Jamie The Damie.

Heres a story i have.

So i was having fun pooing in my pants,When my friend asked for me to go play with them.SO I didnt have any time to empty my pants so I went to her house.We Sat down for a bit,I crushed my poo in my pants.So she asked to be excused for a sec.I snuck behind her and looked threw the key hole takeing a gallon of poo out,than puke a gallon.Than piss for 10 min.Later she wiped her hole i
n full veiw of the door.She had a CUTE ROND PINK BUTT.almost aas good as mine.She sat down to go again,I repositioned my self and I accidently opened the door and roled in.My clear thong and my mini skirt showed right in her face.WE laughed.We pooedevery where afer that,In eackothers pants even.WE plaed an all for a while than I left with lots more poo in my pants than i began with.

Tips on pooing like a pro.And how to annoy people

1) Dont go for days and so when you really have to go,it will be huge.
2)Poo in loud smelly loads when in a crowded bathroom.
3)Dont flush.
4)Go into a stall tht a person JUSt cam eout of.
5)Pole your self.
6)Eat foods that give you Diharia.
7)poo in your pants
8)sneek peeks at other pooers.
9) go into the oppisite sex bathroom than your sex.
10)Take a long time in a stall.
11)If its a single person bathroom,No matter what gender you are poo in the urinal.
12)Poo on the seat
13)Poo on floor.
14)Leave the seat up.
15)Poo in a porta poddy and piss on the floor.
16)(for real close couples)Catch your husband/wifes poo.

So me and cople friends were taking a shower after Gym.Exposed breasts and all.I really had Bad cramps and all.My friend Molly Phister Saw me and said Go use the pot,If you ealluy have to go.I decided not to.Later I just culdnt hold it.Unfortunitly ALl the oher girls were puking and pooing.I went right in the shower.A log touched the floor and my butt at the same time.It brock of and landed in a big plop.The other girls started puking clear and re and other coler vomit.All over ina liquid and chunks.Than I puked and blacked out.When I woke up I found that I landed im my poo.The other girls who had the nachos with salsa rushed to the doorless stalls and pooed.Me included.I rushed and pushed this dihharia xspewing girl off.Hers went every where.I didnt care and dumped untill the toilet was full

Does any one else have some good Gym locker room storyies?If so tell me.

Love ya/like ya
C ya-

Hi Guys,
Another funny thing happend at Fiesta in San Antonio. We were sitting on a wall at the Market square listening to music and eating tacos, were were amused how many people were in line for the portojohns. They were right in front of us an you can see the desperation on their faces. Well this tall man was going in to relieve himself when this girl tries to jump in the door, he pushed her away and told her to wait her turn, she said she had to go NOW and kneed him in the balls. The man got his composure, and gave her a few seconds and preceeded to rock the toilet amost tipping it over. You could hear this girl hitting the wall as he rocked it. She was yelling and cussing. When she came out she was soaked, she peed all over herself, but she got everything that was coming to her,, These boys were also putting cherry bombs down the chimneys oh the portojohns, one girl came out with that blue stuff all over her I felt so bad for her yuck.

To the person who wanted to know what postiton I lower my panties? It depends on what I am wearing,(pants, dress, jumpsuit) if I am sitting or trying to do a balancing act.

One last question for the girls, Me and my girlfriens stopped at a gas station to pee... we were bold and used the mens room, they dared me to pee in the urinal... The last attempt I did trying to pee standing turned out bad, my pee kinda shoots back ward, and it ran down my legs, I would be daring but I hatepeeing all over myself.

more female diarrhea stories

Anybody ever do a fart that hurt when it came out?

Yesterday at work i was like supper supper gassy all morning and when i went to pee just before lunch out comes this tremendous blast from my little bottom,i mean this thing was loud and it even hurt around my a**hole and i yelped ouch and a girl who was washing her hands yells what the hell was that and i could feel my face turning red and i waited until she had left before i came out of the stall.

It's not like i don't fart but damn i was like a weeks worth all at one time,but i must admit it felt just great.

hi i was just wondering how many times a day u should go 4 ashit. why do girls get more desprate than boyz

your name (Todd)
Hi my name is Todd I'am a 26 year old male. Today before I sat down to eat some lunch I had to fart instead of a fart out came a little squirt of poop into my underwear (Saturday May 19th 2001) After that I went right towards the bathroom so I could clean up an put on a fesh pari of underwear intstead of sitting down and eating my lunch. The underwear with the little poop in them is know soaking in my toilet right now. I would like to know has any body had to fart and instead of a fart out came a little squirt of poop into their underwear? I would also like to know if you put those underwear with that little squirt of poop on them in the toilet to soak? Please post or reply really soon thanks.

It has been many weeks since I wrote in to tell you all how I wee in a standing position. I have since discovered that I am not unusual in this. However, may I offer you all a note of caution, as I found to my cost recently. It doesn't work anywhere near as well when you need to have a poo in the same position. Admittedly, my circumstances then were not ideal, but the need to evacuate was sudden and pressing. Next time, to avoid the inevitable remaining residue, I will find a way of discretely squatting. Any help from correspondents will be read with interest.
Kindest regards

Eric in Chicago
BRAD: For some reason I'm drawing a blank as to whether or not it's a good idea for you to be having conversations with Kevin while you're taking a dump, although it just occurred to me that lots of men would hold conversations while dumping in public washrooms. I do think, though, that you should ask him to knock rather than just barging in to the washroom while you're in there. About the erections, kids his age get erections all the time for reasons that have nothing to do with anything sexual. It's just the brain not being fully used to the new hormone levels.

It's RyanS here. I don't post very often anymore but this seems to be important enough to be posted. I've noticed over the past 6 months that my BM's have increased greatly. Instead of going every 3 to 4 days, I go 1 or 2 times a day. Mostly just 1 time. I have no idea why this started, it just did, that's all I know. Last night I passed a huge turd about 9" long. And I suspect tonight will be no different because I can feel a big monster waiting to be let out right now.

Since the room next to the computer room is an unfinished part of our basement, I like to take advantage of it by squatting down and dropping a big load on the concrete floor. That's what I did on last nights dump but I used TP this time only because it was at about 6:00pm and I knew everyone was awake and I didn't want to struggle trying to pick up the turd. But I'll probably take a dump on the floor tonight later and use TP because it seems to move things along faster on cleanup.

Well I guess that's all for now....



Thanks for your reply to my post, I appreciate it. Over the years my interest in women going to the toilet has increased (I've just turned 20 BTW). I have always made sure that no one ever knows and I always try to be careful (as I mentioned in a previous post, I almost got caught once).

Since getting access to the internet (about 4 years ago) I have been able to indulge myself more in this fetish. I remember having to use my Dads computer and I was paranoid that he'd find out or walk in on me. However I have always deleted all files and history after being on the net. Nowadays I have my own computer in my room with access to the net so I can visit this site and many others in total privacy and any files I download I keep in a hidden folder.

In a perfect world I'd like to tell my parents of my interest but I know I can't. It seems natural to me to get turned on by females on the toilet but to many people it's seen as a disgusting and perverting thing. I envy people on here who have partners who are also interested in the same thing, it must be great to share it with someone you love.

Hi again

To all people who love to poop, put saran wrap on ur toilet bowl grab on the the saran wrap so it won't fall in and poop away. It feels great and it feels like ur still pooping speaking of pooping i must go take a poop see ya

Well my friend Mike was constipated again. Mike is the one w/ that realy long post i sent. Anyway he got fully nude and i told him to try the soap trick he did and it burned a little bit but it came out

Melissa: If you read this, it's almost possible you have developed that disease someone else on here had earlier. The best thing for you to do is to go on a diet and get exercise. Your weight is probably the cause.

I seriously hope you're OK, but after reading Diane's story today, I will keep you in my prayers. Take care of yourself, k?

Billy & Kevin L.
Last night, we had a soccer game. It was on a soccer field in the corner of a real old park. My brother and I both had to poop. The place to go is an old outhouse, a two-seater. When we got to the field, I said that I had to go to the bathroom. My little brother Josh said he had to go too. So the three of us went in the outhouse. It is clean. They even added a sink that drains into the pit. The seats are too high for Josh, so i picked him up and stood him over the seat while he peed. Kev sat down on over the first hole. When Josh was done, I sat down. I could here kev dropping a bunch of turds. He wiped himself. I was still going. Then this really fat lady came in. She must have weighed about 500 lbs. She looked in and said sorry. We said, hey no problem. I was done. I wiped and got up. I looked in the hole. you could see my turds sitting in a pile of toilet paper and poop. I put my shorts back up. The lady sat down and started to poop. You could hear her crackkling while we finished washing our hands. Then the seat she was on collapsed. She fell into the poop and pee there. It went up to about her belly button. Her legs and arms were sticking out. We tried to pull her out, but couldn't. We ran outside and got some help. Our dad, uncle Billy and some other people came in and pulled her out. When she got out, from her thighs to her belly button was all covered in poop. The fire department was nearby. They ended up getting the fire engine over so they could hose her off and she could wash up. The firemen said it was the first time they got a call that said bring soap. After the game, Josh and I both had to poop again. Fortunately, the one seat was still ok. We went into the outhouse, Josh went first. He was having difficulty cleaning himself, so I sat down and he stood up the thing next to the seat so I could clean him. I just threw the used paper where the other seat was. While I was cleaning Josh (he made a real messy poop), players from both teams came in. Most had to pee in the other hole (you could still pee on the wood that fell in), but one kid from the other team said hurry up. I had two more logs to go. Then he said, oh know. We could here more crackling sounds. He crapped his pants in front of everyone. I got up and washed my hands. One of the guys from the other team said, hey, you want us to call the firemen? I bet they have more soap. The fire truck was still outside. One of the fathers is a member, and he took the truck back later. The kid waited until every one was outside before cleaning himself.

My youth group went paintballing today. This course had 1 outhouse for a bathroom, without a roof. The 2 rolls of toilet paper in there were totally soaked from a rain. 1 was wondering what a girl would do if she had to use the restroom. It turned out when i went up to the hole to piss i saw 2 pantyliners in the hole and neither had blood on them so i figure that was how they wiped.

Another odd expression for urinating is "spend a penny" (i.e, a penny is one cent -- urinating is "number one").

The funniest term I ever heard for farting was from a very young girl who was only about 3 or 4. When she farted, she didn't know what words to use so she said "My butt's talking to me".

What words do people use for their anus? Aside from anus, butthole or asshole, I can't think of any other slang expression or casual expression for this body part. What does everyone here call it?

Taking a Massive Dump
Today at school I went into the bathroom and decided to take a crap. No one was in the bathroom and I went into the big stall next to the wall. I felt a huge dump coming on, but I didn't want to do it alone. I waited until two guys came into the bathroom. By the way they spoke, I made them out to be possibly two New Yorkers. I have a complex about shitting around city people so I held it in. Then one of the guys said "someone in there's taking a crap," I got nervous. Then the other guy said "yeah, and I gotta shit too." Then the two started a long stream of incoherent words and phrases such as "I really gotta shit," "Your'e disgusting, man," and "When I go in there, I better not catch you throwin' wet paper towels into the stall." Anyway, the one guy entered the stall next to me. I was able to see his feet there. He dropped his shorts and boxers and possibly covered the seat with toilet paper. He then sat down. He let out a soft, dry fart and started crackling. The other guy was still there and was saying stuff like "fire in the hold" and other stuff. The shitter's crap didn't smell but he left some BIG skid marks. He probably had to shit really bad and wasn't going to hold it in.

Hello again, everyone, I hope that all of you have enjoyed a pleasant week. It is early Friday morning, May 18th. I am about to begin "working from home", but before I do that I will pass along this morning's experience. My wife and I were up at 05:15, just to get an early start. I skipped my run, since my left heel has been a little sore, and I want it to be healthy for a tournament this weekend. I helped the old lady get breakfast going, while she made some decaf, I cooked 2 servings of oat bran. I then served it with raw pumpkin seeds and some of the raspberries we had frozen from last fall's large crop. We ate all that, cleaned up and went into the master bath to brush our teeth. As we were finishing up, my wife teasingly started to push me out the door. "I gotta go real bad", she said. "I can't watch?", I replied. She grabbed me, pulled me back in and planted a big wet kiss on my mouth. That got things flowing. My wife removed her night gown, walked over to the head mark! ed "Hers", pulled up the top and the seat, then walked over to the side of the bowl and, buck naked, squatted over it. I could clearly see her dark anal opening and the rest of her privates. She pushed ever so gently and her ring expanded and a fat one started to poke out. She looked over at me, and just to tease, she stopped pushing, and let this turd hang about an inch out of her hole. Then she got serious, and pushed the monster out. This light brown snake slid its way easily between her cheeks, and landed with a light splash, as my wife let out a soft, sexy grunt. She lowered herself to pee, then raised up to push out one more decent size bomb. Then I was beckoned to wipe her cute ass, and I did so eagerly. Two dry and one wet wipe did the job, then we inspected the product. The big one was almost 2 feet, and about 2.75" around. The smaller bomb was almost a foot, and a little less than 2" thick. "OK, your turn Buster", she teased with a smile. "Just let my hormones calm d! own!", I replied. No way I was going to crap in my aroused state. When I was calm, I took off my shorts and jockeys, and stood there in a tight fitting black tee shirt, with "PITTSBURGH STEELERS" printed in bright yellow across the front. Then I half squatted over the head marked "His", parted my cheeks and let a nice long, thick turd go, as my wife watched from behind. After a short pee, I crapped 3 more turds, the last followed by a blast of gas. "All finished?" "Yeah!". My wife then proceeded to wipe my hairy butt, first with toilet paper, then with a wet wipe. I do have a fair amount of blond hair in my crack, and she made sure it was clean. Just having my lovely lady clean my butt is a real turn on. OK, all done, who's toilet is going to clog? First we flushed my wife's . Flushed it a second time, a third and all was gone. Then we flushed the old man's, and the water almost came up to the rim. We got an old hanger, mashed the stuff pretty good, and 4 flushes later, it ! was gone. I disposed of the hanger, and then we got into the shower. I won't go any farther, as I don't want the moderator to squelch this post. Let's just say that we delayed our morning a little.

Have a great weekend, All!

Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and WIFE)

To Todd: I loved your story about shitting in the doorless stall and having to give some tp to a young dude in desparate need of it, it was cool :)

Being a young (28) and athletic male, I have taken some memorable dumps, but none as notable as late last summer. I played on the city softball league and it was the final game of the season. It was the final inning, and at third base, I waited for our team to record the final two outs. I felt a major cramp in my lower stomach, like a small earthquake. The game ended uneventfully, and I realized that I needed to take a monster dump. It had been maybe 3 or 4 days since I had gone, but that was not too unusual.

The guys crowded around the beer cooler and I hesitated. The park had public restrooms which I would have had no problem using, but they were locked after dark. It was common for a few guys to whiz behind a tree, but there really was no suitable place for me to drop trou and dump. The urge was getting stronger by the minute. I begged off hanging around to have a few brews and bid my teammates good night. I dashed quickly to my car and started for home.

The urge was even stronger when I sat down. Luckily, I could tell that it would be a very firm solid bowel movement. I had six miles (about ten minutes) to drive, and I started to hope that I would make it. After 2 miles, I started to sweat and squirm in my seat. Man, this was a mean one. I spotted a convenience store on my right and decided that I had better stop. A buddy of mine usually worked the evening shift and I could shoot the breeze after I took care of urgent business. I entered the store, still in my uniform, and waved to my friend, who was busy with customers. I made quickly for the restroom, which was off the far left aisle. The damned door was locked.

I walked over to the side of the check-out counter and motioned to my bud. "Hey, man, I gotta borrow the key to the bathroom, it's an emergency...!" He handed me what looked like a small billy club with the key attached. I sped over to the door, inserted the key and turned it. Nothing happened. I tried a few more times and still nothing. I paused to clench my cheeks together...I was running out of time. I walked <carefully> back to the checkout counter and felt guilty for having to interrupt my busy friend as he rang up customers in the crowded store. He motioned for one of the other workers to assist me with the door. I waited as he attempted to get it to open. I urged him on, "Hope you can get that door really soon, man, 'cause I can't hold it." The guy tried for what seemed like an eternity. I stood to the side and waited. "C'mon, get up there, man." I whispered to myself, but I was going to lose this one. I involuntarily farted, and could feel my abdomen begin to! heave this monster into my tight softball uni. If it couldn't be worse, I noticed that I was also pissing in my pants; a dark, wet stream flowed down the insides of both my legs and began to puddle under my cleats.

I could have died from embarrassment. The store was crowded and I received a few stares. The smell wafted. I overheard one guy in the next aisle whisper to his friend, "I smell shit." A young mother and her small son passed by. I heard the kid say to her, "Mom, I think that baseball man just went pee-pee and poo-poo in his pants."

The door remained stuck. The store associate gave one final try, and the freakin' key broke in the door. "Great," I thought. Now I would have to drive the rest of the way home in my present condition. I hurried to the car (Thankfully it was dark outside) and got in. I could feel my ass begin to compress the huge load as it crawled up my balls. I got home quickly and I fared pretty good. There was no lasting stains to my uniform, but my jock and baseball briefs were destroyed.

I haven't been on in ages, I just finished catching up with all the posts I missed.
LAWN DOGS KID: Tell Kendal I send her my sympathy. She didn't deserve to have her dad die and her dad didnt deserve to die.
MELISSA: Get to the doctor ASAP. It might be serious.

Sorry I haven't had an accident in a while. To Huey: That was just mean.

Hello to all of you!

On Tuesday last, after I had come home from the office pondering the sad news of the death of Kendal’s Dad, I took our little dog for a walk. It had been raining, but by then only the last drops were falling from the leaves of the trees in our street. My steps took me in the direction of the public gardens. The place seemed deserted. There was nobody in sight as I walked past the beds of roses and under tall trees. Suddenly I caught sight of a young woman with dark shoulder length hair wearing pants and a dark anorak pushing a little girl of about two years or less in one of those folding buggies with little wheels. The little girl was being pushed along at quite a clip, and I first thought that this young mother was working out by walking fast, until I saw them turn on to my path and towards the ladies’ toilets. By the time I passed by in front of the toilets at a very leasurely pace, I noticed that the little girl was in her buggy inside the vestibule with the door ope! n where there is a hand basin and a mirror. She was facing the tiny toilet compartment and looking intently at her mother who had left that door open too. Out of the corner of my eye (I did not want to turn my head, I was less than ten meters away) I could just see her feet and her covered knees, the pants must only have been lowered a minimum distance. It could be plainly heard that she was tinkling away merrily. I slowly moved on until the little girl suddenly turned her head toward me, pointed with her little hand and said “doggie, doggie”. At the same time I felt a tug on the flex-lead that had unravelled completely. Stopping, I turned around to see my dog with its paws together, back arched, dropping a turd right in front of the entrance to the toilets! Another little jobbie followed, and I started to take a plastic doggy-poo bag out of my pocket. But the dog hadn’t finished yet. It stood there, bobbing its tail trying to squeeze out another one. There was a little sausag! e dangling on a hair from its hole! It had probably licked its fur and hair had been swallowed! Now the little girl was pointing at my dog and calling excitedly “doggie doo-doo”. A head appeared above the knees in the toilet and the mother looked at me standing there. She then disappeared again from sight, there was a shuffle, a rustle, and the sound of flushing. My dog had finally finished too. I squatted, put my hand in the plastic doggie-poo-bag and began to gather up the turds when the little girl became more explicit: “Mama wee-wee, doggie doo-doo”! They both passed by me, the young woman blushing pink but smiling. I only shrugged my shoulders and smiled back, and considered myself lucky that the little girl had not enhanced embarrassment on both sides by adding ‘Dadda look-see’ to her comment!

Dear LAWN DOGS KID, from the above you can see that dogs are able to take your mind off miserable thoughts in more ways than one. If you have one for a pet, it will feel when you are upset, and keep close to you. I find stroking its fur very comforting. I do hope that you are fortunate to have a real dog, not only the dogs in the name you use here.
My sentiments about you and Kendal are the same as those of Auntie PV. So much so that I can even go as far as to say that Auntie PV is much better at expressing my feelings than I am!
From now on, when I play the Largo in G by Bach, I will do so also in memory of your uncle John. Please send Kendal my love again the next time you phone her. I am glad to know that she is surrounded by a caring step father and sweet step sisters. Be kind to Kirsty when you see her, she must be unhappy too. I wish you all the best and a good portion of luck for your GCSEs. Hugs from Rizzo.

Hello PV dear! Yes, Louise is quite right to suggest that I consider you my pee-queen too! After having read your last adventure you sure are! That was really bold what you did! I would have liked to have walked in on you then, but on second thoughts I would have stood guard (without you knowing in order not to spoil your fun), and not let anyone else in until you had finished! Just to make sure that your internal circuitry and urinary tract would not get the hiccups again.
I am amazed every time by your pluck when using the mens’ urinals! Please take care my love, that your system does not suffer a set-back; wish you all the best and Goddess bless you too, Rizzo.

JW ... I’ve heard the following unusual terms apart from ‘to pump ship’, ‘drain the lizard’ etc.: Got to place a stick of water in the corner; got to go irrigate the daffodils; need to wring the family sock; need to lower a rod of water on the lee side (of a boat); need to point Peter at the porcelain; want to shed a tear from my southern hemisphere (the last one was actually said by a woman).

Woman, welcome on board!

RING STRETCHER, it’s the first time I’ve heard of anyone dropping, no, pushing up a log in a handstand! You sure are incredible! Had great fun reading your post! Good that you find it easier to pass your logs now. It helps to keep your ring intact too. Keep going!! Love from Rizzo

Huey, so you offered a lift to a girl, and instead of her saying thank you, she went and soiled herself and threw up in your mother’s car, so that you had to compliment her out half way home, generously handing her fifty cents for a phone call. Is that the way you see it? Grow up boy! If you had been kind instead of cruel to that obviously sick girl you refer to as an ugly nerdie, you would have made a favourable impression. As it is I find your behaviour deplorable! For your own sake I hope that you try to change your attitude towards your fellow human beings, Rizzo.

I went water skiing with some friends a few years ago. We camped out overnight and had to use the shower and toilet facilities on site. The first morning, there was a line of guys waiting to use the toilet to take their morning piss and dump. The lake was near a college town, so there were alot of goodlooking, in-shape, tanned guys waiting to use the toilet. The two toilets were right next to each other, low partitions, and no doors. The partitions only extended from the wall to barely past the toilets themselves. This meant that you could easily see the knees of the guys on the can extending beyond the partition. My friend Lyle and I were in line, talking and waiting. I was discreetely watching the guys file in and out of the stalls. Most of them only pulled their shorts to their thighs and leaned back, so to be hidden as much as possible. All of them sat while wiping as well.

One of the guys in front of me entered the stall and pulled his shorts to his ankles. No modesty there. He let go a few farts and then started to crap as I sat down on the toilet next to him. He wasn't straining, just comfortably crapping. He was about 5'10, black hair, nice tan. I also dropped my shorts to my ankles and started to dump. I leaned forward on my knees a little bit and glanced over. He was doing the same. We were looking right at each other and we both gave a little laugh. He finished up, and leaned forward to wipe. His last wipe, he was standing. Then pulled up his shorts and went to the sink. I felt a bit braver, so I waited until the next guy entered the adjacent stall before I stood to wipe. He looked a little shocked seeing me completely naked except for my shorts at my ankles. Everyone waiting for the toilet got a good look as well. That was the closest I got to a buddy dump. It was pretty cool, though.

John D.
I would like to see Lisa Mozer of "The Weather Channel" straining and grunting while sitting on the toilet to go poop

I'm back. I was heartbroken to read about the sudden loss of KENDAL's father. Condolences to Kendal, Andrew (LAWN DOGS KID) and their family. Please cherish every memory you have of him.

MELISSA, I hope you get well very soon. Let us know how you are doing.

Special hello to Carmalita & Renee, Jeff A., Buzzy, Rizzo, Althea, Kim & Scott, and everyone else.

In order to keep with the moderator's new efforts to crack down on content, I will share a story. Since nothing very exciting has happened and I'm still a bit sad about my Dad's passing, I will give a recollection from back in high school. After school one day I paid a visit to my cousin Ray, who was from another part of the state but was attending the university in town. He took me on a tour of the campus, and we went to his dorm. After a while, I suddenly had a huge urge to poop. I had to go down one floor to use the ladies restroom.

I rushed into the ladies room and into a stall. Although I was wearing my school uniform, none of the students seem to notice. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my white panties, and sat. I started pushing a very hard piece of poop, and it seemed to take forever to come out. Suddenly it flew out like a torpedo and splashed into the bowl with enough force to get my butt wet. Then I made a very big fart, lasting about ten seconds. I pushed out another very hard piece of poop that also came out very slowly but plopped into the toilet like a size D battery. I farted loudly twice more before I was done. I wiped myself, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and left the ladies room. And none of them seemed to notice.

Todd: I sure enjoyed your story about that young dude who needed TP from you in that park restroom. TP can sure be a good icebreaker for talking with other dudes who are taking a shit. Recently, I discovered my dog was another. Buddy is a Labrador and is real friendly to strangers. I often walk him around an open air running track in the mornings. One morning I had to shit real bad and took him into the restroom with me. He was on one of those long leashes. The restroom has an area with urinals and sinks near the entrance and further in there are two doorless stalls. I sat down on the crapper in the stall nearer the urinals. I started squeezing out my logs. I then heard someone enter the restroom. Buddy's tail started wagging and he trotted over to urinal area. I heard a guy talking to him and the next minute the guy appeared at my stall entrance and said: "Hey dude. That's a real cool dog you've got." The guy was a teen (about 16) with dark brown hair wearing on! ly running shorts. He then went into the further stall with Buddy kinda accompanying him. When I had done shitting, I went to collect Buddy. I looked into the guy's stall. He was wearing only running shorts without a shirt. With the shorts at his ankles, he was almost naked. He was sitting on the crapper with his thighs spread wide apart and he was kinda bent over playing with Buddy's ears. He looked up and smiled and asked me the dog's name. They both liked each other and I decided to hang around. He told me about his dog that he had at home. He was a real laid back guy. Every couple of minutes I heard a plop as his logs dropped into the water, but there was no effort or straining. Eventually, he started wiping while sitting all the while talking to me and Buddy. I could see that he had had a real good shit by the shit smears on the paper when he looked at it. When he was done wiping we all left the restroom together. We shook hands and he wished me a nice da! y.

Hi Malita,

You know, over the last two and a half years or so, I must have sneaked into men's rooms to use the urinals ... oh, dozens of times, several dozen times I should think. Sometimes more than once on a particular day. Some special ones I've done many times. It's all timing, really, once you've got the technique down pat... But it never fails to thrill!

Well, on doing longer turds, I passed a surprise yesterday -- narrowish, less than an inch, but it felt like it was flowing out for a while, yet subtly, and when I glanced down I found to my amazement that it was right down into the water and curling. That turd must have been 17 inches before it broke and dropped, and there were other short lengths before and after, so that was a fair poop too! Soft and easy, as you say! I confess I imagined a bare brown Malita kneeling before me to inspect the product as it appeared, and grinned at the thought! Hugs'n'kisses for you too!


LOUISE -- Hi darling! I'm sorry I missed your note to me about having a wee in the park with your Mom! Gee, that was a lovely moment, and I can visualize it deliciously. Two natural blond stunners watering the garden in the sunshine. I envy you two and Steve all!

No new wet adventures to relate yet, we're getting into the colder part of the year here which cramps one's style a bit. I'm standing to use the loo a lot of the time now, it's better than parking one's butt on cold plastic or even waving it around in the freezing air over said potty in the middle of the night.

Hugs from Aus,


DIANA -- I'm sorry to hear that Melissa is unwell, but after the symptoms she described ... well, I just hope she can make some positive progress with treatment.

All my best,


KENDAL : I've not had the privelege of knowing you or your Dad except through some of the posts I see on this site but may I offer you my sympathy in your time of sorrow. Love Julie.

LOUISE : Hi there! You must be leading me astray! Today (well it's Friday after all) I decided to be brave and wee in the sinks at work, and having just read your last post I thought I'd try following your advice. I went into the ladies just after lunch and it was empty. So I decided what the heck and went over to the sink. I hitched my skirt up and pulled my knickers down just enough so I wouldn't wee in them and then sat back as far as I could and pushed down on my pussy like you said. The effect was brilliant - one of the best wees I've had. I then jumped off the basin and had just got my knickers back up and my skirt down before someone came in. I was that close to being caught! That felt good too!!
Talking of naughty schoolgirls I was terrible at that age! I do remember one time when I was playing hockey and dressed in my short gym skirt and top. At half time I was desperate for a wee. There was absolutely no cover, trees etc anywhere near the pitch to go behind. Out of desperation when we were all sitting on the grass during the half time break I carefully pulled my skirt from under me and weed right there on the grass into my knickers. At the time no one noticed, but then forgetting my predicament I opened my legs to get up and one of the other girls, who I didn't much like anyway, must have looked up my skirt and saw a damp patch on my knickers and started laughing and telling all the others that I'd wet myself. She then proceeded to lift my skirt in front of the whole team and show everyone my wet knickers I felt really bad then and got teased for ages afterwards. It's really since then until now that I've always been shy about going to the toilet. I've neve! r told anyone about that incident. Take care,

Greetings All.

To Rizzo,
It seems to me that the question of why the drunks pee at monuments is a combination of all three of those reasons you have given. I also agree with you that the design of a proposed open air urinal would probably be along French lines, though whether this would be rejected by many who would see it as an attempt to 'continentalise' England remains to be seen. Ha, of course such urinals would be intended for the use of the male of the species, and as usual the ladies would be expected to hold it in, because here in England to discuss that is taboo of course! One of the sillier aspects of 'Englishness', I suppose. If I hear of any further developments on this, I will indeed keep you informed. One hug delivered to Louise on your behalf!

To PV,
Let me think - what episode of fun did Louise and I have on the recent Bank Holiday weekend that neither of us have mentioned? Ah yes, the little run around the park, a distance of approximately 5 miles (on the grass adjacent to the path to protect our knees).
Before we commenced the run, we agreed to go into an area of trees and bushes so we could urinate. We were both in shorts, and after a quick debate, At first, Louise assumed a squatting position with her shorts and knickers around her knees, but then changed her mind in favour of standing so that we could water the same tree trunk. It was not a very large, tree, and Louise stood not quite on the opposite side, but some way around so that we could still see each other. I pulled my own shorts down a little at the front so that I could take my penis out over the waistband, while Louise stood in a quite neutral stance with her shorts down to mid-thigh, her left hand pushing the front of her waistband backwards. Her right hand was used for aiming her stream, and she began weeing before I did. From the distance of around 3 feet, she produced a steady, tight stream which sparkled golden in the sunlight, drops bouncing from the rough textured surface of the tree bark. I soon joine! d her, and after a short period of time we both finished. She performed what could almost be described as a little dance to shake off the last drops from her genitals, finally pulling her knickers and shorts back up over her hips. When she had done so, she insisted on shaking my penis for me and squeezing my foreskin dry. It was almost as if she considered me not to have a say in the matter, that she was the only judge of when it was okay for me to put my penis away. Good fun, and then we had a pleasant, invigorating run together, and I'm sure those people who we encountered walking in the opposite direction on the paths may have wondered just why Louise and I has sly little smiles on our faces as we ran.
Oh, by the way, it sounds like you will not be able to see that shopping mall in quite the same way again! Excellent description of yet another super PV adventure. Dear lady, I deeply admire the sheer guts and firm resolve with which you approach things. Great stuff!
Just take care and please be sure you don't over-reach yourself with your daring exploits.
I'll speak to you again in approximately a month from now. ;)

To Jeff A,
Haha, I thought you might appreciate the story I wrote last time. The doorman had excellent trapping skills, and I certainly would not have taken him lightly if I had ever had him for an opponent. Quite formidable.
I'm in for some serious training and mental preparation over the next month to rid myself of the tiredness and peculiar lack of focus I am currently feeling. I need less work, more sleep, and to simplify my life. Of course much more practice with my closest friend and we'll both hopefully succeed in the test. I will probably view the forum pages, but I will not be posting for that period.
Thanks for your compliments to Louise, she does appreciate them.
Cheers, and I'll speak to you again soon, hopefully with good news!

To Carmalita,
Hola, Senorita. I'm glad I intrigue you some way, I would hate to be boring <snicker>. Can I offer my congratulations on being one of the latest graduates of Louise's standing pee school. As you say, you will most likely find the skill to be most useful in difficult spots.
Your time in the toilet with your friend Tesa was something well worth reading! Louise has done some quite outrageous things in toilets with her friends and netball team mates, but I don't think she has ever done anything along those lines.
Further to Louise's suggestion of you both being in a 'Pee Techniques Illustrated' magazine, it sounds like your turd stretched butt would also star in the 'Shits Illustrated' publication.

I'll be back in around a month from now. Until then, take care, everyone.


PS Nice leggy blonde girl on the masthead in a black dress of a kind that Louise might wear on a night out. Until I noticed her appearing to hold a piece of messy TP in her left hand, I wondered if she is about to hover over the toilet, or perhaps 'rinse' the basin Julie and Louise style (PV also?), but in fact it looks as if she has been for a dump.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

CHRIS, Good to hear from you again and glad that you've been continuing to read what's posted here.
Yes, that was certainly a great post from Bill, and very similar to his description some time ago of his workmate Ken.
Having colleagues like Jason and Ken to shit with in such great toilets sounds brilliant!

As for myself, no trouble with the "Farmers" but not constipated at all, more the opposite again, and back to that rather difficult to clean up after type of shit, and the consequent itchiness.
Anyway, no major problems and getting my arse well-splashed now and again, but still aiming for good solid easy clean turds.
I'm very gradually reducing the fibre, but not so much as to give me constipation again!

BILL, Good to hear from you again! Jason at work sounds like Ken!
Great you're in such good healthy, uninhibited company at work!
How's your son Jason and his native American friend whose shits at your flat you wrote about? Have they been shitting well recently while you've been around?

DAVID, Thanks for info. on the toilets in the Philippines, those saloon type doors sound interesting!

TODD, Absolutely great encounter in that toilet with you and that other young guy both plopping and him having some toilet paper from you. Giving another guy toilet paper can be a great way to have a friendly shit together! Hope it happens like that for you again!

DANIEL, Re. toilets in Sweden being featured in "Eurotrash".
I watch that programme every week, but I wish I'd seen that one. A friend told me about it some time ago, so I hope it's repeated some day.

Yesterday I caught sight of an article on a tabloid newspaper, which amazed me. It was a report of a tv programme with participants volunteering to live on a desert island and taking no food with them.
One guy, apparently decided to smuggle in some sausages, and so he wrapped them in clingfilm and actually inserted four sausages up his rectum and on arrival on the island, excreted them and cooked them and shared them with 3 others.!!!!!
All I can add to that is ;Did the others know where he'd kept them? And if so, wouldn't the shape and size, and the euphemism,sausages, be a terrifically revolting turn-off to actually consuming them?
Apart from the disgust many of us will feel, I wonder how he was able to insert them and how it felt with all that up there.
I'd also think it would be dangerous, but as much as I enjoy shitting and hearing others and hearing about others, I am rather squeamish about anything to do with the anus that's not completely nature's way.
I'd be completely unable to pull a reluctant turd out for fear of damaging myself!

Happy plopping to you all! P P G

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO DIANE FROM NY (MELISSAS FRIEND)-PLEASE!! tell us NOW what is happenning with melissa all her friends on this site want to know. dont keep something this important from us please!thanks!
TO SUNDEVIL-hello again girl. how are you? thanks for liking my posts. and its nice that you are a college blond cheerleader too. just curious: can you explain what you look like? do you have big logs? do female turds,male turds or just turds in general turn you on.?how old are you? dont answer if you dont want to but i find you interesting girl. bye now.
plus special hellos to steve and louise,pv,john (VT),lawn dogs kid and kendal,logger,buzzy,dazz,carmalita,rjogger and shanice

To Brad:
I'd say just ignore Kevin's morning woody and keep talking to your son. If he was embarassed about it, he'd leave the bathroom. He obviously isn't, so keep up the male bonding and be glad he wants to be with you. Cheers, Daniel (UK)


Why are you worrying? You don't see your son very often, and you need to make the most of every minute. He comes into the bathroom of his own accord, and you don't mind that, so what's the problem? Unless you think that he's going to tell his mother, which I would think would be highly unlikely at that age. As for his having an erecrtion, all males get them, and you can't always rationalize why.


Donny, about you and your girlfriend dumping together: I can relate. This is one of my girl Angela, and I's favorite things to do, as well. I would prefer just this-act, to sex, anyday. How long have you and your girl been together? We have been together, for less than a month, if you have been reading the posts. If not, check em'out. They are all posted under "Roger".



To Kendal
I've just read the news of the sad loss of your dad. What a dreadful tragedy. I was thinking a few days ago that neither andrew or you had posted recently, and then I logged on and read Andrews post. I would just like to say how sorry I am to learn of your fathers sudden death. I lost my mother to cancer 7 months ago, so I can say I know, to a certain extent, how your feeling just now. Only I had time to spend with my mother before she died, I knew it was going to happen.

Kendal, at this moment in time it may seem like the end of the world, but you'll learn to cope. It takes a long time, but im sure with the help of Andrew and your friends, and your new family, you'll adjust to life without your dad. It's hard, but you'll manage. Just remember all the good times, and I know from your posts you've got a lot of them. You and Andrew are in my thoughts, as well as those of everyone else who posts here.

Lawn Dogs Kid
So many lovely and kind words of sympathy are appearing on this site, I am quite overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone. Kendal will feel exactly the same, I know she will.

Talking of Kendal, I could cheerfully smother my Mum and Dad with kisses at the moment ! They have arranged for a weeks holiday to Lanzerote (sp?) for the three of us, and invited Kendal and her new sisters to come along as well. Kendal and Emily are definitely coming, but Kate isn't as she had other plans involving her friends which she has decided to stick to. So we are off a week today over the half term holiday. Kendal and Emily are coming here to Devon on the Thursday night. So Kendal says she hopes to post to everyone that night. That is if I am able to keep Emily occupied while she does it ! However, Emily is apparantly referring to me as "her Cousin" as well, even though we have never met yet ! So Kendal is confident that I'll manage !

Can't wait to see my little princess again. She says she hopes we get a chance to go to the toilet together but obviously that is going to be difficult, five of us in a small apartment, and Emily, who will only know Kendal to start with. Mind you, I expect there will be plenty of opportunity for listening !!

LINDA GS: What's up ? There's been a longer silence from the Cousin household than there has been from here in Devon !! Come on Babe, you must have been to the toilet so many times since we last heard from you ! And what is happening with Elena and the expected twins ? Kendal's Mum will be having her baby soon ! Kendal says she will write on Thursday night all being well. Take care Babe, and hope all is well with you and your kin. XOXO

Saturday, May 19, 2001

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