Traveling Guy, In response to your inquiry, that subject came up a year or two ago in old posts. Thats how it works in most places.

I was with my friend in a shopping mall in the Philippines when I had a sudden urge to shit. The stalls there didn't have locks so I tols my friend to hold the door for me. So I sat down and then I farted. After a second, I made some crackling sounds then, plop, plop , plop plop plop. THen a very long log.Then my friend told me to hurry up. (The cleaners don't leave the bathroom and clean while people shit.) Then while I was washing my ass, he opened the door and the people saw me. Nobody said anything though.

Pls respond anyone I'll tell you a school story next time.

Dr. Polhemus
To those wondering about farts:

Why are silent farts more deadly than noisy ones?
Silent farts are released from an anus that is
usually blocked by feces in position to be excreted
from the rectum. The gas from the turd slides around
an already "swollen" rectum without enough power
to make a lot of noise; the loud ones are farts
emanating from an empty rectum...many times they're
just odorless air and they reach maximum velocity
before bursting open the sphincter muscle...making
that familiar, mellifluous sound.

To RyanS: First of all I'll assume that you're a teenager right? I am 13. When I was like 9-11 years old, I used to only have a BM every other day or every 2-3 days. Sometimes I would hold it in longer than that and get constipated. But now I go 1 or 2 times a day like you and whenever I take a dump, it's almost always a big load. Either it's one monster turd or several 5" long turds. Again I don't know how old you are but I'm thinking it might have something to do with puberty. I notice that i have been eating a lot more in the past couple of years. What about you? That could be the reason. Also aren't you worried about getting caught when you take a dump on the floor like that?? I would be, unless I did it only when no one else is home. Once I took a dump on the bathroom floor over TP, but I wouldn't do it in any other room in the house. Please post again soon.

To Leo: How does that soap trick work?

To Billy & Kevin L.: That story about the fat lady and the outhouse was really funny! Although it wasn't a fun situation for her I would have burst out laughing if I had been there.

To Ben: Do you have any new stories about taking a dump at the baseball park or other public places?

Yes, like Lori said in her post i've done farts that hurt a little bit, it feels more like a vibration between my ass cheecks and with me it seems to happen if i fart when i sneeze which i do sometimes and that fart comes out real quick,but it has happend to me on the bowl too.

And someone asked about locker room stuff,well when i was in High School i remember our locker room as a place i didn't enjoy very much it always smelled of a combination of disinfectent,dirty socks,farts and sanitary pads "yuck"......

I did use the toilets there when i had to but i was kind of shy back then and they were doorless stalls but alot of my classmates were not embarresd to be seen on the toilet and some even would be seen siting on the bowl naked fresh out of the shower and if a bunch of girls had to all poop at the same time it got kind of gross in there,i can remember having to do a poop there once or twice but i tried to make it a quick one and i would always at least put my panties and bra on first, and i remember that when someone was pooping that you could hear the farts all the way on the other side of the room and people would laugh about it.

Devon: Tell me what made you and your friends sick? I am adventurous. But, I would not countanance anyone to do some of your 16 tips. I do not like a dirty public bathroom floor or toilet seat. I would not withold my bowels for days. That is unhealthy.

As for gym, I did not have a toilet in the locker room in high school. It was off the gym floor, just inside the vestibule. I had toilets in my college locker rooms. I was college cheerleader. I got uninhibited and would walk to the locker room toilet in my underwear or buck naked. Before practice, I would make #2, sometimes in my uniform, underwear or nothing. The girls got to know me by my toilet habits. Every afternoon I would enter a stall lift my skirt, drop my trousers or take them off altogether. My first as a college freshman, I lifted my uniform skirt, pulled down my royal blue cheerleader panties, then the pantyhose and my white briefs. My bowels released with a gassy sputter three hot dog sized pieces. Then, I peed for about 20 seconds. Daily, this was an afternoon ritual. The girls got to know me. I could not jump up and down full of soild waste in me. I admit in high school and college, I sometimes would not flush. I wanted them to see my masterpiece(s).

Moderator: I like your cover girl. That looks like a bowel movement I would do. At home, I strip. I sleep in my underwear. Usually in the morning I make #2 before work.

Jane: I went to night school with my mom. She was working on a degree. I was in 7th and 8th grade. Some nights I would sit in the back of the classroom with my homework. She told me if I had to go, just leave the room. My first night, I felt a tightness in my rectum and I could not hold it back longer. I went down the hall to the women's toilet. There were teenagers and grown women. I was wearing a green plaid school jumper. They did not care. I entered a stall, pulled up the uniform, white slip, lowered my pink panties. I sat and started to push out these #505's the size of lopsided baseballs. There were seven in all. I thought they would not stop. I took three minute breaks between each piece. They were hard, textured and thick. My anal passage was stretched beyond the limit. Plop after plop, kersplush after kersplush. All the women left the bathroom. I was alone panting and straining to end this "hard" ordeal. A white woman of about 21 entered the stall next to me to t! ake a pee. She peed for 30 seconds. And she heard me say, "it's over, good." We were both rolling off paper. Neither of us flushed and came out. She said to me, "You must have had it hard in there." I told her, "I was holding it from day school, because I did not like to make doo-doo at scchool." She was beautiful. We were fixing our clothes. She had a brown corduroy skirt and she was ajusting her slip and panties at the mirror. When she turned and saw my masterpiece in the bowl, she cringed.

I'm 13-year-old male and I wanted to share my story with you that took place last year. I got into a car accident and I couldn't wipe my butt because I broke both of my arms and the cast was all the way to my hands! you could just barly see my fingers. I'm glad I'm fine now. Guess what I had to do? I had to get diapered! My mom said she would rather diaper than buying me an underwear each poop and she owns a pharmacy so she could get diapers for free. I remember once my 13-year-old cousin(she's 14 now) diaperd me because everyone else left to the mall. She didn't want to do it but I smelled really bad after I let it go. I sometimes tried to hold it but for how long can I not poop? Only my mom and my aunt diapered me except for that one day when my cous had to do it. They make me feel better now by acting they don't remember it even happened. I hope that never happens to you cause I hated it. I had it's advantage though. You can go wherever you want! lol

Hola Amigos y vecinos! Hey the new girl in the pic looks like me again. My hair is straighter now, and looks like hers. If she had bigger lips and darker skin, it could be me. Of course, there'd be a mountain of poop in that toilet!

RJOGGER: Beyond awesome? Is that really me? The pooping incident with Tesa was really a spur of the moment thing. I know that she's always wanted me to do that though and I have to admit that it was fun. I wish you were there too! I'm sorry you missed your lovely wife taking a nice big one, but with your recent story, it sounds like you've more than made up for it! I read it twice it was so coooool! I'll bet she's really beautiful too. Then you joined in on the action. She's such a lucky lady to have such an awesome man around the house. You two sound so beautiful together. Do you really have two toilets in your bathroom? Man, invite me over so I can have a session with the both of you okay? I promise to keep my hands off of you Rich, though it may be hard! Kiss Kathy for me, she's beautiful!

Melissa NY: Would you please, for me, go to a doctor if you are having some problems? I can't bear to hear about one more person in here gettng sick, hurt, or worse. It really bothers me bad, because I love people in here so much. Your friend said she had bad news about you. Please, take care of yourself, okay? I'm VERY worried about you.

TevinC: I'll be sure to keep you posted if I fart a lot. But you may as well just read my stories because I fart almost everytime I take a poop. Thanks for the white rose and kiss on the cheek! Such beautiful gentlemen in here!

PV: Woooo-wee honey! A long, 17 incher? Ooooh, I'll bet you looked great. Creamy thighs spread out on the toilet seat, somebody call the paramedics! And a bare, brown Malita to watch? I'm down for it baby! Have you ever tried pooping in a men's restroom? I'd sure love to hear about that too.

Louise: Hi hon, I have been practicing. So has Renee. She's just been very busy which is why she hasn't been posting much. Hey, I'd love to share those middle pages with you sweetie! On the subject of Jake, that's been a real sore spot with me lately. He sort of broke it off with me, saying he needed space, but he dosen't call me or anything, and it hurts. It also bothers Renee very much. He still comes around to see her, but only when he knows I'm not there. To be honest, he's been making me cry a great deal lately. He won't explain himself, and Renee can't get him to open up either. Oh well, enough soap opera. Kiss Steve on the cheek for me, okay?

I have a good Tesa story. It's nothing unusual, just intimate and nice. It all started with me getting excited over watching her walk down the hallway pulling her underwear out of her butt. Just a simple thing that all of us do, and it was so exciting. I came in to get ready for the day and Tesa had just finished brushing her teeth. She was wearing my black robe over her plucky shape, and when she lifted it to sit on the toilet, her sweet butt looked so great. Tesa has a wonderful ass, and I always enjoy seeing it. Even though we both like what we like, we still respect each other's privacy. As I was putting on makeup she said
"Malita, I have to poop in here, is it okay?" and I just nodded, smiling. She grunted softly a couple of times and I heard crackling, "spfffing" noises as her soft turds began to slide out. "Aaaaaaahhhhh...." she said, filling the air with brown perfume. She had a nice pair of flowered panties stretched across her thighs. Looking at the black fluff between her legs, I heard another "k-pluuuuck" accompanied by a rich, sensual poop aroma. I began sniffing the air and we both giggled. She farted a couple of times, nice slow ones. We talked while I put on my makeup, and occassional "plops" would follow. Then, I saw her face, and it looked like she was in pain. She was passing some bad gas, grunted painfully, and pushed out a load of soft stuff. "rhhhunnhhhh--Ploop-pluck-sssplllluuuuckkk-sppprrrkkklllll-k- ????-plopl-plop-plopl-plop."
We had some rather hot chili the night before, and the beans were coming out of that sexy Latina!
Leaning forward, elbows on her knees, one of her boobs fell out of the robe, with a lovely brown nipple poking toward me. It was very sexy because she has nice ones. Then she farted pretty loud "sssspppplllllttttttttt," and I laughed, bent my butt towards her, and let loose a whopper fart of my own that almost rattled the walls. She was snickering, crapping loose chili into the toilet, while the room was smelling bad. Tesa wiped her round fanny good, but wouldn't let me see the brown muck in the bowl even though there were some nice, long turds in there. With a flush, it was gone. But I watched her slide those flowered panties up over her hips, and tie the robe around her middle. The aroma of poop was really strong. After Tesa had warmed up the seat for me, I pulled my own panties down and sat for a nice, healthy one. First came a lot of pee, followed by a string of very loud and long farts. Tesa giggled when I did one super long zipper fart "ssspppppppllllllllttttttttttt! ttt".
With a hard grunt, I released a bunch of soft, smelly chunks "ssslllp-ploop-k-pluup-pluck-k-slooooop." Slowly, it just kept coming and coming, wet, loose, sloppy crap that made a lot of noise. Personally, I thought it smelled good, kind of like the chili and nachos we had. It was those damned jalapenos and hot salsa that melted my poop into liquid lunch. My ???? churned some, and out came another load of loose poop. Tesa was giggling and I said "shut up." After a few minutes of grunting and farting, three long turds slid out and plopped into the water. When I stood up to look, there was a bunch of soft chunks, and three long, yellow turds full of corn. I wiped 6 times very carefully, flushed and pulled my panties up. Better stop here I guess! She's on her way home again, and I am a sad, lonely girl tonight! Oh, well.


George from LA
To respond to Todd. I've farted and instead a little poo comes out. I usually clean my underwear in the sink at home with a little detergent to get the stain out. I then hang them up over the shower to dry. If I'm out in public, I'll put a little toilet water on them to get the mess out.

Bob(St. Louis)
With the flooding along our rivers we encountered something very unexpected this weekend! We hosted a gathering with 5 other couples in from out of town and found that with the flooding and heavy rain, our sewer was totally backed up! Within the first couple of hours we had all of our toilets full off pee and poop! Susan and I explained to everyone that with no more room in the toilets, everyone was going to have to go outside to do their business. When it wasn't raining that worked fine, but most of the time we used some 5 gal buckets (with lids) and set on them, peed & pooped, then just pushed the lid back on! I think everyone dealt with this pretty well and some even made jokes about if someone was using the "girl's or boy's bucket!" Not sure when the flood water will drop so we can empty our waste?

Hi, this is the first time i've posted but i've been reading everyone else's stories for a few weeks now and i'd just like to say how much i've enjoyed them all. I haven't posted before because i've never had any interesting stories to tell but now i do. It happened to me just yesterday (19th may).

I was walking through the park like i do every saturday morning when i suddenly got the urge to plant a tree (if u now what i mean) so i headed of in the direction of the only porta-loo in the hole park (and its a big park). It was empty so i went right in and took my trousers and y-fronts down and squated in front of the toilet (i have a phobia about touching public toilets) and began to let out a whopper of a log. after about five minutes i was still going strong when this girl walks in and apoligises for walkin in on me and then she says she can't hold it in and wants to use the toilet but i say i'm gonna be another ten minutes or so and she asks if she can use the toilet right now, with me. So being the gentleman i am i say yes and she comes in and closes the door and takes her thong down to her ankles and lifts up her skirt and sits sorta half-on half-off of the toilet while i'm still squating over taking a dump in it so that theres enough space for both of us to go. ! when shes halfway through her turd and i'm almost finished she starts peeing on the floor because theres not enough space for her to do it in the bowl and we both start laughin and then when we're both done we start talkin and i ask her out and she says sure and i went out with her last night and i'm going out with her again tonight!

I hope u guys liked my story and i'll start postin on a regular basis now. lots of love to u all, Craig

Joe Boxer
To HOBO (from page 600)

PLease tell us about your mate Pete's accidents.
Your account was brilliant.

Its been a long time since I have posted anything but I saw something interesting today. I was at the supermarket and I was waiting around for a perscription to be filled. I decided to take a walk outside as it was a nice day. As I was going through the parking lot there was a mother with a young girl (around 2-3 I think). As her mother was loading the groceries into the car the girl told her mother that she had to go "pi pi" and crouched down. Her mother said "wait" and pulled a small pottie out of the trunk and set it down on the ground between cars. The mother reached under the girls sundress and helped her step out of her panties. She then sat on the pottie while her mom finished loading the groceries. The girl than got up and hopped into the car. The mom then picked up the pottie and dumped the girls urine right where the pottie had been sitting. She grabbed a paper towel from the trunk, wiped the pottie dry and threw the dirty paper towel in some near by bushes! .

I found the whole incident rather odd. Has anyone every seen a parent carry around a pottie in public and and bring it out to be used? I don't get he point. She dumped the girls pee in between the cars in the parking lot. If the pee was going to end up there why not just let the girl squat and go? If it was in the intrest of modesty she cound have just taken her to some near by grass / bushes or gone back into the store. Strange.


Roger, I've had this girlfriend for about 6 months. She was never really shy about going to the bathroom - we both leave the door open and share the bathroom. I generally sit for a long time when I'm dumping, and she came in to tell me that she had to dump. So I just moved back on the seat (I have an elongated toilet which helps), moved my dick out of the way and she pulled down her shorts and underpants and sat on the seat with me. I had a perfect view of her turd coming out and plopping into the toilet. Then she tinkled. She stood up with her ass in my face and I wiped her. We usually clog the toilet after we go together like this, but it's no big deal. I just flush again later after everything has softened up, or else I whip out the plunger. Cheers.

Billy & Kevin L.
Nasty picture. I am guessing that there are some turds stuck in the pipes. You would not think the girl in the picture could make that much poop (what must be in the pipes plus what is floating).

Someone asked about farting and havign poop come out instead. The only time that happens to us is when we have diarrhea. We asked my dad (he's a doctor) and he said that there is some muscle that holds solid poop in. To goes around the rectum like a sling. He said the sphincter holds in liquid poop and gas. So if you try to fart with diarrhea, both the gas and liquid come out.

We went back to the park where the fat lady fell in the outhouse. My brother mike had a soccer game there. It was about 45 minutes after church. Kev and I both got up about 1/2 hour before church, ate breakfast and went to church. We went right from church to the park. After we got in the car, I knew a poo would be coming out at the park. We we got to the park, my little brother jeremy said he need to go to the bathroom. My poop was almost ready, so I took him. Kev had to pee, so he came along. Jeremy almost ran there, so I knew he really needed to go. When we got in the outhouse, there were about 5 guys taking a leak in the hole where the other seat used to be. The seat the lady broke was gone. They got one of those porta potty vaccum trucks and pretty much cleaned out the pit. Where the broken seat was was all gone. I looked into the pit before jeremy got on, and there were about 1 or 2 poops and some toilet paper there. Jeremy dropped about 5 turds and wiped his butt. H! e also took a leak. Then I got on. I dropped 3 big turds. While I was pooping, another play from my brother's team came in. he really had to go too. He squatted down over the hole where the broken seat was. He dropped a bunch of really mushy poop. He wiped himself while I wiped myself. While we were wiping, about 5 girls who were already playing while we got there came in. They were about 6 or 7. They came in. We were almost finished and told them. They said sorry. We finished, washed our hands and left. They just smiled as we walked past them.

After the game, we went to a local burger king. When we got there, the fat lady was at bk. She had two whoppers, and large fry, a milk shake, onion rings and muzeralla sticks. Now wonder she was so fat. She sat near us, and wolfed the food down. When she was done, we heard her fart and went into the bathroom. kev and josh had to poop and I need to take a leak. So we went into the boys room, which was right next the girls room. We could hear her in the girls room. She was really dropping some poop.

Hi everyone.I haven't posted recently because I had not taken a good shit untill the day after mothers day. I think I explained the fact that I usually don't have bm's everyday,but when I do it is usually very large from being stored up so much.Sometimes my bowel movements are spectacular!We went to mothers day breakfeast at a major hotel that had a huge buffet,all you can eat of course and you all know I had more than my fill.I counted five plates of pancakes alone,and I had at least five to ten pancakes on a plate.Some of the pancakes were real exotic,like smothered in cherries,banana and nut,and some kind of real rich heavy cakes that were really delicious.Next I had some of the egg dishes that these master chefs rustled up,eggs benedict,scrambled,you name it ,sausage links,bacon,ham,and all kinds of fancy cakes,different types of potatoe dishes,things I have never even tasted before.That night we took my mom to another hotel smorgasbord type buffet.The roast beef was to di! e for I must have had thirty slices,then prime rib by the ton,shrimp scampi,cordon bleu,and a host of other things I really made a pig out of myself.It was a long way home so we stopped and I got two foot long submarine sandwiches for the drive,and I had two double decker bacon and egg lettuce and tomato sandwiches,and a banana split for a night cap. I have been gaining weight since I started posting here.I used to weigh 237lbs. then I went up to 277lbs.and the last time I weighed in I was at 293lbs. I'm 6'3" so I can handle it with my frame,but my thighs are getting thick and my mid-section and ???? has a large pooch and I hang a little flabby around the waist section.These thighs and Butt cheeks have got to slim down though. So,a friend of mine recomended this super herbal ultra slim tea.I got some and I neglected to read the directions which stated do not drink more than two cups at a more than four in a day.I made a pot and drank it all.Newtons law I think says fo! r every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.The reaction was THE MOTHER OF ALL BM'S! After I drank the pot of tea I went to the mall and was shopping in sears when a severely urgent need to take a huge shit hit me.I asked the lady at the counter where the washroom was and she said two floors up.I barely made it,I had cramps and it felt like there were five freight trains two battleships and an aircraft carrier or a building inside my intestines straining to get out as I bolted into one of four stalls,pulled my pants and girdle and panties down to my knees and sat on the lovely white porcelin throne,my heaving heavy thighs spreading over the sides and obscuring the coveted lifesaver.Although I had to shit really bad I had to exert much effort to push out the first turd.It was huge and I mean in width girth and length it was so large I had to push it out in sections,catchin my breath between pushes the head was pointed and my anal opening stretched extremely wide to a! ccomidate the width and girth of this thing it had to be about five inches in diameter and as I said was comming out a section at a time light brown in color with large knobs here and there but other wise quite smooth and extremely heavy.It packed the hole and began to coil,but became so heavy I didn't have enough strength to continue pushing it out on top of itself.I quickly got up and moved to the next stall.I sat down and began to push the rest of this monster out as I was pushing I noticed another turd comming out along the side of the big one and I felt a lot of pressure as it snaked it's way out.I never shit two turds at once before,but I noticed that as the big thick turd began to narrow out a little more pressure built up as I felt it finally break off and another thick carrot shaped log emerge all of the sudden rope shit startedto slide out along four sides of the carrot turd kind of like a tree trunk and roots growing out of the sides.It was now clear to me that I wa! s in the midst of a seriously Big SHIT! Just then I farted a loud booming fart then pfffffftttttt... as I really started pushing ou the motherload hot shit of all sizes began to constantly drop out of my rectum one after another with usually a gassy fart under pressure before and after pfffffft...thud..thudbrrrrrrraaaaap....pppffffftttttt then long snaky turds came out followed byffffrrrrrrraaaapppp...pffffftnow it was thick firmturds about six of them I looked between my legs and saw a huge pile of shit on top of a giant snake coil of entwined turds as high as the rim of the toilet.I pinched off quickly and moved to the third stall,sat down quickly pushed slightly and and a loaf of excrement the size and consistency of a loaf of french bread piled out about 20in.long followed by another about 9in.and another about 15in.and another about 12in.I farted a long ripping fart brrrraaaatttttt....thenpffffttttt...and rope shit started to pour out like a rush hour express train it was! about 2inches thick but kept comming and comming and comming it coiled around and completely covered the french bread turds,just then another lady came in and went into the first stall I had shit in "Oh my God." she exclaimed rearing back quickly,I could see the look of dis belief startlement,and bewilderment through the crack of the stall on her face.she went into the next stall and again "Oh Jesus Lord Almighty myyyyy goodness" with that she reeled out of the washroom with a look of sheer terror on her face running out at full speed! I now realized I only had one more commode to use as I was so busy shitting I didn't have time to try to flush the other ones while I was using them.I pinched off four more good sized heavy 8 to 4 inchers and began wiping I didn't dare try to flush this one either.I got up pulled up my girdle panties and slacks washed my hands and grabbed the handle of the door to leave when I felt a sharp crampping pain in my stomach that told me I have to shi! t some more.I turned around and bolted for the last stall got undressed again sat down and with only a slight push farted loudly brrrrraaaapppppfffffrrrrrrrmmmmmppppppffffffttttttfffrrrffrffmmmmmpppppffttt as a deluge of chain shit,you know kind of mushy yet simi firm with voids here and there began to pour out.Just as I was giving my courtesy flush four teenage girls bursted in,on of them says I gotta take a mean shit she went into the second stall I had been in and said "wow someone took a serious shit in here"."here too."said another girl."I don't care I gotta shit bad". With that I could hear crackling sounds of fast running shit plopping down on top of the huge pile I left there.I now began to shit big long heavy thick loaves again non stop,flushing as often as I can.I really could not believe the amount of shit that was compacted inside my intestines.To the gentlemen having the discussion about large bowel movements only being a pound or two,all I can say is after I was ! done with this bowel movement which lasted in excess of three hours,I weighed myself when I got home and had dropped down to 262lbs.thats 31lb.difference in the arithmatic I was taught in school.after I weighed myself I sat on the toilet and took another good healthy hot creamy shit. Logger,you are so kind,carmalita keep eating and figure a way to constipate yourself a few days at least then maybe you can achieve the spetacular results like I can produce. I love you all.And Malissa please go to see a doctor! bye ALANA

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)
Last-night, I went about doing my "digital rectal exam", using my middle-finger, as I usually-do, though I didn't feel the need to crap, @ all. After a couple of minutes, I pushed out a semisoft piece of crap, that was about 6 inches long, and about 1.5 inches wide. I then increased the pace of the "digital rectal exam". By that, I mean that I would close the anal-sphincter on my middle finger, while pulling it out, simultaneously. For those of you who have not tried this, already, I strongly-advise it. If not, for just the simple-reason, of getting the crap overwith, and taking hours, for what, a lot of the time, is just an "insignificant" amount of poop, anyway. This way, you have time to @ least have a life. This has got to be the most efficient-method. But, to finish my story about the other night: I then was surprised, by this load of mush, which probably wasn't even-supposed to be on its way out, till the next day. By that, I mean that this must have come fro! m near the beginning of the colon. From the ascending-colon somewhere. This just goes to show how efficient my method is, especially for those of you who are pressed for time. Aren't we all, in this present stage in history? This way, poop you didn't even know you had, and which wasn't even supposed to come out, @ that time, will exit, saving you that much more time. Man, if everyone did this, the laxative industry would be in serious-trouble!

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)

Ross: The origin of the term "Spend a Penny" is that in England the toilet stall doors used to have a coin operated lock which needed a penny (the original 1d which was 1/240 of a pound) to enter. It always seemed unfair that women had to pay to pee, but men were not charged for using the urinal.

Kyle, thanks for your great story which made my day-- I think talking to that nice kid while he dumped and played with your dog sums it all up for me as to why I enjoy this whole male-bonding, toilet thing. If only everyone could be so laid back and friendly and just enjoy moments like this when they come :) As a dog-owner myself, they can be the best social "ice-breakers" ever! Yours, Daniel (UK)

Sun Devil
Hello all!
KIM AND SCOTT- Just to clarify something, I am a male and not a female. I do love watching female sit on the toliet on pee and especially take huge logs! Just wanted to clarify that.
As for myself and my turds, lately they have been medium sized but I have produced some pretty sizeable logs in the past.
Sorry this is so short. Will post another in a day or so. Thanks!!!

Wow..looks like that lady had a big load!!! So bit it looks like the toilet is over flowing.

To Taking a Massive Dump: I loved your story about shitting at school

To Zip: Loved your story about the skiing trip

To Kyle: I liked the story of the 16 yr old dude shitting in the bathroom with you and your dog

I took a shit twice today and both times it was really soft. I wiped alot too.

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post. last saturday me,my boyfriend scott and my girlfriend Debbie from my cheerleading squad were hanging around my house together. my parents where out at the time doing something. scott was wearing his blue shirt,blue jeans and black shoes..and debbie who was a gorgeous brunette with long brown hair was wearing a white shirt,tight blue jeans and black pumps on her feet. while i wore my white spandex top,white spandex exercise shorts and white mule heels on my feet. i wore a white tennis baseball cap on my head. and my hair was a long braid in back. we all took our shoes off to play a game called "twister' where you literally all stand on a plastic sheet and you try to put your right foot on a certain color and your left foot on a certain color. its hard with everyone trying to do the samething the game twists you. well anyway after awhile debbie excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. she comes downstairs 11 minutes ! later. when she does i knew she had a log up there but i quickly forget about it. after the game i make a chicken and salad lunch for us. after lunch debbie leaves but scott stays. soon later i feel an enormous,motion coming on inside of me and tell scott. scott and i then go upstairs to the bathroom where i strip all my clothes off. i then strut my nude,quivering body over to the bowl with scott following me fully clothed. scott and i then look down in the bowl in surprise as we see a 13 inch brown log in the bowl with toilet paper all around it. i knew instantly this was my friend debbies log and she forgot to flush. I was aroused by seeing debbies big log in the bowl. i had a huge smile on my face as i sat my shapely ass on the bowl. i just had to buddy dump on my friends log. i then began to push as my ass quivered excitedly and i began to push out a brown log. i pushed harder as my ass quivered again and my log grew bigger and bigger in size! and my ring expanded wider a! nd wider! i knew this log was going to be an absolute monster! i then pushed even harder as my log grew some more! i then tossed my head back and squeezed really hard and looked down to see that i was squeezing out an absolutely enormous,horse sized bowel movement from my ass!. i was still looking in the bowl as i moaned "ooohh!' in pure pleasure as i saw my massive beast grow a hell of a lot larger in size pushing debbies log completely out of the way and into the corner! while still coming out of my ass! the enormous size of my torpedo made my whole body shake as i then took a deep breath as my chest heaved and ass shuddered mightily."WHAMMO!" i cried out in unbelievable pleasure as my horse sized bowel movement came exploding out of my quivering hole! into the bowl landing alongside debbies log. "WOW kimmie! what a torpedo!" scott exclaimed happily. looking at my log with me.i tell you my log made debbies big log look small. i really let the beast out of the cage with this ! monster blast.haha! scott then got the measuring tape and measured debbies log at 13 1/2 inches long. 2.5 inches thick and my log at 25 inches long. 3.6 inches thick. i then held up my log with my toilet paper protected hands while scott grabbed a camera to take some pictures. maybe these pictures will make the "shit illustrated mag" haha! i then put my log back in the bowl and wiped myself as scott chopped up my log so it would flush. i then threw the soiled paper in the bowl and flushed. it felt great blasting out that sized log. the next day i saw debbie but didnt mention i saw her log because she would be embarrassed. debbie does not like to show off her logs like i do. as a matter of fact last football season at school.(i cheerlead for a college football team) i crashed out a gigantic log in the girls locker room and showed it to debbie and the rest of my fellow cheerleaders. the girls where thunderstruck at the sheer size,thickness,solidness and length of my log. not to ! mention envious. i even measured my log there at 24 1/2 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. my fellow cheerleaders were all amazed to say the least.haha! so long now. special hellos to louise and steve,pv,jane,lawn dogs kid and kendal,rjogger,sundevil,carmalita and renee,logger,buzzy dazz,melissa,diane,rizzo,bridget,jeff a,and last but certainly not least john (VT)

STEVE -- Hi man! Nice story about weeing on a tree in the park, you two have the most fun a couple can get up to in broad daylight! You muct be really cutting down on the park's water and nitrate bills!

JULIE -- Hey, great wee in the sonk! It's fun. isn;t it, doing it an unusual way, and almost getting caught too! Now ... If the height is anywhere near right, try standing to face the sink, lean against the front and stream over into the basin! Not every sink is the right height or design for that to work, but if it is, it's heaps of fun!

RIZZO -- You're a chivalrous gentleman, darling, and it would be wonderful to have you stand guard while I have a relaxing squirt at the urinal! Howsabout that, me, ol'-AP sufferer -- a Pee Queen! I'm suffused with delight!

ROSS -- Actually the origin of the expression "spending a penny" is, as I understand it, a British-ism that relates to the now-obsolete practice of having public toilets with door locks released by coin-op. It cost one English penny to get access to the loo, so going for a quick wee necessitated spending a penny... It's also noteworthy that since Britain's change to decimal currency (one hundred pennies to the pound) around 1970, the penny is also commonly refered to as the "P." So ever since then, spending a penny really has been a P!

Today's minor adventure -- I was out during the morning, and though I was sure to have a thorough bladder emptying before I went , I was in dire straights when I got back. I'd had two cups of tea while out, and not found a loo anywhere... Add to that the fact I had forgotten my keys and might not be able to get in promptly, and I was seriously considering having a wee in the bushes as I passed a local school playing field... But I held on with pelvic floor muscles like iron, all the way home. I swear I was starting to spot my panties, it was an extreme situation, but I held off all the way back, and went around right behind the garage, opened my pants (lowered them a little, I never did get the hang of going through the fly) and instantly delivering a gusher from the standing position. It felt GOOD! Oh, to relax and let it flow... I just streamed and streamed until my flow was landing between my toes, then wiped quickly and zipped up. That felt better! I peed again about t! wenty minutes later as my stretched bladder regained natural size and I felt the urge as more processed tea filtered through...

Cheers all,


Lawn Dogs Kid
RIZZO: If I could possibly be half as considerate and thoughtful as you, I don't think I'll go far wrong ! Interesting you should raise the subject of Kirsty. She has deeply felt the loss of her friend. Kendal should have been joining us both at senior school after the summer. And Kirsty was looking forward to having a dear friend to go to the toilet with at lunch times !

Anyway, to cut a long story short, seeing as Kate can't go on holiday, I asked my Mum and Dad if we could take Kirsty instead, and they have agreed. Kirsty is absolutely cock-a-hoop ! What is even better is that Kendal doesn't know her best friend is going to be coming as well. We are keeping that as a surprise for her !

Kendal says she will try her best to catch up with as many posts as she can when she arrives on Thursday with Emily. Apparantly, Kendal and Emily are virtually inseperable where visits to the toilet are concerned, but Kate still keeps these things private, which Kendal obviously respects 100%. Then she went on to say how much she misses our little "visits" together. She told me, "You know, I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I really miss your smelly arse !!". ( Yes, my dear, sweet, little girl actually said arse ! )

I certainly miss those dainty little floppers Kendal used to do for me ! Still, I can close my eyes, and the memory of our toilet visits together are bright and clear. My little princess with her bottom perched on the edge of the toilet seat, her panties down just far enough so as not to wee in them and to insulate her legs from the cold of the toilet seat, and her dress held up high over her ????.....

Sunday, May 20, 2001

whatever happened to Alana??.....sanice please keep the post coming, you have the best stories.

Shakira, I love reading your posts about going to the bathroom, especially the way you describe your "dookie!" :-)

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