Upstate Dave
Good morning to everyone. Sorry to hear about Mellisa. I will miss her great stories. I hope that everyone else here is feeling fine. I am going to continue the hide and seek story today. This one involves a different person who was playing with us.

Barbie S had a younger sister about 1 1/2 years younger and she decided to follow me to where I was going to hide. We had a lot of small trees and bushes on the other side of the yard so thats where we wound up hiding.

Her name was Jeanie. We were in our hiding spot for about 5 minutes or so and she goes I have to go to the bathroom. I said you can go out of hiding and use the bathroom if you like. She said no. She did not want to be it, besides you have seen my sister go and I dont mind if you watch.

Where we were hiding it was on a downslope of a hill. I told her to face down hill so she would not pee on herself. She pulled down her pants and panties to her ankles. She did not squat down. Insteas she asked if I would sit down and she would sit down on my knees. She said that was more comfortable for her.

So I did what she wanted and she sat on my knees. She peed a little bit and she said I have a second surprise for you. She started to push and her rear hole started to open. A tan knobby turd started to show. She pushed again and with some crackling sounds it came out 3 more inches. Another push and it came out more and continued to move slowly. Asher shit was comming out at that point she started peeing again making a loud hissing noise. Her poop hung for a moment then fell on the ground and the last of her pee splashed on it. She stood up looked down at her 8 inch job and said that she was feeling much better. Then she spread her cheeks asked me if she was clean. I said yes. She pulled up her pants and we checked to see if the coast was clear and ran to home. Take care all. There is still one more part of this game to tell.

Hi fellas! Long time without posting, but I was travelling in North Africa.and had to work a lot to make that 2-month stay as good as it could be...and it was.
But in january (high summer in Chile), I went to camp to the beach with a friend of mine, Mafalda (Mafa for short), a really cute 27-year old blonde and petite woman in a remarkable good shape, as she is into aerobics. Her hair is slightly curly and shoulder-length. I was also her mountaineering instructor, so a high degree of confidence exists between us.
We had planned to stay about ten days in a somewhat deserted beach in the north of the country, where nobody arrives but the sporadic nudists, so we felt comfortable going around naked or almost. I knew that Mafa had a ‘little’ problem, that consisted in her impossibility to defecate when she’s out with more people, or anywhere without a proper toilet; I had discussed this with her lots of times before, as this made her trips to the mountain very hard, and given that when you set out of the tent to take a shit and it is –20º outside, you have to be FAST at it, I thought that she had to correct that shyness (of course, she is not able to take a shit in a plastic bag in front of other people inside the tent, like most of the mountaineers do when it is too cold to get out. To her fun, I had done that several times in front of her).
This time, we were determined to be lazy, so we brought a good amount of food and delicatessen, and set camp in a secluded and lovely beach at the foot of massive cliffs.
We ate a lot, and spent a great time, but by the third day Mafa said she felt uneasy, feeling a belly ache ; I asked her if it might be her period, but it wasn’t. She told me instead that it was because she had not ‘go to the toilet’ in all those 3 days ( in fact 4, as she had a shit the day before we left Santiago, the city where we live), so the clogging inside her was massive. She said that she had tried , but with no results, and asked me to massage her ???? to try to make her willing to go. I massaged her for a while (she wore a high-cut white tank swimwear), but the friction made my hands felt sore, and I proposed her to make some exercise to let her bowels start to move. We jogged a little, and climbed the cliff 3 times, and when we made a break at the tent to have fruit juice, she started to feel the urge to defecate. It was 3:05 PM, and the summer heat was almost unbearable –mostly after all that exercise- but there was no shade at all. Anyway, she got naked (the! swimsuit was unnecessary) and headed behind a dune where we had established the ‘toilet’; I got naked as well,and laid beside the tent, while feeling the need to defecate too, after all that climbing and running.
Suddenly, she shouted from behind the dune asking for the toilet paper she had forgottten, so I walked to her to bring it, supposing that she was done, but she wasn’t: I asked what had happened –about 5 minutes had passed since she went behind the dune-, and Mafa told me that she felt too alone there, and asked me to stay to chat with her while she tried to shit. I was amazed, as she is very pretty and always had wanted to see her take a shit, but asking her if she might feel uneasy if I was there looking at her; she said “No problem, we had spent too many things together, that this is just one more; and I NEED to shit right now!” So we started to talk, and soon the conversation went into the pooping grounds: she was amazed at the size of my turds –very large, I have to say, although I am very slim, though fit, as well- and said “Wish I could do one of those today, but when I make too big turds, my anus pains; do you feel any pain?” I said her that I do not usually feel pa! in when defecating big pieces of shit, except some times, and told her that I wanted to take shit right then, as I wasn’t able to hold it any more. She agreed happily and we started to buddy dump naked, quite a crazy sight, I think! After a few seconds, I started to shit a big and solid turd to the amazement of Mafa, who pointed that the piece was the diameter of my wrist, and maybe more. It kept coming out of my anus for about half a minute, and landed on the hot sand looking like a big brown fish laying there. She was in awe, and said that that was ‘an inspiration’ for her, and after a slight push, the tip of a turd that looked big started to appear in her anus (sha asked me to check what was happening); I pushed another log, smaller though still big and kept squatting while looking at Mafalda’s butt while she slowly let out a long and hard turd, almost as wide as the bigger of the two of mine, and more than 30 centimeter (one foot) long. Her face reflected the strain she! was making, and was turning a bit red, while she said that it was quite painful, but that she also knew that that was necessary at the point. Then, she farted shortly and started to let a second one as big as the first, while I looked at her naked body squatting and defecating those big shits. She was sweating heavily, due to the heat and the effort, and after she was done, we stayed there in the same position we used to take shit, admiring each other’s pieces. We wiped then, and as we both felt a pain in the anus, we checked each other to see if there was some wound or rip (due to the sand); we had nothing, and it was all due to the stretching of our sphincters. I congratulated her for her achievement, patted her in the cheek (she did the same for me), and ran to the sea to clean ourselves. After the bath, we tumbled beside the tent to take a naked nap, well deserved after all that effort.
Since then, we have a different kind of relationship...and Mafalda is able to go to take shit in the camp much easily than before.

Take care and enjoy your Northern summer , guys!


Sir poops alot
Years ago, I worked in a supermarket in Florida. It was part of my job to clean the bathrooms, and stock them with toilet paper. One day, I walked into the ladies room to perform this duty, and two my suprizeI saw the legs of two girls sitting on the toilets, already performing their duty. I stood there shocked and aroused listening to what they said, and heard one say, "well you can't just leave it there." No, that couldn't be what she was talking about. I quickly left the bathroom and waited for them to come out. I watched them walk away, wishing I could only get my nose against their jeans and deeply inhale to check how their butts smelled. I then went to check to see if they had left any evidence of a poop behind. I was lucky. There it was. Floating in one of the bowls was a large chunky, but poorly formed load, and the remenance of three wipes. I was aroused to know that this had come from the stinky butt of a local teen age girl. ps Does anyone have a good celeb poop sto! ry?

Hi.all-it's nice to be home and reading all these good posts on here-was gone for awhile and really had to catch up-sounds like i missed a few good masthead pics-I see today's is a repeater
Anyway,after the other days big gym poop,i didn't go at all yesterday,but this soon as I got up i really had to go pretty bad-usually i don'y have yo poo for about 1/2 hour to an hour after i get up,but not today-climbed out of bed with both a full rectum and a full bladder.Got to the bowl and as soon as my butt hit the seat,I started pooing-it was soft and i didn't have to push at all-it came out like-plop,plop,plop plop and then i started to pee along with it,Then as i started to push out the tail end of my pee,i let out a long dry fart that sounded like BRrrraaaaaaap and i felt my anus pucker out and exploded and since i was leaning forward to make sure i don't pee on the floor,i sprayed the back of the bowl with mushy stuff,boy did that feel good as i let out a audible groan-most of the time i don't make any grunts or groans unless i really have to go bad or I hear other guys grunting or groaning ,but boy this one felt great! Then i sat there for awhile feeling ! like i ahd to go more but i just did some mucus and a few samll farts as i felt my anus really pushed out-i should have had a mirror for this one!Then wiped my butt and went to the shower-Bot here in the N.E. the weather has been like the N.W!I feel like i'm living in Seattle-soooo much rain so I can't poo out in the woods-I wish it would clear up here.I feel water logged!Let's see some more good masthead pics guys!Hope you ladies(or whoever!) enjoyed my poop today-I see the forum wanted some soft poo stories-hope this fits the bill! BYE

Ring stretcher: The story of the seven pieces of #2 was mine. It did hurt. But, I did not bleed. I was good for that daily. I was panting and straining.

Donnie M and all concerned: That was a dopey place. I will tell you more on another post. I worked in such places in high school and college.

Devon: I will sometimes forget or intentionally leave a toilet unflushed. In high school and college, I would sometimes leave my masterpieces for others to "admire". We all did. One time in 9th grade i had to urinate. I had to find a clean stall with toilet paper. I passed one that was filled with liquid diarreah. I found my stall, lowered my trousers and white briefs to my thighs and peed. this piss felt like heaven. When I was finished, plus I changed my tampon, I flushed. 2 other girls entered. One saw the adjacent toilet and said someone must have swallowed a box of Ex-Lax.
This morning I woke up to the urge. I sat on the bowl and released 5 medium pieces and a 30 second pee. I was pressed for time, took a bird bath and went to work. This eve, I came home to take a piss. I lifted the seat lid and found I did not flush. The water was rusty brown and color went out my brown pieces. They were silver gray. So I flushed quickly and peed.

Diane in the State of New York: I am sorry to hear of Melissa. Here today gone tomorrow. Life is short. Be careful, guys. Do not experiment or ignore your bodies.

I really enjoy the quality time I spend in the shitter doing my business. I noticed today that I spent 10 minutes actually pushing out the turds and about 5 minutes wiping my arsehole. I remember once seeing a poster of small child of about 3 sitting on his potty holding a roll of TP, and the caption underneath said: "I have no problems doing the job, it's the paperwork that I can't cope with". I know that most contributors to this forum take the act of wiping very seriously. What proportion of time in the toilet do you spend wiping compared with that spent doing your business?

To the person responding to Donnie M
Man, I thought the place where I work was run by a bunch of nazis! We have a lot of policies that are a big hassle to the employees and customers, but at least we don't have to gaurd customers in the bathrooms (but I better be quiet, I don't want upper management to get any ideas....)!

Has anyone read the recent Bond book "High Time to Kill" by Raymond Benson? There is a very amusing bathroom scene. 007 is checking out the bad guys' hotel room, and of course they come back while he's still there. So he hides in the bathtub hust as the beefy thug decides to take a leak. While he's doing his buisness, Bond sneaks up behind him, puts his Walther PPK to the thug's skull, and tells him to finish up. When he does, Bond tells him to "give it a good shake and zip up!"

RJogger: Hi there 'old man'!! Loved your story about running at the weekend!
Louise: Hi girl! Thanks for your thoughts! Your right about letting these things out - I do feel a lot better for sharing my experiences, albeit perhaps not that interesting. I was always bought up that going to the toilet was a private thing to be done behind closed doors, perhaps another reason why I'm really quite shy.

I do find weeing at the basins not the easiest thing in the world as I'm only 5'6". I did have another try at home last night like PV said (thanks for the advice PV!!) although my basin is a bit high for that...

Your story about wetting your white dress made me giggle - so much in fact that I nearly weed my knickers laughing! I can recall one time a couple of years ago when I was at a friends birthday party at her house. Usual sort of thing we all got blindingly drunk and after a while I needed a wee. I was wearing my little black dress, probably looked like a right tart. Anyway, I needed a wee and the only toilet was the bathroom and there were already a queue of people wanting to go.

In desperation Sue (one of my friends) and I frantically looked for somewhere else to go. Sue, who is far more extrovert than I am decided to go in a potted plant in the bedroom and left me 'on guard'. The sound of her weeing just made me feel even worse and I lost control and just started to wee my knickers and ended up making a big puddle on the carpet. I stood rooted to the spot with wee trickling down my legs. When I had finished my knickers were soaked and I ended up taking them off. This would have been a good plan apart from the fact I was so drunk I forgot how short my dress was. I'm sure for the rest of the night a few people got some interesting views every time I sat down.... Good thing I was drunk and don't remember much!

Hi...I had to go to the doctor today(check up..nothing bad or any thing) and i was in the car then i farted and a few miuntes later an strong urge to shit came on...i felt like something was brewing down there and it was gonna be the type of shit i could controll and then im saying i gotta hury up but when i get out of the car the urge totally went away and hasn't come back at all. I thought it would be an enjoyable shit in public as it felt to be soild and a big log. Thats it

Donnie M. - If that store chain didn't go belly up, I think they would be in line for a rather painful & expensive lawsuit.
If you can sue McDonalds for a million $$'s because of hot coffee, I don't think it would take much effort to convince a judge or jury that putative damages were in order. Being forced to soil yourself in public by some stingy store manager sounds like a great way to get a million or two. (If you can get your story on national TV, you may even get more!!)

Didn't this store have any electronic security?? It will allways be difficult to catch the 'professional' thieves, but it usually isn't too hard to catch the 95% of 'em that aren't.

Let me start off by saying that i'm relatively new here, and can see that this board needs much more in the way of peeing stories. I am a 16 year old guy and often get desperate to pee and sometimes wet my pants. Well, without any further delay, here's one of my stories

Two Sundays ago i went to a baseball game with my father. I had two large Cokes. The game went into extra innings, and by the 10th inning, i was needing to pee really bad. It came on pretty suddenly, and it was all i could do to hold it without fidgeting and holding myself. I didnt want to look too obvious, as there was my father and others around me. So i just sat there with my legs tightly pressed together, and it was getting hrder and harder to fight off each wave of desperation. I was trying to wait for a break in the action to go, but the inning just dragged on and on (you baseball fans know what i mean, throws to 1st, etc.). I was finally so desperate that i could barely hold it in without holding myself, which i wasn't going to do. I was just praying for the inning to end, so i could relieve myself without doing any in my pants, and as i was wearing baggy tan cargo pants any size accident would really show up badly. In addition, i was sitting in the middle of a row,! so i would have to disturb everyone to get out. Well finally, on the brink of squirting into my pants, i was able to go, and i looked like a fool, hobbling to the bathroom with my legs pressed together. I was right on the brink of wetting myself if i had to walk much farther. But i made it (OK, maybe i let one squirt into my boxers while unzipping), and enjoyed a very relieving pee at last.

What do you think? I'm really intersted in getting more pissing stories on this board, both guys and gals. Let's go!!!!

anonymous male
Well first of all you have to excuse my bad English. I have red these posts for a while and I think the site is great. I want to tell you about something I will never forget. For some years ago I was on a trip to Germany, I was at a host family for a week or so. A ate a lot of ?new? types of food and my stomach acted a little strange. One morning I stood brushing my teeth I felt like I really needed to use the toilet. So I sat down on the toilet and started to shit, since I had these sudden urge I did not lock the door. When I sat there right in the middle of doing a big poo, my hosts younger sister walked right in on me. She was so beautiful, and I got so embarrassed. My poo fell into the bowl and left a big ?plop? sound. She froze completely, just standing there looking at me. After about 3sec she said: ?I`m so sorry and rushed out?. Later I told her that I was sorry for not locking the door. She said she had not been careful enough. A lot happened during the following d! ays but three days later I had to pee and just went right into the toilet. She sat on the toilet, and she was not peeing because I sensed the smell. She was so sexy, I said I`m sorry. It`s ok she said, then we are even. I was stunned. I never mentioned it for her again.

To Jordan- well that was last summer and a bit of the falls so I only went like 2 weeks to school with the cast on and that was about it. I also don't usually poo at school. Well, my mom and aunt wiped my butt when I go to the bathroom when I need to do it when they are there but usually they're at work. My aunt goes to work around 1 pm comes are 10 pm and my mom goes around 9 am and comes around 8 pm or so. It depends on the shifts as well. My cousin was over at my house that one day an she couldn't stand the smell so she said she;d rather do it but she wasn't enthusiased about it. Also, I wouldn't have to wait for someone to wipe my butt in the bathroom because usually I stay alone at home. Things I found dufficulties with were eating, showering and clothing but anyone could help me with that one.

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Melissa! I just bawled like a baby. It's all too much anymore. It seems like everytime I log on here someone is sick, or has died. It makes me very sad, and I will miss her so much. I have such strong feelings for the people in here, it hurts me so bad to lose anyone.
All of you have made this such a beautiful place, with so many good things to admire in people (except of course, that rotten thing that Huey did to that poor girl!).
Melissa, I will cry for you, and on the day of the dead will remember you as someone very special.
Louise: Thank you, I am looking for a nice man. Hopefully he'll be right around the corner.
My love to all of you who've made this place so much fun. Take care of yourselves.

does anybody know any good books or movies with wetting pants scenes in them? please reply

I'm really really sorry for the lack of posts. My teachers have been throwing a lot of homework on us because school is almost out. To Craig: Man your really lucky to find a girl so uncaring to go in front of you. Hope it works out.
Sorry to hear about Melissa. We were reading a book in Language class were one of the characters vessels rupters in his head and he passes away.
To Secret: Man I wonder what your cousin was thinking when she had to change you.
To Billy and Kevin L.:That poor lady must of been really embarresed. I would have laughed if that was me.
To Jordan: No I haven't taking a dump in public lately. My brother was going to have a game today and was going to try to find something to buddy dump on but his game got rained out. I'm really looking forward to this summer.
Kevin from Calgary: Thats pretty cool that you and your girlfriend had an accident at the same time.
Well hope to have more stories later. P.S. My dad almost caught me reading the posts here. I've got to be more careful.

DIANE IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK: I'm so sorry to hear about Melissa. Too many people have died who post on this forum!!! First, quite a long time ago, it was CancerChild, then Heather, then Kendal's dad, then Melissa!!! I feel horrible.

I was at the baseball park today watching my brothers game when I got the urge to crap really bad. I walked to the bathroom and checked the stalls to see if anyone left a turd I could buddy dump on. So I checked and didn't find any. So I checked the other bathroom and there wasn't any so I checked the first again. By now I really had to go and when I walked in somebody had left a turd about 3 inches long. So quickly dropped my pants and went. I left it there for another person to see.

Hi,all-been away on business and just got in 2 days ago and been reading the posts-BTW-coolpic on the masthaed-you guys are getting warm!Next we want to see a lovely lady with a poo coming out her butt on the bowl!- or some outdoor pooing too!
TO RJOGGER-Hey neighbor-Really enjoyed the story with you and your wife pooing together on the bowl-also loved your story with your old friend out in the woods-wish that could happen to me!I used to do all that stuff with this nurse friend of mine i have mentioned on here a few times-those were fun days!I really do enjoy your stories-keep 'em coming!
TO CARMELITA-Olla,my spanish senorota!Super story with you and Tesa on the bowl-I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that one!Nothing like a post-tex-mex dump,right!semms like it just keeps coming out endlessly as you sit on the bowl!Check out my dump at the gym!
TO D R E-I used to do the finger thing when i was about 12-13 for awhile and it worked pretty well but i had a hard time getting the smell of myy finger and that to me was a big turn off-now i somtimes do the tiny sliver of Ivory soap up my butt and it really works well-I'm pretty regular,so i don't have to do that very often-but when i do i really poop a lot!
Had a big dump at the gym the day after i got home-was out in Montana on business and the whole time i was there,i was a bit binded up-yes i went every a.m.but it was a bit knobby and hard to go-so the day i got back i took some metameucil and the next morning as soon as i got up i could feel a bit bloated and i knew it was going to come on ,but not for awhile,so i went off to the gym-I went out to do my cardio stuff and after about 15 mins i really had to go-this was one of those inpending BM's that you could feel deep in your gut.So downstairs i went to the bowls and it was pretty busy with guys dumping,but there was 1 bowl open,so i went in and got undressed as another guy in the next stall was really unloading what sounded like a morning coffee dump with a lot of loose stuff and farts which really made me have to go!So i sat down and as i was sitting a hissing fart came out my opening anus-Oh this was going to feel wonderful as i felt the turd start to snake out slowly -I looked between my legs to see this turd grow and grow till it wqas touching the water-it was a bit knobby at first but after about 2 inches-it was smooth and i knew the metameucil was doing it's thing-As it was coming out i was getting bits of hissing gas coming out too.Then i decided to hold it off as the turd was touching the water and sat back and enjoyed the sounds of dumping going on in all the other stalls-In the next stall a guy came in and cleaned off the bowl and just as he is sitting down i hear a tight loud fart-it started as he was sitting down and you could hear the tone change as he sat on the bowl-it was cool.Then he let otu a groan and out came his morning excrement with a lot of gas and soft stuff-sounded like he really had to go-then I felt more stuff building up behind my long turd and just relaxed my asshole as it started to move out again-it stiil went on for a bit and then silently fell in the bowl-then i looked and saw-now i'm not kidding-a turd abou t 2 feet long!!It was about 1 1/2 in round but incredibly long!It was snaked arourd the bowl almost 2 times-looked like one of those sausage rools you see at those italian festivals!WOW-Boy did it feel great coming out!As i was admiring my creation,another guy came into the stall and sat down and exploded and then said" sorry about that"I said " hey this is the place " and we both laughed.then he let out whet sounded like a really long one with a lot of crackling and stuff-just then i falt another cramp and let out a long fart of my own and said to the guy in the next stall" see you are not alone" as i pushed out a lot of soft ice cream poop with some more farting as i peed like a racehorse-I usually pee after i'm done pooing but i had to pee bad too-it feel so good to pee and poo at the same time-I haven't pooed this much since i left!Then as i am pushing out this stuff the guy in the next stall lets out a loud fart and l;ets out some really loose stuff-boy were we doing so me shitting today!Then i noticed a lot of guys after they are done just sit there for a bit-I somtimes wonder if they get off like i do-i ued to think i was alone but since i've been coming here to the gym,i think other guys do it too-again,it's just a feeling i have.Then i wiped my messy butt and looked in the bowl and saw a big pile of soft stuff in the middle and the snake turd around the bowl-I felt sooo much better-i really needed that Boy that metameucil really make me do some really long ones-I really love the effect that stuff has on me,but i rarely uee it cause i rarely have any problem pooing! boy what a big load that was!!thank god it all went down as i flushed the bowl 2 times and i could still hear other guys farting and pooing as o left for the showers-i hope the weather here in the N.E.gets better so i can resume pooing out in the woods-this would have been a great poop to do in thew woods with some lady friend like RJOGGER-(hey maybe i'll have a buddy poo wit h you and you wife) !That poo goes out to all the lovely ladies on this forum!BYE

TO: Ben
When was the last time you messed yourself? Post your last accident.

To Ring Stretcher: It wasn't normal for me to shit 2(3) times a day....i usally go once every 2 days or so. Like yesterday i had to shit twice(with in 15 minutes of finishing the first time). I had a really loose shit last night.
I loved your shitting on the beach story....must have been really romantic with your bf. So what did you eat to cause you to have that huge log(like you said in the post...but you never said what you had eatten)??? Did your bf have a load on the beach too??

I got a question for every it me or what?? Does that lady on the toilet look alot like Shania Twain??(this is Tuesday May 22nds picture) or is it just me? I think it really might be her because i looked up her picture on another site and it really looks alot like her. So what do you think??


I am so terribly sorry about Melissa. I have been one of her biggest fans since she first came here, I have been enthralled and delighted by the adventures of this mighty Amazon, and I am so very sad to learn she is no longer with us. And I guess it underscores the uncertainties of life... One would think that a giant was immune to the struggles more modestly-made folks war with, but even for one who could bench-press the rest of this forum, there are no guarantees.

I used to think that Melissa had a future in movies. A physical specimen so incredible, with the nouse and style to go with it, should have been a success in the adventure pictures, and it would have been a delight to see it happen.

I am pretty devastated by this. May I ask, did the M.E. have any opinions as to what had caused the stroke? The exertion of body-building, or the vast effort she had needed, apparently many times, to empty her horse-sized bowels? It's not unknown for that to be the case... But what about the bloody vomitting and diarhoea over the previous few days? I keep thinking, if she hadn't been so stubborn, had gone to the ER as soon as that problem began, maybe they would have performed a few scans, realized there was a problem, and been able to do something ... anything.

Melissa will be deeply missed.

All my best, and my sympathy to you, her friend, especially,


Greg K.
To all the girls:
Just for curiosity, how do you girls wear bikini
underpants all day that get crusty and smell from
an accumulation of poop and urine? Do you really
think guys are that turned on by these, knowing that
they stink most of the time and you're not really
very clean?

Ring Stretcher
Poor Melissa from New York! I am so saddened to learn she died. If only she had gotton to a doctor or emergency room sooner. {oor baby..this is so distressing.

Good day to you all!
DIANE, I am so sorry for you to have lost your friend Melissa. She will certainly be missed by more than a few here. May she rest in peace.

CARMALITA, after your intimate and fantastic serial poop session with Tesa your were a sad lone girl because Tesa was leaving? And Jake is avoiding you because he fears conflict? Poor you, how can I cheer you up? I’ll give you a scratchy salty kiss and a big hug, because I’m 15 hours past my last shave, and I have sweated away hauling on ropes on my boat all day in the sun with salt spray flying around! And now I’m going to have that well deserved shower! Aaaaaah! Love you, Rizzo

LAWN DOGS KID, It’s good to hear some good news (under the circumstances) from your side. Kendal will be over the moon to find that Kirsty will be one of the holiday party! I bet you will enjoy your days in Lanzarote with the three girls, and I am already looking forward to possible toilet escapades! A peeing human pyramid for four? Don’t get caught in the act, however. Give Kendal a special hug from her uncle Rizzo! But if you give her the sort of hug I have in mind, let her go to the loo first to make sure she won’t squirt all over the place! You must have very dear and loving parents to plan such a trip for you all. I wish you all the fun and happiness you deserve! Love to all of you from Rizzo.

KENDAL, if you have a chance to read the posts, welcome back. During the time I had heard nothing from neither you nor from Andrew, I feared that something was afoot, but that it would turn out the way it did never came to my mind. One thing is clear though: your dad wished you to laugh, to be happy and to keep your humour! So do exactly that! Enjoy your life in full without any misgivings; your auntie PV and I will help you, and take care of you from cyberspace! With fondest love and that hug Andrew is going to give you, your uncle Rizzo.

PV, yes it is astonishing how quickly tea percolates through the system! First you have T for 2, then you P for 3, it seems! “Pelvic floor muscles of iron”! Do you keep them trained too? Keep them that way! I enjoyed your story of your high pressure gusher behind the garage! Wish I’d been there to “cross streams” (see below). Love from Rizzo.

JULIE, on page toiletpostuv I described in a message to PV how my girl friend (wife today) peed in a rickety sink. If you really want to get a man you already know intimately even more interested, try it. But I recommend you have a test pee beforehand, because depending on how your labia are pulled doing the scissors, it is possible that you get the back of your leg wet. In my view it is one of the most erotic ways a girl can pee! And then there can be situations when all else leads to a mess on the floor. Louise tested the method and caught Steve’s attention!
You seem to be very proud of your underwear! Alas, brand names mean very little to me. I’m a total moron when it comes to shopping for clothes! You said that you lower your panties all the way to your ankles so that they can be seen under the stall doors when you sit on the toilet. Do you also make sure that your panties are not twisted but are displayed to their full advantage when you do this? Just imagining that would be nice. It could be a new way to decorate shop windows: just lower portions of stall doors and feet in pretty shoes with panties displayed betwen the ankles! Wouldn’t that catch the attention of passers by, male and female! HA!

RJOGGER, so your friend N. finally admitted that she had “had” you all these years! Ha! Ha! Women! Aren’t they just adorable! Wouldn’t life be dull if they were otherwise!

Plunging Plop Guy, you are quite right saying that when a poster ceases to post, nobody knows why unless there is a partner or friend who can tell us. There are “n” reasons for posts to stop, and death is certainly one of them as we have learned here. It starts you thinking about including a last email to the moderators in your will, doesn’t it? Macabre thoughts.

STEVE and LOUISE, your outdoor pee for two reminded me of a memorable pee I had with my wife. I’ll post it here, especially for the two of you. The last sentence should just piont out possible consequences.

It was on a warm spring afternoon that my wife and I paid my old aunt and uncle a visit. To get there took us three quarters of an hour with the old Volkswagen beetle. For the occasion my wife wore a pretty sleeveless summer dress with a flaired short skirt of white material printed with little blue flowers and green leaves. Her shoes were blue plateau soled high heeled sandals with narrow thongs around the ankle. Because of the fine weather she wore no tights. I went in dark blue trousers and an open necked cream white short sleeved shirt and black shoes. My aunt had prepared a big pot of tea and a cake, and after some animated conversation my uncle came with a large Campari soda for each of us with plenty of soda water and ice cubes. After a while we said our good byes and left.
I felt quite a twinge in my bladder from all the tea and the Campari with sodawater, but I thought that there would be no problem in reaching the safety of the home loo before desperation set in. After ten minutes we turned on to a main road that passed through suburbs and promptly got stuck in the afternoon rush hour traffic jam. After a quarter of an hour of this I felt the pressure in my bladder rising at an alarming rate, and I was already regretting not having used my aunt’s loo. My thoughts turned to where the next filling station with a toilet might be. Those cups of tea plus the Campari soda must have resulted in a powerful diuretic! Looking across at my wife I noticed that she already had her thighs pressed tightly together and that she was gripping her seat with both hands. The red light ahead turned to green, but because the traffic on the other side of the junction only moved two or three cars at a time, we did not make it. “I need to pee something awful” I sai! d. “Me too,” answered my wife; “Try to find somewhere we can stop.” I remarked that at this speed we would take another half hour to reach the next service station with a loo. “I’m beyond caring if there is a loo or not! If you don’t find somewhere to stop the car, I’ll pee in it!” It had become that bad. In the meantime I found it difficult to accelerate the car gently when traffic moved, because I was beginning to bounce on my seat occasionally, and to give my dick a good pinch from time to time in order to postpone disaster.
The traffic light turned green again, and I just took the next right turn into a side street without much traffic that led to an area with detached houses with gardens. Another left turn and there was a dense privet hedge ahead. We stopped, the privet shielding us chest down from view of the house to which the garden behind the hedge belonged. “Am I supposed to squat right here next to the hedge in plain view of anyone happening to pass by?” my wife asked. After a moments thought I said: “Just open the door wide to shield you from view, turn in your seat so that your legs point out the door, move to the edge of the seat, put your heels on the running board, lean back, lower your panties to your knees and pee straight out of the car. I’ll go round the back of the car and shield you from view from the other side.”
I got out and hurried around unzipping my fly on the way and pinching my dick shut for the last two steps. Then I aimed at the bottom of the privet hedge and let go. A strong jet shot out and hit the lower twigs with force. A jet of pee from my wife was splattering the lower branches too. I did something I used to do when peeing with other boys when I was little: crossing pee streams to see if one stream could blast the other away. At the intersection our combined wees exploded into spray wetting a large area of the leaves. It was a draw! A few seconds later my eyes followed her stream from the point of impact up towards the source. There she was, my stunningly beautiful girl, leaning back on her elbows, skirt around her waist, her white thighs spread as far as her white lacy cotton knickers at her knees would allow, her heels perched on the running board, and peeing a strong stream in a shallow arc that passed between her shapely calves thereby just barely missing her k! nickers. She looked up at me with those dark blue eyes of hers above her now highly pink apple cheeks, and smiled. Wooo-Hooo! My stream began to falter, but I managed to continue to the final dribbles. By now she had finished, was pulling up her knickers without wiping because we had no tissues, thereby lifting and wiggling her hips (Ooooooh!), then she patted her skirt over her thighs in mock modesty and said with that certain mischievous smile of hers, “Honey, see to it that we get back home safely, will you?” I saw to it, although my priapic state made it a bit difficult to zip up and get back behind the steering wheel.
Back home we threw all precautions to the winds and a baby boy was born to us the next winter.

Bye, bye, happy poops for the weekend, Rizzo

Hi, everyone! I'm back after a short hiatus due to internet
connection difficulties. SO SAD to hear about Melissa's untimely
demise... MANY posters did their best to get her to go see a doctor... good effort, to no avail, unfortunately.
Kim: Thanks for keeping me in mind! I liked your delayed buddy dump
story... too bad you didn't see her go live, though. I think you ought to ask her about it. I think she could do a double cheerleader
layout with you for the second "Shits Illustrated" issue... what do you think? (The first issue is now sold out, unfortunately... but it
broke all magazine sales records for a first issue of a magazine!)

Carmalita: Hola, spicy senorita! I've been enjoying catching up on all of your exploits, too, of course! I especially like your recent
adventures with Tesa... she sounds very animated... almost up to YOUR
energy level! REALLY LOVED your TWENTY INCHER! WOW!!!

Diane in the State of New York - I just read about Melissa's passing, and I am in a state of shock. I still cannot believe that she is gone so suddenly, it's tragic. I feel like I have lost a friend. It must have been very hard for you to deal with this. My deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends.

Diane: Words just simply cannot express how deeply sorry I am to hear of Melissa's death. She was a nic person, and yes, abit stubborn, but nice nonetheless. But PLEASE do not blame yourself as you did everything you could and that's what good friends are for. That really sucks and once again, I'm sorry for your loss. Take care.

Diane in the State of New York,
I am nearly speechless. Did Melissa have chronic medical problems? I'm sorry to ask, but this is SO shocking. My sincere prayers are with Melissa, her family, and her friends. This is terrible. I'm so sorry.

JULIE - Oh dear, if I had been that girl who wet herself
in that queue, I would not have waited there in that queue,
but I would have tried to go somewhere else. I mean I
have had one or two accidents like hers but I think I did
laugh them off all right. Each time I tried not to
embarrass my poor boyfriend Steve too much LOL
It is such a good feeling though when you are soooo desperate
and you do let go and wee big time isn't it? Love Louise xxx

PV - Hi girl! Oh yeah, I liked your idea of using a urinal
when really dressed up. I bet you would really like it. I
like it very much when I have been in my business suit and
gone in the men's at work. It would be the best if I had
some other women to share that with, so yeah, you, me and
Carmalita would be great.
Steve went for his run this morning before he went to work,
I was just in time to see him go out. Well today I thought I
would go and surprise him. I put on my running shorts and a
vest top. I drove over to the park ahead of where Steve would
be, and I went running the opposite way to him so I would meet
him. I did need a wee and I felt heavy and a bit full but I
wanted to meet Steve and give him a little show to think about
today. When I saw him, he looked very good in his white t shirt
and black jog bottoms and I think he did not believe what he
saw going the other way. When I got near him I went off into
the bushes. I had not been for a wee before I went out and I was
full, so he stopped and followed me into the bushes. He had
run about 3 miles but he did not look like it, he was not
really sweating at all and his blonde hair still looked really
tidy and swept back like he always has it. He was surprised at me
being out there. I stepped out of my shorts and my knickers
and I squatted down. He stood there and looked down between
my legs while I was flooding the grass with my morning wee! I
was very noisy and hissed really loud into the bubbly puddle I
made. I pissed and pissed for ages. I thought I had stopped a
few times and then I started again. I thought I would not ever
stop. Steve thought it was the end and then I started squirting
again, it was very funny and we both laughed. Well I can not
wee forever so when I was done I took out Steve's willy and
pointed it at a tree, but he only did a little dribble because
he had been earlier.
Well I must have put him off his running, and I did not want to run
any more either, so we checked nobody else was about and then a bit
later, he needed to get his breath back again!
Good fun, and I bet he thinks I will do the same thing again tomorrow.
Well maybe!



kim and scott
greetings all!
scott and i just heard that melissa had died and where very upset to say the least! this is teribble terrible news. we wish to express sympathy for melissas family,husband joe and you diane-her good friend.she was only in her 20's still. way too young to die! scott and i are soo sorry.she will be terribly terribly missed!!
TO SUNDEVIL- sorry i thought you where a lady when your a man. so you are a male cheerleader?
TO RINGSTRETCHER,LOUISE,and PV-thanks for liking my latest story.
TO AUSTIN-thanks for saying the beauty on the beach was hot like me. your a flattering gentleman. thanks.
TO RJOGGER-thanks for liking my post.I usually have a huge log every other day or every two days. my mustang is fine by the way. RED-HOT! just like the red bikini i would wear over your house when i come visit you. and when i do i will take my bikini off and climb on the roof of one of your sporty cars,and with my shapely round ass facing you i will bang out a massive torpedo from my quivering hole into the about that!bye all!

Hi from Bonnie Scotland.

I really like the pretty, well proportioned blonde on the masthead photo. Looks like she is doing a nice big jobbie and enjoying the experience.

PPG I did find from an early age that certain foods had an adverse effect and would make my stools too soft and mushy for my liking. (I like them firm and solid). I learned to avoid all the brassica vegetables such as Sprouts, Cabbage, Spring Greens, and Lettuce. I cant stand the taste of these anyway. Root vegetables and tomatos dont have any nasty side effects nor do beans although they make me fart. Likewise many fruits would make my poo too loose. Dont like them either and I dont eat them. Before all the food freaks give me unwanted advice I make up the deficency caused by not eating fruit and veg by drinking a very nice food suppliment every day which contains all the goodness of the fruits and vegs WITHOUT the nasty laxative side effects or the awful tastes!

Otherwise I eat a fairly normal diet with no side effects. Most meats and poultry, some fish, cheese and dairy products, bread, pasta. As to drink, Lager, White Wine, Scotch Whisky and of course coffee with milk and sugar. Im a wee bit overweight like many men of about 50 but when I last had a very full medical (physical to you Yanks), including urine and stool sample , blood etc, no problems found. On the stool sample I took an old plastic sandwich box with a nice big fat jobbie in it. The nurse said, "Oh we dont need all the stool, a small sample would have done!"

Now on a normal diet my motions tend to be firm to easy, nice big long fat jobbies, usually one or two passed at a sitting. Often the largest turd will be too big to flush away first time and will stick in the pan.I am fairly "regular" passing a substatial motion say 5 times a week, missing the odd day sometimes and doing two motions occasionally on others say one in the morning and another perhaps after dinner in the evening. My wife Theresa usually does one every other day except when she has her period when she is a bit constipated.

Now on the constipation issue, and to continue my holiday toilet fun experiences. I got a bit constipated at the end of my holiday and this persisted the following week when I came home to Glasgow. This didnt bother me but I did find that the jobbies were a bit hard and I only passed a big tennis ball lump with a loud KUR-SPLOOMP!" with a fair bit of straining. Now I didnt want a fissure or piles but I also HATE loose stools or diarrhea so never use laxatives. Then I read in one of Theresa's magazines an article about Psyllium husk, (Moderator NOT a trade name but a generic I think its the ingredient of the metamucil often mentioned by USA posters). I tried this, a heaped teaspoon in a half pint of cold water (you can use juice if you prefer). Shaken in a cocktail shaker as it clumps if you only stir it with a spoon or fork. Next day I felt the need and went to the toilet. Pulled my jeans and knickers down and sat on the pan. After doing a wee wee I felt my ring stretch an! d I started to do a big lump, I thought another tennis ball but no, it slowly emerged. Now I have heard the expression a "Pace Car Turd" for a fat solid jobbie which comes out first and slowly before easier and faster poos. This one was about 9 inches long when it ended and plunged into the pan with a lovely "KOR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" Then after it I felt an easy solid but smooth poo come out with just a steady but non straining pressure. It just seemed to keep coming out, crackling as it did and slid into the pan with a quiet "FLUMP!" Finished I stood up with my white cotton briefs at my knees and had a look. What a couple of whoppers! The first was a fat knobbly jobbie as I had felt it would be but I noticed that it consisted of 4 fat dark balls held together by lighter, smoother poo. The second was a huge nearly 3 inch fat smooth 14 inch long curved sausage the same light brown colour and texture so I assume this was the psyllium husk which had swollen up in my bowels as it said o! n the packet and bound together all the fecal matter. It was a floater and it took 5 flushes to go away. Now this was a nice easy motion to pass after the harder lumpy one, so I took some more psyllium husk that night as did Theresa and to our delight we both passed big easy cohesive floaters the next day. I would imagine users would need to adjust the dose to their own system as too much would I feel cause looser stools which would break up as they were passed and too little would have no discernable effect. Has anyone else tried similar powders with equally pleasing effects? I would also feel this would be of benefit to those with loose bowels or diarrhea as it would solidify loose feces and it is thus a stabiliser producing regularity without the nasty side effects of urgency, gripeing and watery diarrhea that conventional laxatives produce, nor the hard constipating effects of imodium.

You want some pee stories? When on holiday I went to a shop for a newspaper. Two girls of about 20 or so were in the shop and one was doing the pee dance. Her friend asked, "Can we go first as my mate needs the Ladies desparately?" I of course agreed and could even then see a small dark damp patch between the legs of her pale blue jeans where she must have spurted some wee wee into the gusset of her panties. They asked the shop owner if he had a toilet, he said Staff Only not for the public but there was a Ladies about 100 yards down the road. As I left I saw this girl running then stop and wail "OH NO! " and I could see a spreading dark wet patch as she lost control and peed her knickers and jeans very heavily. I couldnt go the other way as I would have been too obvious and as I passed by I saw the puddle on the pavement. Now luckily for her there were no others about it being early morning and I heard her mate say, "You go into a cubicle in the Ladies and slip your wet ! knicks and jeans off and Ill go to the Hotel and get you clean dry ones to change into when I return". I have to say I did feel sorry for her as they both seemed quite polite girls. At least as far as I could tell she hadnt done a jobbie in her panties as well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

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