i am new to raising kids so i have a question about bathroom habits. i have a 4 yr old daughter and my wife has recently gone back to working so i am taking my daughter with me to more places. i've really had to pee a few times but have been able to hold it until i get home. i need advice as to if it is ok to take my daughter into the men's room with me if i have to pee. and if yes, should i avoid using the urinals at all costs? and finally what is the best way to explain urinals and how men pee to a 4 yr old girl? i'd really appreciate any advice on this topic.

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO DAVE-thanks for liking our posts.
TO SUN DEVIL-"what is the longest amount of time females take in having a poo?" -well it depends if i am in a hurry its very fast. but if i have a lot of time and my boyfriend scott is watching or filming me i can take forever squeezing my huge,thick sausage out.
TO STEVE-thanks for liking my last post. plus thanks for your sympathy to scott suffering racism. scott knows that its only a few people not all. and scott lives in a white neighborhood too and they are all childhood friends and no racism. so its just some fools who are doing it.not all. thanks for saying scott is cool. we think you are a nice and fair person too. you did not even have to explain that .WE KNOW!!plus scott and i are like you and louise we treat everyone by the way they act not the skincolor.thanks for the strong message steve. say hello to louise for us. bye now.
TO RJOGGER-thanks for thinking it was hot for me to be leaning sexily against my red mustang in my tight yellow spandex but the encore would be for me to go back inside my house again and come out wearing a pink thong bikini and put a basin next to the car and after a few sexy poses for your benifit. i would strip my thong completely off and then i would kneel on top of my car with my ass sticking out towards you. then i would sexily-wiggle my ass from side to side pushing out a gigantic,thick brown torpedo into the would you like that? its your option RJOGGER wether you would want to wipe my shapely ass or not!hahaha! so long now!

To Carmalita: I posted to you once a long time ago, but I think my note got axed. Maybe it was to strong for this forum, so I'll try to tone it down some. I've been reading everything you write, and I am head over heels in love with you!!!! I only tune in here to see if you['e writen anything. There are other girls ih here who are fantastic, but you have got them all beat honey! That sotry you wrote about the woman in the doorlsess stall was incredible! I was hoping you'd say you went home with her! Anyway, your outdoor pooping is wild, and the way you describe yourself is awesome. I love a woman with stinky poos and you seem to have no problem telling us how bad it is. Does anyboyd know how sexy that is?! I'm gonna beat that other guy, and go buy a ring right now! How many diamonds do you like?!!! More!!!

Sun Devil
Hello. This is my 2nd post and I just have to tell you what an enjoyable time I have reading the posts, especially by the females. It really excites me to have the females explain and in great detail, how they poop. I am espeically impressed with Lori and Scott posts, Lori, that is something to marvel at, I am very impressed with everything especially the length and the grunts and moans.
CARMELITA- really turns me on to hear all your pooping stories and it also sounds like you are a sweet and caring person as well, but the thought of your cute butt sitting on the toliet, just makes my heart sing!! I hope to exchange messages with you and tell me more about your pooping stories cause they really excite me!!
Another female that I enjoy reading is Summer. You sound like a sweetheart and the amount of poo you create when you dump is amazing!! I am definitely envious. I would love to witness one of your dumps or at least hear it!!
This is new to me and I just want everyone to know how much I enjoy reading everyone's posts/stories/events. Thank you!!! Talk to you soon!!

Hi everyone! I am new here and am interesting in peeing and pooping.
I hope to hear good stories

Im new to this site, I found it a couple of days ago.First off i just wanna tell you a lil bit about me,Im a 19 year old black male, im 6'1 167 lbs, i play junior college basketball and soon i will be tranfering over to a major basketball college program. my first and only "bathroom" incident was about a year ago, my mother has this friend , and her daughter is the same age as me, ive known her all her life, , she somewhat looks like paula abdul, well anywayz they came over our house, immediately her daughter asked me to go to my room with me, when she got to my room she said she had a bag of ???????? she wanted to show me, but first she had to go "boo boo", so she goes in to the bathroom, she had to be in there only about 3 minutes when she called me into the bathroom,I tried my best to act like i didnt want to go into there , but finally i did, as soon as i open the door her strong pungent oder hits my nose, it turned me on though, ive never smelled a woman like this before, she was sitting on the toilet ,i had a sideview,her overawls were to hers knees and her panties as well, her nice extremely round bootie covered the seat almost , she told me to take a look at her marijuana, i did , in the meantime she was pushing out what sounded like a pretty fat turd,all of a sudden she goes"uuuuuunnnnn" and a the turd hit the toilet wit a "dooounk" sound after that she said "daaamn.she proceeded to crap more but much smaller turds...the smell sorta smelled like cheese and this time she was finished and got up with her panties and overawls still to her knees , then she bent over with her butt faced in my direction, she had lil balls of dookie dangling on her butthairs and some smushed up soft crap on her butthole, she wiped and as she wiped she spreaded her buttcheeks wide apart and that really turned me on, we both looked inside the toilet, there was this huge brownish greenish turd sticking all the way out the toilet, just to actually se a woman crap turend me on so bad, i never knew i had like somthing like that and i havent been the same again.......hopefully i can talk to you guys later

What ever happened to Bill L. and Kevin L. and Ben?
I miss their postings where have all the young folks gone?
I am 15 have been reading for awhile but have not posted until now.
I love to poop and be around other guys while they are pooping
I usually poop twice a day morings and evenings. I go at school as often as I can. I like to go before gym class I have gym first period so I have lots of company. Lot's of guys go to the can naked and put on gym cloths after they dump. All those guys naked pooping away myself included. A sight to behold. J.P.

Hey Kim, I enjoyed that story of you shitting your pants! Really descriptive, maybe a little over the top, but damn did that turn me on!

What I think you should do now, since it seems as though you shit like this every single day, is you should try something different. Instead of intentionally forcing the load into your panties, try intentionally holding it until it won't stay in anymore, then shit your pants. I once tried that, and it felt so amazing. Pretty fun if you ask me.


To Ben (in reply to your post of several days ago): Yeah, I'm glad that my friend was really cool about it when I almost had a major accident that time. It's good that going to have a dump at the baseball park is helping you to get over your fear. The next step is to dump in a public bathroom that's more crowded, like in a mall or restaurant or some place like that. You said you've only crapped at school 2 or 3 times. I'm just wondering, is that because you're shy about it and want to avoid it, or is it just that you don't have the urge to crap while at school?? As for me, I still have a fear of taking a dump at school. Also, do you know of any other foods, besides the flaming hot cheetos you mentioned, that have any effect at all on your dumps?? I'd love to hear more of your stories, like about your accident in kindergarten or any other pooping stories. You can ask me questions too if you'd like. Later.

D.R.E.(digital rectal examiner)

To everyone, who talkes about another person putting their finger into your anus/rectum, to help you, if you are bunged up, especially Carmalita: Have any of you tried to help yourselves, by putting your own middle finger up there? If not, you should try it, sometime. Just work it up and down, if you don't feel any "stuff" already in there, waiting to be pulled out. It works, trust me, because I am someone who does this, on a regular-basis. Wouldn't you rather have a go @ it, yourself? Besides, how many people find it offensive, to stick their middle fingers up another person's anus? Although, I get a rise, out of sticking mine up the anuses of attractive-women. Especially if it is to help them out, when they are constipated!


Sun Devil
I just stumbled across this site and have to admit that it is exciting to read about females pooping. I just find it exciting and arousing at some points. Was wondering what the longest amount of times females spend on the toliet when the poo.


I posted a much-longer post, on 5/9/01. I guess that the moderator found some parts of it "objectionable" so they did not post it, today, which is when I feel it would have been posted. Sooo, here is the condensed-version: I am a 26 year old guy, who looks a lot like Matthew Mconaughey, and has not had lot of luck w/ women. That is, until my new potential-girlfriend, Angela, came along the other day, and changed the motherboard, on my PC. Thatís right, a female computer-tech, who was a more-competent, than a lot of the guy techs that I know! She had the job done, in about 30 minutes. She then told me to test the PC out, and I went straight to this site. She, immediately, realized what this site was all about. She then excused herself to use my bathroom. She said that all the hard work+the pizza that she had had for lunch, was making her feel like her colon would burst! She sat down, and, immediately, exploded out of her nice, tanned-butt, while releasing a torre! nt of pee, @ the same time. She looks a lot like Anna Kournikova, for those of you who are interested. She sat there, for about three minutes, exploding, and grunting, w/ all kinds of sexy-expressions on her face. I was, incredibly, turned on by it all. @ the end, I even got to wipe her, after putting my spit on the TP. How many of you guysís significant-others, will let you wipe their buttholes, w/ your spit? Why not? How much grosser is that, than kissing the person? Buttholes and the ďother lipsĒ are made of the same kind of tissue, @ least as far as I know. This whole thing worked out so well, that me and Angela are going on our first-date, this-weekend. I hope that this is the start of a beautiful-relationship, w/ plenty of experiences like this, to talk about.


Visited my son and his gf last Monday, and of course had to use the toilet. His gf has this obsession with those colored blocks that you put under the rim of the toilet and they color the water blue when you flush. I can't stand them, because the color is so strong, you can't see your turds or the TP or anything, just a deep blue color. I suppose it's OK if you're only pissing, though you often get a strange color when the yellow piss mixes with the blue disinfectant. I want to start a Society dedicated to banning the use of colored additives in toilets. Does anyone else find this practise revolting?

Purple Pooper
Ever since I was small, there was one vegetable that I loved, Beets! I loved them not so much for how they tasted but for their purple poop!

A couple days ago I ate several large beets, and I've been pooping purple turds ever since.

It's so cool to see little streamers of purple dye floating in the toilet water. Lately I've noticed that even my urine is a pink champagne color! cool!

Jordan are you still there. I like to read your posts and I noticed you havent been posting. Please come back

Hello. I am 18 year old male from the Philippines. In the Philippines, the toilets don't have toilet paper and sometimes no locks. We use something we can fill with water (bucket, an old plasctic container) and pour it in our bums while rubbing it with your hand. You can only use toilet paper in houses or in places like hotels (not even shopping malls, or schools).

My dad is American so we always used toilet paper for wiping our asses. I never learned how to use the Filipino method( water)So whenever I had to shit in school, I always hold it in and sometimes poo myself. I always get laughed at. So oneday in year 5, I decided to shit in the toilet rather than shit myself. So when the lunch bell rang, I shitted and didn't wipe. I got used to that until I realized that I can use some of the pages in my book to wipe. So I started to use that until I found out the other method (water washing).
Please respond anyone

Hello. When I was in High School. I had to shit in the mall. The toilets there have no side partitions but very low doors. Any tall person can see you shit. And the locks are on the top of the door so anyone could easily open the door. While I was washing my bum, somebody opened the door. He apologized though and went to the next toilet and sat on the crapper. He waited for the other people (except me) to leave then suddenly plooooooooooooop ( about a hundred times.) And then he asked for some water (used in the Philippines to wash the bum. And left

As it is, "From Dusk Till Dawn" doesn't qualify as having a potty scene. Granted, Juliette Lewis looks great sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties down around her thighs, but alas, she's only covering for the ominous George Cloony who is hiding in the shower. What happens is that Tommy Chong is a border patrolman searching an RV for suspicious characters, and when he opens the bathroom door, he finds Juliette Lewis acting out her potty ploy. She chews him out, calling him a pervert, and after a few seconds, he shuts the door and walks away, satisfied that the RV contains nothing more than tourists.

Hi Everyone!

RIZZO: Hi sweetie. When I go for my next wee I shall save a big smile for you! You can come and hold my hand if you like.
LOUISE: Hi there, glad you enjoyed my last post. The last few weeks I'm certainly a lot less inhibited than I used to be. After reading some of your earlier posts I have been tempted to wee in a basin in our office toilets, but haven't yet plucked up enough courage, what if someone were to come in - I could get fired! Your 12" turd sounds painful!
RJOGGER: I guess they did. I was wondering the same thing last night. I really should have been more subtle!

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days but I've been busy at work. Nothing very interesting has happened to me since the weekend but I'll tell you about my poo earlier today. I was visiting a client and after the meeting I asked if I could use the ladies before heading back to the office. I went in quite desperate to poo and took a cubicle at the far end. For anyone that's interested I was wearing a short red skirt and cream blouse, black tights and high heels. I hitched up my skirt and pulled my tights and knickers down to just above my knees and sat down to poo. Just as I was about to go, someone else came in and took the cubicle next to me. It was too late and I couldn't stop myself grunting before an 8" poo thundered into the bowl.

I'm sure the girl in the adjacent cubicle sniggered. Starting to feel myself blush I quickly wiped and then started pulling up my tights and knickers. As I was lowering my skirt I heard this girl start to wee - sounded like she was desperate - I stayed listening for at least a minute! I then went to feshen up at the basin just as the other girl was coming out of the cubicle. I quickly dried my hands but noticed she gave me a sly smile as I left.

See you all soon. Love and kisses - Julie xxx

Diane in the state of NY
Why the hell is Melissa so stubborn sometimes? Here let me explain why. She is letting me stay at her house for a couple of days because Iím having my house redone. So at around 12pm she comes in the door looking like shit. She is sick. She steps in the door and about a few seconds later she falls to her knees holding her side. I see she is in pain, so I ask her whatís the matter. Well, before she said anything, she darts for the bathroom. She gets on her knees and stars throwing up in the toilet. She did it for 11 min just hurling. So I come in to assist her. What I see in the bowl was a surprising . Blood! So then she hurls again and its more blood. I ask her If she ate something bad. She said she had nothing out of the ordinary. Then she hurls again. With more blood mixed in. Then all of a sudden she sits on the toilet and then she starts groaning and moaning. Without moments notice, she has diarrhea. I ask her if I could have a look, and she lifts her butt of the toilet and I examine the next wave that comes out of her. There was blood in the diarrhea. Then she has wave, after wave, after wave. I look in the toilet and she diarrhea that his very bright and dark tins of blood . Melissa looks at her watch and she rushes. More and more diarrhea with dark and bright tints of blood in it. She gets off the toilet and flushes it. She glances at her watch and said Holy Shit. I gotta get outa here. I ask her where ya going. She says Maine. I said you flying there? She said no Iím driving. Iím like what!? In this condition? You will be tired as hell grinding through the 6 speeds. So I took a thermometer and put it under her tongue. Geez! 104.5 F. I said gee Mel your running a extremely high temperature. She said she feels fine. Then she gets back on the toilet with another blast of diarrhea with more blood. Then She wipes her ass but she is moaning in pain when she does it. Then She gets a suitcase full of sui! ts and gave me $1500. She said use it for gas, grocery, or whatever. She said Iíll be seeing you on Monday. I said why are you doing this? She said Diane, business comes first always. Then I asked her if she was going to be alright. All she said was business was business and America is business. Is the blood normal or is just something that happens occasionally?
Gee she is sure impossible.

John VT we fly a Mooney 201. I will tell some stories later of passanger mishaps. Our contry is large so most flights are 2 hrs plus and a few good stories will come later.

Today I went with my hubby and the men to where they are erecting a new fence line. They got busy and after the tee break they continued and i decide to look for a spot to tan my bum as I so love to do when i have the chance. We had had Mex food the night before so the rumblings were starting. I wandered off and found a spot with some rock depresions with water in them. I adopted the pose (one leg out of shorts and panties and got down low and comfortable. I thought let me try the distance pee as the ladies that stand to pee so often describe. I parted my thighs even firther than normal and parted my vulva and started to push. I was holding the poo all the time and then let go with the gusher. I managed about 4 feet before the poo started. No plug just a long stream of yellow soft ice cream type poo. If laid in a line I think at least 3 feet! The Mex food was burning as it poured out. After the first heap I just sat with eyes watering and ring puckering from the ring sting! . A few hot farts and a bit more scwiglies I got up and walked over to a shallow pool near by. I sqwatted again and splashe cool water on my ring to wash and to cool. having no paper I just sat in the breeze and dried every thing in the hot midday sun. The wind blowing between my buttocks and around my vulva is a real treat. You loo users should try it. Try at night in the garden if you live in a city, it is great. Much relieved I wandered back to where the men were wotking.

Ever drop one that reeks so bad you wish you could be in another room? Sometimes I wish I could be like Mr. Fantastic from the comic book and stretch my neck so far my head would be in another room breathing clean air.

Whatever happened to Summer? Her posts were cool.

Describe them like anyone else here does.

Good Morning, everyone, it is 06:00 EDT, Friday May 11th. I just returned from a 35 minute, 5 mile run (about average for me), but before I describe the morning's experience, I want to say hello to 3 special people:

Kim - Oh boy, can I imagine you leaning on your 'stang, dressed to kill, looking like a million bucks. Hot? Oh Yeah, nuclear! As for you being stark naked, shooting out a massive torpedo: You're right, my eyes would not be the only thing bulging, I was just being modest. I can just imagine your shapely butt cheeks squeezing out one of those monsters. It must be an awesome sight. I can just picture it now.

Buzzy - Hello again, neighbor! How are things in your neck of the Northeast? So you recently pooped in a bucket, in the woods? Cool! It amazes me, the number of places that we find to crap in / on. When you are outdoors as often as we are, you sometimes don't have much choice; a tree, a high bush, whatever. But it certainly is fun. Hey, keep trying, there is a lady out there just waiting to poop outside with you!

Carmalita - Top of the morning to you, sweet seniorita supreme. I know that you are still in dreamland, just want to wish you well. So I am one of your favorite men? You flatter me too much, Carmalita, but you are so sweet. You know that you are one of my favorite ladies. I can imagine the two of us running the trails, going into the woods and then watching each other plop out a big load. It would be awesome, watching you let go with one of your specials, while you were all sweaty from running. That would be something.

Today's run was for the most part uneventful, although I did not crap before I went out. That has happened several times in the last week or so, I don't know why. So I went out into the cool air, as the last few mornings have indeed been brisk. I had run about 4 miles, when I felt the urge to poop. I got off the trail and ducked behind a large hedge. I got my shorts and jockeys to my ankles, squatted, and let loose a good sized burner , that landed with a thud. We had eaten grilled swordfish salsa verde last night, and now all the hot stuff was making its exit. Hey, food is no fun unless it burns twice! I plopped out a couple of smaller logs, and as I peed, I looked down and was startled as someone ran by! I then noticed a young women going onto the bushes across from me. She didn't see me, but I could see her face clearly. She was about 25, dark hair and looked either Native American or Latina. She was obviously pulling her shorts down form the motion that she was makin! g, then she squatted. I could only see her face, but it told the story. She was straining to poop, as here face contorted with a look of concentration, and then she mouthed an AAHHHH! Again this happened, then she looked down as she must have been peeing. Shortly, she looked up, and again her face contorted several times, as she plopped out more poop. Then I saw her wiping, she stood and pulled up her shorts, and was off. I was so into it that I forget that I needed to wipe, so I did, pulled up my shorts and went to inspect her pile. It was quite impressive, a log of about 15" by 2.25", with 5 smaller turds. Not bad at all! I started back on the trails, and about ľ mile later, this lady was running in my direction. As she got near, I smiled, waved my hand, and said "Good Morning!". She smiled back, tilted her head a little and returned the greeting. By the way she spoke, I could tell that Spanish was indeed her native language. She was so pretty when she smiled, and as she ra! n by, I turned to get a good look at her ass. It was well shaped and firm, to say the least, and it bobbed up and down beautifully as she ran. To think that her pretty butt had just plopped down a good sized load was too much. I almost fell thinking about it! I am cooling down from my run as I write this, Then its off to the shower. Maybe I will get to see my wife go this morning, as I will be working from home..

Anyway, I have a busy weekend ahead. Enjoy it everyone, and Happy Mother's Day, to all of you moms who post or have posted here.

Hello everyone. I have not posted in awhile. I have been reading the posts though every day. This morning 5/11 I noticed the posts are all the ones from 5/10. There has been more requests for peeing stories. Thats what most of mine have been in the past. I will continue on with them as I grew up. Before I do the girls here must have some pee stories to tell when they were younger.

This one is another time with Barbie H. I had went down to see Butch on a Saturday morning and it was one of those rainy days. We decided to play Monopoly. We spent a couple of hours doing that. By that time it was noon the sun did come out.

Butch decided he was going to eat lunch so he went to the kitchen to prepare it. Barbie meanwhile came over to me said hello to me and we chatted briefly. She gave me a smile and said she needed to pee and would I like to watch her again. I said sure. Instead of going to the bathroom She headed towards the stairs and went upstairs.

I follewed her. Butches bedroom was in the front of the house wich was the largest one. All the other rooms were small. Barbies dresser and storage area wre in a corner of the room. She opened up a trunk where she kept her games and other things and took out a large plastic cup. She gave it to me and lifted up her skirt sans underware stood over the cup and peed a gusher. She finished and took the cup and poured it onto one of the many house plants that were scattered around the house. She said she does that quite a bit now. So that day was another day that I will remember.

Traveling Guy
Just thinking about some of the posts where people says it seems as though they personally know the other poster. Funny, we could be half a world apart or next door neighbors here and not know it. I'm pretty sure I do know personally (not well, though) someone who posted here a couple of years ago but hasn't been back since. It was a female who talked openly about her enjoyment of dumping. She also talked about her particular talent and mentioned her location, which makes me pretty sure I know her identity. I actially saw this person at a public event but didn't say anything to her because - well, just imagine if I were wrong! But what if I'd been right??? Just to imagine that she was the poster gave me a little buzz.

'MALITA - Glad I made you laugh. Ya gotta laugh in this "vida loca," no?

A splendid weekend to all. Hope your dumps and pees bring you a smile as big as that of the "bucket lady" on today's masthead.

Gen X
I've also noticed that ever since I've begun to cut out junk food, ice cream, soft drinks, snacking and started eating more water, fruits and v?????? my stools have also been like melted chocolate and very rancid smelling.
Why would this be? You would think my former eating habits would cause icky stools and not a healthy diet. Maybe my body just wants the fatty foods again.

Hi there,this is my first post and it is also my first time visting here.That evening,my hubby and I went to a shop to buy something for our comig baby.I feel that my poop is coming so I told my hubby that I have to go to the bathroom that is near by.I am surprise that my hubby told me that there is no bathroom near by and my hubby said that is not that good for pregnent women to hold too long .So I took the car key and took a nappy(That belong to my mother)and wear it and I try not to shit on it luckily my hubby was not there.I went home and I was surprise that I have shit on it my son(5 year old)saw it .

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, There Everyone!

DANIEL, Do you have any more details of the tv programme you saw about guys using the toilets together in sweden?
It sounds great, another programme I've missed! Do you remember the name?

ERIC B. The video with the guys on toilets with the gay men sitting with their arms around each other sounds brilliant, the toilets must have been very close together!
I'll certainly study the toilet videos advertised when I find them, thanks for your offers of help.

URBAN LEGEND DEBUNKER, All I can say on the subject of what was in John Wayne's gut when he died is what I was told by a guy who does colonic irrigation.
This person stressing the benefits of removing candida by this method, quoted the case of John Wayne, whose post mortem (autopsy) showed he had about half a hundredweight of candida in his colon!
How true it is I wouldn't know, but that denies the rumour that he was full of impacted faeces, whereas Elvis Presley is thought to have died either from extreme constipation, or the effort in trying to shit.
Only the pathologists know the truth of these claims but these are the "myths" I've heard.

ERIC, Re examining one's shit for what's in it.
I've noticed, the day after eating blackberries, how much of not only the seeds are visible, but also undigested pieces of blackberry in my shit!
I've occasionally noticed what looks like seeds at other times, but can't usually correlate what I've excreted to what I've eaten.
Another advantage to using toilets where you get the chance to see what's dropped before flushing!

DAZZ, As you said, interpretations from tests can be contradictory, but as regards flushing the toilet with the lid down,if the seat or lid make a very narrow gap between themselves and the toilet, such as you describe yours; the narrower the gap- the further the germs can travel!
I hope you're soon able to get a new seat, so that with a greater gap between the seat and the pan, the sounds of your turds plopping on the pan will be louder than they must sound at the moment with such a small gap.
I once had to use the toilet at a friend's house, and was disappointed to find that the seat actually overlapped the toilet like an inverted "U".
I wondered if the reason was to prevent contamination when the toilet was flushed with the lid down, or for the more "sinister" reason of reducing the sounds of the plops when someone's sitting there with legs close together!
Needless to say, on that occasion I sat with my thighs wide apart so as to allow the wonderful sounds to escape freely!

Had a fairly loose , loud ,splashy but sticky shit yesterday, result: itchy and irritated arse all day.
Today's was small but firmer, splahed fairly well and was much easier to clean up after, result; comfortable all day!
Dry shits are definitely the best!
Look forward to hearing more of your brilliant toilet sessions, but perhaps you could advise me how best to keep my toilet clean.
I don't mean in the water trap, but the dark yellow scale that acccumulates under the rim of the pan.
It looks really yukky when I bend down and see all this and as neither shit nor urine actually gets on that part of the toilet, so any advice as to which of all the different types of cleaners to use would be appreciated!
As you appreciate your toilet as much as I do with mine, you're probably the expert!

The other day I spent some time in the public toilet, and realised that the length of time a guy actually sits on the toilet isn't necessarily proportianate to how warm the seat gets.
I sat on a toilet after a guy had been on for several minutes and it felt fairly warm, but sitting on one after a young guy had sat there for 3 minutes at most, it was much warmer.
Perhaps it's due to whether the person's just been running and got his circulation working harder or whether some people have much warmer buttocks.
I'd love to sit on a black toilet seat straight after some young guy's been doing some really hard physical work, then sat on there for some really good heavy bum-splashing plopping , so that when I go in straight after, the toilet seat's saturated with his sweat that shows up really well on the black plastic, and it feels REALLY warm!

The public toilets I often use for several months about a year ago had an illuminated sign on the wall outside.
It said "24 HOUR SERVICE" at the top, under which was a vertical tube with the various names of the intestinal tract indicated.
Ileum, jejunum, sigmoid colon, colon, rectum and anus.
(Not sure if I've got all the right names, but you get the idea)
Why it was there I've no idea, nor who had sponsored it and what the 24 hour service meant.
Has anyone else seen this ad anywhere and did it help them to understand what the urge to shit was all about?!!

That's all for now, great to share toilet matters with everyone again! Plop well and enjoy! P P G

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