Well,I just had a new experience at school today.It was like in the middle of lunch.I finished my lunch early and went to the bathroom too pee.Our bathrooms use to be real nice but after someone snuck in and messed them up.It's kind of tacky.They're awhole bunch of holes in the sides of the doors.The one I was in had a HUGE whole in it.I sat on the toilet and let out a steady stream of pee and rested a bit,when all of a sudden a rush just hit me.I felt some poo starting to come out.I knew what was coming as I let out very smelly farts. I leaned forward and let the gas come out.When these girls walked in.They began to talk. Commenting on the smell some.judging by their voices I could tell they were these lesbians that go to our school.All of them left except for one who went in the stall beside me.I leaned forward even more and the poop still was'nt coming out.I let out some loud dry farts which attracted the attention of the girl beside me.I heard her doing some steady poop,b! ut using my pereffial vision and the way her feet were positioned i could tell she was looking through the HUGE hole kinda beside me.I guessed I might as well give her a show if she was so interested in what I was doing.I leaned forward even more so she could see everything.My butthole and everything.I was still letting out lots of loud gas(BRRRRRRRRRRRR)which really stunk up the whole place now.I heard the girl beside me let out some loud turds with gas(PLOP brrrrr PLOP PLOP
BRRRRR)I guess she did it to make it sound like she was busy dumping when she was really looking at me.Finally I felt my butthole open wide as a HARD turd started to move I made noises like"Unnnnnnn ooh UNNNNN"to push it out.It was crackling very loudly.It felt like a real KNOBBLY monster.I looked through the very corner of my eyes and could see her eyes were very wide and knew she was excited.I made more loud moaning noises(UNNNNN)and with more crackling it fell with a splash that got my buttcheeks wet.I started letting out stinky farts again and then a softer turd started to come out.It slowly eased it's way out curling around the toilet.Then a FAT turd started to slowly push it's way out.Just as the tip was out it stopped.I made alot of moaning noises and it moved a little inch with alot of cracklin but it was'nt coming.I heard the girl beside me groan and let loouse what sounded like little small turds with a *plop plop plop*and she ripped a dry fart.I groaned reall ha rd and pushed the as hard as i could resulting in very loud non stop crackling to finally it fell with a "KERSPLASH"My hole rested for a little bit as I bent over.I knew she was just staring at my butt waiting for more.I let out ALOT of very smelly loud farts for awhile.Then I felt my hole open wide.I saw her look real hard with wide eyes at my brown butthole and one of my long snaky turds curled around the bowl with my other ones,except while it was still curled around the bowl it was hanging out my butthole.I shook my butt up and down in her direction till it fell it immediately followed by hot gas and an explosion of turds started rushing out.It was soft but not mushy.It just came flowing out one by one with a loud hissing noise (sssssssssssssssss)and was finished off with what felt like a little poop pellet and I let out a loud nasty sounding fart at the end of it.I knew my buttcheeks were still spread and my butthole was very exposed to her.I heard her moaning as if she ! was constipated or something.I let out some dry farts for awhile sitting there.When I felt this HUGE turd start to ease out and her eyes moved to the hole again as my butthole opened and a hard turd moving on it's own crackled out.I had my back arched now giving her a better view as the turd moved out at a slow pace adding some moaning noises to it while it eased out.It then fell with a loud"KERSPLASH"I looked between my legs and saw the WIDEST turd I ever made.I bent over again
to let out some gas for awhile again.While letting out gas I listened to her let out what seemed to also be a hard turd.I knew her eyes were still on me though.My gas was still pouring out between
(BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)and(sssssssssssss)it kept alternating between these two noises.Then the finalle came.I position my light-skinned butt in her direction as best as I could and bent over and another rush of poop came one by one with a hissing noise again(ssssssssss) and then I felt some hard medium size turds plopped out quickly.My butthole rested for a second letting out hissing gas and poop pellets just plopped out one by one as my butthole opened and closed over and over real fast to let these poop balls out.I then felt a hard turd slide out with crackling.I thought I was done.I bent over to get the toilet paper in her direction and as I was ripping it I was surprised as a HUGE feeling turd just eased out all of a sudden. I moaned and groaned as it stopped midway crackled alot more and then fell with a loud KERSPLASH.I said"whoo buddy"and tore some more toilet paper giving her a good view of my light-brown butthole slowly closing as my light-skinned buttcheeks blocke d it from view,but gas was still coming still alternating between(BRRRRRRRRRRRR)and(ssssssssssssssssssss)I then took the toilet paper and moved REAL close to where she was peaking almost right in ontop of her eye.I spread my buttcheeks right in front of her and tried my best to look between my crack which i knew was exactly what she was doing.I took the toilet paper and slowly wiped my butthole one good time for her. I took another piece of toilet paper and spread my buttcheeks as wide as I could exposing my entire butthole and wiped it again.I did this a few times a knew she was really looking now.I spread both my buttcheeks with my hands exposing my hole again and let out my most SMELLIEST farts ever right on here eye.I bent over with my butt in her direction and let loose some real loud bellowing farts towards her.I did'nt even bother to flush I was gonna let her observe what she saw even more.I knew she would.I pulled my panties over my booty and pulled up my pants.While I was washing my hands I could hear her let loose ALOT of poop with what sounded with loud splashes.She was so interested in me she was holding hers.I heard some nasty farty noises and splashes as I left the bathroom.I knew 6th period was about to start so went straight to my locker.The bathroom was STINKIN
when i left too.At the end of the day I saw the girls huddled in a group.As I walked by they glanced at me and the one who was beside me giggled loudly,and as soon as i passed I heard her saying"you should've seen that dookie man" "i never thought that could come out her fine ass" "her butt was stinkin too!All that gas" "her butt was right in front of me" "I could really see her wipe her butthole too" "she got a nice butt too" she was very hype still.

Of course I'm not a lesbian.I only did this for fun.It was exciting.
I should dump at school more.I don't do it often,almost not at all.
That was the first time this year.Hope you enjoyed my story.

Melissa (NY)
Oh God it feels so good to be back in the state I love. Iím telling you I had a horrible time up in Maine on a business trip. It wasnít the best of times. I got into a car accident in which this a woman rear-ends me in her (996) 911. Because of her I have a broken pinky. I still feel sick just like I left NY. And most unfortunately I went against my own policy about going in the woods. (At Least the series of meetings I had went well and productive).

Well I arrive in Maine at 2:00am and I check into my hotel. I just strip myself naked watching tv. Then all of a sudden, I ran into the restroom moaning and groaning in pain. All of a sudden I have a gigantic explosion of diarrhea with blood in it. Then I had to quickly switch positions as I had to throw up with lost of chunks in it. I thought to myself what going on here. I felt different. So I get on the scale to see if I lost any weight and I weighed 335 lbs. 5lb less than the norm. At least Iím still 6í5. Then as Iím throwing up my cell phone rings. It was Diane and she wanted to see if I was going to be ok. So I tell her yesís then hang up.

Then I flush, shower and watch some TV. Now as I was watching TV. My mind drifted to V10 land and I crapped myself while I was up. I didnít notice until 6 or 7 minutes after. So I clean the bed And then I went to sleep in the toilet. So I sit on the toilet and drift off. I wake up at approximately 7:00am. I look in the toilet and its full of bloody diarrhea.

I get a shower and Get my most expensive suit on that my brother got me for my birthday. So I get my briefcase grab the cell and run out the door. I get in the car and speeding off. As Iím driving I have THE URGE TO SHIT RIGHT NOW. The highway route I was traveling on had a whole lot of trees and bushes. I pull over and. Look for a nice spot. I pull down my pants and squat. Then I hear the diarrhea go off. Then I push and. Push. My phone rings. And a hunter hears the ringing and comes over to me. ( At this point I felt like My day couldnít get worse but, it sure as hell did) he sees me in the bushes and asked me if I was alright.

I tell him Iím feeling sick. He said I could use his ďBUMPER DUMPERĒ. My god, I didnít believe my eyes! It was a toilet seat with a bucket under it sticking out of his Expeditions hitch receiver!!!?!?!?!?!? So I pull up my pants walk over to his ďBUMPER DUMPERĒ and sit. While Iím sitting he introduces himself. His name was Stan and he was a nice guy. I told him my name was Melissa. He said: ďI donít want to make you feel uncomfortable but I like watching beautiful women taking a crap. Can I watch youĒ? I said sure but Iíll throw in something a little extra. I take off my pants and suit jacket sitting there in the nude. I start pushing and I hear the diarrhea hitting the bottom of the bucket.

I was now starting to smell real bad right now. I apologized for the smell. He said it was ok. So I push and pushed. Then All of a sudden I fall of the seat. I find myself on the floor with him giving me CPR. He said I passed out. He said he felt my head and it was burning up. He said there was a bucket full of blood and diarrhea. I ask him if he had anything to wipe with. He said he always carries toilet paper with him. He wipes my ass real gently making sure he restored it to its pinkish color.

I then get dressed but before I left I gave him kiss and a hug for being such a sweet heart. I waved goodbye and I went to the all-important meeting. The Well, about half way into the meeting I needed to get it out at all 3 three ends. Piss, crap, and vomit. Well the meeting ended and I left swiftly. Someone from the meeting came up to talk with me. He asked me for directions but all I told him is that Iím from NY and I donít know Maine.

So as Iím going back this woman In her Porsche 911 (996) on her cellophane hits me in the rear. I hit my finger on the steering form the impact, which is how I broke my finger. I call the cops and we get this thing all sorted out. The car was still drive able so the women offered to get it fixed on Saturday. Iím like fine and I drive off back to the hotel. I get back on the toilet with more diarrhea with some blood mixed in. Then I take the longest piss I halve ever taken. But Then In had to vomit (again) and it was the same old thing.

I clean myself and filled the tub with cold water. I get in and try to relax. But relax I couldnít because I have a broken finger. So then I went to bed hoping nothing could happen. I got the Viper repaired and I just spent Most of Saturday and Sunday relaxing, vomiting, and yes more diarrhea. So I drove back Sunday night and well here I am in the good old state of NY.

When I stepped in the door I ran to the toilet but had to sit on the tub because Diane was on the toilet and It sounded like she was having a better bowel movement that me. So I hear a racket from the diarrhea hitting the tub. I then threw up in the tub. After I cleaned that up, I got some coffee and aspirin. Then Diane and I both watched our favorite movie ďLe MansĒ and I tried to relax for the rest of the day.

I still feel like shit to this day and I hope all these symptoms of bleeding, diarrhea, and vomiting will go away by themselves. I donít think Iíll have to see my doctor. I hope everyone had a great Moms Day!


Doug, I think that you posted about whether taking your 4-year-old little girl into a public restroom with you was advisable. I agree with you when you are the only parent with a little girl, you have no option, but it can sometimes cause problems. I am a 22-year-old guy also with a four-year-old daughter. About 5 months ago, she and I were at a mall together while my wife was at work. I had to take a shit and I took the kid into a stall with me while I crapped. She had never seen me shit before and was real curious about everything I did and asked a bunch of questions. Anyway, since then even when we are at home, she wants to come into the bathroom with me whenever I have to go. I thought it was just a kid's curiosity and allowed her to be with me when I dumped or pissed. My wife, however, went ballistic when she found out about it and told me that under no circumstances could the kid come with me into the bathroom in the future. I've tried to stop, but the kid starts crying etc, whenever I refuse. Do the guys and gals who post here think my wife is right or is it just harmless childhood curiosity and should I allow the kid to watch me crap and piss in the future? I'd sure appreciate some advice about this problem.

Purple Pooper

I ate two large cooked beets, about 3 inches in diameter. I was surprised it took that long to clear from my system. The purple dye in beets is very intense. Thinking about the pink urine I had to laugh. I had gone to the doctors a few days earlier where they asked for a urine sample, I wonder what they would have thought if they got that sample? Or even worse a stool sample, lol.


I loved that story with you and Tesa. To do what you two did is one of my fantasies.

Hello to all you fans of The Toilet!

MELISSA, your are big, you eat big, you do big turds and now you are sick in a big way! Hey, it sounds serious what DIANE describes. You need medical help in a big way too! Donít dither!

Hi PV, how are you doing , how is your next pee-story coming along? You are one of my favourites, you know. Hereís another hug to keep you going (pun?)!

STEVE, I wonder why drunks pee at monuments in the first place. Just for fun? Or because there is nowhere else to go? Or is it because that is where they hang around drinking? As to the urinal designs, maybe a French type of design of the minimalistic type? Just for men (and for members of the WSPC)? What about women who donít stand? Ah, but of course, these donít pee AT monuments. Let me know when they are to be installed. As we live on the Continent (Europe) we only go to the UK to see our sons and friends from time to time. Give Louise a hug from me!

APRIL, glad to see that you are back! Aprilís revenge is what Iíd call your story! You really made me laugh! Cheers!
RJOGGER, just to let you know that I do not have to take up jogging. I have started with Tai Chi to loosen up, and as for the jogging part, I read your posts! That combination is what I find really stress relieving!

TONY, I enjoyed your account of your trip on the ďInter ShittiesĒ (what a name!) and of your entertaining days at the hotel. To your historical remarks I must say that it is amazing how bowel movements seem to have influenced the course of history! It is something that was never mentioned at school! What a pity!

Hi JULIE, Hmmm, thanks, yes Iíll hold your hand. But be careful, I might find Austinís acupressure points and make you drop involuntary jobbies! So Iíll need to be equipped with tissues for you, just in case! Keep up your posts, I find them so refreshing!

UPSTATE DAVE, I bet you will remember the day when you helped Barbie water her plants! Any more Barbie stories? Iíd love to read more.

To JP, it is not only you who misses the contributions of the younger folks. Remember, these weeks are usually full of hard work preparing for exams for those who take their education seriously. Not much time is left for The Toilet.

And to PENNY, I agree with you: a hot shit outside, then water to cool off the hole and letting the warm wind dry everything is a pleasure that has to be experienced to be believed! For the hot part you can use the following spice. Put some cooking oil in a glass jar, add really hot chillies (the little lethal ones) and place the jar in the microwave for a short boil of the mix to avoid it becoming mildewy. Then screw on a lid . Keep for a while in the dark. After a few days the oil, now HOT OIL, can be used for spicing your dishes for that extra zing. It just needs a few drops to give you a pleasant ring sting! In Mozambique they use something similar called Jindungo (sp?). You probably know it. Bye for now, Iím always looking for your stories, dear.

CARMALITA, you sweetie, that story of you with Tesa is great! Iím glad you are bi, because if you werenít, then you would not have been able to provide us all with such pleasure! You being 23 are the same age as our younger son! You like older men? Probably because you find these more mature (chuckle). Well Iím about the same size as Rjogger, but I weigh less because my frame is of the slim kind without appearing to be bony. No amount of eating goodies and being lazy has enabled me ever to weigh more than 150 lbs. I canít help it. Itís the way Iím built. There are many who are envious because I can gorge on chocolate without any side effects! I can only put on weight by exercising! As with Rjogger, my hair is getting a bit thin at the back, my sideburns are turning white. So there you are my love. Hugs from Rizzo to you, Patsy and Renee.

JEFF A. , thanks for your greetings, you are such a polite man! I just hope you will soon be totally back in form again!

Here is an episode where I became thoroughly wet.
It was several weeks after we had moved into our new home. By ďnew homeĒ I mean that the builders had finally finished their work. We had reached the stage when all the boxes and crates had been unpacked and taken away and we had begun to ďlive-inĒ the house. I was sitting on the down stairs toilet enjoying my morning crap after a breakfast with plenty of coffee. I sat there looking at the tiled walls in a light blue and white pattern, admiring the round mirror with the old fashioned lamp and flower shaped glass lampshade above it and the white porcelain washbasin set on a porcelain column against the side wall just in front of my knees, as this loo was a small one, and the little blue shelf next to the toilet with some books containing jokes, as well as the water colours depicting sea shells from Sanibel on the wall opposite. My peaceful private moments were shattered by a fierce hissing sound and spraying water everywhere! Shielding my eyes against flying spray I saw a s! olid jet of water shooting horizontally out of the wall underneath the handbasin. It barely missed my knees and hit the door at apparently high pressure, 4.5 bar (65 PSI) to be exact, as I was later to read on the pressure guage on the main water pipe in the garage. Jumping up dirty assed I ducked to try to get my pants up, only to be hit on the side of my face by the water! Somehow I managed to open the door, hobble out with soggy pants around my knees and to shuffle-hop-run down a short corridor to the kitchen. There my wife stared at me open mouthed for a second and then burst into pealing laughter! She held on to the kitchen counter convulsed with mirth, her eyes tight shut (reminiscent of a double assed poodle, I once remarked) and tears beginning to stream down her apple cheeks. She did not react to any of my blurted exclamations. So I just propelled myself out through the other door leading to the driveway in sack-race fashion and holding on to my pants, to where the ma! in water valve was next to the meter. I couldnít pull my pants up any higher because their bottoms had slipped over my shoes, and anyway there was no time to be wasted! I managed to shut off the water. Luckily nobody was in the street to admire my bare assed state. After getting myself cleaned, dried and dressed properly, and after mopping up the deluge I could relax and laugh as well. A crome plated half inch pipe supplying the cold water tap of the washbasin had popped out of its fitting in the wall. And the shut off valve only served the flush system of the toilet. Shoddy workmanship!

Bye for now, good health to all, Rizzo

Hi Everyone

After reading all the latest posts I thought I'd share my afternoon poo with you all. I'm back at work today after a very hectic weekend - more on that later. Anyway, after lunch, where I ate far too much (as per usual!) I suddenly felt the urge to go for a poo. I headed off to the little girls room and went into the nearest available cubicle. Today I'm wearing one of my longer skirts, well long for me anyway, it's just below the knee. I quickly lifted it up and pulled down my new knickers which I bought at the weekend, white with red hearts on them!

Almost as soon as I sat down a 10" poo emerged and fell into the toilet. Fortunately I don't think there was anyone else in there at that time. I wiped myself and was about to pull up my knickers when I felt another poo coming. I quickly sat down again and another poo came out this one about 6". This one was more messy than the first and I had to wipe about 5 times to clean up. As that seemed to be the end, I then pulled my knickers up let my skirt down and retreated back to my office. Even now, that I'm back at my desk I still feel a bit uncomfortable like I could do another poo.

Your pilot story on p. 595 was a TOTAL HOOT! But you need to firm 'em up girl.

Hi everyone! I'm the 34-year-old construction worker. I've not posted for a few months. Last time I posted, I told you all about dumping with fellow construction workers. We are still working on a multistory downtown parking facility with a kinda temporary restroom/ shower/locker room facility. There are five metal toilet bowls along one wall (on an open plan without doors or partitions) and there is a long trough urinal on the wall opposite the pots. The showers and lockers are nearer the entrance to the restroom. I shit there once or twice every day and always have company. Many of the guys are older with beer bellies and they kinda turn me off. Recently, however, I had another young guy, Jason, assigned to me for training. After our shift was done, we headed to the locker room. We were both kinda sweaty and had to shower. We undressed at our lockers and then Jason told me that he had to shit before showering. I said: "Me too!" and we headed for the crappers tog! ether. Jason is a 23-year-old Latino guy born in the USA. He is built real solid and has a handsome face with dark, wavy hair. Anyway, we sat down naked on adjacent metal bowls. I started squeezing out my turds. Jasin farted loudly and then gave me a broad grin. He started pushing and I saw his neck muscles and abs tense. I heard the crackling sound as his turd started to come out. After the first hit the water with a loud plop, he relaxed and said: "Shit, that feels a whole lot better!" Another 4-5 turds seemed to come easier. We finished dumping at about the same time. He stood up to wipe and I remained seated. I saw him looking at his turds in the bowl and they were real large. I told him that he had done real well. He just smiled proudly and stood there wiping his butt, while I wiped seated. His butthole was obviously real shitty by the looks of the paper. He said: "Hey man. This paper is like sandpaper, I'll get cleaned up in the shower." After that we h! eaded to the showers. I saw him carefully cleaning his crack in the shower. It was a real cool experience for me and I thought some of you guys might enjoy hearing about it.

Lawn Dogs Kid
Some one here asked where have all the young ones gone. I'd like to ask the same ! Mind you, like me, I suppose some of us are preparing for exams. The last post I made was some while ago now, but it never got on. I must have been too graphic about Kirsty and I having a sit on knees wee together with Kendal watching, which turned into a sit on knees poo as well where Kirsty was concerned !

I'm sorry, its very difficult to be up-beat at the moment, the reason for which will become painfully clear. I'll get to the point.

Kendal is no longer living in Devon due to the most tragic of circumstances. There is no easy way to say this. Kendal's Dad died on the 1st of May. He had developed an aortic aneurism which no one could possibly know was there. For those who don't know, the aorta is the main artery carrying the blood away from the heart, and an aneurism is a swelling of the artery. People can live with them for years without any knowledge, but then one day, they can burst and that's it. Death is very quick.

He had felt ill on the sunday, complaining of back pain, and then decided to take the day off work on that fateful Monday. Kendal found him when she got home from school, which was later than normal due to an after school activity. She had phoned for an ambulance and had been home only five minutes when I got there too. He wasn't dead then, just in a lot of pain. The doctor tells us that the aneurism was probably leaking and causing the back pain. It was in an in-operable place, meaning no matter what happened, there is nothing any one could have done. Kendal was sat, cradling her Dad's head on her knee, and holding his hand. The ambulance was another 15 minutes arriving. He had gone before it arrived. But he was conscious and speaking for several minutes while I was there, in particular trying to calm Kendal down and telling her that she shouldn't worry, and that he was planning another "Little Kendal" story for everyone, and nothing would stop him. She demanded to know w! hat it was, so he told her. When he got to the end of it, Kendal was laughing about it, and asked him not to make it too embarrassing for her. He never answered. Kendal imploring her Dad, saying "No, Daddy, please don't die" will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Of course, Kendal stayed with me and my Mum and Dad until after the funeral, and then had no choice but to go with her Mum afterwards. Fortunately, she is settling in very well with the kind care and attention of her step Dad Steve, and her two step sisters, Kate and Emily. Emily is particularly wrapped at having Kendal go to school with her, if only for a short time. Then Kendal will go to big school with Kate after the summer.

Kendal is a very happy-go-lucky girl, taking most things that have happened to her in her stride. First there was the trauma of her mother leaving and taking her with her when she didn't want to go. Then Kendal and I both had a trying time while under investigation about supposed sexual relations. And now this. What ever has a dear sweet girl like her ever done to deserve such misery ? And now she has to settle into her new life without me as well, and I without her. I tell you, it f***ing hurts !!

We have decided to talk to each other on the phone every week. The first was last friday, and she wanted me to particularly say hello to her UNCLE RIZZO and AUNTY PV, and to her friends KATE, ELLIE, LITTLE LOU, and COURTNEY. But she wanted me to give a special message to LINDA GS.

LINDA GS: Kendal said that all the time she has been here on this site, you have been her special best friend. That will never change, although she won't be able to speak to you as often now as she used to. She said to say that she is doing fine and not to worry about her. She now has a lovely family to live with, and they are taking care of her just fine. She says she will write whenever she comes visiting Devon, which will be quite often, but although she has access to a computer in Cumbria, she feels she had better not visit this site for fear of being found out, and particularly as she uses her real name. After what her Mum did to the both of us, imagine what would happen if she knew what Kendal and I have been doing for so long together, watching each other at the toilet !! Linda, any message you leave on this site, I will make sure I tell Kendal, and pass messages back again. She will come and stay here in Devon most school holidays, and the odd weekend as well ! S! he sends you and Cousin and Elena the biggest xxxxxx's , and I've got an XOXO for you myself !

KATE: My strong arms will always be available to hold you on that bridge ! Hope you're ok. Love Andrew.

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU, and COURTNEY: Hope you three are also ok. It all seems so long since we last corresponded. And so much can happen. If you are still out there, do let us know what you've been up to ! Love and hugs from Andrew.

Kendal has especially asked me to tell you all the "Little Kendal" story that her Dad was going to write here. She said it would be a fitting tribute to her Dad.

When Kendal was a little girl, and after she had been potty trained, it was very rare that she ever wet herself. However, although she would happily wee wee sitting on the toilet, there was no way on God's earth that she was going to poo on the toilet as well. For several months afterwards, she insisted on having a nappy ( diaper) put on her so she could poo in that ! After announcing she needed a poo, her Mum or Dad would take her away to put on her nappy, and she would come back into the lounge wearing her "big bottom" !! She would then go across the lounge to the other side of it and hide behind a chair while she had her poo, complete with grunts and huffs ! Her Dad would then have to take her nappy off when she had finished. It wasn't her Mum's scene to do that, not for a child who could quite easily poo on the toilet anyway ! The day Kendal had her first poo on the toilet was forced on her when the whole family were away at a party, and her Mum and Dad had forgott! en the nappies. It was one of the first occasions I remember Kendal's Dad snapping at Kendal. "Well if you won't go to the toilet, you will have to poo your pants then" ! Kendal went to the toilet ! And she never looked back !

This story in tribute to Kendal's Dad, 1964-2001. Rest in peace, Uncle John.

I've got a great Mother's day constipation story for everyone. My husband and I went to visit his mother yesterday and stay for lunch, afterwards leaving to have dinner at my mom's. Gotta keep everyone happy, right? Anyway, I posted for the 1st time a couple months ago, and if any of you remember I stated that my mother-in-law "Betsy" is in her late 60's, very overweight and is continuing to gain. She probably tips the scales at around 300 lbs right now, but I'm certainly not asking. Well, due to her tremendous girth, she's got some chronic health problms and Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of them. I'm not saying only fat people get this-- a thin woman in my office has it too-- but I think the condition is worsened for my mother-in-law because of her weight. Often she gets painful cramps and disappears into the bathroom sometimes for more than an hour. My husband always watches the game or plays on the internet while she's occupied but I've found myself lingering almost ag! ainst my will outside the bathroom door. I can hear everything-- the panting, the rustling of her magazine, the heavy grunting as she bears down, the explosive farts. She seems to have a pattern in her poo habits: She settles her self on the toilet and grunts hard, 3, 4, 5 times and then I think she leans back to rest, because I hear the toilet lid creak. I hear the pages turning in her magazine and her harsh breathing from her efforts and then she starts in again grunting, always taking me by surprise. This continues without fail, until she finally finishes.

Well, anyway to get back to yesterday. My husband and I had arrived at Betsy's house and she was starting to make us a delicious lunch (the woman knows how to cook, let me tell you, she isn't 300 lbs for nothing) when she realized she was missing several key ingredients so my husband and I offered to drive down to the store and pick them up. Well we got outside and then my husband said "Why don't you stay here and keep her company and I'll go by myself." I said fine with me and let myself inside. The house was silent, Betsy wasn't in the kitchen and it was a like a bell went off in my head. I crept down the hallway to the bathroom and imagine my surpise when I discoverd the door wide open and Betsy in the complicated process of seating herself upon the toilet! So involved was she that she didn't even notice as she lifted her huge asscheeks and ????ed them on either side of the seat. A short grunt escaped her lips.
It was then that she looked up at me. She gasped and I mumbled that I was sorry but that I had decided to stay home and would she like me to close the door? "I'm sure you will be here for a while," I said. "Why yes dear, I've just sat down. But if you've stayed home to keep me company you might as well seat yourself on the tub and talk to me." Awkwardly, I sat down opposite her, my eyes taking in for the 1st time the full bulk of Betsy. She's 1 of those women that REALLY gain in the butt and thighs, the kind of fat that is dimpled and jiggly. Her ass was so huge, I honestly couldn't even see the toilet. Since I was there, she laid the magazine that she was clutching on the floor, this strenuous movement of bending over caused a huge fart to escape. She clapped her hands to her ass. "Excuse me," she whispered in a strained voice as she started to bear down. And so I watched Betsy as she grunted these wonderful breathy grunts that were mostly "MMMMS"! but when things got rea! lly tough turned into unladylike "UGGHS!" We didn't talk much, I mean she really couldn't, and when she tried her voice trailed off as the urge to strain overwhelmed her. I was content just to watch her and I was hoping she'd finish before my husband got home. Funny, we didn't make eye contact, she mostly stared unseeing at the floor, her double chin quavering with each grunt. Towards the end of her constiapted session, she appeared to be really agitated, even lifting her fat ass almost completely off the toilet and gripping the seat with her hands. "UGGGHH! UGGGHH!! UGGGHH!!" But I was lucky, she finshed in time and the wiping was interesting because she actually had to lift up both asscheeks to clean herself! Well, afterwards she was exhausted and I ended up making the lunch myself but it was worth it! I hope she'll let me watch her again!

JEFF A - Hi guy! Well it is very nice for you to say such
really lovely things about me. You must be so pissed off
with your injuries and a lovely guy like you does not deserve
to have problems like that. Is your wife helping you with
the toilet and everything? Steve will not be able to write
a letter until later this week, but I will tell him again
that you have written. He has not tested for his 3rd degree,
he and his best friend will be doing it at the same time. It
may be that I will be allowed to go and watch, but I will not
go if it makes him more worried that maybe he will shit his
pants. I know he gets a bit nervy before a test, I remember
the last one they did.
I hope you keep on recovering well, darling, and next time I
go to the toilet for a wee I will do it standing, and for you
I will only wear a smile. Love, Louise xxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Oh yes, I liked your story as well, and Steve
is so right about the racism isn't he?

RIZZO - Hi guy! Thank you for calling me your pee queen but
why do you have just one pee queen? PV is another pee queen like
me so you can have two!

JULIE - Hi girl! Thank you for your letter! I do know how you
mean about being scared someone will come in when you are having
a wee in the basin. I guess you just can not do it if where you
work is too busy and it is very often that the toilets are used.
I am lucky that I can go to a really quiet part of a building
and even go in the men's if I want, but I understand that maybe
you can not do that. I liked your pooing story from work.
I have never heard any of the other women at work having a shit?
They are always just going for a wee or to change their protection
but I think they always just shit at home before going to work.
My 12 inch turd was hard work to push out, yeah! LOL xx

PV - Some of the fun we had was when we had been out for a drink
with my mum on the Sunday afternoon. When we were walking home
my mum said how she was needing a wee. She had not been to the
ladies when we had been in the public house but when we were
half way home she just got the need really badly. We went through
the park near my mum's home. To tell you what we were wearing, I
was in my black bikini top and short black skirt, my mum was in
a quite short white summer dress and Steve was in his black
t shirt and jeans. I like him dressing like that, all casual! My
mum has a fantastic figure and looked real good in her dress.
She was a bit desperate to have her wee, and I wanted to do it
too but not so bad. Steve was all right because he had just been
in the toilets before we left. He took us to a real quiet place
which was a little ornamental garden type place. Well when we
were in there my mum got her knickers down real quick and pulled
her dress up and squatted. She pissed and pissed and pissed, and
Steve did not look at first but my mum called him and said he
could watch. Well Steve never looked at my mum like that before.
I squatted next to mum when I took off my knickers and I pissed
for about half a minute. We liked Steve's face as he looked at
us both from the front with the sun on us!



I know it's only just over a week since I last posted to say that I wouldn't be stopping by for a while. At the time I felt concerned that I was spending too much time online and there were some personal issues too. It still remains the case that I need to spend less time in cyberspace in order to focus on other priorities. However, I think I was perhaps a little hasty and as part of a balanced regime I think I can still afford to drop by from time to time if only to exchange news with old friends and perhaps make one or two new ones.

Tony. I liked your story about your experiences on the train and in your hotel. It sounds as though you were treated to a good performance courtesy of Dorothy every morning. I had an experience a few weeks ago which I haven't posted about to date, but now I think you'd like to hear about it. One weekend we had a family gathering and hired a local hall for the event. It was a nice, informal luncheon and we were sat in small groups. I was sat at the same table as Aunt Anne and, after the meal when people dispersed a bit I went to sit with her. We were busy talking as the afternoon progressed. Suddenly, about four o'clock, Aunt Anne told me very purposefully and with a glint in her eye (she knew I liked the idea) that she needed to go to the toilet or, as they call it in America, the bathroom. Not wishing to miss out, I decided that I needed to go too. Naturally she went into the 'ladies' and I went into the 'gents.' However, the dividing wall between the 'ladies' ! and the 'gents' was very thin indeed and I heard her performance perfectly (we were the only users of the respective toilets at that time). I knew Aunt Anne hadn't been for a pee for about 4 hours and, predictably enough, she peed heavily for several seconds. That was all she did though, before flushing and washing her hands. I knew she only needed to do number one but it was good though.

Nice picture up top!

To Ben: I completely understand your reasons for being scared of crapping at school. Taking a crap at night is a good idea so that you won't have to go the next day. I usually crap at night too since there's not a lot of time in the morning before school. I too have a fear of taking a dump at school. One question, do the toilets at your school have doors or partitions or not? The ones at my school don't, they took them out because of vandalism I think. So that makes it even harder to poop at school, cause there's always the chance of kids you know making fun of you if they see you pooping. I've been trying to get over my fear by telling myself there's no big deal about it if someone I know sees me, because they do it too after all. But I know that its not as easy as that. btw, Taco Bell once gave me the runs too.

To Billy the Kid (with Kevin): I've been reading your posts and I like your stories about you and your brothers a lot. It's good to see you back. I like it that you use those color and size codes, hardly anyone has done it yet. Do your older brothers know about this site? Do you think there's any way that they would be interested in posting here too?

Sun Devil
Thanks Lori for responding to my question, I really do appreciate it very much. I enjoy reading your posts very much and visualize your gigantic turds coming out of you, especially since you are a petite build college cheerleader, blonde, which I am also. I love hearing your stories because it is such a rush to picture you completely naked and furthermore, hearing about you taking a nice healthy crap. I would enjoy reading more of your stories and have also fantasized about watching you poo while your boyfriend videotapes you, that would be such a great high! Thank you for answering me and look forward to hearing from you again!! =)

JEFF A -- Hi guy! You say the sweetest things! Yup, there's been plenty of fun on the site lately, some new faces and some old friends back, and amazing adventures from the regulars. I'm delighted and very honoured to be considered one of the honeys of the site, along with the gorgeous Louise, Kimmie and Carmalita!

MALITA -- Hi sweetie. That buddy-dump with your pal Tesa was OUTRAGEOUS and wonderful! Ohhhh, to be there! I could just feel everything as you described it. My product is not so spectacular, but yesterday I produced a 12-incher that I'm sure started out close to an inch and a half before tapering. So, they're getting bigger!

I had a little adventure to write up, this happened the week before last.

I was out in the morning for an appointment, thisd was quite early, and afterward I stopped by a big shopping mall to spend some time before the next bus... I wanted a wee by this time and went to use the bathroom at the mall. The design is a bit unusual in that it's an L-shaped corridor, with the doors of the men's and ladies rooms adjacent, and neither visible from the mall itself... Okay, you can guess! It was early, there were not many people about, so, in a rush of courage, I opened the wrong door.

The room was small, two stalls with doors opposite two basins, and a urinal set back into the wall almost doubling back from the door. It was a two-place-wide steel wall unit with a steel floor grille. I unzipped my jeans, eased them down a bit, slipped my thong over, deftly placed a crumpled tissue under my puss for drips, and proceeded to fire a really nice, horizontal stream at the wall. It was a nice solid stream that had good acoustics, and I was a good eighteen inches back from the wall. I finished with the arc falling into the gutter in front of my toes, squirted hard for the last bit, and dabbed dry. I zipped up and walked out grinning all over my redhead face because I didn't get caught and nobody was even coming into the corridor as I left. That was FUN!

All my best,


I work at this store called food 4 less, it is perfect for spying. There is a break room in the back of the store up stairs and it is really small, I usually take long breaks since I work late. Which gives me a greater chance to spy. There is a mens and womens room. And it is usually quiet and if you stand next to either restroom, you can hear everything that is going on. I will posts some stories if I get lucky. Tee Hee.

Donnie M.

Ive been quiet for a time until now I had a couple sightings all in one day!
I was in our local Wal Mart shoppin when I saw this one boy about 13 wandering around and grabbing his crotch every few minutes as I stood by the books browsing.He would go out the asile and come back in a few minutes looking for something. It appeared he was looking for the restrooms. Our Wal Mart was being enlarged to house a grocery department and garden shop and even a gas station. So then the one mens and womens toilet was ripped out and not there anymmore.
I saw him grip his pants rather tightly and hold on and sort of face away from the other peoples moving up and down the asile. I was still browsing for a book and I noticed that the boy was standing off to the side in a closed off asile and saw a wet patch appear on his crotch. He grabbed himself again and the patch got bigger and started to stain down his pantleg on to the floor where a puddle was starting. He then quickly moved away across to the womens clothes dept and sort of got lost in the racks of clothes and panties racks. I wondered why he didnt ask anyone where he could go pee. Then I left the department and drifted to the ladies section and there was a huge puddle laying there I guess where he totally lost it. There was anoter restoom at the back in the layaway dept but I guess he didnt know about it, and it was too late anyhow.
Then that afternoon I was just leaving a grocery store and noticed this lady with this girl in tow, about 10 I'd say. She was being dragged her mother while she had her hand jammed in her crotch between her legs and waddling along. Right under her was a trail of pee on the sidewalk, and shes sayin, "I gotta pee, I gotta pee." Mother says, "shut up we are going into the store, so hold it" Well I suppose by the time they got into the store she was probably empty. So anyhow here was two sightings I had which was unusual,and due to the boy and girl not going when they could have I suppose..

Traveling Guy
Today's masthead damsel with long blond hair, black platform shoes, and print panties below her knees reminds me a lot of a German exchange student who once spent a few weeks in our home. She was pretty open about bodily functions. One Saturday morning at the breakfast table she was wondering whether or not to have a bowl of my wife's sure-to-move-you homemade granola, but she said, "If I eat that I'll be going to the toilet all morning." I told her, "Go ahead. It's Saturday morning, you're not going anywhere soon, and you'll enjoy a good cleanout." But she still decided to eat something else.

One afternoon she came out of our downstairs half bath as I happened by and the smell of a good, solid BM followed her. I gave her a big smile and she smiled right back, proud of her results.

To Plunging Plop: I believe the piece on Swedish six-place outdoor toilets was on "Eurotrash" a couple of years ago, and it crossed my mind again when I was tere recently. I think they are a rural phenomenon in the north of Sweden. Sure wish we had those here in the UK! When I was growing up in the States, though, from 7th Grade onward through high school our toilets had no doors and I remember guys talking and laughing and dumping whle their friends were sitting on the toilet and everyone could see. You didn't dump at school unless you were ok with the idea of maybe being seen. Later, Daniel

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

DAVID, Can you tell us more about the toilets in the Philippines with no partitions and low doors? I can't quite visualise there being no partitions if there are doors!
Anyway, they sound great for seeing others sitting on the toilet, so if you could also describe the toilet pans, that would be interesting too.

TONY, You certainly had a very interesting holiday! I'd love to stay at that hotel in a room next to one where a guy is having a regular daily dump!
A friend who doesn't share this interest, but knows all about mine said I'd have loved to live in the room he once had which had a thin partition wall between his room and the bathroom and which meant he could hear "Every splish and splosh of the other students using the toilet"!!!
I agree wholeheartedly with you and with COPROLOGIST about those blue toilet blocks. I hate them too! I also think it's unhygienic to hang them under the rim and to have to replace them in their bracket!
I too want to see turds in water, and not in ink as it sometimes looks when the water's been dosed with blue.

I've not heard the name Sansinette before, but there are these single occupancy metal toilet cabins in some British cities now, which I've been told open their doors and flush whether the person's finished or not after 11 minutes!
What does someone who's constipated do, when they're trying hard to drop a tough turd and know the time's getting short?
Many of us either like to take our time over a shit, or need to take a long time to do it, so I would think a lot of people might avoid these type of toilets ,or suffer the consequences on occasion.

Talking of constipation, what do people who are having a tough time in trying to shit do when they're using a squat type toilet?
To be squatting for more than 10 minutes would be very exhausting on the thighs so has anyone ever just sat down on the floor over the toilet hole?
Older people also might find getting down into a squat rather difficult so there must be some uncomfortable shitting going on throughout the world!

Also related to the subject of constipation- I once read in a book about Feng Shui (The Chinese system of optimal positioning of buildings and their contents for harmony amongst its inhabitants)
that the back door or back gate to one's property should always be unobstructed.
Apparently, if items are allowed to accumulate near these exits, one's own bodily excretory system may be affected.
So, if you're constipated, check on whether your back door's blocked!
All for now, Have a good one, everyone! P P G

Hi Carmalita, How are you? I'm 5'7, darkbrown complexion, muscular, am 25 years old and from Jamaica. I read a couple of you stories and and thought they were pretty interesting. I really like your personality (very nice) and I've alwaysed like Latina women(gorgeous women). What impresses me about you is that you admitt to using the bathroom while most women dont. I've alwaysed enjoyed hearing ladys express themselves about taking a dump. But what I particularly like is hearing a woman fart. Do you fart loudly and before taking a dump, please let me know.
There is no doubt you are pretty, but I would really like to see what you look like. Do you have a picture online? Do you have a shapely big butt? I just love a big butt on a Latina. You could tell me what you look like if you dont have a picture ok. Please let me know if you use ???????????? ok. Have a good day and take care till next time.....(TevinC throws you a red rose)
Later Senorita,

Monday, May 14, 2001

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