This is how i got my friend out of constipation
L: hey
M: hey
L: any good craps lately?
M: nope
L: any today? any this week
M: no
L: none this week?
M: nope ive been constipated for 2 weeks
L: seriously?
M: yup
L: do u want help on getting that out?
M: yea it hurts
L: do u have a laptop?
L: hello?
M: no
L: damn
L: ok i'll help you through this

M: k
L: get a cup of warm water
M: k
L: do u have it?
M: yup
L: go in to the bathroom
L: get naked
M: ok then what
L: better yet call me
M: no i have hw to do in a few and my moms on the phone justtell me
L: r u naked?
M: no im gona wait til u tell me everything
L: no it's best to tell u in small chunks then in 1 big post
L: do you have any latex gloves?
M: no just do it
L: how much homework do u have?
M: i donno i have about 15 more min
L: can u wait 15
M: juyst tell me right now!!!!!
L: i know this is nasty but see if you can stick ya finger up ya ass and see if ya can feel the crap
L: can u feel anything?
M: yea
L: ok u have to get naked
L: try pushing

M: i am now
M: it out i am
L: ok where r u
L: what do u mean
M: in my room
L: ok get into the bathroom
M: k
M: then do what
L: get in the tub
L: do u have a funnel that u dont need or use?
L: hello?
M: yea
L: get the funnel
L: how naked r u
M: totaly
L: do u have a funnel ready?
M: yea
L: get the funnel up ur ass
M: ok then what
L: r u really serious that u have been constipated for 2 weeks?
L: get in the tub with ur ass in the air
L: how much water do u have?
M: yea maybe 1 and a half
L: ok
M: a hole cup
L: how much is a whole cup what kind of cup?
M: big 32 ounce
L: where r u now?
M: room swtill waitingg for the rest
L: this is an enema that im giving you

M: k
L: is the funnel in ur ass?
M: yea then i pour the water
L: in the funnel
L: give it some time and once u feel the feeling sit on the crapper
L: it is best to hold it until a little bit of water comes out
M: k ill do it now brb
L: how far r u from the bathroom?
L: sit in the bathtub until it's ready to come out

I called him and he said it came out!

Greetings All.

It has been a few days since I have posted, and I still have not caught up with everything people have written.

Apologies if I omit anyone in the series of short notes below. If I do commit such an error, please feel free to tell me.

To Julie,
A fascinating description of you and your two friends weeing in a tight circle, and that was a hell of a way for a crap to sneak up on you like that. The crapping aside, your story is representative of a number of groups of women Louise and I have spotted having a late night wee together. The weeing in a circle is not something I have seen much of, I have to admit, but I have indeed seen it at least once that I can remember. Mostly I have seen groups of girls lined up against a wall, squatting facing the front.I have even seen girls sitting on a kerb and weeing in the gutter. How about in a telephone box - lit up?!
On your story, I wish I'd been there to see you - must have been good to watch! :)

To Kim and Scott,
Kim, great last story with Scott using a camcorder to capture the splendour of your log production. A full 4 inches thick? That really is some torpedo. Your system is obviously well developed for the function of crapping, whereas Louise is _very_ much given over to urine production.
Sadly, it does not surprise me to hear how Scott has suffered some racial abuse. The same has happened (and still does happen occasionally) to some of the black and mixed race men I train with. Well, I associate myself with someone because of the type of person he or she is, and colour does not come into it. The guys I train
with recognise that and they return that respect and friendship, and that is the way it should be. Tell Scott, from me, that he is a cool guy. I reckon you know that anyway, don't you, Kim? That's why you are with him.
Take care now.

To Carmalita,
Sorry to hear of your recent illness, and I hope you are on the mend.
From what you say about your sisters, it sounds as if the Spanish women I have personally encountered could well be unrepresentative of the breed when it comes to shitting. The young latina I was with for a while was certainly quite shy about the subject. Quite endearing in its way. Hasta Luego, Senorita.

To Jeff A,
Good to hear from you. Yep, in your postings did come across as not quite 100%, but understandably so in the circumstances!
Ha ha, Louise does love to celebrate her peeing skills, doesn't she? It is a great honour to be invited into the WSPC as an 'approved guy', so you must have made an impression on her.
You are right about latina women. Make-up? They don't need it. Neither does Louise if the truth be known. There is never a time when she doesn't look a complete stunner. I can understand how Carmalita's postings must re-awaken good memories for you. For the record, my latina was not a grunter. She was rather quiet that way, but she was quite vocal in other pursuits!
Slightly off-topic for a second, I hope the Moderator will bear with me...
Chin Na? I've never _knowingly_ met anyone with that skill, or who has identified himself as having Chin Na skills, but there was one occasion years ago when I was in a nightclub, and a small disturbance broke out... (I will omit some of the more gory details). I turned to look at what was happening, and I saw one or the doormen get his hands on the culprit, a lout in his early twenties who had been behaving in an obnoxious manner all evening. I watched with particular interest as the doorman put this young man's arms through a series of contortions that quickly turned a facial expression of rage into one of utter helpless panic. Each joint lock or hold was held for a number of seconds before snappy, sharp movements by the doorman moved the distended arm into another position. Any attempt to resist was met with a tightening of the hold. Ouch. Not once did the doorman strike him, he did not have to! This may well have been Chin Na, and I did indeed see some similarities to ! Aikido immobilisations, in particular a kind of modified Sankyo. There did not appear to be any of the sphericity that is central to Aikido. In better circumstances I would have liked to have discussed the techniques with the guy, but then was obviously not the time, and I never had another opportunity.
Cheers, and I hope to speak with you again soon.

To Rizzo and PV,
I am out of time at the moment, and it will be at least the middle of next week now before I will again have any time to spare. However, I do have a thought to leave you both with. I read a very short note in a recent newspaper that reported how there is now a proposed idea to install some 'open air' urinals near to some of the monuments in London to help prevent some of the local drunken idiots from urinating on them.
What do you make of that one? I wonder what sort of designs are being considered? Makes you think, doesn't it?



CARMALITA-your stories just get me hotter and hotter! Yes, I'd love to be the man to watch you shit on the toilet-right in front of me-as I savor every moment of it! You're the best!
Do you have any stories about being watched (and watching) in doorless stalls, or toilets with no stalls? Take care...

Anyone know if the girl going to the bathroom in the movie Detroit Rock City worth a look?

Take care, everyone.

Carmalita -
Well I still think that the fisherman was lucky nevertheless. He has witnessed something special by a special lady!! How long did it take for that monster poop to come out anyway? By the way, I'd love to know if you fart before you poop and if so, are they loud ones? Incidentally, I am 43, 5' 7", light brown, short hair. Have a great day, Carmalita!

kim and scott
greetings all!-plus thanks to all who love our posts. its flattering!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-"how do i pass such large logs without bleeding?-well once in awhile i do. but i usually dont. my log circumference isnt usually 4 inches. it usually is 3 to 3 1/2 inches.
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-i hope you enjoyed my latest story.
TO BRIDGET-thanks for liking the "shit illustrated mag" idea. you can be in it too honey!as i answered once before scott does poop for me. sometimes we buddy dump together but scott prefers to watch and film me do my huge logs. and i dont mind this at all!scotts logs are 8 inches long to 18 inches long and mine are a foot long to my current largest 28 inches long. 4 inches thick monster!well thats all for now. be well all! love ,kimmy and scott

Ring Stretcher,
It sounds like maybe you got a small anal fissure, capillary burst,or piles,(which are vericose veins of the anus, basically). Try using stool softeners (fruits or medical) to give your poor stretched ring a break till it heals. Use some topical anesthetic, too, along with Neosporin ointment. This happened to me once and it was quite painful. After it healed, however, I had a MUCH easier time passing huge turds. I probably had an anal fissure, and I think it literally "ripped me a new a**hole"!

By the way, I forget who the poster was, but I believe they told Ring Stretcher that 1 1/2 pounds was about the hugest dump a human could take. What planet are they living on? I myself have taken 2 1/2 pound turds, and MANY of the "Log Queens" who post here can easily dwarf that output! I know a nurse who assisted in a Boston O/R in the removal of a 52 POUND TURD from a homeless lady! I'm NOT kidding. Also the Mutter museum in Philadelphia has the colon (and turd??) from a 19th century guy who died trying to pass the 44 POUND, 11 inch diameter monster!

For all of you out there that fon't really like diarreah, or it came at a bad time, here is the solution. At the local dollar general i found these potassium gluconate pills that are 99 mg elemental, whatever that means. When i have diarreah i just take 2 of those and within 1 hour my poop is as solid as a rock. and it usually lasts for 2 days. But it works really good, better than most stomach medicine. later yall

Friday, May 11, 2001

Hey everyone, I'm Nicole and i'm 16 years old. Alexia- I like watching other girls using the bathroom. I have a story from last month at school. I play on the softball team and we had a game at another school. Well during the middle of the game i started feeling like i needed to take a dump. At the end of game game i knew i couldn't wait much longer, so i told my coach i was going to the porta-potty. I went in pulled my pants down and sat down leaning forward and pushed trying to be quick. Well it took longer to come out than i hoped, while i was sitting there one of my friends came up and asked if i was ok...i said"yes holly, i'll be right out"..."she said everyone is waiting on the bus"...i finally pushed the huge turd out and stood up and wiped my butt. I had been in there for about 15 minutes and i felt so much better. Hope everyone liked my story.


This was supposed to be in Tuesday’s forum but I didn't submit it in time. I was running late Monday night so my replies to people are kinda out of whack, but here goes.

WatcherP: I’d love to poop for you.

Traveling Guy: That was so cool! I just loved ‘the one that got away’ bit! You’re so funny. And yes, I am a naughty girl who shits in the woods any chance she gets!

My Special Simon: I consider myself the lucky one, not the fisherman. How fortunate I was to have an admiring man watching me squeeze out that brown pile! What about you though? Can you tell me about yourself? When I think about you I’d like to see you in my mind.

Ring Stretcher: I was only in the emergency room. I’m okay, really. I was just running a really high fever that scared everyone. Thank you so much for your concern though, it means a lot. As far as what happened to you, sometimes, I’ll get really hard, painful turds that are really dry and I almost don’t need to wipe. I’ve never had them cut me and bleed before. There was one time when it hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it. Do you have somebody to help you out, maybe with their finger? Sometimes it works. It might just have been a hard passing, but I hope you’re okay just the same! Let me know, okay?

Eric B: So you were standing straight up huh? Why, you wonderful honey! That’s what I’m talking about when it comes to men! I love that! Thank you for your sweet compliments. I am also bi, which is why so many female posters in here really get to me! I tend to prefer men, but love girls too. I think you’re a very sweet man, someone who I can really talk to. I find men to be very sexy, but really like older men. I’m 23 but don’t get on too much with guys my age unless they’re really special. Thanks for introducing yourself to me, I’ve enjoyed myself so much more talking to you.

Logger: I’d love to be drawn by a famous artist. I had a really full ???? that day, but I always push them out huge! I did a monster one this morning, man it was thick, with a huge pile of soft sausages. That’s one of my favorite kinds of poop because it dosen’t hurt my little butthole coming out. However, those are awfully smelly, and one whiff and I think you’d lose interest in immortalizing me!

Buzzy: Hiya Buzz! Yes, it is cool to poop outdoors. It’s actually my favorite thing to do. I’m an outdoorsman’s dream come true when it comes to camping because I don’t need to camp where there’s an outhouse. Outhouses creep me out anyway. I love dropping my pants and taking a nice, healthy dump on the ground. I love it better when I’m being watched.

Sara T.: And vice versa hon! I’d love to watch you do both!

PV: Yes, that guy was sincerely interested. Hmmm, very interesting proposal. I’d be more than happy to take you up on it. What hot spice I’ll bet you are! You gave me a very vivid description to think about while I’m fluffing a pillow for you. Yes, I’d poop for you, Latina style! Get down with brown! Of course, I’d be real excited to watch you!!! Wow, nude, red hair, thighs apart. And of course I’d kneel for you. I hope my eyes do sparkle for you too. Nice picture you’ve painted for me. Afterward I’d fix us a nice Mexican lunch for a repeat performance. Love you.

RJOGGER: One of my favorite men! Thank you hon, I hope I never change. I really enjoyed doing that. It would’ve been great if it were you though. I’d say, ‘hey Rick, I gotta poop really bad. I need to find a spot fast.’ then you could come with me while I fertilized the forest. Then we could go for a nice run! I also LOVED that poop into the bucket story, especially with your wife joining in. And a bagful of goodies on top of it!

Eric: Thanks for saying hi! I’m glad you enjoy the stories.

This was fun: At the gym, I saw this asian girl go into a stall quickly, and I went into the one next door. She slid her shorts down and grunted really hard like “Rrrrrrrnnnnn!!! and out came a bunch of wet, sloppy poop “plooop-pluck-slllpppp-plooop-k-pluump!” after that I could hear her breathing really hard. She’d sit and grunt over and over again until she moaned out loud “mmmmooohhhhhh” and out came another barrage of poop. Wow, the locker room was stinking good too. I asked if she was all right, and she just moaned “ diet.” Then, a third wave of nasty poop. A few women came in, commenting on how rotten it smelled. I think that’s rude actually. Some people can’t help it, and after all, where do these people think they are, at the perfume counter? They’re in a bathroom for crying out loud! It’s going to smell! They can only be thankful that I didn’t join in with her. It was still a very exciting thing. I wish I could’ve seen her!


In most western nations, breaking wind is certainly something you never (or at least, admit to) doing in public. But one night about two years ago, I was shocked to realize that I had accidentally broke this unspoken rule.

It was late at night and I was walking to my bus stop. It's near an industrial area so the streets are usually devoid of people at that time of night. I had gas all day and walking to the bus stop I didn't think twice about letting off a few good loud ones allong the way. It was nothing I hadn't done before since I never saw anyone who could overhear me.
When I got to the bus stop, I waited & waited & waited... And eventually it became obvious that I had missed my usual connection and would have to wait for the next bus. That would be about half an hour so I put on my Walkman, leaned up against a pole to watch the oncoming traffic and grumbled a bit that the bus I missed was waaaaay to early.
About 20 minutes into my vigil I felt another wave of gas, so without hesitation I let it go.

The 5 minute barage came in spurts of various lengths. When it ended, the relief was great and extremely satisfying... Until I turned around and came face to face with a lady standing a few feet behind me. She had obviously walked up to the bus stop while i was engrossed in my music and the bright car headlights.
I was so embarrassed, I could have died right there!! How long she had been standing there, I will never know. I can only assume she heard **absolutely** everything I did! Aside from soiling myself, the only way it could have been worse is if I had let out a nice big, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhh", after the fartings.

I must say that I did put up a good front. Looking around... Looking at my watch... Pretending like I didn't care she was there... But internally, I felt like walking away as fast as possible.

can't get up
wow, this site is perfect. i have an extreme love for feces, and lately, it has gotten even better. i am going to school right now, and the last week has ben full of finals and papers and such. i was writing three papers in a row several days ago, did not sleep for two nights, and as i have a single dorm room, i didn't leave much, i have everything i need right here. i was really on a roll the second night, around 1 am, and i had had a LOT of coffee in the last few days...

coffee tends to make me pretty loose, but anyway, i was writing this paper, and i just didn't want to stop because i thought i would lose my train of thought (philosophy). i had to dump REALLY bad tho, and at last i couldn't hold it anymore, i was just sitting there typing, and i started crapping, it was really soft and lots of it was water-like, running all down my legs and splashing on the floor and what not. I think i got at least 6 sentences typed while i was forcefully shitting myself (i was only wearing my panties). i got up about two hours later and cleaned it all up, but i think the guy next door to me noticed the smell for those two hours, i can't tell what he thinks though :)

well, it was fun for me anyway, except for some of it got stuck in my pubic hair really i had to shower.

has anyone ever shat themselves while working on a paper like this? i think the sentences i wrote during my loud, wet, stinking movement were perhaps the best in the whole paper.

i love to do this now, i have done it three times since then, taking lots of laxative to keep it soft and horrifically stinking. i think i might do it right now :)

Hello to all of you!

Hi Carmalita dear, thanks for your kind words! I enjoyed your account of teasing that fisherman. What fun you must have had! And now that you are fit for proper poops again, your session with Patsy was very touching. I have to repeat what a sweet woman she is. You are lucky to have such lovely people like her and Renee around you! Love from Rizzo!

Oh Louise, you are soo right; I would love to have been in that pool with all of you. And to have peed in it in parallel action with Steve too, although I would have been unable to match your performance! You are certainly my pee queen!
I just hope PV doesn’t feel bad about this remark; I am very fond of her too! I hug you both, Rizzo!

John (VT)... About all that video production stuff. I volunteer to prepare the raw material: I’ll cook tasty crap-o-genetic dishes for starring Kim and co-starring PV! Fantastic turds guaranteed! You may believe it: yes, I am an able cook! As long as I don’t have to do any cheesy things, because I find cheese “grosses me out completely” as you Americans say. But cheese bungs most people up anyway and would not be right for your project, wouldn’t it now? Cheers from Rizzo!

And Penny, you too turn out to be a great tease! That chap in the compartment next to you will hear you grunting and commenting in his dreams for weeks to come, I suppose! Great escapades of yours, I enjoy them all! Love from Rizzo.

Julie dear, that three wees plus one poop story of yours just let me remember the times I have seen three girls pee outside together. Always all three girls faced each other, making a three bummed star if seen from birds eye view! But never did I see that one or more of them dropped a jobbie. Keep your posts coming. Whenever I see your name, I smile in anticipation to your story! Keep it up dear, Rizzo.

From time to time someone asks for pee stories. Here is something about the subject, but not necessarily what has been asked for. I hope to awake your curiosity.

The other day I read in a newspaper, that about half the people say that their urine emits a pungent smell after eating asparagus. The reasons for this to happen are either that half the people are not able to detect that their pee smells differently after having eaten asparagus, or that half the people digest asparagus in a different way so as not to pass smelly urine. About six different sulphurous compounds in asparagus are supposed to be responsible for such a phenomenon. How this happens is not yet clear. There is still plenty of scope for research here. Any students out there looking for a subject for their research?

I know definitely that shortly after having eaten asparagus my pee really stinks! And so does the pee of my wife. We can both detect the smell in our own pee as well as in that of the partner. And not only that, asparagus is diuretic, meaning that eating it makes you pee more than usual! Go, buy and prepare asparagus and have fun experimenting! The season is on!

Bye for now, happy pooping and peeing to all, Rizzo

Hi Gracie nice to see your interested.

The first time i tried it was sat on the pot but i could really see much as it was dark under my bum.

Then i squatted over some toilet paper and pushed while looking in a mirror. Im nto very good at descriptions so ask me some questions and i will try my best to answer them


Traveling Guy
PENNY - A standing ovation for your dumping performance for the pilot. Maybe I should make that "sitting." Sometimes I do the same thing for an unsuspecting lady at events where there are unisex porta-potties placed side by side, but only when I really need to take a good dump. Authenticity makes it special, you know?

Everybody - Did you see the New York Times story linked from the home page about the Bush administration's investigating alternative energy sources? They want a plan for making ethanol gas from wastes, including human feces. Hey, you're coming around, guys. That oil, gas, and coal can't last forever, can it? The only thing that annoys me about this plan is that some clever company will be making a profit from our freely-flushed crap. Maybe we should go back to the days of night soil pots and dung collectors, except that we'd sell our crap by the piece or the pound. Let the originators and the middle guy share in in the profits, too. SHANICE will get rich quick.

CD - I've had some dumps lately like the one you described, looser than usual but not diarrhea. I think maybe it has to do with a change of diet, maybe something you don't usually eat. My jobbies are normally long and soft, but firm. You 15-20 minute good dump folks interest me. My wife is like that. My normal dumps usually take no more than 3 minutes and are almost - sometimes completely - effortless. I count myself lucky for having such easy BMs, but sometimes I wish it all lasted longer.

BOB - I tear off three sheets of TP and fold them over one another (six if it's single-ply). If there's any crap hanging, I gather the paper around that with my left thumb and first two fingers and pull that off first. Otherwise, I begin by wiping outside the hole, usually using just paper over the left forefinger, then take more paper and repeat the process just inside the anus, inspecting the paper and repeating until I've worked my way about one inch inside and feel clean. I use plain white TP only, never perfumed or tinted. Lately I've been carefully putting the used paper on the floor so I can inspect my production before flushing. It's a good health indicator (and I guess that's the reason for those strange German johns with the platform in the pan). Pre-moistened wipes are a good idea, but I rarely use them, like the time about a year ago when a soft bicycle seat gave me piles. I quickly changed that seat!

TO PENNY-Funny story of you in the outdoor toilet dumping with that guy in the next bowla dn really describing your dump as you were going-Boy i would have really enjoyed that if that guy was me!Coolstory
TO ROCKYMOUNTAINLISA-Hey- sounded EXACTLY like my a.m. dump!Sounded like we went about the same amount too- maybe we did our loose dump at the same time-That was a close one for me too-the only difference between you and me was that I was still in the market getting stuff when my rectun suddenly filled up quick and i had to hold it as i got a few more things and rushed home!But didn't it feel great when you finally hit the bowl!I'm going to dump in the woods too this week,lisa.The last few days here in the N.E have been cool,but it's supposed to warm up,so then i'll go out to the wild to dump-maybe we'll do that at the same time too!Enjoy!
TO CD-I too have had dumps like that where everything comes out in 10 seconds and you're done-I think it's like your body is doing a purging on it's own when that happens-when it happens to me it's usually in the middle of the nite
TO RJOGGER-That sounded like fun dumping in the garage in a bucket-I just recently did a dump in a bucket in the woods-it was fun to poop in the bucket-i'd do it again too-Id love a pretty woman to dump in the bucket after me too-good story
TO CARMELITA-Sounds like you enjoy pooing for an audience-wish it was me standing there instaed of Patsy-i would enjoy that a bunch,the way you go in a few parts is really cool-you really can stretch your BM's out-Wish i could get a videotape of you-I somtimes think of you pooing as i am pooing on the toilet and mkes my own dump very pleasurable!Love your posts!
SHANICE-WOW a beautiful black girl doing 3 poop piles on the ground-why couldn't i be one of those guys watching you-boy you really had to go didn't you?Nice story--
Had a nice dump this a.m.Got up and felt some cramps but no urge to dump yet but had to pee really bad so i went and got undressed and sat on the bowl and spread my legs and just sat back against the tank and just waited for the urge to come-After a few mins,i decided to pee-and it went on for quite a bit and halfway thru my pee,i let out a long tight fart which felt great as i continued peeing-then as i was leeting out the tail end of pee i farted again,but this time it was a hissing fart that felt kinda hot on my anus which made me think the turds are moving down toward my anus.I still didn't push,i just sat there really enjoying this feeling if an impending dump.Then i felt a mass move into my rectum and just relaxed my anus and it opened up slowly as i felt the turd start to make it's way out-it came out slow and i didn't push at all,even though i really wanted to-after a few secs I looked between my legs and saw a smooth turd out of my butt and almost touching the w! ater as i held it there.It was very smooth-I just hald it there for a few mins as i waited for another cramp-then i felt a cramp and as the turd was held there a small soft fart oozed it's way out around the held poop-then by itself the turd started to move out slowly and fell in the bowl with a swoooosh sound-and then i farted a small,wet fart and a bunch of squgglies came out with a plop,plop,plop sound in the bowl-then i sat back and waited for more-after a few mins i decided to wipe and get up for a bit,but i didn't flush the bowl yet-i didn't get dressed yet either-i went into the living room and watched some TV and had some OJ and after about 20 mins i had to go again,so i went in and sat on the bowl and again i didn't push,i just relaxed my anus and out came 3 soft turds with some hissing gas as they came out in a row pretty quick-they were about 8-10 in long each and felt great coming out-then i sat ther for a bit and started to push out my anus to go more and did some! squgglies and then let out one more wet sounding fart and i was done-i looked in the bowl and saw a few turds wrapped around the bowl with a pile of pudding in the middle-I should have got the mirror out to see this one-Oh well-didn't feel like it was going to be this much-now i feel ready to go on with my day-so iwiped and flushed and showered!I really enjoyed that one!Hope some of you did too-great posts all!BYE

John VT --

Okay, I'm a production tech on the mag. And the coin came down tails, which means I'm a-producin' next! I slip off my white coat, revealing the fact I'm of course quite naked underneath, step out of my shoes and be assisted by kind gentlemen onto the table, where I raise my legs up and back ala our Kimmie, relax, bear down, and let the good times flow!

LOUISE -- Looking forward to your account of some great fun! (Hug!)

PENNY -- What do you fly? I'm a latent pilot myself, and always interested!

MALITA -- What an exquisite poop with Patsy -- I'm envious!

All my best,


Ring Stretcher
Still recovering from my cut ring. Dang, it hurts! When I sat down yesterday I new it was going to be wide, but not that wide!!! First three marble size pieces came out. Then I felt the Big One shift down near the entrance. I made my fingers into a "V" shape and placed them on my ring as it was just starting to come out. It was making a strange suctioning sound rather than a crackling sound. My ring was wide then. When the turd came through, really opening me up, I was gripping the side of the magazine basket in pain. The worst pain was on the left side of my ring. Seriously I almost yelped out loud in pain.

Kim--how do you pass such wide beasts without bleeding or sharp pain?

Carmalita--how do you pass wide ones without going through what I went through.

Would lubricating my hole help?

RING STRETCHER.......I don't think you have too much to worry about, it sounds like your huge turds have torn your anus a little although you should of course still see a doctor about it. Any blood from the anus should be taken seriously but 99% of the time it would just be minor, like a tear or a popped vein, piles etc, all fairly easily treated. But please do see a doctor as soon as you can and do let us all know how it turned out.

All the best.....

JEFF A - Hi guy! I have told Steve that you wrote to him
and he hopes he will write tomorrow.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi there! I know you have had another story
but we have to read it yet. Steve has a bit of a thing
about your logs, Kim. LOL Maybe my little lumps would not get
in the Shits Illustrated magazine!

JULIE - Hi again! Oh I really enjoyed your Saturday night
with your girlfriends. When I have weed in an alley with
some girlfriends, we have always done it backs to the wall
and not in a circle like that. Well it would stop somebody
from seeing you from the front. I am not really shy myself,
I have weed in the open on a Spanish nude beach like a
lot of girls were doing, and I do not really mind a lot
if somebody gets a look. I have had a shit a time or two
in an alley, once a few months ago when I had not been
for 3 days and then I gave birth to a 12 inch turd in an
alley when I got desperate.

PV - Hi! On Saturday there was the netball in the afternoon.
I had my group wee in the bushes with 4 other girls. Jackie
was one of them. Steve came along half way through to watch
us play, and I did not know until I went to him when the
game had finished that he really really needed a wee. He did
not get any chances to go because one of the other team who
was there but was not playing was able to see that place were
he would have gone to do it. She did move when the other
team went to the showers, and then I went behind the bushes
with Steve and he could not wait to get his dick out. He just
got his foreskin back a little bit and pointed his dick up in
the air a little, and he let rip. He breathed hard and I saw
how he was relieved he felt when he squirted a big fountain.
He did not wee at anything, he just squirted strong and he
got a long way with it. When he stopped, I went to the shower
but all the time I was in there I thought about him and how
excited I was when I was watching him.
There is a lot more fun stuff to write about, and I will
do that when I have more time.



What is the Juliette Lewis bathroom scene in "From Dusk Till Dawn"? I haven't seen that one..

Among TV shows, has anyone mentioned the LA Law episode where the lady lawyer went camping with her husband and had to take a crap. Her husband forgot the toilet paper, so she had to use leaves, and she ended up with poison ivy on her ass. Pretty funny!

To SanD: I loved your wal-mart story...the wal-marts around here all have doors on them

Thats a good picture

I had mentioned yesterday about the diahreah i had and that before bed i thought i was gonna have a loose shit again...well i didn't. Then when i went to bed i got really nasious. It was so bad i threw up 2 times during the night. Didn't go to my job because of that today...i do feel alot better now. My appitite hasn't come back yet.

I had a pretty good toilet session this morning. I have a bathroom reader book which I read while dropping my load and then had a big clean up job. I trimmed my pubes letting the hair drop into the toilet. Then I did #3. I cleaned that up and I was finished. I flushed but the toilet clogged. My toilet doesn't overflow when it clogs, after a big load, I just come back later when everything is softened up and flush again usually with no further problems. If it's still clogged, I whip out the plunger. At a local janitor store, they have all kinds of little things to stick under the rim of the toilet to make it smell nice and help the bowl to stay clean. So I bought a box of 12. So far I like them, they tint the water slightly blue and give off a nice smell. They dissolve skid marks.

Some juicy stories today, I enjoyed them. SOme comments....

Chanice - That was some load you did in front of those guys. I'll bet they really enjoyed watching a good looking girl like you drop those bombs. Nice story.

Julie - A little surprise poo in front of your girlfriends, eh? So one of them laughed, and one was disgusted? Outstanding! Sounds pretty funny to me. Someone must have found a surprise when they ventured by the spot that you visited. A very good story.

Rocky Mountain Lisa - What's with all of these people having the runs? You, Buzzy, Carmalita? Must be something going around. Hope that you are OK.

Carmalita - What can I say, except that you just posted another great story. I enjoy your posts so much because you put so much passion into them. So you think that I am handsome? You are a dear. I'm just an average guy, 5' 11"; large frame, 170lbs; 33" waist; with blond hair (a little thin in the back) and steel blue eyes. You're also a very beautiful little lady. I have an image of you, based on your descriptions, and it says petitte, beautiful and very loving. I think that you are terrific!

Bye, All!

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO SHANICE-hello and welcome. liked your post. my boyfriend scott is black too.
TO SANDI-thanks for saying that scott and i can out buddy dump alan and lynn. im sure alan and lynn can shit big but when scott and i do it . the toilet bowl can barely hold our two huge turds in!
TO RJOGGER-hello. thanks for saying im very beautiful. and thanks for liking my red mustang. i love it too!just picture me in my tight yellow spandex and yellow mule heels leaning sexily on my red car. pretty hot vision huh?haha! plus you said you would like to shit in front of the ladies here and then watch us. i tell you if i took off all my clothes and blasted out my monster log in front of all you men -MORE THAN YOUR EYES WOULD BULGE!haha! by the way you are not an old man.
TO CARMALITA-hello thanks for liking my posts. I like yours too. in the new york restaurant restroom i just pulled down my panties when taking a dump. i was not nude. and yes my boyfriend scott is a great catch. hes very nice ,smart,modest and also shy believe it or not. and yes i have to break up my logs too.I like you carmalita i should mail you pictures of myself. one in my cheerleader uniform. one naked and another nude banging out a massive,massive torpedo. i think you would get a big kick outta seeing that!
TO JOHN(VT)-hello. thanks for re-reading my last post with me on the bathroom countertop. plus your right "shit illustrated mag" would sell like hotcakes .we could use some shots from my latest kneeling on the bathroom countertop experience.haha!plus its good others are into this too. like logger who can be our chief illustrator. etc. bye now i need time to pose for other new pictures for our long all!

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Hello, it's me again. Just noticed some other interesting posts I felt compelled to respond to.
PV----- I like how you described your pooping in the nude wearing nothing but a pair of "nice shoes". I often fantasize about how a woman would look when she poops wearing nothing but a pair of high heels...
Again, in reference to one of Kim's posts, the image of you pooping atop an examining table is just irresistible. I have always been fascinated with scenarios of a patient submitting a stool sample as part of a medical examination. Therefore, as a hobby, I often write fictional short stories for myself and have recently written one about a female patient as she squats atop the examining table, hovering over a bedpan and dropping her offerings in the presence of her attentive, encouraging doctor...
I also like the prospect of the "Shit's Illustrated" magazine. I can imagine it now... Page after page filled with photos, drawings and maybe even stories of pooping moments. I would definitely purchase every issue. Well, I think I posted enough for tonight... I guess I am making up for all the time I spent in lurkdom... Til' next time....

KIM & SCOTT------I have to say once more that I just love your stories!!! I always save them on my hardrive so I can read them over and over again. I might have missed a few of your posts which is why I wonder if Scott ever poops for you? Afterall, it would only be fair if he returned the favor... Also, I'm sure nobody can produce the kind of monster turds you create but I am curious as to what are Scott's fecal proportions and does he poop in the nude like you do?? Once again, keep the stories coming, I wish I could view one of your tapes depicting the whole acts...

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