don't you try a large comfortable chair with a big hole in the seat; then, just slip a 30 gallon trash bag in the hole, and unload to your heart's content. When you're done. bag it, and dump it!
You are truly a joy to hear from! I love the enthusiasm and vitality of your posts! Great story about you helping Renee to "birth" her huge thick log, too. Where do you empty your "poop bucket", by the way? Is it "composted"?
Ring Stretcher,
Great "beach dump" story! What huge logs you can produce! I can clearly visualize your episodes from your lucid descriptions. I can't believe the huge diameter and long length of the thick logs that small ladies like you can generate! I'd love to watch!
Glad to see Jane is back posting! My best to all.

I just got back from a "county fair" in California. I was camped at the fairgrounds, right near one of the restrooms. The men's room only had one stall and it had a broken lock. It was also visible from the outside, if the outside door was open and if you're standing in the right spot. Alot of guys would go in and hold the door closed with their hand. It tended to open by itself. Some also didn't care and let the door swing open. I was able to see quite a few guys go in, drop trou, and let 'er go. Alot of cowboys were seen pushing out their loads with their Wranglers bunched up around their knees.

I entered the restroom and the stall was occupied, with his friend waiting to use it. The guy on the toilet was trying to hold the door shut with one hand, while talking to his friend. When it came time to wipe, though, he had to let the door go. He leaned forward to wipe, letting the door rest against his head and shoulder. He wiped a few times, each time giving me and his buddy a little show. His friend then went in and tried to close the door, but figured it was too much of a hassle, so he let it stay open. I was leaning against the wall right next to the stall, so I had a great view of this guy taking a crap. He let out a loud fart, and they both laughed. This guy was pretty quick, crackling out a few turds, and then wiping. He actually wiped from the front, which was pretty cool to see. He finished by standing to wipe one last time. He then pulled up his briefs and shorts and came out to wash his hands. Both guys were probably about 18 or so, good-looking in a slightl! y goofy way. The guy went out to join his friend waiting for him.

Hello everybody! I have enjoyed this site a very long time without getting up the courage to post, but here I am!!! I am an 18 year old female that loves to hear about everybody's pooping stories! There are ALOT of good stories posted here, hopefully I can add to them! I am going to be starting my senior year soon, I'm so excited. I spend alot of time at school and as a result, most of my pooping happens there. I feel like I should describe myself. I am 5'7" 120 lbs, and I have red hair, green eyes and I wear glasses. Having red hair I don't tan easily either! I've been called attractive and I'm also kinda nerdy! I poop at school almost everyday, in fact I can't remember a day recently when I didn't! I always try to shit at lunch time, (and do about 90% of the time) I hate to miss class but sometimes you can't tell nature what to do!!! During our lunch break which is an hour long I always grab a quick bite of something, eat it and then head off to the girls room wi th a good book! I usually have at least 40 or so minutes, it's so relaxing and recharges me for the rest of the day. Most of my friends have caught on to "my private time" some joke that you can tell time by me! On occasion, they have "buddy dumped" with me too. I have no hesitations about shitting at school, I have heard about others who hate to do it, but It never mattered to me, its just like peeing except you sit longer and probably make some stink, but that's life. Besides you can always be entertained by listening to others or vice versa! I am fortunate, our school restrooms are always clean, it's a new school and it still looks that way! That's not an easy task since there are over 1200 students! In our commons area there is a HUGE restroom. It has 15 stalls and the restroom has all of the latest luxuries such as auto flush! Not to mention the most comfortable, butt hugging elongated seats I have ever used. This is the restroom I use almost everyday during lunch . I guess I can quit blabbing on and tell everyone about me taking a dump! I wouldn't call me sitting on the toilet anything special. Like I said, I read and relax mostly. I probably have about 5 or 6 turds on the typical day and always alot of gas. My poop is not enormous in size like some of the posts I have read, it's usually 1-2 inches wide and 4-6 inches long or so. It's kinda hard to judge sometimes, but it always feels good coming out! Although like everyone else, I do "give birth" on ocassion to some monsters. Friday was a typical day, I ate quickly and excused myself to the girls room. I selected a stall and went through my ritual of lowering my jeans to my ankles followed by my panties. As usual I "announce" to everyone that Mindy's pooping with a series of loud farts. It's kinda embarassing sometimes but oh well!! On this particular day I forgot my book so I had nothing to do but entertain my self with the surroundings. About half of the other stalls w ere occupied, I would say most were peeing, but a few were also pooping like me, judging by some distant grunts, moans and spashes! I really took my time, I had to grunt a little to get the first one moving, but it finally slid out with a small spash. As usual, after almost every poop falls, I fart several more times. The second turd was kinda hard to get out, I had been having cramps before my poop session and I think it was the culprit. I could feel my hole crackle open wider and wider until finally it started out. I had to grunt aloud UNGHHH UNGHHH a few times and after about 3 minutes it fell. It was long and knobby, kinda rare for me. I went through the motions four more times and had made a nice pile of poop some 25 minutes later. I hope you enjoyed my post I don't feel shy about posting now so hopefully I'll have some more soon. Until then, happy dumps to everyone!!!!

My earliest memory of public toilet activities would be sometime during my Junior HighSchool days. I lived, with my parents and three siblings (2 sisters, 1 brother) in Tidewater Virginia. This is a very rural section of Virginia, and very few folks in that area had swimming pools.

Everybody else (95% of the population) swam in the rivers. If you know anything about the Eastern US, you know that a certain section of the rivers there are below the fall line. Which means that a substantial amount of rivers are saltwater, and contain organisms common to salt water.

Including what we in the East called Stinging Nettles or Jellyfish. In the saltwater rivers of Virginia, those little bastard critters are common - almost everywhere you swim.

Enough geography lesson. Apologies for those who find it long-winded.

Anyway, I and my sisters, and our friends, learned to swim in the saltwater rivers, during summer vacation. And it was a rare day of swimming lessons when somebody didn't get stung by those little fkers.

There was one standing instruction by those experienced in the stinging nettle experience. Pee on the sting. At least a couple times during the lesson, somebody would fly out of the water onto the beach, turn his or her back (or not), stick the affected section of the body between legs, and pee.

Unfortunately, there was the occasional time when somebody would get stung twice during a lesson, or get stung on some part of the body where pee could not be easily self applied. Then, you found out who your friends were. Or enlisted a sibling for quick relief.

Anyway, we all learned to drink plenty of water before lessons. Even if it meant leaking in the water occasionally. It was brackish (salty), so nobody swallowed any more than they had to. The rules were:
1) Drink plenty of water.
2) Pee when necessary, but no more than necessary.

Obviously, diligent follwers of rules #1 and #2 learned desperation and necessity peeing. Or never enjoyed swimming.

I have occasional memory of peeing on my sisters leg or chest. And having occasional service by one sister or a friend likewise. We did it cause it worked, and quickly. The experience of being pissed on was nothing compared to the intense pain of the stings, which could be as much as a foot long. We used to pray not to get one on the eyelid. But even that did happen. And having one's eye peed onto was relief.

As a side note, I recall an episode of Friends when somebody had to pee on somebody else. Does anybody remember the details of the episode?

Hi, everyone. I rarely post, but I'm the latino one from California, if that helps at all. I have a question: Has anyone ever placed an online classified ad looking for someone with our shared interests? It seems as if there's actually quite a few people who find bathroom activities erotic, but I had placed an ad several months ago and got not ONE serious reply. What's up?? Is our intereset really that rare, or are people too shy to respond to such an ad? I was pretty disappointed at the lack of reponse.

I woke up this morning and found I wet the bed. Luckly my brother was spending the night at a friends house. It must have been the glass of tea I had before I went to bed. It was really embarrasing.

Nice picture of the girl having a dump in her {possibly little brother or sister's} pottyt chair.
Today I was at the ballpark when I needed to dump. I went in the bathroom and saw a little kid come out of the handicap stall. I went in and saw that he had left a huge turd. So I locked the stall door dropped my pants and buddy dumped on his turd. I left my deed and his deed there for someone to see or buddy dump on. And for anyone interested that kid couldn't have been more than six and his turd was about 4 inches long. Thats all for now.


Jane: I have a question, about when you were @ the gym, and you saw all those ladies-pooping: Were they in stalls, as well as yourself, when you say that you peed, or were you and they sitting on a bunch of open-toilets, side by side, as in the military, and is common, in so many locker-rooms?

Just curious, as my handle-indicates.

Special hello to "Rjogger", our resident "senior-citizen".


Eric B.
Couldn't sleep last night so caught some postings at 2AM and it's now 6, after a good breakfast and a wonderfully satisfying bm I'm ready to share some messages on your posts:
DRE: About fingering, see an earlier post where a friend helped me go using this method; I find it also works to press down just above the anus which triggers the reflex peristalsis. WIZZER: Loved your running with turd halfway out; reminds me of many times that I've had to go SO bad that I never thought I'd make it and lowered my pants in advance of reaching the toilet with the turd extending from my butt...couple of times it almost broke off in the process.
PLUNGING PLOP: I used to have very hard, dry movements that hurt a lot, until I added bran and dried fruit to my they usually slip out without trouble. As I got older had to keep my bowel toned! ALANA: Can't tell you how much your story turned me on, specially Felicia's saying "I gotta shit so bad.." your sounds are wonderful!
Last, but certainly not least...
How sweet of you to perform for me on your bed! I've done this a couple of times, too..only when I felt I had a solid turd and watched myself in a mirror. Your description is something I'll refer to often! Oh, if only I had someone to wipe my ass like you did for Renee, after exploring digitally to help her evacuate...this is for me, the ultimate fantasy! I'd be so happy and honored to do the same for you! You know, I've always thought of myself as a very feminine man, but the crossdressing seemed to satisfy that need without going any further or to physically change my gender. Wish I could send you a pic of myself as a woman; once, I even made love to a woman while dressed up...boy, that was a trip! Talk about gender mixing!
Anyway, here's a little story...I was going to a party years ago when driving over the Oakland Bay Bridge I all of a sudden had an extreme urge to go, but I thought I could make it to my destination; well, I never before (or since) had felt this much pressure in my bowels, like they were about to explode, and although I was sitting, I felt I couldn't hold it in, so I started looking for a place to pull over; it was nighttime and all I could see were houses, but I found a place to park, got out and hurriedly scanned my options, looking for a spot of ground or a bush, but it was all concrete! By this time I was desparate and couldn't think of anything else but relieving this intense urgency, so quickly pulled down my pants, gave out a huge grunt and piled the shit up right on the sidewalk with traffic humming by! Oh, I felt an incredible sense of relief! It all came out in one big PLOP onto the cement and spread out to at least a foot in a circle. I was pretty messy and ! could smell the odor from quite a distance away, but managed somehow to clean myself up and went to the party, and wondered if anyone thought it was an animal who had left such a load right in some unsuspecting people's front walkway! Now, I'm going to reread your Renee story and adjourn to the bedroom for some fun, knowing you're watching with your beautiful brown body!
You're soooo special!

I just love the picture of the large breasted black girl on the masthead. If it wasnt that Theresa would beat me up Id just love to give her a big hug! She looks real fun and I bet she drops a whopper of a log!

PPG I cant tell you the brandname as I understand that the Moderator forbids advertising any products by name. Have a look round various health food stores.

I had a fun toilet experience. I stayed over with a friend and his wife who have a holiday caravan (trailer for US Readers) at the coast. Now as well as this couple my mate's mother in law, a very pleasent ???? lady in her mid 60s was staying over. Now at about 6.00am I heard her get up and go to the toilet which was through the wall from where I was sleeping. The rest were fast asleep. Now I listened and heard her lift up her nightgown and pull down her panties (white Sloggi Maxi Briefs) and sit on the pan. Could I be lucky? A torrent of wee wee gushed into the pan, this woman pissed like a horse! Then what I had been waiting for "UH! NN! KUR-SPLOONK!" AH! that was it, she rolled off some toilet paper then wiped her bum and heard her pull up her knickers and drop her nighty. She washed her hands and came out. Now she hadnt pulled the flush! No doubt she didnt want to wake the others. I waited till she had gone back to bed and then went to the toilet. The smell of a good ! solid poo hung in the air and when I looked there it was! Not the largest turd I have seen but her jobbie was floating in the pan. It was only about 8 inches long but very fat and lumpy, a carrot shaped log, grade two, FIRM on my scale. By now I was needing myself and passed a nice curved 12 incher on top of hers with a KUR-SPLOOSH! now I too didnt want to wake anyone so left it unflushed. When my mate came out about an hour later I explained that I had needed the toilet in the night but didnt flush as I didnt want to wake anyone else. He said that was okey and went in for his early morning pee. When he came out he said, "Cor Tony, two big jobbies, you must have been really needing that lot?" I didnt tell him that the first one had been laid by his mother in law. Has anyone else ever taken the credit or the blame depending how you look at it for someone else's big panbuster jobbie?

There was an amusing story in today's paper. In England, it seems, certain old buildings situated near night bus stops are having sections of the exterior wall corroding away. Tests have confirmed that it is uric acid from years of men pissing on the wall while waiting for the bus after pub closing hours. The plan is to put up outdoor/screened urinals up at those locations like the ones in France or Germany. Good idea.

Psychiatric Ward Patient
Hey People!!!!!!!!!!
I Love this site!it is an extremely great site.I have read a lot of posts.This is my first post.It is good to know that there are other people out there that are interested in the same thing as me.I thought I was abnormal.But now I guess im not.It all started at school I am crazy and I say crazy stuff so one time some dude asked me what i was interested in that girls do (what turns me on).So I simply said that it was when girls fart and crap.He freaked out and then I thought i was abnormal.But I guess now im not.Now that ive been to this lovely site.Well ive got to jet.
Sincerly,Psychiatric Ward Patient

Pico tamale (Mariposa)

Wizzer:Nice-story, man! I always look-forward, to hearing stories from people like you & your girfriend, and Roger, & his girlfriend, Angela. What I would really like to hear, though, is when Angela has her b/m, that is the result of the pizza that the both of you had, when you were out-shopping. As Roger stated in one of his posts, pizza seems to be the best-food, for massive b/m's. I will testify to that!


Anyone ever make a video tape of themselves pooping? I made a nice audio tape of myself last week, but then I thought hey, I should dig out my camcorder and set it up so I can see and hear myself in action. I think I'll do it soon. I've been holding in a days worth of poop already, waiting to let it go when it gets really big, will make a great video I am sure. I really love those long pooping sessions!
Anyone ever accidently walk in on mother or aunt pooping? I'd like to hear about it. Thanks!

Interesting pic with what looks like a phillipino or spanish girl who did quite a load in the pan!Cool-hey let's see her doing it!
TO ALANA-Quite a story with your friend Flicia-boy she really had to go!Does she eat a lot and is she a big girl?
TO CARMELITA-Yes,honey i would wipe your butt clean,no problem-esp after watching you do one of your famous dumps-I would enjoy that-I have wiped quite a few pretty girls butts in my time and they have also wiped mine,which is also quite pleasureable!Bring your butt over with a full load for me to see!
TO RJOGGER-Too bad about the poison oak-some years ago i got some poison ivy right below my butt on the outer thigh-i think it came from one of my woods dumps,but now i've become an expert on looking for poison ivy or oak which is what you should do-just watch where you go,buddy!Keep up the cool stories!
Went to the gym yesterday,but i didn't have to poo so when i was in the shower I did the soap trick and it brought on a BM,so i went to the toilets and sat down and it wasn't as busy as usual,but still there was a couple of guys dumping some loads.SO i sat down and let out a wet fart and did some mush-not much though-i guess there wasn't too much up in my intestines,but i noticed every time i use the soap trick i have to sit there for a bit still feeling like i have to push and the urge of poo in my rectum is stiil there even when i'm done and it takes a while to go away-does anyone else get this feeling when you use the soap sliver?Anyway,after about 15 mins of pushing with no results,i wiped my butt and went back to the shower to clean up,but i did enjoy a couple of guys really doing some shitting-i really wanted to go more but no dice-i really enjoy doing a good load here at the gym as the other guys are pooing along with me-Maybe tomorrow i'll try again-good stuff all!! Hey,anyone out there know what the sun looks like-i've forgotten!BYE

Hi all,

Well, I finally got access to the old posts again, and was able to read Diane's post about poor Melissa's funeral, and her over-the-railings poop afterward with Maranello (sp?) That was strangely fitting, and I think Melissa would probably have approved. She's going to be missed so very much.

CARMALITA -- hi grrl. That session with Renee was pretty darn touching -- you have a knack in bringing the human feeling through, and it's wonderful. Sure I'd like a buck tip -- bend your curvy bod, honey, and I'll gently wash your pretty hole.

ERIC B. -- I read back a ways, and in your post to Carmalita you seem to have read an incorrect context into my "wish list" standing pee. I aspire to one day use a urinal (something I do quite often) while dressed in a stylish skirt suit -- I am not "fantasizing about being a woman." Like Malita, I have absolutely no problem with your crossdressing and use of the ladies' room -- if you never got caught then you were obviously quite convincing in your presentation, and no harm done. I invade men's rooms often enough, so fair's fair!

Cheers all,


Hey yall:

I think that the latest-masthead,(w/ the girl standing over a children's toilet) is, absolutely-disgusting! Don't know why. Hey, Wizzer: I can, definitely, relate to your story! My and my girl, Angela, do this for each other, all the time. We, of course, have a fun time, in bed, after this. Hey, D.R.E.: enjoyed your post, man. Yeah, Angela and I are two of those people who would rather let "nature take its course", especially when we are buddy-dumping, and one of us is on the other's lap. We alternate-positions, every few days. Last night, I was on her lap! I can see how your method is a lot-quicker. I have done that very-thing, a couple of times, before. Highly-effective, lemme tell ya!

Take care, yall,


Sun Devil
Hello everyone.
CARMELITA- Thank you so much for being so nice to me. I have read many wonderful stories about your pooping episodes and as you as a person. I hope to be included in your special group of friends. Anyways, my most unusal pooping episode happened about 3 or 4 years ago. I went with a friend early one morning to ride around and go exploring in the Southwestern Desert. I was really excited about this because my friend went one way and I went another, but before this happened, I had to crap really badly and of course there are no toliets in the middle of the desert except the desert itself. So I grabbed a roll of TP from the car and looked for a place, it was getting to the point where I felt this crap was going to be the one of the biggest I have done. I found a spot, dropped my shorts and boxers and proceeded to crap. I squatted for about 3-5 minutes or so and after I was done, I felt very relieved. I am going to guess about 14 inches long and also some very soft on! es after that.
I am dying to know what you have in store about your idea. I cannot wait to hear it!! You are a sweetie! Thank you for making me feel welcome.
KIM and SCOTT- Looking forward to hear about your latest creations. Especially the most recent one of KIM crapping in a sand dune. Awesome!!
I have also read previously about SUMMER but I have not seen anything from her recently cause I really enjoy reading about her pooping stories as well.
Take care and keep those wonderful pictures coming especially the blonde smiling on the pot.


Mr. Noname
Hi All!

First all I would like to pass my condolences along to the friends and family of Melissa. I've been lurking around this site for close to two years now, and though I only remember reading just a few of her posts, it is still a terrible tradgedy. It is also really sad that a few of the people who frequent this site, like Melissa, have died in recent months...

Well, I finally have something to post. As I mentioned in my last posting a few weeks ago, I have been living with my girlfriend in our new apartment. It's really fun, especially when it comes time to sharing the toilet! (Of course lots of other things we do are fun too!) We don't actually share the toilet together, but we both have to use it. Now I can satisfy some of my curiosities about female defecation. Though my girlfriend and I are close and get along really well, I still don't have the heart (yet!) to tell her that I'd love to watch her on the toilet. I'm curious: do women, especially my girlfriend, really make such large poops as everyone claims? I've read so many posts on this site about women doing big turds, that I decided I had to see for myself.
So now I've worked out a little system. Some of the facilities in our building are a bit erratic. We get power outages from time to time, as well as other little things--like a drop in the water pressure, etc. I figured out that my girlfriend does her daily (almost daily) duty in the mornings, so when I get up to use the toilet first thing in the morning, I flush a few times, which usually depletes the water supply anyway, then I shut off the little valve next to the toilet. The toilet can't be flushed very easily then, and I can the get a sense of what she does and how big, how much, color, etc..
This morning she did a big one. I guess she didn't do number 2 yesterday, and she says it's about that time of the month. I guess she was a bit bunged up because she went in this morning and sat in silence for a bit. At first, I didn't hear any grunting, nothing (and our bathroom door is really thin, so you can hear everything that goes on inside, even without having to stand anywhere near it. But then I heard what sounded like a dull "thud". We have a bit of a "shelf" (maybe it's called a "pan", I dunno) in our toilet, so everything goes on that before it its flushed down the hole. It sounded like a big poop to have made such a thud! She peed a bit after that, then went to wipe and flush. Of course there was no water in the tank, so the toilet couldn't flush. She complained to me about the toilet not flushing and got the waste paper bucket, filled it in the kitchen, and dumped the water in the toilet. I told her that it sometimes doesn't work for me either--ha ha!! Then s! he went out for a trip to the grocery store. After she left, I went in to see what she'd left. Ohh, boy! there were several "turd balls", each about 1-2 centimeter in diameter. There were about 20 of them. Maybe someone can fill me on this, but is it true that when you get constipated ( I never am, so I have no clue) the poop just collects in the rectum and doesn't "clump" together, but it's all pushed out like horse poop?? Sorry, I can't think of any other way to describe it. So she'd left those, and then there was one big "whopper" of a turd, maybe about six inches long and 2.5 inches wide and knobbily at the start and softer and tapered at the end, light brownish. I wish I could have watched the whole show, with that whopper coming out of her cute little butt!! Even with the bucket of water she'd thrown in, it still didn't help that big load go down! I wonder how someone can make such a big poop! She is much smaller than I, and we eat exactly the same foods because we cook ! together. My shits are nothing like hers at all. And with the lingering smell of a healthy BM, I got a nice little "buzz" off of it all.
Can anyone fill me in on some details of constipation and big turds with all those little "turdlets" like my girlfriend's? Does anyone else shut off the toilet valve to see what their mate has left behind, or am I the only one? Does anyone have another "system" that they use? Hopefully one day I'll get a chance to see the real thing as it happens.
Sorry if this was a bit long.
Happy dumps to all!!

Mr. Noname

Monday, May 28, 2001

Nice pic with the girl with the blonde hair-looks like she is laughing at the fact that her pic is being taken while she is on the bowl
TO CARMELITA-Hmmm-I'd love to hear that audiotape-I have a few audiotapes of me pooing also that i used to exchange with an old long distance girlfriend from years ago-I used to look foreward to getting her tape in the mail-that was fun-sometimes i listen to them and it's pretty cool-wish you could send me yours and i'd send you mine-wouldn't that be cool!
TO FRED-Too bad you missed that girl pooing,but i would have done the same thing probably-better to be cautious than piss her off-you'll get your opportunity!
TO ERIC B-That must have been cool to hear that girl poo thru the walls-That happened to me last year when i went up to that bed and breakfsst place upstate NY-I ahd a ball hearing other folks pooing in the adjoining toilet(check my older posts-around the holidays,i think)BTW,I also get erotic reaction to doing a big dump esp when i can do it with others( the gym or out in the woods!)
TO P P G-Speaking of the gym and answering your questions-I only saw 1 or 2 guys that pooed more than once cause usually i an in the stall or they are and i don't see them-I saw 1 guys twice only cause when he went in to the stall across from me,he didn't close thw door at all and sat down spread-legged and pooed right in front of me and i saw it all and the 2nd time he did it,I reciprocated and that was kinda cool(check my old posts about that) ,but after that i never saw him again-I may ahve pooed along side the same guy,but i could not tell and everyone sounded different too-it is quite a plethra of pooing styles going on-I don't know about the sweat thing,cause i come in and wipe the seat before i sit-I want it as clean as possible,but a lot of times i feel the seat warm from someone else'e butt-In the winter,it feel nice to have the seat warm i guess As a matter of fact,i may go there today-haven't pooed yet so maybe i'll poo at the gym-I really enjoy going to poo th! ere esp whe i really gotta go-Dont feel anything yet,but somtimes just the exercise gets my bowels going-weekends are esp. busy there so maybe i'll have a good time-I'll let you know if anything is worht reporting!Have a great holiday weekend all!BYE

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again. we hope that everyone had a happy memorial day weekend. and we also hope everyone realizes the true meaning of memorial day in honoring all the dead servicemen and servicewomen who died for their country. we must not ever forget that!..on sunday this memorial day weekend my parents planned to have a barbeque at 4:30 in the afternoon. the rain had stopped so that was good. my parents invited family and friends to this barbeque like my boyfriend scott and his folks. hot dogs,hamburgers,chicken watermelon. the works would be served. my boyfriends brother is a marine but he lives in another state and he wont attend this. but many people will be there. before the barbeque starts i look myself over in the my bedroom mirror,flashing a sexy pose as i admire myself in a body hugging sailor suit mini-dress. and white high heeled shoes. i also have a white thin headband around my head of long flowing blond hair. i like how i look in this dress! and love wearing it especially on days like this.where it has special meaning. when the barbeque was under way i was eating at a picnic table with my boyfriend scott and some other friends. their where many picnic tables filled with people in my backyard. after awhile of eating i felt a huge motion coming on and excused myself. scott excused himself also saying he had to go to the bathroom too. none of the adults suspected what we where really up to. our young pals did but they kept silent. inside the house on the way upstairs to the bathroom scott tells me he doesnt really need to go to the bathroom but wants to watch me bang out a huge log. i smile knowingly. i know my man sooo well. and just before we get to the bathroom i think of an idea. as scott and i then put old newspapers around the toilet. i then to scotts delight strip totally nude in front of him as i lay my clothes neatly to one side. scott then follows me to the bowl fully clothed and even though hes walking b! ehind me i can feel his unscrewed eyeballs on me,moving crazily out of control following the rhythm of my nude swaying quivering butt-cheeks! as they move from side to side across the bathroom floor. i then come up to the bowl and kneel my nude body on the bowl with my ass sticking out towards scott. i want to bang out a huge log right at scott as i start to push. but when i start to push this time i am all bunged up! even though i can feel a gigantic ,solid log inside of me im having difficulty pushing it out"NNNNGHGHHH!" i groaned trying to blast my massive beast out with no luck. scott ever the quick thinker askes me if i am constipated. i tell him that i am as scott then quickly lubricates his finger with vaselin and uses fellow posters,digital rectal examiners technique of putting his right finger in my anus to loosen up my log.i will tell you the truth when scott first started to do this i did not think it would work but then i felt his finger actually touch my coloss! al log and loosen up the area around it as i became aroused! i felt a tingle in my ass as my ass quivered excitedly as magic started to happen. and just like merlin the magician saying ALAKAZAM! Whammo! i zoomed out an enormous log from my pulsating hole! which went right at scott. scott was kneeling behind me on the floor while i knelt on the toilet. i started to laugh as i wiggled my log filled ass from side to side teasing the hell out of scott! wow! my log was so HUGE,SOLID,THICK, and LONG! " ohhh my god kimmie look at the size of that monster your pushing out' scott said happily as i laughed again as i closed my eyes squeezing really hard as my mammoth torpedo grew even larger! my ring was outstretched so wide i thought it might rip. the pleasure from this was unbelievable! i then took a deep breath and blasted out the rest of my mighty log from my throbbing hole, scott was so close behind me he caught my log in his hands. he was so shocked holding this immense log in hi! s hands as he slowly layed it down on the newspaper and went to get the measuring tape. scott then measured my log at 20 1/2 inches long. 4 inches thick. not a bad sized log for a previously bunged up female huh?haha! scott then put my log in the bowl and chopped it up as i wiped myself,threw the soiled paper in the bowl and flushed. scott then washed his hands from holding my log. i then put on my clothes again. after this i gave scott a kiss on the lips for helping me bang out my log. scott and i then went back to the barbeque before any adults knew we where gone. our friends knew what we where up to but kept silent. we told our pals all the juicy details later. hoped you liked the story. love,kim and scott.
TO DIANE-hello. maybe you can get melissas sister to post. that might be fun for her?
TO Steve,louise and pv-scott and i need more nude beach stories but we will be patient.
TO carmalita-love your stories girl.
TO rjogger- great idea about scott and i coming over your place in my hot mustang. and then me, scott,you and your wife kneeling nude on sporty car rooftops banging out logs in the pan. even though this is initially a good idea. i think it could cause a riot of lustful men in your area once they see me and your wife-two lovely ladies .both built like brickshithouses,nude crashing out gigantic log after gigantic log in the pans. all hell would break loose i think! you and scott would have to rush us inside your house for our safety from the mob of men, haha! bye now. be well all!

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