Carmalita: Thanks for enjoying my stories. I enjoy your adventures, too. Sorry you've been having problems in the romance department. I'm sure it will get better and you will find the right guy. I'm so happy with my Gary.

Buzzy: I don't go to a gym regularly, but a couple of weeks ago I was invited by my friend Carrie to come along to work out and to set aside for a while all of the sadness coming from the death of my father. Sara came along, too, and we all had a great workout. After we were done we hit the showers and changed our clothes. The scene by the toilet resembled many of the scenes you descibe in your stories, Buzzy. There were lots of women pooping, complete with the sound effects of farting, grunting, pushing, plopping, and so forth. Alas, I was not an active participant, offering only a stream of pee.

Yesterday was a lot calmer for me than most of the days this week. Out of my trips to the restroom, I only had to poop once, after lunch. It consisted of five medium-to-large solid pieces of poop, and it was very satisfying. Right after I exited the stall, two women came in quickly and started their sessions. One started to fart loudly while the other pushed out a big load. As I was leaving, both women gave out loud farts and someone expelled a huge explosion of poop.

HI everyone,Millissa will be missed by everyone it is so tragic to loose a loved one.I will say a prayer and keep her family in my prayers.
Larry broke up with me and I am sad.I went to the store and got all these bananas and went on an eating binge,44 bananas in one sitting.the next day I went to the bathroom and I counted fourteen nice firm turds about a little softer consistency than the bananas.Then an hour later I went again and 12 turds came out this time stiff but soft and longer than the bananas.My friend felicia was over and wanted to use the washroom so I opened the door,and let her in.She went over to the toilet and sat down immediately and began to grunt,her hands folded together,with this very serious look of urgency on her face. I heard a poof fart followed by a sharp long loud thunderous brrrraaaaaaap,thentthhhhrrrrrrrrrlllluuuupppp...and a loud long crackling that went on a really long time.Felicias face got so red and she got this really desperate serious look on her face. I asked her "Whats Wrong"? she said "I've gotta shit so bad I can taste it".then another poof fart and low deep crackling ! sounds began,and continued for a few moments.Felicia began to stand up slowly and I could see a thick beefy log being pushed methodically out of her and coiled into the toilet it had to be as thick as kiebasa sausage and no telling how long as it coiled around and around the bowl doubling up on itself several times.It broke off and then while still hovering above the bowl a huge thick,and I mean THICK... richly orange colored turd te size of a roast emerged out of her rear end it began to curve and then broke off and landed on top of the coil as another emerged it changed color from orange to a golden yellow and tapered to the thickness of my wrist and got long,about a foot then quietly laid on top of the pile.I said "flush it down Felicia".but she just stared straight ahead as concentrating.Then she clasped her hands together sat down and you could here Ice cream vending poop comming out.the smell was unbeliveable,she was in a trance just concentrating on pushing all her excr! ement out.finally she looked up and said "whew! what a load" she then looked at me and said "do you have a butcher knife."with that she got up and pulled some tp off the roll and started to wipe.I looked into the bowl and literally could not believe the size or amount of shit that was packed into that bowl.You could not have squeezed a dime into that bowl.we had to get plastic grocery bags and scoop the mess into them.then cut it up with the knife and flush it down a little bit at a I have an idea of how some of the janitorial people must feel when I go and leave huge messes like this for them to clean up and for others to admire.It took a really long time to clean up.I worked up a sweat cleaning up the mess.when we were finished Felicia looked at me and promptly sat back down and started shitting again,another poof fart and it just started comming out again only not as hard or fast this time just a steady grunt fart push...soft 8 to 12 inch turds one after another sh! e would push out about four to ten turds then she would say "oh..theres more"Then she would flush and start shitting all over again like she had not even been to the bathroom yet on and on and on...Felicia told me she has a condition known as mega colon and I am beginning to wonder if I have the same thing. Felicia told me she has suffered with this since early childhood,and she is used to it now.does any one know what kind of doctor we should see about this condition,I now realize that even though I get a great sense of accomplishmnent and power from having such terrific bm's it has ruined relationships and god only knows what people think of me. I never thought of this untill I guess I saw Felicia go and realized the magnitude of the problem. does any one have any answers.I just really enjoy myself when I have extremely large bm's.And so does Felicia.

I love the idea of mixed toilets. The only experience I've had of these was many years ago when my girlfriend was studying at Leeds University, and living in halls of rsidence. It was a girls only corridor, but needless to say they all had boyfriends staying with them. There were about 7 girls who shared a large bathroom/ toilet room at the end of the corridor. It had about 4 cubicles in as well as wash basins and shower cubicles.Many times when going in to take a dump, a girl would come in and use the adjoining cubicle, ahilst engaging in conversation with me. I have to say I was always embarrased by this and tried hard not to make any noise while pooping, but I can remember hearing girls peeing loudly while they chatted. If only I could go back, I'd make the most noise and smell.I would've loved to have actually seen them peeing or for them to have seen me, but it never happened. Has anyone else had this experience? Incidentally I think this is a great website, it makes ! me feel good to know that my interests are not unique.

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)

Last-night, I was in the middle of one of my digital rectal exams, when I realized what I was doing. Yeah, I know, what I was doing, literally, was putting my middle finger in my butt, and digging for treasure. But, besides that, I realized that what I was doing, was the exact same thing, as what people do, when they insert their fingers in their mouths, to make themselves-gag. What happens when you do this? You, inevitably, throw-up. The same thing that my colon was doing, by me doing the digital rectal exam. It was just doing the same thing as gagging your throat, only I was gagging the other end of the digestive tract. This is, literally, gagging your colon! If you irritate your colon enough, it will spew out all the contents. This is the most-effective and most time saving method of eliminating your crap, that I have ever come-across. Speaking from personal-experience, of course. I'm serious, crap that is not even supposed to make its way out, for a day, or ! two, will be forced-out! I have never taken an enema before, but I am sure that it cannot be much-different. The end-result is the same. I think that I will just call this method "colon-gagging", from now on. It is also a little faster to type, than "digital rectal exam". Buzzy, you tell me that you stopped doing your version of "colon gagging", just because of the smell? Come on, if you wash your hands, you don't have a thing to worry-about, buddy boy! You know I'm right, about this. I have tried the soap method, that you mentioned, a couple of times, a couple of years ago, before catching onto this colon-gagging. And, you know-what? I haven't stopped colon-gagging, since! Nothing else can compare, to the speed and the efficiency of this method. It would be nothing short of revolutionary, if everyone started doing it. As I have already, stated, that would spell the beginning of the end, for the laxative-industry, as we know it. But, I think that that would be a good-thing. No! more practical jokes played on people, like what happened to Jeff Daniels in "Dumb and Dumber." You know, the "laxative-scene!" But, I don't think that the laxative industry has a thing to worry-about. Why? Because most people, or at least most people would lead one to believe, that they would never touch the inside of their rectum, let alone pulling stools out of it! It doesn't take Einstein to figure out that washing your hands, well, w/ soap, will take care of any smell, or any germs, afterwards. So, what is stopping these people? What is interesting, though, is how many people will get up withough washing their hands, even if they poop the "old-fashioned way", and let nature take its course, like so many of you seem to do. I could never sit there, like most of you seem to like to do, first and foremost, because it takes so much time. Anyways, I need to go now, pun-intended. What I would like each and every one of you to do, especially those who have never done it, before,! is to try colon-gagging, once, and let me know how it "comes-out". Pun-intended:) I am sure that all of you will agree that I am on to something. Am I going to change my handle to "Colon-gagger", you ask? No, I am just going to stick to D.R.E. That's Dr. D.R.E., to you!:)

Til next time,

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)

I'm out with my girlfriend shopping & stuff. We ate fast food for lunch (pizza) & wandered the mall & shops. I was feeling the slight need for a piss but ignored it thinking it would wait until i got home. We shopped for about another hour then left for home. We'd just pulled away from the mall when the need became more urgent & now I needed to shit as well. Well with it being Saturday traffic was insane & it's already almost an hours drive back to our place. I continued to drive & tried to push the need away from my mind. We're about 15 minutes from home when I can't ignore it any more. I desperatly need to piss & i reach down to hold my dick tightly. My girlfiend sees me & before she can say anything i tell her i need a wicked piss & shit. As i hold my dick i can feel my load pressing to come out. suddenly a squirt of piss shoots out. my girlfriend says it's ok if i pee my pants as we're almost home anyway. i try to hold it but it slowly t! rickles past my hold. pulling into my driveway i no longer need to piss but i still gotta shit really bad. my girlfriend takes the keys & opens the door & i run to the can with the first log already pushing its way out. i'm undoing my pants as go & sit just in time for the first turd to fall. my girlfriend sits on the tub to watch as i let out an incredibly long loud fart. i grimace as a cramp hits me & the next turd slowly starts out. i push hard but it takes forever to finially sloosh into the water. with a wet fart i let a bunch of loose crap fly followed by 7-8 more farts. with a grunt the next turds pops out quickly. my girlfriend is holding my hand as i shit my brains out. she gets a kick out of watching me especially when i have to go bad. anyway i fart some more then a big load of pudding type shit. i feel another load coming when i suddenly begin to piss again. my turd falls about the same time as i stop pissing. now feeling empty i let my girlfriend ! wipe me many times. as she does i can feel a major hardon coming & we retreat to the bedroom for a bit of afternoon fun.

Hola everyone!

Steve: Thank you for your concern. I'm not worried about romantic problems. Since there are so very few 'Mr. Rights' in this world, I'm not going to go gray waitng for him!. You're already spoken for so I can't have you! You sound like a Mr. Right to me! Lucky Louise, who I also love dearly. She's a sweetie. Give her a kiss for me, okay? Oh yeah, good luck on your Aikido? test.

Jane: It sounds like your poops can be a lot like mine. I get turned on by your posts, especially when you say it's a very strong smell. I know there are a few men in here like John VT, and Jeff A who like women's poop smells, but I wonder if there are any others out there?

Eric B: You are one of my favorite men of all time. I treasure you in so many ways. Each time you speak to me you have a new insight, and open new doors, and give me new hope. Yes, maybe bisexuality is a state of mind, I never really thought of it. "In the autumn of my life". That's a beautiful phrase. Are you a writer? Thanks for your comments about Tesa. She would like them herself. I'm majorly flattered that you think of me while you relieve yourself (in more ways than one). Now that I know you do that, think of me watching with anxious approval!!! Pooping is such an intimate, private thing, and I guess that's why it turns me on so much. I also think that it is extremely brave, and sexy for you to cross-dress, and then enter a woman's restroom. As long as you weren't causing any harm to any ladies, (which I know you never would), I don't see anything wrong with it at all! I'd love to be in a ladies room with you while you did that. In fact, I'd love to supervise your m! akeover, maybe fit you with some attractive clothes. Thanks for the hug. I love you, hon. Here's something just for you. This is weird, but I did it just for the fun of it in front of the video camera. I set up a small plastic tarp on my bed, stripped naked, then laid down on my back. I brought my legs up, spread them wide, holding my thighs up with my hands, and started pooping onto the tarp. Since my butt was flattened on the bed, it was an unusual position. I crapped a very huge, and squishy log. It must have been 3" around, and 18" long. Then, I started pushing out more until I had this major pile of poop. When I finished, I lowered my legs and crawled off the bed, walking toward the camera. As luck would have it, me being so short, as I walked toward the camera, my vagina kept getting closer and closer, until it was a natural 'fade to black'! I looked like a little brown Latina baby pooping on the bed. I liked it!

Today was pretty interesting. Renee had to poop really bad, but was constipated. I came into the bathroom to put on some makeup and found her on the toilet, struggling to squeeze it out. She kept grunting and pushing but nothing would happen. She had her black walking shorts down around her ankles, and her legs were spread fairly wide. She looked like she was in obvious misery, and I asked her if she wanted me to go get Patsy to help. She said no, that Patsy was busy in the kitchen and she didn't want to bother her for something like this. I then asked her if she wanted me to help and she nodded. Using some K-Y, I lubricated my middle finger, then knelt down on the floor next to the toilet. Renee leaned forward so I could put my finger up her butt. I rotated it just a bit, then worked it up and down slowly until I could feel the tip of a very hard turd. Poor girl! I know how miserable that is. Gently, I massaged, up and down, over and over again until I could feel it movi! ng a little. I laid my head on her thigh, my face about six inches from her crotch. When my face touched her thigh, she sighed and said she enjoyed feeling my hot breath on her skin. I was still working my finger, and I pulled it out long enough to apply more K-Y on it, and when I did, I heard escaping gas from her ripe little tush pfffffffftttttttttttttttttt...
Renee said "Ohhhhhhh, I needed that. If only I could fart for ten minutes!" With my finger gooped up again, I re-inserted it into her ass, and returned my head to her thigh. Gently, I planted a soft, little kiss on her leg to relax her. While I was working my finger, Renee says "Oh, Malita! It's coming now!" so I withdrew from her butt, then looked behind at her peachy ass to see a nice, long and fat turd coming out. It was yellowish in color, and very, very fat! She kept squeezing it out, and it was getting bigger then shot out of her and into the bowl. "Oannhhhhh!!" she moaned when it squirted out. Returning my head to her leg, I rubbed her hips and ???? with my hand while she rested, and panted for breath . She had hardly any smell at all considering the size of that turd. I'd say it was 4" wide and maybe a foot long. Just a giant loaf of poop. I could see between her legs that she was crapping out sausages, one after another. When she was finally finished, I scooped ! out the big turd and put it in my poop bucket I keep handy by the toilet. Even though it had been in the water, it was still warm in my hands. It really embarrassed her and she wanted me to get rid of it right away. But I knew Patsy had to see that one! It's weird, but it wasn't until I flushed the toilet that it started stinking. I wonder why that is? Poor Renee, she was exhausted, and I had her stand up, then have her lean over the counter while I wiped and washed her butt for her. I wiped her clean with toilet paper, then used warm water on a washcloth with a dab of soap and gently cleaned her. Afterward, I toweled her tender area, pulled her panties up, and gave her a pat on the fanny. When Renee was all clean and feeling better, she was giggling and gave me a dollar from her purse. I said "what's this for?" and she said it was my tip, like a washroom attendant. A tip for wiping her ass so nice and clean.
So, I have a brand new dollar. Anybody interested in wiping my brown, Latina ass, and making a buck?

I love you all. Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves mi amigos!


Dear Griot.,

For some time now whenever I try to access old posts, I get an Error 404 -- File Not Found message screen. This is a bit frustrating as sometimes the cycling of pages means that I miss a day's posts, such as this Thursday's, and, now, cannot access them subsequently...

STEVE & LOUISE -- It's annoying about those attackers hanging around, it sure puts the crimps on your adventure options. Hey, that was a delightful bit of fun, "fencing" with your streams -- I've read about it but not in a long time! All my best to Steve, best wishes for his upcoming events, and I look forward to his next posting. (Yes, Steve, I can just see your camera-aim wobbling with adrenalin-rush as you try to frame up Louise, myself, Carmalita and maybe some other gals from this forum in a convenient alley!)

I had a small adventure today -- nothing planned but an accident that could be avoided. I was out and about, using the metropolitan trains, and I found myself a long way from a bathroom and needing a wee -- bad.

Well, I've done it before... This earth-angel weed on a wall in an underpass! It was only a short tunnel and pretty open, I could see the street at each end up the steps, but I needed to go... It had been raining and water was sluicing through the tunnel anyway, so I opened up my jeans, pushed my hips at the wall and very quickly emptied my bladder onto the wall. My head was going like drinking bird, looking from one end of the tunnel to the other in case anybody was coming, but nobody came by the time I was finished, and I zipped up and headed up to the platform with an innocent expression!

Hope you all enjoyed my adventure,


Hello everyone, and welcome to another rainy, miserable day in the Northeast. Yes, it is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer, but it is raining hard in the Hudson Valley. Nothing really interesting happened the last few days. I've been sitting around all week with a pretty bad case of Poison Oak. The chucklehead next door took down a bunch of it in the wind last Sunday and I caught a beaut of a case. No running (and of course no pooping in the woods!), no work, no nothing. I'm getting cabin fever.


Diane New York - I am happy to see that you are recovering somewhat form Melissa's passing. Your post funeral stairway dump with her sister was unusual but interesting. Stay well.
Julie - I am happy that you like the "old man's" posts. I have had quite a few "running dump" experiences, as well as many other outdoor pooping adventures. I like your pee and poop stories. You sound like someone who likes to make the fun kind of mischief.
Buzzy - Hello neighbor in the Northeast, welcome back! How was Big Sky Country? That last episode with my old lady was a long time coming. We had been missing each other go for awhile, but we made up for it on that Friday. After all of these years, I still get a thrill from watching her poop. Her output, in both size and volume, sometimes rivals that of the "super pooper" ladies on this site. At an age when many are having bowel trouble, she and I are still able to produce massive poop quantities. Running into my friend N was fun, and very surprising, in more ways than one. She is still athletic and shits like a horse! I do remember your stories about your nurse friend. They were great, as are your very descriptive stories. Take care.
Rizzo - Just when you think you have a lady where you want her, she has you! But it sure is fun. And yes, the ladies are adorable, what would we do without them? Believe me, watching N produce like that again was some experience. That she knew about the other time and kept it secret should have been no surprise to me.
Kim and Scott - A huge log every other or 2 days, huh? That is very impressive, young lady. It must be quite a show when you blast out one of those monsters. Hey, I have another idea. Why don't you and Scott bring that hot Mustang over, and we will park it with the 3 'Vettes. We can each take a turn on top of a different car, then you, Scott, my wife and I can take blast logs off the top of the cars, into pans. If the neighbors object, who cares? Love your posts, Kim.
EricB - There is nothing like having your wife, girlfriend, etc, wipe your butt. Those soft feminine fingers feel absolutely incredible as they cleanse your soiled butthole. Of course, this week with the poison oak, the old lady wanted no part of my butbhole!
Carmalita - I am happy to see that you and Jake are trying again. That's nice. Your last story, with the tape recorder was great! Do I wish that I could have been there to witness the event. Oh well, in my wildest dreams. Love Ya!

never minda bt. Melissa's death. I found it Poor Melissa. She didn't deserve to pass away like that. Anyway I jut took my 5th crap (I think) Something I ate or maybe it cuz were having a party today and im nervous 'but that but they r small w/ small cramps.

Devon (a.k.a Jamie the Damie.)

Im sorry I hav eno stories but I feel this community has helped me in a way.Im sorry to all who have lost frinds/family this past year and this one.I am not going to be posting AT ALL for a Year. Im A FORIGHN EXCHANGe student and the place Im goin doesnt have Internet.ANd If they did and I was caught looking here they would punish me so Bye to all,CARMILLA,RJOGGER,ATHENA,PLUNGING POOP GUY, and all others,even Moderater.Final posting,


Saturday, May 26, 2001


Hi girl! Thanks for the tip with the bathroom scales. I'll try that later when I get home and let you know! My friend Sue is very amusing in her own way, and not at all shy about weeing in front of people. Upto now I've always been fairly shy about joining her, but since reading the posts on this site and talking to you I feel much more comfortable about weeing, at least with people I know.

I will also try the scissor effect when I get in. I haven't ever done a wee standing - at least not deliberately. There was that time on my last post when I weed in my knickers at the party, but that was sort of different. I know some girls can just open their legs and wee straight down without soaking their skirts. Did you have fun the other night when Steve got in? I don't have a boyfriend at the minute, but in the past they have always loved me in my little black dress; or in fact it's usually when they get me out of my little black dress.... anyway enough said!

Luv Julie.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Everyone have a safe upcoming holiday weekend. I have another chapter in the hide and seek game to tell. This started after Jeanies little showing. Everyone was thirsty so I told them all that in the downstairs of our barn was a hand pump wich was spring water and it was very cold.

The group followed me into the barn and I started pumping the pump. Soon the cold water flowed. Everyone was filled up. Barbie, Jeanie and a friend of thiers noiteced the old clawfoot bathtub over against the wall. We used it to put newspapers in for recycling drives for the local boyscout troop. The cold water had taken its effect on them. The three girls asked could we pee in the tub? I said go ahead.

So Barbies skirt went up and Jeanies pants and the friends pants went down and they all sat over the edge of the tub and proceeded to pee. Thier pee flowed out of the drain and out on the floor and through the cracks and out of sight. I had to go also so I stood at the edge and all three of them took turns holding me well I peed a good hard long pee. I hope you all enjoyed the story. Next time is the last chapter for the hide and seek game.

First.I also send my condolances to Milissa's family-So young-too bad-i never saw the announcement on here,just folks talking about her death-I agree with LEO-where is the post?So sorry again
Kinda strange pic on the masthead with the 2 girls with that poo on the floor!Todays looks like a girl on the bowl doing a football game cheer-C'mon some good stuff!
TO JANE-WOW,you really been doing some dumping lately-must be your busy cycle-You and I should poo together out in the woods somtime when we both have to really go-would be fun-always enjoy your stories
Been pooing a lot of soft stuff every morning since i've come back from my trip-sorta like you JANE-It's like one second i don't feel anything and the next i have to run to the bowl and let out all this soft ice cream poop ending with a lot of gas-this a.m was the same way-was walking around and aal of a sudden,i had to go to the bowl and when i sat down,no pre-poop gas at all just soft stuff flying out my anus ending with a few loud,dry farts and then some more poop-sure feels good comng out though-Usually,i just like to hold it off for a bit while the urge builds up,but not the last few days-I gotta sit down right away-if i was out,i think i propably would have an accident or a really close call!Still crappy weather here in the N.E with no signs of sunny weather til at least monday-this sucks-i hate rainy weather-was looking forward to some pooing in the wild this weekend with the thoughts of meeting a pretty woman doing the same-Oh well-Hey have a great holiday weekend,! all and to all in the N.E. US,try to stay dry!!BYE

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