Hola amigos!

Sara T: Thanks girl! We sure gotta stick together, huh? Hugs and kisses right back atcha!

Drake: Thanks for the note. People should be much kinder to each other than they are.

RJOGGER: Yes, my bathroom always has a rich aroma, it's either me, or my perfume. Hola to you too, Kathy! You're a lucky woman, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that! You sound very lovely, and I'll bet you make Rich very happy.

Jane: I don't know what it is about your stories, but they are always so coool! I just love them. You have a way of making it sound so real. I loved your latest emergency poop. I've had that happen where it starts coming out before I get seated. You're such a honey! Keep 'em coming!

John VT: Oooh, my handsome Vermont man. Believe it or not, Tesa isn't as animated as she sounds. She loves the couch and the remote control. But she can be my fluffy pillow though, and she is a beauty! She has probably one of the most incredible faces I've ever seen and a nice, round butt too.

Rizzo: This is why I love you so much. You have such insight. Jake's a good guy, he really is. I've never met such a gentle and tender man. He finally called me last night and apologized for avoiding me. We're talking again, and that's good.
I love that whiskery face you talk about. Aaaaah, Carmalita loves bristly men, mmmmmmm! How can you cheer me up? It's easy. Just knowing that you are the kind of man you are, and you exist on this earth is all I need to cheer me up. Thanks for posting to me, and caring. I love you too.

Buzzy: That "Tex-Mex" poop did come out endlessly. It felt good too. Stinky, but good. I loved your dump at the gym. Very exciting to be around all those males, naked and pooping.

Sun Devil: Hi sweetie. Thank you for your support, I too am a major fan of pooping sports! Maybe if we don't go too far, we could exchange stories on the subject. I've got an idea. Why don't you tell me about your most unusual pooping experience?

Simon: Sweetie you warm my heart to 99 degrees the way you flatter me so much! Thank you for the roses, and that wonderful story of the Latina in the bushes pooping. I've seen that myself before. When I was younger, I'd pick fruit and vegetables for extra money, and some of the women wouldn't use the port-a-potties, but would go in groups of 2, or 3 to the bushes. I would often join them not only for the convenience, but because I loved watching them. I've seen many teenage Latinas dropping big plops into the dirt under trees, or older women squatting to squeeze out big ones.
I'm glad that you had such a great experience, and that it was a good memory for you. You take care of yourself, and please accept a nice, warm and wet Latina kiss from your adoring sweetheart.

I've got my hand held tape recorder with me, and it's now time for a little poop dictation! Patsy took a dump about 10 minutes ago, and her odor is still lingering. It excites me to sit here and smell it. I just pulled my tan cargo pants down, and they're bunched up around my ankles. I slid my panties down to my knees, and sat my brown butt down on the seat. I'm also wearing a yellow tank top, and I'm bra less. The air conditioning came on, and it's making my boobies perky and chilly! I can feel everything wanting to come out. There goes a nice fart, ssspppppllllltttttttt....ooooh, that was stinky! My ???? is so full of poop, I have my plastic bucket next to the toilet because I don't think this load is going to flush very well. This is going to be a serious poop. Okay, I'm pushing....ummpffff.....something's's coming....oh, and it's going to be big, I can feel it. There goes a hiss of air, fffffffffffttttttttt....sspprrkkkllllll---kkkrrrkkkkllll....I'm gru! nting, you should hear my voice on the tapehhhh....uunnnhhhh! Oh yeah, here it's a big one....oh, that one was huge!!! It just sort of went K-sssppluuuck into the water. As I spread my legs, and pull my long, black hair out of my eyes and behind my ears, I can see part of it in the bowl. It's really fat. The poop smell is rising now, becoming a serious stink. That was a really nasty turd. My ???? is churning, there's more on the way. Now I have to squirm a bit, wiggle my butt and lean forward to get the rest of this poop out. I'm comes a turd. Yuck! Very smelly! Here comes a bunch more...plooooop-plup-plup-plop...oaahhhhhhhhhhh....That felt sooooo good. Okay, time for a nice long piss. There goes all that water. Ooooh, nice.
Maybe 3 minutes later...
Here comes some more poop. K-plummp...plop...ffffftttttt...ploooop...ohhhhh yeahhhhhh.....time to wipe! I just tore off a big wad of toilet paper, and am wiping my vagina very thoroughly and gently. I hate the drips. Okay, now for my ass. As I dig around it's all mushy and soft up in there. It's going to take at least 6 wipes. I'm good for that many when I do a big dump. 1...2...3...4...5...wipe number six: hardly anythng on the paper. Carmalita is all clean! The smell in here is very ripe, but I kind of like the smell of my poop. It's very rich and strong. It's like a cross between a horse pasture, and cooked cauliflower. Well, there's lots of good sized turds in there. A nice long, fat one and a bunch of nicely sized soft turds as well. I can't tell how large the long one is because it's on the bottom, and it's curled up, but it's huge. I'm going to have to break these up before flushing, but I hope you liked the live performance. Tomorrow is another hiking day. I'm goi! ng to do a nice big one in the bushes, hopefully for some admiring man! Until then, adios!


My good poop stories are all ones of regret. In each case, I find myself wishing I had done something differently in order to be closer to a person pooping.
In one instance, I was part of a tour group in a remote country (Egypt) and at the site we were at there was one portable toilet in the middle of an open field. There were a few people waiting to use it when I came into line. In front of me in line was a young lady who had struck up friendly conversation with me numerous times. She was in front of me in line, and I was the last one. We talked while in line, then when it came her turn to go into the toilet, she told me to go ahead in front of her. She did not say why, but one can only imagine that it was because she needed to poop, and was going to be in the toilet for a while. So I went in ahead of her and peed. I left the door slightly ajar and she continued to talk to me through the ajar door, while I was peeing!! Then when I was done, I came out, and it was her turn. That was my chance to do the same thing. I could have and should have stayed around and talked to her while she was in there. She was probably going to poo! p and I'm sure I would have been able to hear some of it. And she probably would have had no objection to talking to me while she was in there, considering that she did the same to me. But what did I do? I chickened out. Worried that she would think me weird if I stayed around even after I was done using the toilet, I simply left. I couldn't think of an excuse to stick around, and I couldn't think of anything to talk to her about, so I just went. I said, "I'll go let the bus know that you're coming" and off I went. This was fourteen years ago, and to this day I burn with pangs of regret over the fact that I did not find some excuse to stick around and chat with her while she was pooping. Not many opportunities like that arise too often.
Question for everyone: What should I have done? And how do I handle this regret that still eats away at me?

Well, I told my girlfriend. She wasn't as shocked as I thought, and she's staying with me. She had never suspected it, and she doesn't find it appealing at all, but she's ok with it. Don't get me wrong, I still feel horrible about this, cause I feel like she's not going to be able to be as open with me as before. I liked her to be open, not because it aroused me, but because it made me feel trusted. Oh well...I still love her, and I'm not losing her over this. Thanks for your support.

Ring Stretcher
Diane from New York: when I piss standing up I spread my thighs really far apart so urine doesn't dribble down my leg. It's easy to piss standing up. I did it yesterday, in fact. I was in the shower and had to piss but didn't want to get the toilet seat all wet, so I spread 'em and had an enjoyable racehorse piss.
What was causing Melissa's bloody diarrhea and vomiting? That poor baby!

One thing I will never do is leave an unflushed toilet in a public restroom. Yuck! Nobody else needs to admire my large productions except boyfriend. Of course his co-worker saw a large production hanging out of me and looked horrified, haha.

Kory--I think alot of people are too shy to crap at work. Try using ear plugs to block out the sounds of people around you and focus on relaxing your anus. I'm lucky 'cause at work it's just me and two other women in my office, for now anyways.

Diane: Gary and I were so sorry to hear about the sudden death of your friend Melissa, especially at such a young age. Again, our condolences to you and Melissa's family and friends. She will be greatly missed.

Kory: I used to be very shy about pooping in a public restroom, whether it was at work, school, the mall, or whatever. I slowly overcame it during high school and college, when I would have more than my share of massive bowel movements and had no choice but to use a public restroom. Nowadays, though there are still certain places where I would not poop, I don't give it much of a second thought to poop at work.

I don't know what it is about my digestive system that has caused me to have more frequent and massive bowel movements this week, though I am not having runny diarrhea sessions. My eating habits have not been unusual, and I am not under any more stress than usual, and I do not feel sick otherwise. Yesterday I made several trips to the bathroom again, but this time I would poop only a few good solid pieces at a time.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, however, I felt a sudden urge to poop. I quickly went into the ladies room and into a stall, passing three women having a conversation by the sinks. I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and white panties, and sat. I pushed out three long solid pieces of poop. I paused for a moment, then I started to slowly push out a succession of long, very soft pieces of poop that made a barely audible crackle or plop. It went on for about a minute, and a strong poop smell began to emerge. I looked between my legs and saw that the bowl was pretty full, so I flushed the toilet while seated. The three ladies were still having a conversation all this time, but they left as soon as I flushed the toilet.

I continued to slowly push out long soft poop, piece by piece, for several more minutes, flushing twice while seated in the process. I pushed out a few more pieces, then I felt a strong cramp and unleashed a barrage of soft poop, lasting for 30 seconds and ending in a big thud. I flushed the toilet while seated and pushed out one more mini-load of soft poop before I was finally done. I wiped several times before flushing for a final time. I didn't look to see if I left skidmarks on the toilet, but there was a strong lingering smell of poop. I feel much better after that and will need to watch myself for the next couple days or so.

Greg K.
Well, I guess I Carol the Housewife and Austin have
something. Maybe women are cleaner than I gave them
credit for, but such tight underwear would tend to
rub the vagina and anus to the point where they
would get dirty quickly.

To Summer: about a post you made a month ago or so.
This was about you and and another girl pooping and
"changing the air quality of the library restroom."
Did you use soap and water on your anus when you
finished and before you went to dinner with your
roommate (Linda)? It kind of fascinates me that a
person can poop, then subsequently go to dinner
and sit on a musty, itchy anus. I may be a clean
freak, but I always (or whenever I can) bathe after
pooping to get all the residue that gathers on the
anus (or at least use soap and water while wiping). I'd really prefer not sitting all day (or eating dinner)with an
odoriferous, crusty bottom! Just my ramblings. Happy
poopings to all!

Hello everybody! Another holiday weekend coming up and
maybe after that there will be more fun to write about.

RIZZO - Hi guy! I do Kegel exercises too, it does really
help a lot if you are strong down there when you get so
desperate for a wee. They are good for other things too! LOL
Love, Louise xx

JULIE - Hi girl! Well I bet it was a bit exciting for you to
wee in that cubicle without shutting the door. Some times I
just need to do it so bad that I forget and just close it
when I have started weeing already. I sometimes have meetings
like that one. Some of the women at work wee so often in little
trickles that they can not go to anything like a meeting without
going to the toilet first.
Please tell me if you have any good weeing stories over the
Bank Holiday! Love, Louise xxx

DIANE NEW YORK - Hi! I do not know if you want to be another
pupil of mine here but if you want to pee standing up I bet I
can help you. There are a few ways that you can do it and if
you are lucky it may be that you can just stand up and get
a good stream if you do not use your hands. Try it in the bath
or shower next time you are in there because in there it does
not matter if your stream is not very controlled. First time
just stand and do it with no hands to aim and see what happens.
If you want to do it forwards then you will need to aim your
pussy with your fingers. What I have here is my little instruction
sheet I have for girls who want to learn how to do it...
Try this in the shower. Place your first two fingers of one
hand either side of the top end of your pussy in an
upside-down V. You might like to wipe your lips *before* you
do anything to stop any greasiness down there causing your
fingers to slip until you are practiced at doing this! Now use
your fingers to open yourself up a bit and splay those lips,
and keep the same pressure on both sides to avoid shooting off
centre! Start to wee, and keep the pressure on to begin with so
you don't dribble at the beginning. If you have now started to
wee straight down in a good stream, just try lifting your puss
upwards very gently. DO NOT JERK BUT DO IT SLOWLY!
Hopefully you will now find you are squirting forwards a
little bit, but you will need to practice to get it right!
Eventually you will be able to start in the lifted position!
This way works for me, no doubt other women have their own
variations on it.

PV - Hi!!! It may be you were right to wait until you got
home that night before weeing. I would really not be happy
about weeing by myself outside these days, I do feel better
if one of my friends is with me or safer if Steve is there.
I went with Steve on his run this morning, and before we
started at the park we went into the bushes again for a wee.
We had a few ways we could have done it but this time I
took my shorts and knickers down and stood right next to
him so we watered this bush together. I did turn and knock
his stream off course with mine. That was fun because all
the wee was sprinkled all over the bush. We went for the run,
and when we went home, and we were lucky we were not late
for work after the shower we had together!
I bet if Steve photographed you, me and Carmalita standing
at the wall, he would not be able to hold the camera still! LOL
He says hello!




So you think cute dog lady was upset huh? Damn.
That's not what I was after. Oh well, I'll probably see her
again this summer because its the same people in the same
boats from week to week. Maybe I can do something nice
for her. As far as you and Scott coming down to visit is
concerned, you can crash one with me anytime girl! We'd
just have to keep a cooler full of ice handy in case I get too
overheated! Mama Mia! Y'all come on down for some
Texas hospitality some time!


Okay, here's your pee story. When I was in first grade I
had a rediculous paranoia. On the first day of school, my
teacher explained about fire drills. She said that if you were
in the bathroom during a fire drill, come out into the hall and
exit etc. I was mortified. I thought it would be such a terror
to be in the bathroom and not hear the alarm, so then you
would be trapped by the fire. As a result, I NEVER used the
school bathroom my entire first year. I almost always could
hold my poop till I got home, but I wet my pants at school
often. I can remember several times that I sat at my desk and
let it go. It would drip down and form a puddle under my
chair. Everyone knew about it and laughed. It was hellish.
One day sweet little Lynette came over to me and brought a
bunch of paper towels. She put them down on my puddle to
help me clean it up. It was really kind of her and she was
risking being teased by helping me out. I never forgot her
kindness and I had a huge crush on her for the rest of my
grade school years.


While I'm on childhood stories, I might as well include this one. Me and my friends,
though not really evil natured, had a terrible little prank we would play. I'm sure I'm not
the only one on this site to have done this, but here goes. My dumb brother never should
have told me about this prank because I just went straight out and did it. My friends and I
would sneak back behind the bushes in the back yard and crap in a paper bag. This was
usually done at night after we snuck out. Then we would take the bag to the doorstep of
our enemies, set it on fire, and ring the doorbell. The object being that our target would
open the door and stomp on the bag of shitte in order to put it out. What rotten little
bastards we were! Even though my hormones hadn't kicked in yet, I still got a turn on out
of both me shitting in the bag, and seeing my buddies do it. Go figure. I still remember the
sound of a turd landing in a paper bag, followed by that old smell of doodoo and oleander
bushes. As rotten as I was, I got paid back when I was in high school, because they did it
to me. After all the times I did it to other people, I thought it was only fair that I go ahead
and stomp on it rather than pour water on it or something!

This is a silly little song I made up about peeing that goes to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town:
He's taking a piss
Shaking it twice
Reliveing oneself is always so nice
That man is at the urinal again.
He pees while you are sleeping,
He pees when you're awake
He pees wheather the urge is strong or weak
Because he loves to take a leak.
Oh you better watch out
When this man comes by
And he starts to unzip his very own fly
Because that man has to take a piss again.

Greetings All.

Perhaps, like the poster Adrian has said about his own situation, deciding not to post at all could be taking things a little too far, and as I am feeling much better for how I have adjusted my lifestyle, the occasional spell on line will do me no harm.

To Jeff A,
I have another three weeks to go before the exam, and I'm feeling, thinking and performing much better, I think.

To Carmalita,
I think it is a pity about your romantic problems. You will probably find that Mr right comes along when you least expect him to. Don't look for him _too_ hard.
As it has been suggested by PV and Louise, I am sure that you would be a most welcome addition to a row of women from this forum, positioned in front of a wall type urinal. Indeed I would not be capable of keeping a steady aim with the camera.

To Julie,
Hello there, sweetheart. I have been reading back through the posts yourself and Louise have been exchanging, and have found them most entertaining. I believe your 'little black dress/no knickers' post inspired Louise in her behaviour last night. She knows very well that I think she looks sensational in any of her skimpy dresses, particularly her black ones. I am sure you must have looked absolutely stunning in yours, by the way, and you do sound a really nice girl. I hope some guy appreciates you properly. Of course I am daydreaming a little here, but if ever you were to join Louise in a row of women in an alley for a much needed group wee, with PV et al, I'm sure Rizzo and I would be honoured to stand on guard for you.
Anyway, to the story...
I dropped in to read the latest page on the forum, and I read your post. Louise was out of the room at the time, and when I came off the machine, I found Louisecoming down the stairs in one of her miniscule black dresses, and even though shadows were cast under the dress, I caught a quick glimpse of her narrow, short blonde triangle underneath it. Many more tantalising glimpses were offered over a period of time, while she sat opposite me and pretended not to be aware of what I had already seen. Eventually, she told me she needed a wee wee, and asked me to go with her to the bathroom. She climbed the stairs ahead of me (ooo!) and we entered the bathroom together, Louise's heels making the 'clacking' sound on the floor as she often describes it. Rather than approaching the toilet on this occasion, I realised it was going to be a sink job. So how was she going to do it? That question was to be quickly answered.
standing with her right hip next to the sink basin, she lifted her leg 'scissors' style over the basin, with her hands hitching her dress above her waist. Almost shyly looking at me and observing my reactions, at first a spluttering dribble emerged from her prominent labia, which were separated slightly by the current arrangement of her legs. Her buttocks became slightly wet by trails that ran down the crack of her bottom, glistening on the very short trimmed blonde hairs that are allowed to grow as far down as her vaginal opening. A few seconds of the dribbling, and a stronger, well defined stream began squirting forth, sparkling in the light that shone in through the window, a swirl of her yellow liquid exiting the sink down the plug hole. Her stream hissing loudly, her eyes alternated from looking down at her performance to watching me to judge what sort of critique I would give her. Rizzo, again, it was a magnificent view! 10/10.
Well, Julie, Louise continued like that for some time, but when she finished, I had the honours of giving her a very gentle wipe down below.
I'm afraid that is as much of last night's activities as I can discuss here, but I'm sure you will get the picture!
I think what Louise has done is a little more than your own little adventure in the ladies toilets at your workplace(?) where you sat on a sink basin and enjoyed a good wee into it? Just for the record, Rizzo is not the only guy who likes your underwear descriptions ;)
Stay safe over the holiday, won't you?

To Rizzo,
Thanks for giving Louise ideas :) I was a little surprised by the way Louise blasted by urine stream out of the air with her own deluge this morning in the park.
I greatly enjoyed the recent tale of the emergency wees between the car and hedge. Sounds like your wife quickly caught on to how she will have looked from your viewpoint!

To PV,
Hello there sweetheart,
It sounds like you have been up to further mischief here and there, and nothing wrong with that, as long as you are safe of course!
When I saw Louise running towards me in the opposite direction a couple of mornings back, at first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. You are quite right - the park grounds will be getting the benefit of Louise's nitrates from her urine (and some of mine too). It was most unexpected, and I love the ways she thinks up ways of brightening my day. She always knows _exactly_ what I will like and not like, and she makes me feel very fortunate indeed to have her in my life. You will be aware of what I am preparing for next month, and although there are times I need to isolate myself for the moment, be assured that I am not neglecting her. One thing I do seem to have missed for the last two weeks have been the times she has had a dump. I like to witness that, as you know, but her dumps and my presence at home have not co-incided. Also she is rather limited with her solo park wees and dumps, as there is still believed to be an attacker operating in that kind of location. Then th! ere is another attacker (possibly also operating serially) in other places...sigh.
Take care until we hopefully speak again in around a week from now.

Bye for now,


Peeping Tom
DONNIE M that store should have A public restroom of some kind.
It should be the law store must have a public restroom.

other Male's if you broke both your arms how do you pee?

The Crank
Melissa? Oh no....she was so young and so beautiful (well, from the sound of it)...ah man...I remember her posts man, really nice ones. Gonna miss her man.....hey guys, take care.Love you all lots.

michael B
I hope I get some serious responses to this message. I've been reading a while now but I've never posted before. I am currently undertaking a degree on the human bladder and one of my topics is capacity. Please e-mail me (male & female) your biggest wee in ml. please be honest!! Thank you all very much.

I like the new blonde lady up top (as at Friday evening). It looks as though she means business!

Tony. I liked your account of the early morning visit to the newsagent's and the desperate young woman wetting herself once she got outside. I wouldn't have minded swapping places with you! My guess is that either she'd drunk too much breakfast tea/coffee or, more probably, hadn't been for a wee when she got up. It reminded me of an account I once read elsewhere of a guy wetting himself early one morning in an American supermarket. His wife/partner wasn't at all bothered by the fact that he was wetting himself and, if there were any customer toilets in the store he obviously wasn't bothered about using them either. I'd say that in all probability he'd not been before leaving home. The thing is, whose prepared to admit that they don't go to to the loo (at least for #1) before leaving home in a morning? Certainly I wouldn't and couldn't. I wouldn't last very long either.

Diane. Sorry to hear about Melissa (I've not passed by for a few days). Mat she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Eric B.
Hi to everyone again--back from Calif. and after missing 2 weeks of posts took 4 hrs to catch up. Disturbing news about Melissa & Kendal's condolences. I have a little story but first some messages........
CARMALITA: Was touched by your crediting me for helping you feel OK about revealing you're bi--it's more a state of mind and being rather than sexual practice, as I've always felt attracted to both genders. Let's just say people like us have more options! When you said you felt lonely after Jake left I really empathized..I've not been partnered for many years and now, in the autumn of my lfe, feel like this subject will have to be part of any future relationship; life is just too short (as witness our dear departed here) to not go for it. In scanning the posts I kept reading comments about the Tesa dump story and when I finally reached it I was at "attention" throughout! I think of you and read your posts while I, well, you know! I feel like I have a new family now, one that gives me support for my feelings. And, well, you'd never be lonely again if I had anything to say about it! So here's a big hug just for you!
PV: Your fantasy about being a woman is one I played out--I crossdressed for many years, sometimes going into women's restrooms (I was never found out!).
RJOGGER: Having a woman wipe my butt like your wife does is my ultimate fantasy; never experienced it after my mother did it when I was little--guess it felt good!
CCTony: there are lots of sources for films of women going to the bathroom...check the usual sites.
DONNY: WOW! Having a woman sit on my legs while pooping would be my second greatest fantasy! Guess I've still got a lot to experience yet. You know, I've wondered if there are this many people on this forum sharing this interest, how many more out there are hiding it? Depending on the circumstances, I won't ever, again.
PLUNGING PLOP: Those guys buddy dumping were squatting, but it would be fun to see them both on a toilet at once! Incidentally, a movie I saw once had 2 guys sharing a dump in WW II, with facial expressions & everything!

So, now to my story, which I have to hurry since I feel a big one descending into position at the moment...A few years ago, I was vacationing with my wife at a hot springs; one morning, I finished breakfast early and felt my usual morning urge, so left the dining hall and made a beeline for our room where I expected to take a substantial dump. I sat and proceeded to evacuate my load with great relief and satisfaction (I get an erotic reaction to good dumps!) when I heard a noise from the adjoining room (the bathrooms backed up to each other), the sound of someone running to the toilet, followed by a series of grunts & groans from someone obviously in a state of extreme urgency. From her voice I assumed it was a woman, and through the thin wall I could hear every sound she made, even the turds plopping into the toilet. I could imagine her leaning way forward, spreading her cheeks to allow the easier passage and having a great dump like the one I had just had. An aud! ible sigh meant she had completed her task. Would that she had known she had given me so much pleasure listening to her!

To all my friends..thanks for keeping the faith! Well, I REALLY gotta go now.....Bye!

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO JOE-yes they are some really gorgeous ladies who post on this forum.carmalita,pv,ringstretcher,louise,myself and a host of others . i cant speak for the other lovely ladies but when i take a real satisfying shit(and i shit huge by the way: blasting out-foot long logs to my current biggest 28 inches long.4 inches thick monster)I usually leave it in the bowl for others to stare bug-eyed at my monstrosity. and boy do people goggle when they see my unflushable huge logs in the bowl-without any toilet paper inside. i always bag the toilet paper so that others can see my monster log in full!!.(PLUS- I am always smiling when i have my magnificently huge shits and keep the smile on my face when i walk out of the bathroom but i show the people what ive done so they dont have to guess that i blasted out a monster log. bye now!

Plunging Plop Guy

This is Hi and goodbye for a couple of weeks as I'm going on holiday, so I'll have a lot to catch up with when I get back!
At least, I'll have a lot to read even if I haven't got a lot of news to share, as I don't imagine I'll be seeing or hearing much of interest in the toilet while I'm away, but who knows?!

First, I see someone else has left this world, so let me add my condolences to all of Melissa's friends and relations.
We are all fortunate, those of us who contribute here, to have the friendship and support of each other and it's good that Melissa also was able to benefit from this also.
When I first found this forum last summer, I had to pinch myself that what I was reading was actually by other people and not my own comments or my own imagination, but that I was at last in the company of a large number of people on the same wavelength!
To know that those who have died in recent months have also had the opportunity to share in our interests is a great consolation to all who knew them closely.

RIZZO, On the same theme;I suppose on the basis of our knowing our time on this earth is limited, Yes, it would seem a good idea to ensure that after our death, those of us here who would wonder why we've stopped posting were able to know.
Mr. MODERATOR, Any ideas on posthumus posts?

TONY, Your details were very descriptive and glad you too have noticed the benefits of psyllium husks.
Am I the only one who seems unaffected by psyllium or isphagula?
(The latter contained in Fybogel or Metamurcil)
I've stopped all laxatives and yet am going as regularly and easily as when I was taking them but it's still too soft and sticky and , like you and most people, want a good healthy solid BM.
I do enjoy eating fruit, and eat beans and vegetables but hardly ever any brassicas for the same reasons as you, I don't like them!
What is it that you take which compensates for the lack of fibre?Let me know and I'll try it.
As you probably recall, sometimes I find it difficult to "go" even with no change in my diet but today, for no apparent reason, when I got up off the toilet, my turds looked absolutely normal i.e.
medium sized cylindrical, whereas some days they look flattened as though the gut is 2" x 1/2" in its radial dimensions.
Thanks for all the info. and glad you've found something that really produces the goods!

BUZZY, That gym you go to has some great shitting buddies for you! Do you often hear the same guys on the toilet or are there a lot who you've never seen or heard before?
I wonder if of the ones you've shat with several times have a definite style of shitting or whether the physical exertion of using the gym means that everyone's way of excreting can vary quite a lot?
I still don't know exactly how an average American toilet sounds when a guy's dropping his big turds into it, but I wish I did and hope you get the chance to hear turds dropping into a deep toilet with VERY loud plops!
I bet you often get the chance to sit on a toilet seat that's really warm and covered in manly sweat when it's your turn!

Toilets without doors are almost unknown here in Britain or at least the chances of seeing a guy using a toilet in public without a door are very remote, even if he's desperate.
However, I've sometimes been to a public toilet where the design is such that when you close the cubicle door, there is hardly any light due to the lack of a window, or no electric light.
It's possible for the eyes to adjust to the gloom, but some toilets are just too dark to be able to tell what you've dropped in the pan, or whether you're clean after, and the only way to cope is to leave the door open ajar to let some light in.
If only others were not bothered about doors, then I
'd be happy to leave doors open generally but would not feel so shy about strangers seeing me on the toilet as much as conspicuous about being the only guy on show.
Conversely, if everyone else was on show, and my door was closed, I'd feel conspicuous about my inhibitions!
A few weeks ago when I had what I will call "Urgent constipation" meaning strong urge to get to a toilet, and then find it took a lot of effort to get rid of it and with discomfort with it, I had to use a toilet which was the worst I'd used for a longtime.
There was no seat, the water trap was too small for a good plop, there was only just enough paper for me to wipe up, the floor was wet, the door had no lock and it was too far away from me to be able to put my foot against it if someone pushed it open!
As I wasn't feeling my best, this was a toilet i just didn't appreciate, but at least it was clean.
Recently, there has been a survey done on public toilets in the area and the one I like using was reported as being shamefully inadequate as regards cleanliness and facilities.
Since then, it's brilliant! Always TP available, soap in the dispenser, towels available, hot water, clean toilets and floors, and no apparent drug taking in the cubicles.
No improvement on the frequency of hearing other guys plopping, but at least those who do use the toilets will appreciate the cleanliness and enjoy their shits more!

Well, That will have to be it for a while, so until I'm here again,in two weeks time, wish all of you good times and good health and that your visits to the toilet are the way you like them!
PLOP WELL !!!! Yours, P P G

Friday, May 25, 2001

Diane: Sorry about Melissa. It's so hard to lose someone you care about. I will miss her. I know that many here feel the same way. I wish there was a way to console you. I am very sorry.
): Carmalita: I feel the same way you do about Huey.

Billy & Kevin L.
Those are nasty piles of poo in the picture. The girls are kind of funny. One is like yeah that's my production and the other looks like what am i doing here? The one on the right needs to eat more fiber.

This morning, neither of us had to poop after breakfast. We ate breakfast, and then went to the bathroom to pee and poop. My little brothers Josh and Jeremy were woke up. Jeremy was on the little potty and Josh on the big toilet. Josh is getting big enough that he does not want to use the little potty, unless it is an emergency. He usually waits. Jeremy doesn;t care, so he uses the little one. Yesterday, I had to take a massive dump after breakfast. Josh entered the bathroom to poop at the same time I did. I asked him if he would use the little potty. He said no. So I did. I dropped two big logs and then some really lose stuff. It really reaked. After dinner, we both had to poop again. THis he said, you really stunk up the bathroom this morning. You go first. I dropped two logs. After hte first one, he said he can't wait and sat on the little potty.

Devon Athena:sounds like a good piss

This happened to me a while ago but i still remeber it clearly remember it.

So me and a colpe of my teen friends were yaking and I got a bad cramp.It was so bad i doubled over. They asked me if I was ok.I of course said I gotto F!King Crap! They carried me over and slipped of my tight rubber pants and took og my thong.The also removed the old tampon. They then sat me on a fllen tree. James and brad held me up while Sally was behind me to see my load.I grunted and pushed out a long 3 ft long! I was very constapated. Then a flow of explodeding diharia came out and covered sally. She undressed and ran inside to take a shower. i finished up and went inside. I found Sally naked and wondering what to wear,since we wernt the same size.Than my pops came home and came in.Sally ran naked,carrying her smelly clothes. She must been So embarased

While at work today I had to crap really bad. But due to my shyness I have put myself in agony trying to hold in turds at work. Is anyone else here to shy to poop at work?

I keep hearing abot JC Penney, and their doorless stalls, but I went to the ladies room there yesterday, and the stalls had doors on them....

What page is Melissa death on?

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