When I was in first grade, my class went on a field trip to the Arizona State Fair. As we were getting ready to leave, my teacher had us stop for a last potty break. I had to poop, but I didn't like to use the bathroom at places like that, since they were often dirty, etc. When we got on the bus I knew I was in trouble, because I really had to go badly. As we approached my school I couldn't hold it any more and I pooped in my panties. The windows were open so no one smelled anything, or no one said anything if they did. As luck would have it, we arrived right at the end of the school day, so I got off the bus and walked right home, which was about four blocks. As I walked home I was afraid other kids would notice the poop in my panties and say something, but I made it home without any trouble. My mom didn't get angry, but she made me wash out my panties. The mess was pretty big, so I remember thinking that my panties must have sagged down enough so that somebody had seen the poop. However, the next day at school no one said anything about my accident. By the end of the day I was thinking I was really lucky no one noticed the big mess in my panties the day before. Fortunately, that was the only accident I ever had at school.

Today i was at work and on my 2nd break(20 minutes)i had 16 ounces of ice tea...then i go back to work 20 min later and im working for about 45 minutes when i have to pee really bad. I didn't have to leave what i was doing. When i was done my last assignment i went to the bathroom and peed a clear stream for about 30 seconds. God i really had to pee. Then when i got home i had to pee again, not as bad as earlier. Any one notice if they drink ice tea that it makes them pee and do it more often. Why is this??

To the Moderater of the fourm: I tryied hiting most recent posts...and i got an error message saying 404 eror page not found. Just wanted to let you know about this. I think there may have been some post i haven't yet read back on those page(s). Thanks


I have a few stories of how i used a mirror so i can watch my hole bulge and the log squeeze out. If you would like to hear some let me know


I did it again, sent a post without the handle. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to submit a post, our cat jumped on the keyboard, and the reply got sent, unnamed. That was me, the "elderly" one, writing about Sunday, 19:00..... Anyway, some more responses.

Prankster - Oh I have pulled some dandy toilet pranks over the years. I don't have time to detail them now, but one that I pulled on my high school chemistry teacher; and one that I pulled on my wife when we had been married for about 3 years come to mind. Sometime I will post these.

your name Grete - Loved your story about your pre-run dump in the woods. Sounds like the girl you observed produced a monster. I have been running for 28 years, and I have both dumped in the woods and seen others do the same many times. When the opposite sex is involved, I am very interested.

Carmalita - So glad that you are well and doing what you enjoy doing - getting a rise out of us guys, as you expose your pretty self outdoors and dump a monster! I only wish that I could have been the lucky one to see the show! You are a very daring young woman, please, DO NOT CHANGE!

Kim and Scott - Read your latest story again, Kim. I am still amazed that you can pass a 4" diamater poop without busting your pretty little butthole. You're amazing.
You may be interested to know that my younger son, who is blond haired and blue eyed like his dad, is married to a lovely lady of African American heritage. Yeah, they as well as my wife and I have heard some nasty remarks over the years from ignorant people. Racial hatred sucks, it has no place. You just have to let it roll off your back. Scott, you and Kim sound like you have a great relationship. You 2 youngsters are very fortunate indeed.

So Long!

jazz man
Hello. I have been a fan of the site for a few years, but have never posted. I don't have too many post-worthy dumps. However, the other day that was not the case. I work at a cajun restaurant, and occasionally I can sweet talk one of the cooks into making me some food. This particular night they made too much seafood gumbo, so I loaded up a bunch of to-go boxes with gumbo, rice and beans. I took it all home, and that became my only food for a week. My roommates were about ready to murder me. I don't remember ever having worse gas! I had a week of some really exciting dumps, too. lots and lots of long, squishy turds. hour long poop sessions that fumagated the entire apartment. Now I'm back to my usual college diet of a package of top raumen once a week, so my defacation has been rather boring. Oh well.

RIZZO.......I used to have a sailboat myself and there were a few nights when at anchor I would piss in the water and it would light up the water from the glow of all the plankton. I rarely used the head down below for pissing, it flushes out into the water anyway so I might as well just piss over the side!! I remember one time I was on a trip down the coast and anchored in this bay which was about forty foot deep and the water was very clear. I arrived there at night and next morning I went for a piss at the stern. I almost lost my balance, the water was so clear and still that it was like the boat was hovering forty feet above dry sand!!! I miss having a boat and long for the day when I have my home paid off so I can buy another. Hopefully won't be too long now and then I can get back to pissing and even shitting over the side like the days of old!!!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY......I read in the newspaper some years ago about some research that had been done on the spray from a flushing toilet. It actually said that it's better to have the lid closed when flushing, to stop the microscopic spray of water getting onto everything in the bathroom. They also measured bacteria levels on toothbrushes and found feacal bacteria on toothbrushes stored out in the open. Ones stored in the bathroom cabinet had little or no feacal bacteria on them. So this brings us to the dilema.....lid open or closed when flushing? I guess this is the trouble with research on anything, there are always contradictory views and theories!!! With my own toilet, the lid and seat are close fitting with only slight gaps big enough only to slip a sheet of paper in. I wonder if this is enough to keep the water spray in? The day I read that article, I threw out my toothbrush, bought a new one and now always store it in the cabinet!!! As to those mats on the bathroom! floor, I've never liked the idea and won't have a bar of them in my home.

Anyway, got to go now........I can feel a rather nice big turd knocking at my back door!!!



Well, I do this only quite often believe it or not, and I am glad you raised it. I often go to a certain friends house, and they have their laundry basket in the bathroom. I when I go to the toilet, I take a little time out to investigate the basket.

I remember once of the condition of his mum and sisters pants (distinguishable by the difference in size); for the mum's one, the whole crutch and backside was waterlogged in brown liquid, a sign of "what the hell happened" kinda thing, and his sister's pants had clean pants, apart from the dried slime at the front side of the pants, the spill of arousement...! I am suprised because she usually emits long wet-farts discreetly in the garden - she is so dense in the head because she thinks its inaudible

That was it. What does your pants look like after the night? Do you have any fart stories? They turn me on :->

Ring Stretchert
Carmalita--I read you were in the hospital but can't access "the most recent" posts. Hope you are okay!

Bryian--your stories are alot of fun to read. You sound cute!

Kim--those logs must feel so good to pass. So are you a cheerleader in college?

Still no good pooping stories. My stomach has been upset the past week from nerves and a change of diet. One of my parents became very ill all of a sudden.

Is it true John Wayne died with 40 pounds of feces in his intestines?

Hi Kim,

You know, I've had some crazy thoughts about that shits magazine and the shoots for it. You mentioned you'd love to produce one of your mighty logs on an examination table for us all to see... I could see us taking a clinical and fascinated attitude, crowding around to watch you birth your object... At once point I'd mop your brow with a cool cloth (bizarre, I know!) and while you rested for a moment I'd lean in close and use a vernier guage to take readings on how far open your anus was... When your log was on the collecting paper you'd be plied with a cool drink and helped off the table by Scott, while we technical sorts measured and photographed the beast for our research...

Then we'd toss a coin and find out who was next! Maybe me!


MALITA -- That was some dump in the woods, darlin', and you really made up for lost time after your hospital incident. (Food poisoning? How awful!) What a show you put on, that guy's eyes must have just about fallen out of his head!

I don't know about supplying a guy-type audience, but I'd be happy to watch you perform, and perform for you. I'd sit nude (except for nice shoes maybe!), my thighs way apart, and you could kneel on the floor right in front to watch. I can feel your hands on my thighs, see your sparkling eyes as you catch every moment as my latest foot-long torpedo takes flight!

And I'd return the compliment, any way you pleased... Mmmm, that would be soooo good!

Happy launchings, all,


to give everyone a hint, the girl (celebrity) who i got the privilage to hear and even see (for a few seconds) on the pot.... the one that I was talking about in my post earlier, plays a certain character on the show ??????? ?****. i won't reveal her name though. we are not allowed to give out the last name of the celebrity. but she's a cute one on the show. there are other girls on the show, but she is a cutie. if you don't know what i'm talking about, then re-read my previous post (that is really long), and then come back here and you'll understand a little bit more of who i may be talking about. but... i am not allowed to give out the last name. and i won't, because that would be breaking the rules on here.


Go for it Jamie!

Diane In The State of New York
Hello fellow poopers. My name is Diane (I’m Melissa’s from NY friend, the one in the buddy dumping story ). I really like this site I also have a couple stories myself. Let me tell you about myself. I’m an Italian blonde. (Melissa is Italian too). I am 6 feet tall and I weigh 295 pounds. (Yes I look like a wraith when compared to Melissa). I have a husband named Jim and I am 23 years old and my birthday is on the same day as Melissa’s . And I look just like Melissa if there weren’t a hair color difference and height and mass difference. I like to work out and I love to drive. I have a story to tell you about. When Melissa and I were in our teen years, we would do some mighty stupid shit. We would got to a park at night and play this was game called “Risky Whisky”. It would involve us and a few other friends to drink a lot of whisky until we couldn’t hold it anymore. Melissa always won, she must have an big ass bladder or something . One night we were in the pa! rk at night. Me Melissa and a couple of other girls would be drinking whisky till we exploded. Then we waited to see who had to go first. All of us would give each other a head shake and, All of the other girl’s except Melissa went into the bushes. We would lift up our skirts and pull down our jeans and kneel down. Then we would all be barfing, peeing and pooping. We were all sick except Melissa. But she consumed the most. She just stood there in a business suit She was only like 16 or 17. (She is very conservative and is addicted to suits) looking at us being sick. Then she would laugh and drive away in her dads Porsche. She never threw up or pooped in the bushes in front of us. Her stomach must have been made of cast-iron or something. A recent incident happened to me and Melissa on Saturday. I went to her house because Saturday Is usually wrestling weekend for us. I know it kind of sounds barbaric it aint (We both like o test each others strength) . We woul! d go into her huge basement and we would do military presses on each other. Melissa picks me up with ease, like a feather. And then slams me on the mat. Well I wasn’t prepared because when she lifted me over her head and threw me on the mat A load of wet stuff filled my panties. So I told Melissa and she helped to clean me up and washed my panties for me. Well we went back to wrestling and Melissa did a choke slam on me. Before I know it, I see a stream of pee exploding out of me and I accidentally sprayed her face ( Melissa if you read this I’m very sorry). But she was nice about it. She helped me to clean up (again). Then at about 1:00am Melissa took me out for a drive in the Viper. (The way she drives will scare you) And before I know it I need to shit now, So I tell her to slow down and pull over and cut the light. So I get out of the car and I walk into this wooded area with lots of trees and bushes. I lift up my skirt and kneel down. And without even pus! hing a load of wet stuff comes out. In about 10 minutes all done. Melissa give me 10 wet wipes to wipe my self with. I stand up and walk to the car and drive away.

Its very nice here and I’ll post more if I get the chance and I’ll post more stories of our youth days.

TO CARMELITA-WOW what a great story with you dumping in the woods near that fisherman-I wish that could have been me-esp if i had to go too-i would have come over and dropped my pants and squeeze a few poos along with you!Nice story-Isn't it great to poo and letr someone watch you? there's something really cool about it-i like to do it out in the woods and i don't mind if someone sees me!hope you are now feeling better -there's nothing worse than food poisoning-I had it a few times,but never bad enough to go to a hospital-must have been bad!
Had a loose dump this a.m.I had to go sooo bad-went out to the market and i was on my way back and it really hit me-i rushed home and got undressed as i ran for the bowl with my rectum bursting! i went to sit on the bowl for some reason the water level was really low-there was hardly any water in the bowl and when i opened up my anus it all came out really fast and loose and when I was done there was a big pile of pudding and some soft turds coiled around the bowl-i had to get more water and fill up the bowl and flush-fortuntly,it all went down probably cause it was loose stuff-if it was a big turd more solid,i would have been in trouble-Happens once in awhile-boy did that fell good cause I had to go so bad-i grunted and moaned as it came out thinking thank god I made it-I didn't want an accident-i know some folks here are into that,but too messy for me and pretty unpleasent too-hey,whatever one likes!Had a messy wipe too-then jumped in the shower because of the splashbac! k on my butt-Whew,that was a close one! Later BYE

kim and scott,
Yes, I really am a well-renowned artist, and I would LOVE to do a series of paintings of the "Log Queens" who post their spectacular feats here! What a neat story about pushing out a huge salami for Scott's camcorder! Boy, those logs of yours must be the size of your arm (or bigger!). I'm not clear, however, on the cameraman's position. I would also love to see it shot from behind and a little below, so the effect of the gargantuan log slowly emerging from your wriggling ass is maximized, along with your moaning and groaning. A shot from 3/4 rear would also be awesome, to see the entire length and massive thickness of your elephant log slowly emerge, and then hit the floor with a big thud! Then, you could pose smiling, while you take measurements of your gigantic sausage! John(VT) is right; this series in "Shit's Illustrated" would be a sellout! Congratulations on another spectacular production!
Carmalita ,
You naughty little tease! It's a good thing I wasn't the fisherman! Wow! 3x 20 inches! Then MORE on top of it! You are truly incredible! I would have dropped my fishing rod IMMEDIATELY and run right over there! On second thought, I would have made you WAIT till my sketching equipment and cameras were ready! Then your incredible production would be immortalized.
Ring Stretcher,
I'd love to be hiding behind a sand dune, watching you unload that monster log, while you're having so much pleasure doing it! That would make one great painting! Boy, that's one huge log from one little lady!
Your stories are wonderful! I love reading about your superhuman exploits on the toilet! Five weeks! Holy Sh*t! Keep up your amazing posts, please! You should try pooping outside, or maybe in a trashcan or something; then, you could just enjoy taking your massive long dumps without worrying about flushing or anything. Try it sometime. Many of us who expel huge turds feel much freer "unloading" out-of-doors! Now worry, no embarrassment. Very relaxing. BTW, are you tall or short, thin or solid? Just curious;

Hmm, Maybe I could be the illustrator for "Shits Illustrated" magazine?!

Eric B.
WOW, Carmalita, just when I doubted your stories could get any better, here you come with your dump in the woods with the fisherman watching! He must have got an eyeful! I was standing straight up (you know!) after reading that one! You give us guys (and maybe gals too!) SO much pleasure--I can't tell you how much you and others on this forum have meant to me. I dream of having experiences with a woman (or man, for that matter--I'm bi) like yours.
Here's a little sister story for you; I told how I'd sit in front of the toilet while my sister did her bm and look down between her legs to see the (often) constipated turds work their way out while she strained. I loved the way she scrunched her face into contortions to try and push it out. Well, another time I happened to be there while she was having what must have been a VERY hard time, because my mother had to help her extricate the turd; she was bending forward and crying while mother reached behind and helped by working it out with her hand. I remember as a teenager being very constipated at times myself, when I would wait to go on Sunday mornings and go to a public restroom down at the library on the beach where I'd often sit for hours in a stall and wait for people to have their bm's; once I saw someone peeping in at me through a hole in the door, so I leaned over and gave him a good grunting session! Anyway, it's obvious you're back to good form!
BRYLAN: Strangely, no one else came in when I was helping that kid, and yes, there was a door on the stall. My parents never knew. i love mirrors too; have a full length one, and a smaller hand held one that I put in back of my seat to watch my asshole expand and contract; frankly, the sounds make a great difference for me, and I'm not reticent even when I go alone.
PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Thanks for your comments; hope you have success finding videos; I have one of a gal I liked so much I bought all 13 she produced, and edited it down to the best 2 hours. She does it in various positions and locales and makes a lot of sounds (good!). If you ever find me on some email list or similar, my offer stands.
Well, that's all for now...may not be back for awhile since I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks, but look forward to all those wonderful posts when I return........Bye

This weekend I went on a 10 mile run with my friend Steve and his girlfriend Kerry. My girlfriend wouldn’t come. We had to park in a leisure centre and register there which we did – the actual start was about half a mile away and so we took off our track suits and left them in the car. It was nice to see Kerry in her shorts. She’s an attractive twenty year old and I’d never seen her bare legs before – they were very pale but none the less attractive for that. Then we set off along the path to the start – there was about twenty minutes to go before the start – there were a couple of guys ahead of us – but otherwise it was deserted – I think most people were waiting back at the sports centre until nearer the time. About half way along the path Steve said he wanted a pee and headed for the hedge. I said I would too and followed him then Kerry said she would too and followed us. Facing the hedge Steve and I got our willies out and started peeing. Kerry took her shorts down and s! quatted a couple of yards from me with her back to me and sideways on to the path. I had a great view of her beautiful white bottom. Then she started peeing – it was amazing it was a torrent like someone emptying a bucket – the first time I’ve ever seen a girl pee. Then she looked over her shoulder at us and said “You’ll have to excuse me I need to do a poo.” I wondered whether I ought to move away to give her some privacy but I couldn’t because I hadn’t really finished peeing and Steve stayed where he was so I did too. At this point Kerry raised up a bit moved her legs apart and lent forward. Previously I could only see her bottom and her stream of pee but this had the effect of opening up the whole area in between her legs. Now I could see a mass of pubic hair, her prominent vagina lips and her anus. It was tightly closed but immediately it pulsed as she did quite a loud fart a very small amount of white liquid came out. Then her whole anal area came outwards and more pee dr! ibbled out of her vagina as she must have started pushing. I could visibly see her anus opening wider and wider until it looked enourmous; then I could see a large light brown poo in the distance – it quickly emerged at which point it must have been more than an inch in diameter – I dare say people have done wider ones but it looked extraordinary to see how much her hole had expanded and stretched round it. After a couple of inches had emerged it broke off leaving a sort of stringy jagged edge hanging out. Then the rest came out another couple of inches. Then Kerry looked at us rather sheepishly over her shoulder and said “I haven’t got anything to wipe with.” Neither of us had anything either. We were in our running kit. We looked around. There was a lot of rubbish around – the path went under a road and the area had become a bit of a tip. Steve grapped an old catalogue. Kerry tore some pages out and used them to clean up.
The whole thing was amazing, I have never seen anyone poo before. None of my girlfriends have ever done it within site of me.

Goodbye for a while, Folks! I'm penniless now and will have to move back to Austin until I can recover. Chasing bad guys can get expensive. I'll have to shut down my computer for at least a week. Thanks for all the great posts and I'll see ya soon!

Traveling Guy
CARMALITA - Ooh, it looks like you really are feeling a lot better. Wow, that fisherman caught something totally unexpected. I can just see him telling his friends about the one that got away. "And it was THAT long, guys, honest!" A real exhibitionist, aren't you, and loving every minute of it. "Used Mexican meatloaf" - LOL! What a naughty girl! Forget the bear. Soon people will be saying about the obvious, "Does Calmalita s*** in the woods?" Mmm, mmm, mmm. We guys love you, too, 'Malita.

Hey Lisa (Carter Fan), I would love to se you take a dump for me.. I mean why does Vince get all the glory?? LOL I was in Daytona for Bike Week.. it's a shame we couldnt have met up somewhere.. :o) Anyway, Just wanted to sayhello and say that the forum looks real nice.. I dont have any good pooping stories yet, but I might be able to post one soon... Ciao everyone!! Bye Lisa!

Carmelita you can poop for me anytime. There is nothing more Sexy than a lady dropping a huge loaf.


Gustav, I'm Daniel from the UK, nice to see your posting. I remember seeing on television some time ago a story about the toilets up in the rural areas of Sweden, where guys who are outdoors who are hiking or hunting can go into this little hut, and there are like five or six holes with seats side by side. This film actually showed about half a dozen guys come in, laughing and enjoying themselves as they drop their trousers and sit down together. That is so cool--have u ever been in one of those? Cheers, Daniel

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO KEVIN-thanks for liking our stories. we appreciate it.
TO *UNKNOWN POSTER-thanks for liking our stories i really do resemble cheryl ladd from charlies angels or trish stratus from pro wrestling fame. i am that type. and i work out like crazy. and if you think I am beautiful thanks soooo much. i appreciate it!plus your message to buzzy :when you said you crashed out a big log and would like the ladies of this forum to watch you bang out a big one then you watch us bang out our logs. YOUR ON MY FRIEND!!!. but when you see me nude, squeezing out a gigantic turd in front of you you may faint away from all the excitement.haha!

TO JOHN (VT)-hello john. thanks for liking my post again! but you misunderstood my latest one i think. In my last post-I WAS kneeling on the bathrooms countertop with my ass sticking out towards scott while scott knelt down on the bathrooms floor behind me filming my log coming out.I was the ONLY ONE kneeling on the bathrooms countertop! scott was filming from the floor. and scott did film my giant log slowly emerge from below and grow and fall onto the newspapered floor.The filming happenned like you wanted it to happen john ok?you might want to read the story again? plus i hope you feel better soon.

Monday, May 07, 2001

A challenge to all - how about taking any opportunity to look through laundry baskets over the coming days and weeks, posting details of what you find? If it is of interest, I have done this for many years and would happily share some of my experiences. Dirty underwear is not at all unusual!

Do any girls have any stories about shitting their pants on accident. How desperate do you have to be to be to shit your pants?

I haven't gone in a fitting room, but I had to help clean up someone's job in one a few times. I worked in a school uniform outlet when I was in highschool. When we were closing for the day, every now and then we would find something. Usually a puddle of pee, but the occasional jobbie wasn't suprising.
Cleaning up wasn't an easy task. The floors & the cubicals were all made of wood wood and so things tended to soak in. It took alot of effor so the 'memory' didn't linger on into the next day.

Lim Hui Kee
Once while I went to the Malaysia with my family,I suddenly feel like shitting but there was no toilet around that time.So,I decided to do it in my pants (I never wear any panties before)So I look around and made sure that my parents were infront of me before I do it.Bye!!!(to be continued.........................)
BY:Lim Hui Kee

anyone have a story about going in a movie theatre?

your name Grete
This week end 2 girl friends and myself took part in a 10 Km run for women only it was starting in a local park. When we got to the park I needed to have a poo, there were several porta loos but each had a queue outside of at least 15 women. I said to my friends that I needed the loo and both of them said they also did so we crossed to the other side of the park where there was a large group of trees and bushes. As we approach this area there was other women going in and out of the trees they must have had the same idea as us. We went in to the trees to find various women at different stages of going to the toilet a lot were just having a pee.
We found a clear spot and all got our shorts down and in to a squat as quick as possible I started to push out my poo when I was distracted by a young petite girl squatting just over from us with her back towards our way. She was bent over with her bottom upwards and making a lot of straining noises, my poo came out in a load of mushy pieces I looked sideway too see one of my friends had a lot delivered a pile of mushy pieces while my other friend was pushing out a solid turd long but slim.
Looking back at the young girl’s bottom her ring was mushrooming out as the head of her turd begun to emerge, all 3 of us now were wiping ourselves but keeping a look at this girl as her ring stretched wider and wider with a dark brown nobly turd pushing out with an enormous diameter it had to be 2 inches or more she was groaning well as it got longer and touched the ground then flop it was out, she wiped herself pull her short up looked at us smile and left.
We 3 looked at each other and remarked to each other we got to have a closer look so we went over to were she had been, and lying on the ground was this turd about 16 inches long and over 2 inches in diameter tapering off at the end. We all said we had done some big one but this was a good one.

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita: Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your stomach misfortune,
but it sounds like you're ready to get back into action after that
nice Italian dinner you have planned... Coincidentally, I had to go to the emergency room last night for what I thought was an eye infection, but it turns out my left eye has a scratched cornea. So they gave me some medication, but it's still watery and painful... I'm using my healthy RIGHT eye to post this! Anyway, enough complaining... looking forward to my reserved front row seat for your next show! I'll just hop in my starship, and be there in no time at all. Ha!

Kim: Enjoyed your latest production, as usual... I didn't quite get why Scott was on the counter top filming, though... just a suggestion, but next time I want YOU on the counter top, with Scott
filming from below. That way, when all of your fans get the video, they could see your monster log slowly emerge, grow, and fall to the
newspaper below. THAT'S a scene I'd play over and over in SLOW MOTION, for best effect, on my VCR! Also, I was sad to see this latest beauty disappear into the toilet so quickly... I was hoping you'd pose with it for our magazine cover picture... or wasn't it quite good enough? Looking forward to next time as always!

Hola everybody! I ate a pretty good dinner last night. Mashed potatoes, meat loaf and gravy, homemade biscuits (3), and corn. I had some ice cream later too.
Patsy’s biscuits are to die for! I feel very fortunate that I’m surrounded on this forum by so many beautiful and sexy people! There are so many of you men that get me hot just thinking about you.

EST: Thank you for those sexy words! It sounds like you’d be the man to have around my house! I’d like to take a nice, hot an’ steamy Latina dump for you while you rubbed my thighs and anything else you can think of. I’ve always enjoyed pooping in the presence of men. I like how men get excited and the way it shows! If I have a man to poop for I’ll sit and grunt while staring right at him, then my shit will crackle and pop and make all sorts of gross noises and fall into the toilet with a good plop. Oooooh, big stinky ones. I love to fill the bowl.

I was out walking this morning, not very far, just a little ways on a flat, easy trail in a heavily wooded area. I could feel last night’s dinner wanting to come out, and had plenty of paper towels stuffed in my hooded sweatshirt pocket. I was wearing my khaki cargo shorts and a pair of nice boots. I walked for about a quarter mile when I saw this guy fishing into a large pond surrounded by a grove of trees. Heading into the woodland, I found a spot where I could be seen by him, pretending that I didn’t know he could see me. He wasn’t far away at all, maybe 20 feet at best. Using my peripheral vision I could see his head movements and could tell when his head was turned my way. I immediately undid the drawstring of my shorts, slid them down to mid-thigh, and stretched a pair of sexy, hi-cut panties down around my thighs while I squatted. At that point, I knew the guy was no longer interested in fishing. He took a few steps backward getting a better view of me squatting in! the bush. First, I soaked the ground with a quart of pee. It splattered, turning damp earth to mud. Oh, it felt so good too because I really had to go. I felt warm drips as I peed my last. The air was cool, but there was sun and blue skies and I felt great. My intestines churned as poop snaked its way through the labyrinth of my plumbing. Steam rose from my piss, warming my brown Latina ass as I started to grunt. Knowing he was watching, I put on as good a show as I could. I grunted harder, teeth clenched, heavy lips turned downward. He knew I was about to crap from the way I squatted with my elbows tucked into my ????, while holding a wad of paper towels in my hand. I wanted it to be very obvious that I was taking a shit. It took a few seconds, but I could feel my hole opening slowly. Oooooh, it was a nasty crackler, spitting and stinking as I began to pinch out a really decent sized loaf for the stranger watching me. I grunted “nnnnnh....” the turd was coming out sl! owly, it was big too, I could feel it stretching my little poop-chute. Another push “rnnnnnhhhhh...” Oh, it was getting thicker, and I knew it was touching the ground and coiling. One last push “unnhhhhhh” and I heard the thud of some used Mexican meat loaf hitting the dirt that was wetted by my recent piss. I rose just a little to glance at at the monster that made my ass start stinging, giving the man a view of the black silk between my legs before squatting back down again. The turd was a monster! At least 3” thick at one end, tapering off to about 2” at the other end, and maybe 18-20” long. A good log steaming in a coil on the ground. I grunted again, and poop started coming out in rapid succession. Turd, after turd, plopping on top of the thick logbelow. I must have crapped out 10 more nice, healthy squeezies that were probably an inch and a half thick. It was really quite a pile. I then wiped my ass from my squatting position, reaching around from behind and under. I! saw the japanese girls in that voyeur toilet video wiping like that and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, so I imitated it. I gave myself six good wipes, inspecting the amount of chocolate on the paper with each wipe. I glanced in his direction, found him staring wide-eyed, then put my hand to my chest as if I was startled that I’d been seen! Then he yelled to me “Hey, are you all right in there?” and I shouted back, still squatting over a massive pile of shit “I was walking and all of a sudden I couldn’t hold it anymore!” After that, I stood up to pull my shorts and panties back up, and tie my string. I gulped, then backed out of the woods like I was really embarrassed, then ran out and hid behind a very heavy clump of bushes waiting for him to come over and check out my pile. Finally, after a few minutes, he stationed his pole into a rock support, and wandered over to where I’d been. It was so much fun.

Since lunch, I can feel another load inside of me wanting to come out. I guess my body is making up for lost time. Ooooh, I need a man to come over and watch me get rid of this one! I love all you men out there!!!


The best under ware for pooping in are bower briefs that are tight. they fit tight and give more space than regular briefs to keep poop in. they are tight enough at the bottom to keep it from leakying out unless it is diarreah

just happened to think of something else i wanted to post, i go to this little christian school of 20 some kids. and this 1 ten year old boy always waits till he gets to school to take a dump. he always waits till he is like 30 seconds from exploding, and then he starts jumping up and down and holding himself, front and back. sometimes he even leaves the door open to the upstairs bathroom, which is like your average home 1/2 bath. and Tami, then a junior, walked in on him accidently. once he was sitting at his desk and he sraped his pants. well later yall

That is a story that my wife have last night.We both went to a shopping mall and she said she need to shit.I drive her to the nearest stall and shit but there wasn't any stall there.She just shit on her panties and I drive her home to clear up her mess.
Lyn this is my story (Reply)hope you will like it.

TO LYN re your post about someone messing there selves watching a movie, well that happened to me back in england.

I was sixteen and on a date with my g/f halfway through the movie i needed to poo real bad, but too embarassed to get up and go.
i suddenly couldnt hold it any more and it all came out in a farty mess, my g/f was really cool about it and we left the cinema went back to her place where she helped me clean up.

I had to go home in a pair of her jeans but i didnt mind, i often wonder what ever happened to her.

Lisa (Vince Carter Fan)

My name is Lisa, and I'm from-Florida. I am 18 years old. I would just like to say that I am a BIG fan of pro-basketball player Vince Carter, aka "Air Canada". I would love to see Vince take a dump. I would probably faint, due to being so turned-on by it. And, of course, I would be glad to crap for him, anyday. Just wanted to "get this out" :)


Hey everyone, just wanted to say i love all the great stories from the girls on here like-Kim,Kendal,Summer,Stephanie S,Linda,Mia, and all the other girls that i forgot. Whatever happened to Laurie that used to post on here, Laurie please come back and post.

It has been a hectic week, with work, weather like early July for 4 days, and my daughter's birthday. Sunday, 19:00 EDT, I finally get to relax, and what better way then to catch up on all the activity here.

Penny - What a story, with you on the bowl and a complete stranger in the shower. You have some great stories about air shows, car shows, fashion show and horse shows. I've enjoyed them all.

Melissa(NY) Where are you hiding? On my way to pick up my granddaughters in Conneticut yesterday, I saw a flaming red Viper, with 2 thick black stripes. I thought about you melting the asphalt in your 10 cylinder monster.

Kim - How does a "little blonde college cheerleader" crash out 4" thick logs??? You amaze me! And the way you did it, with Scott filming, was just great to read about. So you look like Cheryl Ladd, and you work out like crazy? You must be one very beautiful young lady. Awesome stories, from an equally awesome lady!

Buzzy - Hey, neighbor! I was thinking about the ladies here, when I crashed out that monster the other morning. Wouldn't that be something, to have them watch us and then get to watch them in return? FYI, I do live in the NorthEast, specifically the Lower Hudson Valley. I was born in NYC, but have lived in the Northern 'Burbs since I was 3. We may have passed each other at some time!

Carmalita - I am so sorry to hear to that you were so sick. You poor little dear, I hope that you are much better now.
It's nice that you have Renee, Patsy and Jake to look after you. They seem like realy great people. Don't feel embarrased about pooping in front of a male nurse. At a race many years ago (I was a mere 30!) I squirted a liquid load all over, as I approached the finish line. I didn't even give it a second thought. And, THANK YOU!, for the kind words and wishing that you could have been there for my "running dump" the other day. I was pumped up and sweaty from a fast for me run (6 minutes per mile), since it was been near 90 degrees this week. Working out hard, getting all pumped up, and yes, sweating up a storm is invigorating. Are the ladies hot for me? I really know of only one, my lovely wife, as we have been stuck on each other for almost 37 years. That you think you might be one of them is very sweet. Believe me, any guy in his right mind would notice a pretty little seniorita like you right away. I know I would. Oh, you asked about my wife's Native American heritage: s! he is part Iroquois, as her maternal grandmother was both NY State and Canadian Mohawk.

Bye for now!


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