Whoa, why are you NOT going to go out with your boyfriend again?

You sounded pretty happy with the way he dealt with the situation. And sorry you won't be going out with him again.

I'd hate to think that your were not going to ever see him again because YOU are embarassed, and maybe can't face him again.

If so, that's not fair to a guy who treated you real well.


Thursday, September 18, 1997

Yesterday morning I went into the bathroom at work to have my morning after coffee pee. When I went in two of the stalls were occupied. I went into the end stall to sit down. The two girls in there were also peeing. The girl right beside me was going very slowly. I could here it coming out in drips into the toilet. The other girl was peeing much harder. I guess she had to go!! After I wiped and flushed I was washing my hands at the sinks. The sinks in the bathroom are right across from the stalls in the bathroom. As I was looking in the mirror I noticed that you can see into the stall right behind you. By see in I mean the crack between the door. Lucky for me the space is quiet wide between the stall side and the door. While fixing my hair I girl came in and went into the stall right behind me. I could see her pulling down her slacks and sitting on the toilet. She only had to pee. But you could see a good deal of what she was doing from the one side. I plan to try and use this more in the future to report on other girls habits. (sitting etc.) Alex and Step, I don't know if the same situation exists at your schools. Might be worth checking out.
Take Care,

joe smoe from cocomo
i'm very interested to know if any girls have any stories about smelling up a bathroom with a huge load.also if you been in a public bathroom and heard someone take a really load crap.

Hello everybody. I haven't gotten a chance to even look at this forum for the last few days. But, since I'm here. I think i'll talk about the dorm bathrooms since it seems to be a topic that everybody would probably be interested in. All of the floors above the ground floor are identical. There is a study room on the odd numbered floors. So, the bathrooms are all the same. When you go into the bathroom, there is a long row of sinks, then a a row with showers stalls (with doors :-] ) on the left and toilet stalls on the right. There are about ten each. In the morning, about 7 or 8 AM, is when it is really busy. The showers always go cold halfway through. The toilets make the room smell. Strangely, I don't feel shy talking to other people while taking a shower or a crap. I guess it's the fact that their showering or crapping along with me. Well, I guess I'll be posting more later.

Hi guys. A note to the guy (or girl) who pretended to be my brother, Eric, please don't do that again! Susan, I'm so glad you finally got up the courage to shit in front of Ruth. It's too bad she only had to pee, but I'm similar to Ruth in that I usually shit first thing every morning. I sometimes go during other times of the day, but the best ones are in the morning! One word about Jodi. She mentioned the other day about going with Briana when she was younger. I never knew that until I read it here. I sent Jodi an e-mail (we usually e-mail back and forth every couple of days) offering to shit in front of her the next time we're home; (I swear) she told me she'd think about it and that it was all right to post that on here.

Doug, my urge to pee is in the lower extremeties, just above my vagina. I have to get to a toilet when the urge to pee begins- I can (and have) hold my shit, but pee is another story. When I have to shit, I'd say the urge is between my lower abdomen and my anus. Obviously, when I really have to go, the shit has already built up just outside the crack of my ass [sorry for such candor, but that's the truth :) ]. Bridget, have you suggested having your problem checked out by a doctor? I know its embarrassing, but if it concerns you, its best to talk it out with a professional. Perhaps a change of diet or whatever would solve your problem. Bye to all for now.

Luv, Alex :)

No time on my hands to post. Speaking of seeing people of the same sex going to the bathroom, I remember a scout story.

3 years ago,on a winter campout,2 troops were camping at camp Karhoondinha. It was about 9:30 at night and only myself and 2 other people didn't go to the bathroom. Come 11:00, we three had to crap. We marched 500 yards to the nearest latrine. A little feeling here,it was -20degrees. There was snow up to a maximum of 1 foot high and much more 3-5 inches. This trip to the latrine normally takes 1 minute;it took us 20. We got there and all had to go bad. Good part,we were there;bad part,-20 degrees [you should know what that means]. I wnet in there with one of them [both friends;at least they weren't strangers], this one was 1 year younger than me. two latrines and three people, but there was a long trough 1 foot tall and 6 feet long. I sat on one latrine and Dominic [younger] on the other. Second he sits down, he announces he is crapping. Then, he sa! ys he is peeing and so on. We're still there when Chris[older] comes in. He goes to the trough and sits. We are there for 20 minutes and finally go back to the site. It was so cold in the latrine after we took are pants down we were freezing. Everyone was asleep a long time before we went to the bathroom so we didn't worry about that.

I just thought, I could have seen anyone on this site and not have known it. I could ahve been walking at the football game or in the mall and saw someone from this site and not have known it.

What I really like about this site is that it is not too obscene or disgusting. Lately, I have been exploring and discovering many shit-related sites, yet, they are all repulsive. While someone shitting in the toilet turns me on, shitting on someone else, eating shit or getting smeared with it, makes me sick. As a female, it is interesting to see that so many other girls/women enjoy poop. It was believed that women considered shit as dirty and disgusting. Something that couldn't be talked about, much less thought about. It's funny that so many women perceive taking a dump as an intimate method of bonding and trust. While they say that you can share your most intimate secrets with your closest friends, it is now obvious that this is true. Finally, Tex James, you said that you wished that you could find someone who shared your fetish. Well, I just happen to have the same passion for shit that you have. I too, have thought there was something wrong with me but this site really changed that. It's really too bad we can't get together. While your interest is to watch a woman taking a shit, my interest is watching a guy taking a shit. Especially if the guy is good-looking. It's true that cute people deliver smelly and large shit, yet, it is still a fascinating and somewhat beautiful creation.


I talked to a woman who was active in the American Civil War reenactments. She and her husband would dress as they do in the 1860's and fight in mock battles. I asked her if she would like in that era. She said that it would be fine except for the cooking and going to the bathroom.

In Revolutionary war days the people excreted in trenches. In Civil War days the people went in out houses. The rich people had fancy out houses. People often showed off their status in life by having a fancy out house.

The women wore dresses that had hoops. Before they sat down to go they would have to remove their dress and hang it up by the hoops.

Even in those days women were inconvienced alot. Today they have to wait in long lines; that is not fair.

I'm 19 and in collage. I just started back in mid-August and my ???? isn't used to the food yet. Last week, after being constipated for eight days, I talked to my roommate and she gave me a laxative. She told me that it always worked overnight. The next morning it hadn't worked, so I just assumed that it hadn't been strong enough. That afternoon, I went to a movie witha few of my friends. During the movie, while I was eating a tub of popcorn, I started to get some cramps, so I wanted to hurry back to go to the bathroom right after the movie. One of my friends had driven there, and she and the others wanted to go out for coffee instead, so I didn't have a choice. We went out for coffee and I only had one cup. There was NO bathroom there, so I had to get home, soon. I told my friends that I really wasn't feeling well, so we got ready to leave. As we were leaving, I got a wave of cramps, but I kept myself from letting go. The car ride home was agonizing. My friends were worried about me and wanted to come up to my room with me, but I was too embarrassed to tell them what was wrong. As I climbed out of the car, my stomach churned and I let a huge blast of diarrhea out in my panties. I was wearing a short, semi-tight skirt and a thong, so it just flowed down my legs. I ran inside and to the bathroom where I spent a half hour. When I got out, there was a girl there who gave me a really weird look. I threw out my panties and skirt and threw on some jeans. I spent the rest of the night in my dorm. My roommate had gone home for the weekend, so she wasn't there. My stomach churned, and I went to the bathroom again before bed. I woke up feeling great. I felt completely cleaned out, but starved. I went out with my boyfriend for brunch, and it was so good that I ate a whole three cheese omelette and some hash browns that were greasy, but good. I had three cups of coffee. My boyfriend was amazed, because I hardly ever eat anything. We went back to his apartment afterwards and started making out. All of a sudden, he rolled sort of on top of me, and I felt a rush as I let out a wet fart. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom too quickly to close the door and let out a huge burst of diarrhea. I was in there for twenty minutes, but to my surprize instead of being disgusted, he felt bad for me. I told him what happened, and he suggested that I call the campus health center. I guess I delveloped a virus, because laxatives usually don't work that strongly. I called, and they told me to stay in bed and drink only water or gatorade for three days and eat dry toast. My boyfriend was really great and stayed with me the whole time. Too bad I'm not going out with him anymore.........

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Well, I haven't posted for a while. I was reading some of the post and I like to respond to Doug's posting about going to the farthest stall to dump. I do the same thing. I always go to the farthest stall at the end as well when I need to dump' a load.
A group of us saw a movie last nite. It was "Fools rush in" which is about a NY'er marrying a Mexican girl (btw, she was very cute). After they got married and the guy would be in the bathroom and she comes in and sits on the toilet. He walks out while she does her business and she chases after him and brings him back in and then she sits on the john again. That scene repeated several times and was pretty hilarious. It was a turn on to see her drop her drawers and sit on the john.

Mostly I clean urinals with my bare hands. For the toilets I have a bowl mop. It's OK as long as U use a mild disinfectant. There isn't any germs in peepee, so the urinals aren't loaded up with germs. I wipe the toilet seat, the outside of the toilet, the flush valve, the walls, and the latches on the stall with a clean cloth and Lysol spray cleaner. I found that the kids are much more likely to use the bathrooms at school if the toilets are clean.

I am much older than most posters on this site, so it might be expected that I would not be able to go through the night without waking up for a pee. As men get older this often happens. Well these days I usually have to get out and pee not once but twice per night. But this is due to drinking strong coffee after 9 pm. If I drink no coffee, I can easily last through the night. So though I do have mild hemerrhoids, I don't have prostate trouble! A man I know, a couple of years younger than me, goes for a pee every hour during the day.

I think it's marvellous having so many nice young women telling us their shitting experiences. Usually these shit sites are monopolized by men. One thing that annoys me if I have to shit in a public restroom is if there is only one stall. You never get the chance then to listen to what goes on in the other stall(s), and all you can do while on the pot is to listen to men pissing in the urinals. It's made more enjopyable if one of them lets a fart while peeing. Presumably women's toilets always have at least two stalls. I recently revisited the building on the campus where I worked for many years, but moved out about 6 years ago. They had refurbished one of the men's restrooms, and in order to create a separate toilet for the disabled, accessed through a different door, they had reduced the number of shitting stalls from two to one and the number of urinals from 4 to 3. Who makes these decisions, I wonder? I'm sure there are just as many persons working in that building now as there were 6 years ago. I estimate there could be as many as 100 people working in that building. If 50 of them were men, there are in the whole building only 5 shitting stalls and 10 urinals. Do you think this is enough? Do architects have some kind of formula to work on when they design a building?

I wish people (even if they are not regular posters) would tell us in their posts whether they are male or female, even if they do want to use a name. There is one anonymous post on Thu 11 Sept and it is impossible to guess whether the writer is M or F. If he/she comes back and sees this, please will he/she tell us which sex he/she is?


If your bady can stand it, would long distant running help your constipation problem? Maybe more exercise would help. TO ALEX, AND LINDA:

When I need to pee I feel it in my penis. When I need to shit I feel it in my lower abdomin and anus.
Would you describe the sensations you feel when you have urge to pee and shit?

Don't you just hate it that after you get done on the toilet that when you get up that you have red marks from your butt sitting on the seat? Also do the other women notice that if you shave your anus that you don't need to wipe as much as before? Keep up the stories, they are neat to read.

Well to everyone who has been waiting, here is the results of my evening out with my friend Ruth. I felt that I had to go after lunch on Sat. (which is normal for me.) But I held it knowing what I was planing that evening. We went out for dinner at a local road house. We both had chicken fingers and a salad. This was adding to presure building up in my bowls. After we went to see Air Force One. For those of you who haven't seen it it's a great action flick. Anyway, after I suggested to Ruth that we go back to my place for a drink and some more talk. She said fine and we headed over to my apt. We both had some wine and chips to munch on. I really had to go at this point but I didn't want to seem to be in a rush to get into the bathroom. After chating for about 20 mins I tried my same approach as last time. I told Ruth to come down with me so we could keep talking. She said fine and followed me down to the bathroom. She didn't seem to be shocked at this time as she knew what I was going to do from the last time she was over. I went in and pulled down my jeans and sat down on the toilet. Ruth sat on the edge of the bathtub and kept talking to me. First I had to pee. As many of you know I tend to sit up straight when peeing. When I finished I started to lean forward to put my head between my legs to start to push. I could feel it coming down as I was peeing. Because I had been holding it all day I was ready to go. I could also tell that it was going to be soft and smooth. ( can anyone else tell what there poop is going to be like before they go.) At this point Ruth asked me what I was doing. I told her that I have to have a poopl. She started to get up and said "Oh, I'll leave you alone." I said " that's Ok. It's just like peeing to me. " Ruth said "you don't mind have having someone else in here with you when you go?" I told her that I didn't have a problem with people that I had know for a long time. I said "were old friends. Sharing this with you just me feel closer as friends." She was silent but sat back down on the bathtub. I started pushing again and could feel it starting to come out of me. The first piece was harder and splashed into the toilet. I took another big breath and pushed this time also pushing in on my stomic. As it started coming out it got softer and softer. There was quite a bit as I had been holding it all day. As I finished I started taking toilet paper to wipe myself. Ruth started talking about the movie but I noticed she was wathching everthing I was doing. When I finished and flushed she said " I have to go" She went over and pulled down her jeans and sat down. I was dying to know if she had to pee or poop. She said to me, "I only have to pee." Needless to say I was dissapointed. But she then continued, "I went this morning, I usually have to go in the morning. " I told her that I have to go at different times of the day. We kept chating about the movie untill she was finished. It didn't turn out quite the way I had planned. But I think it was a big step forward with Ruth watching me go. I felt a strange sense of excitment having her wathing me perform one of my most private functions. We didn't talk about again that night. I don't want to seem like I am to eager for her to go in front of me. I plan to try and talk to her about it next time were chating. Alex and Steph, I know a little bit of what you must have felt. I think it felt great. Thanks again to both of you for your encouragement and support. I've got to go. I'll post some more later.

Take Care,

I just want to let all of you know that I love your first person reports. Though number one is my special interest, I haven't lost my interest in colorful number two accounts. I should contribute by saying (yes, I've taken the survey) that years ago I developed a hemorrhoid and was sent to a specialist. He was about to schedule an operation when I told him I had cross-country business travel scheduled. He then decided to advise sitting in warm water and plenty of soft foods. The other thing he told me has stayed with me for a decade. Americans in general do not get enough roughage in their diats (roughage defined as food that absorbs moisture and makes soft shit.) Consequently, too many of our turds are hard and require much straining to release. This straining eventually may lead to the dreaded hemorrhoids. The solution (take your pick): change your diet (as if!) or take Meatmucil or one of its house-brand copies. I have been doing the latter ever since the talk, have enjoyed wonderfully pleasant and quick post-coffee morning shits.

Thanks to all of you.

I bought some of this "colon cleanser" from a health food store cuz I was having trouble trying to shit. I took three doses of it plus ate a bunch of raisin bran and fruit and stuff. This morning I sat on the toilet after waking up with this huge urge and cramps and stuff. My butt opened and I started pushing out a huge one. It came out slowly and felt so good. I didn't strain or anything. Just sat there letting it out. After it finally dropped I got up to see what I had done. It was like 20 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I sat back down and took a long whiz into the bowl. Then another turn started making it's way to the door. "Unngghh" This one I had to strain for. Starting out my butt, a large amount of gas built up behind it. OY! The pressure! My intestines felt like an over inflated tire ready to explode. The turd flew out at 30 MPH and the gas followed. PFFFFFFFFT!!!!! The wind caused ripples in the bowl. Once again I turned to look. This one was even longer, and it was competing for space in the toilet. No way would I be able to flush this load. I got out the bowl brush from the cabinet and broke up the turds with the handle of the brush. I created a huge mess but what the heck, I flushed! The water rose higher and higher as I shoved the broken turds down the hole. Slowly they exited. Now I had a messy bowl brush handle to clean up with the toilet paper plus my own messy butt. The handle took 2 wipes and my butt took 10 wipes. I flushed again and again. My blue toilet was covered with brown streaks. I took the business end of the brush and got rid of them. I washed my hands and left for work. I didn't make it without stopping at a restaurant for another shit. The only toilet in the men's room was occupied! I ran ito the women's restroom and quickly got on the toilet. I got turned on by the fact that I was using a women's toilet, and then a woman came in to take a whiz. I listened. She had a huge bladder full and was spraying randomly into the bowl, not a steady stream, more like a sprinkler head. She paused, I assume to allow her vagina to finish dripping, and then pulled a huge wad of tissue off the roll. I listened carefully to the subtle sounds of wiping and then she dropped the piss soaked tissue into the bowl. She pulled up her pants and from the sound of it she was wearing tight jeans. She flushed the toilet, washed her hands and left. This was so exciting that I lost track of what I was doing. I turned and found out that I had released another large turd into this women's potty. I'm going to continue to take this stuff from time to time cuz the shits were great.

Eric (Alex's brother)
Although I read this site everyday, I wasn't planning to post. Somebody decided to use *my* name to post about *my* friends. Gotta give you an 8 for creativity, but could you kindly cease and desist?

I do in fact like the thought of girls taking a dump. However, the girl from Ecuador's name was "Maria," not "Erica." And to the person (pretending to be me) writing about Steph being a "babe," yes she's very attractive, but already taken :.( [seriously, we are very close friends, though]. If you're going to post again, could you please do it under your own name? Later. The *real* Eric (Alex's brother)

Good catch closer inspection shows the post was a fake. No harm done I hope.

I was at the club on Friday night when my stomach began to hurt cause I didn't take enough Lactaid pill earlier in the day. I just could bear sitting on the toilet dumping while some guy was puking. I went outside and walked around and just had to squat up against a wall. All of a sudden a couple came walking by and I couldn't stop. I felt so embarassed but really relieved to. I had a great time inside the club.

I can't remember the last time I have taken a big, satisfying shit. Although I often feel the urge to pass a really big one, I always end up having so much trouble getting the stuff to come out. When it does come out, it is always so small, and I am lucky if I even push out one. While it is small, it is often long and skinny with a very light shade of brown. Most of all, for such small turds, they are extremely messy. There always seems to be more on the toilet paper than there is in the toilet itself. Whatever is in the toilet, always seems to leave marks on the inside of the bowl as if the turds stick to the sides before landing in the water. Also, the small turds seem to be a lot smellier than the big ones. I just hate it when you strain your guts out and the only thing that comes out is a single piece which is no bigger than a penny. Regarding the positions I use while taking a shit, I find that raising myself up a bit from the toilet helps. Also, while many people lean forward while pushing out their turds, I find that leaning back helps as well. Lately, these methods haven't worked very well and I hope to get some better results soon.

Tex James
story: Hi everyone :o)
I just wanted to say that I am so glad to see more people out there like me. I have had this fetish for as long as I can remember. For the longest time I thought that there was something wrong with me. But after reading the post's from everuone here. I have found peace with myself. I think what turns me on the most about it is the fact that someone so cute can create or deliver something so smelly and large. I am really glad to see the women on here getting into it.

I just wish I could find someone to share this with. It is hard to find someone like that. I see that you women out there like to watch each other go. But I don't think I would enjoy watching another guy go. I would much rather watch a woman.

Alex don't worry about writing such a long post. I am sure everyone here enjoys them as much as I do. So keep them coming. Well I guess I better get out of here. I look forward to more storie's from ya'll. ( Thats right I am form Texas :o).

Take care
Tex James

How can PottyBoy clean a toilet with his bare hands? That just sounds so unsanitary. That would scare me to death. Public toilets are a health hazard.

Hello eveyone! Like Anne, Alex and Susan, I get a kick and a little bit turned on by others taking a shit, or others hearing me take a shit. I'm still pretty new at this site, only posting a couple of times, but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only woman who feels like this. I think this site is great! Along those lines, I have a story that happened to me this past Friday....

Myself and two women from work were taking our lunch hour at Applebee's. That morning before work I had breakfast, as well as having a couple cups of coffee at work. (the coffee at work really loosens by bowels) I usually wait to shit after lunch when I get back to work, but shortly after we got to Applebee's I felt my bowels really rumble. While I was debating to myself whether to wait until after lunch or go now, I overheard a woman at the table next to ours (Applebee's tables are cramped together) tell her friend that she thought she had a light case of the stomach flu and that she needed to go to the bathroom. This woman looked about my age (mid-thirties). After hearing this, I decided to go now. I made my way to the bathroom before her. There were three stalls, all empty, except for a waitress was fixing up in the mirror. I went into the middle stall. (Luckily for the waitress she left before the noise) As I was taking my skirt up I heard someone rush in and go into the stall on my right. As I sat down and let out a few farts, I leaned forward a little and looked under the wall into the stall next to me. I saw a pair of light green flats and a pair of light green velvety shorts down around her ankles. Just as she sat down, there were no farts or straining, just an explosion of shit, which was then followed by farts. I could hear her hold her breath and push out a couple more waves of diarrhea followed by several gassy farts. During this time, I took a healthy sized dump myself, wiped 6 times, and went back to my table. About ten minutes later, I noticed the woman had finally finished.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting story to share with you guys.....Susan: myself, like most everybody else at this site, are interested to hear how your plans go with your friend Ruth..Keep us posted.

Alex, I'm glad to hear your dorm mates are finally getting up the nerve to shit around others. I'd like to hear any stories you have on that....

See ya all later....

Sunday, September 14, 1997

Hello again. To Anne, Susan, and everyone else who gets turned on by others taking a shit, please know you have a "sister" in Alex! I have loved taking shits, listening to others shit, and just thinking about others shitting for as long as I remember. I'm glad this otherwise normally-adjusted person isn't so eccentric after all (for having a "poop fetish")

When I was a little girl (after being potty-trained, say around 4) I was so proud of the fact I could go in the toilet. I used to proudly announce I had to go "poo-poo" whenever the urge to shit occured. This mortified my parents as much as it drew snickers from house-guests and strangers while out in public (if I had to poop while I was out, say while my Mom was shopping in the grocery store, I would say so...)

Susan, I can't believe how much we're alike! I love listening to others around me (in public toilets) taking a dump, and I've found consolation in the fact that others may be listening to ME letting out my shit! I hope you're able to let out a nice one for Ruth [and, wouldn't it be nice if she had to go at the same time :) ] I held my shit through a two hour movie in order to go in front of Steph, so reading about you planning to shit after the movie really hit home! Please let me know how you two make out!!!

Linda, I'm now living in a college dorm with 30 students and two bathrooms anchored on each side of the floor. This is an all-girls floor (there are no *mixed* floors at my school) and each bathroom has 5 stalls and an equal number of showers. I'm starting to notice that some of my fellow residents who tried to muffle their actions are now letting it all out, noises and all.

One story. A friend of mine originally from Taiwan, "Patti" (she has a Chinese name I haven't been able to pronounce, but everyone here knows her as "Patti") and I were walking into the dorm toilets (one evening) at the same time. We continued talking as she and I walked into adjacent stalls. We both peed at the same time, then I began preparing to push out some turds. I was plopping out some turds when Patti, who is very shy, asked me if I'd mind if she "made some noise." I told her we were in a bathroom, and all noises are okay in a toilet. I heard her straining and then, VA-VA-VOOM, it sounded as if firecrackers were coming out of her butt! She let out a sigh of relief. I asked her if she felt better. "Oh yeah. Yes, thank you. I've been holding this all day!"

I was still going, and heard her letting out turds every 15-20 seconds or so. I stopped going, but continued talking to Patti as she finished up. I heard her get up to wipe her butt- I wiped myself 5 times. Since I heard her let out a lot, I suggested she flush the toilet before wiping. "Good idea, thank you." She flushed the toilet and then began wiping. Patti must have wiped at least 10 times before flushing again.

We came out of our stalls at the same time. As Patti and I washed our hands, she told me (this time without any probing on my part) "I feel so much better now!" and made some comment to the effect that she's glad we Americans have such a casual attitude to going to the bathroom. [I've read about Japanese toilets having radios and sound machines to muffle out one's bathroom activities. I should have asked Patti if there are similar devices over in Taiwan].

Sorry if this post was too long, but since I'm now only posting every week other than every 1-2 days, I have a lot to write (every time)! Love always, Alex :)

Hi everyone. This post is about my older sister, Briana (who will turn 22 in November; I turned 19 in April). She knows nothing about this site, but she and I have always been very close, save for the expected sibling's squabbles.
I recently e-mailed her (I'm away at college; she graduated last June and is living at home) re: my new-found lactose intolerance. She responded, with very guarded, apologetic wording, about wondering why my crap was very soft. First, a little background.
When I was toilet training, say between ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2, my parents tried training me by talking about (something to the effect) "going in the potty like a big girl," meaning Briana. At that time, Briana and I usually went to the bathroom at the same time. I'd watch Briana go; after she finished and wiped, I'd sit down and try to emulate her. There were times when both of us had to only pee or only pee/crap, but I remember being disappointed if she pooped and I only had to let out pee, or vice versa. This (at home) went on for about a couple of years.
When we were out, however, Briana and I usually went in the same stall until I was about 10, and she was about 12. This was *only* when we were out, for safety reasons. I remember, as early as 6 years of age, that my poop was very soft and gassy while Briana's always seemed to be nice and firm, unless she had diahrrea.
All this talk about people being excited about the thought of others going to the bathroom prompted me to write this post. I never really gave it much thought before, but I think nostalgically about the days when Briana and I went to the bathroom together, and how it was a *bonding* experience. No, I don't think I could muster enough courage to ask her if we could resume going in front of each other (in the privacy of the home bathroom, I mean).
Let me state the "heimlich" maneuver to induce taking a crap is *my* idea, not Steph's. I'm the one who told her about it! [ha-ha :-) ] Please remember that you're not going to start going as soon as you press into your abdomen. I usually have to rapidly press in and out for about 30 seconds before anything happens. (And) you still have to strain those muscles- however you do it, standing on tippy-toes, crouching into a fetal position, whatever.
Thanks, guys. Jodi

Hi Susan, I can't wait to hear how you and Ruth made out!!! Good luck :) Your friend, Steph

I was working at an elementary school this week cleaning the bathrooms. I was totally surprised when 3 girls came into the custodians office and offered to help. I was the only one in the office and I said, jokingly, "Well, I clean all the restrooms. Do you want to help me clean the restrooms? They looked at each other and giggled (they are 10 y.o.) and said: "OK!!!!!" Of course the first thing they did was run into the boys restroom. They loved checking out the urinals. I showed them how I clean them - I moisten a sponge and apply a little Comet and scrub the inside, the sides and rim. Then I take a damp cloth and wipe down the outside and the flush valve. At first they thought this was gross, I don't even use rubber gloves. They tried it, gingerly at first but they did a good job. We finished wiping the toilets and sinks. I think they agreed to help just to be able to see the boys restroom, and maybe to see a boy going to the bathroom, but I hope they will volunteer again!!! Has anyone ever heard of kids volunteering to clean a bathroom? Especially a school bathroom? Normally they're too afraid of germs.

I want to comment on Anne's story about watching her friend Gail trying to shit out a piece of turd that was stuck halfway through her butt. You are so lucky. While this turned me on, I am not a lesbian and would rather much watch a guy trying to shit out a huge piece of turd that would be stuck in his butt. I would love to watch a guy straining desperately, seeing his big pieces of shit coming out of his butt and falling into the toilet. What a beautiful sight that would be. Yet, I would enjoy watching anyone taking a shit, regardless of what their sex was. While imagining people taking a shit interests me, I myself, am very shy and reserved about my elimination functions. I hate public washrooms and only use them when I really have to. Plus, I would never dream of letting someone watching ME taking a shit. Anyways, I really love this site and enjoy all the stories that are posted here. I am looking forward to reading many more. Bye for now, Bridget

Placing plastic wrap over the toilet, turning off the water and removing the towels and toilet paper sounds a bit malicious. There is a point beyond which a practicle joke becomes a malicious act.

I fully approve of what you did. I wonder if they really dislike you? Humor can be a form of hostility. Sometimes intense hostility.

Do any of you posters have any comments about handicapped stalls? In men's rooms they are placed at the end of the row of stalls. When a guy needs to shit he often chooses the handicapped stall because it is most out of the way.

>From reading the posts women are just as self conscious about taking a shit as are the men. I know the odor is worse however most women have to sit down to do pee or shit. In that way it should not matter.

I personally do not use a handicapped stall unless none other is available.
Have any of you heard a handicapped person complain about being out of toilet paper or being very desperate waiting for another to finish his or hers bowel movement?

I *hate* using public toilets. In almost every men's room, the seats are covered with uring and sometimes poop. I hate the idea of sitting in someone else's uring and feces. I would rather load my pants than sit in someone else's pee. Who knows what kind of disease they might have?

Anne, I loved your story. I don't know why you should feel this way, but you're not alone. It would be fun (and exciting) to discuss it.

That was one of the best stories I've read in a while.

I understand how Anne feels, I used to hate taking a dump in a public toilet because my shits have always been pretty loose and gassy so I always felt embarrassed. I began to get over my embarrassment the older I got. In college, I lived in a girls' dorm where 24 girls shared 6 stalls. At first I could tell most of the girls (including myself) were uncomfortable with being this "intimate" with their bms. After the first month or so of school, everyone became less and less inhibited about crapping and soon it seemed there was always someone in the bathroom taking a loud dump with no one snickering anymore. I bet I heard every girl on my floor that year at some time or another taking a shit. Anne, if you want to get over your embarrassment, the next time you really have to shit you should just go into a public bathroom and sit there and relax until you feel relaxed enough to go. It will eventually flow, and gets easier the more you go.

My most unusual bathroom experience was the day my brothers put a sheet of plastic wrap over the bowl and I didn't notice a thing until a warm feeling started to overcome my bottom side. the boys also removed the tiolet paper and wash clothes from the bathroom and had turned off the water,so that no washing could be done,so I pulled up my panties,what a smelly load,and found where my brothers were sleeping and put a deposit over each brother face while they were sleepingthen I "shocked each brother with a cattle prod,so they wake up quickly and smell the roses. Never again did my brothers pull any "dirty" tricks on me again.

Hi guys! A couple of stories from the last few days... Tuesday was "diahrrea day" for me; not severe, but I had to go four times in a six hour period. I left a pool of brown water when I went (after I woke up) around 7 AM, went again around 9:30 AM (again another pool of water). I had an 11 AM class from 11 AM-12:10 PM; around 11:20 AM I felt as if I had to go (again)- walked down to the bathroom and let out another pool of water, with a couple of very soft turds to compliment this. Boy did that one STINK! The last time I went was around 2 PM, by which time I was finished eating lunch and back in the dorm. That one was relatively harder, but my butt was sore from having to wipe so many times afterwards!!! [I did not have to lean forward and resort to my normal "method" except for the last time (around 2 PM)- that should tell you how runny my shit was]

Thursday afternoon I walked into the town (about a 10 min walk from campus). I had a slight urge to pee after I left my last class, but didn't think much of it. I was running my errands (and stupidly finished off a liter bottle of water on my walk into the town) and by the time I was finished, I really had to go! I made a beeline back to the campus. The library is the closest main building to the town, so I ran into the library and went into its very clean bathroom. I went into an empty stall and sat down. I had to go so bad I didn't even bother to take off my backpack- I leaned forward, as if I had to dump, while letting out a minutes' worth of pee. The toilet, and the paper with which I cleaned my vagina, was saturated with my golden yellow piss. I felt so good afterwards!

Linda, I very rarely read on the toilet (public or private), but the college library I just mentioned is a "library" in more ways than one. As I was washing my hands (after going), I noticed somebody in the stall nearest to the sinks drop a copy of the college newspaper on to the floor and pick up another paper she left on the floor- I heard her dumping while I was in my stall, so I assume she was biding time while finishing her duty...

Anne, I understand your anxiety about taking a dump in a public toilet. As flip as I am about "everyone having to take a dump," I prefer going in a private bathroom, or at least waiting to return to my dorm. Regarding your being excited about other people taking dumps (and this is also for the anonymous person who thought s/he needed psychiatric help), not to worry. Watching my close friend Alex taking a dump, a few weeks back, was, in its own way, one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. Perhaps you could comment on this, Alex? ... White Pony, I don't think Alex and I will watch each other pee/dump every time we're together, but I'm sure we'll do so (again) at some point ... Buff, I usually lean forward while pushing into my abdomen, at the same pushing (or trying to) out my bum muscles ... Nick, I'm 5'7", about average for a woman- standing on my tippy-toes is just one way of tensing up all my muscles in order to induce a good dump! It has little to do with being short...

Hi Susan, welcome back!!! Loved the story about your business trip- please tell me more! I think my friend Kara was on tippy-toes *before* she let out each turd; as with me, probably a way of tensing up before letting it out. Love to tell you all more, but I gotta pee (really!), so later, all. Peace, Steph

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