Hi.This is my first time posting.I'm 16.Black.I'm kinda light-skinned.With light colored kinda brown kinda black hair.I have a great body,and I'm very attractive.I have had one experience.At the movies.It happened not too long ago.I really don't remember going to the bathroom in a long while before that.During the movie I ate a BUNCH of snack foods.I was pose to be going to the movies to meet a few friends,but only the boys came but that was okay.After the movie I said"I gotta go dookey"which got the boys going into jokes.Finally they said don't take too long.It was kind of late and we were almost the only ppl left.I tried to open the girls restroom door, but it was locked and had a sign on it saying Sorry experiencing problems with pipes.I really had to go now.So I went back to the boys who were outside now.I said"man the bathroom is closed down"(the sign was on the mens too or I would have used that one instead)The boys started joking again saying"Well you not going in my car if you have to take a dump girl you better find some wehere else"(te boys are the ones that picked me up.I was on their way)So i said"man I really gotta dookey.I'll go outside"The boys were like"girl I dare you to do that.Stink up the whole area"So I actually
went to the back to take a dump.I slipped down my tight pants and my little panties and squatted.Nothing came yet,but then I started doing some loud and very smelly farts(BRRRRRRRRRR) (BRRRRRRRR)It was stinking already around there.I just squatted there letting out long stinky farts for awhile.Then a chain of farts came(brrr brrr brrr brrrr brrrrr BRRRRR)I finished them off with a short and loud one.I did a silent but very deadly which came out with a paft.I felt my light brown butthole open as my buttcheeks spread and a long turd started coming out slowly but easily.It was like a long SNAKE.It was very thin and long.I shook my butt up and down to make it snap off.It was porbaly like 17 inches or so.Not too wide though.Immedately I let out some booming farts and an explosion of turds followed.My hole opened again as short turds that really smelled started coming out one by one.I rested for a little bit letting out a few more farts.Then my butthole opened again quickly and ! nasty farty noises started as stringy poop started flowing out. Then some poop pellets started plopping to the ground.The smell around here was strong.My hole rested for a little bit and more VERY stinky farts came in loud chains(BRRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRRRR)I looked down and saw a huge pile of light brown turds under.It was amazing.Suddenly and unexpectedly my hole spread wider and wider and wider as I felt a huge log about to come out,but just then the boys jumped around the corner yelling.They must've thought i was trying to waste their time to make them angry or something but the moment they got their the immedately jumped back as if a forcefield was there.I was shocked.They had caught with me now bent over(i took this position while my hole was spreading)with my butt up in the air
and my butt hole just as wide and exposed at i think it could get.They saw the pile of turds now beside me too."Guys what are you doing"is what i said."GODDANG girl!That don't make no sense.God it stank over here"These are some of the replies I got.Strangely though I was kind of turned on by these hot boys catching me in my most private moment.So i said"since your already hear unnn you my as well enjoy the show now"The long turd started to move out slowly.I looked back at them and said get ready.The turd inched out little by little.
I could'nt believe how this felt.I never thought my hole could stretch this wide.The big turd started moving again slowly.It was hard.I could actually look between my legs and see this long knobbly hard monster hanging down and still moving.The boys were in awe"damn girl what you have been eating.I dom't even take a dump like that." I could tell they were alot closer to me now to get a better look.One of them I saw could'nt watch without covering his nose.The others seem to try and bear the smell.The turd was almost touching the ground when finally the turd dropped with a loud thud.I looked down and it had to be 25 inches or so.Almost immediately gas started pouring out and amazingly it started to smell
around the place even more!(brrrrrrr BRRRRR BRRRR BRRRRRR)That went on for a little bit getting alot more jokes from the guys.I thought I was almost finished when another hard turd started coming.My light brown butthole spread again(which theyu immediately commented on)and the turd just shot out quickly and also fell with a thud. Immediately I felt an explosion of turds right after.I can't even describe what I felt it was so quick as I bent over holding my stomach as an explosion of turds wwas going on.I knew the boys could'nt believe it either cause they were saying these like"good god
that's incredible!"I knew it was something as the smell was terrible and loud farty noises were sounding as it came out.The boys out of comments just kind of laughed at it.It stopped for a little bit and I farted some more then it happened again as i bent over holding my stomach and an explosion of turds cmae flowing out with nasty noises.
Finally I looked down and saw all sorts of turds just curled around eachother.Poop pellets and a little mush.I now had two piles of crap.
I began to fart some more.Then my hole opened again let out a long booming fart(BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)and another hard turd started to come out.It was crackling.I pushed making goraning noises and the crackling was loud.The hard turd fell with a slight thud.My brown butthole was still spread a another poop pellet plopped and then another hard turd slid out slowly and fell with a thud.Right after ANOTHER long hard turd started to push its way out slowly,but stopped midway and I had a pooptail.The boys snickered and said"What happened.Is it stuck?" "Look it looks like she has a tail" They started making jokes.I playfully shook my butt like i had a tail when the turd started moving by itself.I gave a extra push and it fell.More farts sounded as a long thin turd snaked it's way out and curled on the ground,followed immediatly by little FAT turds.My butthole stretched once more and a long stringy turd eased out,but it stuck at the tip it would'nt snap.I shook my butt all aro! und resulting in a few comments from the boys(shake it fast)finally it snapped followed by a a little snaky turd and I was done.My brown butthole was still exposed as I started to let out TONS and TONS of smelly farts(BRRRR brrrrrr BRRRRR BRRRRRRR BRRRRRR)It really stunk now,but the boys had grown use to it by now.Still farting I asked"do any of you have some tissue from the movies or something?" One of the boys said yes and asked if he could wipe me.The others joked with him.I playfully agreed.I bent over.He spread my buttcheeks and let the other guys look at my dirty butthole some more
as i still let out stinky farts.He took the tissue and sorta just stuck it in my butthole and let it stick in there for fun.He pulled it out and saw it was dirty.The boys joked some more.He then spread by buttcheeks REAL wide,wider than he needed to fully exposing my butthole and wiped around in there.He used almost every tissue.All the boys studied my butthole and tried to wipe me some more,until there was no trace of crap in my brown butthole.They studied by butthole somemore and said I was a clean one.I hit one of them playfully.I let out some more stinky farts and pulled up my panties and tight pants.We all looked at the mess I made.I had three piles of all KIND of turds.They admired my pile and we left. I made them promise not to tell anyone about it,but that did'nt stop them from talking about it the whole time we were in the car.Just for that I kept letting stinky farts in the car hoping to smoke them out.That was my first experience taking a dump with boys there e! ver.Hope I experience something like this soon.

Sara T.
You tell some great stories!! Keep them coming. I'd rather watch a girl peeing, but I'd sit with you while you crapped. And I'd surely buddy dump with you :)

I've been shitting SO much lately, which is weird because I've been eating *less* than I usually do. It's still very gloppy and much like semi-melted chocolate.

I am in high school. There is this incredibly hot girl named Lisa who is in one of my classes. She is seriously one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. One day she asked if she could get a ride home from me because her car was in the shop or something. I, of course, said yes. Her house was fairly far from the school. We started driving and talking and all of a sudden she started to get kind of ancy. She kept moving around in her seat and readjusting herself. She couldn't seem to sit still. All of a sudden she says, "I really need to go to the bathroom." I'm not sure what to say. Then she says, "I have to take a crap reeeeaaalllllyyyy bad." So I ask "you don't think you can hold it?" She replies "no, please hurry up or I think I'm gonna shit my pants. It's the middle of the day and there is a lot of people out so there is no way she can get out and take a shit on the side of the road. She starts moving all over her seat, trying to hold it in. She starts begging,! "Please, Please, Please, hurry up. I'm gonna shit my pants. I can't hold it anymore." I try to speed up but I can only go so fast. "Finally she yells in desperation, "I'm shitting my pants!" The smell starts to fill the car. She is lifting herself off of the seat and I can see a huge bulge form in her tight black pants that are clinging to her beautiful ass. She starts to cry as she finishes completely shitting her pants. It looks like a total mess. I finally get her home and she starts to calm down. She is so embarrassed as she says "I've never crapped my pants before." I kept telling it was okay and that it wasn't that big of a deal. She thanked me for being so nice and then went inside. Since then, she is still really friendly and nice to me. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.

The Lizard King
Just wondering.
How many people here like to pee outside in a public place when its daytime for the sheer thrill of maybe getting cought?

Julie: I do have conversations in womens room at work. See my earlier posts.

alexia ann
hi i just want to say hi i have a story when i was in high school i was a cheerleader we had a game one friday night i had to poop real bad . i waited for halftime i ran to the portapotty and closed the door i pulled my skirt up and my panties down to my ankles i sat there. bent over holding my head in my hands i felt the poop coming out it was very long i then stood up and wiped as i was wiping a freind of mine opend the door and said she had to poop she asked me to stand by the door i closed the door behind me i turned around and seen there was a little hole in the door i then started watching her i got very turned on by this. are there anymore girls outthere that likes to watch girls potty too thanks alexia

rockymountain lisa
I see there is yet another lisa here so i'll try to use the rockymountian title to tell us apart.

Hey Buzzy--this is freaky. I had a really loose dump this morning too. I got up & had my usual first thing in the morning pee with no urge to shit. I have a glass of oj but have to go to the store for some milk for my cereal. On my way out of the store parking lot I let out this loud stinky fart & suddenly I have to go really bad. I'm squeezing my butt cheeks together hoping I can make it home. Pulling into my driveway I stop the truck & race to the house. Once inside I set the milk down & begin pulling my pants down on the way to the bathroom. The second my butt hits the toilet I let loose a long fart that shoots shit out my hole. I was so releived that I'd made it I let a long sigh. When the next wave hit it felt so good to get it out I was moaning in pleasure. I had another 3 loads like that before I felt done. It was a really messy dump so I wiped a bit & then took a nice long shower to clean up & regain my senses.
It sounds like a nice weekend coming up so I hope for a big dump in the woods. I'll let ya know. :-)

That evening,my sister and I went to a shopping mall.Whenwe were about to go home my sister said she need to poop badly but the toilet was out of order so I took my sister home I carried her and put my finger on her ass hole and hope it can stop her from shitting in her pantie.It does work,try it ifyou are about tomess yourself
Thank to all who reply to me!!!

Ring Stretcher

Today when I shit it was real wide and I felt a sharp pain when it was coming out. I almost screamed aloud it hurt so bad. When I wiped I found blood on the toilet paper.

Hello everyone my name is zoe and i think the stories on this site are cool.ive always read this site but never posted i love reading your stories carol housewife they are off the heezey(cool)!
CAROL:does ur husband ahem, get closer acquainted with his hand shall we say when u r on the toilet(sorry if that sounded weird or nething) :)

Hi everyone!

Kim and Scott: Thank you for the nice words, again! I do love your stories. I also REALLY loved the one where you laid a good one in a hotel restroom where they had a restroom towel person working. I’ve often thought about that one, where you left your turd in the toilet. Were you nude for that one too? I can’t remember. Scott sounds like quite a catch. Yeah, I love the fact that you’re a sexy cheerleader.
I said Mmmmm because I like girls too. It’s also nice to know that somebody else has to break up their logs in order for them to flush. I was beginning to feel all alone! Thanks for telling that!

Joe:You poor man! I hate cruelty and how people torture each other. It sounds like you’ve gone through so much! Did you have to share a cell with someone? I’ve always wondered about that. How awful it would be to have to poop in front of someone else when you’re needing privacy.

Eric B. Thanks for the good wishes, you are a sweetheart. That hospital experience of yours sounds more like a trauma to me! I loved that nice, healthy plop you did though. Maybe someday we could squat with our arms around each other pooping. I’ve never seen any gay male tapes before. It sounds real interesting. You take care of yourself, I think you’re very special. I have a question for you: do you get as turned on as I do over those japanese restroom tapes? I’m going to think about you tonight, squatting over one of those floor toilets, manly and so sexy! I saw one where a girl kept pooping and pooping, big ones too!

Rizzo: Hi hon, yeah it was pretty embarrassing. The guy was cute too. I hate it when the runs come on so hard you’ve got no control. I think it was some kind of flu. Renee got scared because of my high fever.
And no, I wasn’t laying it on thick! I don’t say anything unless I mean it! Since I can’t physically see, or talk to people in here,I have a way of seeing all of you in my heart. I firmly believe what I said about you, and in spite of it all, you still remind me of those types of artists being sort of romantic, and nomadic I guess. You don’t have to be an artist or writer to be a beautiful person. You are a very special man, and saying something nice about you just comes naturally for me. And a man who builds a boat with his two hands from the inside out? Yes, you are very special. So here’s a hug from Carmalita.

RJOGGER: Even though your name got cut off, I know it was you. There is a man at the gym who’s 59 and he looks beautiful. He’s bald, very little hair on the sides of his head, but he’s healthy and handsome. I’ll often look at him and think about him. One time he caught me looking and I was so embarrassed! He just smiled. I always love it when he shows up. A lot of the guys my age are too concerned with being macho and cool, and the way they look. I like maturity in a man, and confidence. I’m glad that you keep yourself healthy. I see you as a very handsome man, Rich! I just know you are, and how lucky your wife is! 6 minute miles, huh? I can just picture you squatting behind a tree, strong legs, sweat all over you, masculine face and features, pushing and producing something nice. Oh yeah!!! That’s really wonderful about your wife loving you for all these years. She sounds beautiful. My best to you both.

John VT: Oh, my sweetie! Your eye sounds more serious than my stomach! I hope you’re okay! Are you bandaged up? Here’s a kiss for you mmmmssmmoooch! You take care of yourself. Someday I’d like to run into you walking along the beautiful Vermont woodlands. I’d love to share a nice clearing and a wonderful poop with you. You take care of your eye, okay? I don’t want to think of you hurting!

After I got home from work I had to do a great big one, and grabbed one of my magazines and headed for the pot. Setting the magazine on the counter, I hiked up my skirt, stretched black panty hose and matching panties down to my knees and sat leaning forward, flipping through pages. I was wearing a white sweater, but had slipped off my bra earlier and my nipples were showing through the knit fabric. I did a nice dump with a lot of average sized turds. I crapped a couple turds before Patsy knocked on the door. Renee was lying down taking a nap, and Patsy wanted something from the bathroom.
“I’m on the toilet and it’s kind of pewy in here,” I said.
“Can I come in anyway?”
“Okay, but it stinks Patsy.” She came in, smiled at me, then fanned the air while holding her nose.
“Ooooh-weee, girl, damn!”
I just giggled and plopped a nice long, healthy one.
“Was that a big one?” she asked.
“Average.” I shrugged, flipping through pages, “It felt nice coming out though, kinda thick but soft. I like em that way.”
Patsy pointed to a picture in my magazine of a Latina model.
“You’d look great with your hair fixed like that.”
(PLOP... sssppplllltttttttt.....)
“You think sohhhh?” I groaned.
(PLOP-PLOOOOP.... unnnhhh....)
“Your curl’s comin’ out,” Patsy said, pulling my hair back behind my head. It felt so good. I knew she’d massage my neck with her fingers. It’s true, my perm is falling out, making my long hair wavy now instead of curly. She talked on for a few minutes about everything that happened during the day, massaging me while I crapped turds.
“That smells nasty,” she said.
“Yeah, but it feeeeels great. That last one was a thick chunk.”
I then peed a real long stream that seemed to go on forever. It was really nice to get that pee out of me, and I could tell that she liked being in there. Even though I was crapping and stinking, she stayed. The aroma was rising from between my brown thighs and I spread my legs just a bit to look down into the bowl. Nice solid fat things floating down there. Then I yawned because I was tired, and stretched with my arms over my head. I saw my reflection in a stand up mirror, and could see my breasts, small, but round beneath a white knit sweater, with two dark mounds like chocolate drops underneath. I grunted and plopped a couple more turds which splatted on top of the pile that was now half in, half out of the water. That second plop was nasty, and released a strong odor into the room. Patsy asked if she could spray air freshener and I told her to go for it, even though I enjoy my own poop smell. I sat on the toilet and pooped more while we talked. With every other plop, P! atsy would spray the room. She noticed that my panties, even though they were black, had some skids. I noticed her noticing and commented.
“I took a killer shit at work today. It was so close I almost filled my panties with product.”
Patsy snickered, then fluffed my hair into an attractive shape.
“You’re so nasty, girl.” After that, I knew I was finished, and pulled off toilet paper to wipe myself. I wiped my vagina, getting every little dribble, and scrubbed my ass five times. I then stretched my pantyhose down to my ankles, stepping out of them altogether, then reached around, and unbuttoned my skirt. I was naked from the waist down as I went over to the tub to run a bath. Next came my sweater. I slipped it off, and threw it to the floor. Being naked in front of Patsy dosen’t bother me. She never gets out of line with me, and always enjoys the view. I stood in front of the mirror fluffing my hair, trying to imagine it being shorter while my naked brown body, with petite breasts was lit by a dim overhead light. It was a really good poop, left a nice, strong odor in the air, and it was as good and exciting as any I’ve ever done with Renee. It felt sooooo good!


I have a suggestion for the moderator of this website. In light of the couples who post about dumping together on the toilet (Scott & Kim, Alan & Lynn), why not put a picture of a couple dumping together on the mast. To Alan & Lynn havent seen a post lately from you guys, wondering what you have been doing together. I would like to propose a contest between Scott & Kim and Alan & Lynn to see who could have the biggest combined bowel movements. I would predict that Scott & Kim would beat the crap out of Alan & Lynn (no pun intended). I have been trying to talk my boyfriend into buddy dumping with me, and would like to hear from more couples about dumping together, which I think is a great way to spice up the romance. Keep up the great posts.

I just had 1 of the best experiences ever, my next door neighbour is a real cool chick and i've always liked her but never said anything. Anyway my ma was in da back doin some gardening and as i'd just came in from college and she didn't say anything about sally being in our toilet so i walked upstairs and to my surprise there was sally having a bm with the door wide open. I was really surprised but i was getting kinda aroused, she just looked and said sorry my bowl in stopped up and i really needed to crap- i said it was fine and that i would go to my room, to my surprise she said do you wanna see me dump, i stuttered sure, she warned me about her strainig as she'd been bunged up for a day or so, i shut the door and watched her dump, she finished up after about 10-15 minz- i was really turned about this- the turd smelt bad as well, she must av been bunged up for a while, she smiled and said i really like u, i was taken aback by this and managed to say i liked her to.
So she insisted on watching me take a pee and giggled at me-i peed for about a minute non stop with a semi erection.

We're now an item and watch each other go to the toilet as often as possible.

someone mentioned using pee to moisten toilet paper, be very carefull, remember e-coli is present in feces and you must be very carefull not to get that into your urinary tract. . .a bladder infection is very unpleasant. . .just thought i'd mention it. . .i'm fanatical about cross contamination

Kim and Scott - I was the *UNKNOWN POSTER. One of our cats jumped on the keyboard and mouse before I could add my handle, and the post got sent. Oh yes, I do think that you are an extremely beautiful young lady, and that you are quite daring, too. I also like that hot red ragtop that you tool around in. You seem to have a pretty good handle on life.
Would I like to bang out a big log for the ladies on this site; then watch them do the same? You betcha! As for fainting from the excitement: Watching you blast out one of your monsters while in the buff would probably make my eyes bulge and I would be very excited; but I would not faint. I would not want to miss any of it. Keep those great posts coming Kim, they really rouse an old man like me!
No new experiences to post, so I will dig back into the past. This one invloves my wife and I, when we were quite young. In early July of '72, I was given an additional week 's vacation, as a bonus for bringing a project in on time. My wife and I hadn't had a vacation alone since we were married, so we made plans to just get away upstate for a few days. My mother and mother-in-law, bless them, took care of our 5 and 1/2 and 1 and 1/2 year old boys. The day before we left, we both ran some errands. For some reason, I ended up with my wife's keys, which would later be a problem. On the way home from the store, I stopped at a local diner, and had a large breakfast, and a cup of coffee. I usually do not consume products that have caffeine, but I was on vacation, so what the hell, I thought. Big mistake. As I pulled into the driveway, the urge to shit hit me like a tidal wave. I ran up the back stairs, fumbled in my pocket for the keys, and then to my horror I discovered they w! ere my wife's, sans house key. I couldn't get in and I had to really shit. I couldn't go outside, for lack of cover. We have 5 detached garages that are connected, with ours being the big one in the middle. I went in, closed the door, found an old bucket and a roll of paper towels and went in the corner. I planted the bucket, dropped my drawers, steadied my self and shit a long thick one and a bunch of smaller ones. They couldn't get out fast enough, and what relief it was! I wiped up, then heard a car coming in the driveway. I grabbed a few lawn bags, looked out the door, saw my wife and came out. She gave me a big smile but I just walked passed her. "What's wrong, honey?", she called. "Nothing!" I said sullenly. "What's in the bucket?" she asked. 'A load of shit!" I replied. "My shit!" I said raising my voice. She gave me a surprised look as I told her what happened with the keys, and then she got very apologetic. "Rick, honey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take your keys. Com! e on, put the bucket down, you can come in and watch me go". "Do it in the bucket" I said. Her eyes bulged and she said no. "OK, don't'" I replied. "You really want me to?" was her reply. "Yeah!", was all I said. My wife then took my hand, I led her into the garage, closed the door and set the bucket down. After she pulled her shorts and panties to her ankles I held her hands as she squatted over the bucket. She shit quite a load, then I wiped her soiled anus and covered the whole mess with more towels. I then put the crap filled bucket in 4 lawn bags, tied it up and set it with the rest of the trash that would be picked the next day. We went inside to shower, and my wife again told me she was sorry, but she was grinning. I couldn't help myself, and I started laughing. The whole thing was pretty funny and no one got hurt. We showered, spent some time together, and then left for 5 great days in the Adirondacks.


Urban Legend Debunker
To Ring Stretcher: No it is not true that John Wayne died with 40 pounds of feces in his intestines. First of all, no autopsy was performed on his body so there's no way anyone would be able to figure something like that out. Second, 40 pounds is A LOT of feces. A man in the Middle East was once hospitalized for extreme constipation, he was going through excruciating pain trying to defecate. They actually had to perform surgery on him to remove the accumulated crap. But only about 1 1/2 pounds of crap was removed! So if a man needed surgery to get only 1 1/2 pounds of crap out, that should tell you it's physically impossible to hold 40 pounds in your intestines. People just love to spread misinformation over the internet, and that's a typical non-fact.

I had a horrible day today. Lets start with last night...I had pizza hut last night then i go to bed and i wake up at 1:30am and i was hungry so i had a bowl of cereal. Then i go back and lay down and i could not get back to sleep, then i started with this bad indigestion or something cause i felt like the food wanted to come back up and then i started to feel cramps and stuff around 3:30am(had to be up 2 hours later). I went to the bathroom and pushed some hard shit out and by the time i was done it was 4am and i only had about 90 min more of sleep. I get up at 5:30 for work and i felt the cramps really bad...and i could feel the loose stuff wanting to come out of me so i went to the bathroom again and pushed more hard stuff out then eventully it was all loose. Then i went 2 more times before leaving for work. I get to work and i was fine all day. Then after work my stomach feels upset...and i feel like i've got another load of loose shit. I want to wait awhile cause i got s! tuff to do online then i have to go to bed.

To Eric: I know i inspect after dumping and i would think most people here inspect as well. I've had that happen too were i eat BK and i find seeds in my shit the next day.

To Ring Stretchert: Thanks about your comments.

Gotta run think im gonna have to shit any min...don't feel so hot right now(and it's on and off).

Eric in Chicago
(there are so many Erics here that I'm using the city to distinguish myself)

BRYIAN: Iced tea (or even hot tea) makes you piss because it contains caffeine and theophylline, both of which are diuretics. There's a "physical law" attributed to R. Buckminster Fuller called "Fuller's Law of Cosmic Irreversibility" which states "1 pot T = 1 pot P. 1 pot P != 1 pot T" where "!=" should be read "not equal."

ERIC: Seeds come out in your dump because your body can't digest their outer shells. This is actually the result of evolution; plants rely on animals to eat their fruit and then shit the seeds out somewhere else where, being unharmed by digestion, they can take root.

Re: Seeds. Watching a nature series on TV, many seeds do not digest. That is the way they are distributed. The seeds are eaten at one location, and dropped at another location. There is a tree that will become extinct due to the fact that the Dodo birds are no longer around to distibute its seeds from the droppings, I can't recall the actual program.

Hello everyone! I just had to share my experience from this morning...

I was finishing up some things before I went to work when I was hit with a massive urge to drop a load. I think the word "hit" accurately discribes how quickly it came to me. I was not prepared at all for the despiration... It was like a swift kick to to the stomach (not painfull mind you, but forced me to double over.)
I have one BM every day or every other day, during the afternoon. I have the odd morning one, but very, VERY rarely. So this one caught me waaaaaaaaay off gaurd.
For a millisecond I thought I could hold it until I reached my office, but I found myself stooped over dashing down the hall to my toilet. It only took a second or two to get going but in that time I thought, "Geeze! Is it going to be a good log or is it diarrhea? Oooooh, It's startn' to come! It feels like diarrhea... I'm gonna' be hear for a while!" What literally shocked me was the speed and amount that all came out in one gigantic, SPLOOOOOOMP!!!
It didn't even take take 4 seconds but I had filled to loo with a loose, dark bbrown jobbie resembling a cow pie!! About 1/2" of it was sticking out of the water even though it had very little coherence to it. There was just so much of it, I thought that it was possibly a sign that I had some kind of intestinal infection! I thought, "I hope I'm not going be in the office can all day doing this!" My fears were put to rest quite quickly though.
-I didn't have any cramps...
-The stool was quite loose but it wasn't that diarrhea yellow, brown or green colour.
-There wasn't that identifiable diarrhea odour to it. (Actually, it didn't really have any strong odour to it)...
-I didn't have that "burning" sensation as it came out, like I normally get with a bad diarrhea attack.
-And I didn't have gas.

For an good BM, I'm usually in the can for about 10 to 15 minutes. With this job I don't think I was in the bathroom for 3 minutes! (I think I spent two of those three minutes just looking at it wondering "WOW! What just happened!!??")

For whatever the reason it happened, I'm thankful that it did. I felt GREAT the rest of the day!

Hi all,
Had some fun the other day. We had a little fly-in at our local field with a lot of people from far and wide coming for breakfast. I know that the loos there are just two toilets with a wall in between. The wall does not reach the roof so the sounds are quite entertaining. The locals know me that before flying I get a little nervous and before take off go and explode all the gas and runny shit into the bowl. No trees for outdoors here. At this fly-in a lot of new pilots from the flying school on the coast came up and knowing this I held my normal morning poo till we got to the field. I waited till some unsuspecting young chap was going in that direction and then went in myself. I could hear him arranging his cloths as he pulled down his pants so I waited quietly till he was seated and peeing. I then made a fuss of the door so that he knew that a lady was next door and while humming to myself noisily got my jeans off and sat down. I decided to illustrate the whole performan! ce by accompaning the farts and splashes with comments like "Ooooh sooo nice to have that out!! and Phooee what a smell!" Amid much groaning and satisfied comments on size texture etc. I proceeded to pee and poo for Africa!!! He was quiet as he thought that I must have assumed I was on my own. I finished up with a comment that "Great, that is enough to last me a week. What a smell. I hope my asse is clean. Oh dear I hope no-one is listening" and left quickly. Afterwards at the breakfast I heard this young guy telling his friend about his toilet session with a lady who talked the whole way through. He reckoned he knew now how much, how hard, what colour all the details. I could not help giggling and told my husband on the way home. His comment was "When will I grow up??" We need to blood him into this site.

I've seen posts relating to bathroom scenes in movie. How about Juliette Lewis in "From Dusk Till Dawn"? And there's also an interesting scene in the movie "Lawn Dogs": a girl gets up on a guy's truck and pees on it. You can see her pee streaming down the windshield.

Another sighting: I was using the toilet in the local Wal-Mart and heard someone enter the restroom and go into the next stall, the handicapped one. I was just finishing up so I wiped, flushed, and came out to wash my hands. The handicapped stall doesn't have a door, and the sinks and mirrors are located directly across from the stalls, so I peeked in on my neighbor. He was a slim, blonde, good-looking guy, wearing a grey t-shirt and khaki shorts around his thighs. Kinda modest, I guess. White butt, from the tan line. I didn't hear him pooping, but heard a long, steady piss. He was done pretty quick. He folded some tissue paper and surprisingly, stood to wipe. He even lifted his shirt a bit, showing off his cock and balls. It looked like he trims his pubic hair a bit. He had a long dick, although somewhat slim. Maybe thats why he showed off. He wiped twice. Instead of underwear, he wore black swim trunks, with a velcro closure. He pulled them up and left the restroom.

Bob asks about wiping techniques. Mine depend on where I am. If at home, I take as much TP as I need, preferably a layer three sheets thick and wipe repeatedly, examining each piece. Sopmetimes I will fold the piece over and wipe with the back of it. I always drop the shitty TP into the toilet unless I am in a Sanisette. In a Sanisette, I just drop it on the floor. At home I finally get a flannel and hot soapy water and wash my anus, then rinse the flannel, and leaving it wet, finally wash my arse-crack again. Then I dry it with a towel. If I have access to a bidet (only when on holiday in mainland Europe, they're rare in England except in a few hotels), then I wash my arsehole thoroughly in the bidet. I never wipe inside the anus, because I have long fingernails and am frightened of damaging the rather soft rectal lining. If I had them available, I would certainly use moist wipes. Away from home, I wet several sheets of TP with water before locking myself in the stall and use! the moist TP to wipe at the end. I have used spit to moisten the paper, but never urine.

(For the benefit of those who have never encountered them, Sanisettes are French-designed toilets often used in street facilities in Europe and in San Francisco. You put a coin in to gain admission and you have 15 minutes to do your business before the door automatically opens! You can do whatever you like - number 1, number 2 or number 3, as long as you are finished in 15 min or less. They have TP dispensed in single sheets from a special dispenser and it takes ages to pull an adequate number of sheets. There is no flush mechanism. You can leave when you have finished, with all the turds and TP still there. When you leave, the door closes automatically and whole floor of the Sanisette tips upside-down inside the structure, and all the floor and toilet-bowl are rinsed with high pressure water. So there's no need to put the shitty TP in the pot. There have been disasters with handbags and even small children left inside when the flushing mechanism starts).

Hello everybody.

JULIE - Well I am glad I made you feel better. When
was the other time that you had a wee in front of
somebody? The outdoor netball has started again
now, and four others of our team (I was there too)
had a group wee behind some bushes before the match
started. It is a thing that we do now every time
before we play.

JEFF A - Thank you for saying Steve is lucky! I
keep thinking I am the lucky one every time I
look at him. I will tell him you have written to
him. I think he said he would write something on
here before the end of this week, but he is very
busy just now. He is helping someone practice
for their grade next week. It is good to read your
letter again, hope you are not in much pain!
LOL yeah, maybe there should be a membership card
for the WSPC. How about shadowy guy and girl at
different ends of the card, both weeing forward
into the middle of the card. The wee could be in
a shiny gold huh? What do you think?
Love, Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy! I will tell Steve you have written.
Yeah it was great in that pool. That wee when I
stood on one foot was a little bit like the scissors
way, yeah. Thank you for saying I have an impressive
stream! Steve says I am one of the best he has ever
seen and he has seen lots. I bet you would have liked
to have been in the pool with us. I tried to get my
friend to wee off the side of the pool but she
would not, and just sat on the bucket for a wee
instead. I do not get to see enough guys having a
wee, it would have been nice if somebody like you had
been there too. Love, Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! We did lots of crazy stuff at the weekend.
I will write to you tomorrow and tell you!

CARMALITA - Hi girl! I hope you are getting better now.
Yeah, I bet those people who make the shorts do know
what we want to do, huh? So the zippers go in.
Please tell me how your practicing goes.


i love peeing but it is difficult to find a partner so i enjoy self pee in the shower

Hi, everyone! Wow, lots of support for the "Shits Illustrated" magazine! I'm glad so many of you like the idea. And Kim is right,
we'll need to hire a lot of people to get a real quality product!
No problem in a large payroll; the mag would sell like hotcakes!
I think we'd have to be careful WHERE we sell it, though... any

Kim: I re-read your last post, and I DID misunderstand the set=up...
WOW! You ARE awesome! I tried to improve things, but you had already
beaten me to it! SUPER! Do we have any stills for the magazine from that session, or are we looking to top that?

PV: You're hired as production manager, and yes, you may go second... PLEASE do that for us, in fact!

Logger: You're hired as chief illustrator! Welcome to the team!

Jeff A.: You're hired! (What is it YOU'D like to do for the production company?)

Carmalita: SUPERB outdoor dump! And your typically great, detailed
account of events... one VERY LUCKY fisherman!

Hi everyone.

We've just had a bank holiday in the UK which means an extra days holiday! As the weather was good (for once) I was wearing one of my sundresses, which I think makes me look really good. It's quite short and strapless.

On Saturday I went out with a couple of my friends (both female) and we wound up spending all afternoon sitting on the terrace of a good bar which we frequent quite often. After a couple of hours, by which time it was early evening we decided to move on and find a restaurant for some dinner. After a while of walking around, Sophie (one of my friends) asked if anyone knew where the was a loo. I'd not said anything but I was in need of a wee by now too.

Lorraine, who is one of these bubbly outgoing types, suggested we find a quiet alley as she was also desperate. I didn't imagine Sophie would be too keen on this as she's quite conservative but by now she was hopping about and probably on the verge of weeing herself so she said nothing.

We eventually found a suitable spot with no-one about and after checking for onlookers we all lifted up our dresses and started to wee. It must have been quite a sight as we were in a circle all facing each other to gain a little privacy should someone turn up. Sophie finished first and quickly pulled her knickers up and lowered her dress. Then Lorraine did the same but I suddenly felt the urge to poo. Before I had time to explain my poo was coming out and Sophie looked disgusted but Lorraine just laughed.

When I had finished and lowered my dress I looked at the monstrosity that was now on the pavement and couldn't help laughing although I do feel a bit sorry for the next person that goes that way. Thinking back I still can't believe that I pooed in front of my friends. Take care, love Julie.x

Welcome back, Carmalita -
I'm glad you're feeling better. I missed your stories so much!! I just wish I was that fisherman! What a lucky guy!! How do you produce such monster turds? You make my day!

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Late last summer, I ate some cucumbers which had some large seeds. The next day, I took my ususal dump and was horrified to see undigested cucumber seeds in my poo. The same thing happens whenever I eat at Burger King. The next day, I always see undigested sesame seeds in the poo. Do you think that most people inspect their turds before flushing?

Carmalita: Your stories are excellent!!! I love reading them. More, More, More.

Every CEO of every Fortune 500 company, every president, every king and queen or prince and princess, every Grammy and every Academy Award winner, every human who has ever walked the planet -- all at one time or another have been reduced to the lowest common denominator -- the set of creatures who have one lot in life akin -- we all have to wipe our asses after we take a dump. This is what I want to know more about, what techniques do the rich and powerful use and how do they differ or compare with the methods of the common folk. Having never been rich I have no idea how they do it, I can only share how I do it.

First of all being that I like to see what I have done I never obscure the view with toilet paper. I also like to make sure I get as clean as possible.

I begin by tearing off eight squares of toilet paper. I make a pile with all the square's edges as flush as possible, I place the pile across the four fingers of my left hand, then I wipe from rear to front and pull the papers out and look at them to see how messy it is, to see how long I think clean-up will take. I take the dirtiest sheet or two sheets off the top of the pile and set them on the nearby hamper top. I replace the dirty sheets with one or two clean sheets and repeat the process. I do this five or six times until the papers begin turning up clean.

After the toilet papers start turning up clean I switch to moist wipies when available. I start with a double thickness and using my index finger I try to push the moist papers just barely into my rectum where usually soft feces are still present and abundant. I poke in the hole multiple times until the wipie has a multitude of brown polka dots, then I get out a new wipie and start again. After 20 or 30 pokes I am finally clean and I pull up my pants and flush all the dirty papers along with the dump.

On those occasions where the dump breaks the water line I feel especially proud of my accomplishment.

I am wondering if others wipe as fastidiously as myself and whether you have any similar rituals? Do you use wipies too? What if no wipies are available? (I use toilet paper moistened with either pee or saliva when no wipies are around. Pee works much better than saliva.)

Has any one messed themselves while wearing boxerbriefs? If so please post your story about the insident

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