First horseshow of the season. as usual we pitch camp and meet all the others catching up on all the news from the off season. The normal pre start party and early to bed. Next day off to our spot behind the stables a little way off the beaten track in the bushes for our normal early dump. I had the usual ball and mush poo and Linda her pre event nerves poo. Windy and wet almost liquid but by the volume very complete. While there I said to Linda that someone else beat us to it and I hope it is not a man as we have are not into pooing in front of guys we see all day. Imagine the thoughts in those heads. She said yes someone was here but by the position of the pee in relation to the poo it looked like a girl. There was a large puddle to the one side that baffled us both. We thought it may have been a guy peeing. Cut a long story short the next day we go down very early just before first light and are busy quietly dropping the loads when I hear movement and the thought goes throu gh my head that it is the other pooer. God not a man please. We wait quietly about to sing out at the first glimse. Just then a young girl of about twenty comes around the bushes and stops dead in her tracks at the sight of these two slightly senior ladies in the position. We are 45 and 46. She says sorry but she really needs a loo and the public ones are revolting. Linda of all people says come on in we are nearly done. Now I just sit there oozing a wet poo out but notice that she has a little 1 litre bucket with a sealable lid. On this is a small face cloth. She quickly puts it down gets her loo paper out of her pocket and very smoothly strips off her track suit bottoms completely. She assumes the pose and now we have three at full throttle. Linda finishes, wipes and gets going to prepare the horses. I need a little longer as I am feeling a little bloated and gassy this am. I decide to ask as to the bucket and cloth. This blond who I now realise is not shy at all explains to me that because she is rather hairy down there, strange for a blond, that she is inclined to having skids in her panties. Not needed with white johdpers. She then shows me this blond fluff around the butthole that is now a little dirty as she has done a horse proud by the heap lying there. A wipe and she opens the bucket and washes with the cloth and soap, and dries with paper. I was fasinated and could not wait to tell Linda about this little blondy. That was the larger puddle next to her presentation!!!

Traveling Guy
Diane in the State of New York - Melissa's passing surprised me, as it did a lot of others here, coming so suddenly. My sincere sympathy and prayers.

On a more lighthearted note, a friend who manages the special events parking operations on a large campus was short of staff this week and asked if I would help park a large number of school busses for an elementary and middle school field trip event. Once each bus was parked, we had to ask the driver the name of his or her school or school district. One woman driver, about 35, with long, blond hair, told me quickly and then said, "But before I do anything else, I really have to pee!" I told her she could either go inside the arena or use the porta potties at the opposite end of the parking lot. Both were at least a three minutes' walk away. She went for the porta potties. I could see that she was really desperate, walking fast and yet trying to hold it at the same time. I wished I could have done something for her. I tried to keep my eyes on her to check her progress, but I had more incoming busses to worry about. Later on, I saw her with some other drivers back ! near the busses and I guess she made it in time. It reminded me of past posts from Anne, the UK bus driver. Even though we safely handled about 7,500 students each day, not once did I see any of them or their teachers in obvious need of a pee, disappointingly

While the the event was on, the boss was talking about a new, local visitors' center designed to greet out-of-towners and guide them to lodging, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. Yet they have large signs that say, "No Public Restrooms Inside." Said the boss, "What's that all about? When people come off the road, they just want to crap." Our mixed gender crew had a good laugh.

Hiker - That was a great story about Mafa, you lucky devil! Have a great autumn and winter down there.

Some Guy
That masthead pic is amazing. I wish I knew where the moderator got his pics. And there is a pee sighting in a video. It's very short and no, you can't see a stream or anything, but in Sum41's "FatLIP" video, you see a girl with her pants down squatting near a garbage bin as her friend tries to shoo the camera away.

I don't know if I posted this before, but in the movie "Paranoid", there is a scene where the creamy Jessica Alba sits on a toilet and you can hear faint tinkling.

I am sorry to hear about Melissa.

kevin from calgary
TO BEN yes it was very cool both of us got very turned on by what we had done that night, by the time we got home we both were stinking pretty bad.

This incident just happened two days ago very much to my suprise.
Theres a new girl in our office, recently coming from england so she is still a bit home sick and a bit lonely SOOOOOOOO yours truly asked her if she wanted to go out for a few drinks, she said yes.

Now petra (yeah weird name i know) is twenty four very slim long blonde hair about five foot three and best of all SINGLE.

Well anyway we went out for supper and a few drinks finaly we left the pub and headed home.

Now we had just walked to the pub, about half way home petra mentioned she needed a wee she clutched her crotch and winced iam gonna wet me knicks if i dont go soon, she leaned foward slightly we carried on walking but it was no good petra said ok kev i need a bog now i cant hold it any more as she said that a wet patch appeared in the crotch of her jeans.

Petra without even looking to see if anyone else was looking, dropped her jeans and white cotten panties she squatted down and peed and peed, AAAAAHHHHHHHH oh sweet relief she sighed, then she stopped peeing for a moment and a look of concentration came across her face, petra let a fart go and suddenly a big dark brown poo slowely fell from her cute little bum.

She finaly finished, she got up pulling up her panties and jeans, hey i said you never wiped petra looked at me and laughed with what? i have no kleenex so iam just gonna have to be a little uncomfortable for a while.

Like i said i was in total shock, but the great thing is were seeing each other again on friday so maybe she may do the same thing again (he he he).

Do you suppose there are a lot of people out there who like to talk about and watch people pee or poop and just keep quiet about it. My cousin who is now 18 has said things and behaved the way I do about bathroom things. She has asked me more than once if she can watch me poop. I have always just said no because of the family thing. She never minds if I am near by when she poops and she talks about it openly. She has even called me into the bathroom when she is done to see her accomplishment. One time she asked me where she was going and I told her, "I gotta take a dump. Want to come with me?" Her eyes lit up. I wouldn't let her come in, but I did let her sit around the corner while I did it with the door open. Now my uncle, her dad, tells me that he used to hide in the bath tub at parties under a pile of laundry to watch the girls pee. Does it run in the family? I have always thought I was alone in my interests. Listening at the door, laying on the floor and looking under the door, watching the girl next door who ever closed the shade, seeing my girlfriend poop. I know that every person I walk by isn't like me, but do you think there are more than you might realize. (This post may look familiar as I posted on earlier bringing up similar points)


If your girlfriend told you she was pooping (on the phone) so I think she suspects about your fetish !

Think over about that: I guess she was playing with you !

It is so sad to find out that Melissa has passed away. Gary and I send our condolences to her family. It certainly puts things in perspective. She will definitely be missed.

I had another unusual day of bowel movements. These were not runny, diarrhea-type BMs, but rather ones of the soft serve ice cream server gone beserk kind. At 9am, I pushed out a full load of soft poop, flushing while seated once. At 11:30 I rushed into the ladies room and had another big load, enough to flush while seated twice. At 3:00 I had another session where I had to flush twice while seated. At 5:00 I felt such a huge cramp that I almost had an accident in my panties, but I managed to rush into the bathroom in time. I proceeded to push out wave after wave of soft poop, enough to flush the toilet four times while seated. I was in the middle of wiping when I was overcome with another stomach cramp and almost pooped on my hands as I unleased several nasty waves of poop, flushing three more times while seated. Even after I got home I had to rush into the bathroom and have another major session, flushing the toilet three times while seated. I do feel much bette! r now.

I am just curious if any really gorgeous ladies read these messages here. If so, when you take a really satisfying shit and you leave a public facility where the poop happened, does it ever show on your face that you just finished a truly magnificent shit and you want the whole world to know just how great it was?

Hello everyone!
KIM and SCOTT- In answer to your question, I am not a male cheerleader. Never was, but I do love sports. But pooping sports are the king!!! I really enjoyed reading about your last pooping story and how you love to get naked when you take one of your monsterous dumps!
CARMELITA- I am sorry to hear about your latest breakup. They can be extremely hard. I had one not too long ago and they stink! I will be here for you if you need to talk. I did enjoy your last pooping story with your friend Tesa. I would love to see you poop and then do one for you!
To everyone else, thank you for making me feel welcome here. I really do appreciate it very much.



Yup, Kegel exercises are great for the pelvic floor, and I've often wondered if they have helped me avoid flooding myself on accasions when the desperation has found me a long way from home. I was walking home the other evening and considered the bushes -- even had the impulse to just stop and wee in the street. It was pretty much dark, and there were some inviting trees... I didn't, of course! Just held on til I got home!

LOUISE -- Hey, that was a delightful park romp, and I'm so glad you finished off a major pish with a sweet desert!

Yes, I can see that too -- the three of us, you, me and Malita, all turned out a real picture, all standing side by side at the wall! Hee-hee!!!! What fun that would be! We'd have to have Steve get the evidence on film!

Hugs, darling, and happy fountains,

Your friend,


Once at the mall I really had to pee. I went into the main restroom and let it go into a urinal, firing my very yellow stream straight down onto the blue urinal screen creating huge amounts of aromatic foam. It seems like when my urine is really concentrated, it makes much more foam, whether I fire it into a urinal or a toilet at home. These urinals don't have any type of detergent block like many do, just a plain blue screen. I purposely put my dick away before I was done and did a big squirt into my tan shorts. I had a very obvious wet spot leaving the restroom. Occassionally I do this just to see how many people will look at it and if they have any reaction. Teenaged girls get the biggest kick out of it and look shocked, they sometimes point me out to their friends and they're like: "Look, that guy wet his pants!" Once a girl of 8 or 9 said to me: "You wet your pants!" And I said: "I know, I had a lot to drink and I hold it too long." She caught a whiff of it, to! o.
Anyone else get a rush out of doing this, and how often do you do it?


I know how you feel, bud. I was a lot like you when I was a
young man. I hope you don't make the same mistakes I
made. I became a real pest and nagged my lovely girlfriend
to pieces about me wanting to join her in the bathroom. I
lost a fine woman that way. She finally gave in after all my
prodding but she was ashamed of herself and never forgave
me for it. I would say you should be gentle about how you
approach the subject, and if she doesn't want to play dirty,
then find other ways (like this site) to satisfy your
curiosities. You really should try to hang on to her if you
care about her that much.


Mud on you :P ! ...Besides it WOULD turn on half the
dudes on this site, and that may be mother nature's way of
helping people find the mate that's right for them. Men that
are not easily grossed out are your brave/intelligent types.
Men who are easily grossed out are more like your
mind/spirit/management types. Our chicks do things that
attract us, your chicks do things that attract you.


This one is about Jessica. Sweet 16, beautiful and terminally ill. She had some kind of
disease where her kidneys slowly deteriorate and she was not expected to turn 25. Her
beautiful mother had never known danger and could not relate to how it feels when the
grim reaper is near. I have also had him standing over my shoulder for years, so we had a
special friendship. I was renting out a room in their 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. Lucky
me. Her mom was my age, blonde and naturally beautiful. Unfortunately, she had a
boyfriend and the two daughters were too young to date. I still relished in living in a house
full of pretty girls, though! Since I had come to Colorado to make war upon my enemy, I
had brought zillions of cameras and surveillence equipment. Out of the importance of my
mission, and out of repect for the ladies, I never used it on them. Oh but I dreamed about
it! I could have had video of their mom (Kathy) and all her friends from three different
angles in any room in the house. My, My.... but duty called. At any rate, one day Jessica
had been in the house alone when I came home. When I went to the bathroom, I found a
book laying face down, a white high heeled sandal on the floor, and a teenager sized
jobbie floating in the bowl. I thought it belonged to her friend who had also been around,
but when I mentioned it to her she turned beat red. She smiled her bracey smile and turned
with her blonde, butt length hair flying and ran down the hall. It was cute. She was too
embarassed to mention it again, even though she cussed and smoked like a sailor. We
spent quite a bit of time in the house alone and became close friends. I was like a big
brother to her. I think she might have taken me into the bathroom with her had I stayed
there longer, like her mom always did with her boyfriend. One day, though, we were
talking while she was at the mirror and she needed to poo. She closed the door most of
the way and I heard her sit down. I could not see her, but I could hear and smell
everything. We continued our conversation while she tinkled and plopped. I remember
feeling some sadness because her poo smell had a strange scent in it. I knew that scent was
the scent of her body slowly dying. A sad reminder of things to come. I couldn't dwell on
the idea because she was just too young and lovely. Not long after that, I had to move out
because her sister started stealing things from me, but as far as I know Jess is still healthy.

Diane New York
For convenience sake I'll just post as Diane New York.
Well itís been a little over a week since Melissa passed away but if feels like an entirety. Yesterday I went to her funeral. It was a beautiful mass. Then later the mass ended and she was buried. At least she had limo-loads of friendís show up to pay their respects. Itís terrible going to a funeral for some one who is younger than you are. Iím just 23, sheís younger still at 22. Iím sure gong to miss her a lot.

Well on more of a positive note, my boss (or should I say former boss) went into retirement Today and I received the reigns of the company in a peaceful transition of power. Drunk with Power! ALL RIGHT!

Logger: You asked if Melissa had any chronic problems. None that I knew of.

PV: The M.E. did say that stress and high blood pressure might have caused the stroke. Well I know that her job was very stressful and I guess her lifestyle was very stressful also. I mean someone who could drive from Long Island all the way up to Maine in just one stint and do it again in the reverse probably might have undergone a lot of stress. She used to have high blood pressure awhile ago but she took care of it.

Now thanks to all the other concerned people for their condolences: Rjogger, Cammy, Logger, Kim and Scott, Althea, Upstate Dave, Carmalita, Maggie, PV, Ring Stretcher, and Rizzo. If Melissa could read this, she is probably grateful for everyoneís concern about her.

MY Story:
Well after from coming home from Melissa funeral, I was bored and upset. So I tried something that might be interesting just for the hell of it. I had my husband cover the floor with plastic bags to protect the beautiful hardwood from damage. So I went to the very top stair and leaned my muscular butt over the railing. I then pulled down my pants and relaxed. Then I felt a log emerging from my butt and it landed on the plastic with a thud. Then I pushed some more and another log fell out of my butt and landed on the floor about 30 ft below. The door bell rings and I didnít believe who it was. It was the late Melissaís sister Maranello! She said she came by to visit. So then she comes by direction and sees me with my but hanging over the railing. She probably thought I was drunk. To my great surprise however, she comes out of the kitchen with 2 cold beers in her hand. She joins me and lifts up he skirt and hung her but over the railing. We both made a toast a! nd started drinking. No words were said. We just pooped. I kept pushing out rather large logs while she just pushed out rather small logs. I told my husband to get us some toilet paper and he throws it up and we both began wiping our assess. And we drop the paper on the floor. Me unlike the late Melissa, I like trying new and daring things. Iíve only seen her a few times but she is an amazing physical specimen like her late sister. Long waist length blonde hair (Melissaís was brown), beautiful smile and built like what you guys here call it: ďA Brick Shit HouseĒ. She must have been 6í5 because she easily towered over me at 6í0. She had huge arms just like her late sisters. I remember Melissa saying she had a twin sister and I suppose Maranello is her twin sister. Melissa wasnít exaggerating they look EXACTLY THE SAME! And her legs were like the trunks of a tree. She must have been easily over 300lbs. She was beautiful like her late sister. But unlike Melissa, s! heís not stubborn. She was a body builder just like her sister. And again I look like a wraith when compared to both of them even though Iím not small at 6í0 and 295lbs. Well then after the pooping. I had to clean up. But at least it was all on the plastic bags. Hope Iíll have more great experiences to share with you guys. And I Hope you guys like this story.


PS: How on Earth can a woman pee standing up? Somebody please explain.

Carol -Housewife
Hello all! Greg K, what sort of women do you associate with? Since I was a kid, Im now 40, I have always worn a clean pair of knickers every day, sometimes even changing them twice a day. This was taken as read in my family, my siblings and parents also wearing clean undies and this has been the rule for myself, my husband, and my son and daughter. Also, I have always wiped my anal and vulval regions after doing the toilet either for a wee wee or a jobbie. Most people I know that intimately do likewise. I just could not happily wear the same pair of knicks for two days, Id feel lousy!

I did a big easy jobbie today. Not SOFT but on the grading scale that Scots Tony posted a few years back it would be a 3 where 1 is hard and lumpy and a strain to pass and 6 is watery diarrhea. Soft was a grade 4. I needed a wee wee so went to the Ladies toilet at work. As I sat there doing my pee I felt this great load come down into my back passage and my ring opened and this lovely big smooth jobbie oozed out with very little effort from me and landed in the pan with a "FLOOMP!" When I stood up with my pale blue knickers still down and had a look this great light brown sausage lay in the pan with about 5 inches sticking up out of the water. I must have been 15 inches or so long and 2.5 inches thick. Of course it stuck in the pan. so I left it for others to see.

On the question of peeing stories I wet my knickers a couple of weeks ago. In had gone out to visit a friend and had drank a few glasses of white wine. Walking back I needed a wee wee quite desparately but there was nowhere to go. Now as luck would have it there was a thunderstorm and a torrential downpour so I simply stood still with my legs apart and let go soaking my White Marks and Spencers cotton briefs. With the pavement already wet nobody would have noticed any puddle and I got soaked anyway so when I got home it was straught into the bathroom, wet skirt, bra and blouse and pissy knickers off and into the washing machine while I had a shower and changed into clean panties. No big deal, accidents happen but this time the weather did me a favour by hiding the results.

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO DIANE-scott and i are sooo sorry about the passing of melissa again. i hate to get personal but did she take any drug enhancing formulas to make her get bigger?like steroids. they are dangerous. scott and i lift weights and do other cardio-vascular excersises but we never use drug enhancing formulas. just wondering about her life. keep healthy diane. so long now!
TO AUSTIN-hi! i liked your post with you having a log on the island . thanks for saying the lady was in my league in hotness.(by the way i look like a young cheryl ladd from the tv series charlies angels or trish stratus from pro wrestling fame. im that type!) to answer your question when the girl leaned over and held her abdomen when you where puttering past on your boat i think she was probably sorry she saw you have your log. thats what i austin you sound like such a fun to be with,rousing funny guy. maybe i should visit texas again(scott and i have been there before)maybe when i visit i can give you a big thrill by getting naked and sitting on your lap as i crash out one of my gigantic torpedoes into the bowl.I THINK YOU WOULDNT COMPLAIN IF I DID THAT!HAHA! be well.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello. thanks for liking my last post and its good to see the first edition of the "shit illustrated mag" was sold out!plus it would be good to do a double cheerleader layout with my friend debbie. she has great-big pom-poms too if ya know what i mean!haha!and real sexy!!maybe when you look inside this issue you will see a full color spread of me and her buddy dumping.with me sitting on top of course. i like to be on top when im buddy dumping with others.i bet you and other men would like to see that! debbie like i said though is shyer than i am and doesnt like to show off her logs but it would be interesting if she decided to do well john and bye all. more kim and scott stories later.

Rizzo: Hi sweetie. Are you sure you're not getting me confused. I'm not sure about the comments you made about my underwear. I like to wear sexy undies, but generally I try to keep them out of sight. I do generally wear quite short skirts but I'm also quite careful to ensure that people don't get to much of an eyeful between my legs.

Louise: Hi girl! I know what you mean about being desperate. I nearly got myself in a predicament earlier. I was out to lunch with a client (drinking too much as usual - not alchoholic as I was working but several large cokes...). After a while the inevitable happened and I needed a wee. The thing is I was with my boss and it was a very important client and the topic had turned to business which really needed my input so I couldn't just nip off for a wee. I was sat there keeping my legs tightly together to stop myself from weeing everywhere. A couple of times I had to hold myself under the table, hoping no one noticed. Eventually the client finished and I was able to go to the ladies. I think I literally ran across the restaurant. Fortunately there was an empty cubicle and I was so desperate I didn't even shut the door. I just lifted up my skirt and pulled my knickers down and immediately started weeing. I was going for at least 30 seconds and during my wee a c! ouple of ladies came in and gave me a funny look (this was quite a fancy place we had gone to - not really the sort of place to wee in public), but I was soooo desperate I didn't care who saw me. Eventually I finished and did push the door to before wiping and pulling up my knickers.

For Rizzo, my knickers are white lace with a bow on the front and I'm wearing a very short cream skirt - and no peeping my dear!

Take care everyone. hugs,

DIANE - I am very sorry you have lost your Friend Melissa.
It is very sad how someone can be struck down like that.

JULIE - Hi girl! Hey so you need a little bit more height
to reach the basin, right? Well it may be that is not a
problem. If you have some bathroom scales that you know
will not slip then standing on them would give you an extra
inch and a half wouldn't it? Why not try it, but be sure
the scales will not slip.
I liked your story of when you were at the birthday party
when you accidentally wet your knickers and drunkenly
forgot you did not have them on. I have gone without my
knickers because I have squirted a bit in them quite a
few times, but I do not think I have given anybody anything
to look at like maybe you did. LOL When I have gone without
them I have had some longer skirt on most of the time, but
I like my little black dresses too. You know I think I have
an idea what to wear and what not to wear for when Steve
comes home soon.
I bet your friend Sue is a lot of fun to wee in the potted
plant. There is a big potted plant that stands on the floor
in our office, and I have stood over it and weed in it about
four times now. Only when it has been late and I have been
on my own and locked the office door before I did it! LOL
Oh yeah, Rizzo is right, Steve liked what he saw when I had
a wee in the sink in that scissors style. What you do is
stand with your hip close to the sink, swing that leg up so
your pussy is over the basin. When you let go and squirt
like that it is a lot of fun.
Did you say you ever had a wee standing up, like in the bath?
I bet you would think that was fun too especially if you
watch in a mirror! Love, Louise xxx

RIZZO - Hi guy! Oh I loved that story of when you and your
wife were so desperate and weed together by the hedge. I know
how she must have felt and sometimes Steve gets the same way
you did when he looks at me. LOL I tease him just like your
wife teased you! Steve will like the story, I must get him to
read it. Maybe we can cross streams sometime like you two did,
I bet I would like that! I think your story was really romantic
in a funny kind of way! Maybe you liked how I surprised Steve
yesterday morning. I did not do the same again today, gotta
keep him guessing! Love, Louise xx


Thursday, May 24, 2001

I have a problem. I am quite a fan of pooping and peeing, sometimes in girlfriend, I'm pretty sure, isn't. I really love her, and I don't want to lose her, I would give anything not to lose her....but I don't know how to tell her about this interest I have. I mean, she's interested in it to, but not in the same way. She loves to joke about it and stuff, she pooped while she was talking to me on the phone was great. I was so excited....and then, I felt horrible. She doesn't know I feel this way, and she just trusted me not to make a big deal out of her pooping. She asked me why I wasn't saying much, I didn't want to tell her that it was becaus I was trying to hear her. This is scaring me to death, and I don't know what to do. What do I say?

Hey, I have a question. I've seen a few women who have very long fingernails. How do they wipe their ass? Anybody have experience on this subject?

Donnie M. and all concerned: I worked in retail and hated it. I was a HS junior and senior. My first gig was in a candy store. I did not know better. We only allowed regular customers to use the water closet in the back. We had some feeble old women who constantly wet themselves. I refused to mop up behind them. Finally, I quit. I was no 15 y/o janitor. I thought the 10 and 12 y/o boys were cute when they had urination accidents.

Julie: The bathroom stories were better in the department stores. See earlier posts. I will tell you guys more. I am tired tonight and on a deadline.

No wonder that store chain quit. You would be surprised what accomodating people could bring.

Carmalita -
Well hello again, dear are a dozen roses for the sexiest pooper I know! I loved you story with Tesa. How I wished I'd been in the room watching and listening to you poop. You know when I first came to New York in the mid-80s, I witnessed a very sexy Latina lady poop in Central Park - you remind me of her. I was walking through the park one Saturday afternoon and I heard a fart coming from the bushes. I looked around and saw a young Latina woman in her early 20s, partly obscured by bushes squatting. I don't think she thought she could be seen. I stopped and was amazed as a fat turd started to come out of her bottom. It came out quickly and landed on the ground all curled up. She looked furtively around and she couldn't see me. She then took a tissue out of her purse and wiped herself. She quickly got up, pulled up her jeans (from the angle I was at, I didn't see her genitals) and walked away, looking around. When she had got out of sight, I walked into the bushe s and saw a fat, dark brown turd curled up and steaming. Boy, did it smell! And it tapered off to a point at the end. It was probably 15 inches long, maybe smaller. And by the side was a tissue with brown streaks. Anyway, that's my Latina poop story, Carmalita, sweet lady - how I wish that was you as I remember that sight in my head. You would have been much too young of course! Take care now, my beautiful Latina!

Ring Stretcher: I don't recall if I bled, being that it happened so long ago, but I don't think I did then. I don't remember if grunting was part of the sound effects, but I distinctly remember the loud farts.

Yesterday was an unusually busy day for me, toilet-wise. I usually take care of business before I go to work, but even before I got to my office, I was building up an urge to poop. As soon as I put down my things on my desk, I headed to the ladies room. I pushed out about six firm, medium-sized pieces of poop. That brought trememdous relief and satisfaction.

Just before lunch, I had another urge to go to the ladies room. Again I went, and this time I managed to push out more firm medium sized pieces of poop, this time a total of nine pieces. Again I was relieved after my deed.

An hour after my lunch, I started to build up another urge to poop. However, I was waiting for a client to come in for a meeting. She was a few minutes late, and the meeting ran a bit longer than we expected. By the time the meeting adjourned and she left, my urge to poop was tremendous, and my stomach was aching. I had to bolt to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and panties, and sat. The poop was already coming out before I got into position. I pushed out a long, thick firm piece of poop. It was followed by a succession of about a dozen fairly soft pieces of poop. I paused for a moment, then I felt a cramp and proceeded to push out a massive wave of soft poop that lasted 10 seconds. It was smelling bad by this time. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I pushed out another series of medium-to-long soft pieces of poop, one right after the other. I flushed the toilet while seated two more times before I was done. There was a lingering smell of poop as I left, but another sense of relief.

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