Does anyone have stories of childhood accidents? Also, what's your favorite place to pee besides a toilet?

well Gracie.

My hole bulged and the tip of this dark brown log poked out. I was nervous to continue so it went back up. after 2 more pokings i thought what the hell and pushed. my hope opened as it poked but then it got really wide as it slowly squeezed out. it was touching the TP and still comming out and holding me open. it must have been and inch or 2 wide and it was very hard and about 8 inchs long. it started to bend as i pushed more out then it snapped in the middle and 2 bits fell on the TP as my hole closed.

Hope its ok


Hi everyone,
In the past I have posted some of the bad things that happened when I had to go potty. This time it involves me being bad. We were DT San Antonio for Fiesta, as with any major event there are around 100,00 plus people there and finding parking really sucks. Well we waited for the car to pull put out and as they did this jerk flys by us and takes the spot with some European sports car. My friend and confronted him but he was a conceeded ass, and said something like with he type of car he should have a space reserved where ever he parks. Well it just ruined my night I was mad and hungry. So we got to the Market Square and had some tacos, and all was fine till we were siffted our way through the people and all of a sudden I get soaked with a beer and as I turned around it was that conceeded ass dancing like a jerk. Then he tells me I need to watch where I am going. that was it. We started to go to the car, I was soaked and I really had to pee but I refuse to use the portajohns the in the market, we were just going to go back and just pee by the car. We got to the car, and as I was lifting my skirt I saw his little car and noticed he left the sun roof open. We went over and Allison my friend is a big girl 5'9 or 5'10 she picked me up and set me on his roof, I got comfortable and just let it go. Allison thought it was so funny, she kept telling me hurry cause she had to go, and wanted to give a little payback also. I finished up and jumped down. Allison hiked her skirt, and hopped up, She really had to go I could hear the pee splattering hard all over the interior, then she let out this loud fart and said "I think I have to poop" Before she could say another word she ripped another and then I heard it hit the seat below ehhhh. Allison looked at me and said do you have ant tissue, I did not have anything so she removed her underpants and used those, leaving them behind. She jumped down and we jumped in the car and went home. I really hope the conceed! ed ass had a great evening.

my friend told me to go with her outside to use the bathroom. she started a bmm and couldn't finish so i pulled it out like rope.

Ring Stretcher
Hi Logger! I was going to post about the 11 inch in diameter colon from the man who died with 44 LBS of feces in him but you beat me to the punch bowl! I saw a picture of the colon on the web somewhere. That poor guy! It said he died in extreme agony. I'm not sure if it was one massive MEGA TURD or just alot of feces trapped in there. Either way, it never would have fit through his ring! I'll have to visit the Muttering Museum next time I swin into Philly.

Carmalita--Hi! I seem to be doing better. Thanks for asking. I used Preparation-H and it took the sting and pain away.

To Jordan: The reasons I don't crap at school is I'm scared someone I know will see me. Also I crap at night so I won't have to go. And some foods I've had that meesed up my crap are Taco Bell and Domino's Pizza. They give me the runs. Thats it for now post later.

Billy the Kid (with Kevin)
Sorry we have not been around for a while. We made a deal with our parents that if we get new bikes, that we would give up the internet for two weeks. Plus no Nintendo or TV for two months when it is nice outside. But our bikes have cool brakes, springs and everything.

Anyway, last week we got sick. Kev woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. In the morning, my brother Mike was sitting on the toilet. He was taking a massive dump before his shower. Kev and I started to eat breakfast. About a third of the way through breakfast, he said he had to go to the bathroom. After he did not come out after about 5 minutes, I went to see what was happening. He was on the toilet, and it really smelled. He was wiping his butt. When he got up, there was really nasty diarrhea there, color like #347. We left it for Mike. He finished his breakfast. After breakfast, I had to pee and he had to poop again. I told him he should stay home from school, but he wanted to see the movie they were showing in the afternoon. We got ready for school and left. About midway there, he said oh no. Then he ran into the woods and pooped again. More diarrhea. He said he had to poop twice more in the morning, and twice after lunch. His teacher asked if he was ok, and he told her yes. After dinner, he had to poop two more times. We were out back playing soccer. We were really muddy, so he pooed in the woods. So he pooped like 8 or 9 times. Funny thing is that I did not poop at all up til then that day or the day before.

After we got in, I had some ice cream. I had some chocale and he has cherry. After eating the ice cream, it was time to get ready for school. He took a shower first. I had to poop. While he was showering, I saw him through the door squat. I said what's the matter. He said he had to poop again. I said, you want me to get up? He said, no, I can't wait. Then I smelled it. He kind of leaned against the back up the tub while he was pooping. Then he went to the front of the tub and cleaned his butt hole. I was then by then. I dropped 4 huge logs, the first was #901, and the rest were #810. When I was done, I wiped. Kev was done in the shower, so he left and I went in. When I looked in the tub, there was some really soft poop with some brown water running done to the drain. There was a bucket under the sink, so I rinsed the poo down the drain before I got in. Whle I took a shower, he brushed his teeth and left. I finished and brushed my teeth. While I was rinsing, he came in again. He just had to pee. He was so busy pooping, he forgot to pee. He pee was pretty yellow, so I made him drink some water before bed.

The next morning, he had to poop again during breakfast. His poop was pretty soft (#2 on the soft scale, #810 color). He had to poop on the way to school (#2, and #810). I had to poop too, but mine was #4 and #810, a normal poop (but pretty big). He had to poop again after lunch and it was the same. After that, his poop was normal.

Eric in Chicago
GEN X: It sounds like you've substantially increased the amount of fiber in your diet. It can take your digestive system a while (few weeks) to get used to this, and you get bloating, cramping, and stink until you've adjusted.

PURPLE POOPER: I was reading on some Usenet group where someone described how, when she was a kid, her mom got her to try beets by telling her they'd turn her poop red. She *had* to try it out, and she got hooked!

EVERYBODY: There's been a lot of discussion about how much poop someone can have in their system at death and how much it weighs. Keep in mind that at least 75% of the weight of normal poop is from water. *Impacted* poop contains almost no water and therefore doesn't weigh all that much. 1 1/2 pounds for a severe impaction wouldn't be all that surprising.

Ring Stretcher
Hi Logger! I was going to post about the 11 inch in diameter colon from the man who died with 44 LBS of feces in him but you beat me to the punch bowl! I saw a picture of the colon on the web somewhere. That poor guy! It said he died in extreme agony. I'm not sure if it was one massive MEGA TURD or just alot of feces trapped in there. Either way, it never would have fit through his ring! I'll have to visit the Muttering Museum next time I swin into Philly.

Carmalita--Hi! I seem to be doing better. Thanks for asking. I used Preparation-H and it took the sting and pain away.

Doug, I wouldn't worry about taking your daughter into the men's room with you. With all the bad things happening to children, you don't want to take your eyes off them for a minute. Where I live, men take their daughters into mens room all the time, and a lot of them are older than 4. If she asks what the urinals are, just tell her they are for men to go to the bathroom in. Just my 2 cents.

Question for the guys
When was the last time you messed yourself? Please post your story about the last you messed yourself

Any girls have any stories about peeing or pooping their pants on accident.

Just took a big poop. Been holding it for 2 days. Came out and stunk and made the water brown. Another chunk came out w/ pushing.


Get to a hospital IMMEDIATELY! You're in great danger.

any recently released movies on video or dvd with young guys sitting on the toilet?

My sister, my brother, and I were staying with my grandmother for a couple months during summer vacation. Our little brother had the flu that week, so he had the third bedroom (closest to the bathroom), and my sister and I had to share the second bedroom.

In the middle of the night, she shook me awake. "Charles, I have to
pee pee".

I'm half asleep so I forgot that she had decided that night to sleep
without her ususal diaper. I asked her if I need to help her to the
"pee pee room", but she pointed out that our brother is in there, she sighed and drifted off to sleep. A few minutes I herd trickling from her side of the bed. Thank goodness for the rubber pad.

As she woke sleepily (and a little late), I went to the "pee pee"
room, got a towel and washcloth, and brought them to her. She put the towel under her bottom, pulled down her wet pyjama pants, and washed her pee pee hole. She pulled the sheet up to her neck, and drifted off to sleep.

The next night, I had drunk three or four good sized glasses of ice
water (that was air conditioning in that house), and I was asleep, dreaming of being at a party in a huge house. I was walking around looking for the bathroom. I walked around for what seemed like a half hour, thru dozens of huge rooms. Each time I found what I thought was a bathroom, women were coming out laughing, and pushed me away from the door. I would walk thru a couple more rooms, and the same thing would happen.

I finally got thru several rooms in sequence without seeing any more
women. And there was another bathroom. With no women pushing me
away. I rushed in, pulled down my pants, and sat down. My mother had trained me to always pee sitting down when in mixed company outside our home - but that's another story.

Just as I'm starting to relax, I hear "Charles, I have to pee pee".
Then my sister says "Do you need to too?" By then, it was kinda late
for me, as I woke while still peeing, so we went into the bathroom
together, she got herself a wash cloth, and washed both of us. I
threw my soaked pyjama pants into the bath tub. Each of us got a
towel, and went back to bed, and to sleep on our towels.

I used to escort my sister home after school - I was in 4rd or 5th grade, she in 1st or 2nd. This was a small town in a time gone long ago.

One afternoon in late spring, I get to her classroom. She's a bit distracted. I think something is really bothering her. Something maybe the teacher said? She wouldn't say though.

She was dancing just a bit, and we started walking home. Half a dozen blocks later, she was dancing more. We got ready to cross the main street, and she sat down on the curbing. Silently. Pulled her dress out from under her butt.

I think its starting to rain, when I see she's peeing into the gutter. Hard. For a good 30 seconds. She stops, and starts to cry, softly. Now she's really not happy.

I sorta had to go too, but not too hard I thought. I sat down beside to comfort her, and just let go myself. I peed slowly for a minute or so thru my shorts. She started to giggle. Emergency over.

We got home, ran into the backyard, grabbed the hose, and just sprayed each other to cool down after the walk home. The spray was an edict from my mother cause of the heat wave at the time. Then we ran inside and changed clothes in the bathroom.

Later, we went out shopping with Mom after dinner, and she asked my 4 years old brother if he had to potty? My sister stated to giggle. Mom, of course, was clueless.

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

Roger, you da man! You have described one of my wildest-fantasies! Why doesn't it work out that way, for all of us guys? You are one lucky son of a gun. A female computer-tech comes out and replaces your motherboard, you go straight to this site, after she did that, and she got the hint, and let you watch her take a massive-dump. A colon-bursting one, @ that :)! Angela even let you wipe her, huh? Let us all know how your date turns out, as you said you would. I am dying to hear all the details!



I saw a movie called "Just looking" It's about this 14 year old boy who is into seeing how to do it(you know ***). He lives with his Mom and stepfather and he goes to live with his aunt and uncle for the summer where he sees a neighbor get undressed. He worked with his uncle in a deli. There was a bathroom goes. This hot lady comes in, the boy likes this lady and his friend goes to the back of the deli to get him and he says, "What? Im on the crapper and his friend says she's back. Then he says, "Im wiping". Then he runs outside to greet her when he was done and when she leaves you see the boys pants are still down and could see his underwear. It was a good sceene and a movie. You couldn't see any thing(just the outside of the bathroom).

Looks like that girl is gonna go in a bucket.

To J.P.: It's cool that you're totally comfortable about pooping naked with other guys at school. In my school I've never seen lots of guys taking a dump together before gym class or anything like that. In the bathrooms at your school, do the stalls have doors or partitions or is everything like out in the open?? Please post more stories.

To Leo: Awesome post! I don't think there's been anything like it on this forum. You sure did help your friend out. I can't even imagine how good it would feel to get all that crap out of you after 2 weeks. I've been constipated before but only when I was younger (I'm 13 now). When I got constipated my mom would give me mineral oil or supositories or an enema in bad cases. But I never tried using a funnel like you said.

To Purple Pooper: Wow, purple crap, that's so weird. I've got to try eating those beets sometime. Just curious, are you male or female? And how old are you?

To Ben: Do you have any stories about being constipated?

Jeff A.
Happy Mother's day to all of you who are mothers.

STEVE: Thanks for answering my question about Chin Na. It seems to be rather elusive, and I've never met anyone with any knowledge of its applications. If you haven't tested yet, good luck! I'm a closet Aikido ka. I love the art and anyone who pursues it.
It's nice to know that we have yet another thing in common, having had a Latina girlfriend in the past. Was yours vocal too?!!
If Louise looks anything like she comes across on this forum, then yes, she must be a stunner. She is one of the nicest ladies I've ever had the pleasure to converse with in here.
I am now learning to walk again, but getting better everyday. It's a slow process, but improving.

LOUISE: Thanks for inducting me into the WSPC! It's great to be a member in "good standing". You're the best, and Steve is such a lucky guy.

JOHN VT: I'm not sure what I could do for the magazine. You already have an illustrator and that's what I am by trade. Maybe I could be a staff writer or something.

KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, you are such a honey! I would love to have one of those pics of you. I hope you don't mind, but I did some drawings of you, trying to visualize what I think you look like. You're something else, and I wish you the absolute best in life! You go, honey!

CARMALITA: My, my you are a sweet thing! Your pooping outdoors where the fisherman could see you was ultimate, but personally, I really enjoyed that intimate pooping session you did in front of Patsy. I thought that it was one of the sexiest stories I've ever read in here! You doing a slow plop-plop poop is one of my all time fantasies in life. I think you are so exciting! No wonder so many guys have proposed to you in here! I wish there was a way to capture your beautiful smell in here too. Pushing out big turds is exciting, but doing slow, drawn out poops is extremely sexy. So are you!

SHANICE: Wow!I'm looking forward to more from you! That was a wonderful story, and again, I would have loved to have been there to smell you as well. That's half the turn on for me! Plus seeing your gorgeous black body. Give us more!

PV: How ya' doin' there partner? I think you've got to be one of my favorite people in here! You sound awfully gorgeous too with that red hair!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Take care everyone! My best to Buzzy, Rizzo, Jane, Penny, and good to see you again too Bridget!

Man, that spread legged girl in the picture sure looks like fun!
RJOGGER: WOW!!! Great story! I could just see you squatting, turds coming out of your beautiful ass. I'll bet your muscles were good and pumped, with some sweat running down your face. A man taking a nice dump in the bushes. Mmmmm what a nice picture! I wish I could have seen you hon. I'd have given you some special wiping. I also wish I could've been the Latina that pleased your eyes pooping in the bushes. I'd really love sliding my shorts down, showing you my panties, then stretching them down to squat and push something long, warm, and firm onto the ground for you. I hope you do get to watch your wife take a nice fat one for you. Tell me how it goes, okay? Love you!

My Special Simon: Gee, to answer your questions, it didn't take long for my big turd to come out. A few seconds I guess. It sure opened up my little brown butt though! Yes, I do fart before I poop, usually slow zipper farts like ssssppplllltttttttt, and sometimes many in a row. No one has ever asked me that before, it makes me feel special as far as this topic goes. So you're 43 huh? Very sexy! I LOVE older men. Not that you're old, but you're older than me by 20 years. Man, I'd love to take a nice, slow crap for you sweetheart.

Steve: I'm okay really, but thanks for your good wishes. You intrigue me, Steve. In what way was your Latina girlfriend vocal? LOL, just kidding, I know you can't say that here. Be sure to kiss Louise for me, okay?

EST: I'm glad my stories make you hot. I do have a few stories about that dance place I went too with the unisex toilets and doorless stalls. I'm something of an exhibitionist as you may have gathered. Here's a warm, Latina kiss for you.--------------------!

Traveling Guy: Yes, I do laugh a lot! Renee says I have an insane giggle that makes her laugh in return.

I have a Mexican girlfriend who visits me every so often. Her name is Tesa, and she got in yesterday morning. Tesa is also bi, and we love pooping for each other doing the "Loca-motion" among other things.
Last night I went into the bathroom and Tesa was on the toilet with her pants down around her ankles. The smell in the room was ripe and it was turning me on. She'd grunt, and smile at me, and plop fat turds, filling the room with her special scent. She is also dark skinned, with huge, kissy lips, penetrating dark eyes, and a long mane of black, wavy hair. Her features are very similar to my own except that she's a bit on the chunky side, and outweighs me by about 50 pounds.
I told her her that I had to go next, because I had some dinner to get rid of. She patted her lap and smiled at me.
"Do it right here, between my legs."
"you're crazy, girl!" I said, and she scooted back against the tank, spread her thick legs as wide as she could, her ankles bound by pants and undies, and patted those tasty thighs again.
"C'mon, " she urged.
"No, I'd better not, I'll get poop on you," I answered.
Tesa shrugged and let out some hissing gas.
"We'll just take a shower then," she said, and grunted a small fart.
Looking down between her legs, I could see that she'd filled the bowl with soft, thick logs. It almost looked like a bunch of sausages floating. I saw her black eyes narrow, her plum lips pucker and almost smooch me as she grunted, and pinched out one more soft, creamy log that splatted on top of her pile. I looked at her mouth as she sighed and dropped her turd. Her white teeth gleamed as her pink tongue wetted her upper lip. I watched anxiously as she reached around and flushed her turds away. Her poop was gone, but the smell still lingered. I have to admit, I was hotter than a stove top, and certainly up for this! I pulled my shorts and panties down, and turned my brown ass toward her. I wiggled and squirmed until my hole was right between her legs. Positioning myself on her lap, I could feel her warm skin against my butt. She had a great view of my ass and rubbed both cheeks with her hands as I let out a fart.
"Pewy!" she giggled, "That smells worse than mine."
After a few seconds, I could feel one of my big ones slowly looping its way through my system.
"C'mon, Carmalita,...push...c'mon girl,.....push,....that's it."
Within seconds, a big, fat turd started coming out.
"Oh, my God, it's HUGE!" she said as she rubbed my butt cheeks. She was getting very excited, I can tell by the way she breathes.
"Does it hurt?" she asked. I shook my head no and bore down, grunting out this enormous, smelly loaf. Tesa watched excitedly. It was a hard log, firm and bumpy, but felt good as it squeezed out. She kept urging me on.
"Carmalita, it's so huge!!" I loved the way it squeezed out, and knew it was really big around. The turd stopped midway while I caught my breath. Tesa was almost beside herself with excitement.
"Why are you stopping?! Keep pushing!"
So, I started in again, and it crackled loud, then finally fell hard, between her legs, and into the bowl with a loud "K-Ssslooooop!" that splashed both of us. Tesa then put her thumbs just below my little hole, and spread my cheeks as another smaller turd squeezed out.
"One more....that's good, get it all out," she said. I sighed after, and she rubbed my hips and butt while I remained squatting on top of her warm thighs. When I knew I was finished, I stood up, turned around and looked between her spread legs into the bowl. She had a big, brown smear on the inside of her left thigh.
"It stinks really bad in here!" she grinned, "But that's okay, 'cause I love the smell of your poop." She then stood up, and we both studied my huge turd. It was folded over at one point, light brown, firm, smelly, and probably about 20" long, and maybe 3" wide with corn in it. It was too big to float and lay there curling around the porcelain. The other turd was smaller and soft. Tesa wouldn't let me flush it. She said she liked the smell. She grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the smear off her thigh, then bent me over the counter by the sink and wiped me very tenderly. She pulled off a big wad of toilet paper, stuffed it into my butt, and held it there for a few minutes while she ran her hand along my back. It felt so good. She then dug about 6 times, gently dabbing and wiping.
"Does your butthole hurt?" she asked, and I said no. After that we showered.
I love you all, take care, everyone.

Hi all, Ive been on holiday for a week and what a week in the Toilet sense too!

Theresa had gone on a seminar for 5 days in Germany. This was connected with her employers and spouses were not encouraged as it was one of those intensive corporate sessions were no distractions were to be permitted. No problem as far as I was concerned. I decided to take a weeks break as being self employed and none of my projects being too busy I could do so and booked myself into a hotel in one of the popular holiday resorts in the North of England. Now they have "Theme Holidays" of all types these days, sports, activities, historical, etc, but this turned out to be a TOILET THEME HOLIDAY!.

I left the car and took the train from Glasgow. Sitting opposite me was a ???? Afro-Carribean woman of about 25 who was returning to London after a break in Scotland. We got to talking and as luck would have it as the train left Newcastle on Tyne she asked me to mind her seat and bag as she was going to the toilet. I silently hoped that she was needing a motion and timed her. Now my mate George has often done this and calls the trains "Inter-Shitties" as he has many times seen big jobbies done by female passengers. I noted the time she got up and watched the light above the doorway leading to the toilet while it stayed "Engaged". Sure enough it stayed lit for some 10 minutes and I knew as she came back that she had done a poo. I let her sit down opposite me then said, "Can you do the same for me and watch my seat and attache case while I also use the loo?" She did so with a sort of knowing look. I made for the toilet I had seen her enter. The lid was down on the seat but! the smell of a good solid healthy bowel movement hung in the air. Bolting the door I lifted the lid and WOW! The toilet pan was the old style small white type like a reduced version on the ordinary pans found in most people's houses. In it lay this single long fat turd, what I have always called a "lovely big jobbie" the start was round the bend while the final 4 inches to the pointed tip stuck up out of the water. I estimated that it was 15 inches long and 2.5 inches for most of its length, knobbly for about 2/3 rds then smoother and mid brown. I could see bits of seeds etc embedded in it. Unfortunately I had already done my own motion that day at home so had nothing to buddy dump on top of it. I heard someone try the door so I flushed the toilet, a waste of time as the big jobbie stayed put, then puting the lid down came out letting a teenaged girl go in. I heard her bolt the door then lift the lid and exclaim, "Bloody hell!" as she saw the big brown log but she still did ! her wee wee on top of it. When I got back to my seat the girl who had done it said nothing but looked at me with an expression which said "You saw it!" but of course neither of us said a thing but continued our conversation about the usual everyday topics until I got off the train leaving her to proceed to London. As I stood waiting for the train to proceed to the platform the door of that toilet opened and a lad of came out. I quickly went in again although I didnt need anything and saw that not only was the huge jobbie still stuck in the pan but a smaller jobbie about 7 inches long and 1.5 thick lay on top of it so I assume he had buddy dumped his on top.

At the hotel I discovered another interesting feature. All the rooms had an ensuite toilet and shower. These had been installed after the hotel had been built and the walls were thin. I could thus hear all the sound effects of the occupant of the next room . Now next to me was a woman of about 60 called Dorothy on a holiday on her own I discovered. Now after breakfast the first morning she preceeded me upstairs and went into her room at the same time. Some 6th sense told me to go into the toilet in my bedroom and sitting on the pan I put my ear to the thin wall. I heard her entering the toilet and although alone, bolt the door then lift the lid. There was the rustle of her lifting her pleated skirt and pulling down her knickers and sitting on the pan. I then heard a loud dry fart and the tinkle of her wee wee then "PLOP!" PLONK!" "PLUNK!" three little hard lumps came away then I heard her take a deep breath and go "NN! UH! NNN!" Obviously there was a big solid jobbie on it! s way out between her ???? buttocks. "NN! UH! AH!" it was certainly a big one by the sounds of things and I silently said to myself "Try Hard! Do a nice big jobbie for Tony!" "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" It certainly sounded that way. She hadnt finished as I heard her again go "NNN! AH! AH! OH! then "KER-SPLONK!" KA-PLOONK!" as two more realtively big solid jobbies came out of her bum. She gave a long sigh of relief and then I heard her wipe her bum and pull the flush twice, so perhaps one of her turds had been too big to go away first time. When I saw her a few minutes later dowstairs waiting for an excursion coach for a day trip she looked a bit red faced. Now I thought she had probably excelled herself that first day but the following morning I again went upstairs to my room and listened through the toilet wall. Sure enough, Dorothy again entered her toilet and this time did another good motion. This one was a bit easier by the sounds of things, (and for nearly 45 years now I hav! e been listening to women doing their jobbies so have quite a bit of expert knowledge) and after her wee wee had finished tinkling she gave an "NN! AH! AH! then "KURSPLOOSH! KERSPLOSH! KERSPLOONK!" what sounded like 3 large, solid but easy jobbies came out. She wiped her bum and this time only pulled the flush once. For the remainder of the holiday I enjoyed her morning performances as she was "regular" going after breakfast , all good solid formed motions by the sound of things consisting of one really large and one or two smaller jobbies. I deduced that she was probably a bit constipated the first time I heard her doing a poo, then after passing the hard turds returned to doing her normal easy, formed cohesive stools. I will relate some of the other Toilet Fun I had on this holiday in a the next few days.

Sorry to read that Adrian wont be posting . I have always enjoyed his well informed and polite posts on defecation. I hope he continues to read The Toilet and while no doubt he has his own very good reasons, I would hope he might perhaps post again, if this is taking up too much of his time he could ration himself to once a week to surf the web and visit and post to this web site.

Coprologist, I agree in condemning those "loo bloo" toilet blocks which stain the water. I want to see my jobbies and if lucky any that some previous user, (preferably female), has done in their natural brown colour. We dont use anything like this at home having found that their is a non coloured block which dissolves in the cistern and prevents stains to the porcelain but doesnt tint the water. I also consider that the only natural colour for a toilet pan is plain white. I detest electric hand driers and "musak" in works, pub and public toilets as I like to hear all the sounds. Likewise unsporting types who put toilet paper down the pan to prevent the "Ker-plonks!" this is only permissible if one is passing a load of loose or diarrhea stools in my opinion.

On the Elvis final bowel movement story as I understand matters he was very overweight and ate a lot of stodgy junk food. That and the drugs he took made him very constipated and he died trying to pass an extremely long fat very hard and compacted stool from a distended colon. The strain causing back pressure on his heart and stopping same. The M.E. who carried out the Autopsy in the USA said that this caused his death. King George II of England also died on the toilet pan while straining to pass a constipated motion this time of rupture of an artery in his brain. I have also visited Hampton Court, the former palace of Henry VIII, (a very tall and fat man) who was the king mentioned who "retired to his close stool and was relived after a fair siege", there is also the famous multi seater "necessarium" there, used by the servants etc and the first works toilet, being a row of holes over a stream which carried all the turds and urine away into the nearby River Thames. No doo! rs or partitions, they all just sat there with their "britches down" or skirts gathered up and dropped their loads. BTW to even the score, Napoleon Bonaparte had a very bad dose of diarrhea during the Battle of Waterloo which no doubt stopped him giving all his attention to strategy, and I understand that a US President died of an unstoppable attack of the squitters in the 19th Century.

To Purple Pooper: How much beets did you eat, that it made your poop purple?

To David: How come the public bathooms didn't have toilet paper?? And was there any way that you could have carried your own toilet paper so you wouldn't have had to use the water method. Thats what i would have done if i were you.

To Leo: I liked your story about your constipated friend...were you talking to him on the phone?? or were you with him telling him this?

Last night i had eatten a big meal then a little later i started feeling an urge to shit so i went to the bathroom right away(i didn't feel like holding on cause it wasn't that bad). I let out 2 little pieces that were really soft and they were thin pieces and they were about 5" long. Then i go and watch tv then later i get ready for bed and im in bed when i gotta poop again. I was sitting for atleast 10-15. I pooped all these thin little pieces of shit and they were really soft and again they were not much bigger then 5 inches. I wiped atleast 12 times cause it was messy, then i flushed.

Sunday, May 13, 2001

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