JW: I use "urinate", "pee" or "piss". Depending on the context.

Randi: I pull my briefs to my ankles or my knees. Usually to my ankles.

Shanice: Good story. You should use the school toilet daily. I did in high school. Summer school I had to go before classes. I entered this 3 toilet stall(no doors) girls room. A girl was already finishing her bowel movement in the adjacent stall. When she stood up to wipe, I saw 6 #92's floating about the toilet water, with her used toilet mingled. I sat in the front stall, with my khaki shorts and white Carter panties at my ankles. She came around to the sink adjacent to my stall to wash her hands. I started evacuating #87 chunks and urinated for 20 seconds. She said, "hello" to me and I answered. Then 2 eight inch pieces of doo-doo released with a "splush". She told me how she just "took this wild shit". I told her I do the same after breakfast between 1st and 3rd periods. We started talking about why we were in summer school. She was a senior. I was a sophmore. As she turned toward me, she fixed her trousers and aqua panties. She told me her mom bought her this Eiderlon bra/panty set. I told her they were nice. The conversation moved to our underwear. Meanwhile, I released another 10 sec. wave of chunks. I told her I was wearing briefs only and I had Eiderlon, FOL, Carter's, Nazareth and the departement store name brands in my collection. She commented on the quantitity of my bowel movements. I told her this happens twice or three times a day. Then I evacuated a buzzing, vibrating fart. I thought I was going to evacuate more doo-doo. Meanwhile we talked all along. She was watching me. I did not care. I reached for toilet paper to wipe my vagina dry. Then I reached between my legs and wiped my rectum, inspecting the paper. I used another wad, this time standing up. When I was satisfied the paper was clean, I pulled up my pants and briefs, stuffed my polo shirt in the underwear waistband. That girl and I met a few times in that same girls room as time went by. She liked me.

Julie: You have taste in underwear. I bring mine down to my ankles. I let everyone see what I have underneath. Do not rush thru your jobbies. Give yourself 20 minutes for you intestines to evacuate. I used to rush and found myself returning to the toilet. So, I now sit and allow everything to evacuate.

Melissa: You are seriously ill. Go to a doctor, now.

TO: Ben
Ben, Have you had any recent accidents you would like to talk about? Please post back.

Jamie The Damie
I felt the gas and craps first.Than came the bladder.I accused my self qickly and RAN into the womans bathrrom. Just my luck all the stalls were feull.I asked molly and she let me in,as long as she could watch. I didnt care I ripped of my rubber pants and than my thong.Than let a colple gallons of liquid poo.The girls in the other stalls said"wooo weee you ok""Shit thats some Shit"I dumped for about 5 min straight. by now my friend had to go again.She was half naked,waist down.She let loose a steam of salty golden pee straight into my face.

The next time I went I didnt notive the huge load in the bowl and the seat up.My tiny round butt slpped right into the load.I had to go so i did right in the water.

I was pooping so muck my butt bleed and in fact I went again and I had red poo.Later I found out It was just me menstrating.

Too all you movie fans out there, I was just wondering if you've ever seen the film, Salo. It was by Pasollini before he was killed, and based upon Marquis de Sades 120 days of Sodom. It was in the mid seventies, and is about the abuse that a group of children go through in WW2 Italy in a secluded mansion. It was disturbing and very hard to watch at times. In one scene, one of the torturers forces on of the children to eat a plate of their own excretment. It was graphic, explicit, and truly sick.

I've heard computer geeks call the act of dumping "downloading some brownware".

whatever happened to Alana??.....sanice please keep the post coming, you have the best stories.

I just got home from work. On my way home i was feeling like im stopped up. I hadn't taken a shit in 4 days. Last time i went it was really loose. I come home and im online and talking on the phone when an urge to shit comes on fast. I hang up and start reading the post when i couldn't hold it any more. I left and went to the bathroom i sat for 2 minutes. I knew it was going to be a big one. I pushed and pushed. I stood up and looked in the bowel, i was amazed to see i had a brown log which was 12 inches and another 6 inch log. I wiped 2 times, i was pretty clean. Then i left it unflushed and came back to read the posts.

To Mr Noname...I lived with a women who would never shit when I was around. So one day I got up the balls enough to ask her if shy was shy about going to the bathroom. It was like she was even to shy to talk about it. So I asked her if I could watch her take a poop one day. She said out of the question, she said that nobdy in her whole life has ever seen her pooping, ever. I thought omg, Im not even that shy. So now I find myself so interested in seeing her shit.

Diane In The State Of NY

Hi everybody. I ain't in such an up-beat mood. And I'm afraid I have upsetting news about Melissa but I'll tell about it some other time. I have only been in this forum for a week but hearing the bad news about Kendal's father is very saddening.
Kendal, On the day of my second birthday, I lost my dad too. He went out to get me a birthday present when he was hit head on by a drunken driver on the wrong side of the road. He was killed because the front of the other car protruded into the passenger cabin which crushed and killed him. I don't have any memories of my dad. I'm so very sorry that you had to lose your dad. But you have great memories to cherish with you and your dad. For me at 23 years of age the only way I could see my dad is when I open up a photo album and look at the pictures. I give you all my sympathy. And God Bless You.
I also had a rather bizarre story to tell you guys about but I'm so choked up at the moment and so depressed about what happened to Melissa I'll tell it to you guys next week.

Hey Plunging plop guy. The doors are like swinging kitchen doors but have locks. THey have a bottom partition about half a metre high. ANd the doors are about 90 cm high! The locks are old style and therefore have no indication of vacant or occupied. SO we normally peep inside the stall to see if we can come in.

I had a shit in my dad's office in the Philippines. Its a public toilet (only one) and they have windows opening up to the street and other buildings. I was shitting with the window iopen and then I realized a teenager was watching me! The toilet pans are the same as anywhere.

Sometimes my girlfriend and I will use the toilet together. By that I mean she will sit on my lap while I'm on the toilet and go. There's just enough room between my legs for her pee and poop to drop into the bowl. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Hey guys, I have not posted for a bunch of months. A couple of nights ago I saw Bill's post about dumping at the construction site with Jason. That is one great story! I don't have anything near as good to report (I'm thinking of giving up computer programming and getting into construction!), but here goes with a recent experience I had. I did some jogging last Sunday and stopped off in a park restroom to take a shit. There were the usual two doorless stalls and I decided to use the one nearer the restroom entrance. I pulled down my shorts and pulled up my T-shirt and got ready for an enjoyable crap. I had just sat down when a young dude (about 17 I guess) looked into my stall and seeing it occupied went to the further stall. He was blonde and wearing a T-shirt and running shorts. I heard him say: "Shit." A moment later he reappeared in the doorway to my stall and looking a bit sheepish said: "Hey dude. Can I get some paper off you? There ain't any in the other ! stall." I gave him a smile and said: "Sure dude. Go ahead and help yourself, just leave enough for me." The TP dispenser was one of those circular ones mounted on the wall with the free end of the roll nearer me seated on the crapper. He kinda had to lean over me to pull some paper off. While he was doing this I farted and then passed 4-5 turds that dropped with loud plops. He kinda just grinned and said:"Thanks a million dude" and headed for the next stall. I heard him fart and then pass what sounded like 5-6 logs in rapid succession. He then started to wipe his butt - I could hear the paper being folded and torn. I wiped my butt and flushed. As I left the stall, he said: "Hey Dude. Can you pass me some more paper - I guess I did not get enough off you." I rolled some TP around my hand and took it to his stall since there was no gap in the solid partition separating the two stalls. He sat there with his shorts and boxers around his ankles and with his T-shirt pu! lled up. He gave me a grin when I asked if the TP was enough and said: "I guess so." I went on my way. I would kinda liked to shoot the breeze with him while he wiped his asshole, but I just left after he thanked me again.

Bill: I saw your post and Eric's advice about your young daughter wanting to be with you when you take a leak or a shit. Why does your wife have such a hangup about this? All little girls are curious about their Dad and I don't think there is anything more to it than that. My daughter who is now nine often used to come into the bathroom with me while I dumped up until the age of about 6 or 7. I did not mind and she seemed to enjoy seeing me on the crapper and it just naturally ended as she got older. It sounds as if you don't mind your daughter being with you while you piss or shit. If you feel comfortable with it, just let it end naturally as it did with my kid and tell your old lady to give you a break! She sounds like a real ballbuster to me!

There's also a Led Zeppelin song with the lyric "squeeze my lemon, til' the juice runs down my leg."


I made it all 1500 miles! It's nice to be back home, but
I'm still pissed the Colorado mission was such a flop. It
wasn't a comeplete loss, but it was damn close. Oh well, I
really didn't have many financial resources to work with. I
can't fight society's battles on the lousey salary I get.
I had hoped to have an exotic poop story involving
mixed genders for you folks, but unfortunately there were no
stranded motorists or hitch-hikers on the way home
....Bummer! Oh well, I made one of my own. I decided to
make my moving trip into a moving/camping trip. One night
I stayed at this free camp site next to a lake. The little
bathroom was broken down and a very long way from my
camp site. It was after dark and I REALLY needed to poo. I
had been on the road for two days holding it for a special
occasion, but nothing came up. Well, the other camp sites
were pretty close to mine, but since there was no moon. I
knew I was free to get creative. I didn't want to poop on the
ground because everyone would know it was mine, plus I
didn't want to offend the management since it was a free
park. I looked for some kind of container and found my
empty super-size coke cup. I stood next to a tree and peed in
the darkness, then I opened the door to my red truck and sat
on the running board. Had there been some headlights or
whatever, the whole world could have seen me. It's really
pretty tricky trying to shit into a plastic cup. I had to keep
feeling around my bum to make sure I was on target. I was. I
pushed out a big turd which landed with a thud in the cup. If
anyone heard it, they didn't stir around any. Next I pushed
out a bigger one. I wiped with a couple of ultimate blues and
put the lid back on the cup. It was really a pretty handy
emergency toilet. It really didn't smell after I put the lid on it,
so I put it back into the hamburger sack with the rest of the
garbage and left it out on the picnic table. I thought it was
funny that I could leave it out in plain site and no one would
know what it was. I had some giggles to myself when the sun
came up and people walked past my table. Then I just threw
it in the garbage(like 10 million people do with dirty diapers)
and packed up and headed out.


Yes, I've visited the coffee shop with the two toilets several times since I've been
home. A couple of lovely young ladies came in on me, but neither of them sat down and
stayed. I'm trying to figure out the best way to let them know they haven't offended me
and that it's ok to join me. The hard part is that they come in and everything happens in a
split second. I guess the best thing is to go back out to the tables and get to know them a
little, then explain myself once the inevitable apology comes up. I'll keep you posted!

Mr Moderator, I dont usually post twice in one day but hope you will permit.

I replied quickly to CC as I wanted to warn him not to get into trouble with his parents over his toilet fascination. He doesnt say his age, I assume in his teens, and thus needs to be careful not to fall foul of his folks.

Im glad to say I never did get into any trouble in this regard although I realised as early as the age of 5 that defecation, its sights, sounds, smells, and associated matters gave me a thrill especially when girls and women were the doers of the jobbies. I was lucky in that about that age an event ocurred regarding one of my slightly older male cousins which was a warning to me. He was about 7 and had been caught by his mother, my aunt, looking through the keyhole as his teenage sister was drying herself in the bathroom after a bath. He got a real heavy thrashing from both parents and I found out when he was banned from going with myself and my dad to the football that Saturday as an additional punishment. My mum said to me "You would never do anything as wicked as that Tony? You would get a sound smack if you did!" I of course agreed with her and my dad reinforced the matter by adding that "He'd tan my arse with his belt" if he caught me doing anything like that. Natural! ly I watched my step even from as early an age as 5. If I wanted to listen if my mum or any female relative or visitor was doing a motion in our toilet I would ensure I was playing with some toy or other in the hallway nearby and was ignored. When I got older I would be in the cupboard in the hallway looking for something for school. Now as I have said in many Old Posts I am sure that my mum was aware of my interest and being turned on by defecation but also feel that she too derived a similar enjoyment from this natural function from remarks made over the years and various happenings. This contrasted with her strict attitude to nudity etc and she would not even appear in her bra and panties in sight of me, indeed I once got a smack when caught looking up her skirt to see her knickers, ( white, pink or sky blue cotton interlock full briefs with elastic through the leg openings were the types she wore for those interested), and told that I was guilty of impurity, yet she had n! o apparent problem with me listening to the sound effects when she did a motion or even seeing the jobbies she had passed when they stuck in the toilet pan as was often the case.

As I advised CC, I didnt write down any of my toilet experiences when at home but did during my teens keep a register of the motions I did and ,if listened to or seen, those of others but wrote this in an old school notebook and in a coded form, (I tried various systems), so that if my parents had looked in this book they would have thought it part of my Science Homework. Indeed to enforce that cover I sometimes wrote out paragraphs of Science Experiments then the coded details of the jobbies done etc such as time passed, number of turds, length, thickness, colour, odor a 0 = no smell to 5 a real stinker, sinking + or floating -, sound effects, ( numerical scale with 0 being a little "plip!" up to 9 being a depthcharge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" and 10 being one so long it was too big to make any sound), solidity with one being hard and lumpy and 6 being diarrhea -thankfully not very often used! C= curved, S= straight, B= Ball. The scientific gender symbols were used to denote! the sex of the person who did it, if known, and code names for the person, "Gold" being my mum, "Carbon" myself and "Silver" one of my aunts etc. As an example a days entries
8.30, one, 10, 2.5, toffee, 4, -, 9,3,C, circle with cross at bottom (female symbol), Gold.

14.00 , one, 12, 2.5, dark, 1, +, 9,1,S, male symbol, Carbon.

Meaningless to anyone else and looking like the data from a science lesson.

One thing I could quite openly do was read the medical pages in my mums Womens Magazines. Now even in the 1950s and 60s these had medical articles of the "I went to the Doctor" type. Any which related to defecation were avidly read by me. I can even now remember one about "Constipation during the Monthly Periods" where the subject of "I went to the Doctor" said that she usually got constipated when she had her monthly period and passed large hard lumpy difficult motions after a couple of days. She asked the Doctor if she should take laxatives. Now even for the 1960s the advice was sensible that she should not take purgatives which would only make the usual congestion of menstruation and the cramps often suffered far worse and that she should eat more roughage (fibre) and only use a gentle lubricant such as Liquid Parafin which didnt cause diarrhea but made solid stools easier to pass without causing looseness. There was even a picture, posed by a female model, a blonde a! s I remember, at the masthead with a white coated middle aged male doctor sitting at a table. I used to imagine this woman actually sitting on the toilet pan doing the large hard lumpy motions, but with them sliding out easily thanks to the liquid parafin and making resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" sounds as they dropped into the pan.

JW asked for terms used by men and women for urination. I have given him some in my earlier post, but would like to known the terms used for defecation and its product. I of course use jobbie, motion, poo, number two, stool, turd. Is there any difference between men and women in this regard?

CC I would be very, very carefulindeed in the light of this incident to ensure that there is NO way your parents or anyone else can find out that you are turned on by defecation and toilet matters. Ensure when you are standing nearby outside the toilet listening to your mum doing a jobbie, as you have described in Old Posts, that there is nobody else in the house at the time who may discover you and have a sensible excuse for being in that location if you should be questioned. Obviously you never mention such matters in the house but likewise dont tell anyone such as cousins, classmates etc, even if you think they may be sympathetic. Dont ever write anything about your experiences in clear language if it could be found. Is the computer you make these posts on safe and accessible only too yourself? If not and unless you have software that removes permanently any temporary files, history, etc, after every internet session you could be caught out this way. Above all be careful. T! here were no computers or internet when I was a lad but I was always very careful to ensure nobody found out my toilet interests, except my long time friend George who was totally trustworthy and it was he who first told me of his own fascination with the subject before I told him of mine.

Terms for urination. In Scotland men tend to say a "pish" rather than a "piss" as in England. Otherwise I have found that men and boys say "pee" "piddle" "slash" "waz" whereas women and girls say "wee wee" "tinkle" "tiddle" "diddle", "number one" although I have to say I prefer the term "wee wee" myself

To Kendall and Lawn Dogs Kid-
I am so sorry to hear about your father's passing Kendall. Somehow I missed that post, so I'm a little late. Once again I have tears for another beautiful person in our unique family, and a hole in my heart for your loss. Kisses to you both, and I am truly sorry.


I busted a toilet seat when I was in high school. I grabbed it on each side in the upright position and pushed with one hand and pulled with the other hand, back and forth several times until it snapped. I stuck one half of it in a urinal. They replaced it with a black seat which wasn't as good. (Not that I'm prejudiced). You can't tell if there's shit on a black seat before you sit down. There was hardly ever any toilet paper in this particular boys restroom and there were times that I used the girls restroom. There was a used tampon in one of their toilets and I smelled it. It smelled just like the girl who sat next to me in math class.

Eric in Chicago: I saw your post to Bill about the problem with his daughter. I think you gave real good advice. I'd appreciate your advice also. I'm a 31-year-old guy and work for the Power Company. I got divorced about 2 years ago. It was all my fault - too much sleeping around with other chicks I guess. We have two kids, a boy, Kevin (aged 11 years) and a girl. I get custody of Kevin one weekend each month. I try real hard to be close to him and he seems to enjoy being with his Dad. I take him to the ball games on Saturday, etc and I even have my girlfriend spend the one weekend each month with her friends so Kevin and I can be close. Kevin has recently gone through puberty and is at that awkward stage. Anyway, I have a studio apartment. In the mornings, I always take a dump first thing. The bathroom door has a broken lock. I've noticed recently that Kevin usually walks in on me while I'm shitting even though the door is closed. I don't mind really. He sits ! on the edge of the bathtub and tells me about his buddies and school, while I dump my load. Recently, he was wearing only boxer shorts and I could see that he had an erection. It kinda worried me, but my buddies at work told me that I'm crazy to worry since kids that age often have a morning woody. I sure want to remain close to Kevin, but do you think that I should tell him not to come into the bathroom while I'm shitting? We have real good Dad-son talk in the bathroom together and I don't mind him being with me while I dump. Also, I don't want him to think I'm rejecting him in any way. I'd sure appreciate your ideas about this.

LAWN DOGS KID - Hello Andrew. Oh of course we knew you
did not mean to leave us out, you could not list
everybody you write to here. Please tell Kendal that
her dad was a sweetheart when he wrote to me those
times, and I was upset about what has happened. Can
you tell her that I am really proud of my standing pee
pupil! Love Louise x

CARMALITA - Hi!!! I am happy that another of my pupils
has been doing so well. I bet you are pretty confident
at doing the standing pee now. You do sound it, and
enjoy your hiking when you go! You would like to watch
my peeing? Well that would be nice, we could be in the
middle pages of a sister magazine to John VT's
Shit Illustrated called Pee Techniques Illustrated.
I will have to get Steve to write to you again when he
can. How is Jake? Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Thank you for your hug! Nice! LOL

JULIE - Hi girl! That was a good story about really
needing a wee on your way home and doing it in your basin
at home. Yeah, if you sit too far forward you will get
spray and splashing all over the place. There is another
trick I know that you could try. You could try pushing
your stream down into the bowl by pushing your pussy
down at the top with your fingers. If your basin is a good
shape for doing that then maybe you would find that fun
because you are still weeing in the basin but doing it
differently. A lot of things I do make me feel like a
naughty schoolgirl LOL and that includes when I wee outdoors
in the park. Well I was a naughty schoolgirl actually
because when we had sports outside, some of us would have
a wee at the side of the playing field with the right
cover, and our teacher would wee with us if she wanted to
go as well. We were all naughty girls together, so all that
started when I was about 12, games teacher was about 25 and
we squatted together for a wee lots of times. Did you ever
do anything like that? Love Louise xx

JEFF A - Hi guy! Steve is still busy this week but he
said I must pass on his regards. It may be he will be
able to write tomorrow. I do hope your walking is getting
better. I have just had a shit that was more than 9 inches
long. I hovered my bum over the toilet and dropped my log
into it and I dedicate that one to you, because I hope it
makes you smile when you think about it. Oh and I hope
you could draw me from head to foot as well. Thank you for
saying I must be a stunner! xx


CARMALITA: Thanks for replying, I really appreciated it. When ever you have experiences about farting on the pot feel free to let me know. The lady next door farts so loudly every morning while taking a dump.They are very long too. I can hear them echoing in the bowl sometimes. I always seem to enjoy it. You know, I really would'nt mine being in you bathroom hearing you in action(of course I'll have to bear the smell)..hahaha. I'm sure you'll give me quite a show. Take care of yourself till next time and remember to keep me posted. take care me dear...(GIVES YOU A WHITE ROSE AND A KISS ON THE CHEEK)
TevinC (Steven)

Traveling Guy
KENDALL - Very sorry to hear about your dad's passing. My dad died almost five years ago. I hope the fondest of your fond memories of him will always be with you.

MELISSA (NY) - Hope the doctor has you on your way to better health. You have see him/her, haven't you??

MODERATORS - I'd hoped to see my White House humor piece here today. Maybe you're a bit behind on posts? It isn't too outrageous, is it? If you can't use that sort of thing, please let me know here for my own guidance. Thanks.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Eric in Chicago
BILL: I think you're right that your daughter's interest in watching you use the bathroom is just childhood curiousity and is basically harmless. However, I don't think it's a good idea to keep indulging it; you need to make it clear to her that people want to have some privacy when they use the bathroom and that she needs to respect other people's needs for privacy. Don't make her feel guilty about her curiousity; just explain that she's already had enough chances to see it and that now you want some privacy.

Mr. Noname
Hi all!

I've posted once or twice in the past but really prefer to "lurk" and read others' fabulous posts! I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys reading this kind of stuff. I have to admit that I do get turned on by all the stories about women taking big dumps. Now I'm living with a woman I've been dating for the past several months. We just moved in to a place together two weeks ago. It's the first time I've lived with anyone in ten years, and it's kind of exciting.
So she gets up earlier for work than I do. I guess she must have been in a hurry this morning and forgot to flush because when I got up and went to the bathroom, I saw what she'd left behind: several big lumpy turds! I got a bit of a buzz seeing that and imagined what it would have been like to watch her. Just a few weeks ago she was complaining of diarrhea, but now she must have been a bit bunged up and I was surprised to see these big hard lumps. I guess women have totally different metabolisms than men do. My shits are always the same, pretty boring really. I never suffer from either diarrhea or constipation.
Anybody else get turned on from seeing what their mate left behind?? I'll post again later if I have anything worthy of posting.


On tonights news they had a lawyer who setup a spy camera in the womens toilets where he worked. They said he placed it behind the bowl and had about 20 tapes of the women who worked with him going to the toilet. They showed some of the women (faces blurred for obvious reasons) and they looked to be young (20's). Naturally I found the thought of these women going to the toilet a real turn on but my parents who were in the room scoffed at him and my Dad called him a moron. Which makes me wonder what they would think if they ever found out about my fascination with women on the toilet.

Sara T.
Oh, gosh. I send big hugs and kisses to Kendal. I'm so sorry to hear about her dad. I myself was quite young (going on 5) when my own dad passed. Lots of love to you, sweetheart and to Andrew.

Ring Stretcher

I have an incredible crapping story to tell! I shit while doing a handstand!!

The other day boyfriend and I were visiting some country property he owns, which is mostly lots of gorgeous trees and meadows with a stream running through it.

It was sunny and warm and as we were walking near the stream I had the sudden strong urge to crap. I told him and he eagerly asked me to go in front of him.

I can do better than that, I told him as I took off my jean shorts and shoes. I winked at him and told him to grab my legs. Without further ado I did a handstand and he held my legs.
"You're gonna poop during a handstand!!?" he asked.
"Why not? Don't let go."
He kissed and licked the soles of my feet (boyfriend also really likes feet!) and I took in a deep breath of air and went "NNNNNNNNN UH NNNNNGG" as the smooth wide tip of the turd emerged from my quivering hole. I grunted hard and loud and he commented how awesome it was to see my hole open up while I was on my hands. With one final loud grunt I sent it shooting out of me. Boyfriend kissed my foot again and eased me down on the ground.
"That felt good to get that out," I said as he wiped me off.
"I bet it did," he said as we hear the distant boom of thunder.
This one wasn't hard to push out at all, and didn't even rip my hole. It was about 12 inches long at 3 inches thick and smooth.
We trying to think of some other interesting ways or places to crap and the possibilities are endless.

Hello all. I've been reading the posts on this site for some time and thought that maybe I should start to contribute

I had a quite an experience today. It was after lunch at around 2:30 or so when i suddenly had a sensation down in my rear end. I wasnt too sure what it was as for i did not get the feeling of having the need for BM. Anyway i excused myself from class without much hesitation and went down to the nearest washroom. Inside there is about four sinks and four stalls, considered quite the average size washroom in my school. Anyway i went into the stall nearest to the wall (which is normally what i do) closed the door and pulled my jeans and thong down to about the knee area. At this ppoint i still had no idea what I was really in for a pee or poop. So I sat for about 2 minutes before deciding to see if I had any BM. As I leaned forward, two more girls came in and went into the stalls next to me. They were mumbling something about having to shit so I figured that I wasn't the only one. About 10 seconds later I started to hear plops farts from my neighbouring stalls then suddenly ! nothing but talk. Losing interest, I decided to go myself. It was a hard push at first as for nothing came out except for one lump. THen I felt it sticking out of my pink hole. Continuing i strained a little and a healthy log fell out but I knew there was more. By this time I heard one of the other girls wiping so I figured she was done. I strained a little harder but realized that it was going to take more than that so leaning forward i grunted and pushed (for what seemed like etenity) and another monster log crashed into the bowl beneath. As I reached for the tp, there was a stuffy feeling around my hole. Not really thinking I began to wipe but I realized that there was actually more and out came all this mushy soft crap. I wiped then flushed leaving skid marks all over the toilet. I left the other girl with the putrid smell even though she probably was engulfing her own. Heading back towards class, I realized that the toilet break had been over 20 minutes.

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