Upstate Dave
I know it was a lot of fun growing up in the country. Back in the mid to late 1960s least here in upstate New York there was still a lot of outhouses. Some were part of the old farms and the summer places on the many lakes in the area. We even had exploring expeditions to find them.

Well this trip started on a saturday morning. A group of us got together at Butches house. Butch, Myself,Butches sister Barbie, and Barbie S the girl next door. Barbie S said there was a trail that followed the creek next to the Tavern. So that is where we started.

It was a pleasent walk, not to hard going. We knew we were climbing upward. The path was well worn and easy to follow. We took are time and stoped every so often and looked to the west to enjoy the view. Everyone was drinking soda. It was really hitting the thirst spot.

Well we hit a flat spot and the trail split. Go right or straight was the question. We decided to go right along the ridge. We went for a short distance and came out in a group of old camps. They had not been used for a long time. Most of the glass in the windows was broken and the doors on some of them were missing.

We kind of split up at this point. We started checking the insides just to see if anything remained inside. Butch went with Barbie S and I went with Barbie H. We checked out two camps but really did not find anything of interest. Barbie H and I were checking out a third one and she goes to me I have to pee real bad from the soda.

I said there is an outhouse in the back so we went out and took a peek inside. It looked ok. Barbie said come on in which I did. She did not want to sit on the wood because of getting slivers. She stoo. She lifted up her skirt pulled her panties down and off. Then she relaxed and peed a gusher. Her stream must of went for a minute or longer. When she finished she had the look of relief on her face.

I was not the only one who got treated that day. Butch got treated by the other Barbie in another camp outhouse. He told me that after we got back to the house later in the afternoon. So exploring can have more rewards than what you can expect. UpstateDave.

alexia ann
hello all i just want to say i love this site its really cool that people can talk like this i have a freind me and her talk all the time about this is it wrong i hope not i have mant stories to write on my personal habits i will write one a week thank again alexia ann

I have to tell about how I got my first(current) girlfreind. My cronies and I were playing street hockey around July '99, it was hotter than hell, after two hours we all went in and watched Clerks, after a while Jamie(15/f) goes to the bathroom. about 5 minites later she yells "Can somebody bring me some tp, I made a mess!" So being the gentileman I am, I go to the closet a get a roll and head to the bathroom. I knock on the door, she says "It's open" so I come in without forethought. So there I am, barging in on this defenseless girl on the pot. "My god Jamie I'm sorry, I thought you dropped a soap bottle or something" "No just out of asswipe, come here I'm gonna be awhile, and it's getting kinda boring in here" she said. "okay, so long as you don't mind", so she sat(or should I say shat) there for about 30 min talking to me, so we got to know each other, the weird thing was she liked me since middle school, so we got together for a date that night, when she has to pee outdoo! rs she takes me with her so i can hold her up :)~~~~`. Has anyone ever met a g/f , b/f under these conditions?


It was one time when I was around eight years old or somewhere around that age group. I used to go to an all boys school but was afraid to poop in the bathrooms on campus. I knew that the other kids werent becuase they frequently went in and left the place reeking.

Anyway I was on the school swim team and we had our sister school come round for every practice after school. The age range consisted between 7-around 18 meaning that I saw guys and girls of all sizes. Problem is that there was only one bathroom for both sexes.

One day I was in the pool and realizing that my bladder was about to explode, I excused myself from the practice to take a leak. While doing so I heard voices outside of a fairly mature girl about 17 talking to her mother(assistant coach)that she needed to use the bathroom. The entrance to the bathroom is normally left open so people could here what is happening inside and out. A few seconds later a girl walked fairly rapidly into one of the two stalls behind where the urinals where situated. At this time I think there was another guy taking a shit in the other stall but I'm not too sure. Anyway as I was finishing my piss, I heard the undoings of her bathing suit and loud crackling sounds of poop coming out. There were not fart sounds, if there were they were not audible. Just then her sister came looked at me, walked towards the other stall. Finding it locked she tried the one her older sister was in. I recall hearing her say 'How long you gonna be' and something about th! e younger sister having to crap too. I never stayed till the end because the younger sister was there but after that I became really interested in the BM especially with females

Melissa (N.Y.),
Look, you stubborn @##$%, GO TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY! Your symptoms are VERY serious, and will NEVER go away by themselves! Care about yourself a LITTLE, girl! We all care about you a LOT, and stuff like this is very upsetting to us! BTW, coffee and asprin are TERRIBLE stomach and digestive irritants, and aspirin ALONE can cause SEVERE internal bleeding and ulceration! Also, the human body only holds a little over one gallon of blood, so you can be in DEEP trouble QUICKLY with continued blood loss! You need to thoroughly review your diet and lifestyle, and you'll probably find the answers. Start to take care of YOURSELF; we want you around a LOT longer! Slow down and LIVE.


The term I learned for taking a leak when I was in the service was "gonna go squeeze a lemon."

Hi, I'm 23 years old. I had often accidents. One time I had the sixth date with a realy cute boy. We were in the cinema. I felt the urge to pee. I wanted to go to the bathroom when he huged me and kissed me on my lips. Because of my weak bladder I couldn't hold it a long time. I said him that I needed to go but he probably thought that I hold it. Then it happended and during kissing eachother I had a spot on my crotch about 8 cm. I let it out to lockered the pressure. Now I could hold the rest for some minuite I know. Suddenly he saw the spot and didn't kiss anymore. He asked my for the little spot and I said I couldn't hold it. He answered that I must be able to hold it and that this isn't normal. He brought me in the men's bathroom. This was clever because this movie is more a women movie. So we had the hole men's room for ourself. He let me go peeing and then he wanted to know all about the problem. I told him that this was only an accident and a product of tenseness. He as! ked me if this was the first time I wet and looked deep in my eyes. I couldn't lie and said no. He was disapeared because on one site he really loved me and on the other he don't want a woman in diapers. I answered that if he really loved me the love is stronger then wetting pants. He didn't say anything after. He only took me in the car and we drove the home. On the way he suddenly asked me how he could show his love. I said that he probably could wet his pants right now as sign of acceptation of my problem. I couldn't believe because he really did! First we left the car and went in the park. There he peed in his jeans and I stand next to him still with wet pants. Then he brought the ring he had bought before the date in the cinema. He asked me if I want to be his wife. I was shocked and with tears in my eyes I said yes. This was so romatic and I forgot that I had to poop. I pooped in my underpants. Because the poop was firm/hard it didn't go through my jeans but when his han! d touched my ass he felt the warm poop. He did only say that I should change my underpants. This was two years ago.

At the day of the wedding I was so tense that I wet my bed at night. He suggested that I should wear diapers under my wedding dress and a strong parfume. After my mom helped me to put on my wedding dress I was short time alone in the room. I riddle if with or without diapers. I finally did the right thing and put them on and use strong parfume. During the words of the priest/minister I peed first. Then when he asked John(my husband) and he said yes I was so lucky and I pooped and peed my diapers full. Then he asked me and I said also yes. Then John and I kissed together. We walked out of the hall and get in the cadillac. I was so lucky. When we arrived home he lifted me and carried me over the threshold. He felt the poop in my diapers and said to me with low voice "Baby". He locked the door of our house(yes, we bought it after he asked me to marry). Now he layed me in the bathroom and put off my diapers. After cleaning my genitals he put on fresh underpants and we made lov! e in the bed. Then we looked a movie together and about 11 pm we made love again. Before he let me sleep he want to put again diapers on my body. I said that I needn't diapers in my wedding night. He suggest to do the diapers outside of my underpants. So we would see next morning if I was right. I woke up next morning with hard poop in my underpants. He woke up at the same time and first asked if I had a good night. Then he wanted to see the result of the night. I put off my diaper and showed him my underpants from the front. He was already convinced when he saw between my legs the underpants hanging down a litle bit. He said I should pull up my underpants. I tried put the poop was to hard. Now he realized that I had crapped my underpants and I ask him angrily about the disgrace if he is happy that he was right. He nonsed and the next nights he let me sleep without diapers. I sometimes crapped the bed but he wasn't angry. He merely send me to the doctor but he couldn't help me! . He only gave me diapers

To Bill: I loved your story, your stories are good when they are about other guys dumping with you.

To Purple Pooper: I don't know what would happen if those guys what have gotten that kind of sample...i guess i'd be embarssed. I want to tell you that i ate some beets yesterday..i had about 1/2 serving or less..doubt that will happen to me

gotta run, later

I just read through the last 2 days' posts, they ranged from scary, to awesome, to tragic.

Scary: Melissa (NY) - You sound like you have been seriously ill for some time. Vomiting and diarrhea, with oral and rectal blood, is nothing to fool with. Please consult your doctor immediately, and get this situation resolved. A number of us here are quite concerned with your well being.

Awesome: Shanice - That was some story, dumping your brains out while being watched. You crapped out quite a load, young lady. Your audience must have been really captured to the point that she held her own load until you were finished. Hell of a story!

Rizzo - Hey, you old geezer, you(HA!, I'm only kidding, of course!) So Tai Chi and my posts relieve your stress? Very interesting. I must admit that martial arts are a little more than I can handle. Jogging is simple, I just need the right outfit depending on the whether, good shoes, and I am off and running on the Highway to Hell! You are one lucky person, if you can eat what you say you can, and still remain slim. I have to be careful with food, and I run, lift weights and swim six days a week to keep trim. I also bowl 30 to 40 games a week to boot. But that still doesn't help with the hair. Like you, my sideburns, mustache and beard are a combination of blond and silver. Just a sign of maturity (Me, mature? Nah, too much of a prankster), I guess.

Beyond Awesome - Who could that be? Why that sweet, sexy, loving little seniorita, Carmalita, of course.
Your latest story about you and Tesa was great, to say the least. I would have to call that a most unusual "buddy dump", awesome just the same. Do I ever wish that I was there to observe it.
I also wish that you were the lady that I saw in the woods, last Friday. Watching that Latina lady the other day made me think about you, sweetie. I would have really loved it if that had been you, dropping your specialty in the woods. Of course I would have been happy to clean you afterwards, then let you watch me release some large logs. I missed my wife that morning, but I am working from home this Friday, so maybe I will get lucky. I will let you know.

Tragic - Lawn Dogs Kid: I just read your post about Kendall's dad passing away. I am truly sorry and saddened to hear about a young father like that passing so suddenly. Please express my sincere condolences to your cousin when you speak to her.

With all that said; I will speak to fine folks whenever. Take care!

To Jordan:One Part of my school the toilets have doors and the other part has no walls or doors.

one time I wet my panties and my mom spanked me and put me in diapers.

and there was that epsode from 3rd Rock from the Sun where the commander and girlfriend discover the pleasure of buddy farting. Something my wife and I play at every morning. It's a regular duet. Anyone else play that game?

Lawn Dog Kid-
I'm so sorry to hear tha. Give Kendal my sympathy.

I have not said anything for awhile. I'm sorry I don't give my sympathy. Welcome back Billy and Kevin L. and Bill. Ben I like your stories.

Jeff A.-
What type of surgery did you have?

I'm a first time poster here. One day I stayed after school for detention, then when I got out, I saw a girl next to the door, waiting. She was a big nerd. She looked pale and sickly. She was in her soccer uniform, so she must have been playing and gotten sick. She asked what I was doing, and I said going home. She asked if I could take her, and I said sure. Boy, was I happy. Halfway through, she was jumping up and down, ready to go I think. She asked if I could drive faster, and I said no. The speed limit is the speed limit. She suddenly farted, and the smell hit me like a bullet. I knew she crapped herself. She moaned as her eyes filled with tears. She said, "I crapped my pants." and started crying. I saw her little soccer shorts fill with shit. I suddenly burst out laughing. I don't know what hit me. Here, I had the nerdiest girl in my class sitting in my car, shitting. She got real upset and said, "why are you laughing!" I kept on laughing, and she threw up under the seat.! I stopped the car and got really mad at her. She crapped again, but this time it went through her shorts and on my seat. I screamed at her. She threw up in my mom's car! I couldn't not scream. I told her to get out, and as she was getting out, I grabbed her sweatshirt around her waist and wipped the diarrhea off my seat. Then I put it below and soaked up some of the puke. She begged me not to leave her, so I threw her 50 cents and told her to call someone. Then I sped off. I had never been so mad in my life. The little ???? threw up and shit in my seat, twice, and expected me to take her home. Ha!
I would have acted differently if she was cute, but she was ugly anyway.

I busted a toilet seat when I was in high school. I grabbed it on each side in the upright position and pushed with one hand and pulled with the other hand, back and forth several times until it snapped. I stuck one half of it in a urinal. They replaced it with a black seat which wasn't as good. (Not that I'm prejudiced). You can't tell if there's shit on a black seat before you sit down. There was hardly ever any toilet paper in this particular boys restroom and there were times that I used the girls restroom. There was a used tampon in one of their toilets and I smelled it. It smelled just like the girl who sat next to me in math class.


Well, Angela and I went on our date this-weekend! It's-official:we are an item, now. It was great. We went to the dollar movies by my house, so it was a cheap-date, that was worth every-penny. After the movie, we both went back to my house, where we ordered-pizza. She immediately had to have one of her massive-movements, when we were finished-eating. Is there any food better for long hard bm's, then pizza? Doubt-it. This time, though, I was able to convince her to allow me to sit on the toilet first, although I did not have to go @ the time, and have her sit, basically, on my lap, but not-really. What I mean by that, is that I just scooted as far back as I could, on the bowl, and she was in the middle. This way, I would not have to worry about getting crap on my legs, although I would not have minded, the way Carmalita's friend, Tesa, did, on her post. It was great: Angela crapped for about 10-15 minutes, this time, and I was kissing her neck, and running my t! ongue all over the back of her body, the whole time, including putting it in her ears. Man, was it loud, and smelly in there. Of course, I got to clean her off, w/ tp that had my spit on it, when she was done. Hope all of you enjoyed it. Especially you, Pico. I appreciate the compliments you gave me, man.

More to come, later,


Hi all,
Strange shit today. After breakfast I went to the loo and after dropping my shorts and panties lat go a fart and a short pee. Instead of the usual plug and then windy wet chunky blast, I felt my ring stretch as this log slowly eased it's way out. Then it seemed to stick as little marbles broke off and fell into the water each one splashing my bum. About twenty broke off and then it was all over. Wiped no mess so dry and then dried my bum. On onspection there were about twenty little ba;;s on the bowl. I missed the usual explosive evacuation.
First horseshow next week. Read all about the first outdoor twosome shit of the season in this column!!!!

Hi Bill - Great to see you posting again. That certainly sounded like a hot experience buddy dumping with Jason. And completely naked too! How on earth did you manage to contain yourself? I know I couldn't have. You are one real lucky guy. You really know how to tell a story. keep 'em coming buddy!
Hi too to Plunging Plop Guy. I haven't posted for quite some time either, but I keep up to date with your experiences. Hope the old "Farmer Giles" aren't giving you too much trouble!
Didn't you just enjoy reading Bill's story?
Happy crapping to All

To Melissa (NY):

You should really see a doctor. If you have that much noticable blood in your stool it could be something serious.

To My Dear Niece Kendal, via her nearest and dearest,

I am so terribly sorry, darling. The news of your dad comes as a blow, and a heavy one at that. And what makes it all the harder is that your dad was a year younger than me. That makes him almost my "little brother."

You don't deserve this, nobody does, but fate has been very cruel to you. I pray your new home is a good one, your new family a loving and caring one, and that life holds good things for you in the months and years ahead.

We all love you very much, and all I can do is swaddle you up on one enormous hug that I hope will say without words everything your Aunty is feeling.

Goddess bless,


Peeping Tom
GARY that "boy" died of old age.

I wonder why so many kids have accidents at wal-mart,I have yet to see anyone have a Accident in public, you guys are so lucky.

To bad we aren't allowed to post links, I know a web site that tells you about everytime someone pees in a movie.It's A very long list maybe you guys can look around and find it.

Tp Bill, Jason's co-worker: You are one lucky man. Tell us more about yourself and Jason unloading after a day's work.

I had an accident recently on my way home from work. I work as a postman and get up real early in the morning and so don'tusually have time for a dump before I go. This is not usually a problem until last week when I was walking home from my round when I felt a massive urge to fart. I let it out and continued doing little farts for the rest of the walk. Unfortunatly with each fart I could feel a shit coming on and soon realsised I was not going to make it home. I looked round for a private place to go but there was nowhere. Suddenly a spasm came on so strong and before I knew what was happening I was filling my pants with the biggest turd I think I have ever done. I had to keep walking to pretend nothing was happening and as I did I could feel the shit squashing up my back and roung the front of my pants and balls ( my pants were quite tight). I mus admit it did not feel as bad as I thought it would so I kept letting more smaller turds out as I was walking. What the hell the d! amage was done anyway. By the time I got home I was in such a state so went in to the shower with all my clothes on and rinsed down in there. I have not told this story to any one I know except this one guy from work called pete who has had this happen to him on several occasions. I think he gets off on it he certainly seened very interested in my accident.
I may come back with some of the stories that Pete has told me of his toilet mishaps.

Dear LAWN DOGS’ KID, just logged on during lunch break and found your message. I wish to give Kendal, you and your parents my condolences for the sudden tragic death of your uncle who was such a dear. Your having added his last Little Kendal story in his memory to your post is very touching indeed. And thank you for Kendal’s greetings. Even if she seems to take what has happened in her stride seemingly easily, inside it must hurt her very much. Give her my love. I feel very close to you and share your grief. Rizzo.

Hola everyone! Guess what's for dinner tonight? Macaroni and cheese! You all should know what that's going to mean....

Kim and Scott: Hi Kimmie, how are you? I feel so sorry for poor Scott! ooooooh I hate that!!!! I have felt that same sting of racism in my life, and people looking down on us. When I was a little girl going into a neighborhood store with my sisters, they'd eye us as if we were going to stuff half the place in our pockets. My dad is a high school teacher, and has taught us to love everyone. I've never talked to Scott before, but he sounds awfully sweet and loveable. Fortunately there are beautiful people in here.

Jim: Wow! What an incredibly sweet message! I almost didn't see your post at all, it was on another page. Thank you so much for all those nice things you said. You must know how sweet talking men turn me on like crazy! I'm glad you like my stories. It makes me feel so good to have a man say such beautiful things to me. I think that most everyone has stinky poops, but like yourself, I get turned on by smells too. I don't need diamonds, I just love admiring men for who they are. Your wanting to buy me a ring is very sweet and special. I'll never forget that.

Sun Devil: Another sweet talker! Thank you for saying that you think I'm a caring person. I do care about people here. Out in the world, people are so uptight and mean to each other, but in here, sharing a common interest as we do, people are very loving. My butt is very round, and shapely and I'm glad you like picturing me on the toilet. Picture me squeezing out something nice and firm for you. Especially after all that macaroni and cheese I'm going to eat! I'll crap logs firm enough to build a cabin with! -I hope to exchange messages with you too. One thing though, you refer to "Lori" but I think you really mean Kim. Maybe I'm wrong, and you're talking about someone else, but the person you're describing sounds an awful lot like Kim, who is indeed, a sweet thing to get excited about!

Jeff A: You know, I'm so sorry, but I think I forgot to answer you last time, and you wrote such beautiful things to me as always. How are you doing anyway? Just learning to walk again?! You didn't get hit by a car or anything did you?!!! I'd cry my head off if I thought anything bad happened to you! I do enjoy the slow poops myself. As much as my big ones feel so good, it's over in a matter of seconds. I like my poops to last awhile. I've noticed that there are certain foods, and if I hold them longer, I'll do more plentiful, lengthy dumps. I'm going to experiment since and try to do a nice slow one. Tesa, my occassional girlfriend, has very slow poops that take a long time. You'd love to be around her. She'll turn a trip to the toilet into a career.

Ring Stretcher: I'm so glad you're doing okay! I was worried about you. You are such a sweet thing, I don't want you hurting for something that makes you feel so good. Do you have anyone that can rub your rosebud for you, or use their finger? Sometimes it helps (besides just feeling great!)

PV: Mmmmm, my redheaded honey! I really enjoy your sneaky pees. I think that is so cool about you, I like to do the same things. I've never said this, but I get so turned on by the way you've sneaked into men's rooms and used the urinal. Don't worry about the size of your poops. One and a half inches is a good sized turd! I know most of the guys like big turds, but I'm like Jeff A. I prefer the long, drawn out poops that take a long time. Size isn't important, and I would love to be there for one of yours. Mine are often huge, and sometimes hurt coming out. I like them soft and easy. Here's a kiss for you.

Rizzo: Gorgeous description of yourself! You sound great to me! An older man is seasoned, loving and kind, and patient enough to understand a woman's moods. I know I'm generalizing here, but I've known three men over 50, and all were the most well tempered men I've ever known. I feel sorry for you hon! Having a nice poop interrupted by spraying water! How awful! And yes, I'm jealous! You can eat chocolate with no regrets. That's not fair! (but it's cute! I like to think of you eating chocolate.) Then, pooing it out later. I think RJOGGER is awfully sexy, and now that I have this description of you, I think you are very sexy too. I'm glad you liked my "Tesa" story. She was with me when I wrote it, and she said it was turning her on to read it over my shoulder. To be honest, I was a little scared to actually come out and say I was bi, but after talking with Eric B. I felt okay. Tesa visits me about every 3 or 4 months and stays for about a week. I always hate to see her go.

Louise: A great big hola to you! You really are a sweet lady, and I'll bet your very sexy on the pottie! I would love to watch your peeing. I've been practicing, and shoot pretty straight now. I can't thank you and PV enough for inspiring me. Here's a kiss to you too!

TevinC: Thank you for such a wonderful note. You're the first man to ever say he likes my personality in a first message to me. I'm flattered. I'm also glad that Latinas turn you on. You should see my mother! Now there is a beautiful woman! Yes, I do fart before taking a dump. When I'm on the pot, and getting ready to push something out, I'll fart 3, or 4 times in a row. Real long farts. Be forewarned though, I take very smelly poops. Not always, but mostly. Me and my friend Tesa had a farting contest last night. We were laying on my bed with our legs spread up into the air like a V, farting away. I won! We ended up getting gas like a couple of pigs, then really farting more.
No hon, I don't have any pictures online. I'm too scared to do that. I've given my description here several times, but basically I'm a dark Latina, with long black hair, very full lips, and a round face. My butt is shapely, but it's not big. My butt is very round and looks great with a white thong stretched over it. I'm in good shape and work out a lot. I'm small, 5'1" and 104 lbs. I don't have big boobs either. I'm kind of small in that department. I'm usually always laughing too. I hope that helps. Lovin' that red rose sweetheart!

Plunging Plop Guy: I've always wanted to use one of those squat toilets. The idea of it still turns me on like crazy!

Anyway, gotta run.

Hi Everyone

RANDI:Hi there. In response to your question about panties, I generally pull my knickers down to just above the knees. It's particuarly handy when I'm wearing tights (pantyhose) as they can be akward to pull back up again so I just pull them down enough to allow me to sit on the loo and do whatever. Hope that answers your query! love Julie.x
LOUISE: I haven't managed a wee in the basin yet at work, but I have just got some practice in at home. I'd just got in and needed a wee quite badly. In fact for most of the short journey home I had to keep one hand up my skirt to stop myself weeing all over the car. Anywa, as I'd read your post earlier, I thought I'd give it a go. As soon as I got home I went straight to the toilet. Once my skirt was up I decided to take my knickers off so I didn't mess them up. I hoisted myself up onto the basin and started to wee. At first a bit went overboard but I moved back a bit and soon got the hang of it, although it wasn't that comfortable! I felt a bit like a naughty schoolgirl afterwards and had to clean the basin thoroughly. Now I've come straight onto my pc to tell you. Take care, love Julie.xx

Traveling Guy
JW - I'd guess the most common terms for urinating are "pee" in North America and "wee" in Great Britain. Australia and New Zealand?? My mom has one of the most unusual ones: "make a river." Has anyone else ever heard or used that?

Lawn Dogs Kid
I spoke to Kendal this morning before school, and read to her what I had written yesterday evening.

She has asked me to add that she will miss everyone who has spoken to her, or who she has spoken to on this site, not just the ones I mentioned. She told me off for missing out STEVE and LOUISE !!

STEVE & LOUISE: Kendal said to say to you that she decided to be very daring on her first night in Cumbria, and had a stand-up wee in the bath ! And no, her Mum didn't come in and see !!

Kendal also asked me to put a correction in. Her Dad died on Monday 30th April, not 1st May like I said. ( I tried to work out the date backwards, I knew the day. But I got my sums wrong. Doesn't look too good for my GCSE maths then ! ). Then she added she wished it had been the 1st May, so she could have had one more precious day with her Dad.

She also says she's doing ok for company in the toilet because Emily likes to go with her. And they shared a first occasion yesterday after school when they both had a poo together !

Even so, she says she is missing me terribly. And I, sure as hell, am missing her too.

Steve & Louise
To Lawn Dogs Kid,
It was with a great deal of sadness that I read of the tragic death of Kendal's dad. He was clearly a decent and caring father, and there is no way he deserved to have his life severely shortened this way. Louise conversed with him on this forum a couple of times, and she is still in tears as she sits with me.
Your tribute was very moving, and I doubt I could have done any better myself.
The way you have always been there for Kendal does you great credit.
If you have an opportunity, could you please pass on our sympathies to her.
We are glad she has some lovely people to help her in such a difficult time.

Sympathies from us both,

Steve & Louise.

LAWN DOGS KID, I was maybe a bit terse in my message, as I just had a few moments at the end of my lunch break at the office. Now after reading your post again I begin to realize that your dear uncle John kept his humour to the very end, trying to protect his daughter from sorrow. When I lost my father (blood clot in the brain) I was twenty years older than Kendal, I had a wife and a month old baby son as well as my mother living a few minutes walk away, I was not as close to my father as Kendal was, and still I sometimes felt utterly lonely after he had gone and as soon as nobody was near to keep my mind on other things. I can do no more than reach out through cyberspace and put my arms around you and Kendal. I wish I could be there to comfort you both. Love from Rizzo.

Plunging Plop Guy

To Kendal,

I wasn't going to post anything today, just read what others have been posting, then I saw the news about your father and thought I'd send my condolences and regards to you.
After your recent troubles, and now the loss of a loved one, all I can say to you is try to hang in there and get through this and I wish you well and that you get all the support you need from the rest of your family, as well as what those of us here can provide.
To have had a parent who was happy and willing to join us here with comments on our particular subject, and to have actually been in the process of sharing with us on his last day here was very unusual and wonderful.

There have been a few occasions where someone has died, either a participant of this forum or a close relation, and we have been able to learn the news, and it made me realise there must be times when someone suddenly disappears and none of us know what's happened.
In my own case, no-one knows about my contact here, apart from a friend who knows, but not any of the details, so if anything happened to me, the posts would just cease.

I'm actually going away soon for two weeks, and I'm glad to be able to tell people, and hopefully, resume contact when I return, but sometimes, we have no control of our lives when we are subject to health or the possibility of something final.

Well, I can't say anything original or very comforting to you apart from that I wish you well and that you have the courage to carry on and that you're among friends here and that I wish your father peace and rest now he's no longer on this Earth.

All best wishes to you and your family, P P G

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO KENDAL and lawn dogs kid-scott and I are very sorry you lost your dad kendal. and were sorry that andrew lost his uncle. this is a very difficult time for you both but you will get thru it with time. . all our love,kim and scott.
STEVE AND LOUISE-hello. thanks for liking my latest log story. and you and steve are right racism scott(and myself) are like you and steve he judges people on the way they act not the color. scott lives in a white neighborhood and they are all childhood friends .no racism.bye now
JEFF A.-thanks for the compliments. sure jeff you can draw me. do you draw full body shots?
.by the way i resemble cheryl ladd from the tv series charlies angels or trish stratus from pro wrestling fame. i am that type of girl.
Melissa from new york- i think you should go to the hospital about that problem you have and quickly!
TO SUNDEVIL-hello girl. you labled me as lori but my name is kim. no problemo. you see it was my post that had me on the-bathroom- countertop nude as my boyfriend scott videotaped me with the camcorder having a huge log. thats great that you are a blond college cheerleader too!do you crash out big logs too!can you explain what you look like? i bet your real sexy.i am sure my man scott would love to hear about it too! well bye for now all. more stories later.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

what's the most common term men say when they have to urinate? what about for women?

Hi All...

I've heard that the
american TV show 20/20 did a story about a 122 year old boy who died as as result of severe (I guess so...) constipation. Does anyone here have a link or info regarding that story?


WOW. that as a bad thing to do to a gys car. You and Allision
must have beenn mad. The only stuff like that that I do is eithr
peeing and pooping outside, in shower rooms, or drains in restrooms.
I have a questions for all the women though. Do you positon
your panties different places on your thighs or leggs depending
on wheather your pooping or peeing?
These are the coolest stories ever. Talk to all later.
Happy pooping.


Billy and Kevin
Sarah, Our favorite place to pee is in out the woods. The toilet is not our favorite place to pee. It is especially fun when it is cold outside and the pee steams.

April, like what you did to that car. When I we were about 4 or 5, so guy did that to our father. We were pulling into a mall around christmas in florida. Both of us really had to poop. The guy yelled at my dad and ran into the mall. Dad said to us, do you guys still have to go potty? He thought we just had to pee. I said, I have to go. So did my brother. He said, go in there. So he picked me up. Then I pulled down my pants. I peed and turned around and squated. I let out three logs. My brother did the same thing next to me. Except he went over the drivers side. Any way, he had diarrhea. I bet that is the last time he steals someones spot.

TV Fan
I really appreciate all the postings about female poop scenes in movies. I never knew there were so many movies with these kind of scenes. Now can someone list examples of female poop scenes on American TV shows? I think everyone knows there are many more such references involving men. From past postings and my own viewings, here are the only examples I know about of female poop scenes on American TV shows:

LA Law episode where Ann poops while out camping and has to use leaves for tp, getting poison ivy on her butt

Hill Street Blues episode where Lucy is shown on the toilet reading a newspaper (always a giveaway that it is a poop scene)

MAD TV episode with mother and daughter talking in bathroom, and mother uses toilet to poop (and grunts!)

Recent episode of "Yes, Dear" where woman tells small son that "Mommy has to poop real bad"

Episode of "Hype!" with takeoff on Britney Spears making poop in front of her boyfriend, Prince William, who makes a face at the smell

Sex and the City episode where Carrie mentions that she "made number two" at her boyfriend's apartment (though nothing is shown)

Many episodes of Saturday Night Live over the years, including the Love Toilet commercial (Victoria Jackson shown sitting on toilet); Larraine Newman playing a child psychologist who is actually a child, and who starts having to poop while counseling a parent played by Kate Jackson; etc. Special mention should go to the bit where Patrick Stewart played a baker whose speciality was making wedding cakes showing girls going to the bathroom

Episode of Jenny McCarthy where Jenny is shown as a super-hero having to go real bad (presumably poop)

Survivor II episode where several survivors (including two women) got the runs from eating the Australian food (great scene of Elisabeth waddling to the latrine in great distress, apparently trying to hold it in)

Honorable mention: although not a poop scene per se, there was a great scene on Sabrina the teenage witch where Sabrina made a very audible fart. Carrie also farted on a Sex and the City episode, Marge farted on the Simpsons, and there was a reference (but no actual sound) to a female character farting on Roseanne

A special note about Ally McBeal. There have been many scenes showing women on the toilet, but none that I recall which explicitly mention that a woman is pooping.

These are the only examples I can think of. Does anyone know of any other scenes on Amercian TV shows where there is a reference to a female pooping?

kevin from calgary

I recently messed my pants on the way home from work, just before leaving work i went to use the toilet, someone was in there, now our place is kinda hokey regarding washrooms, one toilet on the main floor and all the main ones on the third floor this means climbing six flights of stairs.

i got to the third floor only to discover the cleaning crew in there washing the floors etc. OH never mind i thought i can wait till i get home. Now as a rule it takes me about twenty minits to get home, but of course with my great luck i got stuck in traffic due to an accident further down the road.

Now my stomach was aching for relief, i gingerly let a fart go to relieve some pressure, i felt a little better, i moved two feet more down the road.

well i sat in traffic for another twenty minits before finaly moving again, as i did i knew i couldnt hold it any more i lifted my bum slightly and grunted and pushed a warm smelly poo filled my pants, OOHHHHH it felt so good AAAAAHHHHHHHH relief i farted several times as more soft poo filled my underpants.

i sat back down the feeling was weird all soft and squishy and very smelly, i wound down my window. When i finally got home i went straight in the bathroom to clean up, i just threw away my underpants.

I have noticed a few other kevins posting here, so to avoid confusion i will post as kevin from calgary.

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