Donnie M. I had some experiences of people needing the use of a toilet while shopping. I thought this might be interesting.......

Well, I worked for a retail store that sold electronics, television, Vcrs, Stereo and lots more. The owners had over 40 stores in a chain and were quite paranoid about theft of merchandise from the stock rooms. We had a toilet for use of the employees in the back of the store in the stockroom where all of the mdse was stored with access to a back door. Very often, more than one would think, a customer would ask to use the toilet usually to pee. They would come out of the cold or out of the heat into a cool store and get the urge to pee. They came in all shapes and ages and sizes and sexes. The store policy was to only admit the very desperate customers to the washroom especially if they were a BUYING CUSTOMER only and then, you had to ask the manager permission to let them into the "back room" and then take them back to the toilet and STAY THERE, STAND THERE near the toilet until they were done. That was awkard and embarassing to me and the customer as it was so obivious why they saw you there. LIke I had more than one person say, "hey I aint trying to steal anything". It was such a pain in the ass!
I very often would have a lady, boy, girl, guy, young child and so on needing the toilet, you could tell. They would be doing the pee pee dance and holding their crotch or penis or shifting from one foot tothe other. It was very visible as they usually didnt pay much attention to what you were presenting to them in the way of merchandise for them to buy.
Ive had a number of sightings this way and a few accidents occur. This company policy was so stupid and mean and just crazy. Of course, the owners, high managment were not in the stores, on the selling floor to tell the customer themselves a outright "NO" ( and they would leave dancing and holding themselves) or have to accompany them to the back room to the toilet.
This one day, I had a young female about 25 come in to the store inthe morning to buy a big refrigerator. Yes, you could tell she hadda pee, her hand darting to her crotch and holding and rubbing her thighs. Also a lot of those women were already shit faced drunk at 10 oclock in the morning. They finally get up the nerve to as to use the toilet and you had to ask the manager if you could take them back there. Sometimes, someone else would be in the LOO and they had to wait. So there would be one salesperson in the back "guarding" the back room and here you are with another person needing to pee. It was so crazy. This female is dancing and holding on and as the toilet became free, she was ready to go and opening the door. Then she froze and just stood there and a few drops of pee dripped onto the floor from under her skirt. She went in and slammed the door and you could hear the hard PSSSSSSSSS hitting the toilet bowl. She came out and we then resumed our sales conversation at that point.
Another day, I was showing a family of a boy about 13, a girl about 16, mom and pop buying television when the boy mentioned to his dad something. His dad said to me, oh, he had to go to the bathroom kinda bad, do you have one? I noticed the kid pinchin his penis and standing knock-kneed. Ya he was having to piss big time. "Wait, I got to ask the manager". I go off looking for the boss. Oh ya, there he was in the office on the phone taking down bets on some horses and numbers. I stand there like an idiot until he decides to ask what I want. I tell him, and go back to the sales floor where the family waits. I said,yes, its ok lets go tothe back room. They all stand there and the kid is staring at the floor, where a puddle had formed as he peed into his jeans. "Lets go, the dad said,its too late, we MIGHT be back".
Another victim a lady about 45 heavy set stood at the sales desk and register one night. She was paying for something she bought and had asked her salesperson for the toilet who had to ask the manager first.

I walked up to the salesdesk and saw a big puddle at her feet. The manager also noticed and said to her, "whats that puddle at your feet"?. She said," what,I dont see anything what are you talking about? "You trying to say I did THAT?" With those words she just stomped out of the store.

And one other day, this gal comes in the store and this one sales lady was helping her. Then all of a sudden the gal looking at washing machines froze in place and a big wet "V" spread down her crotch. The pattern then continued down her pantsleg to her shoe. In minute, she just went and went out the door. I found out later the gal did ask our salesgirl about the toilet as she had to pee and the clerk was afraid to ask the manager and told the customer a flat "no, we dont have a bathroom." Results were some wet pants.

The company brass was so worried that a customer being in our stockroom was taking "notes" of the layout or trying to stuff something into their coat. It was so stupid. I cant tell how many times I had to say "no" because the manager didnt like the looks of the party. So then as I found it interesting to have some desperate sightings, there was some limit in my heart how far one carrys this thing. When you have a mother of several kids, or some young person that might have a medical problem that needs to pee, then to deny the use of the toilet is really mean and selfish. I never saw anyone ever try to steal anything or pay much attention to anything but the toilet. Then of course, the basis of much shrinkage was due to some employee stealing goods from the store, including managment, people with the store keys and money. I would say then regarding the use of the toilet by the customer and saying no was more the rule than exception.

I no longer work for this company, they suddenly without notice went bankrupt and closed up all stores one Christmas eve. Some of you readers from Penna.probably can guess the company. I left about 6 months before. I went to work for a company that had a public restroom. Still you had some desperate chick or guy that was dancing for a pee, asking where it was. While I agree you dont want strangers running around your stockroom and Possibly have an eye out for something, you can accomidate them in a more humane pleasant way. Over time I had seen some accidents and some near misses and lots of desperation. I dont think Id enjoy not being able to use a toilet if I were desperate and really not ready for any watersport fun at that time. I guess there is a place and time for everything....
What do you all think?

Hi Everyone

At the weekend I decided to embark on one of my favourite pursuits - shopping! I wasn't after anything in particular but still spent most of my time in clothes shops... Anyway, after a couple of hours I felt my bladder telling me I should find a loo. Fortunately I knew where the toilets were and headed towards them. Just my luck, when I get there, I find a queue of girls waiting outside. Fortunately I wasn't that desperate so I waited in line. However, a girl in front of me was clearly in some pain as she was hopping from leg to leg and kept muttering under her breath. After a couple of minutes with still about 4 people ahead of us, I noticed this girl slip her hand under her skirt and muttered "oh s***". I figured she must have wet herself and then realised that I wasn't far from doing the same.

A few seconds later this poor girl clearly couldnt hold it and muttering sorry, simply lifted her dress up and weed right in front of me on the floor. Poor girl was so embarrassed and when she had finished literally ran out of the centre pulling her knickers up as she ran. The rest of us just stood in line not knowing whether to laugh or just act as if nothing had happened - has anyone else been in that situation? Anyway, eventually I made it into a cubicle, pulled up my skirt and lowered my knickers just in time or I would have been in the same predicament. When I had finished I wiped my pussy, lowered my skirt and carried on shopping.

Looking back on this it seems strangely amusing, but I did feel sorry for the girl who couldn't wait. Love Julie. xxx

Sara T.
Hey girl! I'm sorry to hear about Jake. I totally get where you're coming from, since me and this guy are going through something sort of similar right now (he ties into my next story, we'll call him S.). Anyway, kisses and hugs to you!

Now about me and S. Last night we went out with this friend of ours to a fair and all they had were those nasty porta-potties. There were real lavatories inside the part with the flea market but they closed at 11:00 and we missed them. S and I decided we'd have to do the porta-potty thing but there was no way to flush so he got grossed out and we decided to make a run for the diner across the parking lot. BIG parking lot, too, and our bladders were about to bust. Plus I have a cold and kept coughing, and I was scared I'd lose control and pee right there. So he and I scurried along to the diner. The ladies room was open, thank God, so I hurried in but there was someone in the men's room so S had to wait. I felt so bad! I ran in and pulled down my blue jeans and my red panties, sat down and peed. A lot less came out than I expected but I was finally able to walk again and not hobble! lol! I came out and he was just going in, he spent a very long time in there. ! I listened but I couldn't hear him peeing, and when he came out there was no smell of poop coming from the bathroom. I just wish I'd been in there to watch.

Devon (a.k.a-Jamie The Damie)

Althea:I dont agree,I am in fine shape,u say its unhealthy.

So i have another story.

So I really had to go.I went into the doorless stall and quickly removed ,alll the way,My miniskirt and panties.I dont cae about privicy,unless its closly interacting with some hot guy.I dumped a soft log,about 1&1/2 ft long.Than I dumped a black/green diharia load.While i was going this one girl I know was pushed by another gal right into my pelvic area.I was like"W.T.F"She said "SORRY,my ungrateful firnd made me make contact.As she walked off I saw a darkining spot,slightly driping behind her.I guess she was frightened by the push.

After school was over I really had to go.Un fortunitly all the stalls were full.I had a ways to walk home. Lukily enought,a couple blocks down there was a forested feild..I ran,joged to the feild.I looked around and ran to the middle of the feild,behing some trees. I practicly riped my skirt of.My panties, riped in 2 as I Riped them off. My urine surged out of my vagina right into a upword spray into my face. With my face soaked and my bowels about dump a lady walked into the feild and droped herpink mini skirt and a lace thong and grunted.As she wobbled left and right I got a good look at her parts and load.She finished up and left.IThen unloaded my bowels Logs the leanth of a full grown snake and as thick as a light bulb.
I felt much better.

Now I was walking in the park and felt another urge.I walked into the only toilet in the park.I found the loo was full of poo.I squatted on the floor,naked as a just born child.Then A girl stepped in a said"oh my,um can you stop i reallly got to go".I said I do to,you can squat with me.She unloaded the biggest load of Liquid poo.Thanshe unloaded a gallon of piss.She go it all over she feet. I couldnt help but looking at the shaved pelvice.She and i laughhed.She was done but wanted to see my load.I dumped the biggest log youve ever seen.3 ft long.

The next day I started menstrating and stuck the tampon in there.As i was slightly wobbiling around school I uloaded a poo,red as fire into my new white panties and tight pants.I pretended I died my pants,it woulda worked if not for the smell

Please tell me some storyies of tampon pooing or pooing in you pants in class


I guess thouse laxitives helped.

Rei Gansei
I gots another terror tale: One night we(my g/f, three freinds,(f,f,m), and myself were all camping. We were all outside telling disturbing, wretched tales(a-la "Campfire Tales") and after a while the three ladies went for a crap,tinkle,circle jerk, whatever girls do when they go off in groups. so me and my male freind were left alone, so we got an idea to go and literally scare the shit out of them. so we found them and watched for a time when the time was right, we waited a good 15 but when all the girls were pushing out turds at once we made our move, and I tell you, there is nothing funnier than watching three girls run, trip struggle running with turds in their butt and pants down. hehehe

Some time ago, I said I'd post about toilets at some concerts. So here goes. I won't name the exact venues, but I'm sure you can look them up somwewhere:

Wheatus in London:
I was in the seated area upstairs, and the Gents I went in was quite small and cramped. I had to wait my turn to pee, and the queue had grown by the time I finished. There was a 3-wall alcove with individual porcelain urinals on. There were no dividers between them, and they were so close that everyone was stood shoulder to shoulder.
I think there was 1 toilet stall and 3 or 4 sinks in that one.
Later, I had to use a different toilet in the same venue. It was in the VIP area and was a bit more spacious, but it had one stainless steel trough urinal in an alcove. I didn't see how many stalls there were, but I think there were more sinks.
Maybe they think the VIPs will take longer to wash, or that a higher proportion of them will wash?!

Wheatus in Sheffield:
This was a much smaller venue. However, it took me ages to actually find the toilets. I found some in the soft-drink bar area. It was a small room with a stainless steel trough urinal at one end. You could probably get 3 (4 at a squeeze) people use it at a time.
The sink was one of those sunk into the wall. The stall had it's own sink of the same design. The stall door was a full size one with no gaps top or bottom asd far as I can remember.

Guano Apes in Manchester:
I've been to a lot of gigs at this venue. It's part of the Students Union building.
Usually the door of the Gents sticks open, though I don't think you can see anyone at the urinals from the corridor. Unless maybe you purposely looked through the gap on the hinge side of the door (or went in!)
The urinals are stainless steel troughs along 3 walls of an alcove. There are 3 or 4 sinks, but few people used them. I can't remember how many stalls there were, as there were a lot of people waiting to pee and I didn't want to look strange! (or stranger than I do already?!?)

While I've been typing this post, the presenter on a local radio station has just shouted out a message to someone that was in their bathroom listening to the radio, to hurry up because her brother needed (whispers) a number 2... and can't wait any longer!

Si :)

PS - Kendal.... Sorry to hear about your Dad. I know I'm a bit late, but I've not had chance to post till now.
I hope you all have a great time on your holiday with Andrew and Kirsty. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back :)

Masthead pics:
There have been some good panbusters lately, haven't there! How about some nice outdoor poo pics? All I can find elsewhere are weird fetish ones.

I agree with you, it was a bit strange. But maybe different sets of people would see differnt things- the first ones would see a little girl using a potty. No big deal.
the second ones would see someone emptying something out of a container. No big deal.
But you saw the whole thing and it seemed weird.
All I can guess is:
1. Mummy didn't want little girl to get pee splashes on her shoes.
2. Mummy thought little girl might also need to poop. So the potty was 'insurance'. I guess most people wouldn't mind a bit of pee on the ground, but wouldn't be very happy about a mound of poop.

I read somewhere that Joan Lunden once farted on live TV while doing Good Morning America? Can anyone verify this? What did she say when she did it?

Also, does anyone know of any other examples of a female celebrity farting on live TV?

John The Poopy Hedgehog
David,Have you have pooped small poops,I've,I responding to your post,great story.E-mail me for more stories from you,and I send you some of mine as well

Daniel (U.K), Eric, Coprologist: Thanks a bunch you guys for your advice! Kevin was with me again this weekend and has now gone back to his Mom. Thanks to you guys I was able to handle the situation pretty well. As usual, Kevin came into the bathroom this morning while I was dumping. Yes, he did have his usual morning woody kinda making a tent in his boxers. While I allowed my logs to drop slowly into the pot, he sat on the edge of the tub and told me about his usual school problems as well as the problems with his Mom. I gave him the best advice I could. After I had wiped my butt and flushed, Kevin sat on the crapper. He did not seem embarrassed about his morning woody and I pretended to ignore it. He cheerfully chatted away, while unloading his turds. I guess I don't know why I was worried about this type of thing. As coprologist suggested, I always worry that my ex-wife, who hates me, will try to find any excuse to stop my one weekend a month with Kevin. You guys are right, however, the bonding is just great and its real cool that me and Kevin are real comfortable dumping around each other and he is not at all self-conscious about his woody. Again, thanks a bunch guys!

Upstate Dave
Hello everyone. I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I have been enjoying everyones posts.I will continue on with another Barbie story.
We were playing hide gold and seek. We had plenty of secluded places to hide. A lot of times two persons would go together. I decided to hide in the old chicken coop. Barbie S also went with me.
Inside the coop it was high enough to stand in. There was an old tapered crock with a large mouth top that was standing in the middle of the room.
Barbie was eying the crock and was dancing a little jig. I asked her if she was alright and she said she had to piss real bad. I said use the crock. She said I was thinking the same thing. She proceeded to lift her skirt,pulled down her panties and hovered over the crock.
She then started a slow dribble at first. Then as she relaxed her flow increased. She peed for a good 30 seconds. Towards the end she pushed out the last of her pee and let out a long fart. We both letout a little laugh and she pulled up her panties and we left the coop and made it back to home without being it.

D.R.E. (Digital Rectal Examiner)
Hey, all:

Donny, you mention how you take a long time, on the pot. Why don't you give my "digital rectal exam" method a try! You will save a lot of time, my friend! That is, unless you, absolutely have nothing better to do, than sit on the toilet, for a lot longer, than you, absolutely have to. But, then again, when you spend it "buddy-dumping", the way that you and your current-girlfriend are doing, it would be worth every minute of it, and I wouldn't blame you!Also, do my eyes deceive-me, or does the girl in the current-masthead have a huge-turd dangling from her butthole?



To Secret!!: I'm 13 also. That sounds like a really bad accident you were in, I'm glad you're fine now. It must have sucked to wear diapers. It would be a completely humiliating experience for me. What did you do when you had to poop at school?? If you couldn't use your hands, why couldn't you use the toilet to poop and just get help with the wiping part?

That is quite some picture today, with the little lady spreading her legs to display her load in the bowl. Very interesting. Some quick Hellos! To Rizzo, Buzzy, Julie, Shanice, Lisa(all the Lisas!), Melissa(NY), Logger, Traveling Guy and Curious(Yes the "elderly" remember(HA!)).
PV - Or should I call you the "PEE QUEEN"? You certainly have some great pee stories, including your latest "Minor Adventure". That would be something to see a gal pee standing up, especially when she really has to go.
Kim - Hello Kim, you daredevil blonde super logger! I read your last episode, the buddy dump on your girlfriend's log, and read it again, it was that good. Just when I think that I have read your best, you top your last effort, with another monster. Do you blast these torpedoes on a daily basis, or are they the result of a couple of days' worth of backup. Pardon my asking, I'm just a dirty old man with an unquenchable thirst for ladies' pooping. How's the 'Stang? Are you ready to blast one off of the ragtop into a pan yet? Or maybe off of my ZR-1's roof? I'm waiting!
Carmalita - Hello, dear seniorita. You're such a sweetie to say those nice things about my wife, our posts and me. We love ya! And your stories…. You and Tesa must have something going there, this last episode of the two of you was great. Your bathroom must have had a very rich aroma.Yes, our master bath has 2 heads. Friends of ours did this about 20 years ago, when they built a new home, and we did the same thing 17 years ago, when we re-built our house. So you would like to come over and dump in our bathroom with us? ANYTIME!, dear, there is always room. My wife is sitting next to me and …. I just gave her a big kiss and said that it was from you. She is waving at the computer and saying "HI, Carmalita".

OK, Sunday morning, hadn't run for 2 days, gave the left heel some rest. Time to get out and test some new running shoes. I didn't dump before running, just grabbed some tissues and out I went. I'm a mile into my run, the shoes and heel feel great, then DAMN!, I trip over a stick on the trail, fall and skin my knee! I'm now kneeling, looking over my wounds, when a familiar voice says "Need a hand there, old man?". I look up and see N (name withheld), my sometime lady running partner. My very first post to this sight was about the time I saw her dump in the woods many years ago, and she didn't see me(I think). She looks incredible. For a gal who is going to be 54 next month (she is 4 days younger than I), she looks beautiful, athletic, and is still built like a brick shit house. So I pick myself up, and we start running. I ask her where she has been, and she tells me that she and her husband just returned from Japan. We had run about 4 miles when I told here that I had to ! find a bush and she said she had to do the same. So we duck into some hedges off the trail, by a small clearing. I can't wait so I get behind the hedge, drop my drawers and let a biggie out of my hole. N just smiles, as she lowers her shorts and panties, then squats. I really couldn't see her butthole, but she let out an audible gasp and said that she was still suffering a little jet lag. Then a knobby turd started to emerge, and as I peed, I watched as it came out, turn smoother, and fall to the ground. Now she was peeing, I was letting loose with another barrage, and she said that was the best dump she had had in a few days. I started wiping, and N let some more poop go, the she raised her ass and started to wipe. I caught a glimpse of her wrinkled pink skinned anus, as she did, but then I stood to raise my pants. She did likewise, and then we stole a look at our combined output. There were 2 steaming piles of poop on the ground. N smiled, shook her head and we headed out.! "You do this often?" I was asked. " Only if necessary, but quite often. How about you?" "Oh, more times than you would think. You probably have seen me before". Did she know that I had, many years ago? I said "Maybe I have, you've probably seen me". I was shocked at the reply! "I did once, many years ago. And you saw me You were in a spot that I used sometimes, and I watched you. Then I decided that I would let you see me, so I went around in front of you". I nearly fell again! All these years, she knew, and never let on. I started to laugh, she turned her head and smiled at me. "I've been had!", I exclaimed. "Yes you have but you have to admit, you like it". That's for sure. We continued to talk about this experience and then we turned our thoughts to next Sunday's 10K race. She and I and some other running pals are going to run in the "Senior's" Division. Just before I turned to head home, N smiled at me again, and said that she had enjoyed watching me go on that June m! orning in 1981. I told her that I had very much enjoyed watching her too. "Maybe we will do it again", she said. "That would be nice", I replied. Then we said goodbye and headed home. I was still in shock as I sat cooling down, but it was quite a feeling to know that this lovely lady had watched and had been turned on by me as I was by her.

See you all later.


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